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Th© Terror Within In the post-plague future a handful of humans make a last stand against hideous mutant gargoyles. George Kennedy stars. (AS.AL.GV) R-1:28. Nov.4,15,24,30 Midnight The host of a TV fright fest has a private life that's messier than any of the shlocky movies she shows! Lynn Redgrave and Tony Curtis star. (ALMN) R*1:26. Nov.2,8,16.260 One Man Force A narcotics detective goes on a rampage after his partner's murder. Non-stop action and thrills starring John Matu-szak and Ronny Cox. (ASALV) R-1:29. Nov.3,14,19,23 O Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Batter Watch Out! The comatose "Santa Claus killer Ricky, is kept alive through ESP in this fright-filled sequel. Watch out! With Richard Beymer (Twin Peaks). (AL. V.BN) R-1:26. Nov.5,11,23,270 22 After Midnight A group of psych students majoring in Fear 101 gets more than they bargained for in this gory scarefest. (AL.GV) R-\:29. Nov.9,15,25,28 O Moontrap Can two moon-bound astronauts save Earth from an invasion of alien robots? A sci-fi '^goodie' raved Variety. (AL.V) R*1:30. Nov.7,10,19,22 Beyond the Limit Richard Gere, Michael Caine in a drama of political intrigue. (ALMN) R-1:43. Nov.6,9 HBO Original Movie: Clinton and Nadine Andy Garcia and Ellen Barkin star in this high-spirited adventure/romance. (AS.ALV) 1:48. Nov.1,7,11,19,22po HBO Original Movie: Perfect Witness Brian Dennehy and Stockard Channing In a drama about justice and duty. (ALV) R-1:41. Nov.8,13,24,29 p o HBO Comedy Hour: Playing the Nutroll: Robert Townsend & His Partners In Crime IV A high-voltage blend of comedy, music and electrifying, finger-in-the-socket lunacy. :59. Nov.1,11,28 po Remember When: Go, Team, Qo! The Story of Sports in America Host Dick Cavett examines America's preoccupation with spectator sports. :59. Nov.6,16,19 Smoking: Everything You and Your Family Need to Know This documentary reveals shocking facts about smoking. :31. Nov.2;15,17 p ffo Jack’s Back A modern-day Jack the Ripper stalks L.A. James Spader. (ALGV.N) R-1:37. Nov.5,14,16,24 p Walk Like a Man Howie Mandel plays a lost heir raised by wolves. (AS.AL) PG-1:26. Nov.4,12,15,20,30 OS Watchers Heads are rolling... literally... in this gory thriller. Corey Haim. (ALMN) M:27. Nov.3,12,16,20,29 St. Elmo’s Fire Emilio Estevez, Ally Sheedy and Rob Lowe star. (ASAL) R-1:48. Nov.6,10,16,21 po Comic Relief1 *90 Hlghllghts-Part II Catch the second part of the all-star comedy benefit for America's homeless. 1:57. Nov.15,20 p O Comic R«5of b o iocWohki Hodornork of Gary Ttifcon. EXCLUSIVE The Best of 90! Another chance to see the year s most popular movies.

