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HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 002

Highlights ELTON JOHN FAREWELL CONCERT Rock-superstar claims this concert at Wembley his last! Seepage 10. CROSSED SWORDS All-star cast dazzles in this dashing movie from the makers of The Three Musketeers. See page 11. More highlights... Get some top notch analysis by Len Special Agent 007 is back—in the Dawson of each previous week- biggest, best James Bond adventure end’s pro action. See page 21. to date. See page 11. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary THE CASSANDRA CROSSING A thousand people board a European express train for a trip through terror. All-star cast. See page 21. TAKE A HARD RIDE An honest cowboy and a cheerfully dishonest gambler face danger in the wilderness. See page 5. GYMNASTICS U.S. ACROSPORT TEAM TRIALS A new kind of sport with tumbling, jumping, trampolines! Seepage 17. OLD YELLER Walt Disney’s heartwarming tale of farm family on the Texas frontier and the faithful range dog who protects them. See page 7. Pat and Debby Boone and the biggest names in music from the Minnesota State Fair. See page IS. Michigan State battles the USSR national team; then North Carolina vs. Northwestern. See page 13. THE BETSY Harold Robbins’ chronicle of a famous Detroit dynasty: cars, sex, money, power. See page 6. for November JULIA The exciting drama of two women whose friendship became a matter of life and death. See page 19. KING GOES TO QUEENS Native New Yorker and rapid-fire wit Alan King On Location at Queens College. Seepage 18. ANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER CHANCE Claude Lelouch’s romance of the Old West. See page 15. THE MEDUSA TOUCH Lee Remick joins Richard Burton in a supernatural thriller laced with murder. See page 14. THE SEA GYPSIES Shipwrecked family group lives a great adventure on an uninhabited Alaskan isle. See page 7. ... and still more BOXING See sensational Welterweight Sugar Ray Leonard slug it out with Ber-nie Prado. See page 4. PONY EXPRESS RIDER Action, young love, betrayal and revenge as a young Texan trails his father’s killer. See page 20. SHAMPOO Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn in the hit comedy, an artful blend of bedroom farce and social commentary. Seepage 16. THE TRAIN ROBBERS Hard riding John Wayne in a spectacularly beautiful Western action-adventure film. With Ann-Margret in an off-beat role. 5eepage 12. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. ©1978 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HIGH-BALLIN Peter Fonda breaks up a vicious gang of hijackers harassing trucker buddy Jerry Reed. See page 19. UPCLOSE David Sheehan interviews Henry and Jane Fonda, Alan Alda and Bette Midler. See page 8. 3

