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HBO Guide September 1984 - Page section : 002

There’s No Place Like HBO" Airplane II_____________Pg. 7 Bill Cosby “Himself"________ 7 The Blood of Others_________ 4 Breathless _________________ 5 The Bunker__________________ 8 J A Cry for Love________________22 ■ Cujo _________________________21 Curse of the Pink Panther _____________23 V Deal of the Century___________ 9 Eddie Macon’s Run___________ 6 Endless Love________________ 5 The Final Option____________22 French Postcards____________10 Gandhi _____________________12 King of the Mountain________14 Krull ______________________21 Last Plane Out _____________ 9 The Lonely Lady_____________22 Monsignor __________________14 My Favorite Year____________14 National Lampoon’s Animal House______________ 7 Night of the Juggler________22 North Dallas Forty__________14 Private School______________10 Romantic Comedy_____________10 1 Sakharov______________________13 Slapstick of Another Kind _____________23 Spacehunter ________________21 d The Star Chamber______________22 Strange Invaders ___________21 A Streetcar Named Desire______________ 5 Summer Solstice ____________23 They Call Me Bruce _________23 Under Fire _________________15 The Verdict_________________14 The World According to Garp___________________11 Zapped! ____________________ 7 Bette Midler ___________Pg. 6 The Everly Brothers_________6 HBO Comedy Playhouse: Best Legs in the Eighth Grade 15 HBO Coming Attractions 8 The Investigators Crusading Reporters nf the Air 16 The Joe Piscopo Special 16 Missing Persons Four True Stories 9 The Nightmare of Cocaine 9 Not Necessarily the News 17 Remember When: It’ll Never Fly 20 On the Air 20 Way Out West .20 Wheels, Wings & Whistles 20 Robert Klein Child of the 50s— Man of the 80s 16 Video Jukebox _ 7 Animalympics . Sept. 1 Bill Cosby “Himself” Sept. 14 National Lampoon’s Animal House _ _ Sept. 21 Now and Forever _ _ Sept. 3 Porky’s II Sept. 4 Six Weeks Sept. 3 I Jnder Fire Sept. 30 Zapped! Sept. 28 All Summer in a Day_____Pg. 19 Fraggle Rock__________________11 G’Ole! The World Cup Challenge _____________19 HBO Family Playhouse: A Single Light_____________19 Lost in Death Valley__________19 National Geo. Specials: The Incredible Machine _________________18 Gorilla ___________________18 The Great Whales___________18 Reptiles & Amphibians_______________18 Oliver Twist__________________18 Peter No Tail ________________19 Stanley, the Ugly Duckling __________________19 The Water Babies______________19 The Wild Pony_________________19 Inside the NFL ____________Pg. 6 Cover Photo: Dejean/Sygma The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Ule Bidg . Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. Michael Fuchs. President; Curtis 6. Viebranz, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless. Secretary. © 1984 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. (CC) Indicates programs that are closed-captioned. * In most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide. ARE YOU MOVING Remember, HBO is available in thousands of communities across the country- Make arrangements now for a hookup in your new home, so your family can continue to enjoy great entertainment on cable.

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Home Box Office® September 1984 Romantic Comedy Deal of the Century On Location: Joe Piscopo HBOnly! Academy Award Winner Gandhi Best Picture %

