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November / Enjoy HBO MOVIES j B.C.: First Thanksgiving_________________________________Page 6 Baby Blue Marine_________________________________________Page 7 Bear Island__________________________________________-— Page 17 Bite the Bullet__________________________________Page 5 The Blue Lagoon____________________:_______________Page 8 The Bushido Blade_______________________________________Page 11 A Change of Reasons_____________________________________Page 11 Donald Duck Quacks Up___________________________________Page 21 Fade to Black________________________________________;— Page 19 Fatso_________________________________________________— Page 17 Foolin’ Around_____________________i_______________Page 10 Freaky Friday___________________________________________Page 21 The Gong Show Movie_____________________________________Page 15 Good Guys Wear Black____________________________________Page 10 Hangar 18_____________________________________________— Page 21 Hardcore________________________________________________Page 15 Headin’ for Broadway__________________________________- Page 18 Hopscotch_____________________________________________— Page 22 In God We Trust_________________________________________Page 11 The Last Married Couple in America______________________Page 20 The Long Riders_________________________________________Page 17 Loving Couples________________________________________- Page 19 The Mirror Crack’d______________________________________Page 21 The Nashville Coyote____________________________________Page 13 Nikki, Wild Dog of the North____________________________Page 13 1941____________________________________________________Page 16 Nothing Personal______________________________________Page 17 j Ordinary People________________________________________Page 4 j Pete’s Dragon_________________________________________Page 13 The Private Eyes_______________________________________Page 9 ; Roller Boogie___________________________________________Page 22 Rough Cut________________________________________________Page 5 Sunday Lovers--------------------------------------- Page 14 The Thirty-Nine Steps_________________________________- Page 15 Three Warriors___________________________________________Page 6 Times Square__________________________________________- Page 15 Toby and the Koala_______________________________________Page 6 Wild Babies______________________________________________Page 6 i on HBO 24-Hours a Day on Weekends SPECIALS Country Music A Family Affair Deathwatch Six Who Wait___ HBO Sneak Preview for December. Hepburn and Tracy_________________ Money Matters. .Page 7 . Page 14 _ Page 19 _ Page 9 . Page 22 . Page 5 . Page 17 . Page 5 . Page 12 _ Page 10 . Page 5 Whodunit? The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries_______Page 15 SPORTS Inside the NFI______________________________________Page 7 Men’s Gymnastics Caesars Palace Invitational_ Page 18 World Championship Boxing (LIVE)___________________Page 13 Paul Simon In Concert___________________ Presto Chango, It’s Magic!______________ Remember When The Birds and the Bees Sherlock Holmes Standing Room Only______ She's Nobody’s Baby The Third Annual Rich Little and the Great Pretenders On Location_________ SINGLE PLAYS The Commodores In Concert. The Final Countdown_____ The Notorious Jumping Frog______ The Secret of Boyne Castle Part 1 The Secret of Boyne Castle Part 2 The Secret of Boyne Castle Part 3 Somewhere in Time_______________ Nov. 6 Nov. 2 Nov. 4 Nov. 3 Nov. 4 Nov. 5 Nov. 1 The HBO guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc.. Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New Ybrk, NY 10020. J.O. Heyworth, President; Kevin D. Senie, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless. Secretary. Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, On Location, HBO, SRO, are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New Ybrk, N.Y. 10020. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. © 1961 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.