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 003

Paul and His Ladies Fire Sale Singer/song writer Paul Williams (“Rainy Days and Mondays,” “Evergreen”) is great on his own. He’s even better when joined by funky Melissa Manchester and sleek Di-ahann Carroll. Nov. 1,5,7 The Fikus family’s not roasted, not salted —they’re just plain nuts. Alan Arkin, Rob Reiner and Sid Caesar star in this crazy quilt of a comedy. Adult language and humor. (PG-1:29) Nov. 1,5,17 Jane Fonda overcomes the laws of gravity in this supersonic spoof in the year 40,000. Imaginative and entertaining, it’s already a cult favorite. Language, sexual references, brief nudity. (PG-1:38) Nov 7. Wednesday Thursday November 1 November 2 6:30 PAUL AND HIS LADIES Paul Williams, Melissa Manchester, Diahann Carroll, p.4 8:00 McQ John Wayne in Seattle police story. Colleen Dewhurst co-stars (PG-1:56) p.5 10:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Based on Sidney Sheldon’s best seller about grand passions on a grand scale (R-2:45) p.9 12:45 FIRE SALE Rob Reiner and Alan Arkin co-star in wild, uproarious comedy (PG-1:28) p.4 6:00 OH, GODI George Burns in the title role (PG-1:44) p.9 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Enter the weekly Sweepstakes! Catch highlights from last week’s pro action, p.21 9:00 TELEFON Charles Bronson in an explosive thriller (PG-1:43) p.5 11:00 OH, GOD! He finds John Denver. Carl Reiner is behind this offbeat comedy {PG-1:44) p.9 Boxing Sugar Ray Leonard Vs. Bernie Prado Welterweight sensation Sugar Ray Leonard is back on HBO! Since winning his Olympic gold medal, he’s displayed enough talent —nifty footwork, rapid-fire punches—to win all 15 of his pro bouts. Tonight he faces Bernie Prado, with an impressive record of 20-4 (12 KO’s). Catch the flamboyant Sugar Ray on Nov. 3 4 Take a Hard Ride Jim Brown Lee Van Cleef An honest cowboy, a cheerfully dishonest gambler and a mute Indian scout cover hundreds of dusty miles across the Old West taking money to the Mexican families to whom it belongs. Pro-footballers Jim Brown and Fred Williamson are the most hunted men in the West as an ambush awaits them behind every bush. Typical western violence. (PG-1:43) Nov. 4,8,14,19,24 McQ John Wayne goes West—only this time to Seattle. He’s a modern day cop exposing police corruption and laying down his own law. Colleen Dewhurst stars. Profanity, gunplay. (PG-1:56) Nov. 1,5,9,15 Telefon Charles Bronson is out to stop a demented Stalinist from ruining Detente. Lee Remick co-stars as the CIA and the KGB clash. Bloody violence, adult language. (PG-1:43) Nov. 2,6,10,14,18,22

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 004

Open the closets of a powerful Detroit auto family and find some skeletons among the beautiful people! Sir Laurence Olivier is the rough-and-tumble founder of the empire. Classy cast includes Jane Alexander, Paul Rudd, Edward Herrmann. “Brought to the screen with restraint, dignity and impeccable good taste.” (Independent Film Journal) Adult situations, some nudity, profanity. (R-2:05) Nov. 5,9,12,17,22,27 Friday November 3 Saturday November 4 Sunday November 5 5:30 $1,000,000 DUCK Sandy Duncan in Walt Disney fun (G-l:32) p.9 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 8:00 SEA GYPSIES Shipwrecked family battles the elements (G-1:41) p.7 10:00 BOXING Sugar Ray Leonard, p.4 11:00 FIRST LOVE Co-starring William Kattand Susan Dey (R-1:32) p. 12 12:30 RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE An English Lord (Richard Harris) and his Sioux blood brothers (PG-2:09) p.8 6 3:30 OLD YELLER Disney classic (G-1:23) p.7 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 6:00 SPECIAL DELIVERY Fast, funny and full of action (PG-1:39) p. 17 8:00 OLD YELLER A mongrel dog protects a farm family (G-l:23) p.7 9:30 TAKE A HARD RIDE The most hunted men in Western history (PG-1:43) p.5 11:30 ROBIN WILLIAMS On Location with the star of Mork and Mindy, p. 17 12:30 ROLLING THUNDER William Devane (R-1:39) p. 13 3:00 PAUL AND HIS LADIES Tribute to Paul Williams, p.4 4:30 McQ John Wayne fights crooked cops (PG-1:56) p.5 6:30 VICTOR BORGE Comedy with music on Standing Room Only (1:15) p. 13 8:00 THE BETSY Detroit cars and Detroit millions (R-2:05) p.6 10:30 FIRE SALE A lunatic family with bizarre relationships (PG-1:28) p.4 12:00 THE BETSY Laurence Olivier as a crusty survivor (R-2:05) p.6 The Sea Gypsies A young widower, his daughters, 13 and 8, a lady journalist—and a stowaway —set out to sail ’round the world in a converted trawler. Stranded off Alaska, this Seattle Family Robinson learns the lessons of survival. Robert Logan and Mikki Jamison-Olsen, the reporter, are a likable twosome. Spectacular scenery and wildlife from the makers of Grizzly Adams. “Good fun for the family.” (Motion Picture Product Digest) Family fare. (G-1:43) Nov. 3,6,12/18,23 © Walt Disney Productions Walt Disney Old Yeller A pioneering family challenges the great frontier with only a stray canine to help them. Dorothy McGuire, as the mother, handles crises with affection and insight while Fess Parker is away on a cattle drive. Chuck Connors and Tommy Kirk. “Careful blending of fun, laughter, love, adventure and tragedy.” (Daily Variety) Family fare. (G-l :23) Nov. 4,7,12,16,20,23

