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Hall And Oates: The Liberty Concert Daryl Hall and John Oates could give Fort Knox a run for its money when it comes to owning gold. This dynamic duo has nine gold records, six gold singles and five platinum albums. Rock’s all-time best-selling pair (more than 40 million sold) brought their show to New Jersey’s Liberty State Park on July 4 to create a special brand of music fireworks, belting out such hits as Out Of Touch, Rich Girl, Sarah Smile, Private Eyes and Maneater — with the Statue of Liberty ever present in the background. General audiences. Hall And Oates: The Liberty Concert (1985, Not Rated, 1:00). Producer: Paul Flattery. Director: Jim Yukich. Starring: Daryl Hall, John Oates. SUNDAY. DECEMBER 1 MONDAY, DECEMBER 9 FRIDAY. DECEMBER 13 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31 GPc. ©O t=Final Showing Willie Nelson’s Texas Party When you’re talking country, you're talking Willie Nelson. The Nashville legend has not only won five Grammy Awards but has also proved himself to be a naturally gifted actor in such films as Songwriter, Honeysuckle Rose and Barbarosa. But first and foremost Nelson’s a singer, as this riproaring New Year’s Eve will attest. Joining Willie are country superstars Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, plus blues great B.B. King. General audiences. Willie Nelson’s Texas Party (1985, Not Rated, :57). Producer/ Director: Stan Harris. Starring: Willie Nelson. Waylon Jennings. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 1 MONDAY, DECEMBER 9 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 311 Late-nigh I Friday s, girls just icant to hare guns. These tough chicks hare taken about all they can from the sleaze who try to exploit them — so turn out the lights and join us on the city streets where erery night brings another reason for revenge from these damsels in distress. am Alley Cat Billie (Karin Mani) is a black belt in karate, as a couple of street toughs are quick to find out when they mess with this feisty lady. They get her back by roughing up her grandparents. Then, to make matters worse, Billie is put in jail for carrying a gun without a permit after she thwarts a gang rape in the park. Out on bail, Billie gets attacked again, but this time she gets even, with lots of high-flying kicks to the right places. Violence, nudity, profanity, mature themes. Alley Cat (1984, R, 1:22). Producers: Robert E. Waters, Victor Ordonez. Director: Edward Victor. Writer: Robert E. Waters. Starring: Karin Mani. Robert Torti. FRI., DEC. 13 * SUN., DEC. 22 SAT., DEC. 28 THURS., JAN. 2 * Lights Out +=Final Showing Angel Forced to support her prep school habit by prostituting herself on the streets of Hollywood, Angel (Donna Wilkes) is befriended by a “family” of nightlife-types who take her under their wings. Angel has to go undercover, however, when some of her street-walking pals are found mutilated by a deranged killer on the loose. Nudity, violence, mature themes. Angel (1984. R, 1:33). Producers: Roy Watts, Donald P. Borchers. Director: Robert Vincent O'Neil. Writers: Robert Vincent O’Neil. Joseph M. Cala. Starring: Donna Wilkes, Cliff Gorman, Dick Shawn. FRI., NOV. 29 * TUES.. DEC. 3 SAT., DEC. 14 SUN., DEC. 22 MON., DEC. 30 + * Lights (M fVA 7" Ms. 45 This is the female side to Death Wish. ZoeTamerlis stars as a beautiful, mute young woman who reaches her limit on violence when she is raped in an alley on her way home from work and then raped again by a burglar once she gets home. She kills the burglar in self-defense and then takes his gun and sets off on a vendetta against the lecherous scum in her neighborhood. Violence, mature themes. Ms. 45 (1981, R, 1:29). Producer: Rochelle Weisberg. Director: Abel Ferrara. Writer: Nicholas St. John. Starring: Zoe Tamer I is, Jack Thi-beau, Steve Singer. MON., DEC. 2 FRI., DEC. 27 * THURS.. JAN. 2 + * Lights Out ,, .

