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HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 009

SEPTEMBER 26-30 SAT SEP 26 6:30 am OLD ENOUGH p 18 8:00 FAST FORWARD p. 7 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 21 11:00 SPHINX p. 22 1:00 pm GIRL ON THE EDGE OF TOWN p. 6 1:30 HBO Pictures: MANDELA p. 3 4:00 QUICKSILVER p. 22 6:00 FAST FORWARD p. 7 8:00 “ABOUT LAST NIGHT. . .'' p.17 10:00 Super Saturdays! Super Stand-Ups! HBO COMEDY HOUR: HOWIE FROM MAUI-LIVE! p. 4 11:00 THE ROAD WARRIOR p.19 12:35 am F/X p.19 2:25 WILD GEESE II p. 22 4:20 QUICKSILVER p. 22 SUN SEP 27 6:15 am WARNING: FOOD MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p.17 7:00 THE FROG PRINCE p. 6 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) 8:30 SEABERT “Deadly Plans" p. 7 9:00 THE SLUGGER'S WIFE p. 7 11:00 THE GIG p.18 12:30 pm WARNING: FOOD MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p.17 1:00 RAPPIN' p. 22 2:30 LEGAL EAGLES p.13 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mokey and the Minstrels" (: 25) 5:00 BACK TO THE FUTURE (PG-l :56) 7:00 BRONCO BILLY p 18 9:00 Sunday Night Movie THE SLUGGER'S WIFE p. 7 11:00 ROSEANNE BARR SHOW p 4 12:00 JAGGED EDGE p.14 1:55 am PRAY FOR DEATH p. 4 3:35 LEGAL EAGLES p 13 5:35 ROSEANNE BARR SHOW p 4 MON SEP 28 6:35 am THE VELVETEEN RABBIT p 6 7:00 SOUPMAN p 6 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “All Work and All Play" (:25) 8:00 HBO Pictures: MANDELA p. 3 10:30 A TEST OF LOVE p.l8 12:00 REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS p 4 2:00 pm RIGHT OF WAY p 18 4:00 THE ELMCHANTED FORESTp 6 5:30 ANOTHER WOMAN'S CHILD p 18 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "All Work and All Play" (:25) 8:00 THE FLY p. 20 10:00 HBO Pictures: MANDELA p 3 12:20 am SHADOW PLAY p.19 2:00 RE-ANIMATOR p. 22 3:30 BORN AMERICAN p. 20 5:20 THE FLY p. 20 TUE SEP 29 7:00 am SEABERT “Deadly Plans" p. 7 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs" (:25) 8:00 A HERO AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A SANDVWCH p. 6 10:00 FAST FORWARD p. 7 12:00 PLAYERS p.19 2:00 pm DREAMCHILD p 19 3:30 IN SEARCH OF A GOLDEN SKY p 6 5:00 HOW TO RAISE A STREET-SMART CHILD p. 5 6:00 BIRCH INTERVAL p 18 8:00 DREAM LOVER p. 21 10:00 FAST FORWARD p. 7 11:55 NIGHT OF THE CREEPS p.19 1:25 am JO JO DANCER, YOUR LIFE IS CALLING p. 8 3:05 TORMENT p. 22 4:30 THUNDER ALLEY p 22 WED SEP 30 6:30 am THE GREAT LOVE EXPERIMENT p. 6 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Friend in Need" (:25) 8:00 TRIBUTE p. 22 10:00 THE MOVIE MAKERS p. 22 10:30 THE MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE p 5 12:00 THE SLUGGER'S WIFE p. 7 2:00 pm MR. LOVE p.19 3:30 1, DESIRE p.18 5:30 THE GREAT LOVE EXPERIMENT p 6 6:30 OLD ENOUGH p 18 8:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE TRUTH ABOUT ALEX p. 6 9:00 “ABOUT LAST NIGHT..." p.17 11:00 THE SLUGGER'S WIFE p. 7 12:50 am THE PROTECTOR p 22 2:30 ARMED RESPONSE p. 21 4:10 !-: . V ' -.I, ! : . Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: 6: Suitable for general audiences. PG: Parental guidonce suggested PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidonce for children under 13. R: Restricted. P ■ Selected programs closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute Registered service mark of the National Captioning Institute. Used with permission. Special decoder needed. Oscar and Academy Award are registered trademarks and service morks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office, HBO, On location and Standing Room Only are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036. This program guide is available by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Subscriber hformo^on Services Send no .money at this time 16 3E HBO SPECIAL WARNING: Food May Be Hazardous To Your Health “About last night..! Cl ' v i Are we poisoning ourselves with sugar substitutes, sulfites and “natural" cereals? This report examines a host of frightening and controversial questions about what we eat and what effect it has on us. An absorbing, fact-filled, objective look at an important topic. :30. September 7, 11,16,19,24,27 (CC) ROB LOWE DEMI MOORE JAMES BELUSHI ELIZABETH PERKINS Singles in the big city, giving up on love and then giving it a shot—that's what this hip comedy/drama is about. Rob Lowe and Demi Moore are upscale Chicagoans whose romance zigs right into sex, zags into love, but threatens to stall on the road to real commitment. James Belushi (Salvador) plays a young cynic sampling the singles scene. A sharp look at looking for love, 1980s style. (ALN) R-1:53. Sept. 26,30 (CC) A 17

