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Island Of Adventure Island Of Adventure is famed British novelist Enid Blyton’s first story to make the leap to film, and it’s a corker of an adventure for family viewing. Updated to contemporary times, this youthful mystery follows four intrepid teens summering along a rocky coast, and pits the young sleuths against a gaggle of deadly counterfeiters. In the tradition of those wonderful Nancy Drew/Hardy Boy mysteries, Island Of Adventure should prove to be fun for the whole family. General audiences. Island Of Adventure (1981, Not Rated, 1:26). Producer: Stanley O’Toole. Director: Anthony Squire. Writer: Enid Blyton. Starring: Norman Bowler, Wilfred Brambell, Catherine Schell, John-Rhys Davies. SUNDAY, MAY 27 TUESDAY, JUNE 12 SUNDAY, JUNE 17 SATURDAY, JUNE 23 Local Hero From Bill Forsyth, the director of Gregory's Girl, and David Puttnam, the producer of Chariots Of Fire, comes Local Hero, an offbeat, thoroughly delightful Scottish feature starring Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert. The film tells the story of a powerful oil corporation’s attempts to buy a small fishing community in Scotland. The company’s chairman of the board (Lancaster) sends representative “Mac” MacIntyre (Riegert) to negotiate a sale, but Mac soon finds himself enchanted by the town and its inhabitants, and is less and less eager to see the area’s peaceful beauty spoiled. Some mature themes. Local Hero (1983, PG, 1:53). Producer: David Puttnam. Director/Writer: Bill Forsyth. Starring: Burt Lancaster, Peter Riegert, Fulton Mackay, Denis Lawson. WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 SATURDAY, JUNE 9 TUESDAY, JUNE 19 La Nuil De Varennes La Nuit De Varennes La Nuit De Varennes is a strikingly original French film that depicts the flight of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette to the small town of Varennes on the eve of the Revolution. Interestingly, it tells the story through the conversations of a number of historical figures who join the royal couple on their journey. In a uniformly good cast that includes Jean-Louis Barrault and Harvey Keitel, Marcello Mastroianni is a standout as the aging Casanova, who is both vainly insecure and wryly witty. Mature themes. La Nuit De Varennes (1983, Subtitled, R, 2:10). Producer: Renzo Rossellini. Director: Ettore Scola. Writers: Sergio Amidei, Ettore Scola. Starring: Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Ij)uis Barrault, Harvey Keitel. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27* SUNDAY, JULY 1 FRIDAY, JULY 6 * Critics ’ Pix 38 Lizzie: A Woman Of Good Character Set in the late 19th century, when New Zealand was but one of many British colonies, this picturesque and well-crafted period drama is the inspiring story of Lizzie (Sarah Peirse), a spunky, independent servant girl from London, who travels to this far-away land for its promise of new life and opportunity. What she finds instead is a harsh, primitive reality teeming with male hostility and none of the comforts of home. But Lizzie is a fighter and a survivor, and in the end her story is a triumphant one. Some mature themes. Lizzie: A Woman Of Good Character (1983, Not Rated, 1:15). Producer: Grahame Mclean. Director: David Blyth. Writer: Elizabeth Gowans. Starring: Sarah Peirse, Bruno Lawrence, Jeremy Stephens. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6* TUESDAY, JUNE 12 MONDAY, JUNE 18 * Critics’ Pix Lizzie: A Woman Of Good Character Lookin’ To Get Out This warmhearted, unconventional movie was largely overlooked at the time of its theatrical release, but its engaging story and Jon Voight’s fine performance make it a touching and enjoyable film. Alex Kovac (Voight) and Jerry Feldman (Burt Young) are two con men in debt and on the run from a group of New York mobsters. The two friends arrive in Las Vegas, where they meet Alex’s former girlfriend, a dealer named Patti Warner (Ann-Margret). The trio plans a blackjack scam with Smitty (Bert Remsen), a down-and-out gambler, but their scheme is jeopardized by the arrival of the New York crooks. Strong language, mature themes. Lookin’ To Get Out (1982, R, 1:45). Producer: Robert Schaffel. Director: Hal Ashby. Writers: Al Schwartz, Jon Voight. Starring: Jon Voight, Ann-Margret, Burt Young, Bert Remsen. TUESDAY, MAY 29 MONDAY, JUNE 4 SUNDAY, JUNE 17 FRIDAY, JUNE 29 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow More than 400 years ago, a foresighted Frenchman, Michel de Nostradamus, predicted that a mad German fanatic would terrorize the 20th century. He predicted the overthrow of the government in Iran, and the rise of the Ayatollah. Closer to home, he foresaw the rise of Napoleon, and the discoveries made by Louis Pasteur. Were his observations coincidence or prophecy? Narrated by Orson Welles, this docudrama offers some interesting speculations about a man with some eerily clear visions. Some mature themes. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (1981, PG, 1:28). Producers: Robert Guenette, Lee Kramer, Paul Drane. Director: Paul Drane. Writers: Robert Guenette, Alan Hopgood. Narrator: Orson Welles. SUNDAY, JUNE 17* WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 MONDAY, JULY 2 * By Request 39

