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SEPTEMBER 22-28 WEDNESDAY/22 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 22 3:00 TOWERING INFERNO (PG-2:45) 6:00 SIR GAWAIN & THE GREEN KNIGHT Children's Theatre 8:00 TOWERING INFERNO (PG-2 45) 11:00 PRE-SEASON NHL HOCKEY L.A. Kings vs. N.Y. Islanders, from the L.A. Forum Susannah York in Conduct Unbecoming THURSDAY/23 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 21 3:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 5:00 MARTHA'S ATTIC Making Puppets 5:30 MR. E FROM TAU CETI Children's Theatre 7:00 MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (PG 1:29) 8:30 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 10:30 UMBERTO D (Subtitled-1:29) 12:00 MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (PG-1:29) FRIDAY/24 2:00 PALLISERS: Episode 22 3:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:51) 4:55 SIR GAWAIN & THE GREEN KNIGHT Children s Theatre 6:30 PROFESSIONAL BOWLING From Waukegan, Illinois 8:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:5 1) 10:00 NIGHT MOVES (R-1:39) 11:45 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:5 1) SATURDAY/25 1:30 PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING From Pittsburgh 4:00 SIR GAWAIN & THE GREEN KNIGHT Children's Theatre 6:00 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) 8:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:5 1) 10:00 ON LOCATION: David Brenner 11:00 PRE-SEASON NHL HOCKEY L.A. Kings vs. Vancouver Canucks, from the L.A. Forum SUNDAY/26 1:30 TOWERING INFERNO (PG-2:45) 4:30 PROFESSIONAL BOWLING From Pittsburgh 6:00 TOWERING INFERNO (PG-2:45) 9:00 CONDUCT UNBECOMING Sunday Premiere (PG-1:47) 11:00 ALI-NORTON SPECIAL 12:00 ON LOCATION: David Brenner MONDAY/27 1:30 CONDUCT UNBECOMING (PG-1:47) 3:30 THE VOYAGE (PG 1:43) 5:15 COMING YOUR WAY ON HBO 5:30 MR. E FROM TAU CETI Children's Theatre 7:00 THE VOYAGE (PG-1:43) 8:45 COMING YOUR WAY ON HBO 9:00 CONDUCT UNBECOMING (PG-1:47) 11:00 THE VOYAGE (PG-1:43) TUESDAY/28 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 22 3:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 4:45 MARTHA'S ATTIC Bonjour, Mon Amie 5:15 SIR GAWAIN & THE GREEN KNIGHT Children's Theatre 7:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:5 1) 9:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 11:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:51) 22 Raquel Welch and Charlton Heston in The Four Musketeers SEPTEMBER 29-OCTOBER 4 WEDNESDAY/29 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 23 3:00 THE MAIDS (1:35) 4:45 COMING YOUR WAY ON HBO 5:00 THE KING'S SECRET. THE SPACE EXPLORERS. THE ENCHANTED PRINCESS Children's Theatre 7:00 THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 9:00 THE MAIDS American Film Theatre (1:3 5) 10:45 COMING YOUR WAY ON HBO 11:00 PRE-SEASON NHL HOCKEY L.A. Kings vs. Cleveland Barons, from the L.A. Forum THURSDAY/30 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 22 3:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 4:45 MARTHA'S ATTIC Bonjour, Mon Amie 5:15 SIR GAWAIN & THE GREEN KNIGHT Children's Theatre 7:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 9:00 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY (Subtitled-1:31) 11:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) FRIDAY/1 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 23 3:00 GALILEO American Film Theatre (2:25) 5:30 MR. E FROM TAU CETI 7:00 GALILEO American Film Theatre (2:25) 9:30 SHAMPOO (R-1 52) 11:30 THE HUMAN FACTOR (R-1.31) SATURDAY/2 1:30 DOC SAVAGE (G-1:40) 3:15 MR. E FROM TAU CETI Children's Theatre 4:30 PROFESSIONAL BOWLING From Pittsburgh 6:00 WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (G-1:37) 8:00 DOC SAVAGE (G-1:40) 10:00 SHAMPOO (R-1:52) 12:00 JACQUES BREL American Film Theatre (1:38) SUNDAY/3 1:30 THE MAIDS American Film Theatre (1:35) 3:15 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 5:15 WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS (G-1:37) 7:00 THE MAIDS American Film Theatre (1:35) 9:00 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 11:00 MEN ARE NOT GODS (1:27) MONDAY/4 1:30 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1 47) 3:30 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) 5:30 THE SHIVERING KING. LUPINEK CASE. FIRST VIOLIN 7:00 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1 48) 9:00 FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1 47) 11:00 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1 48)