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 002

22 Torment 22 Tribute 22 Victory 22 The Vindicator (CC) Page i 17 "About last night..." (CC) 7 Agnes of God (CC) 22 Almost You (CC) 21 Armed Response 22 The Awakening 20 Born American 18 A Breed Apart 18 Bronco Billy (CC) 21 Dream Lover 7 Fast Forward (CC) 20 The Fly (CC) 19 F/X (CC) 18 The Gig 18 Gods Must Be Crazy (CC) 14 Jagged Edge (CC) 8 Jo Jo Dancer (CC) 20 Krush Groove 13 Legal Eagles (CC) 5 Man/Red Shoe (CC) 3 Mandela (CC) 22 Maxie (CC) 5 Morons From Outer Space 4 Mussolini (CC) 19 Night of the Creeps 22 Nights in White Satin 4 Nothing in Common (CC) 5 The Park Is Mine (CC) 4 Pray for Death 22 The Protector (CC) 22 Quicksilver (CC) 22 Rappin' 22 Re-Animator 4 Remo Williams (CC) 19 The Road Warrior 19 Shadow Play 22 Sleepaway Camp 7 The Slugger's Wife (CC) 22 Sphinx 22 Thunder Alley 22 Wild Geese II (CC) 15 Youngblood (CC) Original Programs 22 Behind the Scenes 8 1st & Ten (CC) 4 HBO Comedy Hour: Howie From Maui—LIVE! 5 Jerry Seinfeld (CC) 22 The Movie Makers 12 Prince's Trust Rock Concert 4 Roseanne Barr Show (CC) 5 Street-Smart Child 8 Vietnam War Story (CC) 17 Warning: Food May Be Hazardous (CC) Daytime on HBO 18 Another Woman's Child 18 Birch Interval 19 Dreamchild 18 1, Desire 19 Mr, Love (CC) 18 Old Enough 19 Players 18 Right of Way (CC) 19 Running Brave 18 A Test of Love 19 Trenchcoat 19 Yellowbeard Sports 21 Inside the NFL Family 6 HBO Family Showcase Limited Plays Alan King (CC) A-9/12 Aliens (CC) A-9/13 American Anthem-9/12 Back to the Future (CC) A-9/12,27 Club Paradise A-9/13 Cyndi Lauper in Paris A-9/12 Getting Even-9/5,8,11,16 Just Between Friends (CC)-9/13 The Lion of Africa (CC) A-9/13 Long Gone (CC) A-9/13 Lucas (CC) A-9/12 Manhattan Project (CC) A-9/12 The Money Pit (CC) A-9/13,19 Return of the Jedi (CC) A-9/12 Running Scared (CC) A-9/12 Saving Grace (CC)—9/1,4 SpaceCamp (CC) A-9/12 The Stuff (CC)-9/3,6,9 Uptown Comedy (CC) A-9/12 Welcome Home Encore-9/12 Will Rogers (CC) A-9/13 (CC) indicates programs that ore closed-captioned /'k indicates programs in stereo, where available Photo Credits: Cover & page 12-Prince's Trust: Cox/LFI Page 12-Prince's Trust insets (Starr, John): Griffin/LFI; (Clapton): Halfin/Repfoto; (Collins): Putland/Retna. Page 21-NFL Steve Ross. Page 23-Tyson: Will Hart; Joel: Timothy White In September there will be more than just great movies on HBO. Stay tuned between shows on 9/12 and 9/13 to leam more about how HBO works Please Note: Words of caution included before the ratings have been abbreviated. AS Adult situations GV Graphic violence AL Adult language N Nudity AH Adult humor BN Brief nudity V Violence SC Strong sexual content MV Mild violence R Rape The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Ybrk, New York 10036 Joseph J. Collins, President; Jeffrey L Bewkes, Senior V.P., Finance, John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. © 1987 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. DANNY GLOVER ALFRE WOODARD Nelson Mandela, the heroic South African black lawyer, has dedicated his life to the struggle for freedom. Danny Glover stars as Mandela—battling through a trial for high treason, forced to move from passive to armed resistance, and finally imprisoned for life. Alfre Woodard plays Winnie Mandela, whose love for her husband is the basis of their shared commitment to the ideal of freedom. (ALMV) 2:16, September 20,23,26,28 (CC) A

