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murder of his wife. Robert Loggia co-stars. (AL,V,BN) R-1:49. MAX Oct. 15,23,31 p O James Stewart’s Wonderful Life A look at the distinguished life and career of one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. :27. MAX Oct. 10,18 Jane Eyre Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles star in the haunting 1944 screen version of Charlotte Bronte’s romantic classic. With Elizabeth Taylor. BA/V; 1:36. MAX Oct. 5,20 Jim Henson’s Ghost of Faffner Hall A brand-new MUPPET™ series about the joys of making music! See page 15. :30. HBO Oct. 2,9,16,23,30 p O Judge Reinhold and Demi Moore in The New Home Owner’s Guide to Happiness Cinemax Comedy Experiment When barking dogs shatter their new suburban bliss, an upscale couple find wacky ways to hush the puppies. :29. MAX Oct. 15 p O Kansas Drama with Matt Dillon, Andrew McCarthy. See page 6. (AS,AL, MV) R-1:50. HBO Oct. 2,11,17,22 p O The Keys of the Kingdom Gregory Peck stars in this inspirational 1944 drama about a 19th-century Catholic priest. B/W; 2:17. MAX Oct. 3,9 The Kids in the Hall Comedy! See page 11. (AL.AH) :30. HBO Oct. 2,4,5; 6,9,11,12; 20,23,25,26; 27,30 p O King Kong Jeff Bridges plays an adventurer in this spectacular remake of the 1933 classic. With Jessica Lange, Charles Grodin. (AS.AL.MV) PG-2:14. MAX Oct. 15,18,23 ft King Solomon’s Mines Deborah Kerr and Stewart Granger search for a fabled diamond mine in this 1950 adventure. 1:43. MAX Oct. 3,6,10,21 Ladyhawke Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer play ill-fated lovers in this medieval fantasy. (AL,V) PG-13; 2:01. MAX Oct. 7,12,16,22,24 p O The Last Emperor Acclaimed drama about Pu Yi, the last emperor of Imperial China. (AL,V,BN) PG-13; 2:42. MAX Oct. 2,24 pilg The Last Temptation of Christ Cinemax New Wave Film Controversial drama. See page 18. (AL,V,N) R-2:43. MAX Oct. 2,5,10,18,23 O The Law vs. Billy the Kid Billy the Kid falls in love and comes up against a jealous man in this 1954 Western. (AS,MV) 1:12. MAX Oct. 22,24,30 The Legends of Rock ’n’ Roll Cinemax Sessions With James Brown, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. :59. MAX Oct. 8,17,28 ft License to Drive Teen comedy with Corey Haim. See page 7. (AS,AL) PG-13; 1:26. HBO Oct. 14,18,22,27,31 O Lifeboat Hitchcock classic. See page 16.B/W; 1:37. MAX Oct. 19,24,29 p Lights! Action! Africa! The Survival Series Nature documentary. See page 15. :49. HBO Oct. 2,15,19,24,28 Little Miss Perfect HBO Family Playhouse Family drama. See page 15. :45. HBO Oct. 2,10,18,21,24 A Little Romance Romantic comedy with Laurence Olivier. See page 13. (AL) PG-1:50. HBO Oct. 8,12,18 Living Free The heartwarming, true saga of Elsa, the Born Free lioness, continues as her three orphaned cubs must learn to face the wild o,i their own. G-1:31. MAX Oct. 13,17,22 The Long Riders In this beautifully filmed Western, real-life brothers play legendary outlaw brothers of the Old West. David, Keith and Robert Carra-dine are the Younger boys; Stacy and James Keach play Frank and Jesse James. Dennis Quaid and Randy Quaid also star. (AS,AL,GV) R-1:39. MAX Oct. 2,5,17,25 The Lost Boys “A hip, comic twist on classic vampire stories... timely, sardonic and shrewd” (The New York Times). With Dianne Wiest, Corey Haim and Kiefer Sutherland. (AL,V) R-1:37. HBO Oct. 8,16,19,27 p O The Louie Anderson Show On Location One of the country’s fastest-rising young comedians offers a lighthearted look at the humorous side of life. :55. HBO Oct. 4,10,27,30 p rt Love Child Railroaded into a Florida prison for armed robbery, a tough teen (Amy Madigan) fights for the rights of her unborn child. A compelling true story, co-starring Beau Bridges and Mackenzie Phillips. (AL,N) R-1:37. MAX Oct. 5,18,29 Ironweed Louie Anderson Last Temptation of Christ Kansas Jim Henson’s Ghost of Faffner Hall 33