HBO Guide November 1981 - Page section : 001

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Tom by deep resentments, a family fails to communicate innermost feelings to one anoth er. Strong performances by Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore, Timothy Hutton and Judd Hirsch in a powerful drama of people caught in an overwhelming emotional crisis. Winner of four Oscars: Best Picture, Director (Robert Redford), Supporting Actor (Hutton), Screenplay. Adult situations, profanity. (R-2:04) Nov. 1,5,9,13,17,21,25 SUNDAY 1 5:00 am WO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR NOVEMBER 5:30 SOMEWHERE IN TIME* (PG-1:43) 7:30 MONEY MATTERS p.22 8:30 INSIDE THE NFL p.7 9:30 LOVING COUPLES (PG) p. 19 11:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW 12:00 pm THE THIRD ANNUAL RICH LITTLE AND THE GREAT PRETENDERS p.5 1:30 SOMEWHERE IN TIME* (PG-1:43) 3:30 MONEY MATTERS p.22 4:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW 5:00 LOVING COUPLES (PG) p. 19 7:00 ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) p.4 9:15 THE THIRD ANNUAL RICH LITTLE AND THE GREAT PRETENDERS p.5 10:45 TIMES SQUARE (R)p.15 12:40 am MONEY MATTERS p.22 * Only Play Date. 4 4:30 pm FREAKY FRIDAY Live-action Disney fun as mother and daughter switch roles with unexpected complications (G-2:13) p.21 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES See page 5. 8:00 FADE TO BLACK A young movie fan’s fantasies get out of control (R-1:42) p.19 10:00 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN* Kirk Douglas as the commander of an aircraft carrier that finds itself caught in a time warp.(PG-1:42) 11:45 HOPSCOTCH Ex-CIA agent Walter Matthau leads a very merry chase. Glenda Jackson and Ned Beatty pitch in on the transcontinental fun (R-1:45) p.22 * Only Play Date. Paul Simon In Concert One of America’s super talents in an exciting performance. This sensational show includes “The Boxer” and “Sound of Silence.” Plus “One Trick Pony” from the movie sound track album. (:54) Nov. 3,8,13 Bite the Bullet Candice Bergen and ex-Rough Riders James Coburn and Gene Hackman battle bullets in a rugged 700-mile horse race across the Southwest badlands. Adult language. (PG-2:11) November 6,8,12,21 From Puritan morality to the permissiveness of the 1970s. Host Dick Cavett takes you to an 1800s bordello, the Mustang Ranch in Nevada and a modem wedding. Other features: sex and beauty contests; the red-light district. Entertainment for adults. Nov. 2,5,10,14,18,22,26 Rough Cut Burt Reynolds Lesley-Anne Down David Niven Crime and romance blend with wit and style in a comedy about a $30-million diamond heist. Burt Reynolds plays a suave American jewel thief in London society. Inspector David Niven charms him into a trap with Lesley-Anne Down as beautiful bait. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:51) November 3,7,11,14 The Third Annual Rich Little and the Great Pretenders On Location. HBO’s all new evening of zany comedy introduces the many folks in the repertoire of the Master of Mimicry. The theme: the special kinds of fun one can have using impressions. Rich is joined by top-notch impressionists Thom Bresh and Julie Dees, plus other very special "surprise” guest stars. You get a lot with Little. Nov. 1,7,16

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B.C.: First Thanksgiving The popular comic strip caveman adds to holiday fun in an animated film about the first turkey. (:30) Nov. 6,10,18,23,26 Toby and the Koala After escaping from a convict ship, Toby makes friends with a cuddly koala. Live action combined with animation. (1:18) Nov. 6,11,16,19,24 Three Warriors A sensitive look at American Indians and a 13-year-old boy ashamed to be one. Forced back to the reservation to visit his grandfather, he gains new insight into his heritage. With Randy Quaid. Violence. (G-1:45) Nov. 9,12,14,20,25 WEDNESDAY 4 TUESDAY 3 4:30 pm DONALD DUCK QUACKS UP Disney cartoon shorts (:46) p.21 5:30 THE SECRET OF BOYNE CASTLE* Part 1. Chase across Ireland (:46) 6:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR NOVEMBER Starring Stiller and Meara. 