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 010

The Gig WAYNE ROGERS In this comedy/drama, six amateur musicians get their first chance to play a real engagement—and get paid for it. "Full of insight and understanding" (Hollywood Reporter). (AS, AL) 1:28. Sept. 3,7,16,22,27 The Gods Must Be Crazy A Coke Pottle, tossed from a passing airplane, lands among a tripe of Pushmen, disrupting their peaceful ways. Touching and laugh-out-loud funny, (AL.V.N) PG-1:49. Sept. 3,7,11 (CC) Bronco Billy CUNT EASTWOOD Meet the fancy-riding star of his own Wild West show— Bronco Billy! In this offbeat comedy/romance, Clint Eastwood takes on a charming, change-of-pace role. (AS,AL) PG-1:56. Sept. 1,7,17,19,23,27 (CC) A Breed Apart KATHLEEN TURNER A lonely widow, a reclusive environmentalist and a tough mountaineer form a romantic triangle in this backwoods drama. Rutger Hauer. (AL,MV,N) R-1:31. September 3,7,9,15,18 Birch interval The Pennsylvania Amish country is the setting for this tender coming-of-age drama. There, a city girl learns some truths about adulthood. With Eddie Albert. (AS) PG-1 43. Sept. 5,9,18,21,29 A Test of Love A therapist fights to free a young girl from an institution, taking on the hospital staff, the courts and the girl's own parents. (AS) PG-1:29. September 5,8,20,24,28 Right of way HBO PICTURES Bette Davis and James Stewart play an aging couple who find an extreme solution when illness threatens to separate them. Melinda Dillon. (AS) 1:42. Sept. 1,9,17,28 (CC) Another woman’s Child Should a woman agree to act as stepmother to the girl her husband fathered with another woman? Linda Lavin agonizes over the decision in this moving drama. 1:36 Sept. 6,10,16,22,25,28 I, Desire A vampire is stalking Hollywood! David Naughton (My Sister Sam) plays an inquisitive man whose curiosity leads him into danger. (AS, MV) 1:35. Sept. 3,8,18,21,30 Old Enough A society girl and a streetwise teenager share a summer of adventure in this comedy/drama. Can their friendship withstand their cultural differences? (AS.AL) PG-1:28. Sept. 7,15,26,30 18 Players The world of professional tennis is the backdrop for this drama. Dean-Paul Martin plays a tennis hustler who falls in love with kept woman Ali MacGraw. (AS.AL) PG-2:00. Sept. 2,7,11,17,20,29 Dreamchild Coral Browne stars in this moving drama about the real-life woman who was the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. (AS) PG-1:30. Sept. 4,17,21,29 v Running Brave This exhilarating saga of an underdog's triumph is based on the true story of Billy Mills, a half-Sioux runner who won the Gold Medal at the 1964 Olympics. (AS.MV.BN) PG-1:46. Sept. 6,15,21 A Mr. Love Everyone thought timid Donald Lovelace was a faithful, devoted husand. But when he died in a car crash, the truth came out! An offbeat comedy. (/AS,AL) PG-13; 1:31. September 4,15,20,30 (CC) Trenchcoat A playful caper about an amateur mystery writer caught up in intrigue on the island of Malta. With Margot Kidder. (AS.AL.V) PG-1:28. Sept. 6,9,14,18,22 (CC) A Yellowbeard Swashbuckling silliness sets sail in this spoof of every seagoing tradition afloat. Graham Chapman is Yellowbeard, an aging scourge of the briny deep. (AL.AH.V.N) PG-132. Sept. 2,10,14,19,22 Night of the Creeps A "fast-paced, freewheeling fright farce with ax maniacs, frat-house zombies and even killer slugs from outer space.. .great grisly fun." (NY Daily News). Any questions? (ALGV.N) R-1:28. September 17,21,25,29 A Shadow Play DEE WALLACE STONE A supernatural thriller about a woman haunted by recurring nightmares and drawn to a lonely island lighthouse for a confrontation with her past. Cloris Leachman co-stars. (AL.BN) R-1:37. Sept. 22,28 F/X BRYAN BROWN In Hollywood talk, "F/X" means special effects, the art of movie illusion. Rollie Tyler is an expert, and the Justice Department wants him to make a turncoat mobster disappear after testifying. (AL.V) R-1:48. Sept. 6,18,26 (CC) A The Road warrior MEL GIBSON A loner stalks Australia's outback for fuel after WWIII has destroyed most of civilization. Mel Gibson plays Mad Max in this fantasy adventure. (GV,N,R) R-1:31. September 11,16,21,26 19

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 011

JEFF GOLDBLUM Graphic sci-fi shocks contrast with tender romance in director Davia Cronenberg's (Scanners) gruesome update of the '50s classic. Scientist Jeff Goldblum is transformed by love—literally and figuratively—when an experiment combines his molecules ----------------- with those of a fly. His transformation into an inhuman monster is both horrifying and touching. (AL.GV.BN) R-1:36, September 13,19,22,25,28 (CC) A Born American Three Americans get more than they bargained for when they cross from Finland into Russia. Chuck Norris' son, Mike, stars in this fast-paced action adventure. (AL.GV.N) R-1:43. Sept. 7,11,15,20,23,28 Armed Response David Carradine stars as a man who teams up with his ex-cop dad (Lee Van Cleef) to hunt down the Chinatown crime lord whose thugs brutally killed his brother. (AL.GV.N) R-1:31. September 4,10,14,20,30 Krush Groove Jump into the N.Y. rap scene with this high-energy hit featuring some of today's hottest talents. Run-DMC, The Fat Boys and Sheila E. rock and rap away. (AL.BN) R-1:30. September 2,6,11,21,24 A Dream Lover Dream or reality? Nightmare or true horror? A young student, undergoing treatment for nightmares, hovers on the brink of insanity when experimental therapy goes too far. (AL,V) R-1:44. Sept. 29 A KICK OFF A NEW SEASON WITH LEN DAWSON AND NICK BUONICONTI. USA Today calls this "the best pro football show on TV.'' It's the only program showing highlights from every game, every week through Super Bowl XXII, along with analyses, predictions and special guests. Plus "Where Are They Now?", reviewing current lives of former pros and "Player Diary," an exclusive report by an active player. Approx. 1:00. Sept. 17,18,19; 24,25,26 A 20 21