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HB0 September Edition P-17 1:30 REMEMBER WHEN p 20 2:30 FAVORITE YEAR (PG) p 14 4:00 A CRY FOR LOVE p 22 SUNDAY, SEPT. 2 6:30 am KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG)p.14 8:00 GANDHI (PG) p. 12 (CC) 11 30 FRAGGLE ROCK “All Work and All Play” p. 11 12:00 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL REPTILES/AMPHIBIANS p. 18 1:00 pm CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG) p.23 3:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.21 4:30 THEY CALL ME BRUCE (PG) p.23 MONDAY, SEPT. 3 6:00 am PETER NO TAIL p 19 7:30 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY p 19 8:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 8:30 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND (PG) p 23 10:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY (PG)p.10 12:00 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p 4 3:00 pm MISSING PERSONS p.9 4:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: A SINGLE LIGHT p. 19 5:00 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY p. 19 TUESDAY, SEPT. 4 6:30 am OLIVER TWIST p 18 8:00 THEY CALL ME BRUCE (PG) p 23 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p 17 10:00 THE BUNKER p 8 12:30 pm REMEMBER WHEN Way Out West p 20 1:30 G OLtl THE WORLD CUP p 19 3:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition P-17 4:00 OLIVER TWIST p 18 6:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 6:30 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.21 (CC) 8:00 BREATHLESS (R)p.5 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p.17 10:30 FAVORITE YEAR (PG) p. 14 12:00 MONSIGNOR (R) p. 14 2:00 am STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.21 (CC) 3:35 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 4:05 BREATHLESS (R)p.5 5:50 NOT THE NEWS Sept. p. 17 6:00 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG)p.14 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “All Work and All Play'* p. 11 8:00 GANDHI (PG)p 12 (CC) 11:30 ROBERT KLEIN p 16 12:35 am CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG) p.23 2:30 SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE (PG) p.21 4:10 THE LONELY LADY (R) p.22 5:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 6:00 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND (PG) p.23 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sir Hubris and the Gorgs"p 11 8:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY (PG)p.10 10:00 SIX WEEKS (PG-1 47) 12:00 MISSING PERSONS p 9 1:05 am NOW AND FOREVER (R-1 32) 2:45 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p 4 5:50 HBO COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 5:30 THEY CALL ME BRUCE (PG)p23 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN Way Out West p 20 8:00 THE BUNKER p 8 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p 17 11:00 BETTE MIDLER p 6 12:05 am THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.22 1:55 ROBERT KLEIN p 16 3:00 THEY CALL ME BRUCE (PG) p 23 4:35 PORKY'S II (R-1:38) The Blood of Others Jodie Foster Michael Ontkean Caught in the turmoil of WWII, two star-crossed lovers face overwhelming odds to keep their romance from shattering. Director Claude Chabrol vividly recreates 1940s Paris in this powerful drama. Adult situations and language, mild violence. (2:56) Sept. 3,7,12,16,20 Dudley Duo September 3 Dudley Moore in Romantic Comedy (p. 10) and Six Weeks (adult situations,language.PG-1 :47). 4 JUI schadulas art in Daylight Savings Tima. A Streetcar Named Desire Marlon Brando Vivien Leigh Kim Hunter Karl Malden Brando explodes on the screen in the role that made him a Broadway star. As Stanley Kowalski, he brings to life all the passion and poignancy of Tennessee Williams’ masterpiece. Adult situations, mild violence. (B/W; PG-1:57) Sept. 10,13,18,21,26,29 Richard Gere A sizzling performance by Richard Gere drives this high-powered drama of a street-smart car thief on the run from the law. Torrid romantic encounters and violent action punctuate the story as the loner risks his life to pursue a beautiful French student (Valerie Kaprisky) who finds him alternately terrifying and irresistible. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:40) Sept. 1,6,11,14,19,24 Brooke Shields Endless Love She is 15; he is 17. Their love is so strong, so consuming, that it leaves no one around them untouched. Brooke Shields stars in a contemporary drama about an obsessive, tragic love. Martin Hewitt plays her lover. Adult language, brief nudity. (R-1:55) Sept. 17,21,25,29 5