7:00 BABY BLUE MARINE See page 7 (PG-1:30) 8:30 PAUL SIMON IN CONCERT “The Boxer,” “Still Crazy After All These Years" and more (:54) p.5 9:30 ROUGH CUT Jewel-heist caper (PG-1:51) p.5 11:30 BABY BLUE MARINE A G.I. returns (PG-1:30) p.7 * Only Play Date. 5:00 pm THE NOTORIOUS JUMPING FROG OF CALAVERAS COUNTY* From the Mark Twain tale (:25) 5:30 THE SECRET OF BOYNE CASTLE* Part 2. Disney adventure (:46) 6:30 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR Seepage? (1:16) 8:00 THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS Man on the run (PG-1:27) p. 15 9:30 MONEY MATTERS Smart money management tips, p.22 10:30 LOVING COUPLES Partner hopping (PG-1:37) p. 19 12:10 am COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR (1:16) p.7 * Only Play Date. THURSDAY 5 4:30 pm DONALD DUCK QUACKS UP With Huey, Dewey, Louie (:46) p.21 5:30 THE SECRET OF BOYNE CASTLE* Part 3. Undercover intrigue (:46) 6:30 INSIDE THE NFL See page 7. 7:30 REMEMBER WHEN: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES Attitudes toward love and sex. p.5 8:30 ORDINARY PEOPLE Moving family drama (R-2:04) p.4 10:35 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR NOVEMBER 11:05 THE GONG SHOW MOVIE Wild stage acts (R-1:29) p.15 12:35 am INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.7 * Only Play Date. Wild Babies Twin fawns, flying squirrels, baby skunks, delightful raccoons, a black bear cub and wide-eyed wolf pups learn to survive in the wilderness. Live-action cameras observe them as they grow up. Winner of numerous awards. (:51) November 17,23 6 Baby Blue Marine Jan-Michael Vincent Washed out of boot camp in WWII, a marine misfit finds adventure on the home front. Jan-Michael Vincent plays the sensitive recruit involved in a bizarre experience on his way home. Glynnis O’Connor co-stars. Richard Gere, in an early role, plays a battle-hardened marine. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:30) Nov. 3,7,10,15,21,23 Country Music: A Family Affair Hosted by Roger Miller and Tammy Wynette A real family get-together at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. This country music spectacular features famous families including Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers; mother and daughter Dottie and Shelley West; cousins Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis. (1:16) Nov. 4,8,14,22,26 INSIDE THE NFL HBO’s in-depth review of the important gridiron action of the week continues. Hosts Len Dawson and Nick Buon-iconti comment on the pivotal plays. Their informative analysis of big game highlights, special features, guests and film clips make this one of sports fans’ favorites. Nov. 5,6,8; 12,13,15; 19,20,22; 26,27,29

HBO Guide November 1981 - Page section : 006

SPECIAL Good Guys Wear Black World karate champ Chuck Norris stars as a betrayed Vietnam veteran. Stunning kung fu, dirty tricks and murder highlight this crackling tale. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:36) Nov. 7,11,15,21,27,29 A History of American Women in the 20th Century Alan Alda and Mario Thomas co-host this show produced by MS. magazine. Features Gibson Girls, sex goddesses, executives; Marilyn Monroe, Bessie Smith, Margaret Mead, Sandra Day O’Connor, others. Nov. 9,13,17,21,25,29 MONDAY 9 4:30 pm THREE WARRIORS American Indian boy discovers his lost heritage (G-1:45) p.6 6:30 SHE’S NOBODY’S BABY Seepage 10. 