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 007

ror the second year in a row, HBO puts you in the front row at a benefit concert for Prince Charles' favorite charity— and it's an all-star bash you won't want to miss. In a rare reunion, George Harrison and Ringo Starr come together for "Here Comes the Sun," and join in on today's hit tunes with a stageful of rock legends, including Ben E. King, Bryan Adams, Paul Young, Midge Ure and Jeff Lynn. Approx. '1:00. September 13,16,19,21,25 A DEBRA WINGER ROBERT REDFORD DARYL HANNAH The glitter of big stars in a blockbuster comedy/thriller makes this an open-and-shut case of sheer enjoyment. Robert Redford and Debra Winger are bantering, romancing New York lawyers working on an art theft/murder case together. While they try to clear their client, dazzling Daryl Hannah (Splash), somebody's trying to put a stop to their activities—permanently! A sleek, old-fashioned screen caper that jumps from courtroom to boudoir to the New York gallery scene. Directed by Ivan Reitman (Ghostbusters). (AS.ALMV) PG-'I:56. Sept.1,5,10,13,18,27 (CC) A

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 003

SUPER STAND-UP COMEDm ON HBO ON LOCATION THE ROSEANNE BARR SHOW See page 9 for special Saturday night playdates. She's harried and hilarious. She's housewife and comedian Roseanne Barr. Anyone who is, has been, or knows a housewife will laugh along with her no-holds-barred, strictly adult look at everything from child rearing to life in a mobile home. (AL) :56. Sept. 19,23,27 (CC) A Where anything can happen and probably will... : SEPTEMBER 26 HOWIE MANDEL HOVf/E FROM MAUI Every month HBO presents a live comedy event featuring one of today's hottest comics. This month, Howie .Mandel invites his friends to the luau of the year, It's a party you won't want to ;* miss! Approx. 1:00. ON LOCATION JERRY SEINFELD STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL Wearing his X-Ray Specs, Jerry Seinfeld sees funny things in everyday life that most of us miss. You thought there was nothing funny about shopping, family reunions, stubborn pets or personal relationships? Get behind Jerry's specs and think again! Approx. 1:00. Sept. 5,8,14,17,20 (CC) A Pray for Death Martial arts champ Sho Kosugi is a Japanese businessman who is secretly a ninja master. (ALGV) R-1:34. Sept. 4,8,16,27 Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins A N.Y.C. cop is recruited by the government to root out corruption. (Al.V) PG-13; 1:56. September 5,9,15,20,24,28 (CC) A Nothing in Common Hit comedy/drama with Tom Hanks (Dragnet) and Jackie Gleason in his final role. (AS,AL,BN) PG-1:59. Sept. 4,12 (CC) HBO Pictures: Mussolini The Decline and Fall of II Duce Two-part drama about WWII Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. (V)Pt,1 (1:52): Sept. 2,14,24 Pt. 2 (1:33): Sept. 3,15,25 (CC) A HBO Pictures: The Park Is Mine An emotionally shattered man takes over New York's Central Park. (AS,AL,V,BN) 1:39. September 5,9,17,22,25 (CC) A The Man With One Red Shoe Tom Hanks (Nothing in Common) stars as a mild-mannered violinist in this wacky spy spoof. With Dabney Coleman. (AS.MV) PG-1:32 September 2,7,19,22,25,30 (CC) Morons From Outer Space Not all extraterrestrial life is intelligent! That's the premise of this sci-fi spoof. (AL.AH) PG-13; 1:26. September 2,8,14,25 How to Raise a Street-Smart Child How can you help your child protect himself? This timely and informative program has some surprising answers; Hosted by Daniel J. Travanti. :43. Sept. 4,10,20,23,29 4 5