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ORIGINAL PERI A man is torn between love for his family and his desire for justice when he takes a stand against crime. Aidan Quinn plays an average guy who, with others, witnesses a brutal organized crime murder. He becomes the only witness willing to testify, but in doing so, he endangers the lives of his wife, his son—and himself. Brian Dennehy plays the high-powered attorney who will do anything—including putting his witness in jail—to assure getting his testimony. (AL,V) 1:43. HBO Oct. 28,31 go HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas, N.Y., N.Y. 10036. E. Thayer Bigelow. President; Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Sr. V.P., Finance; John S. Redpath. Jr., Secretary. 1989 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. All rights reserved. SIGOURNEY WEAVER THE BEST ^ MOVIES!, The Adventure of Dian Fossey Here it is—the five-time Oscar" -nominated 1988 film o( the woman who gave her life for the animals she loved. Sigourney Weaver (nominated for Best Actress) stars as Dian Fossey, who fights to save African mountain gorillas from extinction at the hands of poachers. Passionate and fiercely independent, Fossey lives dangerously with the gorillas in their own rugged world, becoming both their friend and protector. Bryan Brown (F/X) co-stars. (AS,AL,V) PG-13; 2:09. HBO Oct. 1,4,7,10,16,19 p« iM IN TH

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Please Note: Words of caution included before the ratings have now been abbreviated. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild violence. GV Graphic violence. N Nudity. BN Brief nudity. SC Strong sexual content. R Rape. Home Box Office, Cinemax, HBO, MAX and On Location are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. Exclusive titles are exclusive on national pay cable to HBO and/or Cinemax during the term of their license. Oscar and Academy Award are registered trademarks and service marks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. indicates programs in stereo, where available, indican programas en 1—‘espanol, donde fuesen disponibles; indicates programs in Spanish, where available. □ Selected programs closed-captioned by the National Captioning Institute. Registered service mark of the National Captioning Institute. Used with permission. Special decoder needed. HBO and Cinemax reserve the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Photo Credits: P.6—Memories of Me: Mega; P.9—Not-So-Great Moments: UPl/Bettmann Newsphotos; PAO—Billy Crystal: Ken Regan; PM—The Kids in the Hall: (Group) Nigel Dickson, (Hand) Maria Ferrari; P.12—Common Threads: Marc Geller; Tales From the Crypt: Aaron Rapoport; P. 14—Nature Watch: A. Holbrook/ Miller Comstock Inc.; P.16—To Catch a Thief: Memory Shop; P.18—Mogambo: Memory Shop; The Cincinnati Kid: Movie Still Archives; P.21— Don’t Knock the Rock: Photofest; P.23 —Tucker: Zimberoff/Liaison; P.26—-Young Guns: O’Neill/ Sygma; P.37—Twist Around the Clock: Movie Still Archives; P.39—Red King: Egon Endrenyi. This program guide is available by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Consumer Affairs, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036. Send no money at this time. 38 HBO ORIGINAL MOVIE RED KING, WHITE KNIGHT Max von Sydow Tom Skerritt HBO COMEDY HOUR THE MONTREAL INTERNATIONAL COMEDY FESTIVAL 1989

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This month on... hb& sninmEffl Seven Minutes in Heaven Charming comedy. See page 13. (AL,BN) PG-13; 1:28. HBO Oct. 4,10,14,20,22,30 g 17 Going on Nowhere Family drama. See page 14. :31. HBO Oct. 4,13,19,24 The Seventh Sign Thriller with Demi Moore and Michael Biehn. (AL,V,BN) R-1:37. HBO Oct. 4,9 O HD Shakedown Did a drug kingpin kill a New York City policeman in cold blood or self defense? Peter Weller stars in this gritty action drama. (AS,AL,V) R-1:36. HBO Oct. 2,10,13,28 g O Shane Classic Western. See page 13. 