7:30 FOOLIN’ AROUND Fun campus comedy with a naive Gary Busey (PG-1:41) p.10 9:15 MONEY MATTERS Informative format loaded with tips for all income brackets, p.22 10:30 ORDINARY PEOPLE Mary Tyler Moore stars in tale of a family in trouble (R-2:04) p.4 12:35 am TIMES SQUARE Pounding hard-rock drama co-starring Tim Curry (R-1:51) p. 15 TUESDAY 10 4:00 pm B.C.: FIRST THANKSGIVING Holiday cartoon (:30) p.6 4:30 NIKKI, WILD DOG OF THE NORTH Outdoor adventure (G-1:02) p. 13 5:30 BABY BLUE MARINE WWII love story (PG-1:30) p.7 7:00 THE BUSHIDO BLADE See page 11 (R-1:34) 9:00 THE PRIVATE EYES Murder comedy with two incompetent investigators (PG-1:31) p.9 10:30 REMEMBER WHEN: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES With host Dick Cavett. p.5 11:30 HOPSCOTCH Breezy spy comedy (R-1:45) p.22 Foolin’ Around Hilarity reigns on campus when undergrad Gary Busey meets dream girl Annette O’Toole. Cloris Leachman and Tony Randall co-star. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:41) Nov. 6,9,15,17,21,24,28 WEDNESDAY 11 4:30 pm TOBY AND THE KOALA Delightful family entertainment starring a cuddly bear (1:18) p.6 6:00 HEPBURN AND TRACY Their dynamic screen careers, p.9 7:00 IN GOD WE TRUST See page 11 (PG-1:37) 9:00 GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK Karate champ Chuck Norris as a betrayed Vietnam vet (PG-1:36) p. 10 10:40 ROUGH CUT Romantic caper with suave Scotland Yard cop David Niven on the chase after jewel thieves (PG-1:51) p.5 12:35 am FADE TO BLACK Young man's murderous fantasies start coming to life (R-1:42) p. 19 10 The Bushido Richard Boone James Earl Jones Kung fu adventure as Americans try to recover a treasured Japanese sword. Richard Boone and James Earl Jones star. Adult situations, language; graphic violence, brief nudity. (R-1:34) Nov. 10,14,18,22,26,30 A Change of Seasons Bo Derek Anthony Hopkins Shirley MacLaine Two couples on vacation pair off—and square off—in a sophisticated comedy. Shirley MacLaine plays the wife of Shakespeare prof Anthony Hopkins. Bo Derek as a seductive coed; Michael Brandon, the campus carpenter; and Mary Beth Hurt co-star. Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (R-1:42) November 13,17,21,25,29 THURSDAY 12 4:30 pm THREE WARRIORS Young Indian boy gains new perspective on his heritage (G-1:45) p.6 6:30 INSIDE THE NFL Len Dawson looks at highlights from the week in football, p.7 7:30 THE BLUE LAGOON Castaway youngsters discover pleasures on a desert isle (R-1:42) p.8 9:15 BITE THE BULLET Gene Hackman in unusual tum-of-the-century horse race (PG-2:11) p.5 11:30 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.7 12:30 am THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS WW I German spy tracks innocent man in Great Britain (PG-1:27) p. 15 In God We Trust A naive monk runs amok in a zany comedy. Marty Feldman as Brother Ambrose discovers L.A. is hardly “the City of Angels.” He encounters Peter Boyle, Louise Lasser (“Mary Hartman”) and Andy Kaufman (“Taxi”). Richard Pryor makes a visitation as “God.” Adult language and humor. (PG-1:37) Nov. 11,15,21,28

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4:00 pm THE NASHVILLE COYOTE (G) p.13 5:00 PAUL SIMON IN CONCERT p.5 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL P-7 7:00 A CHANGE OF SEASONS (R) p. 11 9:00 SHE’S NOBODY’S BABY p.10 10:00 ORDINARY PEOPLE (R)p.4 12:10 am LOVING COUPLES (PG) p. 19 1:50 NOTHING PERSONAL (PG) p. 17 3:30 A CHANGE OF SEASONS (R)P-11 Standing Room Only f Frank Langella in Sherlock Holmes The world’s most famous detective unravels “The Strange Case of Alice Faulkner” in this exclusive HBO theater presentation. Lavish sets, costumes and special effects highlight the handsome stage production videotaped before a live audience at Williams-town Theatre Festival in Massachusetts. Starring Frank Langella as Sherlock Holmes, with Susan Clark and Stephen Collins as the villains. Nov. 15,19,23,27,29 5:30 am THE PRIVATE EYES (PG) p.9 7:00 ROUGH CUT (PG) p.5 9:00 THREE WARRIORS (G) p.6 11:00 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR p.7 12:30 pm THE PRIVATE EYES (PG) P-9 2:00 ROUGH CUT (PG) p.5 4:00 WHODUNIT? GREATEST UNSOLVED MYSTERIES p. 15 5:00 THE PRIVATE EYES (PG) p.9 6:30 PETE’S DRAGON (G) p. 13 9:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING: WILFRED BENITEZ VS. CARLOS SANTOS (LIVE) p. 13 10:30 HOPSCOTCH (R) p.22 12:15 am BUSHIDO BLADE (R) p. 11 1:50 