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Page 20 Agnes of God (CC) 5 Baby...Secret of the Lost Legend 4 Band of the Hand 22 The Blue Lagoon 22 Creator 5 Cut and Run 19 Daffy Duck's Movie 22 Deadly Force 8 Desert Bloom (CC) 4 Dragonslayer 4 Eddie and the Cruisers 18 The Elephant Man 19 Fletch (CC) 22 Game of Death 5 Gremlins (CC) 21 Gulag (CC) 7 Hard Choices 22 Heated Vengeance 18 Jake Speed (CC) 22 Killer Party 15 Last Innocent Man (CC) 4 Legend (CC) 5 Legend/Billie Jean (CC) 17 Long Gone (CC) 22 Lost in America (CC) 20 My Chauffeur (CC) 22 My Man Adam (CC) 18 My Science Project (CC) 7 No Retreat No Surrender 22 Nutcracker 7 On the Edge 22 Paris, Texas (CC) 22 Perfect (CC) 12 Poltergeist II 22 Porky's Revenge (CC) 11 Private Benjamin 22 Secret Admirer (CC) 13 Short Circuit (CC) 20 St. Elmo's Fire (CC) r_l Page 20 Stitches 3 Sweet Liberty (CC) 22 Terminal Choice 4 To Live & Die in L.A. (CC) 19 Tribute 22 Uforia 20 Vision Quest (CC) Original Programs 17 America Undercover: Drunk and Deadly (CC) 18 Animation and Beyond 5 Conspiracy: The Trial of the Chicago 8 (CC) 18 Death of the Desert Fox 19 Douglas MacArthur 20 The Hitchhiker 4 Sam Kinison 19 The Talk Show 8 Uptown Comedy Express 21 Will Rogers (CC) Sports 21 Championship Boxing Family Showcase 19 Seabert 18 HBO Family Showcase Daytime on HBO 8 Bridge on the River Kwai 8 The Buddy Holly Story 8 The Candidate 6 Can't Stop the Music 8 The Great Caruso 8 Hog Wild Page 8 Megaforce 7 Memories Never Die 8 Nobody's Perfekt 8 One on One 7 Silver Bears 7 Wonder of It All 8 Your Place...or Mine Limited Plays* After Hours (CC)-May 4,8 Bad Medicine (CC)-May 8 Better Off Dead (CC)-May 18 Blackout (CC)-May 22 Breaking All the Rules-May 23 Certain Fury-May 30 The Final Conflict A-May 3 Final Justice-May 7 The Guardian (CC)-May 22 Mom's on Strike-May 10 Rodney Dangerfield A -May 2 Say Yes-May 4,8 Scream for Help-May 12 A '60s Reunion A-May 24 Sometimes I Don't Love My Mother-May 10 Tuff Turf (CC)-Mayl Wildcats (CC) A-May 29 * In most cases limited plays are described In Iasi month's guide (CC) Indicates programs that are closed-captioned. A Indicates programs In stereo, where available Please Note Words of caution included before the ratings have been abbreviated. AS Adult situations. GV Graphic violence. AL Adult language. N Nudity. AH Adult humor. BN Brief nudity. V Violence. SC Strong sexual content. MV Mild violence R Rape. The HBO Guide Is published monthly by Home Box Office Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Yoiif New York 10036. Joseph J. Collins, President; Jeffrey L Bewkes, Senior V.P., Finance; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretory. © 1987 Home Box Officer Inc. All rights reserved ALAN ALDA MICHAEL CAINE MICHELLE PFEIFFER Summer madness strikes a small North Carolina town when a Hollywood film crew arrives to make an epic about the American Revolution. Alan Alda stars as the author of the lusty historical novel being filmed. But Hollywood wants to forget about most of the history and concentrate on the lust! Michael Caine and Michelle Pfeiffer (Ladyhawke) play the stars of the movie. (AS.ALBN) PG-1:47. May 2,6,10,14,19,25 (CC) Supers Saturdays THIS MONTH ON HBO MAY 2 ■ SWEET LIBERTY ■ On Location: RODNEY DAN6ERFIELD MAY 9 ■ SHORT CIRCUIT ■ On Location: UPTOWN COMEDY EXPRESS MAY 16 ■ POLTERGEIST II ■ THE HITCHHIKER ■ CONSPIRACY: THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 8 MAY 23 ■ HBO Pictures: LONG GONE MAY 30 ■ TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. ■ CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING