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jumper ght” s! is appi chanc ack ho the sh an 30 ' 3" anc r— he as An Cherie Burns 3,18,2E Professional Karate Sports Professional Bowling As the summer tour closes with tournaments in Trenton, N. J., Waukegan, III. and Pittsburgh, Pa., Earl Anthony, Don Johnson and Dick Weber are scrambling for the lead in PBA career wins. Anthony recently earned his 24th victory, tying him for second with Johnson—until the Kokomo Kid quickly added No. 25. Johnson’s win tied him for first with Weber. September 2,12,17,19,24,26 Championship Rodeo Bronco busting is always fun to watch. But it is no laughing matter for riders, who have no seat belts to keep them in the saddle and no cushions to soften bone-jar-ring jolts while they ride and when they are unceremoniously dumped. At the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association in Salinas, California the men will take their lumps and bumps as best they can. September 5,18 Professional Karate A karate doubleheader will feature two world professional championship bouts. One match will be between middleweight titlists Kasim Dubar, a Yugoslavian now living in New York, and titlist Arthur (Butch) Bell of College Park, Md. Another Marylander—Mike Mobley of Baltimore—will face champion Fred Miller of New York in a light-heavyweight contest. September 9,14,18 Canadian Football Canadian football isn’t just the Yankee game played in a colder climate. It has three downs instead of four, an extra man in the backfield and a longer, wider field. This excitingly different game also has two great U.S. college stars, Anthony Davis and Johnny Rodgers. This month the Montreal Alouettes meet the Ottawa Rough Riders, in the first of six HBO telecasts. September 11 Ali-Norton Pre-Fight Special Muhammad Ali, champion of poetry and pugilism, will have his gloves full against Ken Norton at Yankee Stadium later this month in a battle for the heavyweight title. Before the fight HBO will present a provocative special consisting of footage from past Ali-Norton bouts, a re-cap of each fighter’s career and finally a short history of other heavyweight re-matches. September 16,26 MuhammadAli 15