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 004

HBOE^y FAMILY vV SHOWCASE The Elmchanted Forest When artist Peter Palette settles under a magical elm tree in Fantasy Forest, he acquires some extraordinary powers! 1:23, Sept. 5,8,16,28 Girl on the Edge of Town A moving drama that looks at the sensitive subject of teenage pregnancy. Sensitive content For teen and adult audiences. :29. September 3,9,22,26 Killers of the Plains The Survival Series A look at the delicate—and dangerous—interplay between predators and their prey. :49. September 1,6,11,17,21 In Search of a Golden Sky When a cantankerous hermit takes his niece and nephews into his home in the Northwest wilds, their lives are changed forever. (MV) PG-1-.31. Sept. 3, 6,9,15,24,29 (CC) A Soupman A tender, realistic drama about a boy who becomes friendly with the elderly woman he has come to rob. :27. Sept. 4,10,13,19,28 The Velveteen Rabbit A stuffed rabbit starts out as just another child's toy, but a little boy's deep love brings it joyfully to life. :24. September 8,17,28 A Paddington Goes to School Paddington Bear tries hard to be a model student on his first day of school. But he only succeeds in creating chaos! :27. Sept. 11,14,24 The Great Love Experiment A shy, unpopular teenager becomes the subject of a school psychology experiment in this Emmy-winning drama, :46. Sept. 10,14,22,30 The Prog Prince KERMIT THE FROG narrates the story of a handsome prince who is cursed by a wicked witch and turns into a frog. Jim Henson's MUPPETS™ star. :50. Sept. 2,7,18,23,27 © Henson Associates, Inc. 1971. KERMIT and MUPPETS are trademarks of Henson Associates, Inc. The IVuth About Alex HBO Family Playhouse A high schooler learns that his best friend is gay. For teen and adult audiences. :50. Sept. 1,12,16,20,25,30 A A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich A black family struggles with their 13-year-old son's addiction to drugs. Cicely Tyson, Paul Winfield. Adult situations, strong language, PG-1:47. Sept. 4,9,19,29 6 SEABERT Agnes of God JANE FONDA MEG TILLY An acclaimed adaptation of the award-winning Broadway play. Jane Fonda plays a psychiatrist investigating the case of a newborn baby found dead in a convent, (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:39, Sept. 1,5,10,18,23 (CC) A A new episode every Sunday morning right after FRAGGLE ROCK™! THE LAND OF THE MAYAS Who is capturing valuable birds in Guatemala? A boy asks Tommy, Aura and Seabert to find out, :24. Sept. 6,8,11 MONKEY BUSINESS With help from our heroes, gorillas in Africa make problems for poachers. :24. Sept. 13,15,18 BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE Tommy, Aura and Seabert try to find out why all the trees have been cut down in a rain forest. :24. Sept. 20,22,25 DEADLY PLANS When Seabert eats a poisoned fish, Tommy discovers a dangerous factory nearby that causes pollution. :24. Sept. 27,29 See a different episode Sunday through Friday mornings! The Slugger's Wife REBECCA DeMORNAY MICHAEL O'KEEFE A bittersweet romantic comedy from Neil Simon. Michael O'Keefe is an Atlanta Braves player who turns into a home run king when he falls in love with a rock singer. (AS,AL) PG-13; 1:44. September 27,30 (CC) A Fast Forward New York's mean streets are no match for eight kids from a Sandusky, Ohio, dance group who hit town with nothing but brains, looks and talent! A sassy barrage of music, comedy and great dance routines. (AL.MV) PG-1:51. September 14, 17,20,23,26,29 (CC) A 7