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This unique documentary of one of America's most revered politicians chronicles RFKIs rise from being the younger brother of John F. Kennedy to a dynamic national figure in his own right. His widow. Ethel Kennedy, has provided never-before-seen home movies exclusively for this moving portrait of a much-loved figure The program also includes rare audiotapes. From Executive Producer Peter Kunhardt, y / 1988 Emmy Award winner for AI [L/J/ JFK: In His Own Words. 1:00. II fJJ/ 4 / Nov.20,24,26,28 Q Bobby Kennedy: IN HIS OWN WORDS SP He’s more than a singer... JulioJglesias is a phenomenon, and he's coming to your home in November to perform his first HBO full-length concert. Adored as the "International Ambassador of Musics the Madrid-born superstar woos and wins a live audience at the Greek Theater In l.A. as he sings many of his greatest hits, such as “Can't & Help Falling in Love," plus cuts from his brand- jAmk new, all-English album. 1:00. Nov.24,28 o (§3 6 For outrageous gridiron comedy, you just can't beat the Bulls! Don't miss a single new episode this month. (AS.ALN) :30. Q O Don’t Powerburst Mv Bubble Jethro and T.D. almost fumble their friendship by falling head over heels for the same woman. November The Squeeze Zagreb's in debt up to his shoulder-pads from gambling and may have to throw a gamei Nov.14,16.18.19 Take Mv Wives... Please! Guest star Robin Leach aiscavers a marriage-threatening skeleton in Mads closet. And what will Bubba and Jethro do with a newfound suitcase that's full of money? Nov.21.23,25.26 Bull Day Afternoon The entire team is taken hostage by disgruntled fans—in exchange for a hefty ransom! With Lawrence Taylor. Nov.28,30

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NOVEMBER 6-10 i TUE NOV 6 8:10 an PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (:47) 7:00 THE BABY SITTERS CLUB p. 19 7:30 WONDERFUL WIZARD/OZ p. 19 8:00 CROCOOtLF DUNOEEII p 19 10:00 PAPERHOUSE p 21 11:30 REMEMBER WHEN p 22 12:30 pm JUDGMENT (130) 2:00 JEREMIAH JOHNSON p 21 4:00 PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (:47) 8:00 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN BOY DETECTIVE (26) 8:30 THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB "Dawn ond the Haunted House" p. 19 8:00 CROCOOILE" DUNOEE II p. 19 8:00 HARLEM NIGHTS p. 13 10:00 HBO COMEDY HOUR: JOE PISCOPO IN CONCERT p 8 11:00 MAJOR LEAGUE p. 19 12:90 om ST. ELMO'S RRE p. 22 2:40 BEYOND THE UMIT p. 22 4:28 REMEMBER WHEN p. 22 THU NOV 8 8:10 ora THE CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE p. 21 7:30 BABAR "King Tuttle s Vote" (:23) 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL p4 9:00 POLTERGEIST 111 p. 19 11:00 SWEET LIES (1:32) 12:30 pm BEYOND THE STARS p. 4 2:00 A DANGEROUS LIFE - PART 2 p. 21 4:00 THE CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE p.21 8:30 THE SLUGGER'S WIFE p.20 7:18 POLTERGEIST IN p 19 9:00 PERFECT WITNESS p. 22 11:00 INSOE THE NR p.4 12:00 A DRY WHITE SEASON (R l:46) 1:90 am HEART OF MIDNIGHT (R l:29) 3:29 MIDNIGHT p. 22 4:99 A RSH CALLED WANOA p2l HBO...Simply the Best. lL 2SS SS fc. - 8am SVfajpg DUSTIN HOFFMAN TOM CRUISE This bittersweet drama is the 1988 hit that won four Academy Awards*(including Best Picture). (AS.AL) R-2;14. Nov.1,18,27 p O E3 FRI NOV 9 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:30 10:30 12:30 2:19 4:00 