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Exposed Exposed follows the plight of Nastassja Kinski as a young midwestern beauty who, after fleeing the arms of her English professor-lover, runs to New York City, waits tables, becomes a famous model overnight and falls passionately in love with an internationally renowned violinist (Rudolf Nureyev). The plot thickens, if this is possible, when Nureyev, determined to destroy a Parisian terrorist (played menacingly by Harvey Keitel), solicits Kinski as an unwitting accomplice in wreaking vengeance on the madman. Nudity, violence, mature themes. Exposed (1983, R. 1:40) Producer/ Writer/Director: James Toback. Starring: Nastassja Kinski, Rudolf Nureyev, Harvey Keitel. WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 * THURSDAY, JUNE 7 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 MONDAY, JUNE 25 * Critics' Pix For Your Love Only Nastassja Kinski is a woman adored by the camera lens, as evidenced here in German director Wolfgang Petersen’s (The Boat) romantic melodrama about an obsessive first love. Kinski stars as Sina, a student who is having an affair with her dashing, albeit married, teacher, Helmut (Christian Quadflieg). When one of her classmates finds out about it, he tries to force Sina into having sex with him—but during the struggle, Sina accidently kills him. To complicate matters, Helmut is blackmailed by another student who demands better grades in exchange for secrecy about his affair with Sina. Nudity, mature themes. For Your Love Only (1983, Not Rated, 1:30). Producer: Dieter Menz. Director: Wolfgang Petersen. Writers: Herbert Lichtenfeld, Wolfgang Petersen. Starring: Nastassja Kinski, Christian Quadflieg, Judy Winter. WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 MONDAY, JUNE 4 TUESDAY, JUNE 12 28 Firefox Clint Eastwood produced, directed and stars in Firefox, a thriller of international intrigue highlighted by spectacular special effects. The “Firefox” of the film’s title is a nearly invincible Soviet war plane. Its astonishingly advanced weaponry and defense systems so frighten U.S. intelligence experts that they secretly send ace pilot Mitchell Gant (Eastwood) into Russia to steal the plane. But Gant is a Vietnam veteran still suffering mental reprecussions from the war, and the Russians have a second plane that he must battle if he is to escape with his life. Violence. Firefox (1982, PG, 2:05). Producer/Director: Clint Eastwood. Writers: Alex Lasker, Wendell Wellman. Starring: Clint Eastwood, Freddie Jones. THURSDAY, MAY 31 MONDAY, JUNE 4* SUNDAY, JUNE 10 * Film Festival From The Terrace From The Terrace is the powerful tale of a man who sacrifices his personal happiness to his ambition. Paul Newman stars as Alfred Eaton, a returning World War II veteran, who meets and marries Mary St. John (Joanne Woodward), a captivating, self-centered socialite. The couple’s unhappy marriage leads Eaton into a relationship with Natalie (Ina Balin), but a divorce from Mary could end his career with a conservative Wall Street company. Mature themes. From The Terrace (1960, Not Rated, 2:24). Producer/Director: Mark Robson. Writer: Ernest Lehman. Starring: Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Myrna Loy, Ina Balin. THURSDAY, JUNE 7 * SUNDAY, JUNE 17 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 * Classics Playhouse Friday The 13th, Part 3 As in the first two installments of Friday The 13th (and The Final Chapter), a group of teenagers gather at Crystal Lake to spend an adventurous weekend. Not only are these friends aware of the area’s bloody history, but they are there at the invitation of their cohort Chris (Dana Kimmell) — a young woman who once lived on the lake, but left years earlier after she was dragged through the woods by a grotesque figure. The lightweight nature of the plot requires the teenagers to be oblivious to any danger, and as might be expected, no sooner do the kids get comfortable than the lake’s bloody history repeats itself. Graphic violence. Friday The 13th, Part 3 (1982, R, 1:36). Producer: Frank Mancuso Jr. Director: Steve Miner. Writers: Martin Kitrosser, Carol Watson. Starring: Dana Kimmell, Richard Brooker, Catherine Parks. MONDAY, MAY 28 SATURDAY, JUNE 9 THURSDAY, JUNE 14 TUESDAY, JUNE 19 From The Terrace 29

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Gigot Fans of Jackie Gleason’s many talents will undoubtedly find much to admire about Gigot, an ambitious, if not wholly successful, Chaplinesque tale of a down-and-out deaf mute who becomes the protector of a French streetwalker and her waiflike daughter. Virtually dominating every frame, the rotund comedian (who also wrote the original story and composed the film’s bouncy musical score) handles the silent role with his typical bluster and grace, alternately charming and eccentric, gallant and put upon. General audiences. Gigot (1962, Not Rated. 1:44). Producer: Kenneth Hyman. Director: Gene Kelly. Writers: John Patrick, Jackie Gleason. Starring: Jackie Gleason, Katherine Kath. SATURDAY, JUNE 2 SUNDAY, JUNE 24 THURSDAY, JUNE 28 * * Classics Playhouse Game Of Death Interestingly, Game Of Death was made several years after Bruce Lee’s death by incorporating outtakes of the martial artists’ previous films with look-alike stand-ins. The plot of Game Of Death concerns a martial arts movie star (Lee) who becomes the target of an underworld leader (Dean Jagger). But the highlight of the film is the nearlegendary confrontation between Lee and NBA all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, which proves to be one of the most extraordinary and invigorating fight scenes in film history. Violence. Game Of Death (1979, R, 1:41). Producer: Raymond Chow. Director: Robert Clouse. Writer: Jan Spears. Starring: Bruce Lee, Gig Young, Dean Jagger. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13 SATURDAY, JUNE 23 SUNDAY, JULY 1 * * By Request Gregory’s Girl One of the unexpected delights of 1982 was Scottish director Bill Forsyth’s Gregory’s Girl. Its themes are familiar — young love and the years of awkward adolescence — but in Forsyth’s capable hands the film’s simple story becomes a tale of great wit and charm. Gregory (Gordon John Sinclair) is a gangling, good-natured teenager in a small Scottish town. When he is dropped from the school soccer team, he discovers that his replacement is a girl — with whom he promptly falls in love. Unbeknowest to Gregory, however, his shy classmate, Susan (Clare Grogan), has developed a crush on him. Some mature themes. Gregory’s Girl (1982, PG, 1:29). Producers: Clive Parsons, Davina Belling. Director/Writer: Bill Forsyth. Starring: Gordon John Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Chic Murray. SUNDAY, MAY 27 THURSDAY, JUNE 7 TUESDAY, JUNE 19 SATURDAY, JULY 7 30 Hanky Panky Heartaches Gene Wilder stars as Michael Jordan, an ordinary man who gets caught up in wildly extraordinary circumstances. Trying to hail a taxi in Manhattan’s crowded streets, Jordan meets up with a lovely young lady who is mysteriously ill at ease. Before long, Jordan is with the woman in her hotel room, but the hanky panky that’s going on proves fatal—she is soon killed and he is accused of the murder. Costarring with Wilder is Gilda Radner, quite charming in this, her first adult role on the big screen. Together they make Hanky Panky good, clean fun. Mature humor. Hanky Panky (1982, PG, 1:48). Producer: Martin Ransohoff. Director: Sidney Poitier. Writers: Henry Rosenbaum, David Taylor. Starring: Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner, Richard Widmark. SATURDAY, JUNE 2 MONDAY, JUNE 11 TUESDAY, JUNE 19 SATURDAY, JUNE 30 A strong performance by Margot Kidder highlights Heartaches, a warm, funny account of an unlikely friendship between two women. Bonnie (Annie Potts) is a shy, innocent young housewife, pregnant and separated from her immature husband (Robert Carradine). She is on her way to Toronto for an abortion when she meets the brash, man-chasing Rita (Kidder). The two decide to join forces and share a flat together. But their problems soon multiply when Rita falls in love with her employer’s handsome nephew (Winston Rekert), and Bonnie’s husband shows up to claim his wife and unborn child. Strong language, mature themes. Heartaches (1981, R, 1:33). Producers: Pieter Kroonenbury, David J. Patterson. Director: Donald Shebib. Writer: Terence Heffernan. Starring: Margot Kidder, Annie Potts, Robert Carradine. Honor Among Thieves Enigmatic Charles Bronson is very nearly outsmarted by a group of international thieves in this hard-knuckled potboiler. As American soldier-of-fortune Frank Propp, Bronson befriends Dr. Dino Baron (Alain Delon) when their troops disembark at Marseilles. Assuring Propp that his intentions are innocent, the good doctor lets the soldier in on his plan to visit his girlfriend’s company vault. When the two finally break the safe, however, they are amazed to find that it is empty — until the door slams shut and they are trapped. Trapping Bronson is one thing, but keeping him there is quite another. Some violence, mature themes. Honor Among Thieves (1972, Not Rated, 1:33). Producer: Serge Silberman. Director: U. Pickardt. Writer: Sebastien Japrisot. Starring: Charles Bronson, Alain Delon, Brigette Fossey. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 TUESDAY, JUNE 26 MONDAY, JULY 2 FRIDAY, JULY 6 THURSDAY, MAY 31 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 FRIDAY, JUNE 22 TUESDAY, JUNE 26 SATURDAY, JULY

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MAY 27/JUNE 16 27 SUNDAY 5/6 This Time Forever (PG) 7/8 The Secret Of NIMH (G) 9/10 Gregory’s Girl (PG) 11/12 Island Of Adventure (NR) 1/2 Twilight Zone — The Movie (PG) 3/4 The Pirate Movie (PG) 5/6 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ The Secret Of NIMH (G) 6:30/7:30 BY REQUEST/Auntie Mame (NR) 9/10 This Time Forever (PG) 10:45/11:45 ADULT THEATER/ Jack ‘N Jill (NR) 12/1 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/Birds In Paradise (Part III) 12:30/1:30 Island Of Adventure (NR) 2/3 Gregory’s Girl (PG) 3:30/4:30 Vice Squad (R) 28 MONDAY 5:15/6:15 Summer Lovers (R) 7/8 Six Pack (PG) 9/10 Mother Lode (PG) 11/12 Summer Lovers (R) 1/2 Friday The 13th, Part 3 (R) 3/4 Mother Lode (PG) 5/6 Six Pack (PG) 7/8 FILM FESTIVAL/Blade Runner (R) 9/10 Summer Lovers (R) 10:45/11:45 ADULT THEATER/ Night Games (R) 12:30/1:30 Mother Lode (PG) 2:15/3:15 Friday The 13th, Part 3 (R) 29 TUESDAY 5/6 Tootsie (PG) 7/8 Tarka The Otter (G) 9/10 Soup For One (R) 11/12 Tootsie (PG) 1/2 Lookin’ To Get Out (R) 3/4 Soup For One (R) 5/6 Tarka The Otter (G) 7/8 TICKET TO.../Diana Ross From Central Park 9/10 Tootsie (PG) 11/12 ADULT THEATER/Intimate Moments (R) 12:30/1:30 Lookin’ To Get Out (R) 2:15/3:15 Soup For One (R) 30 WEDNESDAY 5/6 For Your Love Only (NR) 7/8 The Black Stallion Returns (PG) 9/10 Local Hero (PG) 11/12 For Your Love Only (NR) 12:30/1:30 Sophie’s Choice (R) 3/4 Local Hero (PG) 5/6 The Black Stallion Returns (PG) 7/8 For Your Love Only (NR) 8:30/9:30 CRITICS' PIX/Exposed (R) 10:30/11:30 ADULT THEATER/ Casting Couch (NR) 12/1 Sophie’s Choice (R) 2:30/3:30 Local Hero (PG) 31 THURSDAY 5/6 Vice Squad (R) 7/8 Firefox (PG) 9/10 Heartaches (R) 11/12 Vice Squad (R) 1/2 WarGames (PG) 3/4 Heartaches (R) 4:45/5:45 Firefox (PG) 7/8 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/Woman Chases Man (NR) 8:30/9:30 Vice Squad (R) 10:30/11:30 ADULT THEATER/ The Joy Of Letting Go (NR) 11:45/12:45 Likely Stories #2 12:45/1:45 WarGames (PG) 2:45/3:45 Heartaches (R) 1 FRIDAY 5/6 The Betsy (R) 7/8 The Glacier Fox (G) 8:30/9:30 Auntie Mame (NR) 11/12 The Betsy (R) 1/2 The Unholy Garden (NR) 2:30/3:30 Auntie Mame (NR) 5/6 The Glacier Fox (G) 7/8 OPENING NIGHT/Tender Mercies (PG) 8:30/9:30 The Betsy (R) 11/12 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/ Electric Blue (Part I) 12/1 ADULT THEATER/The Playgirl (NR) 1:30/2:30 Auntie Mame (NR) 4/5 The Unholy Garden (NR) 2 SATURDAY 5:15/6:15 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (PG) 7/8 Dusty (NR) 9/10 Six Pack (PG) 11/12 The Black Stallion Returns (PG) 1/2 Hanky Panky (PG) 3/4 Gigot (NR) 5/6 Dusty (NR) 7/8 OPENING NIGHT/National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 9/ 10 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (PG) 10:45/11:45 ADULT THEATER/ Peaches And Cream (NR) 12/1 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/Best Of The Playmate Guides 1/2 Six Pack (PG) 2:45/3:45 The Black Stallion Returns (PG) 3 SUNDAY 5/6 Waltz Across Texas (PG) 7/8 Mystery At Castle House (NR) 9/10 The Color Of Friendship (NR) 9:45/10:45 Mother Lode (PG) 11:45/12:45 Tony Bennett With Love 1/2 Tootsie (PG) 3/4 Diana Ross From Central Park 5/6 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ Mystery At Castle House (NR) 7/8 Waltz Across Texas (PG) 9/10 BY REQUEST/The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (R) 11/12 ADULT THEATER/Big Thumbs (NR) 12:15/1:15 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/ America Uncovered (Part III) 12:45/1:45 Mother Lode(PG) 2:30/3:30 Tony Bennett — With Love 4 MONDAY 5/6 Lookin’ To Get Out (R) 7/8 This Time Forever (PG) 9/10 The Concrete Jungle (R) 11/12 Lookin' To Get Out (R) 1/2 For Your Love Only (NR) 3/4 The Concrete Jungle (R) 5/6 This Time Forever (PG) 7/8 FILM FESTIVAL/Firefox (PG) 9/10 Lookin’ To Get Out (R) 10:45/11:45 ADULT THEATER/ Centerfold Fever (NR) 12:15/1*15 For Your Love Only (NR) 2/3 The Concrete Jungle (R) 5 TUESDAY 5/6 The River Niger (PG) 7/8 The Secret Of NIMH (G) 9/10 The Betsy (R) 11/12 The River Niger (PG) 1/2 Personal Best (R) 3:15/4:15 The Betsy (R) 5:15/6:15 The Secret Of NIMH (G) 7/8 TICKET TO.../You Can't Take It With You 9/10 The River Niger (PG) 11/12 ADULT THEATER/Night Games (R) 12:45/1:45 The Betsy (R) 2:45/3:45 Personal Best (R) 6 WEDNESDAY 5/6 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 7/8 The Pirate Movie (PG) 9/10 Honor Among Thieves (NR) 11/12 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 1/2 Heartaches (R) 3/4 Honor Among Thieves (NR) 5/6 The Pirate Movie (PG) 7/8 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 9/10 CRITICS' PIX/Lizzie: A Woman Of Good Character (NR) 10:30/11:30 ADULT THEATER/ Intimate Moments (R) 12/1 Heartaches (R) 1:45/2:45 Honor Among Thieves (NR) 7 THURSDAY 5/6 Tender Mercies (PG) 7/8 Gregory’s Girl (PG) 8:30/9:30 Sophie’s Choice (R) 11/12 Tender Mercies (PG) 1/2 Exposed (R) 3/4 Sophie’s Choice (R) 5:30/6:30 Gregory’s Girl (PG) 7/8 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/From The Terrace (NR) 9:30/10:30 Tender Mercies (PG) 11/12 ADULT THEATER/Sweet Dreams (R) 12/1 Exposed (R) 1:45/2:45 Sophie's Choice (R) 32 8 FRIDAY 5/6 The Hot Touch (NR) 7/8 Chanel Solitaire (R) 9/10 The Concrete Jungle (R) 11/12 The Hot Touch (NR) 12:30/1:30 Vice Squad (R) 2:30/3:30 The Concrete Jungle (R) 4:30/5:30 Chanel Solitaire (R) 7/8 OPENING NIGHT/Baby, It s You (R) 9/10 The Hot Touch (NR) 10:30/11:30 PLAYBOY WEEKEND

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Personal Best The River Niger Adapted for the screen from a Tony Award-winning stage play, The River Niger is a powerful drama about a black family’s struggle to make a life for themselves in the ghetto. Johnny Williams (James Earl Jones) must cope with his wife Mattie’s (Cicely Tyson) terminal illness, and with the pressures that threaten to pull his family apart. When the Williams’ son, Jeff (Glynn Turman), returns home from the Air Force, the couple worries that the young man will rejoin his former gang, a band of strife-ridden revolutionaries. Mature themes. The River Niger (1976, PG, 1:40). Producers: Sidney Beckerman, Isaac L. Jones. Director: Krishna Shah. Writer: Joseph A. Walker. Starring: Cicely Tyson, James Earl Jones, Lou Gossett Jr., Glynn Turman. TUESDAY, JUNE 5 SATURDAY, JUNE 16 SUNDAY, JULY 1 FRIDAY, JULY 6 Personal Best Set against the Olympic track and field trials of 1976 and 1980, Personal Best deals intimately with personal effort in competition. Where there is a winner there is also a loser, and it is this standard that throws neophyte Chris Cahill (Mariel Hemingway of Star ’80) together with cool veteran Tory Skinner (Patrice Donnelly). Producer/director/writer Robert Towne has combined his gift for dialogue with a loving, insightful look at the physical details of athletic endeavor, in which physical perfection is reached long before emotional maturity. Nudity, sexual situations. Personal Best (1982, R, 2:08). Producer/ Director/Writer: Robert Towne. Starring: Mariel Hemmingway, Patrice Donnelly, Scott Glenn. TUESDAY, JUNE 5 FRIDAY, JUNE 15 SUNDAY, JUNE 24 THURSDAY, JUNE 28 Six Pack Kenny Rogers stars as