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 HI 6:30 am High Anxiety (PG-1:30) 6:05 am Reunion p. 14 7:00 am Les Miserabies p. 14 8:00 Bater Babar's Choice p. 13 8:00 Babar Race to the Moon p. 13 8:00 Babar No Place Like Home p. 13 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Emerald City, Captured p. 14 Mombi's Attempt Oma, Princess of Oz p. 14 9:00 Who’s That Girt p. 14 toTrickGiindap.U 9:00 Every Which Way 10:45 The Thirty-Nine Steps p. 14 9:08 Clara's Heart p. 13 But Loose {PG-1:55) 12:30 pm Attempted Murder. 11:00 Me Bean p. 6 11:00 The Adventures of Tintin Confrontation p. 13 11:30 Waiting for the Light p. 14 Tintin £ the Picaros Pt. 2 (:30 1:00 Nuns on the Run p. 14 1:00 m Scrooged p. 14 11:30 Joe Versus the Volcano p. 14 2:30 Arthur 2: On the Rocks p. 13 2:45 Summer School p. 14 1:30 pm It lakes Two p 13 4:30 Fun With Kck & Jane (PG-1:36) 4:30 Hometown Boy Makes Good p. 13 3:00 Superman p. 14 6:15 Who's That Girl p. 14 6:00 Clara's Heart p. 13 5:30 Mr. Bean p. 6 8:00 48 HRS. p. 13 8:00 Mortal Thoughts p. 3 6:00 Every Which Way 9:45 Another 48 HRS. p. 13 10:00 The Grlfters (R-1:50) But Loose (PG-1:55) 11:30 Tales From the Crypt 11:55 Predator 2 p. 14 8:00 Stone Cold p. 4 Lover Come Hack to Me p. 14 1:45 m Russell Simmons' 9:30 Mel Gibson: Lethal Weapon 3- 12:08 Strangers The Last Game p. 7 Def Comedy Jam p. 14 Video Oiary 2 p. 14 12:38 am Ninja Academy p. 14 2:15 Class Action (R-1:49) 10:00 George Carlin (1:00) 2:05 Nightbreed p. 14 4:10 HBO Comedy Hour Bob Saget- 11:00 Out for Justice (R-1:31) 3:51 Alligator Eyes p. 13 Inthe Dream Stale p. 13 12:35 am GoodFellas p. 13 5:35 Attempted Murder 5:10 Mortal Thoughts p. 3 3:05 Strangers The Last Game p. 7 Confrontation p. 13 3:35 The Rookie p. 14 5:40 Mr. Bean p. 6 6:15 am Islands in the Stream (PG-l:45) 7:00 m Mr. Bean p. 6 7:00 am Les Miserabies p. 14 8:08 Babar Ses/ftwd p. 13 7:30 Happy Birthday to You p. 13 8:00 Babar 8:38 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 8:00 Babar 1b Duet or Not to Duet q.H Tik Jbk, Mechanical Man p. 22 The Show Must Go On 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 9:00 The Princess Bride p. 14 8:30 The Wbnderful Wizard oIOz The Deadly Desert p. 14 10:45 Think Big p. 14 The Kidnapped Prince p. 14 9:00 The World Entertainment 12:38 pm Marilyn: The Untold Story p. 14 9:00 Summer School p. 14 Ne«s Report p. 14 3:00 Buy Me That Too! 10:45 Nuns on the Run p. 14 10:00 Rocky V p. 14 A Kid’s Survival Guide 12:30 m Saving Grace p. 14 11:45 Joe Versus the Volcano p. 14 to IV Advertising p. 13 2:30 Defending Your 1:30 pm Reunion p. 14 3:38 Shag. The Movie p. 14 Life (PG-1:52) 3:30 The Birds and the Bees (:58) 5:15 The Baay-sitters Club p. 13 4:30 Police Story: 4:30 Arthur 2: On the Rocks p. 13 5:45 The Princess Bride p. 14 Gladiator School p. 14 6:30 It Takes TWo p. 13 7:38 The Adventures of Tintin 6:15 Summer School p. 14 8:00 Rocky V p. 14 LandotBlackGoU.Pt. 1 p. 7 8:00 Mortal Thoughts p. 3 10:00 Tales From the Crypt 8:00 Cast a Deadly Spell p. 13 10:00 Abortion: Collection Completed p 14 9:45 Across the Tracks (R) p. 13 Desperate Choices p. 5 10:30 Dream On 11:38 Bad inluence p. 13 11:15 Switch (R-143) FuOe Attraction p. 13 1:15 am Wild Zone p. 14 1:05 m Streets p. 14 11:00 Strangers The Last Game p. 7 2:45 Predator 2 p. 14 2:35 Crazy People