4:30 9:30 9:00 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:30 2:10 3:10 4:40 ora WONDERFUL W1ZARD/0Z p. 19 1HE ADVENTURES Of TOM SAWYER 'A Balloon With a View" (:24) BLUE SKIES AGAIN p. 20 MARTIN SHORT p. 21 A MAN FOR ALL SEASONS p 20 pm STAND ANO DELIVER p. 19 A DANGEROUS LIFE PART 3 p. 21 BABAR (23) LEARNING TREE (PG-147) BLUE SKIES AGAIN p. 20 Double Feature Friday STEPFATHER II p. 5 AFTER MIDNIGHT p 22 1ST & TEN IN YOUR FACEI "Don I Powerburel My Bubble" p. 7 JOE PISCOPO P 8 am VAMPIRE'S KISS p. 5 INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 STAYING TOGETHER (R128) BEYOND THE LIMIT p. 22 WED NOV 7 am THE MARZPAN PIG p. 18 NATURE WATCH (:24) POLICE ACADEMY 6 p. 21 TRANSYLVANIA TWIST (PG-I:22) ANIMAL BEHAVIOR p. 21 pm CIUE p 20 A DANGEROUS UFE-PART1 p. 21 WONDERFUL W1ZARD/0Z p. 19 THE SURVIVAL SERIES "Howling Wolves ' p 18 POUCE ACADEMY 6 p. 21 NSIDE THE NFL p. 4 ANIMAL BEHAVIOR p. 21 MOONTRAP p. 22 1ST & TEN: IN YOUR FAC6 Don r Powerburst My Bubble" p. 7 HBO COMEOY HOUR BLAKE CLARK 0 00) am CUNTON AND NADINE p. 22 NEXT OF KM (R-I:4B) IN COUNTRY (R-l:55) 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:30 11:00 12:30 2:18 4:00 4:30 8:30 7:00 8:00 9:30 11:00 11:30 12:30 2:20 4:10 SAT NOV 10 9:30 am 80 STEPS TO JONAH (G-147) 9:30 SECOND SI6HT p. 4 10:00 INSIDE THE NR p. 4 11:00 HARD TIMES p.20 12:30 pm ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN: BOY DETECTIVE "The Case ot the Amazing Race Car (:26) 1:00 "CROCODILE" DUNDEE I p. 19 3:00 POLICE ACADEMY 6: CITY UNDER SIEGE p.21 4:30 STEAUNGHOME p. 21 9:19 SHAG. THE MOVIE (PG-I:39) 9:00 Saturday Night Movie SECONO SIGHT p. 4 9:30 HBO COMEOY HOUR: LOUIE ANDERSON: COMEDY ON CANVAS p 8 10:30 "CROCODILE" DUNDEE I p. 19 12:29 om ALIEN p. 9 2:28 MOONTRAP p. 22 4:00 ST. ELMO'S RRE p. 22 10 ■■■■■■■ SUN NOV 11 8:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 11:00 1:00 2:00 3:48 8:30 7:00 9:00 11:00 11:30 am BIG p. 19 BABAR "King Tuttle’s Vole" (:23) WONDERFUL WIZARO/OZ p 19 WORTH WINNING p 6 THE SLUGGER'S WIFE p 20 pm THE SURVIVAL SERIES “Howling Wolves" p. 18 IN THE MOOO p 21 HIGH SPIRITS p.20 ANIMAL BEHAVIOR p. 21 BIG p 19 Sunday Night Movie WORTH WINNING p. 5 DREAM ON "Angst for ilie Memories" p. 4 1ST & TEN: IN YOUR FACE! "Don't Powerburst rBOaaaBESQQBQfr VAc I MONDAY I MAIN EVENT NOVEMBER 11-15 A blockbuster movie every Monday night! NOVEMBER 5 SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL NOVEMBER 12 THE NAKED GUN: FROM THE FILES OF POLICE SQUADI MON NOV 12 8:30 am PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (:47) 7:30 TALES OF LITTLE WOMEN "Jo Shares Her Fortune” (:23) 8:00 POLTERGEIST III p 19 9:48 CROSSING DELANCEY p.20 11:30 WALK LIKE A MAN p 22 1:00 pm TRANSYLVANIA TWIST (PG-152) 2:30 BEYOND THE STARS p 4 4:00 CLUE p.20 8:48 POLTERGEIST II p 19 7:30 BABAR "The Intruder (:23) 8:00 THE NAKED GUN (PG13-125) 9:30 HBO COMEOY HOUR: JOE PISCOPO IN CONCERT p 8 10:30 WATCH RS p. 22 My Bubble" p 7 NOVEMBERS 12:00 STEPFATHER II p. 5 12:00 2:00 IN COUNTRY (R-155) ora SILENT NIGHT, CRIMINAL LAW 1:30 ora 1ST & TEN: IN YOUR FACE! "Don’t Powerburst OEADLY NIGHT III p. 22 NOVEMBER 26 “ " LEVIATHAN My Bubble" p. 7 3:30 ROBERT TOWNSENO p 22 2:00 MAJOR LEAGUE p 19 4:39 CUNTON ANO NADINE p. 22 3:90 HARLEM NIGHTS p. 13 TUE NOV 13 WED NOV 14 THU NOV 15 8:00 ora CONTRACT FOR UFE p. 19 8:40 an THE DAY THE SENIOR CLASS 7:00 ora ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN 7:00 THE MARZIPAN PIG p. 18 GOT MARRIED (:45) BOY DETECTIVE 7:30 THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ "The Emerald City. 7:30 NATURE WATCH “Cuckoo Birds" (:24) "The Case of the Amazing Roce Cor (:26) Coplured" p. 19 8:00 THE ODESSA FILE p 20 7:30 BABAR 8:00 POUCE ACADEMY 6 p 21 10:19 HIGH SPIRITS p.20 “The Intruder (:23) 9:30 CHIMPS: SOUKEUS p 21 12:00 SOLARBABIES p.20 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.4 10:00 SHE'S HAVING A BABY p. 5 1:30 pn MARTIN SHORT p 21 9:00 ANIMAL BEHAVIOR

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The Berenstaln Bears’ Christmas TVaa 80 Steps to Jonah Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective: The Case of the Amazing Race Car The Learning Ttoe The Survival Series: Howling Wolves Nov.5,8.9,11; 12,15,16.18; 19.22,25; 26,29,30 The Marzipan Pig Russell Koban's poetio children's ^0»y comes to life in this haunting animaled film. It's a tale about misadventures of a sweet maalpoh pig who accidentally falls behind a sofa. What h8pp^ns'n^|n^ gentle. choffrr^gcommentar^on^^the-cy^l^Bf-n^tolr^f With the voice^Iim Curry, anlmatto by Mikael Spom and music by Caleb Sampson. .30 Nov.5,7,13.22,26 p MV(PG)Nov.9.20.30 A different episode of a different family series every weekday morning! Major League TIER HBO SERIES WONDERFUL \x>^)///. A new episode evoty Sunday momlnal GUndo AfriafejbHeip Atifcfihci throne Is : .23. Nov4.6.7.9Q> theEmerold City. Coptured Mbmbi r*rekn wicked soqB. MomtjV: Is the reol Mombff : Nov. 1B.2o.21.23 a 6zmo. Princess^ Ot Gllnd<3 diSr^y coverst^J^^dbput G2rna.;23. NoVi4&,27t283Ofy0 Dawn and the Haunted House A new. exclusive HBO family special based on the popular book series by Ann M. Martin. Some smart and spunky girls set up their own baby-sitting business. But has one of them fallen under a witch's spell? :30. Nov.2,6,17,21,29 William Zabka (The Karate tfdjand Stephen Macht (Cagney and Lacey) star In this timely, realistic I drama. It's based on the true story behind the formation of Students Against Drunk Driving. :45. Nov.5, 13,17,19,25,29 Root, root, root for the hilarious home team in this comedy hit. Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen and Corbin Bernsen Join a team of misfits. (AS.AL) R-1:47. Nov.2,6,12,18.22.28 p« "Crocodile” Dundee II Paul Hogan returns as everybody's favorite Aussie in this blockbuster comedy sequel with plenty of rock 'em. sock 'em laughsl (AL,V) PG*1:52. Nov.2,6,10,19.25.29 qo| Big A shrimpy 13-year-old boy wishes he were “big" — and presto, his wish comes all too true! Tom Hanks. (AS.AL) PG-1:44. Nov.3,11,20,23,28 po Cocoon Friendly aliens from a distant galaxy rev up the lives of some golden-agers In this charming fantasy. Don Ameche. WiMord Brimley. (AS.AL. BN) PG-13; 1:57. Nov.4,13,17,22,26,30 go Stand and Deliver Edward James Olmos plays a dedicated educator in this comedy /drama based on fact. Lou Diamond Phillips. (AL) PG-143. Nov.1,4,9,19,23 p Ba Poltergeist III Look for “lots of scary moments and bizarre characters" (Newsday) in this chilling sequel. (AL.V) PG-13; 1:38. Nov.8,12,18,21,24,30 gn 19