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Garbo Talks Garbo Talks Garbo Talks is a warm, witty and poignant film that simply charms with its crazy characters and emotional savvy. Anne Bancroft is priceless as the gutsy mother of a timid New York accountant (Ron Silver) who, upon learning she has only months to live, entrusts her loving son with a last request — she wants to meet her idol, the-elusive Greta Garbo. Silver’s mission oozes pathos and humor as he risks his job, his marriage and his sanity to bring his mother’s dream to fruition. And viewers will cheer as his seemingly impossible quest brings the guileless youth newfound strength. Profanity, mature themes. Garbo Talks (1984, PG-13, 1:42). Producers: Burtt Harris, Elliott Kastner. Director: Sidney Lumet. Writer: iMrry Grusin. Starring: Anne Bancroft, Ron Silver, Carrie Fisher, Catherine Hicks. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8 MONDAY, DECEMBER 23 Americana It took actor/producer/director David Carradine 14 years to make this provocative tale about a Vietnam vet who returns from the war in search of a meaningful purpose. He finds what he’s looking for in a small Kansas village, where a broken-down carousel sits sadly alone in an overgrown field. His noble attempt to fix it, however, is met with scorn from the local people. This is a superbly understated drama by a man who triumphed in his ambition to make a small masterpiece. Some mature themes. Americana (1981, PG, 1:30). Producer/ Director: David Carradine. Writer: Richard Carr. Starring: David Carradine, Barbara Hershey, Michael Greene. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 MONDAY, DECEMBER 23 * SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28 t * Film Festival Broadway Danny Rose Woody Allen is delightful as the legendary Danny Rose, the patron agent of impossible acts like stuttering ventriloquists and one-armed jugglers. When the softhearted Danny discovers that his one semi-legitimate act, a beefy Italian crooner named Lou Canova (Nick Apollo Forte), is on the lam with his girlfriend from two acne-faced hit men, he plunges in to help — but winds up falling for Lou’s slightly tarnished, gum-chewing Mafia moll (Mia Farrow). It is a funny, fond tribute to the sleazy lox-and-neon world of third-rate show biz. Some mature humor. Broadway Danny Rose (1984, B&W, PG, 1:26). Producer: Robert Greenhut. Director/Writer: Woody Allen. Starring: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Nick Apollo Forte, Milton Berle. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 25 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24 WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1 t 36 t=Final Showing Irreconcilable Differences Irreconcilable Differences takes a modern approach to the latter-day romantic comedy — it shows what happens after the blissful union of two adorable characters — and the result is wonderfully entertaining. Ryan O’Neal and Shelley Long (TV’s Cheers) star as the typical “cute-meet” couple who go on to hate each other with a vengeance. The film opens with their 10-year-old daughter (Drew Barrymore) suing her parents for divorce because she would rather live with the housekeeper than either of her bickering folks. The trial then becomes a series of flashbacks through the relationship-gone-wrong. When they first meet, Long and O’Neal are the quintessential “perfect couple” — they have a perfect marriage, a perfect daughter and a perfect career as writers who turn their perfect love story into a best-selling screenplay. But once success rears its ugly head, O’Neal takes off to pursue a directorial dream — and a young starlet — and Long decides to make a mint on her suffering by writing a kiss-and-tell account of their breakup. In between, the audience bears witness to the ecstasy of their agonies: O’Neal’s temper tantrums over his flopping film are hysterical, and Long’s selfabsorption as a woman scorned is painfully funny and fresh. For anyone who wondered what really happened “ever after,” Irreconcilable Differences offers insightfully funny answers. Brief nudity, some mature themes. Irreconcilable Differences (1984, PG, 1:54). Producers: Alex Winitsky, Arlene Sellers. Director: Charles Shyler. Writers: Nancy Meyers, Charles Shyler. Starring: Ryan O’Neal, Shelley Long, Drew Barrymore. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28 * WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1 * Opening Night 37

