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Classic Films The Ghost Goes West Producer Alexander Korda combined the comedic talents of French director Ren6 Clair and American playwright Robert Sherwood in this satirical swipe at the American character. Robert Donat doubles as an 18th century ghost and his destitute 20th century descendant who must sell his Scottish castle to a Florida food tycoon. Elsa Lanchester co-stars. (B/W-1:25) November 3,7 The Man Who Could Work Miracles A heavenly whim bestows an average Englishman with the unique gift of being granted his every wish. Persona When a renowned actress (Liv Ullmann) suffers a nervous breakdown, she is placed in the care of a young nurse (Bibi Andersson), in this gripping film by Ingmar Bergman. Both personalities become blurred as their roles begin to reverse and the nurse explodes with November 1-7 Coming in December On Location: J Henny Youngnnan 1A Christmas turkey from Home Box Office ! Jean Parker & Eugene Pallette in Ghost Goes West Roland Young stars as the traumatized human genie unhappily burdened with the chance of a lifetime in this delightful adult fantasy based on a story by H.G. Wells. An impressive array of special effects highlight this follow-up to Things to Come. (B/W-1:27) November 17,21,24 MONDAY/1 5:30 NEW ADVENTURES OF SPACE EXPLORERS Children's Theatre 7:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 9:00 NASHVILLE (R-2:39) 12:00 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen TUESDAY/2 5:30 MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) 7:35 THE NATIONAL HORSE SHOW From Madison Square Garden 11:00 THE ARENA (R-1:25) WEDNESDAY/3 5:30 NEW ADVENTURES OF SPACE EXPLORERS Children's Theatre 7:30 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG-2:05) 9:45 THE GHOST GOES WEST Classic Cinema (B/W-1:25) 11:15 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG-2:05) THURSDAY/4 5:30 TWO TAILS 6:00 THE MAIDS American Film Theatre (1:35) 8:00 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen 9:00 THE ARENA (R-1:25) 10:30 NBA GAME OF THE WEEK Philadelphia vs. Golden State Foreign Films her own emotional disturbances. (Sub-B/W-1:21) November 24,28 Shame Ingmar Bergman’s devastating anti-war film focuses on a husband and wife (Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullmann) slammed about by an unnamed civil war. The violence of two indistinguishable armies rips the couple’s lives and psyches apart. Called a film of “searing brilliance” by the Christian Science Monitor, Shame examines what people will do to survive a contemporary war. (Sub-B/W-1:42) November 10,14,17 Liv Ullmann and Bibi Andersson in Persona FRIDAY/5 5:30 THE DRAGON, THE FIRST VIOLIN. ALI BABA AND THE 40 THIEVES Children's Theatre 7:00 THREE SISTERS American Film Theatre (2:45) 10:00 NASHVILLE (R-2:39) SATURDAY/6 3:00 THE DRAGON Children's Theatre 3:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 5:00 CANADIAN FOOTBALL Ottawa vs. Montreal 7:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 9:00 DAY OF THE LOCUST (R-2:24) 11:30 THE ARENA (R 1:25) SUNDAY/7 3:00 HIGH HILL Children's Theatre 3:30 HESTER STREET (PG-1:31) 5:30 THE GHOST GOES WEST Classic Cinema (B/W-1:25) 7:00 HESTER STREET (PG-1:31) 9:00 THE EXORCIST Sunday Night Movie (R-2:01) 11:15 THE GHOST GOES WEST (B/W-1:25)