HBO Guide September 1976 - Page section : 002

HOME BOX OFFICE FROM TIME/LIFE THIS MONTH CONDUCT Page 4 SHAMPOO Page 6 PREMIERES/Page8 CONDUCT UNBECOMING September 26,27 THE MAIDS September 1 7,20,29 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER September 12,13,24,25,28 MEN ARE NOT GODS September 9,1 2,1 4,16 SHAMPOO September 19,20 THINGS TO COME September 3,4,23,28,30 THE THREE MUSKETEERS September 5,6,17,18,21,29 CHILDREIM'S/Page 18 GOALKEEPER LIVES ON OUR STREET September 7,9,13,17,18 MR. E FROM TAUCETI September 2 1,23,27 SIR GAWAIN AND THE GREEN KNIGHT September 22,24,25,28,30 THE SPACE EXPLORERS September 1,3,4,10,15,20,29 UP IN THE AIR September 6,8,11,14,16 FEATURES/Page 9 Films finishing August premiere run: LOVE AND DEATH September 7 JACQUES BREL September 13 O SPORTS/Page PROFESSIONAL BOWLING September 2,12,17,19,24,26 CANADIAN FOOTBALL September 11 KARATE September 9,14,18 CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO September 5,18 PRE-SEASON HOCKEY September 22,25,29 ALI-NORTON SPECIAL September 1 6,26 PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING September 1 6,25 SPECIALS/Page 14 ON LOCATION: DAVID BRENNER September 10,13,18,25,26 ON LOCATION: MORT SAHL September 1 managing EDITOR & publisher Stephen Marmon art DIRECTOR Michael Billman ASSOCIATE editor Thomas Fitzharris CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Gary J. Prebula (Films) Herman Weiskopf (Sports) editorial ASSISTANT Cherie Burns photographer Daniel S. Baliotti circulation director Susan Rose i published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., New York, NY 10020. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President; P. Peter Sheppe, Secretary; Peter Hanson, Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. Vol. 2, No. 9 © 1976 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. Home Box Office adheres to its published schedule as closely as possible. From time to time circumstances beyond our control or the opportunity to offer a program of greater interest may cause a change. When this occurs, HBO provides notice as far ahead of the change of schedule as is possible. THE MAIDS Page 8 GUNFIGHTER Page 10 MUSKETEERS Page 1 2 ENCORES/Page 16 BREAKOUT September 1 1 BRUCE LEE AND I September 4 A DELICATE BALANCE September 12 DOC SAVAGE September 8,14 THE DROWNING POOL September 6,15,25 THE FORTUNE September 4 THE HOMECOMING September 2 THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH September 5,15 MEMORYOFUS September 2 MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL September 7,1 1,1 8,20,23 NIGHT MOVES September 8,24 PROJECT KILL September 3 THE RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER September 1 9 RETURN TO MACON COUNTY September 1 ROLLERBALL September 11 SILENCE September 3 THE TOWERING INFERNO September 10,22,26 THEVOYAGE September 9,27 FOREIGN FILMS/Page 17 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY September 1,5,7,30 UMBERTO D September 16,19,21,23 BRENNER Page 14 Coming in October On Location: Myron Cohen

HBO Guide September 1976 - Page section : 005

! Premieres Conduct Unbecoming Late 19th century British India is the setting for this old fashioned courtroom drama. Camaraderie, honor and the sacred traditions of the British military system are called into question when Michael York defends an unjustly accused comrade against a charge of rape. Susannah York co-stars. (PG-1:47) September 26,27 The Maids Two time Oscar winner Glenda Jackson heads the American Film Theatre production of Jean Genet’s sardonic look at the master-servant relationship. A failed revenge plot to falsely incriminate the lover of their Parisian mistress provokes two imaginative maids to fulfill their favorite fantasy—poisoning their mistress. Susannah York and Vivien Merchant co-star. Originally intended for an all-male cast, The Maids is from the pen of thief-turned dramatist Jean Genet. A criminal for most of his life, Frenchman Genet turned from fulltime thief to part-time writer while in prison. But it took a 1948 presidential pardon from a sentence of life imprisonment to convince him to direct his full attention to writing. (1:35) September 17,20,29 The Master Gunfighter Billy Jack goes west as Tom Laughlin’s martial arts folk hero reappears in early California as a sword-carrying machine gunning swashbuckler. An unjust tax forces a penniless Spanish family to resort to slaughter and theft to save their Rancho Deluxe. Superfly hero Ron O’Neal co-stars. (PG-1:51) September 12,13,24,25,28 Raymond Massey in Things to Come Men are Not Gods Director Alexander Korda weaves a tangled but humorous web of adultery and deceit in this 1936 comedy. Shakespeare’s Othello is played both on stage and in the private lives of the principals when a forged theatrical review propels a married, two-bit actor to fame, love and attempted murder. Miriam Hopkins stars as an extra-marital star-struck secretary. (1:27) September 9,12,14,16 Shampoo Election eve 1968 is the backdrop for an artful blend of bedroom farce and social commentary. Ambitious Beverly Hills hairdresser Warren Beatty juggles his integrity and sanity against the bedrooms and bankrolls of his wealthy female clients. Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn and Oscar winner Lee Grant co-star. (R-1:52) September 19,20 Things to Come H.G. Wells’ prophetic bestseller provided the inspiration for Alexander Korda’s 1936 science fiction epic on the state of the future. Stunning special effects highlight a trio of tales following the 100-year rivalry of two families for control of the fictitious metropolis of Everytown. Raymond Massey stars. (1:36) September 3,4,23,28,30 The Three Musketeers It’s one for all, all for one and every man for himself as a star-studded cast headed by Michael York, Oliver Reed and Richard Chamberlain risk life and limb to preserve the honor of the queen and the stupidity of the king. Richard Lester directs the fractured first part of Dumas’ ribald classic. (PG-1:47) September 5,6,17,18,21,29 Features Films finishing August premiere run: Jacques Brel Twenty-five songs by famed French troubadour Jacques Brel accompany a surrealistic journey into the minds of three Parisian characters. (1:38) Love and Death Woody Allen stars as a 19th century militant coward in Russia who bumbles into heroism and a plot to assassinate Napoleon. Diane Keaton co-stars in this Groucho Marxian version of War and Peace. (PG-1:22) 9 Merchant, Jackson and York in The Maids