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Body Double Body Double The only thing scarier than Brian De Palma’s movies is the range of reactions they incite — and Body Double had critics fuming. What was so controversial? Heavy doses of sex and violence, for one thing. Craig Wasson plays a down-and-out actor who entertains himself by watching his sensuous neighbor (Deborah Shelton) perform an erotic dance each night in front of an open window — until she meets an untimely end via an electric drill. Then Wasson sees an adult movie actress (Melanie Griffith) doing the same dance on television, and tension runs thick as he tries to unravel the mystery. Graphic violence, nudity, mature themes. Body Double (1984, R, 1:55). Producer/Director: Brian De Palma. Writers: Brian De Palma, Robert J. Avrench. Starring: Craig Wasson, Melanie Griffith, Gregg Henry. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 11 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22 Thief Of Hearts Thief Of Hearts is an intriguing film that blends steamy sensuality and eerie suspense into a slick romantic thriller. Steven Bauer stars as a handsome young thief who turns a routine burglary into a seductive cat-and-mouse game when he steals the personal journals of an attractive interior decorator (Barbara Williams) and winds up falling for their sensuous author. When the charming thief decides to use the privileged information to worm his way into his victim’s life, however, he soon learns that love is one thing he cannot steal. Nudity, mature.themes. 7hief OJ Hearts (1984, R, 1:40). Producers: Don Simpson. Jerry Bruckheimer. Director/ Writer: Douglas Day Stewart. Starring: Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, John Getz, David Caruso. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4 Stranger’s Kiss Real life and reel life blend bewitchingly in Stranger’s Kiss, an entrancing film-within-a-film that pays homage to the irresistible allure of B-movie melodrama. The two worlds are held together by the electrifying Peter Coyote (Slayground) as the megalomaniacal director trying to make a picture about a love triangle involving a boxer (Blaine Novak) and a dancehall girl (Victoria Tennant of All Of Me) — who just happens to be the mistress of the Italian mobster who’s financing the film. In true film noir fashion, the story is mirrored in the actors’ real lives, heightening its tensions, passions and seductions. Mature themes. Stranger’s Kiss (1984, Color/B&W, R, 1:29) Producer: Doug Ditge. Director: Matthew Chapman. Writers: Matthew Chapman, Blaine Novak. Starring: Peter Coyote, Victoria Tennant, Blaine Novak, Richard Romanus. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28 MONDAY, DECEMBER 2 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27 t 42 +=Final Showing The Little Drummer Girl Fans of author John Le Carre won't be disappointed with this faithful adaptation of his best-selling spy novel. Like the book, the movie has more twists and turns than a pretzel factory, with director George Roy Hill (The World According To Garp) at the helm of this cerebral, fast-paced political thriller. The Little Drummer Girl finds Diane Keaton (Love And Death) playing Charlie, a ditzy American actress who, despite a spate of terrorist bombings, is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause. During the filming of a wine commercial, Charlie meets Joseph (Yorgo Voyagis), the man she believes is behind the bombings. Joseph, however, is actually an Israeli agent who has been sent to seduce Charlie and bring her to the head of Israeli counterintelligence (Klaus Kinski). Brainwashed into infiltrating the Palestinian organization, Charlie meets the real head terrorist (Sami Frey), and the complex web of deceit unravels. A slick production that travels to exotic locales including Mykonos, Beirut and London, The Little Drummer Girl is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Brief nudity, violence, profanity, mature themes. The Little Drummer Girl (1984, R, 2:10). Producer: Robert L. Crawford. Director: George Roy Hill. Writer: Loring Mandel. Starring: Diane Keaton, Yorgo Voyagis, Klaus Kinski, Sami Frey. FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27 * THURSDAY, JANUARY 2 * Opening Night 43