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Eddie Macon's Run Kirk Douglas Time is running out for a con whose prison break leads to a grueling manhunt, led by tough cop Kirk Douglas. Here's a chance to see a movie that HBO highly recommends. Adult language, brief nudity, violence, rape. (PG-1:31) Sept. 15,18,20,23,26 Inside the NFL Huddle with pros Len Dawson and Nick Buoniconti for expert analysis, predictions, interviews and weekly highlights of every game. And watch for the unique NFL Chalk Talk segment. Featuring SUPER POLL TO THE SUPER BOWL. Sept. 1; 6,7,8; 13,14,15; 20,21,22; 27,28,29 Standing Room Only: Bette Midler-Art or Bust! Bette breaks loose and I she's at her bawdy best in this all-new HBO special filled with comedy and music. Sept. 4,7 The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert The Everly Brothers make musical history in this triumphant concert. After a ten-year separation, Phil and Don Everly are back together again, performing the songs that have made them legendary forces in rock’n’roll. Highlights include "Bye, Bye Love” and “Wake Up, Little Susie.” (:58) Sept. 5,8,10,14,18,23 6 Friday Night Comedies Airplane H: The Sequel Fasten your seat belts for a wild ride to the moon! Robert Hays stars. Adult language, humor; brief nudity. (PG-1.24) Friday Sept. 7 and also Sept. 10,16,19,22,25,28 Bill Cosby 'Himself" The popular funnyman finds humor in everyday life. Adult language, humor. (PG-1:44) Sept. 14 NationalLampoon's Animal House John Belushi in outrageous frat house antics. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:48) September 21 Zapped! A whiz kid accidentally develops odd telekinetic powers. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:38) Sept. 28 Video Jukebox Nonstop music videos with top performers like Miles Davis. Sept. 6,9, 11,13; 15,20,24,30 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 5 6:30 am NAT! GEO: REPTILES & AMPHIBIANS p. 18 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sir Hubris and the Gorgs" p. 11 8:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG) p.23 10:00 GANDHI (PG) p.12 (CC) 1:30 pm THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 2:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 3:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.21 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs” p. 11 THURSDAY, SEPT. 6 6:00 am THE WILD PONY p.19 7:30 STANLEY.THE UGLY DUCKLING p 19 8:00 MY FAVORITE YEAR (PG)p.14 9:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 7 10:00 A CRY FOR LOVE p.22 12:00 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG)p.14 1:30 pm SUMMER SOLSTICE p 23 2:30 MY FAVORITE YEAR (PG) p. 14 FRIDAY, SEPT. 7 6:30 am LOST IN DEATH VALLEY p.19 7:30 AIRPLANE II (PG)p.7 9:00 MISSING PERSONS Four True Stories p 9 10:00 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p 4 1:00 pm STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.21 (CC) 2:30 ROMANTIC COMEDY (PG) p. 10 4:30 LOST IN DEATH VALLEY p 19 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sir Hubris and the Gorgs" p. 11 SATURDAY, SEPT. 8 6:00 am SPACEHUNTER (PG) p 21 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Sir Hubris and the Gorgs” p. 11 8:00 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY p. 19 8:30 FRENCH POSTCARDS (PG) p. 10 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 11.00 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND (PG) p.23 12:30 pm REMEMBER WHEN p.20 1:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS #10 p 17 5:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPECIAL: REPTILES AND AMPHIBIANS p 18 6:00 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG) p.23 8:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p 6 9:00 GANDHI (PG) p. 12 (CC) 12:20 am COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 12:50 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.21 2:25 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p 6 3:25 CURSE OF THE PINK PANTHER (PG) p.23 5:20 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 4:00 STANLEY.THE UGLY DUCKLING p 19 4:30 THE WILD PONY p. 19 6:00 A CRY FOR LOVE p 22 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 9:00 NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER (R) p.22 11:00 THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP (R)p 11 1:25 am BREATHLESS (R) p.5 3:10 THE LONELY LADY (R) p.22 4:45 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG) p. 14 6:00 REMEMBER WHEN Way Out West p.20 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 6 8:00 AIRPLANE It (PG)p.7 9:30 THE VERDICT (R) p. 14 11:45 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p. 17 12:15 am ROMANTIC COMEDY (PG) p.10 2:05 INSIDE THE NFL p 6 3:10 STRANGE INVADERS (PG) p.21 (CC) 4:45 BETTE MIDLER p 6 2:00 GANDHI (PG) p. 12 (CC) 5:30 SPACEHUNTER (PG)p 21 7:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p 6 8:00 CUJ0(R)p.21 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS #10 p. 17 10:00 FRENCH POSTCARDS (PG) p. 10 11:35 ROBERT KLEIN p. 16 12:40 am GANDHI(PG)p.12(CC) 4:00 THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.22 5:50 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS #10 p 17 7