1:58. HBO Oct. 5,10,18,28 ESD The Shining Thriller with Jack Nicholson. See page 17. (AL,GV,N) R-2:24. MAX Oct. 22,27,30 g Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger Arabian Nights adventure. See page 13. G-1:53. HBO Oct. 5,9,14,20,25 ® Skin Game Two con artists pull a clever scam as they wander through pre-Civil War Kansas and Missouri. James Garner and Lou Gossett star. (AL,MV) PG-1:42. MAX Oct. 25,31 M Slumber Party Massacre II Hey, | let’s stay up all night, do each other’s hair and get slaughtered! Ex-Playboy centerfold Kimberly McArthur and her all-girl band are menaced by a vicious leather-clad driller-killer. (AL,GV,N) R-1:23. MAX Oct. 28,31 ; Some Girls Young romance takes a few tender and unusual turns in this gentle, sentimental comedy. Michael has come to Quebec to meet his girlfriend’s family. But they’re an eccentric bunch, with a grandmother who changes Michael’s life. (AL,N) R-1:30. HBO Oct. 3,8,12,23 ft Someone to Watch Over Me The I mob wants to kill her. A New York cop wants to keep her safe—and finds himself wanting her too—in this absorbing, romantic thriller. (AS,AL,V) R-1:46. HBO Oct. 5,15,20,25 gOg Special Delivery Comedy with Cybill Shepherd. See page 13. (AL,V,N) PG-1:39. HBO Oct. 4,9,13,18,22 Spellbinder A yuppie lawyer has finally met the girl of his dreams. She seems too good to be true, and she is. She's a runaway witch from a cult of Satan worshippers. (AL,V,N) R-1:39. HBO Oct. 17,22,27,31 g O Stealing Home Bittersweet drama with Jodie Foster. (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:38. hbo Oct. 3,7,11 go HD Steel Dawn Patrick Swayze stars in this action-packed adventure set in a post-nuclear future. (V,BN) R-1:41. HBO Oct. 3,7,13,18 O Steven Wright Suspect Spellbinder The Story of the Dancing Frog 36 Steve McQueen: Man on the Edge Crazy About the Movies An intimate portrait of Hollywood’s tough, sexy loner. :58. MAX Oct. 10,30 Steven Wright in “The Appointments of Dennis Jennings” The winner of the 1988 Academy Award® for Best Live Action Short Film. :30. HBO Oct. 5,10,15,19,21 g Stir Crazy Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor team up for big laughs in this off-the-wall prison comedy. (AS,AL, AH) R-1:51. MAX Oct. 1,6,12,16,21,31 Stopover Tokyo Robert Wagner and Joan Collins star in this 1957 espionage tale. 1:40. MAX Oct. 5,20 O The Story of the Dancing Frog New animated family show. See page 15. :30. HBO Oct. 3,11,21,27,30 The Stranger An eyewitness to a slaying loses her memory in this thriller. (AL,V,N) R-1:29. MAX Oct. 4 g O Stripes Bill Murray is the modern military’s most unlikely hero in this wild comedy romp. (AL,MV) R-1:46. MAX Oct. 12,20,23,28 g Stripped to Kill A murderer is terrorizing a third-rate L.A. strip joint. (AL,V,N) R-1:26. MAX Oct. 7,13 Student Affairs When Hollywood hits a New Jersey high school, the cameras roll for rowdy fun. (AS,AL,N) R-1:30. MAX Oct. 6,14 Suspect Cher plays a Washington lawyer in this suspenseful courtroom thriller. With Dennis Quaid. (AL,V) R-2:01. HBO Oct. 7,13,18,23 g O Sweet Hearts Dance Don Johnson stars. See page 5. (AL,BN) R-1:41. HBO Oct. 8,11,14,19,24,30 gOg Switching Channels Kathleen Turner and Burt Reynolds star in this snappy update of The Front Page. (AS,AL) PG-1:45. MAX Oct. 2,8 g O Sword of Gideon HBO Original Movie A commando team is out to avenge the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. (V) 2:28. HBO Oct. 2,10,25 g A Tales From the Crypt Three stories of terror with a twist from some of Hollywood’s top directors. Strong content. Ftorental discretion advised. 1:21. HBO Oct. 31 g O Tales of Little Women Animated HBO series. :23. A New Life in a New Town: Oct. 2; The Boy Next Door: Oct. 9; Meg’s First Dance: Oct. 16; Lincoln's Gettysburg Address: Oct. 23; Invitation to the Dance: Oct. 30 Tales of Washington Irving Two classic American stories. See page 14. :47. HBO Oct. 7,13,17,22,27,30 Target When Matt Dillon’s mother is kidnapped, he learns some surprising things about his supposedly humdrum dad (Gene Hackman). (AL,V,BN) R-1:57. HBO Oct. 6,10,26,29 g “10” Blake Edwards' sexy, romantic comedy about a middle-aged man’s pursuit of the perfect “10.” Dudley Moore and Bo Derek star. (AL,N) R-1:57. HBO Oct. 1,12,21,30 HD Ten Tall Men Burt Lancaster stars in this rousing 1951 Foreign Legion tale. 1:37. MAX Oct. 10 Ten Wanted Men Randolph Scott stars in this action-packed 1955 Western. With Richard Boone. 1:20. MAX Oct. 6 Terror Squad Chuck Connors stars in this taut thriller about Libyan terrorists invading an Indiana town. (AS,AL