p. 13 11:30 Femme Fatale (R)p.13 4:35 Strangers The Last Game p. 7 4:05 Vbodco Dawn p. 14 1:10 am Blame It on Rio (R-1:40) 5:05 My Left Foot p. 14 2:55 Nightbreed p. 14 4:40 Women & Men 2 p. 14 8 Schedules are in Daylight Saving Time. 3E/4P THURSDAY T 6:15 am Scrooged p. 14 7:00 8:00 Babar The Missing Crown p. 13 8:00 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 8:30 The Ming Hen p. 14 9:00 Princess & the Cabbie (1:31) 9:00 10:30 Mel Gibson: Lethal Weapon 3- 10:30 Video Diary 2 p. 14 12:45 11:00 Talent lor the Game p. 14 12:30 pm HometOMi Boy Makes Good p. 13 2:30 2:00 HBO Comedy Hour: Bob Saget- 4:30 In the Dream State p. 13 5:30 3:00 Every Which Way 8:00 But Loose (PG-1:55) 10:15 5:00 The Adventures ol Tintin p. 7 12:00 5:30 Scrooged p. 14 7:30 Me Bean p. 6 12:30 8:00 Talent for the Game p. 14 9:30 Abortion p. 5 1:00 11:00 George CarBn (1:00) 2:30 12:00 The Griflers (R-1:50) 3:55 1:55 am Transformations p. 14 3:20 48 HRS. o. 13 5:30 5:00 Bad Influence p. 13 6:10 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 12:00 2:00 3:45 5:30 6:00 8:00 9:30 11:00 12:45 2:10 2:40 4:50 5:20 3E am Islands in the Stream (PG-1:45) Child’s Garden of VSrses ( 30) Tne Tale of Peter Rabbit p. 14 Ira Sleeps Over p. 13 Mike Mulligan and His Steam Stio.nl p. 14 The Adventures of Tintin p. 7 Talent for the Game p. 14 Arthur 2: On the Rocks p. 13 pm Across the Tracks (PG13) p. 13 Tne Princess Bride p. 14 Ml Bean p. 6 Scrooged p. 14 Kickboxer 2: The Road Back p. 4 Talent for the Game p. 14 Across the Tracks (R) p. 13 am Transformations p. 14 Attempted Murder Confrontation p. 13 Revenge p. 14 Strangers SmaV Sounds and fitting Shadows p. 7 Kickboxer 2: The Road Back p. 4 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00 11:00 12:45 2:30 3

HBO Guide May 1992 - Page section : 007

hitchhiker sees through the darkest personal deceptions. (AL.V.N) R-1:41. May 1.11.17 Another 48 HRS. Nick Notte and Eddie Murphy in hit action comedy sequel (ALGV.N) R-1:35. May1 pBSEl Arthur t On the Rocks Oudley Moore returns as the rich, wry drunk. (AL) PG-1:53. May 1.6,10,14,18.26 p IK E Attempted Murder Coafrontatien America Undercover Crime documentary. :26. May 1.10.162628 p EJ Babar The beloved elephant king. An episode eveiy dayl 23. May 1-31 The Baby-sitters Club Kristy and the Groat Campaign 30. May4.14.19,27,30 \ Bad Influence Rob Lowe lures James Spader inlo decadence. Suspenseful tale. • (AL.V.N) R-1:40. May4.7.1322.31 p *s The Believers Suspense-filled drama of NYC devil worship. Martin Sheen stars. (AL.GV.N)R-Y.54. May 14.2527 pB Big Man on Campus Heartwarming tale of a lovelorn outsider. (ASALMV) PG13-1:43. May 11.1421.242720 ED Bob Saget—In the Dream State HBO Comedy Hour :55. May 2.7.1121 po Bronco Billy Clint Eastwood is the charming star of a Wild West show! (ASADPG-YS6. May 9.14.22 po(S Bay Me That Toel A Kid’s Survival Guide to TV Advertising Value-packed documentary. :29. May4.12.24.26 po Cabaret Liza Minnelli stars In this musical hit. f4S,ltfPG-1:59.May24,29«» Cast a Deadly Sped HBO Original Movie Detective thrills laced with an occult edge. R-136. May42228 po E3 ■ MAY Cirque du Salefl II: A New Experience One of the world's most dazzling circus shows! :59. May8.13212631 p i» Clara's Heart Jamaican Whoopi Gofld-berg cares for an American boy. (ASM) PG-13; 1:48. May2.8.13.1824.28 po Glint, “The Rookie" and Me by Charlie Sheen Behind-the-scenes look at a top Hollywood movie. 