HBO Guide September 1984 - Page section : 005

SUNDAY, SEPT. 9 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sir Hubris 6:30 am SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 and the Gorgs" p. 11 7:30 LAST PLANE OUT (PG)p 9 8:00 DEAL OF THE CENTURY 9:30 DEAL OF THE CENTURY (PG) p.9 (PG) p.9 10:00 THE NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sir Hubris p.9 andtheGorgs”p.11 11:00 THE INVESTIGATORS 12:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: THE GREAT WHALES p.18 Crusading Reporters ol the Air p.16 1.00 pm A CRY FOR LOVE p 22 11:30 LAST PLANE OUT (PG)p 9 3:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 7 1:15 am MONSIGNOR (R) p. 14 3:30 LAST PLANE OUT (PG)p 9 3:20 A CRY FOR LOVE p. 22 5:30 G’OLEI THE WORLD CUP p.19 5:05 SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 MONDAY, SEPT. 10 5:30 STANLEY, THE UGLY 6:00 am THE WATER BABIES p.19 DUCKLING p, 19 7:30 STANLEY .THE UGLY 6:00 AIRPLANE II (PG) p.7 FRAGGLE “FRIEND" p. 11 DUCKLING p.19 7:30 8:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 8:00 STREETCAR/DESIRE (PG) p.5 8:30 AIRPLANE II (PG)p 7 10:00 FAVORITE YEAR (PG)p 14 10:00 FAVORITE YEAR (PG) p. 14 11:35 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 11:30 FRENCH POSTCARDS 12:05 am THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 (PG) p. 10 1:10 FRENCH POSTCARDS 1:00 pm NOT THE NEWS Sept. p 17 (PG) p.10 1:30 KING/MOUNTAIN (PG) p. 14 2:45 THE VERDICT (R) p. 14 3:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS P 6 5:00 NOT THE NEWS Sept. p. 17 4:00 THE WATER BABIES p.19 5:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 TUESDAY, SEPT. 11 5:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 7:00 am PETER NO TAIL p.19 A SINGLE LIGHT p.19 8:30 NAT. GEO. SPECIAL REPTILES/AMPHIBIANS p. 18 6:30 SPACEHUNTER: ADVENTURES IN THE FORBIDDEN ZONE 9:30 VIOEO JUKEBOX p7 (PG)p.21 10:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p 21 8:00 BREATHLESS (R) p.5 11:30 ROMANTIC COMEDY 10:00 CUJO (R) p 21 (PG) p. 10 11:35 ROMANTIC COMEDY 1:30 pm REMEMBER WHEN (PG)p.10 On the Air p.20 1:25 am SPACEHUNTER (PG) p.21 2:30 STRANGE INVADERS 3:00 BREATHLESS (R) p.5 (PG) p.21 (CC) 4:45 REMEMBER WHEN 4:00 PETER NO TAIL p.19 On the Air p.20 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 12 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:00 am NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: “A Friend In Need”p.11 THE GREAT WHALES p.18 4:30 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: 7:00 FRAGGLE ROCK THE GREAT WHALES p.18 “A Friend in Need” p. 11 5:30 A CRY FOR LOVE p.22 7:30 THE BUNKER p.8 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 10:00 DEAL OF THE CENTURY 8:00 MONSIGNOR (R) p. 14 (PG) p.9 10:00 NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER 12:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 (R)p.22 12:30 pm THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.4 11:45 DEAL OF CENTURY (PG)p 9 3:30 THE INVESTIGATORS 1:30 am THE STAR CHAMBER (R) p.22 Crusading Reporters 3:20 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 of the Air p.16 3:55 THE BUNKER p 8 The Bunker Anthony Hopkins The final dark days of Germany's Third Reich are recreated in startling detail in this realistic drama. Anthony Hopkins won an Emmy for his superb performance as Adolf Hitler, descending into madness in his underground bunker. Cliff Gorman and Piper Laurie co-star. Adult situations, mild violence. (2:28) September 4,12,16,18,20,28 ■bWK'!2 Exciting film clips tell you about HBO’s upcoming movies, sports and specials, this month and next. Two separate shows. September highlights: September 1,3,5 October highlights: September 25,27,29,30 Plus a Special Edition featuring HBO Premiere Films Don’t miss this month's special edition featuring the stars of upcoming HBO Premiere Films. Sept. 10,12,14,16,18,20,22 8 DEAL Chevy Sigourney Chase THE Weaver CENTURY You’ve got a friend in the military arms business—and his name is Chevy Chase! The comedy star slips into wacky satire as a fighter-jet peddler with a shot at the deal of the century. But before he can foist his shoddy goods off on a hapless dictator, he has to contend with the quirks of girlfriend Sigourney Weaver. Adult situations, language, humor; violence. (PG-1:39) Sept. 9,12,15,20,24 The Nightmare of COCAIflE It’s a $50-billion-a-year business and an estimated 25 million Americans have tried it at least once. What is cocaine? A drug for the rich and famous? A non-addictive high? This hard-hitting documentary shatters myths about "the drug of the ’80s.” True stories include the experiences of a basketball super-star, an auto factory worker and a psychiatrist. Sept. 9,13,17,21,25 Missing Persons: Four True Stories Every year thousands of adults vanish without a trace. Why are these people missing, and how did they disappear? This intriguing HBO documentary reveals four true stories. September 3,7 Jan-Michael Vincent Last Plane Out An American TV reporter battles the odds to get his story as Nicaragua is swept by revolution. Jan-Michael Vincent stars as the journalist trapped by political upheaval and his love for a native woman. Adult language, mild violence. (PG-1:37) Sept. 9,13,17,21,25,29