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HBO... Simply the Best! Movies Page 22 After Midnight 9 Alien p 21 Animal Behavior p 22 Beyond the Limit 4 Beyond tie Stars 19 BigP 21 The Christmas Wife P 22 Clinton and Nadine p 19 Cocoon P 19 "Crocodile" Dundee IIP (51 21 A Dangerous Lite P 12 Descending Angel P ds) 3 The Fabulous Baker BoysP 17 Fat Man and Little Boy P £3 21 A Fish Called Wanda p 01) 13 Harlem Nights P 03 21 In the Mood P 22 Jack's Back p 4 Leviathan p 19 Major LeogueP 22 Midnight 22 Moontrap 5 No Retreat, No Surrender II 22 One Man Force 21 Paperhouse 22 Perfect Witness P 21 Police Academy 6: City Under Siege P (Ml 19 Poltergeist III p 053 10 Rain Man p 03 4 Second Sight p 5 She's Having a Baby p 22 Sient Night, Deadly Night III 22 St. Elmo's Fire P 19 Stand and Deliver p EB 21 Stealing Home p (51 5 Stepfather II p 4 Taxi Driver 22 The Terror Within 5 Vampire's Kiss P 22 Walk Like a Man GD 22 Watchers 5 Worth Winning p Daytime on HBO 20 Bandolero! P 20 Blue Skies Again 20 Burning Secret 21 The Chipmunk Adventure p 20 CluePEl 20 Crossing Delancey P EJ 20 Hard Times 20 High Spirits P 21 Jeremiah Johnson 20 A Man for All SeasonsP 20 The Odessa File P 20 The Slugger's Wife p E3 20 Solarbabies P 20 Vibes P 21 The Wrong Guys P Original Programs 0 Bobby Kennedy: In His Own WOrdsP 21 Chimps: So Like Us P EI3 21 Clint, "The Rookie* and Me by Charlie Sheen 22 Comic Relief '90 Highlights - Part II p 4 Dream On P 7 1 st & Ten: In Your Focel 8 George Carlin P 8 HBO Comedy Hour: Joe PiscopoP Paula Poundstone P 6 Julio Iglesias (51 8 Louie Anderson p 21 Martin Short p 5 Real Sex p 22 Remember When 22 Robert Townsend P 22 Smoking p (5) Sports 4 Inside the NFL Family 18 HBO Family Shows Limited Plays* Block Raino® -11/2 Blake Clarkpo-11/4,7,13 Criminal Law p o -11/19 A Dry White Season P o -11/5,8,13 Heart of Midnight o -11/4,8 In Country P «• • 11/2,7,11 Judgment po@-l 1/3,6 The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! P E) -11/12 NextofKinpo-11/1,7 The Record Breakers of Sport P 23* 11/14 See No Evil, Hear No Evil p -11/5 Shag, The Movie p «-11/1,5,10 Staying Together p o -IT/1,4,9 Street Justice -11/30 Sweet Lies -11/5,8 Transylvania Twist -11/2,7,12 In mo* com InM plays ora dwtil in os* monti'igutd* 11 rtoow programs m itaraa avaMaMo (0^1 Indcan proawnat w> MpQfloL dondt tuosoo (Mportom. rdioalM program in Spormft. tfWMlcM, □ SMctoapopamsciOMiHaplonedbyni* “ NJlond Cupknng hum* fegntow t*vc» itwk cf tK) IKItooci CopicrinQ lnstti» Usedvwn pvnwon dnadM rwM ExJusv* IHm an wdusve on nalbnal po/ couo to MDO anotar CMw dwnj me cfmii icansa liw MDO Gu&i It .• ii: • *.•. ini; . Oy Home 9oi Otto. Me. IIOOArtMtfallh* Amirtcos. Now Yak. NMr Wt 10030 C Tnovu BlgtfOW. PiMMMt Aftoyl BtwHa. EmcutvuVo*PhwJkiIendWcf FnroiOo. jcflnS tedpdh. Jr. Samkay. 01900 HonwtoiOfto* Inc All r.;Mn wtrvad Oscar1 nominee for Best Actress of 1989 Boys, a lousy nightclub duo (Jeff and Beau Michelle Pfeiffer sizzles as a lollapalooza Bridges). Family man Beau has never chanteuse in this hilarious and touching liked his kid brother's wastrel ways, but he hit romantic comedy. She plays a world- hits the roof when Jeff and Michelle start weary singer who may be the best thing "makin' whoopee" offstage as well as on! that ever happened to the bickering Baker (AL.BN) R-1:54. Nov.17,21.23,26,29 go EXCLUSIVE! HBO PREMIERE SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 17