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Encores The Day of the Locust The acclaimed and controversial tale of Hollywood decadence in the 1930s. (R-2:24) November 6,30 Hester Street The touching story of a Russian immigrant who joins her assimilated husband in America. (PG-1:31) November7 The Little Prince Songs by Lerner and Loewe enhance Antoine Saint-Exupery’s beloved fantasy classic. (G-1:28) November 13 Love and Death Woody Allen stars in this fractured farce of 19th century Russia. Diane Keaton co-stars. (PG-1:22) November 10,20 The Maids Glenda Jackson and Susannah York star in author Jean Genet’s tale about the “hired help.” (1:35) November 4,23 Sean Connery in The Man Who Would Be King The Man Who Would Be King Sean Connery and Michael Caine conquer a legendary Asian kingdom. (PG-2:09) November 21,27 The Man with the Golden Gun James Bond’s latest adventure features Roger Moore as agent 007. (PG-2:05) November 3,9,19 The Return of the Pink Panther Peter Sellers is back again as the clown of French crime-fighting. (G-1:53) November 23,25 Thief of Paris Jean Paul Belmondo stars as the robber who just won’t stop in Louis Malle’s 1967 classic. (Subtitled-1:59) November 11 Visit to a Chief's Son The story of an anthropologist’s young son and his native friend, set in Kenya. (G-1:30) November 17,24 William Atherton in The Day of the Locust Zany Steve Martin Steve Martin was a boy who wanted to be a comedian during those not very good years for comics—the sober sixties. While he waited for times to change he won an Emmy—at the age of 20—for the punch lines he wrote for the Smothers Brothers TV show. He also wrote jokes for Sonny and Cher and he learned magic tricks that didn’t work (but broke up his audiences anyhow). In the meantime America’s appetite for humor resurged. Martin’s name is not yet a household word in comedy, but that condition is bound to be shortlived. Last month he hosted NBC’s Saturday Night. His zany On Location routines are in demand on college campuses. He has even left his Los Angeles homeland and moved to Colorado’s Rockies where he is regenerating his sense of humor and is writing a movie for Paramount. Home Box Office viewers will be able to see how all of that bizarre goofiness paid off when Martin appears On Location this month from Los Angeles. Presto—a new star. 19,22,25,27,30

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James Coburn in Bite the Bullet Premieres Aloha, Bobby and Rose A night on the town ends in tragedy when a mock holdup is interpreted as the real thing. Dianne Hull and American Graffiti’s Paul Le Mat star as a pair of star-crossed lovers on the lam from the law with nowhere to go. (PG-1:29) November 14,16,22,27,30 B Must Die An unstable South American republic promises to explode into revolution unless their deposed president is returned to power. Darren McGavin stars as a fall guy forced to choose between sure death as an assassin or life imprisonment as a framed murderer. Burgess Meredith co-stars in this fast-paced political action thriller. (1:52) November 26,29 Bite the Bullet Seven men and one woman face insurmountable odds in a 700-mile horse race across the badlands of the Wild West. Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, James Coburn, Jan-Michael Vincent and Ben Johnson vie for two thousand turn-of-the-century dollars. Direction by Oscar winner Richard Brooks sparks this gripping adventure film. (PG-2:11) November 21,25,29 The Exorcist William Peter Blatty’s bestselling tale of demonic possession translates into fear incarnate. High budget special effects graphically recreate the sensational details that surround a fictionalized version of the last church-sanc-tioned exorcism in America. Ellen Burstyn, Jason Miller and Max Von Sydow unite to rid Linda Blair of her supernatural visitor in this super box Laurence Olivier in Three Sisters office smash that is not recommended for the faint or the weakhearted. (R-2:01) November 7,11,15,20,25,29 Mitchell A maverick big city police detective is trapped between a narcotics syndicate and the law he’s pledged to uphold. Joe Don Baker and Martin Balsam star in this brutal action adventure. A nonstop series of stunt effects including a spectacular dune buggy escape and a helicopter chase keep things moving. (R-1:36) November 28 Three Sisters Apathy, their limited financial resources and a tyrannical, provincial in-law thwart three sisters’ attempt to trade the drabness of their Russian village for the gaiety of Czarist Moscow. This American Film Theatre movie stars Sir Laurence Olivier and Alan Bates in Anton Chekhov’s best known play. (2:45) November5,8,11,14,18 Tidal Wave A volcanic eruption sparks a chain reaction of avalanches, earthquakes, floods, fires and finally, a cataclysmic tidal wave that Ken Norton and Susan George in Mandingo devastates Japan. Lome Greene and an eye-dazzling array of special effects star in this Japanese disaster movie to end all disaster movies. (PG-1:24) November 12,15,18,23,28 Features Films finishing October premiere: Adventures of Frontier Fremont Family film about a man and nature. (G-1:25) November 1,6,9,19 The Arena Pam Grier stars in a female gladiator action spectacle. (R-1:25) November 2,4,6 Mandingo Ken Norton in the explicit tale of Southern degradation. (R-2:07) November8,13,16,26 The Missouri Breaks Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson in the West. (PG-2:03) November 2,12 Nashville Robert Altman’s great film of politics and country music. (R-2:39) November 1,5