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MAY 7-10 THU MAY 7 5:00 am THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.19 6:00 THE ANIMAL ALPHABET p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Can't Do That Without A Hat" (:25) 7:00 HOG WILD p. 6 8:30 EDDIE/THE CRUISERS p. 4 10:30 THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE DESERT FOX p. 18 11:00 YOUR PLACE...OR MINE p.6 1:00 pm HEIDI p.18 2:30 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.19 3:30 WILL ROGERS: LOOK BACK IN LAUGHTER p. 21 4:30 MY SCIENCE PROJECT p.18 6:15 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS p. 4 8:00 BAND OF THE HAND p. 4 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER "Secret Ingredient" p. 20 10:30 FINAL JUSTICE (R-1:30) 12:05 am SAM KINISON p 4 1:05 CREATOR p. 22 2:55 THE LAST INNOCENT MAN p.15 SAT MAY 9 5:00 7:00 8:00 10:00 10:30 12:30 2:00 3:30 5:00 7:00 9:00 10:00 10:30 11:30 12:05 1:45 3:20 am GREMLINS p. 5 THE WILDER SUMMER p.19 SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 THE TALK SHOW p.19 THE CANDIDATE p. 6 pm ON THE EDGE p. 7 ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE p.18 BABY. . .SECRET OF THE LOST LEGEND p. 5 GREMLINS p. 5 HBO Super Saturday SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 ON LOCATION: UPTOWN COMEDY EXPRESSp 8 THE HITCHHIKER "Secret Ingredient" p. 20 SAM KINISON p. 4 THE TALK SHOW p.19 am DEADLY FORCE p. 22 LOST IN AMERICA p. 22 ON THE EDGE p. 7 FRI MAY 8 5:00 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p.18 6:00 SEABERT "The Kidnapping" p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Thirty Minute Work Week" (:25) 7:00 WONDER OF IT ALL p. 7 8:30 THE GREAT CARUSO p. 6 10:30 DOUGLAS MACARTHUR p.19 11:00 SAY YES (PG-13; 1:30) 12:30 pm NOBODY'S PERFEKT p 6 2:00 LEGEND p. 4 3:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: OUT OF STEP p.18 4:30 DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: THE DEFIANT GENERAL p.19 5:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY p. 6 7:00 Double Feature Friday STITCHES p. 20 8:30 BAD MEDICINE (PG-13;1.38) 10:30 SECRET ADMIRER p. 22 12:10 am TERMINAL CHOICE p. 22 1:55 AFTER HOURS (R-1:37) 3:35 MY MAN ADAM p. 22 SUN MAY 10 5:00 7:00 7:30 8:00 10:00 10:30 12:30 2:30 3:30 4:30 5:00 7:00 9:00 10:50 12:50 2:25 4:15 am JAKE SPEED p.18 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) SEABERT "Whale Mission" p.19 THE ELEPHANT MAN p.18 THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE DESERT FOX p.18 MEMORIES NEVER DIE p. 7 pm SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 SOMETIMES I DON'T LOVE MY MOTHER (:46) MOM'S ON STRIKE (:46) FRAGGLE ROCK "The Preach If ication of Convincing John" (:25) JAKE SPEED p.18 Sunday Night Movie PRIVATE BENJAMIN p.11 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 THE ELEPHANT MAN p.18 am KILLER PARTY p. 22 VISION QUEST p. 20 THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE DESERT FOX p.18 -DOUBLE FEATURE ERMfS ON HBO u ACTION PACK MAY 1 ■ Band of the Hand ^ Cut and Run MED SCHOOL MADNESS MAY 8 k Stitches ■ Bad Medicine SCIENCE FARE MAY 15 : My Science Project m Short Circuit HBO PICTURES DOUBLE FEATURE MAY 22 ■ Blackout b The Guardian A NIGHT WITH GOLDIE HAWN MAY 29 ■ Wildcats m Private Benjamin 10 