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Children** Films The Space Explorers An astronaut’s son stows away on a rocket launched to rescue his father. The mission’s sage leader, Professor Nordheim, is perturbed, but Jimmy’s persistent curiosity wins him over. The wonders of space pass by in a narrative feat that Dr. Franklyn Branley, astronomer at the Hayden Planetarium, calls “the finest film of its kind I have ever seen.” (1:00) September 1,3,4,10,15,20,29 Up in the Air From the day Freddie Titmarsh arrives at St. Olaf’s School he is bullied by schoolboy ruffians. The headmaster, a sinister character who looks like Danny Kaye, protects the bullies who in turn help him sell the school’s food in town for profit. The situation is grim for Freddie and his new friends. The boys plot to escape in a homemade hot air balloon. (0:45) September 6,8,11,14,16 The Goalkeeper Lives on Our Street Pepicek, a Czech boy, dreams of becoming a hockey hero. But his road to stardom in the local hockey club is blocked by failing grades. Schoolboy politics further inhibit his chances. His hopes seem finally dashed when the son of a famous goalkeeper moves into the neighborhood. The two soon learn there is more than meets the eye to winning. (0:51) September 7,9,13,17,18 Mr. E from Tau Ceti The hero in this science fiction cartoon feature is a miniature man from Tau Ceti, the star nearest to our solar system. He travels to Earth in his sub-sized space ship at the speed of light in the year 2010. This fantasy of what the world may be like 34 years from now was spun by director Bill Cayton and has been praised for its realistic, scientific detail. (1:05) September 21,23,27 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight As this tale opens, the lazy knights of Camelot refuse to defend King Arthur against the menacing Green Knight. The exception is the ambitious Gawain, who beheads the invader. The Knight magically reassembles himself, dooms Gawain to a frustrating year of searching him out—and then disappears. A willowy enchantress lends her support. (1:33) September 22,24,25,28,30 Sir Gawain Up in the Air The Goalkeeper SEPTEMBER 1-7 WEDNESDAY/1 1:30 THE PALLISERS: Episode 19 2:30 ON LOCATION: Mort Sahl 3:30 RETURN TO MACON COUNTY (PG-1:30) 5:30 THE SPACE EXPLORERS. SHIVERING KING 7:00 RETURN TO MACON COUNTY 9:00 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:31) 11:00 RETURN TO MACON COUNTY (PG-1:30) THURSDAY/2 1:30 THE PALLISERS: Episode 18 2:30 THE HOMECOMING American Film Theatre (1:56) 4:30 ALIBABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES Children's Theatre 5:00 MARTHA'S ATTIC When You are Scared 5:30 PROFESSIONAL BOWLING From Cranston, Rhode Island 7:00 MEMORY OF US (PG-1:34) 9:00 THE HOMECOMING American Film Theatre (1:56) 11:00 MEMORY OF US (PG-1:34) FRIDAY/3 1:30 THE PALLISERS: Episode 19 2:30 SILENCE (G-1:31) 4:30 THE SPACE EXPLORERS 5:30 SILENCE (G-1:31) 7:30 THINGS TO COME Classic Film (1:36) 9:30 PROJECT KILL (R-1:30) 11:30 THINGS TO COME Classic Film(1:36) SATURDAY/4 1:30 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 3:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC When You are Scared 4:00 THE SPACE EXPLORERS 5:00 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 7:00 THE FORTUNE (PG-1.28) 8:30 THINGS TO COME (1:36) 10:30 BRUCE LEE AND I (R-1:30) 12:00 THE FORTUNE (PG-1:28) SUIMDAY/5 1:30 THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1 47) Miriam Hopkins in Men Are Not Gods 3:30 THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH American Film Theatre (1:57) 5:30 CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO From Salinas, California 7:00 THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH American Film Theatre (1:57) 9:00 THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1 47) 11:00 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY (Subtitled-1:31) MONDAY45 1:30 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) 3:30 THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 5:30 THE KING'S SECRET. UP IN THE AIR. THE SHIVERING KING Children's Theatre 7:00 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) 9:00 THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 11:00 THE DROWNING POOL (PG-1:48) TUESDAY/7 2:00 THE PALLISERS: Episode 1 9 3:00 MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (PG-1:29) 4:30 MARTHA'S ATTIC Making Puppets 5:00 GUNNAR THE SAILOR. THE GOALKEEPER LIVES ON OUR STREET, THE FIRST VIOLIN Children's Theatre 7:00 LOVE AND DEATH (PG-1:22) 8:30 MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (PG-1:29) 10:00 THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY (Subtitled-1:31) 11:45 LOVE AND DEATH (PG-1:22)