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Midway through the season. If ssfl# a toss-up where teams are headed. Follow the action as tan Dawson, Nick Buonicontl and Cris Coillnsworth show highlights of every NFL gome including analyses and In-slghts as to what we can expect from here on. And on November 7 and 28, don't miss the on-tocatlon shows from major NFL cities. 100. Nov. 1,2,3; 7,8,9. BlO; 14,15,16,17; 21,22, 123,24; 28,29,30 O No fooling, no faking—this provocative adults-only video magazine criss-crosses the country to look at the mating methods of the ^Os. From Peoria to New York to Denver, find out what's ''normal” in sex styles today. This program Is intended tor mature audiences only. 1:00. Nov.13,17,21,26,29 g Beyond the Stais MARTIN SHEEN A teenager (Christian Slater) dreams of becoming an astronaut. F. Murray Abraham. (AL) PG*1:28. Nov.4.8,12,20,24,28 O Leviathan PETER WELLER Mutant monsters In search of human prey threaten the crew of an undersea mining station in this sci-fi thriller. With Richard Crenna. (AL.GV) R-1:38. Nov.16,26 g O 4 Dream On HBO's comedy series that's "sexy, urbane, sneaky and funny" (L.A. Times). Brian Benben stars. :27. Nov.4;11;18;25go Taxi Driver ROBERT DE NIRO Martin Scorcese's riveting drama about a psychotic cabbie prowling the sordid streets of Manhattan. With Jodie Foster, Cybill Shepherd. (ALj9V)M\54, Nov.13.17,21.26 She’S Having a Baby KEVIN BACON A young couple faces the Joys and trials of marriage. Elizabeth McGovern. (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:46. Nov. No Retreat, No Surrender II Three tough commandos assault a communist fortress deep in the Cambodian jungle in this fast-paced martial arts ad- I venture. (ALV) R-1:29. Nov.30 o Stepfather N TERRY O'QUINN Daddy's home... and he's wielding one awfully sharp knife! Meg Foster (Leviathan). (AS.AL.GV) R*1:28. Nov.9,12.15,24,27 g Vampire's Kiss NICOLAS CAGE A controversial black comedy that puts the teeth back into the frightening Dracula legend. With Jennifer Beals, Elizabeth Ashley. (ALV.N) R-1:36. Nov.9.14,18,30 g O 5 roq uettex^ Mi An ex-cop hires a psychic to help run his HBO SPECIAL Can a man have it all? Mark Harmon gives It his best shot In this comedy of dating, mating and marriage. On a bet with his married pals, the successful, sought-after Harmon sets out to become engaged to three beauties in three months. (AS,AL) PG-13; 1:42. Nov.11,17,20.23,26.29 g O

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►lo< Fiscopo in Conc«rt ► >mli Nwdrtom Cats, Cops and Staff comedy. New for November: Joe Piscopo in Concert The pumped-up punster delivers hilarious comedy sketches, music parodies-and even his own cartoonl (ALAH) 1:00. Nov.3,6,9,12,1822 p O Paula Poundstone: Cats, Cops and Stuff Catch her off-center opinions on everything from hypochondriac cats to killer pop tarts. (ALAH) 1:00. Nov. 17,21,25,27,30 Q O Plus... Louie Anderson -Comedy on Canvas The hometown comic seeks out the hilarious in everyday llfel :55. NOV.10.19Q O George Carlin - Doin'It Again His pungent punchlines are aimed at issues from the meaning of life to Marilyn Quayle. :59. Nov.4,1624 p O George Carlin HBO... Simply the Best! THU NOV 1 6:00 om ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN; BOY DETECTIVE ( 26) 6:30 PHANTOM Of THE OPERA ( 47) 7:30 BABAR ’Congo trie Terrlttfe" (:23) 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 4 9:00 SHAG, THE MOVIE (PG-1:39) 10:45 CROSSING DELANCEY p. 20 12:30 pm BURNING SECRET p. 20 2:15 STEALING HOME p. 21 4:00 THE DAY THE SEMOR ClASS GOT MARRIED (:45) 5:00 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN: BOY DETECTIVE “The Com of the Amoving