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NOW PART OF THE MONDAY PRIME-TIME LINEUP! Encyclopedia An HBO and Children’s Television Workshop Presentation Catch the program that’s volumes of family entertainment... from A to Z1:28. This month: intriguing words beginning with the letters C through H. The C Volume HBO Oct. 1; The D Volume Oct. 3,8; The E Volume Oct. 10,15; The F Volume Oct. 17,22; The G Volume Oct. 24,29; The H Volume Oct. 31 p O A Distinguished Productions, Inc. series. The Worst Witch Magical special effects and a funny story make this a real family Halloween treat! 1:10. HBO Oct. 5,9,18,22,26,31 p O Don’t miss this look at the wild beauty of exotic animals in their natural habitats, captured in extraordinarily beautiful photography. :24. This month: Little Tern Bird HBO Oct. 2,4,6,7; City Dwellers Oct. 9,11,13,14; Bird of the Arctic: Rock Ptarmigan Oct. 16,18, 20,21; Cuckoo Birds Oct. 25 p A new episode every Monday evening! The Gift Babar wants to find a unique gift for the Old Lady. :25. HBO Oct. 1 Rhino War Rataxes’ army declares war on Celesteville 1:25. HBO Oct. 2,5,6,8 Konga the Terrible Babar gets shipwrecked. :25. HBO Oct. 9,12,13,15 Elephant’s Express Babar must reroute a railway. :25. HBO Oct. 16,19,20,22 The Intruder Was there a monster in the palace? :25. HBO Oct. 23,26,27,29 King Tuttle’s Vote Rataxes “king-naps” the Tortoise King. :25. HBO Oct. 30 Under the Influence Hard-hitting documentary about drinking and driving. :49. HBO Oct. 5,8,16,26 Around the World in Eighty Days Jules Verne’s classic story of Phineas Fogg’s voyage! 1:05. HBO Oct. 1,6,11,17,23 Tales of Washington Irving The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle. 47. HBO Oct. 7,13,17,22,27,30 17 Qoing on Nowhere Emilio Estevez stars in this sensitive coming-of-age drama. :31. HBO Oct. 4,13,19,24 CHILDREN’S CHECKERBOARD A different episode of a different family series every weekday morning! 14 HBO Family Playhouse: Little Miss Perfect A touching, realistic drama about a girl’s efforts to live up to her mother’s unrealistic expectations. :45. HBO Oct. 2,10,18,21,24 The Survival Series “Lights! Action! Africa! An unusual, behind-the-scenes look at how nature films are made. Narrated by Edward Asner. 49 HBO Oct. 2,15,19,24,28 WKo Loves Amy Tonight Laura Dern plays a teenage girl who makes a habit of lying. But one day all of her lies begin to catch up with her. Sensitive content. 26 HBO Oct. 12,20,25,31 The Story of the Dancing Frog An animated musical based on Quentin Blake’s children’s book. Sad and lonely after the death of her husband, Gertrude has her life changed when she finds a frog dancing on a lily pad! Narrated by Amanda Plummer. 30 HBO Oct. 3,11,21,27,30 A new episode every Monday evening! Join ghostly Fughetta Faffner and her crew of MUPPETS™ in this exclusive new family series. :30. p Music Is More Than Technique Piganini loses his confidence! Ry Cooder, Julia Fordham. HBO Oct.2 The Voice is an I nstrument Farkas sells Faffner Hall to a zookeeper! Thomas Allen guests. HBO Oct.9 Reacting to Sounds Fughetta searches for other ghosts. Dizzy Gillespie, H.K. Gruber. HBO Oct.16 If You Can Play It, It’s an Instrument Farkas wants to turn musical instruments into scrap! Courtney Pine, David Sawyer. HBO Oct. 23 Improvised Music A musical maze! Ladysmith Black Mambazo. HBO 0ct.30 JIM HENSON’S GHOST OF FAFFNER HALL and character names are trademarks of Henson Associates, Inc. © Henson Associates, Inc. 1989. 15