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Comic Pursuits Dudley Moore Mary Steenburgen Romantic Comedy When a witty New York playwright collaborates with a small-town teacher, can romance be far behind? Dudley Moore and Mary Steenburgen (Cross Creek) are the writing partners who try to avoid the inevitable entanglement while turning out hit after hit. A lively film version of the Broadway comedy. Adult situations, language, humor. (PG-1:43) September 3,7,11,15,19,23,25 Phoebe Cates Sylvia Kristel Private School Cherryvale Academy may be private, but the girls’ shower room certainly isn't in this lusty teen romp. Phoebe Cates (Gremlins) is a gorgeous "good" girl who's in danger of losing her boyfriend to the school siren. Sylvia Kristel (Emmanuelle), as a dizzy sex education teacher, and Martin Mull (Mr. Mom) co-star. Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:25) September 22,25,28 Marie-France Pisier Debra Winger The less these American students study in Paris, the more they learn— about love! Adult situations and language, brief nudity. (PG-1:31) Sept. 8,10,14,18,22,26,30 FRAGGLE ROCK and Character Names are trademarks of Henson Associates. Inc. FRAGGLE Characters © 1983 Henson Associates. Inc All Work and All Play: Cotterpin Doozer joins the work force. Sept. 1,2 Sir Hubris and the Gorgs: Can Gobo get rid of the Gorgs? Sept. 3,5,7,8,9 A Friend in Need: Sprocket gets caught in a Fraggle hole. Sept. 10,12,14,15,16 The Wizard of Fraggle Rock: Wembley ia\\s under a magician's spell. Sept. 17,19,21,22,23 The Doozer Contest: Doozers and Fraggles in a building competition. Sept. 24,26,28,29,30 The World According to Garp Robin Williams A young writer tries to steer his own path through life. Glenn Close and John Lith-gow co-star. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-2:16) Sept. 6,15,19,23,28 THURSDAY, SEPT. 13 4:00 G’OLfcl THE WORLD CUP 6:30 am THE WATER BABIES p. 19 CHALLENGE p 19 8:00 G'OLEI THE WORLD CUP CHALLENGE p 19 6:00 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (PG) p.5 10:00 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 (PG) p.5 9:00 LAST PLANE OUT (PG) p.9 12:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS September Edition p.17 11:00 THE NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p 9 12:30 pm LAST PLANE OUT 12:05 am THE VERDICT (R)p 14 (PG)p9 2:20 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE 2:30 THE NIGHTMARE (PG) p.5 OF COCAINE p 9 4:25 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER 3:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 7 KIND (PG) p.23 FRIDAY, SEPT. 14 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:00 am NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC: “A Friend in Need" p. 11 THE GREAT WHALES p. 18 6:00 REMEMBER WHEN 7:00 MY FAVORITE YEAR On the Air p.20 (PG)p.14 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 6 8:30 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 8:00 BILL COSBY (PG) p.7 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 10:00 NORTH DALLAS 40 (R)p.14 10:00 BILL COSBY (PG) p.7 12:00 BREATHLESS (R) p.5 12:00 SPACEHUNTER (PG) p 21 1:45 am COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 1:30 pm FRENCH POSTCARDS 2:15 INSIDE THE NFLp6 (PG)p.10 3:15 NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER 3:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 (R) p.22 4:00 OLIVER TWIST p 18 5:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 SATURDAY, SEPT. 15 5:30 ROMANTIC COMEDY 6:00 am PETER NO TAIL p 19 (PG) p. 10 7:30 FRAGGLE “Friend" p. 11 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 8:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY (PG) p.10 8:00 EDDIE MACON'S RUN (PG) p.6 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 9:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 11:00 KING/MOUNTAIN (PG) p. 14 10:00 NOT THE NEWS #11 p.17 12:30 pm NOT THE NEWS #11 p 17 10:30 DEAL OF CENTURY (PG) p.9 1:00 REMEMBER WHEN p.20 12:15 am WORLD...GARP(R)p 11 2:00 DEAL OF THE CENTURY 2:35 THE INVESTIGATORS p 16 (PG) p.9 3:05 ROMANTIC COMEDY 4:00 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 (PG)p.10 4:30 SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 4:55 EDDIE MACON (PG)p 6 SUNDAY, SEPT. 16 4:30 THE BUNKER p.8 6:30 am ALL SUMMER IN A DAY p 19 7:00 HBO COMING 7:00 THE BUNKER p.8 ATTRACTIONS p.8 9:30 AIRPLANE II: THE SEQUEL (PG) p.7 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "A Friend in Need” p. 11 11:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 8:00 SAKHAROV p. 13 (CC) 11:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 10:00 THE VERDICT (R)p 14 “A Friend in Need" p. 11 12:15 am NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 12:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC September Edition p 17 SPECIAL: GORILLA p 18 12:50 THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.4 1:00 pm THE BLOOD OF OTHERS p.4 3:50 HBO COMING 4:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS ATTRACTIONS p 8 September Edition p. 17 4:25 SAKHAROV p 13 (CC) 11

HBO Guide September 1984 - Page section : 007

Academy Award Winner Best Picture BEN KINGSLEY GANDHI A stirring, spectacular epic and winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture! Ben Kingsley (Betrayal) gives an astonishing performance as one of the world’s great men of peace. Director Richard Attenborough recreates Mahatma Gandhi’s odyssey over five tumultuous decades. Gandhi’s principles of nonviolence and passive resistance direct him to the spiritual leadership of a modern India looking to overthrow British rule. Cast includes Martin Sheen, John Gielgud and Trevor Howard. Violence. (PG-3:14) Sept. 2,5,8,27 (CC) BERGEN JASON ROBARDS GLENDA JACKSON S/lKHflROV To the Soviet Union, he is an enemy. To the free world, he is a hero. In HBO Premiere Films’ powerful and timely drama right out of today’s headlines, Jason Robards stars as Andrei Sakharov, the man who cannot be silenced. This distinguished Russian physicist, Nobel Prize winner and dissident dared to speak out for human rights in a repressive society. Glenda Jackson plays Elena Bonner, his wife and steadfast partner in exile. Cast includes Anna Massey and Nicol Williamson. (1:59) Sept. 16,21,24,26,29 (CC)