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 005

Jane Fonda Bette Midler Henry Fonda Alan Alda In this edition of UPCLOSE, David Sheehan interviews Bette Midler, Alan Alda, Jane and Henry Fonda and shares with us some film clips from past, present and future movies. “The Divine Miss M” chats candidly on the set of her first movie, The Rose. See Alan and Jane filming California Suite in MalibU; Henry Fonda reflecting on his life and career. Plus an update of what’s happening in Hollywood. Nov. 8,17,20,23,26,29 The Return of a Richard Harris, the first white man captured by the Sioux, returns to their land in an action adventure as powerful Man Called Horse as the original. Gale Sondergaard plays the Elk Woman. Strong violence. (PG-2:09) Nov. 3 Monday November 6 5:00 A BRIDGE TOO FAR Great all-star cast features Robert Redford, Ryan O’Neal and Michael Caine (PG-2:56) p.9 8:00 SEA GYPSIES Adventure, fear, love and survival on an Alaskan island (G-l :43) p.7 10:00 TELEFON The Russians had a word for it! Lee Remick and Donald Pleasance (PG-1:43) p.5 12:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Raf Vallone as a Greek millionaire (R-2:43) p.9 Hiesday November 7 6:30 $1,000,000 DUCK Delightfully daffy Disney diversion with Dean Jones and Sandy Duncan (G-l :32) p.9 8:00 OLDYELLER Frontier Texas of the Civil War era is setting for this Disney classic (G-I:23) p.7 9:30 PAUL AND HIS LADIES With Melissa Manchester of Midnight Blue fame, p.4 11:00 BARBARELLA Imaginative and immensely entertaining (PG-1:38) p.4 Wednesday November 8 6:00 TAKE A HARD RIDE Catherine Spaak, Jim Brown and Lee Van Cleef co-star in an old-fashioned western (PG-1:43) p.5 8:00 UPCLOSE David Sheehan hosts a close up look at Henry Fonda, Jane Fonda, Bette Midler and Alan Alda, p.8 9:00 TAKE A HARD RIDE Forget the odds. Just count the bodies (PG-1:43) p.5 11:00 FIRST LOVE For everyone who has experienced it (R-1:32) p. 12 A Bridge Too Far Michael Caine, Sean Connery and an all-star cast re-enact the ill-fated 1944 assault meant to end the war in Europe. Everything that could go wrong did. Wartime violence. (PG-2:56) Nov. 6,11,15 “Oh, God! Heaven’s above! George Burns stars as a benign Almighty in this offbeat comedy. John Denver is a suburban Moses to whom “God” entrusts a message of hope. Adult humor. (PG-1:44) Nov. 2 0:0:010:0:0, A daffy diversion from Walt Disney. Laugh along as Sandy Duncan answers the urgent question, “Can the average American family find happiness with a pet duck that lays solid gold eggs?” Family fare. (G-l :32) Nov. 3,7,11 Thursday November 9 6:00 McQ John Wayne and Colleen Dew- hurst in Seattle police story (PG-l:56)p.5 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Highlights of the week’s games and another chance to enter the Sweepstakes, p.21 9KX) THE BETSY The Harold Robbins people (R-2:05) p.6 11:30 ROLLING THUNDER Chilling portrait of returning POW. Tommy Lee Jones, William Devane star (R-1:39) p.13 The Other Side of Midnight John Beck, Marie-France Pisier (Cousin, Cousine) and Susan Sarandon star in a story of love, revenge and power. Based on the spectacular bestseller by Sidney Sheldon, the film jets off to Greece, Paris, Washington and Hollywood. Some nudity, adult theme, strong sexual content. (R-2:43) Nov. 1,6,10,18 9