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This month on... HB®M7/z7MzM7 Adam’s Woman Beau Bridges stars in this epic about the taming of the Australian frontier. He plays an American sentenced to a penal colony in the outback. (AS,V) 1:56. MAX Oct. 3,7,12,20 The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Animated version of Twain’s classic on HBO. :24. No School for Pirates: Oct.6; Tom Steals Home: Oct. 13; Pirates at Their Own Funeral: Oct. 20; Tom’s Moment of Glory: Oct. 27 Against All Odds Football player Jeff Bridges pursues femme fatale Rachel Ward into a dangerous web of Los Angeles corruption in this steamy thriller. With James Woods (BestSeller).(AL, V,N) R-2:01. MAX Oct. 2,11,15 Airport 1975 A 747 is crippled and without a pilot at 12,000 feet. The passengers’ only hope is airline troubleshooter Charlton Heston, who must board the jet in mid-flight! (AS.AL.MV) PG-1:46. MAX Oct. 7,13,25 American Gothic Backwoods psychos run amok with horrifying results! With Rod Steiger, Yvonne DeCarlo. (AS,AL,V) R-1:29. HBO Oct. 4 rt And God Created Woman Steamy love drama with Rebecca DeMornay, Frank Langella. See page 8. (AL,N,SC) 1:38. HBO Oct. 26,29 O The Anderson Tapes Ex-con Sean Connery plots a million-dollar heist in this stylish, fast-paced caper directed by Sidney Lumet. With Dyan Cannon, Christopher Walken, Alan King. (AS,AL, MV.BN) PG-1:39. MAX Oct. 1,5,13,18 Animals Are Beautiful People From fleetfooted gazelles to “drunken” orangutans, this film offers a view of some very human African animals. G-1:28. MAX Oct. 9,16,22,31 Anzio A big budget and big stars power this 1968 Dino DeLaurentiis epic about the WWII Allied landing at Anzio. Robert Mitchum stars. (AL,V) PG-1:57. MAX Oct. 14,19,29 Around the World in Eighty Days Animated Jules Verne tale. See page 14. 1:05. HBO Oct. 1,6,11,17,23 Arthur 2: On the Rocks Dudley Moore returns as the rich, wry drunk the world toasted in Arthur. Liza Minnelli co-stars. (AL) PG-1:53. MAX Oct. 1,9,14,20,25 p O B Au Revoir, Les Enfants Cinemax Import Memories of a WWII boyhood in France. See page 18. (AS,AL) PG-1:45. MAX Oct. 18,23,27,29 O Babar Charming, animated adventures of the beloved elephant king. See page 14. :25. HBO Oct. 1; 2,5,6,8; 9,12,13,15; 16,19,20,22; 23,26,27,29; 30 Au Revoir, Les Enfants And God Created Woman Billy Crystal “Midnight Train to Moscow Baby Boom Diane Keaton stars as a businesswoman who inherits a baby in this comedy. Sam Shepard. (AS,AL) PG-1:50. MAX Oct. 7,17,25,29 p O M Battered America Undercover Battered women. :57. HBO Oct. 3 p The Beat A teenage misfit uses his poetry to rally support against an uncaring system. With John Savage. (AL,V) R-1:42. MAX Oct. 11 O Bell, Book and Candle James Stewart falls in love with beautiful witch Kim Novak in this 1958 romantic comedy. With Jack Lemmon, Elsa Lanchester, Hermione Gingold, Ernie Kovacs. 1:43. MAX Oct. 10,18,23,28 Betrayed Topical drama with Debra Winger and Tom Berenger. (AS,AL,V) R-2:06. HBO Oct. 5,10 p O 5 Big Bad Mama II Angie Dickinson comes blasting back as an outlaw on the run. (AL,V,N) R-1:23. MAX Oct. 6 The Big Heat Glenn Ford and Lee Marvin star in this 1953 gangster melodrama. (V) 1:29. MAX Oct. 4 ED Billy Crystal “Midnight Itain to Moscow” Comedy in Russia! See page 10. 1:30. HBO Oct. 21,25,29 p O Biloxi Blues Matthew Broderick stars in Neil Simon’s autobiographical comedy/drama, set in a WWII Army boot camp in Mississippi. With Christopher Walken. (AS,AL) PG-13; 1:47. MAX Oct. 18,23,28 p O The Blackboard Jungle “Rock Around the Clock” by Bill Haley and the Comets sets the tone for this tough-as-nails ’55 classic about apathy, defiance and danger in a large city high school. Glenn Ford plays an idealistic new teacher, who comes up against student Sidney Poitier. With Anne Francis as Ford’s wife. BAA/; 1:41. MAX Oct. 8,12,17,30 Bless the Beasts and Children Misfits at summer camp. See page 13. (AL,V) PG-1:42. HBO Oct. 5,16,30 Blind Justice Drama. See page 13. (AS) 1:30. HBO Oct. 3,6,16,29 Born Free In this true story, a gamekeeper and his wife adopt an orphaned lion cub in East Africa. The 1966 movie is based on Joy Adamson’s best-seller about Elsa the lioness. 1:31. MAX Oct. 17,22,26 Buy and Cell “Insider trading” takes on a whole new meaning in this comedy. When nerdy stockbroker Robert Carradine finds himself in jail and in trouble with his cellmates, he does what any Wall Street pro would do—a deal! With Michael Winslow. (AL,MV,N) R-1:31. MAX Oct. 7,13,17,22 ft 30 Call of the Wild A thrilling 1935 adventure set in gold rush-era Alaska. Clark Gable stars in Jack London’s classic story of a man and his faithful dog. With Loretta Young and Jack Oakie. B/W; 1:21. MAX Oct. 4,16 Captive Hearts A captured American flier loses his heart to a young Japanese widow in this romantic WWII drama. With Pat Morita. (AS,AL,V) PG-1:41. HBO Oct. 3,14,27 p O Cat Ballou Jane Fonda and Lee Marvin star in the 1965 saga of a sweet-tempered schoolmarm turned outlaw. (AS,AL,MV) 1:36. MAX Oct. 8,17,26 Cheech & Chong’s Nice Dreams An ice cream truck manned