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Britain exports Susannah and Michael York Conduct Unbecoming Rock groups, Rolls Royces and Scottish whiskey aren’t the only British commodities America imports. Thanks to a tradition of formal dramatic instruction, England has also contributed innumerable actors to Broadway and Hollywood. Two recent examples are seen together for the first time in Conduct Unbecoming. Sharing identical surnames, Michael and Susannah York are prime examples of Britain’s fourth largest export. Born March 27, 1942, Michael York spent most of his childhood acting in semi-professional theatrical companies including the National Youth Theatre. However, it was only when Sir Laurence Olivier selected him for London’s National Theatre that Michael received widespread recognition. Cast opposite Albert Finney in Much Ado About Nothing, Michael impressed visiting director Franco Zeffirelli enough to get signed for his first film, The Taming of the Shrew. Moderate success as a star in Romeo and Juliet, ten small pictures, and 4 Michael York defends the accused assailant of Susannah York (above). a leading role in BBC-TV’s Forsythe Saga, served to prepare him for his most notable part, with Liza Minnelli, in Cabaret. This in turn led to starring roles in Murder on the Orient Express and The Three Musketeers. Susannah York also bridged the gap from semi-professional to film star by way of the theatre. Trained as an actress at the highly selective Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, Susannah starred in her first film, Tunes of Glory, at age 19. Again a series of small pictures and a number of television plays prepared Susannah for her first major part with Montgomery Clift in Freud. Her role in Tom Jones gave her an international name and launched Susannah into a series of blockbust- 5 ers including They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? After a two year pause devoted to her family, Susannah resumed work in Gold and The Maids. Comparing the stage to film, both Yorks find the theatre more fulfilling. It’s Michael’s opinion that film acting tends to be little more than “providing the essential raw material for someone to cut into shape.” Susannah believes the intimate atmosphere of live theatre prompts “the hope that people will leave bigger than when they came in.” Either on stage or in film, there’s a bright future in store for England’s exported pair. September 26,27 Stacy Keach (above left) and Richard Attenborough (above right) investigate a vicious assault on Susannah York (above center).