HBO Guide September 1984 - Page section : 008

MONDAY, SEPT. 17 6:30 am THE WILD PONY p.19 8:00 G'Olil THE WORLD CUP CHALLENGE p 19 10:00 LAST PLANE OUT (PG) p.9 12:00 THE NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p.9 1:00 pm A CRY FOR LOVE p 22 3:00 THE WILO PONY p 19 4:30 G’OLEI THE WORLD CUP CHALLENGE p 19 6:30 SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Wizard ot Fraggle Rock” p. 11 8:00 ENDLESS LOVE (R)p.5 10:00 THE NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p 9 11:00 CUJO (R) p 21 12:35 am ROBERT KLEIN p. 16 1:40 LAST PLANE OUT (PG) p.9 3:20 MONSIGNOR (R)p 14 5:25 THE NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p 9 TUESDAY, SEPT. 18 6:30 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN 6:30 am OLIVER TWIST p.18 (PG)p.14 8:00 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY p 19 8:00 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE 8:30 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG) p.5 (PG)p 14 10:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p 6 10:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 11:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 11:00 FRENCH POSTCARDS 11:30 EDDIE MACON'S RUN (PG)p.lO (PG) p.6 12:30 pm THE BUNKER p.8 1:05 am KING OF THE MOUNTAIN 3:00 REMEMBER WHEN Wheels, (PG)p.14 Wings & Whistles p.20 2:40 NORTH DALLAS 40 (R)p14 4:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p 6 4:45 NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER 5:00 OLIVER TWIST p 18 (R) p.22 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 19 5:30 ROMANTIC COMEDY 6:30 am NATL GEO: GORILLA p 18 (PG)p.10 7:30 FRAGGLE "Wizard" p 11 7:30 NOT THE NEWS Sept. p. 17 8:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY 8:00 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND (PG)p.10 (PG) p.23 10:00 AIRPLANE lip 7 9:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p 16 11:30 NOT THE NEWS SepLp17 10:00 HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: 12:00 SLAPSTICK (PG)p 23 BEST LEGS IN THE 1:30 pm THE INVESTIGATORS p 16 EIGHTH GRADE p 15 2:00 FAVORITE YEAR (PG)p.14 11:00 BREATHLESS (R) p.5 3:30 NAT L GEO: GORILLA p. 18 12:45 am AIRPLANE II p.7 4:30 FRAGGLE "Wizard" p. 11 2:20 WORLD... GARP (R) pi 1 5:00 STANLEY p. 19 4:45 BEST LEGS/8TH GRADE p15 THURSDAY, SEPT. 20 5:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 6:00 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 6:00 DEAL OF CENTURY (PG) p.9 A SINGLE UGHTp.19 8.00 INSIDE THE NFL p 6 7:00 THE BL000 OF OTHERS p 4 9:00 EDDIE MACON’S RUN 10:00 SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 (PG) p.6 11:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 10:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 11:30 EDDIE MACON’S RUN 11:00 CUJO (R) p 21 (PG) p 6 12:30 am DEAL OF THE CENTURY 1:00 pm COMING ATTRACTIONS p.8 (PG) p.9 1:30 THE BUNKER p.8 2:15 NIGHT OF THE JUGGLER 4:00 ALL SUMMER IN A DAY p 19 (R)p 22 4:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 A SINGLE LIGHT p 19 4:30 MONSIGNOR (R) p.14 King of the mM MountainSpj |fg Speed is everything to daredevil drag racer Harry Hamlin. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:30) Sept. 2,6, 10,15,18,21,26,30 The Verdict Paul Newman James Mason co-stars in this suspenseful courtroom drama. Adult language, mild violence. (R-2:09) September 7,10,13,16,22,25 IVIy Favorite Year Peter O'Toole A TV writer shepherds a flamboyant matinee idol around New York City in 1954. Adult situations, language, humor. (PG-12.9) Sept. 1,6,10,14,19,23,27 Monsignor Christopher Reeve An ambitious American priest maneuvers through decades of upheaval in the Vatican. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:57) Sept. 1,9,12,17,20,28 North Dallas Forty Nick Nolte A raucous, brutally honest comedy of one man’s rebellion against professional football and the system. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:58) Sept. 14,18,24,27,30 14 HBOriginaf HBO comedy Playhouse UNDER nss§:- Nick Noite Gene Hackman Joanna Cassidy Explosive as a machine-gun burst, this drama crackles with romance and action on the front lines of war-torn Nicaragua. Three journalists on the scene find their lives and convictions threatened as their work becomes a personal battleground . An affair between Nolte and Cassidy turns up the heat. Adult language, violence, brief nudity. (R-2:08) Sept. 30 (CC) Best Legs in the 8th Grade Tim Matheson Annette O'Toole Kathryn Harrold Jim Belushi You remember her... the most beautiful girl in high school, the object of every schoolboy's fantasy. He was the high school loser, now a big-shot lawyer. Suddenly he has the chance to realize his boyhood dream. Will he—or won't he—make a move for the girl who was voted "Best Legs in the 8th Grade?" An original comedy about sex and love and making dreams come true. September 19,22,25,28