24. May 817.20.25 Crazy People Dudley Moore is sent to a mental institution for creating truthful ads! (ASM) R-127. May 5.9.18,27 O SI Doing Time: Life Inside the Big House America Undercover Prison documentary. (AL,V,BH)-58. May 16,26 p £3 Dream On Hit adult comedy series. (AS, ALBN) 29. May 6.132027 po Femme Fatale Groom Investigates disappearance of his bride. (AL,V,N) PG13: 130. R-1.36. May6,14.17.1925291» 40 HRS. Blockbuster crime comedy stars Eddie Murphy. Nek Nolte. (ALAH, GV.N) R-1:36. May 1,7,11,17,20.23 Ghost Hit romantic ihriEer with Oscar*-winner Whoopi Goldberg, (ASALMV) PG-13:2:07. May816212621 pssra GoodFellas The most sizzling gangster movie in years! Robert De Niro. (AS.AL. GV) R-225. May3.13.162125 PHCEI Happy Birthday to You H80 Storybook Musicals Who'll write a song for Olivia's birthday? :24. May 5.1U% Hollywood Hot Tabs 2: Educating Crystal California girls get wild and wet (ALIV>R-1:40. May 9.182124 Hometown Boy Makes Good Great fun when a dropout poses as a psychiatrist (AL) 129. May po @ Ira Sleeps Over HBO Storybook Musicals But can Ira leave his beloved teddy bear behind? :24. May 10 po It Takes Two Fresh comedy about premarital jitters in Dabs. (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:19. May,30 pa 13'

HBO Guide May 1992 - Page section : 003

UJ.X Q J D CO — > LU I HI U1.XO A RAGE IN HARLEM FOREST WHITAKER ROBIN GIVEN A sultry thief, a fortune in stolen gold and a naive young accountant add up to non-stop action in this fast-paced crime comedy. Robin Givens plays the greedy lady who seduces Forest Whitaker into helping her fence the loot. With Gregory I lines, Danny Glover. (AI^V,N) R-l:48. May 24,27,29 p S3 HBO Exclusive Premiere May 24 KICKBOXER 2: THE ROAD BACK A retired kickboxer refuses ail offers from a sleazy promoter to return to the ring. Then his gym is torched and one of his pupils is killed by a fearsome Thai fighter. Now he’s mad— but does he have what it takes to win in a no-holds-barrcd match? (AL,GV) R-l:27. May 10,15,18,23,28 p i1 HBO Kxchnivm Premiere May 10 STONE COLD BRIAN BOSWORTH When maverick Alabama cop Brian Bosworth infiltrates a gang of outlaw bikers, ordinary citizens better duck! Fists and bullets fly as The Boz goes all out to convince the motorpsychos lie's real biker material. With Lance Henrikscn, William Forsythe. (AL,V, N) R-l:32. May 3,9,14,19,22,27 US HBO bdvilve Premiers May 3 4 WBC Super Welterweight TiHe Fight TERRY NORRIS j i WBC Super Welterweight Champion W I MELDRICK TAYLOR 1 & WBA Welterweight Champion K. Live from The Mirage! Two evenly pp.; matched boxers face off for the WBC Super Welterweight title. Norris 5£afe% sent I^eonard and Curry into early H retirement But he and Ifeylor are both known for their lightnings' quick combinations and terrific box-ing sense. It’s gonna be dose! p !■! PVflimi AMERICA UNDERCOVER Asperate Choices ^ A thought-provoking look at the human side of Bk one of the most explosive moral and political issues of our time. This documentary includes V footage of an abortion clinic, as well as testimo-BT nials from threeigenerations of American women whose lives have been changed forever by abortion. (AS) 1:07. May 5,7,11,14.26,31 p E3 5