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On Air THE EXORCIST The third largest box office hit comes to Home Box Office Page 6 BITE THE BULLET Gene Hackman in an all-star horse race Page 12 MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN Roger Moore is back again as agent 007 Page 1 6 ON LOCATION New comedy star Steve Martin is on the loose in a hilarious special Page 1 7 ALOHA, BOBBY AND ROSE Two Los Angeles teenage lovers on the lam Paae 5 MITCHELL Walking Tall star Joe Don Baker returns as a maverick cop Page 1 1 THE DAY OF THE LOCUST The controversial tale of Hollywood decadence Page 1 6 FOOTBALL The Grey Cup Championship: Canada's Super Bowl Page 1 4 MANAGING editor & publisher Stephen Marmon art director Michael Billman associate editor Thomas Fitzharris CONTRIBUTING EDITORS GaryJ. Prebula (Films) Herman Weiskopf (Sports) editorial assistant Cherie Burns photographer Daniel S. Baliotti circulation director Susan Rose Home Box Office adheres to its published schedule as closely as possible. From time to time circumstances beyond our control or the opportunity 2 On Air is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., New York, NY 10020. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President; P. Peter Sheppe, Secretary; Peter Hanson, Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center New York, NY 10020. Vol. 2, No. 11 © 1976 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. to offer a program of greater interest may cause a change. When this occurs, HBO provides notice as far ahead of the change of schodule as is possible PREMIERES/Page 8 ALOHA. BOBBY AND ROSE 14,16,22,27,30 B MUST DIE 26,29 BITE THE BULLET 2 1,25,29 THE EXORCIST 7,1 1,15,20,25,29 MITCHELL 28 THREE SISTERS 5,8,1 1,14,18 TIDAL WAVE 12,15,18,23,28 EIMCORES/Page 1 6 THE DAY OF THE LOCUST 6,30 HESTER STREET 7 THE LITTLE PRINCE 13 LOVE AND DEATH 10,20 THE MAIDS 4,23 MAN WHO WOULD BE KING 2 1,27 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN 3,9,19 RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER 23,25 THE THIEF OF PARIS 1 1 VISIT TO A CHIEF'S SON 17,24 SPORTS/Page 15 CANADIAN FOOTBALL 6,1 3,20,28 GYMNASTICS 29 NATIONAL HORSE SHOW 2 NBA 4,13,16,24 NHL 9,1 7 SKATE CANADA 8,15 WRESTLING 22,27 FEATURES/Page 9 ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT 1,6,9,19 THE ARENA 2,4,6 MANDINGO 8,13,16,26 THE MISSOURI BREAKS 2,1 2 NASHVILLE 1,5 SPECIALS/Page17 ON LOCATION: DAVID BRENNER 9,13,16,20 ON LOCATION: MYRON COHEN 1,4,10,14 ON LOCATION: STEVE MARTIN 19,22,25,27,30 CLASSIC FILMS/Page 1 8 THE GHOST GOES WEST 3,7 MAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES 17,21,24 FOREIGN FILMS/Page 18 PERSONA 24,28 SHAME 10,14,17 CHILDREN'S/Page 20 GHOST OF A CHANCE 22,26,27 HEADLINE HUNTERS 15,18 LUCKY LUKE 8,12 NEW ADVENTURES OF THE SPACE EXPLORERS 1,3 EDITOR'S LETTER HBO is pleased to bring you The Exorcist, the third-largest grossing film in movie history. A mixture of fact and fiction about the last church-sanctioned exorcism in America, The Exorcist may offend you. Packed with explicit special effects, this film is certainly not recommended for children. Rated “R”, which means those under 17 should not see it unless an adult is present, it will be shown on HBO only at night. However, The Exorcist, based on the best-seller by William Peter Blatty, is an exciting thriller which explores a little-known area of the occult. Controversial and acclaimed, The Exorcist has a unique place in cinema history. 3