Brewster Baker, a race-car driver on the comeback trail after a serious crack-up. On his way to his first race in several years, he is stymied when someone steals his engine — until he discovers the culprits are six young orphans who support themselves by stripping cars while under the protection of a corrupt local sherrif. After some lightly amusing misadventures, Brewster agrees to take the kids on his journey. But the greedy sheriff doesn’t take kindly to someone lifting his meal ticket, and Brewster and the kids find themselves pursued all over the South. Some mature themes. Six Pack (1982, PG, 1:47). Producer: Michael Trikilis. Director: Daniel Petrie. Writers: Mike Marvin, Alex Matter. Starring: Kenny Rogers, Erin Grey, Diane Lane. MONDAY, MAY 28 SATURDAY, JUNE 2 SUNDAY, JUNE 17 THURSDAY, JUNE 21 TUESDAY, JUNE 26 44 I Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone On the heels of—and largely indebted to —blockbuster hits like Star Wars and The Road Warrior, comes Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone, one of last year’s major metal contributions. Spacehunter is an amusing action-adventure about a futuristic salvage ship pilot named Wolff (Peter Strauss), who encounters all manner of menace in his attempt to rescue three female captives from a plague-ridden planet. While there’s action aplenty, this post-nuclear hybrid has as its weakest link characters who never effectively click with one another. Strauss’ Wolff is surly enough to warrant attention, but his travelling partners leave much to be desired — especially young Molly Ringwald (so charmingly convincing in Sixteen Candles) who, as a nubile space orphan, is cursed with an annoying series of lines that jumble “valley girl”-isms with snotty space gibberish. In its favor, Spacehunter boasts titanic effects and sets worthy of the best in the genre. Particularly notable is a ship/ train, rotting and chugging its way across an alien desert terrain. Also quite remarkable is the villain, Overdog, menacingly performed by Michael Ironside. For lovers of spacey science fiction, Spacehunter is worthwhile viewing. Violence, some mature themes. Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (1983, PG, 1:30). Producers: Don Carmody, John Dunning, Andre Link. Director: Lamont Johnson. Writers: Edith Rey, David Preston, Dan Goldberg, Len Blum. Starring: Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Michael Ironside. SATURDAY, JUNE 9 * THURSDAY, JUNE 14 MONDAY, JUNE 18 ** SUNDAY, JUNE 24 TUESDAY, JULY 3 * Opening Night ** Film Festival I #es in the forbid 45

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Editor: At last you have achieved a terrific balance between the regular product that everyone shows, foreign films, totally worthy classics and some interesting sleepers. I hope you will continue to strive for this kind of balance. With the right amount of quality classics, foreign films and non-exploitation sleepers, I will remain a SelecTV subscriber for a long time to come. Bob Scherl Dear Bob: We spent months talking over our unique nightly “Showcase” concept before putting it into practice; we wanted to be certain in our own minds that such an obviously sensible program would work as well as we intended it to. But to be quite honest, we couldn’t be absolutely sure we would succeed completely — that is, until we began receiving letters like yours. It’s heartening for us to see our hard work pay off. But we don’t intend to stop looking for new ways to improve our service even further. If you or any other subscriber has a comment or suggestion, please write to us. Your opinion counts a great deal. Dear Editor: I enjoy your service a lot and want to know why you don’t say what a movie’s rating is before it starts. Also, could you tell me why you often list ratings on adult movies as “NR” instead of “X.” Don Martin Dear Don: We don’t feel it’s necessary to show a movie’s rating before its showing because the rating is listed in your program guide — both along with the movie’s review and each time the movie appears in the center calendar. .4 s for adult film ratings, most adult film producers don 7 bother to submit their product to the Motion Picture Association of America, the official movie rating authority in the United States. Those films that appear in our Adult Theater have never been officially rated; therefore, we list them as “NR, ’’for “Not Rated. Dear Editor: When I read a review of an R-rated movie in the program guide, there is sometimes a note that says, “mature themes.” I don’t know what that means. Does it mean that the movie contains nudity or brief nudity or what Melvin A. Straughter Jr. Dear Melvin: If a movie has any nudity (brief or otherwise) in it, then we specifically say so at the end of that film’s review. The noting of “mature themes” means that the movie contains subject matter that may be too complex or too disturbing for younger viewers. We never try to tell parents whether or not they should allow their children to watch a specific program, but we do believe it is our responsibility to let them know when a movie might not be appropriate for youngsters. We welcome expressions of all views from subscribers. Letters are subject to editing and must include signature, valid mailing address and telephone number. Please send all correspondence to Editor/SelecTV, 4755 Alla Road, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 62 Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health.