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nn EXTRAS. Joe Versus the Volcano lorn Hanks dumps hs ho-hum life. Roma-tic lun. (AL) PG-142. M3)' p M C- The Rain KUIer Serial killer stalks LA (AL.V.N) R-1:30. May21.24.3011 Reunion lo this moving drama. Jason Roba'ds searches lor a boyhood friend. Kid We don I knov/ his name, just his mission: avenge the murder of hs parents. (ASALV)R-UB. May28.31 K Les Miserables Animated version of classic tale. 48 May 3.6.14,22 p i» Marilyn: The Untold Story The life of i Marilyn Monroe. (AS) 2:25. May 4.12 H Marlin Lawrence One-Night Stand The host of Russell Simmons' Oef Comedy Janf. (Al. AH) 77. May 15.1923.27 p i» Mel Gibson: Lethal Weapon 3-Video Diary 2 Insider's view of life on a movie set' 30. May3.» Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel HBO Storybook Musicals Classic chrcren's story. :25. May 10 p n My Left Foot Daniel Day Lewis* brilliant portrayal ol a man’s triumph over adversity. (AS.AL.MV/ R-1:43. May 4.17 p Nightbreed The dead became monsters in an underground city. Craig Sheffer. (AL.GVN)R-1:42. May 1.6.17 QM Ninja Academy Sp *ited fun at a ku-g fu school lliat turns wimps into warriors. (ASM. V.N) 1:29 May 1.13251 No Way Out Puttica thriller set in Washington. D.C. Kevin Cosine', Gene Hackman. (ALMN) R-154 May 22 p « Nuns on the Run Two crooks on the lam hide cut n a local convent! (ASAL.N) PG-13; 1 28 May 1.5.11 16.2028 Wl Police Story: Gladiator School Terse crime drama from voseph Wambaugh (VIMS. May5. it Predator 2 Sci-fi thriller (AL.GV.N) R-1:48. May2. pa The Presidio Sean Connery sta's in this last-paced crime drama. (ASAL.V) R-1:37. May 14.26.29 p H8G3 The Princess Bride B eer/ tale of sorcerers. svordsand true love. (AL,MV) | PG-1:38 May p m *14 (AS.BN) PG-13.1 50. May 2 6.15.19 Revenge Kevin Costner s pari of a dangerous romantic triangle (AL.V.N) R-2:04 May 10.18.28 p ir Rocky V -The liveliest Rocky since the first one' (N Y. Post) (AL.V.BU) PG-13: 1:44 May 6 912.17.22.27 QWV I The Rookie Action-packed cop drama starring Clin Eastwood. (AS.AL. V) R-2 01 Way p O The Runaway Teapot H80 Storybook Musicals Atce in Wonderland folks m a modem setting :24. May 11.19.29«» Russell Simmons’ Def Comedy Jam ' Hip-hop' comedians Warning: adults-ontyhumor! 29 May 2.2230. ^po Saving Grace Tom Conti plays the Pope in this heartwarming comedy/drama. (ALWPG-152. May5.24 p Scrooged BII Murray is a crass TV exec In the b ocWjuster ccniedy hit. (AL) PG-13: 1 41 May p E£ III Shag, The Movie Beach-bash comedy. (AL) PG-1:39. May 4.9.131721.29 p ai Spring Fever U.S.A. Col*giate sp'ing breakers in hot pursuit of a good time (AL.MVN) R-127 May813.23.29 Streets Toenage hooker stalked by a killer (AS.AL.V.N)R-1 25. May5.16.241» Summer School Mark Harmon s a leacher flunking love (ALV) PG-13: 137 May 2.5.1117.22.27.30 p 11 Superman Chrslopher Reeve. Marlon Brando head a super cast. (ALMV) PG-2 23 May3.814.202328.31 p The Tale of Peter Rabbit HBO Storybook Musicals Cato\ Bumen ra-rates and sings. Animated. :27. May /0 p i» Talent ior the Game A basebal scout needs a pitcher Comedy/drama. (ASALj PG-1:27 May O Tales From the Crypt Stones to terrorize and tickle you (AS.ALV) :30. May 1. 