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Man’s Castle Spencer Tracy and Loretta Young are superb in this darkly moving Depression-era commentary about a young couple struggling to transcend abject poverty through their love for one another. The cards seem to be stacked against them, however, and it takes faith and more than a little courage to keep from sinking in the mire that surrounds them. Some mature themes. Man's Castle (1933. B&W, Not Rated. 1:07). Director: Frank Borzage. Writer: Jo Swerting. Starring: Spencer Tracy, Loretta Young. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 5 * SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 22 * Classics Playhouse The Bishop’s Wife Three of Hollywood’s most appealing stars headline this holiday treat about an errant bishop (David Niven) torn between catering to a self-serving heiress who can provide a magnificent new cathedral or scraping by on faith and a prayer while the church roof leaks on his annual Christmas service. While the bishop wrestles with his conscience, his loving wife (Loretta Young) and loyal parishioners suffer in his absence — until a debonair angel (Cary Grant) is beamed down to light the way. General audiences. The Bishop's Wife (1947, B&W, Not Rated, 1:48). Producer: Samuel Goldwyn. Director: Henry Koster. Writers: Robert E. Sherwood, Leonard Bercovici. Starring: Cary Grant, Loretta Young, David Niven. SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 24 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 28 * WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24 FRIDAY, JANUARY 3 * Classics Playhouse The Doctor Takes A Wife 54 +=Final Showing CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE EVERY THURSDAY My Foolish Heart My Foolish Heart capitalizes on the runaway emotions still smoldering in the wake of World War II, when the lonely couplings of men and women separated from their loved ones left a trail of broken hearts from Pittsburgh to Paris. Susan Hayward is affecting as one such casualty of war — a married woman in trouble following a passionate affair with a handsome pilot (Dana Andrews). Some mature themes. My Foolish Heart (1949, B&W, Not Rated, 1:38). Producer: Samuel Goldwyn. Director: Mark Robson. Writers: Julius J. Epstein, Phillip G. Epstein. Starring: Susan Hayward, Dana Andrews. SUNDAY. DECEMBER 1 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 12 * FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28 * Classics Playhouse The Doctor Takes A Wife Ray Milland and Loretta Young match comic wits as a cynical psychologist and an attractive authoress who masquerade as husband and wife to prove a point. Milland believes a woman’s place is in the home, but Young has made a name for herself penning best-sellers in praise of single bliss. Who’s right? He thinks he is; she thinks she is — and Milland’s fiancee (Gail Patrick) thinks it’s time to end the charade before real romance blossoms. General audiences. The Doctor Takes A Wife (1940, B&W, Not Rated, 1:29). Producer: William Perlberg. j Director: Alexander Hall. Writers: George Seaton, Ken Englund. Starring: Ray Milland, Loretta Young, Edmund Gwenn. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 24 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 29 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 THURSDAY, JANUARY 2 * * Classics Playhouse The Trouble With Harry This little gem of black comedy is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s personal favorites. The trouble with Harry is that he’s dead. Or, to put it more precisely, he’s a corpse. From the time Harry’s body is first discovered in a sleepy New England town no one seems shocked by his demise — but everyone considers him or herself to blame. Some mature themes. The Trouble With Harry (1955, PG, 1:39). Producer/Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Writer: John Michael Hayes. Starring: Edmund Gwenn, John Forsythe, Shirley MacLaine. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8 MONDAY, DECEMBER 16 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 26 * TUESDAY, DECEMBER 31 t * Classics Playhouse Roseanna McCoy A young man of tremendous physical appeal, Farley Granger was paired with some of moviedom’s loveliest leading ladies during the late '40s and early ’50s. Here he costars with pretty Joan Evans as the ill-fated son of the quarrelsome Hatfields, a clan of hillspeople locked in a feud with their neighbors, the McCoys. The problem is young Hatfield loves the McCoy’s daughter (Evans) — but with their folks’ willful ways, the youngsters seem a sure bet for tragedy. Some mature themes. Roseanna McCoy (1949, B&W, Not Rated, 1:29). Producer: Samuel Goldwyn. Director: Irving Reis. Writer: John Collier. Starring: Joan Evans, Farley Granger, Charles Bickford. TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19 * MONDAY, DECEMBER 30 * Classics Playhouse 55