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Sophie’s Choice Soup For One Allan Martin (Saul Rubinek) is a neurotic New Yorker searching for the girl of his dreams. Allan feels uncomfortably out-of-place in the swinging singles’ scene and longs for a happy marriage with his ideal woman. When he meets her in the person of Maria (Marcia Strassman), he begins a desperate campaign to win her affections. Soup For One takes a sharply funny look at the world of singles’ weekends and bars, but its best moments arise from the developing relationship between Allan and Maria. Mature themes. Soup For One (1982, PG, 1:25). Producer: Marvin Worth. Director/ Writer: Jonathan Kaufer. Starring: Saul Rubinek, Marcia Strassman, Teddy Pendergrass. TUESDAY, MAY 29 THURSDAY, JUNE 21 Sophie’s Choice Set in Brooklyn in 1947, Sophie’s Choice follows the discoveries of Stingo (Peter MacNicol), a young Southern writer on his way to manhood. The naive author finds a lifetime’s worth of material in his upstairs neighbors, Sophie and Nathan (Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline). The larger than life lovers dress oddly, fight sporadically and adore one another with a passion tainted by tragic mystery. It is Stingo’s quest after this mystery’s core on which Sophie’s Choice focuses. What emerges — thanks to Streep’s mesmerizing, Oscar-winning performance — is one of the most compelling tragic romances of modern film. Mature themes. Sophie’s Choice (1982, R, 2:30). Producers: Alan J. Pakula, Keith Barish. Director/Writer: Alan J. Pakula. Starring: Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Peter MacNicol. WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 THURSDAY, JUNE 7 TUESDAY, JUNE 12 Summer Lovers From Randal Kleiser, the director of Grease and The Blue Lagoon, comes Summer Lovers, a story of young love set in the Greek Islands. Michael (Peter Gallagher) and Cathy (Daryl Hannah of Splash) arrive in Greece for the summer, and Michael soon has an affair with Lina (Valerie Quennessen), a French archeologist. When Peter is unable to choose between his free-spirited new love and the more conventional Cathy, the three resolve the situation by moving in together. With its postcard-pretty setting and energetic young cast, Summer Lovers gives an interesting twist to a familiar theme. Nudity, mature themes. Summer Lovers (1982, R, 1:39). Producer: Mike Moder. Director/ Writer: Randal Kleiser. Starring: Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah, Valerie Quennessen. MONDAY, MAY 28 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 46 Spring Break Nubile beauties, hunky collegians, miles of sandy beach and limitless sensual pursuits clothe Spring Break in seductively scanty garb. Owing a heavy debt to the original Where The Boys Are and countless Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon beach party releases, Spring Break is full of heavy panting, but emerges as a fairly tame comic expose of the fleshy rites of spring. The film traces the adventures of a group of playful college students hot on the party trail. Along the way are all manner of high jinks, including interstate whiz lines, wet T-shirt contests, belly-flop competitions, Frisbee championships, best-bun celebrations, beer-chugging assaults and enough sexual fumblings to set a Guinness world record. The good-looking, youthful cast includes David Knell as a naive suburbanite and Perry Lang as his “all talk/no show” bosom buddy. The film begins when these two white-bread boys find themselves shacking up with two typically fast-talking New Yorkers (Paul Land and Steve Bassett). A friendship blossoms as only it can under Florida’s balmy palms, and the foursome embark on sybaritic shenanigans with non-stop abandon. Don’t expect credibility but expect laughs, particularly when Knell loses his way back to the scene of his own seduction after excusing himself to get a Coke. Wistfully silly, Spring Break just might send you back to the workaday world with a smile on your face. Nudity, mature themes. Spring Break (1983, R, 1:42). Producer/ Director: Sean S. Cunningham. Writer: David Smilow. Starring: David Knell, Perry Lang, Paul Land, Steve Bassett. FRIDAY, JUNE 29* TUESDAY, JULY 3 SATURDAY, JULY 7 * Opening Night 47

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A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy Wherever you find lust, confusion, frustration and pathos, you’re bound to find Woody Allen, and such is the case with A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy. Set on a picturesque farm in upstate New York around the turn of the century, this appealing romantic comedy follows the interwoven amorous adventures of three couples who come together for the weekend. Allen stars as Andrew, a stock broker and part-time inventor, whose love life with his kooky wife, Adrian (Mary Steenburgen), is as unsuccessful as his inventions. Joining them are Andrew’s friend Maxwell (Tony Roberts) and his free-spirited girlfriend of the moment (Julie Hagerty), and Adrian’s cousin, a stuffy scholar (Jose Ferrer), who surprises everyone with his lovely bride-to-be, Ariel (Mia Farrow). Unbeknownst to everyone else, however, Andrew and Ariel almost had an affair several years prior, and both are haunted by the wonder of what might have been. With this daffy assortment, things can’t help but get complicated, and they do. By the end of the weekend, nearly every possible combination has been played out. While those looking for a laugh quotient equal to that of Allen’s early works are likely to be disappointed, A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy is a pleasant and amusing diversion, more similar to the whimsical tone of Broadway Danny Rose, Allen’s current