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Wednesday 4 6:00a MAX The Big Heat p. 30 7:00 HBO 17 Going on Nowhere p. 14 7:30 HBO Nature Watch Little Tern Bird p. 14 MAX Call of the Wild p. 31 8:00 HBO Gorillas in the Mist p. 3 9:00 MAX Illegally Yours p. 32 10:30 HBO On Location: The Louie Anderson Show p. 33 11:00 MAX Salamander p. 35 11:30 HBO The Natural p. 34 1:00p MAX The Ghost and Mrs. Muir p. 32 2:00 HBO Special Delivery p. 13 2:45 MAX Two Mules for Sister Sara p. 37 4:00 HBO 17 Going on Nowhere p. 14 4:30 HBO Seven Minutes in Heaven p. 13 MAX Don’t Knock the Rock p. 31 6:00 HBO Moonstruck p. 34 MAX The Cincinnati Kid p. 31 8:00 HBO Gorillas in the Mist p. 3 MAX No Way Out p. 34 10:00 MAX Midnight Express p. 34 10:30 HBO The Kids in the Hall p. 11 11:00 HBO The Seventh Sign p. 36 12:00 MAX North by Northwest p. 16 12:40a HBO American Gothic p. 30 2:15 HBO Terror Squad p. 32 2:20 MAX The Stranger p. 36 3:50 HBO The Cotton Club p. 31 3:55 MAX No Way Out p. 34 20 Thursday 5 6:00a MAX Jane Eyre p. 33 6:15 HBO The Worst Witch p. 14 7:30 HBO Babar Rhino War p. 14 7:45 MAX Stopover Tokyo p. 36 8:00 HBO Desperately Seeking Susan p. 31 9:30 MAX War and Peace p. 37 10:00 HBO Bless the Beasts and Children p. 13 12:00 HBO Shane p. 13 1:00p MAX See No Evil p. 35 2:00 HBO Steven Wright in “The Appointments of Dennis Jennings” p. 36 2:30 HBO Flowers in the Attic p. 32 MAX Having a Wild Weekend p. 32 4:00 HBO Linder the Influence p. 14 MAX Fat City p. 32 5:00 HBO Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger p. 13 6:00 MAX The Anderson Tapes p. 30 7:00 HBO Desperately Seeking Susan p. 31 8:00 MAX Love Child p. 33 9:00 HBO Someone to Watch Over Me p. 36 10:00 MAX Paramedics p. 34 11:00 HBO Inside the NFL p. 9 11:30 MAX The Last Temptation of Christ p. 18 12:00 HBO Running Scared p. 6 1:50a HBO The Kids in the Hall p. 11 2:15 MAX Frenzy p. 16 2:20 HBO Betrayed p. 30 4:15 MAX The Long Riders p. 33 4:30 HBO Robert Townsend & His Partners in Crime IV p. 35 5:35 HBO Steven Wright p. 36 Friday 6 6:00a MAX Love Me Tender p. 34 6:15 HBO Around the World in Eighty Days p. 14 7:30 HBO Adventures of Tom Sawyer No School lor Pirates p. 30 MAX Come to the Stable p. 31 8:00 HBO The Heist p. 32 9:00 MAX That's Dancing! p. 37 10:00 HBO Blind Justice p. 13 11:00 MAX King Solomon's Mines p. 33 11:30 HBO Oklahoma Crude p. 13 1:00p MAX Ten Wanted Men p. 37 1:30 HBO Transplant: America Undercover p. 37 2:00 HBO Rocky II p. 35 2:30 MAX Crazy Moon p. 31 4:00 HBO Nature Watch Little Tern Bird p. 14 MAX The Odessa File p. 34 4:30 HBO Babar Rhino War p. 14 5:00 HBO The Heist p. 32 6:15 MAX For Keeps? p. 32 7:00 HBO Inside the NFL p. 9 8:00 HBO To Live and Die in L.A. p. 37 MAX Stir Crazy p. 36 10:00 HBO Wanted: Dead or Alive p. 37 MAX Dead Ringers p. 5 12:00 HBO The Kids in the Hall p. 11 MAX Student Affairs p. 36 12:30a HBO Code of Silence p. 31 1:30 MAX Destroyer p. 31 2:15 HBO Inside the NFL p. 9 3:05 MAX Wild and Beautiful on Ibiza p. 37 3:15 HBO Target p. 37 4:35 MAX Big Bad Mama II p. 30 5:15 HBO In Dangerous Company p. 33 I HBO FRIDAYS Vice Fighters October 6 To Live and Die in L.A. Wanted: Dead or Alive Night-Light Theater October 13 The Howling III Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Heliraiser Night October 20 Hellraiser Hellhound: Hellraiser II Comic Capers October 27 License to Drive • Feds The Happy Hooker MAX Oct.13,19,22 The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood MAX Oct.20,24,28 The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington MAX Oct.27,31 Thck Rlanbhnani .liinalA The Blackboard Jungle MAX 0ct.8,12,17,30 Dirty Dancing MAX Oct.8,11,14,19 Having a Wild Weekend MAX Oct.5,8,16 Ttoist Around the Clock MAX Oct.11,16 Cinemax Sessions: The Legends of Rock W Roll MAX Oct.8,17,28 Don’t Knock the Rock MAX Oct.4,8,13,17 ROCK THE DAY AWAY-October 8. See Schedule Saturday 7 7:00 8:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 12:30p 2:00 3:00 3:30 4:00 6:00 8:00 10:00 11:40 12:15a 1:15 2:20 2:45 4:00 4:25 MAX Airport 1975 p. 30 HBO Tales of Washington Irving p. 14 HBO Tucker: The Man and His Dream p. 4 MAX Ice Castles p. 32 HBO Inside the NFL p. 9 MAX Illegally Yours p. 32 HBO The World's Greatest Lover p. 13 MAX Grease 2 p. 32 HBO Gorillas in the Mist p. 3 MAX Baby Boom p. 30 HBO Nature Watch Little Tern Bird p. 14 HBO The Natural p.34 MAX The Goodbye Girl p. 32 HBO Stealing Home p. 36 MAX Adam’s Woman p. 30 HBO Tucker: The Man and His Dream p. 4 MAX Ladyhawke p. 33 HBO Gorillas in the Mist p. 3 MAX The Presidio p. 35 MAX Buy and Cell p. 30 HBO Suspect p. 36 MAX Stripped to Kill p. 36 HBO Phantasm II p. 35 MAX Hard Ticket to Hawaii p. 32 HBO Steel Dawn p. 32 MAX Midnight Express p. 34 6:00a HBO A Little Romance p. 13 6:30 MAX Cat Ballou p. 31 8:00 HBO Babar Rhino War p. 14 8:30 HBO Encyclopedia The D Volume p. 14 MAX Switching Channels p. 36 9:00 HBO Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise p. 35 10:30 HBO Satisfaction p. 35 MAX The Great Outdoors p. 32 12:00 HBO In the Mood p. 33 MAX Don’t Knock the Rock p. 31 1:30p MAX Dirty Dancing p. 31 2:00 HBO Man, Woman and Child p. 34 3:30 MAX

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HBO ORIGINAL PROGRAMS Billu Dm [midnight train to Get set for the funniest recent breakthrough in international relations! Billy Crystal breaks new ground in “jokenost” when he becomes America’s first comedy starto perform in the Soviet Union. Following a Field of Dreams-like voice, Crystal has two goals: to bring his stand-up comedy tothe USSR, and to search for his family roots. He brings a hilarious new ensemble of offbeat characters to Russia—and the HBO audience. 1:30. HBO Oct. 21,25,29 p O BILLY CRYSTAL NIGHT SATURDAY, OCTOBER 21 Catch the premieres of Memories of Me Midnight Train to Moscow. Running Scared. 10 NEW SEASON! NEW EPISODES! Wednesday nights starting October 11 on HBO! Don't miss a minute of the five daring, downright disrespectful comedians The New York Times calls “the funniest folks to come along since ‘Saturday Night Live,’ ‘Monty Python,’ Bugs Bunny and Buster Keaton”! :30. (AL.AH) #8: HBO Oct. 2,4,5 #9: Oct. 6,9,11,12 #10: Oct. 20,23,25,26 #11 Oct. 27,30 go FRIDAY NIGHTS! ,---------------------------------------------- The California Bulls come charging back, and the action—both on and off the field—is funnier and hotter than ever! (AL,AH) p The Book According to Zagreb Zagreb promotes a scandalous “tell-all” book. :30. HBO Oct. 11,13,15,17 The Con The Bulls’ manager (O.J. Simpson) recruits a talented jailbird for the team. :30. HBO Oct. 18,20,22,24 False Start A billionaire biker (Vince Edwards) wants to take Dr. Death for a wild ride. :30. HBO Oct. 25,27,29,31

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 Saturday28 S u n d a y 29 Monday 30 6:30a MAX Tucker: The Man 6:00a HBO Memories of Me p. 6 6:00a MAX The Blackboard Jungle p. 30 and His Dream p. 4 MAX Nice Girls 7:00 HBO Story of Dancing Frog p. 15 7:00 HBO The Survival Series Don’t Explode p. 34 7:30 HBO Tales of Little Women Lights! Action! Africa! p. 15 7:30 MAX Anzio p. 30 Invitation to Dance p. 36 8:00 HBO Oh, God! You Devil p. 34 8:00 HBO Babar The Intruder p. 14 8:00 HBO Seven Minutes/Heaven p. 13 8:30 MAX Bell, Book and Candle p. 30 8:30 HBO Encyclopedia G Volume p. 14 MAX Steve McQueen p. 36 10:00 HBO Inside the NFL p. 9 9:00 HBO Running on Empty p. 8 9:00 MAX Law vs. Billy the Kid p. 33 10:30 MAX The Princess Bride p. 35 9:30 MAX Real Men p. 35 9:30 HBO Feds p. 7 11:00 HBO They Still Call Me... 11:00 HBO Blind Justice p. 13 10:30 MAX The Outlaw p. 34 Bruce p. 37 MAX Baby Boom p. 30 11:00 HBO Louie Anderson Show p. 33 12:30p