MAY 11-14 MON MAY 11 5:00 am 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS p.l 8 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "1 Wont to Be You'' (:25) 7:00 SILVER BEARS p. 7 9:00 TRIBUTE p.19 11:00 MEGAFORCE p 6 1:00 pm CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC p. 6 3:00 HEIDI p.l 8 4:30 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS p. 4 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "1 Want to Be You" (:25) 7:00 PERFECT p. 22 9:00 HARD CHOICES p. 7 10:35 WILL ROGERS: LOOK BACK IN LAUGHTER p. 21 11:35 HEATED VENGEANCE p. 22 1:10 am NUTCRACKER p. 22 2:55 CUT AND RUN p. 5 Private Benjamin GOLDIE HAWN In a spoof of life, love and the military, Goldie destroys basic training in a performance that earned a 1980 Best Actress Oscar® nomination. (ALAH,BN) R-1:50. May 10,21,25,29 TUE MAY 12 6:00 am SEABERT "Whale Mission" p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Terrible Tunnel" (:25) 7:00 NOBODY'S PERFEKT p. 6 8:30 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.19 9:30 LEGEND p. 4 11:00 GREMLINS p. 5 1:00 pm SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 3:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: OUT OF STEP p.l 8 4:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES "The Amazing World of Spiders" p.19 5:15 YOUR PLACE ...OR MINE p.6 7:00 MY CHAUFFEUR p. 20 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER "Cabin Fever" p. 20 9:30 SCREAM FOR HELP (R-l:30) 11:05 SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 12:50 am PORKY'S REVENGE p. 22 2:25 GAME OF DEATH p. 22 4:10 MY CHAUFFEUR p. 20 WED MAY 13 6:00 am RUMPELSTILTSKIN p.l 8 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Lost Treasure of the Fraggles" (:25) 7:00 ONE ON ONE p. 6 9:00 UFORIAp.22 11:00 THE ELEPHANT MAN p.l 8 1:00 pm THE GREAT CARUSO p. 6 3:00 DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: THE DEFIANT GENERAL p.l9 3:30 CHICKEN p.l 8 4:00 THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI p. 6 7:00 UFORIAp.22 9:00 ON LOCATION: UPTOWN COMEDY EXPRESS p. 8 10:00 DEADLY FORCE p. 22 11:40 ST. ELMO'S FIRE p. 20 1:30 am STITCHES p. 20 3:05 BAND OF THE HAND p. 4 THU MAY 14 5:00 am ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE p.l 8 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk?" (:24) 7:00 ON THE EDGE p. 7 8:30 ANIMATION: CARTOONS, COMPUTERS AND BEYOND p.l 8 9:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY p. 6 11:00 CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC p. 6 1:00 pm MEMORIES NEVER DIE p. 7 3:00 ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE p.l 8 4:30 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 6:30 ON THE EDGE p. 7 8:00 GULAG p. 21 10:15 THE HITCHHIKER "Cabin Fever" p. 20 10:45 CUT AND RUN p. 5 12:15 am TERMINAL CHOICE p. 22 2:00 MY MAN ADAM p. 22 3:30 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PG: Parental guidonce suggested. PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special