release. Mature themes. A Midsummer Night’s Sex Comedy (1982, PC, 1:31). Producer: Robert Greenhut. Director/ Writer: Woody Allen. Starring: Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Mary Streenburgen, Julie Hagerty. SATURDAY, JUNE 30* THURSDAY, JULY 5 * Opening Night 40 National Lampoon’s Class Reunion Mother Lode A Heston family brainchild, Mother Lode was written and produced by Fraser Clarke Heston and stars his father, Charlton (who also directed), in dual roles. Young adventurer Nick Mancuso and the lovely Kim Basinger head to the Pacific Northwest in search of a lost companion and a possible fortune in gold, but awaiting their arrival with villainous intent is Silas McGee and his mysterious maniacal brother (both played by Heston). Gold lust overtakes young Mancuso and he’s put through arduous tests of strength, including mine floods, falls and bloodthristy assaults, before the climax. Violence. Mother Lode (1982, PG, 1:42). Producer/ Writer: Fraser Clarke Heston. Director: Charlton Heston. Starring: Charlton Heston, Nick Mancuso, Kim Basinger. MONDAY, MAY 28 SUNDAY, JUNE 3 National Lampoon’s Class Reunion From the people who brought you Animal Flouse comes National Lampoon’s Class Reunion. Its antic plot revolves around the reunion of the last class to graduate from Lizzie Borden High (school motto: “A Cut Above The Rest”), and as the familiar high school types assemble, one of the alums begins to wreak a murderous revenge on his former classmates. The film’s best moments however, are in its overtly outlandish depictions of the stereotypical high school characters. Mature humor. National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (1982, R, 1:28). Producer: Matty Simmons. Director: Michael Miller. Writer: John Hughes. Starring: Gerrit Graham, Michael Lerner. Fred McCarren. FRIDAY, JUNE 15 * THURSDAY, JUNE 21 WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 MONDAY, JULY 2 FRIDAY, JULY 6 * Opening Night 41

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continued from page 17 We got so turned on by the movie. Q. The chase scene in Blue Thunder is easily the most brilliant since Bullitt. It was like a never-ending aerial rollercoaster ride. It was the major reason for making the picture that there was this incredible chase sequence at the end, and that it would do with helicopters what nobody else had ever tried to do before. It made it unusual and exciting for that reason. Q. What intrigued me about Blue Thunder was that, although it focused on the dark side of Los Angeles, you presented an awesomely beautiful view of the city in the process. There’s part of me that’s a real romantic and doesn’t like to look at the dark side of things and would rather see the pretty side of things. Q. You were still editing the sound on Blue Thunder when you began production on WarGames. Did you ever feel that you might have to compromise one film for the other I was getting worried about it. I thought that maybe I had overextended myself, that I’d gotten in too deep. But it all worked out fine. It was was kind of interesting overlapping the two. I didn't get confused on the pictures. / kept them separate. Q. Is it just a coincidence that both of them are action-oriented, that both have this kind of race-against-time element and that they’re both about bureaucratic inventions that end up in the wrong hands Well, the theme of bureaucratic screw-ups is very prevalent today, as is run-away technology — technology getting more sophisticated than we’re able to handle. What you can do in a terroristic fashion is very unnerving when you start to think about it. Q. But you seem to like the intense action that it generates. It’s the little kid in me that likes to have these great big toys. I’m still a little kid at heart. I really discovered this from Blue Thunder, because I'd walk out in the morning and say, “Oh boy, what do we get to blow up today? What kind of crash can we have?’’ That stuff gets your adrenaline going. You can get addicted to that, become an action junkie. Q. I think those are the elements of your films that people remember the most. Yes, and that’s the part where the director has the most fun. Q. Does the fact that you proved yourself as a television director before you made the switch to features have anything to do with your technique? Anybody who tells you that they shouldn 7 be directing in TV, that they’re gonna start with movies, is somebody who hasn ’t thought this out very well because that ’s a great place to experiment and to learn and to fail. But a lot of people come in and think they 're going to direct the big movies right off the bat. And that is why there are so many first-time film directors who can’t get another job. /Is a writer friend of mine phrased it, “The beaches are littered with the bodies of first-time directors. ” So starting in television is very beneficial. Q. People are more forgiving about what they see on television. Even movies that don’t play well in theaters play much better on TV. Absolutely, because the mistakes are hidden more often. But a lot of movies that are terrific in theaters don’t play very well on television in their original form. I just recut Saturday Night Fever for the umpteenth time for television. I don’t get any money for it when this happens, but I had to go and help because the picture needed editing — and if anybody’s going to mess it up, I’m going to mess it up. Q. So when you’ve completed a movie, you’re not necessarily finished with it I'm constantly working on pictures that I had completed years ago. The movies are like your children. Children traditionally leave home when they are 18 or 20 or 22, somewhere in that neighborhood, but the fact is that they keep coming back home and they need a little help with this problem or they need a little money to get a house. They may be grown up, but they keep coming back. And the movies are that way, too. 60 I3AD BOYS COMING ATTRACTION