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 006

SEPTEMBER 6-11 SUN SEP 6 MON SEP 7 TUE SEP 8 6:30 am TRENCHCOAT p.19 6:00 am MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE p. 5 6:30 am THE VELVETEEN RABBIT p. 6 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK (.25) 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:00 SEABERT "The Land 8:30 SEABERT "Land/Mayas" p. 7 "The Challenge" (:25) of the Mayas" p. 7 9:00 SEARCH OF GOLDEN SKY p. 6 8:00 OLD ENOUGH p.18 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 10:30 ANOTHER WOMAN'S 9:30 PLAYERS p.19 ”1 Don't Care" (:25) CHILD p.18 11:30 GODS MUST BE CRAZY p.18 8 00 MORONS FROM OUTER 12:30 pm THE SURVIVAL SERIES p. 6 1:30 pm THE GIG p.18 SPACE p. 5 1:30 MAXIE p. 22 3:00 MAN WITH ONE RED 9:30 VICTORY p 22 3:30 RUNNING BRAVE p.19 SHOE p. 5 11:30 BEHIND THE SCENES p. 22 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "We Love 4:30 BRONCO BILLY p 18 12:00 1, DESIRE p.18 You Wembley" (:25) 6:30 THE FROG PRINCE p. 6 2:00 pm A TEST OF LOVE p.18 6:00 SPHINX p. 22 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 3:30 THE VELVETEEN RABBIT p. 6 8:00 Sunday Night Movie "The Challenge" (:25) 4:00 ELMCHANTED FOREST p. 6 F/X p.19 8:00 GODS MUST BE CRAZY p.18 5:30 BEHIND THE SCENES p. 22 10:00 HBO SHOWCASE: VIETNAM 10:00 WARNING: FOOD MAY BE 6:00 TRIBUTE p. 22 WAR STORY "The Mine" p. 8 HAZARDOUS TO YOUR 8:00 VICTORY p. 22 10:30 1ST& TEN "Open End HEALTH p.17 10:00 HBO SHOWCASE: VIETNAM Around" p. 8 10:30 BORN AMERICAN p. 20 WAR STORY "The Pass" p. 8 11:00 KRUSH GROOVE p. 20 12:20 am A BREED APART p.18 10:30 ON LOCATION: 12:35 am THE PROTECTOR p. 22 1:55 THUNDER ALLEY p. 22 JERRY SEINFELD p. 5 2:15 THE STUFF (R-l:27) 3:40 BRONCO BILLY p.18 11:30 GETTING EVEN (R-l:30) 3:45 THE AWAKENING p. 22 5:45 WARNING: FOOD MAY BE 1:05 am PRAY FOR DEATH p. 4 5:30 1ST & TEN "Open End HAZARDOUS TO YOUR 2:45 SLEEPAWAY CAMP p. 22 Around" p. 8 HEALTH p.17 4:15 RE-ANIMATOR p. 22 WED SEP 9 THU SEP 10 FRI SEP 11 6:00 am IN SEARCH OF 6:00 am SOUPMAN p. 6 6:30 am PADDINGTON/SCHOOL p. 6 A GOLDEN SKY p. 6 6 30 GREAT LOVE EXPERIMENT p 6 7:00 SEABERT "Land/Mayas"p. 7 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) "Capture the Moon" (:25) "Marooned" (:25) 8 00 TRIBUTE p. 22 8:00 BIRCH INTERVAL p.18 8:00 RAPPIN' p. 22 10:00 MAXIE p. 22 10:00 THE MOVIE MAKERS p. 22 9 30 YELLOWBEARD p.19 12:00 SPHINX p. 22 10:30 TRENCHCOAT p.19 11:00 HOW TO RAISE A 2:00 pm THE SURVIVAL SERIES p. 6 12:00 RIGHT OF WAY p.18 STREET-SMART CHILD p. 5 3:00 PLAYERS p.19 2:00 pm REMO WILLIAMS p. 4 12:00 ANOTHER WOMAN'S 5:00 PADDINGTON/SCHOOL p. 6 4:00 GIRL ON THE EDGE CHILD p.18 5:30 GODS MUST BE CRAZY p.18 OF TOWN p. 6 2:00 pm LEGAL EAGLES p 13 7:30 WARNING: FOOD MAY BE 4:30 IN SEARCH OF 4:00 SOUPMAN p. 6 HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p.17 A GOLDEN SKY p. 6 4:30 AGNES OF GOD p. 7 8:00 Double Feature Friday 6:00 A HERO AIN'T NOTHIN' 6:30 HOW TO RAISE A BORN AMERICAN p. 20 BUT A SANDWICH p. 6 STREET-SMART CHILD p. 5 10:00 THE ROAD WARRIOR p.19 8:00 THE PARK IS MINE p. 5 7:30 RAPPIN' p. 22 11:35 1ST & TEN "The Bulls 10:00 1ST & TEN: GOING 9:00 THE AWAKENING p. 22 Change Hands" p. 8 FOR BROKE "The Bulls 11:00 HBO SHOWCASE: VIETNAM 12:05 am RE-ANIMATOR p. 22 Change Hands" p. 8 WAR STORY "The Pass" p. 8 1:35 KRUSH GROOVE p. 20 10:30 JAGGED EDGE p.14 11:30 LEGAL EAGLES p.13 3:10 WARNING: FOOD MAY BE 12:25 am THE STUFF (R-l 27) 1:30 am ARMED RESPONSE p. 21 HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p.17 1:55 A BREED APART p.18 3:05 NIGHTS IN WHITE 3:40 GETTING EVEN (R-l:30) 3:30 REMO WILLIAMS p. 4 SATIN p. 22 5:15 1ST & TEN “The Bulls 5:30 THE MOVIE MAKERS p. 22 4:45 THE AWAKENING p. 22 Change Hands" p. 8 10 SEPTEMBER 12-15 SAT SEP 12 6:00 am LUCAS (PG-13; 1 40) 8:00 CYNDI LAUPER IN PARIS (: 57) 9:00 THE MANHATTAN PROJECT (PG-13; 1:58) 11:00 RETURN OF JEDI (PG-2:12) 1:30 pm WELCOME HOME ENCORE (1:30) 3:00 AMERICAN ANTHEM (PG-13; 1:42) 5:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p 6 6:00 SPACECAMP (PG-1 47) 8:00 BACK TO THE FUTURE (PG-1 56) 10:00 Super Saturdays! Super Stand-Ups! ON LOCATION: AN EVENING WITH ALAN KING AT CARNEGIE HALL (:59) 11:15 NOTHING IN COMMON p 4 1:20 am RUNNING SCARED (R-l :47) 3:10 ON LOCATION: UPTOWN COMEDY EXPRESS (: 56) 4:10 BAND OF THE HAND (R-l:50) MON SEP 14 6:10 am GREAT LOVE EXPERIMENT p. 6 7:00 PADDINGTON GOES TO SCHOOL p 6 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Garden Plot" (:25) 8:00 MUSSOLINI: DECLINE/FALL OF IL DUCE (Part 1) p. 4 10:00 VICTORY p 22 12:00 FAST FORWARD p 7 2:00 pm YELLOWBEARD p.19 3:30 MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE p. 5 5:00 GREAT LOVE EXPERIMENT p. 6 6:00 TRENCHCOAT p.19 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Garden Plot" (:25) 8:00 FAST FORWARD p. 7 10:00 JO JO DANCER, YOUR LIFE IS CALLING p 8 11:40 ON LOCATION: JERRY SEINFELD p. 5 12:45 am ARMED RESPONSE p 21 2:20 SLEEPAWAY CAMP p. 22 3:50 THE VINDICATOR p. 22 DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAYS ON HBO REVENGE! SEPTEMBER 4 ♦ Armed Response ♦ Pray for Death ACTION PACK SEPTEMBER 11 ♦ Born American ♦ The Road Warrior COURT'S IN SESSION SEPTEMBER 18 ♦ Jagged Edge ♦ Legal Eagles NIGHT-LIGHT THEATER SEPTEMBER 25 ♦ Night of the Creeps ♦ The Fly I .....I SUN SEP 13 6:05 am 8:00 8:30 9:00 11:00 11:30 12:30 pm 2:30 4:15 6:15 8:00 10:00 11:15 1:35 am 3:30 4:00 5:40 JAKE SPEED (PG-1 45) FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) SEABERT p. 7