6.8:13.15: p i»: Think Big Martin Mull goes into comedy overdrive in a truckin' romp. (ASALV) PG-13.1:27. May Third Degree Burn HBO Original Movie A pnvate eye is accused of murder. IASAL V.N) 1:37. May 11.1924 p i» The Thirty-Nine Steps Updated Alfred Hitchcock classic of mnocenl man on the run f/lS.Ai.A*V;PG-1:43. May 1.9.28 Transformations Astronaut Rex Smith encounters an intergalactic nightmaro (ALGVNR)R-WO May7.10.19.29 Voodoo Dawn Evil priest practices on college students. (WR-1:23. May 5.8.14 Waiting for the light Snirtey MacLame mixes up some magic in ths tender comedy PG-1:30 May2.821.25 o Who’s That Girl Madonna sasses her way into and out of trouble. (AL) PG-1 34 May 1.9.1319.25.31 pa Wild Zone A U.S. ecologist in Afrca must rescue ns father from bandils. (AL V.BNR) R-128 May 4,17.23 Women & Men 2 H80 Original Move Three tales about the combustible relationships between the sexes. (ASAL) R 1:21 HBOMay6.19 po LJ The Wonderful Wizard ol 0z An episode every day! 23. H80May 1-31« The World Entertainment News Report Television, film, music, spolsand rrore. 1:00 HBO May 613.20.27 rtraMkoM MMutuianivi.iMui1 -.iln j« an :«< -UimHO At » -■-»-<» UMI.-IIW1 AHAUIur.. V>v*n«- m V*: »•*•<«» OXI ulu NtOJI* BN6K'Nu>-,.»e!; «> .l H Ua. NCWNadiut'' inlt- i*x| luU> ■< * tloi-j imjtfs 1 —-iO*. U3JDaO»Ulx.«ti»l Uu>: Mil imnw.il I I ri» 1.1- :■ ./«■.* i^ «<>■•«“.«•«• Ww wrtllm Otar .*>: i** «»-•.' r—>U('jn nn.im ud.II...I , 11.1 il .V..<||> :l I’lUlta .w.l « Cnini! fiti’o t» Unm IIIIO *iv-.«n -oii|ihi»o < Kfwl.lt a z

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today's top ledystars^t together (one the homeless. Billy Crystal Whoopi Roseanne Arnold Tom Arnold Dennis Miller Paula Poundstone Paul Rodriguez Sinbad and many, many morel Where there’s laughter, there's hope. That's why there's Comic Relief'*. Join hosts Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams for the comedy event of the year—HBO'sfifth superstar extravaganza to benefit America's homeless. The country's biggest comedy stars—including ,|im Carrey, Pce-wcc Herman and Marsha Warfield—will be on stage at L.A.’s Universal Amphitheater to perform their funniest routines LIVE (ALA/I) 4:00. May 16 p «I COMIC RELIEF ft a Wdemark OC Gory Th*o d don't P Mr* Bean Rowan Atkinson Here's another new installment of the Emmy* winning comedy series. If you've ever won* dered how to deal with all those odd little situations in life, you'll find Mr. Bean achinglv funny. :30. May 2,3,5; 7,9,10,11,15 q O FAMILY FAVORITES every episode on Mondays for an exciting UVE interactive game. The Adventures of Tintin The adventures of the intrepid reporter. :30. Q Land of Black Gold (Pi. I) Tintin investigates a Mideast oil crisis. May 4,7,10 land of Black Gold (Pt.2) Tintin uncovers a plot to start WWIII! May 11,14, 17 Flight 714 (PL/) An abrasive millionaire is kidnapped. May 18,21,24 Flight 714 (Pt.2) Tintin receives help in his rescue attempt from an unlikely source! May 25,2831 H®0 FOR -%Ds Every morning there’s an hour of great children’s programming. It’s entertaining, informative and commercial-free. 8:00/7:00 a.m. Central n g e r s When you playgames with a stranger, anything can happen. A trio of sexy new adult dramas about Americans abroad in search of the passion and excitement they can't find at home. :30. (AS,AL,V,N) The Last Game (Linda Fiorcntino): HBO May 1, 3,4,6; Small Sounds and Tilting Shadows (Joan Chen): May 8.10,13,14; Windows (Timothy Hutton): May 15,18,20,28 p 7