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HBOnlv! in»r risui|iu Specia^HH^H With Special Guest Star Eddie Murphy A potpourri of Piscopo's people. In his first solo TV special and first TV appearance since "Saturday Night Live," Joe presents innovative sketches and his stand-up comedy routines. His unique repertoire of impersonations includes Frank Sinatra, Joan Rivers, Andy Rooney and David Hartman. Sept. 22,26,28 mom Robert Klein Child of the 50's—Man of the 80's On Location. In an all-new comedy performance, Klein raps about his N.Y. youth. And, now with a baby of his own, the child of the 50’s takes a humorous look at parenthood in the 80’s. Sept. 2,4,8,17 The On Location®: The Investigators Crusading Reporters of the Air This ace reporting team stops at nothing to uncover the big stories, zeroing in on the truth (or almost) as they see it. The first episode of HBO’s new comedy series parodies TV news magazines, exposing stories you won’t find on any Other show. Sept. 9,12,15,19,23,27,29 16 "If you're an HBO subscriber, count your pay cable blessings. You get a half-dozen shots a month at TV’s lone series entirely devoted to topical satire." (L.A. Herald Examiner) Look for the comedy series on Saturday nights. (And at other times, too). All-new September edition: Sept. 1,4,7,10,13,16,19 Encores: Edition 10 Sept. 8 Edition 11 Sept. 15 Edition 12 Sept 22 Edition 13 Sept. 29 FRIDAY, SEPT. 21 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Wizard 6:30 am NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ol Fraggle Rock” p. 11 SPECIAL: GORILLA p. 18 6:00 REMEMBER WHEN Wheels, 7:30 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN Wings & Whistles p.20 (PG) p. 14 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 9:00 THE NIGHTMARE 8:00 NATIONAL LAMPOON'S OF COCAINE p.9 ANIMAL HOUSE (R)p.7 10:00 SAKHAROV p 13 (CC) 10:00 KRULL (PG)p 21 12:00 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE 12:05 am ENDLESS LOVE (R)p.5 (PG)p.5 2:05 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 2:00 pm LAST PLANE OUT 3:10 NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p.9 (PG) p.9 4:10 NATIONAL LAMPOON'S 4:00 THE WATER BABIES p.19 ANIMAL HOUSE (R)p.7 SATURDAY, SEPT. 22 6:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 6:00 am OUVER TWIST p. 18 7:00 HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: 7:30 FRAGGLE "Wizard” p 11 BEST LEGS/8TH GRADE p. 15 8:00 G'OLfcl THE WORLD CUP p19 8:00 AIRPLANE II (PG) p.7 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.6 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY 11:00 HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: THE NEWS #12 p.17 BEST LEGS/8TH GRADE p. 15 10:00 JOE PISCOPO SPECIAL p. 16 12:00 AIRPLANE II (PG)p.7 11:00 PRIVATE SCHOOL (R)p 10 1:30 pm NOT THE NEWS#12p.17 12:30 am THE VERDICT (R)p.14 2:00 REMEMBER WHEN p.20 2:50 FRENCH POSTCARDS 3:00 FRENCH POSTCARDS (PG)p 10 (PG)p 10 4:30 AIRPLANE II (PG) p.7 4:30 G’OLtl THE WORLD CUP p 19 5:55 NOT THE NEWS #12 p. 17 SUNDAY, SEPT. 23 4:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 6:30 am EDDIE MACON’S RUN 5:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.6 (PG) p.6 6:00 FAVORITE YEAR (PG)p 14 8:00 FAVORITE YEAR (PG) p. 14 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Wizard 9:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 of Fraggle Rock” p.11 10:00 THE WILD PONY p. 19 8:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY 11:30 FRAGGLE “Wizard” p. 11 (PG)p.10 12:00 NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: 10:00 THE WORLD ACCORDING INCREDIBLE MACHINE p.18 TOGARP (R) p. 11 1:00 pm ROMANTIC COMEDY 12:25 am CUJO (R) p .21 (PG)p.10 2:00 NIGHT OF JUGGLER (R)p 22 3:00 EDDIE MACON’S RUN 3:45 FAVORITE YEAR (PG)p 14 (PG) p.6 5:20 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p 6 MONDAY, SEPT. 24 5:30 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND 6:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: (PG) p.23 A SINGLE LIGHT p 19 7:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 7 7:30 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Ooozer (PG) p.23 Contest" p. 11 9:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 8:00 KRULL (PG) p.21 SPECIAL: REPTILES AND 10:00 DEAL OF THE CENTURY AMPHIBIANS p 18 (PG) p.9 10:00 KRULL (PG) p.21 11:45 SAKHAROV p 13 (CC) 12:00 DEAL OF THE CENTURY 1:50 am VIDEO JUKEBOX p.7 (PG) p.9 2:25 BREATHLESS (R) p.5 2:00 pm SAKHAROV p 13 (CC) 4:10 NORTH DALLAS FORTY 4:00 PETER NO TAIL p. 19 (R)p14 17