WHODUNIT? GREATEST UNSOLVED MYSTERIES p. 15 2:40 TIMES SQUARE (R) p. 15 4:30 REMEMBER WHEN: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES p.5 5:30 am FREAKY FRIDAY (G) p.21 8:00 FOOLIN’ AROUND (PG) p. 10 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.7 11:00 BABY BLUE MARINE (PG) p.7 12:30 pm GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK (PG) p. 10 2:30 HEPBURN AND TRACY p.9 3:30 BABY BLUE MARINE (PG) p.7 5:00 FOOUN’ AROUND (PG) p. 10 7:00 SHERLOCK HOLMES p. 12 9:30 IN GOD WE TRUST (PG) p. 11 11:10 FADE TO BLACK (R) p. 19 12:55 am HEPBURN AND TRACY p.9 12 Walt Disney Productions Nikki, Wild Dog of the North Nikki, a malamute puppy, is separated from his master on a canoe trip. Absorbing adventures of a rugged French Canadian, his faithful dog and a villainous trapper. (G-1:02) Nov. 10,16,19,24 Disney’s lovable animated dragon, Elliott, becomes guardian to Pete, a very real orphan set on running away from a mean foster family. Mickey Rooney, Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters and Jim Dale bring their special effects to a heartwarming musical. (G-2:17) Nov. 14,18,22,26,30 The Nashville Coyote Chico, a desert coyote, finds excitement and romance in country music’s capital. Adventures with a struggling songwriter and Blue Belle, a lady beagle, add to the fun. (G-:47) Nov. 13,17,23 LIVE!_____________ Live and exclusive direct from Las Vegas: another bruising battle by a couple of the world’s best boxers for the Super Welterweight crown. WBC Champ Benitez (41 -1 -1,26 KOs) captured the title earlier this year when he shattered Maurice Hope with his devastating punch. And Puerto Rico’s Carlos Santos (21-1, 14 KOs) is the unbeaten Number One contender he’ll face in this exclusive HBO title fight. November 14 13

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Deathwatch: Sunday Lovers Six Who Wait Roger Moore Lynn Redgrave The story of six men waiting to die. Some condemned for only a short time; others for years. Exclusive documentary features unprecedented interviews and rare glimpses of prison life exploring the thoughts and feelings of condemned men. Strong language; hard-hitting; for mature audiences. November 17,21,25,29 MONDAY 16 ^ TUESDAY 17 The amorous exploits of four men in separate vignettes highlight this captivating comedy. Roger Moore, Gene Wilder, Ugo Tognazzi and Lino Ventura are the international stars caught up in humorous escapades. With Lynn Redgrave and Kathleen Quinlan. Adult situations, profanity, sexual content, nudity. (R-2:06) Nov. 16,20,28 WEDNESDAY 18 4:30 pm NIKKI, WILD DOG OF THE NORTH Malamute’s travels (G-1:02) p. 13 5:30 TOBY AND THE KOALA Adventures of a youngster en route to Australia (1:18) p.6 7:00 SUNDAY LOVERS Seepage 14 (R-2:06) 9:15 THE THIRD ANNUAL RICH LITTLE AND THE GREAT PRETENDERS Clever, outrageous impressions, p.5 10:45 THE BLUE LAGOON Brooke Shields discovers womanhood on tropical island (R-1:42) p.8 12:30 am THE THIRTY-NINE STEPS Romance, suspense (PG-1:27) p. 15 4:00 pm WILD BABIES A camera captures animals in their natural environment (:51) p.6 5:00 THE NASHVILLE COYOTE Howling hound (G-:47) p. 13 6:00 FOOLIN’AROUND College hi-jinks (PG-1:41) p.10 8:00 DEATHWATCH: SIX WHO WAIT Seepage 14. 9:00 ORDINARY PEOPLE Donald Sutherland (R-2:04) p.4 11:10 SHE’S NOBODY’S BABY Great American women, p. 10 12:10 am A CHANGE OF SEASONS Anthony Hopkins and bouncy Bo Derek in a very hot tub (R-1:42) p. 11 4:00 pm PETE’S DRAGON Delightful Disney with Mickey Rooney and Helen Reddy (G-2:17) p. 13 6:30 B.C.: FIRST THANKSGIVING Prehistoric hilarity (:30) p.6 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES Sexuality from the Puritan thinking to the “new permissiveness.” p.5 8:00 HARDCORE See page 15 (R-1:48) 10:00 THE BUSHIDO BLADE Stolen sword (R-1:34) p.11 11:35 HOPSCOTCH Espionage fun with CIA getting a little of its own medicine (R-1:45) p.22 14 Whodunit The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries This visual police file