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w 8:35 7:30 8:M 8:30 9:00 10:60 11:45 1:15 3.-00 4:00 5:45 730 8:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 2:00 335 5:10 6:00 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:30 12:30 1:00 2:30 430 6:30 8:80 9:30 11:30 12:80 12:30 1:80 2:45 4:30 am Ho# to Prevent a Heart Attack (:49) Mel Gibson/Video Diary 2 p. 14 Babar Monkey Business p. 13 Wonderful Wizard oiOz p. 14 World Entertainment News p. 14 Shag. The Movie p. 14 Hometown Boy Makes Good p. 13 pm Who's That Girl p. 14 Cirque duSoteil II p. 13 Clara's Heart p. 13 Shao. The Movie p. 14 Mel Gibson/Video Diary 2 p. 14 8ad Influence p. 13 Tales From the Crypt Dead Right p. 14 Dream On The 37-Year Itch p. 13 Strangers p. 7 GoodFellas p 13 am A Might in the Life of Jimmy Reardon (R-1:29) Ninja Academy p. 14 Spring Fever USA p. 14 Saturday Nights STARTING THIS MONTH, Saturday is premiere night on HBOI May 2 Mortal Thoughts May 9 New Jack City Championship Boxing May 16 Comic Relief™ V May 23 Toy Soldiers May 30 HBO Original Movie: Afterburn 7:00 am Les Miserables p. 14 8:00 Babar 7fie©Wp.13 8:30 The Wonderful Ward ol Oz Saved by the Sun p. 14 9:00 Bronco Bily p. 13 11:00 Superman p. 14 1:30 pm Big Man on Campus p. 13 3:30 The Baby-sitters Club Kristy and the Great Campaign p. 13 4:00 The Adventures of Tintin LaadofBlackGold.Pt. 2 p. 7 4:30 femme Fatale (PG13) p. 13 6:00 Arthur 2: On the Rocks p. 13 8:00 Stone Cold p. 4 9:30 The Presidio p. 14 11:15 Abortion: Desperate Choices p. 5 Voodoo Dawn p. 14 The Believers p. 13 Stone Cold p. 4 12:25 am 1*0 3:50 5:25 Strangers Small Sounds and mug Shadows p. 7 FRIDAY 1 m am Every Which Way But Loose (PG-1:55) Babar Rhino War p. 13 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Nome King Plans Revenge p. 14 Talent tor the Game p. 14 Reunion p. 14 pm Mr. Bean p. 6 It Takes Two p. 13 The Princess Bride p. 14 Every Which Way But Loose (PG-1:55) Talent tor the Game p. 14 Kickboxer 2: The Road Back p. 4 The Rootte p. 14 Tales Prom the Crypt Dead Right p. 14 Strangers Windows p. 7 am Martin Lawrence p. 14 New Jack City p. 2 Blame It on Rio (R-1:40) Kickboxer 2: The Road Back p. 4 6:00 am Joe Versus the Volcano p. 14 8:00 Babar Elephant's Express p. 13 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard olOz Princess Ozma's Secret p. 14 9:00 Across the Tracks (PG13) p. 13 10:45 Police Story: Gladiator School p. 14 12:30 pm Attempted Murder: Confrontation p. 13 1:00 Nuns on the Run pi 14 2:30 Mel Gibson: Lethal V/eapon 3- Vldeo Diary 2 p. 14 3:00 Joe versus the Volcano p. 14 5:00 Across the Tracks (PG13J p. 13 6:45 Ghost p. 13 9:00 Comic Relief V (LIVE) p. 6 1:00 am GoodFellas p. 13 3:30 Doing Time: Life Inside the Big House p. 13 4:35 Streets p. 14 6:05 am Rocky V p. 14 8:00 Babar Conga the Terrible p. 13 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Miss Cumciip and Mister Fudto p. 14 9:00 Summer School p. 14 10:45 The Adventures of Tintin Land ol Black Gold. Pt. 2 p.7 11:15 Shag. The Movie p. 14 1:00 pm Think Big p. 14 2:30 Clnt. "The Rookie" and Me by Charlie Sheen p. 13 3:00 femme Fatale (PG13) p. 13 4:30 Rocky V p. 14 6:15 Summer School p. 14 8:00 48 HRS. p. 13 9:45 Niflhtbreed p. 14 11:30 Mortal Thoughts p. 3 1:20 am Aligator