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 006

Friday November 10 5:00 TELEFON Charles Bronson and Lee Rem-ick (PG-I:43) p.5 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 8:00 CROSSED SWORDS Swashbuckling fun for the family. Oliver Reed as starring swordsman (PG-1:53) p. 11 10:00 CATSKILL COMEDIANS On Location. Hosted by Joey Bishop, p. 12 11:30 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Susan Sarandon in a rowboat on a rough sea (R-2:43) p.9 Saturday November 11 2:30 $1,000,000 DUCK Joe Flynn (G-1:32) p.9 4:00 A BRIDGE TOO FAR Ill-fated airborne assault of WWII (PG-2:56) p.9 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Enter the Sweepstakes! p.21 8:00 ELTON JOHN at Wembley Hear his biggest hits. p. 10 9:00 TRAIN ROBBERS John Wayne (PG-1:32) p. 12 10:30 CASSANDRA CROSSING All-star cast copes with plague-ridden train (R-2:05) p.21 12:35 A BRIDGE TOO FAR Sean Connery (PG-2:56) p.9 Sunday November 12 2:30 OLDYELLER A real boys’ dog (G-1:23) p.7 4:00 SPECIAL DELIVERY BoSvenson (PG-l:39) p. 17 6:00 SEA GYPSIES From the creator of Grizzly Adams (G-1:43) p.7 8:00 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Action, beautiful women and James Bond (PG-2:05) p. 11 10:30 ROBIN WILLIAMS The really “off the wall” comedian. p. 17 11:30 THE BETSY Beautiful people, beautiful homes and beautiful clothes (R-2:05) p.6 10 Roger Moore as Special Agent 007 in Janies Bond’s tenth screen adventure. It all hinges on a supertanker equipped to kidnap nuclear subs. Gee-whiz gadgetry includes Bond’s Lotus “Esprit” car which travels underwater—and on land. And you’ll never forget the opening sequences! “As perfect a piece of entertainment as anyone could wish” (Hollywood Reporter). Some suggestive dialogue, mild violence. (PG-2:05) Nov. 12,16,24,28 Oliver Reed Raquel Welch Rollicking adventure from the creators of The Three Musketeers. What a cast! Charlton Heston surprises as a blustering King Henry VIII; George C. Scott, hilarious as a king of thieves. Oliver Reed duels his way through 16th century England. Raquel Welch is his lady love. “Muscularly entertaining ... a prince of a movie.” (Village Voice) Mild fight scenes. (PG-1:53) Nov. 10,13,16,19,23