HBO Guide November 1976 - Page section : 012

November 22-28 MONDAY/22 5:30 GHOST OF A CHANCE, THE DRAGON Children's Theatre 6:45 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 8:30 PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING 11:00 ON LOCATION Steve Martin 12:00 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) TUESDAY/23 5:30 TIDAL WAVE (PG-1:24) 7:00 RETURN OF THE PINK PANTHER (G-1:53) 9:00 THE MAIDS (1:35) 11:00 TIDAL WAVE (PG-1:24) WEDNESDAY/24 5:30 MARIO & THE MARVELOUS GIFT Children's Theatre 6:00 VISIT TO A CHIEF'S SON (G-1:32) 8:00 NBA BASKETBALL San Antonio vs. N.Y. Nets 10:30 PERSONA Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:21) 12:00 THEMAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES (B/W-1:27) THURSDAY/25 5:30 RETURN OF PINK PANTHER (G) 7:30 BITE THE BULLET (PG-2:1 1) 10:00 ON LOCATION Steve Martin 11:00 THE EXORCIST (R-2 01) FRIDAY/26 5:30 THE MARVELOUS GIFT, GHOST OF A CHANCE Children's Theatre 7:00 B MUST DIE Friday Night Movie (1:52) 9:00 MANDINGO (R-2:07) 11:15 B MUST DIE Friday Night Movie (1:52) SATURDAY/27 3:00 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 4:45 GHOST OF A CHANCE 5:30 PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING 8:00 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 9:45 MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (PG-2:09) 12:00 ON LOCATION: Steve Martin SUNDAY/28 3:00 TIDAL WAVE (PG-1:24) 4:30 CANADIAN FOOTBALL Grey Cup Championship 7:30 TIDAL WAVE (PG-1:24) 9:00 MITCHELL Sunday Night Movie (R-1:36) 11:00 PERSONA Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:21) November 29-December4 MONDAY/29 5:30 B MUST DIE (1:52) 7:30 SPORTS SPECIAL International Gymnastics 8:30 BITE THE BULLET (PG-2:1 1) 11:00 THE EXORCIST (R-2:01) TUESDAY/30 5:30 ALI BABA & THE FORTY THIEVES Children's Theatre 7:00 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 9:00 ON LOCATION: Steve Martin 10:00 DAY OF THE LOCUST (R-2 24) 12:30 ON LOCATION: Steve Martin WEDNESDAY/1 5:30 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII Classic Theatre (B/W-1:42) 7:30 MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH (1:57) 9:30 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII Classic Theatre (B/W-1:42) 11:30 PERSONA Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:21) THURSDAY/2 5:30 FIRST VIOLIN. MAURO THE GYPSY Children's Theatre 7:00 B MUST DIE (1:52) 9:00 MITCHELL (R-1:36) 10:36 NBA GAME OF THE WEEK San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors FRIDAY/3 5:30 HIGH HILL. MAURO THE GYPSY Children's Theatre 7:00 LOST IN THE STARS American Film Theatre (1:39) 9:00 THE EXORCIST (R 2:01) 11:15 LOST IN THE STARS American Film Theatre (1:39) SATURDAY/4 3:00 BITE THE BULLET (PG-2 1 1) 5:30 MAURO THE GYPSY, THE DRAGON Children's Theatre 7:00 SPORTS SPECIAL Skate Canada 8:00 BITE THE BULLET (PG-2:1 1) 10:30 ROLLERBALL (R-2:03) 12:45 ON LOCATION Steve Martin JamesCaan in Rollerball