Eyes p. 13 3:05 Wild Zone p. 14 4:35 My Left foot p. 14 10 DZmSIESI 6:25 am Princess & the Cabbie (1:31) 6:35; im How to Prevent : 6:30 am Think Bio p. 14 8:00 Babar Kino Tuttle’s Vote p. 13 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz a Heart Attack (:49) 8:00 Babar Double the Guards p. 13 8:30 7:30 The Runaway Teapot p. 14 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Growteymog Joins Homes p. 14 8:00 Babar The Intruder p. 13 Homes on the March p. 14 9:00 Arthur 2: On the Rocks p. 13 8:30 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz 9:00 Vforld Entertainment News p. 14 11:00 High Anxiety (PG-1:30) TheWaterofOMvtonp. 14 10:00 Superman p. 14 12:30 pm Hometown Boy Makes Good p 13 9:00 Reunion p. 14 : 12:30 pm Nuns on the Run p. 14 2:00 Fun With Dick & Jane (PG-1:36) 11:80 The Baby-sitters Club Kristy 2:00 Clint. "The Rookie" and Me 3:45 Scroogedpl4 and the Great Campaign p. 13 ■ by Charlie Sheen p. 13 5:30 Clara's Heart p. 13 11:30 femme Fatale (PG13) p. 13 2:30 Police Story p. 14 7:30 The Adventures ol Tintin 1:001 m Joe Versus the Volcano p. 14 4:15 Across the Tracks (PG13) p. 13 FSght 714, Part 1 p.7 2:45 Who’s That Girl p. 14 6:00 Every Which \%y 8:00 Crazy People p. 13 4:30 Talent tor Ihe Game p. 14 But Loose (PG-1:55) 9:30 HBO Comedy Hour: George Carlin 6:00 The Princess Bride p. 14 8:00 The Rookie p. 14 Live at The Paramount (1:00) : 8:00 Third Degree Bum p. 14 10:00 Tales From the Crypt 10:30 Mel Gibson: Lethal Weapon 3- \ 0:45 One-Night Stand: The Switch p. 14 Video Diary 2 p 14 Martin Lawrence p. 14 10:30 Dream On 11:00 New Jack City p. 2 10:15 Stone Cold p. 4 Calling the Kettle Black p 13 12:45 am Kickboxer 2: The Road Back p. 4 • 11:50 Talent lor the Game p. 14 11:00 Strangers V/indotrs p.7 2:15 Revenge p. 14 : 1:20 am femme Fatale (R) p. 13 11:30 48 HHS. p. 13 430 Strangers Windows p. 7 3:00 Transformations p. 14 : 1:10 am Mortal Thoughts p. 3 4:50 Hollywood Hot Tubs 2: 435 Martin Lawrence p. 14 3:00 The Rookie p. 14

HBO Guide May 1992 - Page section : 002

He flew our fastest fighter jet... into instant death. it His vrifecatt^n a (ovemf , V\ hen Janet Harduvai s 5$ husband, an Air Force pilot, dies in the crash of an F-16, she refuses to accept the official explanation of "pilot ptfWvSlw hires a somewhat skeptical but powerful lawyer irr<^^^^fefcoggiaV and sues the plane’s \ ■ ^^teitcfurer, ivaura T)crn H' (Rambling Rose) stars as the Idetermined woman fighting liittfcbrber husband's name. With Vincent Spano. gf (AL) 1:42. NewJackCity Nobody knows the mean streets of Harlem like drug czar Nino Brown; nobody, that is except Detective Stone. Brown's crack kingdom Ls ripping Harlem apart, but Stone's out to destroy this gangster—and lie's got three street-smart cops behind him! (AI*,GV, N) R-l :40. May 9,12,15,18,21,29 p m E3 HBO Exclusive Premicro May 9 The HBO Quids H puMahed mcnMy by Home Bo* OWce. Inc. a Tfcnc Wnmcr Company. 1100 Satti Avonuo. NV. NY I003B. Jatrey L Barites. 