HBO Guide September 1984 - Page section : 010

TUESDAY, SEPT. 25 5:30 STANLEY,THE UGLY 6:30 am REMEMBER WHEN p 20 DUCKLING p 19 7:30 LAST PUNE OUT(PG) p9 6:00 LAST PLANE OUT (PG)p 9 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 8:00 HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: 10:00 HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: BEST LEGS/8TH GRADE p. 15 BEST LEGS IN THE EIGHTH GRADE p 15 11:00 NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p.9 9:00 PRIVATE SCHOOL (R)p.10 12:00 ROMANTIC COMEDY 10:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 (PG)p.10 11:00 NIGHTMARE OF COCAINE p.9 2:00 pm REMEMBER WHEN 12:05 am NIGHT OF JUGGLER (R) p 22 It’ll Never Fly p 20 1:50 ENDLESS LOVE (R) p.5 3:00 AIRPLANE II (PG) p7 3:50 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 4:30 LOST IN DEATH VALLEY p 19 4:20 THE VERDICT (R) p. 14 WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 26 4:30 NAT L GEO. SPECIAL: 6:30 am NAT L GEO. SPECIAL: INCREDIBLE MACHINE p 18 INCREDIBLE MACHINE p 18 5:30 SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 7:30 FRAGGLE "Doozer” p. 11 6:30 FRENCH POSTCARDS 8:00 A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (PG)p.10 (PG) p.5 8:00 SAKHAROV p 13 (CC) 10:00 KING OF THE MOUNTAIN (PG) p. 14 10:00 EDDIE MACON’S RUN (PG) p.6 11:30 SUMMER SOLSTICE p.23 11:30 JOE PISCOPO SPECIAL p 16 12:30 pm SAKHAROV p .13 (CC) 12:30 am FRENCH POSTCARDS 2:30 EDDIE MACON’S RUN (PG)p.10 (PG) p.6 2:10 KING/MOUNTAIN (PG) p. 14 4:00 FRAGGLE “Doozer" p.11 3:45 SAKHAROV p 13 (CC) THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 7:30 THE INVESTIGATORS 6:00 am THE WILD PONY p 19 Crusading Reporters 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 of the Air p.16 8:00 KRULL (PG) p.21 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 6 10:00 MY FAVORITE YEAR 9:00 GANDHI (PG)p 12 (CC) (PG) p 14 12:20 am MY FAVORITE YEAR 11:30 THE INVESTIGATORS (PG)p.14 Crusading Reporters 1:55 NORTH DALLAS FORTY ol the Air p 16 (R)p.14 12:00 GANDHI (PG) p.12(CC) 4:00 THE INVESTIGATORS 3:30 pm COMING ATTRACTIONS p 8 Crusading Reporters 4:00 THE WILD PONY p. 19 ol the Air p.16 5:30 KRULL (PG)p.21 4:30 KRULL (PG)p 21 FRIDAY, SEPT. 28 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Doozer 6:30 am NATIONAL GEO. SPECIAL: Contest" p. 11 INCREDIBLE MACHINE p 18 6:00 REMEMBER WHEN 7:30 AIRPLANE II (PG) p.7 It'll Never Fly p.20 9:00 REMEMBER WHEN p.20 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 6 10:00 SLAPSTICK OF ANOTHER KIND 8:00 ZAPPED) (R)p.7 (PG) p.23 10:00 THE WORLD ACCORDING 11:30 THE BUNKER p.8 TOGARP (R) p. 11 2:00 pm HBO COMEDY PLAYHOUSE: 12:20 am PRIVATE SCHOOL (R)p 10 BEST LEGS/8TH GRADE p 15 1:50 JOE PISCOPO SPECIAL p 16 3:00 AIRPLANE II (PG)p.7 2:55 INSIDE THE NFL p .6 4:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: A SINGLE LIGHT p 19 4:00 MONSIGNOR (R)p.14 An award-winning documentary of fascinating creatures. Sept. 2,5,11,24 Gorilla September 16,19,21 The Great Whales September 9,12,14 The increditle Machine September 23,26,28 Oliver nisi An animated musical version of the Charles Dickens classic. With the voices of Richard Dawson and Larry Storch. (1:15) Sept. 4,14,18,22 18 Only one child on Venus remembers the sun. (G-:28) Sept. 3,8,16,18,20 Peter Ho Tail The animated adventures of a kitten without a tail. (1:21) Sept. 3,11,15,24 The Water Babies An underwater fantasy in live action and animation. (1:25) Sept. 10,13,21,29 Tie Will Pony A spirited turn-of-the-century story. (1:28) September 6,17,23,27 List ii leatb Valley Students wage a dramatic struggle for survival in the desert. (:48) Sept. 7,25 A deaf-mute outcast teaches the meaning of love 1 and forgiveness to a rural village in this touching drama. A priceless statue has special meaning for the lonely girl, but it serves another purpose for the greedy villagers. (:57) September 3,11,20,24,28,30 G'Ble! Hewer it Cup Cha lenge One of the greatest sporting events, soccer’s World Cup Finals, is captured in a lively documentary. Sean Connery narrates. (1:38) September 4,9,13,17,22 H80 Family Playhouse Stanley, tie Holy Duckling What’s the matter with Stanley? He can’t swim or quack like his brothers and is convinced he is not a duck at all. Join in the merriment of this delightful animated musical. (:25) Sept. 6,10,19,25,30 19

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