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JUNE 17/JULY 7 17 SUNDAY 5/6 Six Pack (PG) 7/8 The Boy Who Never Was (NR) 8/9 The Color Of Friendship (NR) 9/10 Island Of Adventure (NR) 10:30/11:30 From The Terrace (NR) 1/2 The Hustler (NR) 3:15/4:15 Lookin’ To Get Out (R) 5/6 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ The Boy Who Never Was (NR) 6/7 The Color Of Friendship (NR) 7/8 BY REQUEST/The Man Who Saw Tomorrow (PG) 8:30/9:30 Six Pack (PG) 10:30/11:30 ADULT THEATER/ San Fernando Valley Girls (NR) 12/1 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/Nancy Friday’s Intimate Lives (Part III) 12:30/1:30 From The Terrace (NR) 3/4 Island Of Adventure (NR) 18 MONDAY 5/6 Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (PG) 7/8 Diana Ross From Central Park 9/10 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 11/12 Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (PG) 12:30/1:30 Lizzie: A Woman Of Good Character (NR) 2/3 An Evening With Sister Sledge 3/4 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 5/6 Diana Ross From Central Park 7/8 Oklahoma! (G) 9:30/10:30 FILM FESTIVAL/ Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (PG) 11/12 ADULT THEATER/ Emmanuelle In Soho (NR) 12:30/1:30 Lizzie: A Woman Of Good Character (NR)* 1:45/2:45 An Evening With Sister Sledge 2:45/3:45 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 19 TUESDAY 5/6 Local Hero (PG) 7/8 Hanky Panky (PG) 9/10 Friday The 13th, Part 3 (R) 11/12 Local Hero (PG) 1/2 The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas(R) 3/4 Friday The 13th, Part 3 (R) 5/6 Hanky Panky (PG) 7/8 TICKET TO.../Friends In Concert: The Turtles and Gary Puckett 8/9 Gregory’s Girl (PG) 9:30/10:30 Local Hero (PG) 11:30/12:30 ADULT THEATER/ Gail Palmer’s Erotic Adventures Of Candy (NR) 12:45/1:45 The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (R) 2:45/3:45 Friday The 13th, Part 3 (R)* RATING CODE G=General Audience PG=Parental Guidance Suggested R=Recommended 17 Years Or Over NR=Not Rated *=Indicates Final Showing 20 WEDNESDAY 5/6 Summer Lovers (R) 7/8 Tarka The Otter (G) 8:30/9:30 Blue Thunder (R) 10:30/11:30 Summer Lovers (R) 12:30/1:30 The Hot Touch (NR) 2:15/3:15 Likely Stories #2 3:15/4:15 Blue Thunder (R) 5:15/6:15 Tarka The Otter (G) 7/8 CRITICS’ PIX/A Dangerous Summer (NR) 8:30/9:30 Summer Lovers (R)* 10:30/11:30 ADULT THEATER/ Centerfold Fever (NR) 12/1 The Hot Touch (NR)* 1:45/2:45 Likely Stories #2* 2:45/3:45 Blue Thunder (R) 21 THURSDAY 5/6 Soup For One (R) 7/8 An Evening With Sister Sledge 8/9 Tony Bennett — With Love 9:15/10:15 National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (R) 11/12 Soup For One (R) 1/2 Six Pack (PG) 3/4 National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (R) 4:45/5:45 An Evening With Sister Sledge 5:45/6:45 Tony Bennett — With Love 7/8 Soup For One (R)* 8:30/9:30 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/ The Hustler (NR) 10:45/11:45 ADULT THEATER/ Night Games (R)* 12:30/1:30 Six Pack (PG) 2:30/3:30 National Lampoon’s Class Reunion (R) 22 FRIDAY 5/6 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 7/8 The Boy Who Never Was (NR) 8/9 Electric Eskimo (NR) 9/10 Heartaches (R) 10:30/11:30 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 12:15/1:15 The Concrete Jungle (R) 2/3 Hey, Good Lookin’ (R) 3:30/4:30 Heartaches (R) 5/6 Electric Eskimo (NR) 6/7 The Boy Who Never Was (NR) 7/8 OPENING NIGHT/Deadly Eyes (R) 8:30/9:30 National Lampoon’s Vacation (R) 10:30/11:30 ADULT THEATER/ Jack N Jill (NR) 11:45/12:45 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/ Sexcetera...The News According To Playboy (Part V) 12:45/1:45 The Concrete Jungle (R)* 2:30/3:30 Heartaches (R) 4/5 Hey, Good Lookin’ (R) 23 SATURDAY 5:30/6:30 Tender Mercies (PG) 7/8 Island Of Adventure (NR) 9/10 The Secret Of NIMH (G) 11/12 Diana Ross From Central Park 1/2 Game Of Death (R) 3/4 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time (PG) 5/6 Island Of Adventure (NR)* 7/8 OPENING NIGHT/Brainstorm (PG) 9/10 Tender Mercies (PG) 10:30/11:30 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/ 1984 Great American Strip-Off Finals (Round IV) 11:30/12:30 ADULT THEATER/ Casting Couch (NR)* 1/2 The Secret Of NIMH (G)* 2:30/3:30 Diana Ross From Central Park 24 SUNDAY 5/6 Personal Best (R) 7:30/8:30 Tarka The Otter (G) 9/10 Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (PG) 11/12 Waltz Across Texas (PG) 1/2 Gigot (NR) 3/4 Orchestra Wives (NR) 5/6 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ Tarka The Otter (G) 7/8 BY REQUEST/Ice Castles (PG) 9/10 Personal Best (R) 11:15/12:15 PLAYBOY WEEKEND/ Birds In Paradise (Part IV) 11:45/12:45 ADULT THEATER/ Sweet Dreams (R)* 12:45/1:45 Spacehunter: Adventures In The Forbidden Zone (PG) 2:15/3:15 Waltz Across Texas (PG)* 25 MONDAY 5/6 The Pirate Movie (PG) 7/8 Dusty (PG) 9/10 A Dangerous Summer (NR) 11 /12 The Pirate Movie (PG) 1/2 Exposed (R) 3/4 A Dangerous Summer (NR) 5/6 Dusty (NR) 7/8 The Pirate Movie (PG)* 9/10 FILM FESTIVAL/Blue Thunder (R) 11/12 ADULT THEATER/The Playgirl (NR) 12:30/1:30 Exposed (R) 2:15/3:15 A Dangerous Summer (NR) 26 TUESDAY 5/6 Heartaches (R) 7/8 Mystery At Castle House (NR) 9/10 Honor Among Thieves (NR) 11/12 Heartaches (R) 1/2 Six Pack (PG) 3/4 Honor Among Thieves (NR) 5/6 Mystery At Castle House (NR)* 7/8 Heartaches (R) 8:30/9:30 TICKET TO.../Tony Bennett — With Love* 9:45/10:45 Hey, Good Lookin’ (R)* 11:15/12:15 ADULT THEATER/ Big Thumbs (NR) 12:30/1:30 Six Pack (PG)* 2:15/3:15 Honor Among

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