2 ProsUont and COO; Wftam C. Nelson. SoMor VP and CFO: Jo^n S.Radpalli, Jr., Soootaiy. o 1090 Homo Box Olf.ce. Ira. All right* resarved. DEMI MOORE GLENNE HEADLY BRUCE WILLIS A wife kills her abusive husband and her best friend (Demi Moore) helps her cover up the crime. That's the story the friend tells in this twisty suspense drama. Bruce Willis was a creep who deserved to die, but did wife Glenne licadly really do him in? Detective Harvey Keitel is determined to find the truth. (ASALV) R-l:44. May 2,5.8, II, 17,20 □ £9 Toy Soldiers Sean Astin Louis Gossett, Jr. Columbian terrorists take over a rich kids' school and hold the students hostage. But these boys were kicked out of every private school in the country, and have more tricks up their sleeves than the South Americans ever imagined! (AL,V,BN) R-l:52. May 23,26,31 QM HBO Exclusive Premiere May 23

HBO Guide July 1992 - Page section : 007

p 2 1:45 Dream On May Divorce 2:15 One-Night Stand: 1:20 am Prayer of the Rolerboys p. 14 BeWHhYoup.4 Mario Joyner p. 5 2:55 Rick Ducommun: Hit and Run p. 5: 2:15 IKheYbuio Death p. 14 2:45 Maniac Cop 2 p. 14 3:55 Sunset Heat p. 7 3:55 Sandra After Dark p. 5 4:15 Tom Arnold: 5:35 Losing It All: The Reality 4:55 The Palermo Connection p. 14 The Naked Truth p. 14 of Alzheimer's Disease p. 14 4:50 Point Break p. 3 ML B 0 EXTR ASlS Ul .Y Above the Law Steven Seagal takes on slimy Chicago drug kings. (AL V) R-1:39. July3.«E3 The Adventures ol Milo and Otis A kitten and a puppy journey into the wide world. .0-1:15. July2.11,15.26.30pan Babar The beloved elephant king. An episode every day! :23. July 1-31 Barbarella Jane Fonda saves the universe in this 1968 sti-fi spoof. (AS, AL.BN) PG-t :38. July 4.8,13.17,22m The Best of Russell Simmons' Del Comedy Jam Two editions of TV’s hottest "hip-hop" comedy. Warning: Adults-only humor! : 30. July 24; 31 Qn Beverly Hills Brats A kid plots his own kidnapping. A comedy romp. (ASJLV) PG-13:156. July5.9.14,22,25,30C% Big A shrimpy 13-year-old wishes he were "big'! Fun with Tom Hanks. (AS, AL;PG-1:44. July 2.12.1722.25 p EH 3E/4P Blackout HBO Original Movie A thriller with Richard Widmark as a retired detective. (ASM.V) 1:38. July 14.20Q Bloodmatch A kickboxer fights to get revenge for his brother's death. (ASM. GKI R-1:25. July 5.10.1621 PO Bullseye! Michael Caine. Roger Moore are con men in this comedy caper. (AS. AL) PG-13; 1:29. July20,25.28.31 pta Crime Lords A veteran cop and his preppy new partner jet to Hong Kong to solve a murder. (AL.V.BN) R-1:32. July3.726 "Crocodile" Dundee Comedy/adven-lure about an Aussie in N.Y. (ASM) PG-. 13; 1:38. July 19, Daroon Wayans: Tie Last Stand? HBO : Gwaetfj'WowAtliiRs-only cometfy bust-: out. (ALAH) :58. July 1821.27QO Descending Angel HBO Original Movie : Is businessman George C. Scott a Nazi? « (ALV.BN) R-138. Jirly22 POB) Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood is a renegade cop with his own idea of justice. (AL.V.N) R-1 ;43. July O Dragonfight Martel arts gladiators fight lor a $300,000,000 prize. Michael Part stars. (AL.V) 121 July 300 Flrefoi Ace Cint Eatwood must steal the world’s most devastating aircraft (AL, V) PG-2:05. July5,1318.2327.310 First Look: A League of Their Dm An inside look at a new comedy starring Madonna. :30. July 12,5.9.11,14 ft Fraakeahooker Camp meets carnage in this grisly, over-the-top horror spool. (ALV.N) R-1:22. July? 13 pa Frantic Harrison Ford's wife disappears in Paris in this taut thriller. (AL.V.BN) R-2M July 1.10.28QWV3 Halloween 5: The Revenge ol Michael Myers The teen-slasher returns! (4S.4L.19 R-1:33. July 9.18.22 pn 13

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