re-creates the greatest unsolved mysteries of our time, shedding new light on intriguing classic cases. (:50) November 8,14 Hardcore George C. Scott A tortured father’s search for his runaway teenage daughter takes him through the sleazy jungle of pornography and prostitution. George C. Scott and Peter Boyle co-star. Profanity, sexual references, nudity. (R-1:48) Nov. 18,22,28 The Gong Show Movie Acts too hot for the regular TV “Gong Show” make for raunchy shenanigans. Zany Chuck Barris stars. Adult humor, profanity, vulgarity, sexual content, nudity. (R-1:29) Nov. 5,8 The Thirty-Nine Steps John Mills, Robert Powell and David Warner star in a new version of a ’30s Hitchcock classic. An innocent man in WWI Britain tries to elude German assassins. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-1:27) November 4,8,12,16,20,28 Times Square Two runaway girls grow up fast in the Big Apple. Trini Alvarado and Robin Johnson become the “Sleaze Sisters” and get a chance at a big-time concert. Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show) co-stars as a late-night DJ. With 20 rock numbers. Adult situations, profanity, brief nudity. (R-1:51) Nov. 1,is,9,14 15 4:00 pm TOBY AND THE KOALA Adventuresome lad (1:18) p.6 5:30 NIKKI, WILD DOG OF THE NORTH Wilderness tale (G-1:02) p.13 6:30 INSIDE THE NFL Nick Buoniconti looks at football week's winners and losers, p.7 7:30 SHERLOCK HOLMES Starring Frank Langella. p. 12 10:00 FADE TO BLACK Dennis Christopher stars as a deranged film fanatic (R-1:42) p. 19 11:45 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.7 12:45 am THE PRIVATE EYES Laughs and chills (PG-1:31) p.9 izm&szi

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They roared into battle, but one thing was missing: the enemy. A comedy based on the real panic that seized California after Pearl Harbor, this misadventure features John Belushi as a maniacal pilot and Dan Aykroyd as a mechanic turned tank commander. A wacky nonstop stream of action, sight gags and special effects. Three Oscar nominations. Adult language and humor. (PG-1:59) November 22,26 FRIDAY 20 SATURDAY 21 SUNDAY 22 4:00 pm THREE WARRIORS 5:00 am GOOD GUYS WEAR 5:00 am THE PRIVATE EYES (G) p.6 BLACK (PG) p. 10 (PG)p.9 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL P-7 7:00 BABY BLUE MARINE (PG) p.7 6:30 BEAR ISLAND (PG)p.17 7:00 BEAR ISLAND 8:30 SHE’S NOBODY’S BABY p. 10 8:30 INSIDE THE NFL p.7 (PG)p.17 9:30 FOOLIN’AROUND 9:30 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY 9:00 THE BLUE LAGOON (PG)p.10 AFFAIR p.7 (R)p.8 11:30 BITE THE BULLET (PG) p.5 114)0 PETE’S DRAGON 10:45 THE THIRTY-NINE 2:00 pm GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK (G) p.13 STEPS (PG)p.10 1:30 pm THE PRIVATE EYES (PG)p.l5 4:00 FOOLIN’AROUND (PG)p.9 12:15 am SUNDAY LOVERS (PG)p.10 34)0 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY (R) P-14 6:00 SHE’S NOBODY’S BABY p. 10 AFFAIR p.7 2:25 THE LONG RIDERS 7:00 FATSO (R) p. 17 4:30 PETE’S DRAGON (R) p.17 9:00 A CHANGE OF SEASONS (G)p.13 4:05 HEPBURN AND TRACY (R)p.11 74)0 1941 (PG) p.16 p.9 10:45 DEATHWATCH: SIX WHO 9m HARDCORE WAIT p. 14 (R) p.15 11:45 ORDINARY PEOPLE (R) p.4 10:50 REMEMBER WHEN: THE 2.-00 am IN GOD WE TRUST (PG) p.11 11:50 BIRDS AND THE BEES p.5 THE BUSHIDO BLADE 3:45 PRESTO CHANGO, IT’S MAGIC!p.17 (R)P-11 16 The Long Riders Saga of legendary outlaws. Adult situations, profanity, graphic vio-* ence. (R-1:40) Nov. 20 Presto Chango, v It’s Magic! A wonderland of magic created by the world’s top illusionists. (1:00) November 7,21 BEAR ISLAND Nothing Personal Suzanne Somers and Donald Sutherland in a romantic comedy. Adult situations, language. (PG-1:36) Nov. 8,13,28 Donald Sutherland Vanessa Redgrave Richard Widmark Christopher Lee In an adventure drama filled with action and suspense, an Arctic weather-research team has more in mind than climate. Based on Alistair MacLean’s best-seller, the movie stars Donald Sutherland and Vanessa Redgrave. Profanity, violence. (PG-1:43) Nov. 20,22,24,28 FATSO Dom DeLuise Anne Bancroft Apple pie, lasagna, pizza— they are all suddenly taboo for Dominick DiNapoli, a nice guy with a lifetime obsession for food. Comic Dom DeLuise is hilarious as the overweight bachelor-fat, 40 and fed up. Co-starring Anne Bancroft, who wrote and directed the comedy. Profanity, brief nudity. (R-1:34) Nov. 21,25,29 17