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Band of the Hand Legend tom cruise miasara Sumptuous sword-and-sorcery fantasy pits Tom Cruise against a satanic lord in this epic fable. In a land of demons, elves and unicorns. Cruise is the heroic beau of beautiful Mia Sara. When the Lord of Darkness steals her, Cruise is off on a grand-scale quest. (V) PG-1:30. May 3,8,12,16,21,27 (CC) A Can a tough Vietnam vet turn five street punks into responsible citizens? In an attempt to rehabilitate them, the young men are sent to the Florida Everglades to learn survival techniques. After fighting each other and the environment, they band together to take on Miami's drug lords. (ALV) R-1:50. May 1,7,13,16,19,24 A Eddie and the Cruisers Tom Berenger (Platoon) stars in a drama of fame, rock music and mystery. With Michael Pard. (AS.MV) PG-1:35. May 2,7,11,24 To Live and Die in L.A. William Petersen (Long Gone) and Willem Dafoe (Platoon) star in this sleek crime drama directed by William Friedkin. (AL.GVN) R-1:56. May 30 (CC) A 4 On Location: Sam Kinison "No holds barred" takes on new meaning when Sam Kinison walks on stage! Comedy for adults only (AL) 1:00. May 4,7,9 A Dragonslayer Ralph richardson A dragon menaces sixth-century Britain in a fantasy with magic, mystery, adventure and romance. "An unqualified smash"(Houston Chronicle). (MV,BN) PG-1:49. May 16,22,26,31 m cnsfiiacv ■ PETER BOYLE ____ _ ___ ■ ROBERT CARRADINE SHowm uuiiui mm III ■ ELLIOTT GOULD THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 8 ■ ROBERT LOGGIA *ii M! Eight men: when they took the stand, the conscience of the country was on trial. A powerful dramatization of an event that symbolized the '60s. The "Chicago 8" were the anti-Vietnam War activists accused of inciting the riots that rocked the city streets during the 1968 Democratic convention. Based on transcripts of their trial, this drama includes 1987 interviews with the actual participants—Tom Hayden, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and others. (AL) Approx. 2:00. May 16,19,24,27 (CC) A The Legend of Billie Jean A teenager becomes a media sensation when she runs afoul of the law. Helen Slater. (AS.ALV) PG-13; 1:35. May 27 (CC) A Gremlins PHOEBE CATES The comedy/horror hit about a town besieged by hordes of nasty little creatures. (AS, ALV) PG-1.46. May 4,9,12,21,24,27 (CC) A Cut and Run karen black Hot on the trail of a cocaine czar, an American television reporter gets more than she bargained for in the South American jungle. (AS.GV.N) R-1:28. May 1,6,11,14,23 Baby...Secret of the Lost Legend Bringing up Baby is easier said than done when Baby happens to be a ten-foot-long brontosaurus! With William Katt (House). (AS,V,N) PG-1:28. May 3,9,15,20,26 A 5

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Hog Wild Clean-cut high school kids take on a gang of hoodlums who make their lives miserable in this irreverent comedy. (AS.AL) PG-1:27. May 4,7,15,27 One on One Can a small-town basketball star make it at a big-city college? Robby Benson and Annette O'Toole star in a winning comedy/drama. (AL) PG-1:38. May 2,13,17,21,29 Megaforce A terrorist army threatens the world, and the only hope of stopping it is Megaforce, a swashbuckling futuristic fighting team. (AL,V) PG-1:39. May 1,5,11,16,24,28 The Great Caruso Film buffs and music lovers will thrill to this 1951 classic as Mario Lanza recreates the legend of opera great Enrico Caruso. G-1:49. May 3.8,13,18,29 Can’t Stop the Music Steve Guttenberg, Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner and The Village People in an upbeat musical with a sparkling disco sou/id. (AL.BN) PG-1:58. May 1,5,11,14,20 The Buddy Holly Story The story of the Texas "rockabilly" who was on his way to music superstardom when he died in a plane crash in 1959. Gary Busey stars. (AL) PG-1:54. May 3,8,14,18,23,26 A Your Place... or Mine Bonnie Franklin stars in this romantic comedy as a psychiatrist whose friends are determined to fix her up with landscape gardener Robert Klein. 