HBO Guide September 1976 - Page section : 006

The star of Billy Jack has battles of his own The Master Gunfighter To millions of moviegoers the half-breed, high-kicking Billy Jack is one of the few folk heroes left. A symbol of America’s rugged individualism, Billy Jack has championed the cause of the underdog in two major movies. However, the private war of the man behind Billy Jack has gone almost unnoticed. Tom Laughlin’s one-man fight against the Hollywood film establishment has revolutionized a static industry. After graduating from Marquette, Laughlin landed small parts in such pictures as South Pacific and Tea and Sympathy. He then produced, wrote, directed and starred in a low budget flick called The Proper Time. His second film, Born Losers, created the prototype for Billy Jack. Again working in all capacities as writer, producer, director and star, Laughlin was joined by his producer-actress wife Delores Taylor. Together they made Billy Jack in record time. Rejecting the attempts of 20th Century-Fox to re-edit the film, Laughlin returned the money Fox had fronted for the production and found another distributor in Warner Brothers. Warner Brothers released the film, but withdrew it after a few weeks, claiming it was “a bomb.” Convinced he had a film the public wanted to see, Laughlin sued Warner Brothers for the right to distribute the film himself. The case After an Indian fishing village is destroyed, (below), Tom Laughlin (right) must ride to the rescue. was settled out of court and thanks to some revolutionary distribution policies, Laughlin engineered Billy Jack into one of the top-grossing films of all-time. (In essence, Laughlin rented movie theatres and guaranteed a certain income to their owners, rather than splitting the gross receipts.) The sequel, The Trial of Billy Jack, met with similar initial results and failed in its first attempt. Laughlin once again took matters into his own hands, using a marketing approach tailored specifically to the product and the film went on to become a huge success although not as big a smash as the original. (He released more than 1000 prints of the film, so the picture could be seen in one out of every ten theatres in the country.) The Master Gunfighter was the first non-Billy Jack picture of Laughlin’s new film production unit. But Billy Jack fans can take heart. Around Christmas a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington will send the karate-chop-ping maverick to Washington as a U.S. Senator. September 12,13,24,25,28 Barbara Carrera (top center) is sister of Ron O'Neal (top left) and wife of Tom Laughlin (top right).

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Richard Lester's realism sometimes gets absurd TheThree Musketeers Before shooting the film version of the Broadway musical A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, director Richard Lester flew to Spain to view the elaborate Roman set. While pleased with the actual physical construction, Lester found it lacking in one important respect. It looked too new. Lester reacted in typical fashion. The production was delayed a few weeks while a family of gypsies moved in “to make it look shabby. A penchant for realism and a bent toward the absurd have long been the trademarks of Lester’s varied career. After briefly working in American television, Lester eventually went to England and the BBC. There he joined with Peter Sellers to create The Goon Show and an Academy Award nominated short, The Running, Jumping, Standing Still Film. The fabulous success of his second feature, A Hard Day’s Night, starring the Beatles, followed by three box office bonanzas (The Knack, A Funny Thing..., and Help!) made Lester the hottest director around. Unfortunately, Lovers Raquel Welch and Michael York Michael York (center left) wants to enlarge three crashing commercial failures followed, and his reputation began to fade. In 1973 Lester’s slide was halted by an out-of-the-blue offer to direct The Three Musketeers. And so, 132 years, countless abridged volumes and nine motion pictures later, Alexander Dumas’ classic of conflict and intrigue among the French upper crust reached its fullest potential under Lester’s unique mode of direction. Noting that “I like to look for the absurd in any reality,” Lester challenged writer George MacDonald Fraser to do the same, yet still produce an historically accurate script. This resulted in a number of intriguing touches and some dangerous situations. From Cardinal Richelieu’s candle slide show to a chess game played with dogs dressed as pieces, Lester proved many times over that truth was stranger and certainly funnier than fiction. For added realism actors battled other actors instead of stuntmen, resulting in a number of casualties. Oliver Reed was stabbed through his right wrist and Michael York suffered a serious eye and leg injury. The bumps and bruises were forgotten when Lester received rave reviews for the finished product. Time called it “an absolutely terrific movie” and as seen by the built-in trailer at the film’s end, the fun has just begun. Next month HBO will present Lester’s sequel, The Four Musketeers. Until then one for all and all for fun. September 5,6,17,18,21,29 the Three Musketeers into a foursome. Charlton Heston conspires as Cardinal Richelieu.