HBO Guide November 1981 - Page section : 010

Headin’ for Broadway Men’s Gymnastics: Rex Smith Vivian Reed Caesars Palace Invitational Singers and dancers, lovers and dreamers—they are young, talented and scared. This fascinating show business drama follows four aspiring performers who come to New York to make it in the big time. Starring Rex Smith. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:29) November 23,27,29 Such top gymnasts as Olympians Bart Conner and Jim Hartung as well as teenage whiz kid Chris Riegel compete. A special feature spotlights Mark Caso, the exceptional gymnast now making a dramatic comeback following a life-threatening injury. November 24,27,30 MONDAY 23 TUESDAY 24 4:00 pm B.C.: FIRST THANKSGIVING Colorful animation (:30) p.6 4:30 THE NASHVILLE COYOTE Wildlife comedy (G-:47) p. 13 5:30 WILD BABIES Candid animal portraits (:51) p.6 6:30 HEADIN' FOR BROADWAY See page 18 (PG-1:29) 8:00 BABY BLUE MARINE Jan-Michael Vincent (PG-1:30) p.7 9:30 HEPBURN AND TRACY Rare photos, memorable clips, p.9 10:30 SHERLOCK HOLMES Suspenseful stage production, p. 12 1:00 am HEPBURN AND TRACY A look into the lives of two electric personalities, p.9 4:00 pm NIKKI, WILD DOG OF THE NORTH Stranded pup (G-1:02) p. 13 5:00 TOBY AND THE KOALA Live action plus animation in a colorful adventure tale (1:18) p.6 6:30 MEN’S GYMNASTICS: CAESARS PALACE INVITATIONAL See page 18. 8:00 BEAR ISLAND Arctic adventure (PG-1:43) p. 17 10:00 THE BLUE LAGOON Natural love (R-1:42) p.8 11:45 FOOLIN’ AROUND A country bumpkin heads off for college fun (PG-1:41) p. 10 WEDNESDAY 25 5:00 pm THREE WARRIORS Indian family yam (G-1:45) p.6 7:00 ORDINARY PEOPLE Extraordinary tale of a family’s struggle for answers (R-2:04) p.4 9:10 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR DECEMBER Seepage 19. 10:00 SHE’S NOBODY’S BABY Alan Alda and Mario Thomas host a look at women achievers, p. 10 11:00 A CHANGE OF SEASONS Partner swapping (R-1:42) p. 11 12:45 am FATSO Can he eat! (R-1:34) p. 17 2:20 DEATHWATCH: SIX WHO WAIT Men now on Death Row. p. 14 18 Fade to Black Loving Couples James Cobum Shirley MacLaine Two couples break the rules in a sophisticated comedy. Sexy doctor Shirley MacLaine is married to workaholic James Coburn. When she can’t resist an appealing patient, she sets off some lighthearted mate-swapping. Adult situations and humor, profanity. (PG-1:37) Nov. 1,4,7,13 Dennis Christopher An obsession with movies leads a young man to murder. In a blend of horror, suspense and macabre comedy, Dennis Christopher {Breaking Away) acts out his fantasies from Dracula and other screen greats. Profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:42) November 2,7,11,15,19 HBO Sneak Preview for December Starring Stiller and Meara Yo, ho, ho, it’s Jerry and Anne checking their lists to see what the upcoming HBO sports, specials and movies are for December. You’ll see lots of attractive packages as you preview the highlights in the outstanding line-up right in the screening room. November 25,27,29 THURSDAY 26 2:00 pm B.C.: FIRST THANKSGIVING Cartoon strip character (:30) p.6 2:30 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR With host Tammy Wynette (1:16) p.7 4:00 PETE’S DRAGON Musical fantasy (G-2:17) p.13 6:30 INSIDE THE NFL Analysis and predictions, p.7 7:30 1941 Air raid comedy (PG-1:59) p.16 9:30 REMEMBER WHEN: THE BIRDS AND THE BEES p.5 10:30 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing, p.7 11:30 THE PRIVATE EYES Inept detectives (PG-1:31) p.9 1:00 am THE BUSHIDO BLADE Martial arts (R-1:34) p.11

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