HBO Guide November 1976 - Page section : 011

November 8-1- MONDAY/8 5:30 LUCKY LUKE 7:00 HBO SPORTS SPECIAL Skate Canada 8:00 THREE SISTERS American Film Theatre (2:45) 11:30 MANDINGO (R 2:07) TUESDAY/9 5:30 ALIBABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES Children's Theatre 6:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:25) 8:00 NHL HOCKEY Detroit vs. N.Y. Islanders 10:30 ON LOCATION David Brenner 11:30 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG-2:05) WEDNESDAY/10 5:30 MARIO & THE MARVELOUS GIFT Children's Theatre 6:00 LOVE AND DEATH (PG-1:22) 7:30 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen 8:30 LOVE AND DEATH (PG 1:22) 10:00 SHAME Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:42) 12:00 ON LOCATION Myron Cohen THURSDAY/11 5:30 THE DRAGON Children's Theatre 6:00 THREE SISTERS American Film Theatre (2:45) 9:00 THE EXORCIST (R-2 01) 11:15 THE THIEF OF PARIS (Subtitled-B/W-1:59) FRIDAY/12 5:30 LUCKY LUKE 7:00 MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2 03) 9:30 TIDAL WAVE Friday Night Movie (PG-1:24) 11:00 THE MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) SATURDAY/13 3:00 ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES Children's Theatre 4:00 THE LITTLE PRINCE (G-1:28) 5:30 CANADIAN FOOTBALL Eastern Division Semifinal 8:00 NBA BASKETBALL Milwaukee Bucks vs. N.Y. Knicks 10:30 MANDINGO (R 2:07) 12:45 ON LOCATION: David Brenner SUNDAY/14 3:00 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 5:00 THREE SISTERS American Film Theatre (2:45) 8:00 ON LOCATION Myron Cohen 9:00 ALOHA. BOBBY & ROSE Sunday Night Movie (PG-1:29) 10:45 ON LOCATION Myron Cohen 11:45 SHAME Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:42) Children's Films Ghost of a Chance Three children want to turn a deserted English mansion into a youth center. But a stumbling block is posed by the town’s corrupt deputy may- 20 Ghost of a Chance or. All would be lost but for the help of two ghosts. November 22,26,27 Also on HBO this month are: Lucky Luke, the animated story of the fastest gun in the West; and The New Adventures of the Space Explorers, a cartoon flight to the stars. November 15-21 MONDAY/15 5:30 HEADLINE HUNTERS Children's Theatre 7:00 HBO SPORTS SPECIAL Skate Canada 8:00 TIDAL WAVE (PG 1:24) 9:30 THE EXORCIST (R-2:01) 11:45 TIDAL WAVE (PG-1 24) TUESDAY/16 5:30 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 7:30 NBA BASKETBALL Atlanta Hawks vs. N.Y. Knrcks From Madison Square Garden 10:00 MANDINGO (R-2:07) 12:15 ON LOCATION: David Brenner WEDNESDAY/17 5:30 VISIT TO A CHIEF'S SON (G-1:32) 7:30 NHL HOCKEY Chicago vs. N.Y. Rangers 10:00 MAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES Classic Cinema (1:27) 11:30 SHAME Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:42) THURSDAY/18 5:30 HEADLINE HUNTERS Children's Theatre 6:30 TIDAL WAVE (PG 1:24) 8:00 THREE SISTERS American Film Theatre (2:45) 11:00 TIDAL WAVE (PG-1:24) FRIDAY/19 5:30 ALI BABA AND THE FORTY THIEVES Children's Theatre 6:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1 25) 8:00 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG 2:05) 10:15 ON LOCATION Steve Martin 11:15 THEMAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN (PG 2:05) SATURDAY/20 3:00 MARIO & THE MARVELOUS GIFT Children's Theatre 3:30 LOVE AND DEATH (PG-1 22) 5:00 CANADIAN FOOTBALL Western Division Final 7:30 SPORTS SHORT Number One, Moods of Surfing 8:00 LOVE AND DEATH (PG-1:22) 9:30 ON LOCATION: David Brenner 10:30 THE EXORCIST (R-2 01) 12:45 ON LOCATION: David Brenner SUNDAY/21 3:00 MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (PG-2:09) 5:15 THEMAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES (B/W-1:27) 7:00 MAN WHO WOULD BE KING (PG-2:09) 9:15 BITE THE BULLET Sunday Night Movie (PG-2:1 1) 11:30 THEMAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES (B/W-1:27) Headline Hunters After the owner of the Clarion is taken ill, his children valiantly try against all odds to keep the newspaper operating. However, the unscrupulous owner of a rival paper tries to buy the Clarion out, steals its star reporter and even attempts to sabotage the Clarion’s printing press. The conniving adults, all cleverly characterized, are especially funny. November 15,18 Headline Hunters

HBO Guide November 1976 - Page section : 006

Premieres f B Must Die Darren McGavin is one of the few actors who ever interrupted a successful acting career to go to acting school in order to learn to be a successful actor. Appearing as a would-be assassin in a revolution-torn banana republic this month on HBO in B Must Die, McGavin came to acting after a stint as a scenic designer at Columbia Pictures proved unrewarding. A bit part in A Song to Remember led to his first acting career, which McGavin stopped—to his agent’s chagrin—when he concluded he wasn’t learning acting technique from his roles. After he graduated from Lee Strasberg’s Actors’ Studio, McGavin worked on Broadway and in live television. During two seasons on network TV McGavin managed to star in two prime time series (Riverboat * and Mike Hammer). McGavin recently starred as a down-and-out newspaper reporter in The Night Stalker, the most popular movie ever made for TV. November 26,29 Darren McGavin in B Must Die Joe Don Baker stars in Mitchell Joe Don Baker has made a career of his unique mental and physical attributes. Starring this month on HBO in Mitchell—the fast moving tale of a maverick cop on the prowl for a big city narcotics ring—the six-foot, 200-pound pugfaced Baker has repeatedly applied his coarse features and imposing size to his advantage. Armed with intelligence and acting talent far beyond the stereotype for such a figure, Baker has become one of the most sought after rugged heroes in Hollywood. Born in Groesbeck, Texas, Baker began his acting career while a senior in business administration at North Texas State. After landing a small part in a university production, Baker realized that acting provided him “a marvelous chance to escape from this world into another. Three years at Lee Strasberg’s Actors’ Studio prepared him for the film and TV roles he earned in Hollywood. Baker’s big break came when he was offered the role of Buford Pusser in Walking Tall. Adding an extra dimension to the character of the highly popular law-abiding sheriff beyond his physical appearance, Baker became recognized for the talent that he is. 28 IP

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