1:36. May 7,12,20,25,30 The Candidate Robert Redford stars as an idealist who runs for the U.S. Senate and discovers there is more at stake than ideals and issues. (AS,AL) PG-1:50. May 1.6.9,17,28 Nobody’s Perfekt You don't have to be crazy to fight the Army, the mayor, longshoremen and city hall, but Gabe Kaplan finds it helps! With Alex Karras, Robert Klein. (AS.AL.V) PG-1:32. May 4.8,12.23.28 The Bridge on the Blver Kwal One of the most acclaimed of all war movies and winner of seven 1957 Oscars^ including Best Picture. In a WWII Japanese POW camp, the prisoners are forced to build a strategic bridge for their captors. (MV) 2:45. May 6 I Memories Never Die What happens when a wife returns home after six years in a mental clinic? Lindsay Wagner stars in this moving drama as the troubled woman. With Gerald McRaney. (AS) 1:36. May 4.10,14,19,22 Wonder off It All Rare animals from every continent are captured on film in this beautiful nature documentary. "One of the best ever made" (Los Angeles Times). "Spellbinding" (San Francisco Chronicle). G-1:33. May 4,8,16,20,28,31 Silver Bears In this slick comedy caper, a mobster wants to launder some syndicate money until It's squeaky clean. His unlikely front men: con artist Michael Caine and Italian count Louis Jourdan. With Cybill Shepherd. (AS,AL) PG-1:53. May 3,11,15,21,27 No Retreat No Surrender The spirit of karate legend Bruce Lee returns to earth to train a young man in the martial arts. New guy in town Kurt McKinney takes constant beatings from a gang of toughs until Lee teaches him the essentials of winning. (ALV) PG-1:24. May 21,24,27.30 Hard Choices A haunting drama based on a headline-making story of true, star-crossed love. When a dedicated social worker finds herself drawn to a 15-year-old delinquent, their doomed relationship confronts a system of social and legal injustice. (AS.AL,V,N) 1:31. May 11,17,21,29 BRUCE DERN On the Edge Over 20 years ago, a runner was banned from the sport for ignoring amateur rules. Now in his 40s, he wants to enter and win a grueling race. Shown in two versions. *\ (AS,AL,N) Not rated; 1:35. May 5,9,17; #2 (AS,AL.BN) PG-13;1:26. May 5,9,14,17,22,27

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AN EVENING OF NONSTOP Sncensored STAND-UP COMEDY'. DESERT BLOOM JOBETH WILLIAMS JONVOIGHT The ordinary pains and pleasures of a family in '50s Las Vegas pack an extraordinary emotional punch in this acclaimed movie. Jon Voight plays a WWII vet struggling with the bottle and battle trauma while wife JoBeth Williams keeps up an ever-cheerful front. With Ellen Barkin (Tender Mercies) as Voight's sexy sister-in-law. (AS,AL,MV) PG-1:46. May 17,20,26,30 (CC) On Location®: UPTOWN COMEDY EXPRESS See five of today's brightest and funniest new comedians—Arsenio Hall, Chris Rock, Barry Sobel, Robert Townsend and Marsha Warfield—in this showcase produced by Eddie Murphy Television Enterprises. At LA's landmark Ebony Showcase Theatre, Uptown Comedy Express recreates the raucous good times of Harlem's Cotton Club (AL) :56. May 9,13,17,22,26 (CC) A 8 MAY 1-6 FRI MAY 1 SAT MAY 2 SUN MAY 3 5:00 im 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS p.l 8 5:35 am THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.19 5:00 am THE GREAT CARUSO p. 6 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 