HBO Clara’s Heart p. 7 12:30p HBO Revenge of Nerds II p. 35 12:00 HBO Tucker p.4 MAX Biloxi Blues p. 30 1:00 MAX Lifeboat p. 16 12:30p MAX Cry of the Werewolf p. 31 2:30 HBO Desperately Seeking 2:00 HBO The Howling III p. 32 1:30 MAX The Werewolf p. 37 Susan p. 31 2:45 MAX The Thin Blue Line p. 18 2:00 HBO Beasts and Children p. 13 MAX Cry for Happy p. 31 4:00 HBO Rocky II p. 35 3:00 MAX My Best Friend/Vampire p. 2S 4:30 HBO Shane p. 13 4:30 MAX Wackiest Ship in Army p. 37 4:00 HBO Washington Irving p. 14 MAX Tucker: The Man 6:00 HBO Memories of Me p. 6 4:30 MAX Poltergeist II p. 29 and His Dream p. 4 6:15 MAX Illegally Yours p. 32 5:00 HBO Story of Dancing Frog p. 15 6:30 HBO Flowers in the Attic p. 32 8:00 HBO Sunday Night Movie 5:30 HBO Finnegan Begin Again p. 13 MAX The Great Outdoors p. 32 Running on Empty p. 8 6:00 MAX Poltergeist III p. 29 8:00 HBO Perfect Witness p. 2 MAX The Witches of 7:30 HBO Babar King Tuttle’s Vote p. 14 MAX Young Guns p. 37 Eastwick p. 17 8:00 HBO Jim Henson’s 10:00 HBO Clara's Heart p. 7 10:00 HBO Billy Crystal “Midnight Ghost of Faffner Hall MAX Stripes p. 36 Train to Moscow” p. 10 Improvised Music p. 15 11:50 HBO Wanted: Dead or Alive p. 37 MAX Ironweed p. 17 MAX Pumpkinhead p. 29 MAX Slumber Party 11:30 HBO 1st & Ten: Do It Again 8:30 HBO Feds p. 7 Massacre II p. 36 False Start p. 11 9:30 MAX Waxwork p. 29 1:15a MAX The Hidden p. 32 12:00 HBO And God Created Woman p. 8 10:00 HBO Tucker p. 4 1:40 HBO Wimps p. 37 12:30a MAX Love Child p. 33 11:30 MAX The Shining p. 17 2:55 MAX The Return of 1:40 HBO To Live & Die in L.A. p. 37 11:55 HBO The Kids in the Hall p. 11 the Living Dead II p. 35 2:10 MAX Au Revoir, Les Enfants 12:25a HBO Common Threads p. 12 3:20 HBO Shakedown p. 36 (Dubbed) p. 18 1:35 HBO “10” p. 37 4:25 MAX The Happy Hooker 3:40 HBO An Evening With 2:00 MAX They Live p. 37 Goes Hollywood p. 32 Sammy Davis, Jr. 3:35 HBO Terror Squad p. 32 5:00 HBO Code of Silence p. 31 & Jerry Lewis p. 31 MAX Wild and Beautiful p. 37 5:55 MAX Cinemax Sessions: Legends 4:00 MAX Pat Garrett and 5:00 MAX Rolling Vengeance p. 35 of Rock ’n Roll p. 33 Billy the Kid p. 35 5:10 HBO Sweet Hearts Dance p. 5 4:45 HBO Target p. 37 28 Eastern Standard Time starts Oct. 29. HAUOWEEN NIGHT GHOULS’ NIGHT OUT October 31 on HBO! Tales From the Crypt Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn Hellhound: Hellraiser II Spellbinder Tuesday 31 6:30a MAX Animals Are Beautiful People p. 30 7:00 HBO Who Loves Amy? p. 15 7:30 HBO Encyclopedia The H Volume p. 14 8:00 HBO The World’s Greatest Lover p.13 MAX Who Was That Lady? p. 37 9:30 HBO Perfect Witness p. 2 10:00 MAX To Catch a Thief p. 16 11:30 HBO License to Drive p. 7 12:00 MAX The Man Who Never Was p. 34 1:00p HBO Not-So-Great Moments in Sports: Take III p. 9 2:00 HBO Clara’s Heart p. 7 MAX Skin Game p. 36 4:00 HBO The Worst Witch p. 14 MAX You Must Be Joking! p. 37 5:30 HBO Who Loves Amy? p. 15 6:00 HBO Running on Empty p. 8 MAX The Princess Bride p. 35 8:00 HBO Perfect Witness p. 2 MAX Hot to Trot p. 32 9:30 MAX Stir Crazy p. 36 10:00 HBO Not-So-Great Moments in Sports: Take III p. 9 11:00 HBO Tales From the Crypt Trilogy p. 36 11:30 MAX Jagged Edge p. 33 12:25a HBO Evil Dead 2 p. 31 1:20 MAX The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington p. 32 1:55 HBO Hellraiser II p. 8 2:45 MAX Young Guns p. 37 3:30 HBO Spellbinder p. 36 4:35 MAX Slumber Party Massacre II p. 36 5:15 HBO 1st & Ten: Do It Again p. 11 EE/PW Pumpkinhead Special effects wizard Stan Winston (Aliens) harvests real terror in this tale of a grotesque demon conjured up to avenge the death of a farmer’s son. With Lance Henriksen (Aliens). (AS.AL.GV) R-1:26. MAX Oct.21,26,300 Waxwork A twisted killer lures six college kids into the chamber of horrors at his wax museum, where they become part of the grisly exhibits. A gruesome homage to classic horror flicks. Deborah Foreman. (AS,AL,GV) 1:37. MAXOct.14,25,300 Poltergeist III tomskerritt nancy allen Look for “ lots of scary moments and bizarre characters’ ’ (Newsday) when

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