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 007

Hie Train Robbers John Wayne Ann-Margret A Western full of action, excitement and adventure! John Wayne and his buddies band together to help Ann-Margret, a voluptuous, hard-drinking, but virtuous widow, recover gold her late husband buried in a Mexican desert. A menacing horde of hard-riding horsemen have the same goal. Mild profanity. (PG-1:32) Nov. 11,15,24,28 Monday November 13 Tuesday November 14 6:30 VICTOR BORGE SRO. The comedian's comedian, p. 13 8:00 CROSSED SWORDS Based on Mark Twain's Prince and the Pauper. Oliver Reed stars (PG-1:53) p.l 1 IChOO ROLLING THUNDER May remind you of Death Wish. Tommy Lee Jones stars (R-l :39) p. 13 12:00 FRST LOVE William Katt (Carrie) and Susan Dey in bitter-sweet love story (R-l :32) p. 12 6:00 TAKE A HARD RIDE Guest appearance by Dana Andrews (PG-1:43) p.5 8.-00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL USSR vs. Michigan State (live) p. 13 104)0 SHOUT AT THE DEVIL Epic adventure co-starring Lee Marvin and Roger Moore (PG-2:08) p. 17 12:30 TELEFON Donald Pleasance as a Russian defector (PG-1:43) p.5 First Love Co-stars William Katt (Carrie) and Susan Dey find it hard to establish a real relationship amid today’s casual morality. “A mature picture.” (Hollywood Reporter) Nudity, frank sexual language and activity. (R-1:32) Nov. 3,8,13,19 On Location: Catskill Comedians Host Joey Bishop is joined by six incredibly versatile comedians at the Concord Hotel in New York’s Catskill mountains. Hilarious proof that top comedy still thrives in “The Las Vegas of the East.” Nov. 10,25,30 Wednesday November 15 5:00 A BRIDGE TOO FAR Laurence Olivier, Robert Red-ford and huge all-star cast (PG-2:56) p.9 8:00 ELTON JOHN His farewell concert at Wembley, England with all his best songs. p.lO 9:00 TRAIN ROBBERS The gold or the game? Ann-Margret could lead John Wayne to either (PG-1:32) p. 12 10:30 McQ Duke Wayne takes the law into his own hands in Seattle police story (PG-1:56) p.5 Victor Borge College Basketball When Victor Borge sits down at the piano, everybody laughs. Don’t miss this master of comedy and music. The New York Times called him “the funniest entertainer in the world.” You’ll call him the Great Dane. Nov. 5,13,21 USSR vs. Michigan State To defeat the USSR national basketball team (controversial victors at the ’72 Olympics, runners-up in ’76) might need some magic. But top-rated MSU feels it has plenty in the form of the sleight of hand and height of jump of Earvin “Magic” Johnson. Nov. 14 North Carolina vs. Northwestern The Tar Heels, again a national power, are led by All-America aspirant Mike O’Ko-ren, the No. 2 field-goal shooter in the country last season. The improved Wildcats are counting on an upset. Nov. 29 6:30 OLD YELLER Based on the book by Fred Gibson (G-l:23) p.7 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL A new show, another Sweepstake chance! p.21 9:00 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Based on the Ian Fleming mystery novel. Roger Moore is Agent 007 (PG-2:05) p. 11 11:30 CROSSED SWORDS Beauty and brawn in 16th Century England. Ernest Borgnine stars (PG-1:53) p. 11 Rolling Thunder Extremely tense and hardhitting action melodrama of a Vietnam veteran who leaves all emotion behind him in a Viet Cong prison camp—and seeks the killers of his wife and son. William Devane is highly believable as the returning POW. He’s aided by his war buddy, Tommy Lee Jones. Brutality, physical torture, profanity. (R-l:39) Nov. 4,9,13

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 008

Friday Saturday Sunday November 17 November 18 November 19 5:30 FIRE SALE Kay Medford, Vincent Gardenia (PG-1:29) p.4 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 8:00 THE MEDUSA TOUCH Lino Ventura, the detective on the trail of Richard Burton (PG-1:50) p. 14 10:00 UPCLOSE Henry and Jane Fonda, p.8 11:00 THE BETSY Harold Robbin’s saga of an auto dynasty (R-2:05) p.6 1:15 ROBIN WILLIAMS On Location, p. 17 3:00 THE SEA GYPSIES This film reopened Radio City Music Hall (G-l :43) p.7 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 6:00 TELEFON Explosive thriller (PG-1:43) p.5 8:00 ANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER CHANCE Destiny brings a French widow and an American widower together (PG-2:08) p. 15 10:30 SHAMPOO One of Hollywood’s great comedies (R-1:52) p. 16 12:30 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Rags to riches (R-2:43) p.9 2:00 TAKE A HARD RIDE Lee Van Cleef, veteran villain from Clint Eastwood films (PG-I:43) p.5 4KX) CONRACK One beautiful man. His story is true (PG-1:46) p.21 6:00 CROSSED SWORDS Mark Lester (PG-1:53) p. 11 8:00 AT THE FAIR The big show from the country’s biggest fair! p. 15 9:30 ELTON JOHN HBO exclusive in USA! p. 10 10:30 FIRST LOVE In college, in love (R-1:32) p. 12 12:00 AT THE FAIR Standing Room Only. p. 15 Standing Room Only: HUE EUR Starring Come to the Fair! See, hear and enjoy the biggest names and the best entertainment from the world of comedy and music! Hear Pat and Debby Boone in duets and solos, plus Seals and Crofts, Lynn Anderson, and Eddie Rabbitt singing his number one country music hit! Comedian-impressionist Fred Travalena guides you through the Minnesota State Fair grounds to catch Lynn Anderson astride her dancing horse, a daredevil thrill circus, music, comedy and a wonderful day at the Fair! Nov. 19,23,27 Pat & Debby Boone Lynn Anderson Seals & Crofts Eddie Rabbitt Fred Travalena Another Man, Another Chance James Caan Genevieve Bujold In his most spectacular film to date, director Claude Lelouch (A Man and a Woman) chronicles a close encounter of the human kind. It’s the story of a French girl, Genevieve Bujold, who runs off to America and meets a frontier-loving veterinarian, James Caan. A tender tale set against 1870’s action: an Indian attack, a bank robbery, public hanging and a wild handicap race. Rape scene, mild language. (PG-2:08) Nov. 18,22,26 15