EDDIE/THE CRUISERS p. 4 7:00 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) "The Gorg Who Would 6:30 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 7:30 SEABERT Be King" (:25) 10:30 ONE ON ONE p. 6 “The Kidnapping" p.19 7:00 ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL 12:30 pm THE SURVIVAL SERIES 8:00 LEGEND p. 4 PEOPLE p.l 8 "The Amazing World 9:30 ANIMATION: CARTOONS, 8:30 THE STRANGE DEATH OF of Spiders" p.19 COMPUTERS AND THE DESERT FOX p.l 8 1:30 TRIBUTE p.19 BEYOND p.l 8 9:00 AGNES OF GOD p. 20 3:30 DOUGLAS MACARTHUR: 10:00 BABY/LOST LEGEND p. 5 11:00 THE CANDIDATE p. 6 THE DEFIANT GENERAL p.19 11:30 SILVER BEARS p. 7 1:00 Dm MEGAFORCE p. 6 4:00 THE BRIDGE ON THE 1:30 pm WiLL ROGERS p. 21 3:00 HANG TIGHT. RIVER KWAI p. 6 2:30 THE BUDDY HOLLY WILLY BILL p.19 7:00 HBO Super Saturday STORY p. 6 3:30 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS p. 18 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) 5:00 CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC p. 6 9:00 ON LOCATION: 5:15 MY SCIENCE PROJECT p.l 6 7:00 Double Feature Friday RODNEY DANGERFIELD'TS 7:00 Sunday Night Movie BAND OF THE HAND p. 4 Not Easy Bein' Me" (:58) LEGEND p.4 9:00 CUT AND RUN p. 5 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER 8:30 BABY. . . SECRET OF 10:30 TUFF TURF (R-l:52) "Best Shot" (:27) THE LOST LEGEND p. 5 12:25 am KILLER PARTY p.22 10:30 EDDIE AND THE 10:00 WILL ROGERS p. 21 2:00 DEADLY FORCE p. 22 CRUISERS p. 4 11:00 CREATOR p. 22 3:40 BAND OF THE HAND p. 4 12:10 am HEATED VENGEANCE p.22 12:50 am FINAL CONFLICT (R-l :48) 1:45 MY MAN ADAM p. 22 2:45 LOST IN AMERICA p. 22 3:15 NUTCRACKER p.22 4:20 MY SCIENCE PROJECT p.l 8 MON MAY 4 TUE MAY 5 WED MAY 6 6:00 am RUMPELSTILTSKIN p.l 8 5:10 am WELCOME HOME. 6:00 am R.W. p.l 8 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK JELLYBEAN p.l 8 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Beginnings" ( 25) 6:00 SEABERT "Let the Water 7:00 MEMORIES NEVER DIE p. 7 "The Kidnapping" p.19 Run" (:25) 9:00 THE TALK SHOW p.l 9 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Wembley 7:00 FLETCH p.19 9:30 NOBODY'S PERFEKT p. 6 ond the Gorgs" (:25) 9:00 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 11:00 HOG WILD p. 6 7:00 CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC p. 6 11:00 TRIBUTE p.19 12:30 pm SAY YES (PG-13; 1:30) 9:00 THE ELEPHANT MAN p.l 8 1:00 pm JAKE SPEED p.l 8 2:00 GREMLINS p. 5 11:00 THE BRIDGE ON THE 3:00 HANG TIGHT. 4:00 THE TALK SHOW p.19 RIVER KWAI p 6 WILLY BILL p.19 4:30 RUMPELSTILTSKIN p.l 8 2:00 pm ON THE EDGE p. 7 3:30 THE WILDER 5:00 WONDER OF IT ALL p. 7 3:30 CHICKEN p.l 8 SUMMER p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 4:00 WELCOME HOME. 4:30 R.W. p.l8 "Beginnings" (:25) JELLYBEAN p.l 8 5:00 THE CANDIDATE p. 6 7:00 ST ELMO'S FIRE p. 20 5:00 MEGAFORCE p. 6 7:00 FLETCH p.19 9:00 THE LAST INNOCENT 7:00 THE ELEPHANT MAN p.l 8 9:00 JAKE SPEED p.l 8 MAN p.l 5 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER 10:50 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 10:45 ON LOCATION: "Secret Ingredient" p. 20 12:40 am PARIS, TEXAS p.22 SAM KINISON p. 4 9:30 ON THE EDGE p. 7 3:10 CUT AND RUN p. 5 11:50 GREMLINS p. 5 11:10 MY MAN ADAM p.22 1:40 am THE BLUE LAGOON p. 22 12:40 am TERMINAL CHOICE p.22 3:30 AFTER HOURS (R-l:37) 2:25 KILLER PARTY p. 22 4:00 PERFECT p. 22 3C Schedules are in Daylight Saving Time 9