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Blame It On Rio Christine A red 1958 Plymouth with a wicked grin and a cranky disposition causes more than a few highway fatalities when a shy high school student (Keith Gordon) purchases “Christine." The feisty jalopy takes an immediate liking to her new owner and subsequently takes her revenge on anyone who has ever dealt him a harsh word by smashing into them at top speed. While Christine amazingly restores herself to “cherry” form after each wreck, the shy guy with the pink slip slowly transforms into a maniacal madman — making sure that Christine leaves blood in her tracks wherever she goes. Violence, mature themes. Christine (1983, R, 1:51). Producer: Richard Kobritz. Director: John Carpenter. Writer: Bill Phillips. Starring: Keith Gordon, John Stock-well, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 3 SUNDAY, DECEMBER 15 MONDAY, DECEMBER 23 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28 t Blame It On Rio Warm, sunny days and steamy nights create romantic havoc for two middle-aged men and their nubile teenage daughters in Blame It On Rio. A carefree holiday in exotic Rio de Janeiro turns chaotic when an American businessman (Michael Caine) finds himself pursued by the scantily-clad daughter (Michelle Johnson) of his best friend. And when the befuddled Caine falls prey to her childlike charms, a wild chain of events ensues — especially after the lovestruck teen tells her father she’s having an affair and her distraught parent elicits Caine’s help in unearthing the unnamed scoundrel. Nudity, mature themes. Blame It On Rio (1984, R, 1:40). Producer/-Director: Stanley Donen. Writers: Charlie Peters, Larry Gelbart. Starring: Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna, Valerie Harper, Demi Moore, Michelle Johnson. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30 WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 4 TUESDAY. DECEMBER 10 MONDAY, DECEMBER 23 FRIDAY, JANUARY 3 f Slayground Special effects buffs will love the slick pyrotechnics and nifty car stunts of Slayground. Peter Coyote (Jagged Edge, Stranger’s Kiss) stars as Stone, one of the masterminds of an armored car heist that goes awry —resulting in the death of a wealthy promoter’s 9-year-old daughter. When the child’s vindictive father seeks revenge, Stone and a crazed assassin come to terms at a seaside amusement park — and a chilling game of cat and mouse is played out against the dark, surreal backdrop of the deserted park rides. Graphic violence, mature themes. Slayground (1984, R, 1:29). Producer: John Dark. Director: Terry Bedford. Writer: Trevor Preston. Starring: Peter Coyote, Mel Smith, Billie White law, Philip Sayer. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17 SATURDAY, JANUARY 4 t 40 t=Final Showing No Small Affair Amateur photographers everywhere are bound to be charmed by this entertaining look at love in the f-stop lane. Making his screen debut after a long run on Broadway in Torch Song Trilogy, Jon Cryer plays a 16-year-old shutterbug who accidentally photographs a 23-year-old singer while she’s arguing with her lead guitarist outside a seedy San Francisco bar. When Cryer’s film develops, so does his infatuation for the girl, win-somely played by Demi Moore (Blame It On Rio, St. Elmo’s Fire). After tracking Moore down and convincing the reluctant beauty to do a modeling session, Cryer can’t seem to get her out of his aperture or his mind. Soon he spends a great deal of time, not to mention money, to get Moore noticed as a singing sensation. The young photographer has fallen in love, but their relationship is anything but conventional. This engaging film touches on the subject of teen love in a sensitive way and, unlike many coming-of-age movies, manages to infuse the genre with a breath of fresh air. Brief nudity, some mature themes. No Small Affair (1984, R, 1:42). Producer: William Sackheim. Director: Jerry Schatzberg. Writers: Charles Bolt, Terence Mulcahy. Starring: Demi Moore, Jon Cryer, George Wendt, Elizabeth Daily. FRIDAY, JANUARY 3* * Opening Night 41

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