HBO Guide September 1976 - Page section : 009

Encores Breakout Charles Bronson is a maverick bush pilot hired by Jill Ireland to rescue her imprisoned husband from an ultra-security Mexican prison. (PG-1:36) September 11 Bruce Lee and I A boy seeks revenge for the murder of his parents and Bruce Lee’s life provides inspiration. (R-1:30) September 4 A Delicate Balance Katharine Hepburn and Paul Scofield’s tenuous domestic life is upset by their bitter daughter and their alcoholic sister-in-law. (2:14) September 12 Doc Savage Pulp fiction super hero (Ron Ely) doses out some bad medicine to the villains, as he investigates the mysterious death of his father. (G-1:39) September8,14 The Drowning Pool Paul Newman recreates his role as private eye Lew Harper. Joanne Woodward co-stars as the heiress who hires Newman. (PG-1:48) September 6,15,25 The Fortune Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty are a pair of bungling con men trying very hard to make easy money. (PG-1:28) September 4 The Homecoming Lunacy eclipses reality when the appearance of a Charles Bronson in Breakout prodigal British son and his American wife unhinges the belligerent balance of his family of male misfits. (1:56) September 2 The Man in the Glass Booth This piercing study of mass guilt won Maximilian Schell an Oscar nomination.(1:57) September5,15 Memory of Us Suburban housewife Ellen Geer is forced to balance her roles as wife and mother against her need for self-fulfillment as a photographer. (PG-1:34) September 2 Monty Python and the Holy Grail The Pythons plunge into Arthurian legend and uncover such better forgotten aspects as the Holy Hand Grenade and the Medieval Marxists. (PG-1:29) September 7,11,18,20,23 Night Moves Private eye Gene Hackman realizes too late things and people aren’t what they seem and gets trapped in a Mayan smuggling ring. (R-1:39) September 8,24 Project Kill Leslie Nielsen stars in a tale of sanctioned assassination. Project leader Nielsen wants to come in from the cold but there’s noexit.(R-1:30) September 3 The Return of the Pink Panther Slap Paul Newman in The Towering Inferno Harriet Andersson in Through a Glass Darkly schtick strikes again. Crime-fighting clown Inspector Clouseau (Peter Sellers) causes more trouble than he finds. (G-1:53) September 19 Return to Macon County Two Cal-ifornia-bound racing buffs and a star-struck waitress fight the law and the lawless in redneck country. (PG-1:30) September 1 Rollerball James Caan is the supersports star of the year 2018. The biggest spectator sport combines the worst parts of roller derby and motorcycling. (R-2:03) September 11 Silence Family entertainment stalks the Santa Cruz mountains in this story of a traumatized deaf orphan who strays from his camping foster parents. (G-1:31) September 3 The Towering Inferno Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Fred Astaire and other famous fire fighters try to stay cool as things go up in smoke. (G-2:45) September 10,22,26 The Voyage Sophia Loren and Richard Burton are star-crossed lovers who are caught between Sicilian tradition and a mysterious fatal disease in this circa World War I love story. (PG-1:43) September 9,27 Through a Glass Darkly Ingmar Bergman chronicles the sad fate of a family helpless to prevent their schizophrenic daughter, Karin, from sinking deeper into insanity. When Karin discovers that her father and husband know her case is hopeless, she disintegrates in a series of violent attacks. Within the brief time of a single summer night and day, Bergman creates a psychological drama of heartbreaking intensity. (1:31) September 1,5,7,30 Umberto D Director Vittorio De Sica (Bicycle Thief) draws another unsentimental portrait of uncaring modern society. Umberto, a retired civil servant, is trying to survive on a meager pension. Friendless except for his dog, the old man must fend off a nasty landlady while attempting to retain some dignity in his final years. De Sica’s personal favorite, Umberto D is considered the last great film of Italian neo-realism. (1:29) September 16,19,21,23 17 Sellers in Return of the Pink Panther Foreign Films

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