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They're back! The phantoms that haunt the Freeling family return in this sequel to the hit thriller. Rebuilding their lives after their first terrifying ordeal, the family is besieged by visitors from beyond trying to snatch their young daughter into a hellish limbo. Even* with the aid of an American -Indian mystic, the Freelings are in for the battle of their lives. (AL,MV) PG-13; 1:27. May 16,20,24,28 A A robot on the loose generates comedy mayhem In this swee and sunny adventure. “Number 5" Is a secret weapon created by Steve Guttenberg. When It (he?) escapes, soft touch Ally Sheedy takes him in, short circuits and all. Number 5 is almost human, SHORT CIRCUIT STEVE GUTTENBERG ALLY SHEEDY

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MAY 15-20 FRI MAY 15 SAT MAY 16 SUN MAY 17 5:30 am SEABERT 6:00 am CHICKEN p.l 8 5:05 am ONE ON ONE p. 6 "Whole Mission" p 19 6:30 LEGEND p. 4 7:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The 6:00 THE ANIMAL ALPHABET p.19 8:00 WONDER OF IT ALL p. 7 Finger of Light" (:25) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 9:30 POLTERGEIST II: 7:30 SEABERT "Poached “Catch the Tail by THE OTHER SIDE p.12 Turtle Eggs" p.19 the Tiger (:24) 11:00 UFORIA p. 22 8:00 DESERT BLOOM p. 8 7:00 BABY SECRET OF 1:00 pm CHICKEN p.l 8 10:00 TRIBUTE p.19 THE LOST LEGEND p. 5 1:30 MEGAFORCE p. 6 12:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 8:30 WILL ROGERS: LOOK 3:30 DRAGONSLAYER p. 4 OUT OF STEP p.l 8 BACK IN LAUGHTER p 21 5:30 LEGEND p. 4 1:00 pm THE CANDIDATE p 6 8:30 HOG WILD p. 6 7:00 HBO Super Saturday 3:00 ONE ON ONE p. 6 11:00 SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 POLTERGEIST II: 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK "The 1:00 pm JAKE SPEED p.1'8. THE OTHER SIDE p.l 2 Finger of Light" (:25) 3:00 THE WILDER SUMMER p.19 8:30 THE HITCHHIKER 5:30 ON THE EDGE p. 7 4:00 WELCOME HOME. "Cabin Fever" p. 20 7:00 Sunday Night Movie JELLYBEAN p.18 9:00 HBO SHOWCASE: DESERT BLOOM p. 8 5:00 SILVER BEARS p. 7 CONSPIRACY: THE TRIAL 9:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 7:00 Double Feature Friday OF THE CHICAGO 8 p. 5 DRUNK AND DEADLY p.l 7 MY SCIENCE PROJECT p.l 8 11:00 BAND OF THE HAND p. 4 10:00 SECRET ADMIRER p. 22 8:45 SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 12:55 am PERFECT p. 22 11:40 HARD CHOICES p. 7 10:30 VISION QUEST p. 20 3:00 THE BLUE LAGOON p. 22 1:15 am UPTOWN COMEDY 12:20 am GAME OF DEATH p. 22 EXPRESS p. 8 2:05 CREATOR p. 22 2:15 NUTCRACKER p. 22 3:55 JAKE SPEED p.l 8 4:00 ON THE EDGE p. 7 MON MAY 18 TUE MAY 19 WED MAY 20 5:35 am RUMPELSTILTSKIN p.l 8 6:00 am SEABERT “Poached 5:00 am THE WILDER SUMMER p.19 6:00 HANG TIGHT, Turtle Eggs" p.19 6:00 THE ANIMAL ALPHABET p.19 WILLY BILL p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) "The Challenge" (:25) ”1 Don't Care" (:25) 7:00 DAFFY DUCK'S MOVIE p.19 7:00 MY SCIENCE PROJECT p.l 8 7:00 YOUR PLACE . OR MINE p.6 8:30 DOUGLAS MACARTHUR p.19 9:00 JAKE SPEED p.l 8 9:00 DESERT BLOOM p. 8 9:00 BETTER OFF DEAD 11:00 MEMORIES NEVER DIE p. 7 11:00 BABY... SECRET (PG-1:37) 1:00 pm SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 OF THE LOST LEGEND p 5 11:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY 3:00 ANIMATION: CARTOONS, 12:30 pm WONDER OF IT ALL p. 7 STORY p. 6 COMPUTERS AND 2:00 CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC p.6 1:00 pm