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 009

Shampoo Warren Beatty Julie Christie Lee Grant Warren Beatty as a handsome Hollywood hairdresser among the bedrooms and bankrolls of his Beverly Hills clients. Julie Christie, Goldie Hawn and Lee Grant (in her Oscar-winning role) join Beatty in this brilliant, blistering, raunchy and hilarious study of American life. “That best of all concoctions ... keeps us entertained while seeing it... keeps us thinking about it long afterwards.” (Family Circle) Adult situations, rough language, nudity. (R-l:52) Nov. 18,21,26,30 Monday TUesday Wednesday November 20 November 21 November 22 5:30 OLD YELLER Great Disney frontier adventure (G-1:23) p.7 7:00 UPCLOSE Alan Alda and Henry Fonda interviewed. p.8 8:00 THE MHXJSA TOUCH Supernatural thriller with Lee Remick (PG-1:50) p. 14 10:00 UPCLOSE Including a Hollywood Up-Date. p.8 11:00 CASSANDRA CROSSING Sophia Loren in pulse-quickening suspenser (R-2:05) p. 21 5:30 SHOUT AT THE DEVIL Explodes with jungle action (PG-2:08) p. 17 8:00 GYMNASTICS U.S. Acrosport team trials. Exciting new sport, p. 17 9:00 SHAMPOO Story of a sex-happy hairdresser (R-1:52) p. 16 11:00 ROBIN WILLIAMS On Location. Hilarious new comic sensation, p. 17 12:00 VICTOR BORGE The musician’s musician in great comedy show. p. 13 6:00 TELEFON Patrick Magee as a KGB official (PG-1:43) p.5 8:00 ANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER CHANCE Susan Tyrrell (I Never Promised You a Rose Garden) (PG-2:08)p.l5 10:30 SPECIAL DELIVERY Bank loot is stashed in a mailbox (PG-1:39) p. 17 12:30 THE BETSY The Harold Robbins saga of an auto dynasty (R-2:05) p.6 16 - Special Delivery " Fast, funny and full of action! When a cool <■,. $500,000 gets stashed in a mailbox, Bo * Svenson wants to make off with the loot —and Cybill Shepherd. Brief nudity, ■ language. (PG-1:39) Nov. 4,12,22,25 Shout at the Devil Boozing Lee Marvin and strait-laced Roger Moore, holed up in a remote African river delta, team up to take on a squad of Germans in this epic WWI adventure Some violence. (PG-2:08) Nov. 14,21,26 Acrosport? It’s an exciting blend of gymnastics and acro-UyimidMlUO batics that has tumbling, leaping and trampolines. Besides M O Arrn^nnrt competition for the U.S. team, you’ll see the most * dazzling men’s pair in the sport—both from the USSR TGam TrialS —performing their championship routines. Nov. 21,24,26 Thursday November 23 3:30 OLD YELLER *-• Beautiful color photography W (G-l:23) p. 7 4 5:00 THE SEA GYPSIES T Survival tale (G-l :43) p.7 7:00 UPCLOSE David Sheehan talks with “The * Divine Miss M.” p.8 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL j; Week’s highlights p.21 9:00 AT THE FAIR > Fred Travalena is host. p. 15 10:30 CROSSED SWORDS . Raquel Welch (PG-1:53) p. 11 12:30 CONRACK flT- Jon Voight (PG-1:46) p.21 On Location: Robin Williams Where’s this crazy man from —outer space? You bet he is. He’s Robin Williams, alias Mork of Mork & Mindy. You first saw him on HBO’s Second Annual Young Comedians in 1977. Now Robin’s back again with a show of his own. He’s manic, diverse and this year’s hottest new comedian. Nov. 4,12,17,21 17