Roc® Cor (56) 5:30 STANO AND DELIVER p. 19 7:15 SHAG, THE MOVIE (PG-1:39) 9:00 NEXT OF KIN (R-l 48) 11.00 VtSDC THE NFL p 4 12:00 STAYING TOGETHER (R l 58) 1:30 am CLINTON ANO NAOINE p. 22 3:20 5:40 RAIN MAN p 10 ROBERT TOWNSEND p 22 SjGOUfWEiWEAVB* NOVEMBER 1-5 FRI NOV 2 am WONDERFUL WIZARD/02 ( 23) ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER "Up in the AT* (24) BANOOLERO! p. 20 "CROCOOUf DUNOEEII p 19 VIBES p 20 pm SMOKING p. 22 TRANS YIVAMA TWIST (PG-122) BABAR (:23) THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB p 19 CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE p. 21 CLUE p 20 Double Feature Friday CROCOOILE DUNDEE II p 19 MAJOR LEAGUE p 19 1ST & TEN: IN YOUR FACE! "Going in Style" (30) om IN COUNTRY (R-l:55) INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 BLACK RAIN (R-2:00) MIDNIGHT p. 22 10:00 11:55 12:25 2:25 3:25 5:30 ssss SAT NOV 3 SUN NOV 4 MON NOV 5 o o om THE OAY THE SEMOR CLASS 6:15 am STAND AND DELIVER p 19 6:45 am THE DAY THE SENIOR CLASS GOT MARRIED (:45) 8:00 BABAR (23) GOT MARRIED ( 45) 6:00 IN THE MO00 p. 21 8:30 WONDERFUL WIZARO/OZ p 19 7:30 TALES OF LITTLE WOMEN 10:00 RtSDC THE NFL p 4 9:00 BEYOND THE STARS p4 "Lost In me Music" (:23) 11:00 JUDGMENT (1:30) 10:30 WALKUKEAMAN p. 22 8:00 HARO TIMES p. 20 12:30 pm THE WRONG GUYS p 21 12:00 SOLARBABIES p 20 8:30 THE SlUGGWS WIFE p 20 2:00 THE DAY THE SENIOR ClASS 1:30 pm STEAUNG HOME p. 21 11:30 MARTIN SHORT p 21 GOT MARRIED (:45) 3:15 STAND AND DEUVER p. 19 12:30 pm SWEET UES (1:32) 3:00 BLUE SKIES AGAIN p. 20 5:00 GUNPLAY: THE LAST DAY 2:00 HIGH SPIRITS p. 20 4:30 BIG p. 19 IN THE LIFE OF BRIAN 4:00 CONTRACT FOR LIFE p. 19 6:15 IN THE MOOD p. 21 DARLING ( 30) 5:00 SHAG, THE MOVIE (PG-1:39) 8:00 Saturday Night Movie 5:30 COCOON p 19 7:00 THE MARZIPAN PIG p 18 HARLEM NIGHTS p. 13 7:30 BEYOND THE STARS p. 4 7:30 BABAR (:23) 10:00 HBO COMEDY HOUR: 9:00 Sunday Night Movie 6:00 MARTIN SHORT p 21 JOE PISCOPO AUEN p 9 9:00 SEE NO EVIL IN CONCERT p. 8 11:00 DREAM ON "Sole Sislef p 4 HEAR NO EVIL (R-142) 11:00 A FISH 11:30 1ST & IEN IN YOUR FACE! 11:00 A DRY WHITE CALLED WANDA p. 21 “Going in Style" (:30) SEASON (R-1:46) 12:50 om WATCHERS p. 22 12:00 HEART OF 12:80 om SILBIT NIGHT. 2:25 ONE MAN FORCE p. 22 MIDNIGHT (R-l:29) DEADLY NIGHT SI p. 22 4:10 HARLEM NIGHTS p. 13 1:35 om BLAKE CLARK (1:00) 2:20 1ST & TEN: IN YOUR FACE! 2:35 THE TERROR WITHIN p 22 "Going in Style” (30) 4:05 GEORGE CARUN p. 8 2:80 JACK'S BACK p.22 5:10 STAYING TOGETHER (R-1:28) 4:30 SWEET UES (1:32) 3E/4P

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■■■---------------------________J Bandolero! The Slugger’s Wife Burning Secret James Stewart. Dean A bittersweet romantic The wife of a wealthy diplo- Martln. Raquel Welch and comedy from Nell Simon. mat risks everything for a George Kennedy star In Michael O'Keefe and chance at a reckless love this 1968 shoot-'em-up Rebecca De Mornay play affair In post-WWII Vienna, classic (AS.ALV) PG-1:46. newlyweds. (ASAL) PG-13; Faye Dunaway stars. (AS.MV) Nov.2.15,21,24 g O 1:44. Nov.5.8.11,16 goti PG-1:45. Nov. O Blue Skies Again Clue Crossing Dolancey Harry Hamlin plays a A clever mystery/comedy. Amy Irving has everything baseball team owner in based on the popular except a man—in this fairy- this sweet and sunny board game. Martin Mull. tale love story. Peter Riegert sports comedy. (AS.AL) Madeline