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 005

Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life Is Calling RICHARD PRYOR DEBBIE ALLEN His comic talent made Richard Pryor a superstar, but his own life isn't all laughs. Neither is this autobiographical comedy/ drama, written and directed by Pryor himself. As Jo Jo Dancer, Pryor looks back on a life that started in a bordello and almost ended in well-publicized tragedy (AL,N,V) R-1:37. September 14,19,24,29 (CC) A 1st & Ten: Going for Broke DELTA BURKE O.J. SIMPSON A gritty, realistic comedy about football the way it really is. (AS,AL) (CC) A OPEN END AROUND Will Yinessa rejoin the team? Schrader may lose his controlling interest in the Bulls, :30. September 2,4,6 THE BULLS CHANGE HANDS Schrader flees the country to dodge jail, Who controls the Bulls now? :30. September 9,11,13,15 HBQSHOWM Three extraordinary stories of ordinary soldiers whose lives were changed forever by Vietnam. THE MINE A soldier is tortured by guilt over the deaths of four of his buddies. (AS,AL) :30, Sept. 1,3,6 (CC) A THE PASS A combat-weary soldier and a gung-ho advisor learn that even at Mama-San's "Chicago Club" there's no escape from war. (AS,AL) :30. Sept. 8,10,13 (CC) A HOME Three wounded soldiers at a veterans' hospital learn that being back in "the world" doesn't mean that the war is behind you. (AS.AL) :30. Sept. 15,17,20 (CC) A 8 TUESEP l 7:00 am SEABERT "Panda-monium" p. 7 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Lost Treasure of the Froggies" (:25) 8:00 SAVING GRACE (PG-l:52) 10:00 AGNES OF GOD p. 7 12:00 LEGAL EAGLES p 13 2:00 pm RIGHT OF WAY p 18 4:00 SURVIVAL SERIES "Killers of the Plains" p. 6 5:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: THE TRUTH ABOUT ALEX p.6 6:00 MAXIE p. 22 8:00 LEGAL EAGLES p 13 10:00 HBO SHOWCASE: VIETNAM WAR STORY "The Mine" p. 8 10:30 AGNES OF GOD p. 7 12:15 am BRONCO BILLY p 18 2:15 JAGGED EDGE p 14 4:10 THE PROTECTOR p 22 5:50 HBO SHOWCASE: VIETNAM WAR STORY "The Mine" p 8 SUPER SATURDAYS! SUPER STAND-UPS! SEPTEMBER 1-5 Great Comedy Every Saturday Night! Cl JERRY SEINFELD— STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL September 5 A AN EVENING WITH m ALAN KING AT CARNEGIE HALL Septembers n fHE R0SEANNE BARR ^ SHOW September 19 n HBO COMEDY HOUR: HOWIE MANDEL September 26 WED SEP 2 6:30 7:30 8:00 9:30 10:00 12:00 2:00 4:00 5:30 6:30 8:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 12:15 1:50 3:50 5:25 am THE FROG PRINCE p. 6 FRAGGLE ROCK “Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk?" (:24) YELLOWBEARD p 19 BEHIND THE SCENES p. 22 PLAYERS p 19 MUSSOLINI: THE DECLINE AND FALL OF IL DUCE (Part 1) p. 4 pm VICTORY p. 22 MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE p. 5 THE FROG PRINCE p. 6 MORONS FROM OUTER SPACE p 5 KRUSH GROOVE p. 20 BEHIND THE SCENES p 22 1ST & TEN "Open End Around" p. 8 THUNDER ALLEY p. 22 am MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE p. 5 VICTORY p. 22 KRUSH GROOVE p. 20 1ST & TEN "Open End Around" p. 8 THU SEP 3 6:00 am IN SEARCH OF A GOLDEN SKY p. 6 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Catch the Tail by the Tiger" (:24) 8:00 SPHINX p. 22 10:00 I, DESIRE p.18 12:00 MUSSOLINI THE DECLINE AND FALL OF IL DUCE (Part 2) p. 4 1:30 pm GODS MUST BE CRAZY p 18 3:30 GIRL ON THE EDGE OF TOWN p. 6 4:00 IN SEARCH OF A GOLDEN SKY p. 6 5:30 THE GIG p 18 7:00 SPHINX p 22 9:00 A BREED APART p 18 10:30 HBO SHOWCASE: VIETNAM WAR STORY "The Mine" p. 8 11:00 GODS MUST BE CRAZY p 18 12:55 am THE STUFF (R-l 27) 2:25 THE VINDICATOR p. 22 4:00 RE-ANIMATOR p. 22 5:30 A BREED APART p 18 FRI SEP 4 7:05 am SEABERT “Panda-monium" p. 7 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Finger of Light" (:25) 8:00 MR LOVE p.19 9:30 HOW TO RAISE A STREET-SMART CHILD p. 5 10:30 RAPPIN' p. 22 12:00 A HERO AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT A SANDWICH p. 6 2:00 pm DREAMCHILD p 19 3:30 SAVING GRACE (PG-l: 52) 5:30 SOUPMAN p 6 6:00 NOTHING IN COMMON p. 4 8:00 WILD GEESE II p 22 10:00 Double Feature Friday ARMED RESPONSE p. 21 11:35 PRAY FOR DEATH p 4 1:15 am 1ST & TEN: GOING FOR BROKE "Open End Around" p. 8 1:45 NOTHING IN COMMON p 4 3:50 SLEEPAWAY CAMP p. 22 5:20 ALMOST YOU p. 22 SAT SEP 5 7:00 am 8:30 10:30 12:30 pm 2:30 4:00 6:00 8:00 10:00 11:00 1:00 am 2:25 4:00 5:45 THE ELMCHANTED FORESTp 6 REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS p. 4 LEGAL EAGLES p 13 BIRCH INTERVAL p 18 A TEST OF LOVE p 18 TRIBUTE p 22 AGNES OF GOD p. 7 LEGAL EAGLES p 13 Super Saturdays! Super Stand-Upsf ON LOCATION JERRY SEINFELD—STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL p. 5 REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS p. 4 TORMENT p. 22 GETTING EVEN (R-l:30) THE PARK IS MINE p 5 BEHIND THE SCENES p. 22 3E/4P 9