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 010

On Location: King goes to Queens Friday November 24 3:30 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 4:30 GYMNASTICS U.S. Acrosport trials, p. 17 5:30 TRAIN ROBBERS Nifty western (PG-1:32) p. 12 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 8:00 KING GOES TO QUEENS Alan King On Location at Queens College in NYC. p. 18 9:00 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME Great gadgets (PG-2:05) p. 11 11:30 ELTON JOHN Great music, p. 10 12:30 TAKE A HARD RIDE Harry Carey, Jr. (PG-1:43) p.5 Saturday November 25 3:00 CONRACK Hume Cronyn (PG-1:46) p.21 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.21 6:00 PONY EXPRESS RIDER He rode only for revenge (G-l:40)p.20 8:00 HIGH-BALLIN Peter Fonda and Jerry Reed find something more fun than truckin’ (PG-1:40) p.19 10:00 THE MEDUSA TOUCH Richard Burton baffles science (PG-1:50) p. 14 12:00 CATSKILL COMEDIANS On Location, p. 12 1:30 SPECIAL DELIVERY Bo Svenson (PG-1:39) p.17 The scene is the Big Apple as native New Yorker Alan King strolls about the “biggest, dirtiest and the best city in the country!” Then on the stage of Queens College, we catch an unrestrained performance. King’s brand of humor goes right to the jugular. Gentle he isn’t. He’s got a tongue like a pitch fork and he uses it to skewer the everyday things that nag and frustrate all of us. Critic Kenneth Tynan once said, “If a sawed-off shotgun could talk, it would sound like Alan King.” Nov. 24,27 Sunday November 26 2:00 ANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER CHANCE James Caan (PG-2:08) p.l 5 4:30 SHOUT AT THE DEVIL Lee Marvin (PG-2:08) p. 17 7:00 GYMNASTICS U.S. Acrosport team trials, p. 17 8:00 JUUA From story in Lillian Heilman’s Pentimento (PG-1:56) p. 19 10:00 UPCLOSE Jane Fonda and Alan Alda on the set of California Suite, p.8 11:00 SHAMPOO Carrie Fisher (R-1:52) p. 16 1:00 UPCLOSE Big stars and interesting film clips, p.8 18 iPW Jane Fonda Vanessa Redgrave f Julia f SA m Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave are near perfection in a tender, poignant story of friendship and courage. In this touching, vibrant tapestry of the late 1930’s, two headstrong girls turn into extraordinary women. Vanessa Redgrave won an Oscar as Julia. Jane Fonda, as Lillian, was never better. “A gem... a masterful movie... Fonda in her finest role... Redgrave is glorious.” (Gene Shalit) Mild violence. (PG-1:56) Nov. 26,30 High-Ballin Peter Fonda Here’s a White Line Fever-style highway adventure with spectacular action. Cyclist Fonda’s out to help trucker Jerry Reed remain independent against a ruthlessly corrupt system. Gutsy, sexy driver Helen Shaver joins them in some hair-raising escapades climaxing in a stunt chase never before attempted on film. Brief nudity, some profanity. (PG-1:40) Nov. 25,28

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