Kahn. (ALV) PG- co-stars. (AS.AL) PG-1:37. PG-1:27. Nov.3,9,15.26 1:37. Nov.2.7,12,20g O [§l Nov.1,12.16,25,29po Vibes A Man for All Seasons High Spirits Rocker Cyndi lauper. Jeff The winner of six 1966 Peter O'Toole "hams his role Goldblum and Peter Falk Oscars®including Best Pic- to the heavens" (N.Y. Times) star in a wacky adventure ture, Actor (Paul Scofield) and in this ghostly romance. With comedy. (AS.ALV)PG-1:40. Director (Fred Zlnnemann). Daryl Hannah. (AS.AL)PG-13; Nov.2,13,18,22 g O G-2:00 Nov.9.28 g 1:38. Nov.5, g O Hard Times Solarbables The Odessa File Fighter Charles Bronson A magical sci-fi adventure Jon Voight trails a Nazi war struggles to survive during starring Charles Dumlng, criminal in this thriller. Max- the Depression. (AS.AL.V) Jami Gertz. (V) PG-13; 1:30. Imlllan Schell. (AS.AL.MV) PG-1:33. Nov.5.10 Nov. g O PG-2:09. Nov.14,17 g ED The Wrong Guys John Goodman and a troop of comedians (Louie Anderson, Richard lewis and Richard Belzer) hit the woods! (ALMV) PG-1:26. Nov.3.14,18.23.27 g O Jeremiah Johnson A disillusioned ex-soldier turns his back on civilization in the 1830s to become a fur trapper in the wilds of the Rocky Mountains. Robert Redfbrd stars as the strong, silent hero. (V) PG*1:51. Nov. The Chipmunk Adventure Watch out. here come Alvin and his silly, squeaky-voiced chipmunk pals. Those lovable little critters race around the world in a hot-air balloon! G-1:17. Nov.2,8.18.23,27 g O HBO Comedy Hour: I, Martin Short, Qoes Hollywood The hilarious comic reveals his lifetime love affair with the glory and glamour of Tinseltown. With Catherine O'Hara. Eugene Levy. :53. Nov.5,9,14,30 g O Animal Behavior He teaches music; she teaches sign language to chimps. But when “she" goes ape over “he" all signs point to romantic human behavior! Karen Allen. Armand Assante. (AL)PGM.2B. Nov.7,11.15,20.24,30go Clint, “The Rookie” and Me by Charlie Sheen Can Charlie Sheen ever be as tough as Clint Eastwood? Charlie's out to prove that he's a match tor his co-star in the new buddy movie The Rookie. :30. Nov. 15.21,27 Paperhouse “A riveting fantasy... considerable suspense" said Variety about this haunting, offbeat movie. Ben Cross, Glenne Headly. (ASM) PG*13; 1:29. Nov.6,15.19.28 O In the Mood Strange, hilariously funny—and true! Patrick Dempsey plays “The Woo Woo Kid," a precocious 1940s lover. (ASALBN) PG-13; 1:38. Nov. g O Stealing Home A pro ball player Is forced to confront his past after the suicide of a friend. Mark Harmon, Jodie Foster. (ASAL)PG-13; 1:38. Nov. go (SI Chimps: So Like Us In Tanzania, naturalist Jane Goodall Introduces you to a complex society of chimps that show remarkable human behavior. :30. Nov.13.23 g IHel The Christmas Wife HBO Original Movie Jason Robards and Julie Harris in a romantic drama about Christmas memories and new beginnings. 1:13. Nov.25,30 g o A Fish Called Wanda You'll fall hook, line and sinker for this “zany, sexy, witty romp with a superb cast" (News-day). Jamle Lee Curtis. (AL.V.N) R-1:48. Nov.3,8.25.30 gHil A Dangerous Life HBO Original Movie An epic, six-hour mini-series about the 1986 Four Day Revolution In the Philippines. Gary Busey plays an American newsman. (AS) Parti: 1:34. Nov.7Part2:1:41. Nov. S Part3:1:40. A/ov.9gO Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Your favorite police pinheads are bock for more arresting comedy. (Wj PG-1:24. Nov.7,10, gdsJ

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