HBO Guide September 1987 - Page section : 012

Quicksilver Kevin Bacon stars as a stockbroker who takes a fall and hits the streets as a bicycle messenger. (AL.V) PG-1:46. Sept. 13,16,26 (CC) A TVibute Jack Lemmon stars as a Broadway press agent who finds there is more to being a father than just having a son. (AS.AL.N) PG-1:59. Sept. 5,8,11,24,30 Victory In this action-packed WWII adventure, POWs take on Nazis in a high-stakes soccer match. Sylvester Stallone. (ALV) PG-1:56. Sept. 2,8,14,19,25 The Movie Makers Meet composer Jerry Goldsmith, film editor Sheldon Kahn (Legal Eagles), stunt man Buddy Lee Hooker. :27. September 9,15,18,22,30 The Awakening An ancient evil is reborn when Charlton Heston finds the lost crypt of an Egyptian queen. (AL.GV) R-1:40. Sept. 6,10,19,23 A Behind the Scenes What's going on in the ever-changing world of show business? This interview show looks at who's in the spotlight right now. :30. September 2,5,8,17,21,25 22 ■HBO LATE HI! Nights in White Satin Romantic drama with music by Pat Benatar, The Thompson Twins. (AS.AL) 1:36. Sept. 10,15,19,23 Torment Two women struggle to protect themselves from a homicidal maniac. (AL.GV) R-1:23. September 5,17,21,29 The Vindicator The Frankenstein legend is updated in this ingenious horror flick. (AL.V.N) R-1:29. Sept. 3,14,22,30 (CC) The Protector Jackie Chan is a cop with his own method of enforcing the law. (AL,GV,N) R-1:34. Sept. 1,6,25,30 (CC) Re-Animator This might be the deadliest and funniest mad scientist chiller ever made! (AL.GV,N) 1:26. September 3,8,11,24,28 Sleepaway Camp The campfire stories can't beat the real murders happening at this camp! (AL, GV) R-1:25. Sept. 4,8,14,25 Thunder Alley An aspiring rock star is caught in the fast rhythms of the music world. With Leif Garrett. (AL,N) R-1:41. September 2,7,24,29 A Sphinx A murder takes Lesley-Anne Down on a perilous search among the treasures of ancient Egypt. (AS.AL.V) PG-1:57. Sept. 3,6,11,16,22,26 A Rappin’ Mario Van Peebles tangles with street gangs and greedy landlords in this hip, zesty drama. (AS,AL,MV) PG-1:32. Sept. 4,10,15,23,27 A Maxie Glenn Close stars in this comedy as a prim secretary possessed by the spirit of a raucous '20s flapper. (AS.AL) PG-1:38. Sept. 1,6,11,16,21,24 A Almost You A couple come to grips with the failure of their expectations in this bittersweet romantic comedy. (AL,N) R-1:37. September 4,16,22 (CC) Wild Geese II The world's most daring mercenaries are back in action to spring a Nazi war criminal from Berlin's Span-dau prison. (AL.V) R-1:51. Sept. 4,15,23,26 (CC) COMING IN OCTOBER. HBO Showcase Intimate Contact CLAIRE DANIEL BLOOM MASSEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Heavyweight Title Fight MIKE TYSON vs. TYRELL BIGGS. HBO Pictures The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains VAL KILMER CHARLES DURNING

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