THE ELEPHANT MAN p.l 8 BEYOND p.l 8 4:00 THE WILDER SUMMER p.19 3:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.19 3:30 ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL 5:00 SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 4:00 HANG TIGHT, PEOPLE p.l 8 7:00 POLTERGEIST II: WILLY BILL p.19 5:15 UFORIA p. 22 THE OTHER SIDE p.12 i 4:30 THE GREAT CARUSO p. 6 7:00 HBO SHOWCASE: 8:30 DESERT BLOOM p. 8 •/ 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) CONSPIRACY: THE TRIAL 10:30 THE HITCHHIKER 7:00 DAFFY DUCK'S MOVIE: OF THE CHICAGO 8 p. 5 "Minufeman" (:27) FANTASTIC ISLAND p.19 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER 11:00 GULAG p. 21 8:30 BETTER OFF DEAD "Perfect Order" (:28) 1:15 am PERFECT p. 22 (PG-1:37) 9:30 SWEET LIBERTY p. 3 3:20 POLTERGEIST II: 10:30 STITCHES p. 20 11:20 ST. ELMO'S FIRE p. 20 THE OTHER SIDE p.12 12:05 am MY CHAUFFEUR p. 20 1:10 am BAND OF THE HAND p. 4 1:45 DEADLY FORCE p. 22 3:05 HEATED VENGEANCE p. 22 3:25 PARIS, TEXAS p. 22 14 3 MAY 21-25 THU MAY 21 5:00 am 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS p.l 8 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Capture the Moon" ( 25) 7:00 LEGEND p. 4 8:30 SILVER BEARS p 7 10:30 THE TALK SHOW p.19 11:00 ONE ON ONE p. 6 1:00 pm THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI p. 6 4:00 CHICKEN p.l 8 4:30 GREMLINS p. 5 6:30 LEGEND p.4 8:00 NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER p. 7 9:30 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: DRUNK AND DEADLY p. 17 10:30 THE HITCHHIKER "Dead Heat" (:29) 11:00 MY CHAUFFEUR p. 20 12:40 am PRIVATE BENJAMIN p.11 2:35 HARD CHOICES p. 7 4:10 NO RETREAT NO SURRENDER p 7 HBO Pictures! The Last Innocent Man A top criminal lawyer is drawn into a treacherous maze of passion, violence and deceit. A tense drama that will keep you guessing to the very end. Ed Harris stars. (AS.AL.V.N) 1:43. May 4,7 (CC) FRI MAY 22 5:35 am R.W. p.l 8 6:00 SEABERT "Poached Turtle Eggs" p.19 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Marooned" (:25) 7:00 UFORIAp.22 9:00 MEMORIES NEVER DIE p. 7 11:00 ON THE EDGE p. 7 12:30 pm DRAGONSLAYER p. 4 2:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: OUT OF STEP p.l 8 3:30 HEIDI p.l 8 5:00 TRIBUTE p.19 7:00 Double Feature Friday BLACKOUT (1:38) 9:00 THE GUARDIAN (1:41) 10:45 THE HITCHHIKER "Why Are You Here?" (:26) 11:15 ON LOCATION: UPTOWN COMEDY EXPRESSp 8 12:15 am HEATED VENGEANCE p.22 1:50 ST. ELMO'S FIRE p. 20 3:40 THE BLUE LAGOON p.22 SAT MAY 23 5:30 am THE STRANGE DEATH OF THE DESERT FOX p.l 8 6:00 NOBODY'S PERFEKT p. 6 7:30 FLETCH p.19 9:30 HANG TIGHT. WILLY BILL p.19 10:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY p. 6 12:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: DRUNK AND DEADLY p.l 7 1:00 pm AGNES OF GOD p. 20 3:00 THE ELEPHANT MAN p.l 8 5:00 FLETCH p.19 7:00 HBO Super Saturday LONG GONE p.l 7 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER "Homebodies" (:21) 9:30 STITCHES p. 20 11:05 BREAKING

HBO Guide May 1987 - Page section : 009

MAY 26-31 TUE MAY 26 WED MAY 27 THU MAY 28 5:05 am THE WILDER SUMMER p 19 5:00 am ANIMALS/PEOPLE p.l 8 6:05 am R.W. p.l 8 6:00 SEABERT “Twenty Feet 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK Under Ice" p.19 "Gobo's Discovery" (:25) "Mokey's Funeral" (:25) 6:30 FRAG6LE ROCK 7:00 GREMLINS p. 5 7:00 MEGAFORCE p. 6 "The Garden Plot" (:25) 9:00 SILVER BEARS p. 7 8:00 THE CANDIDATE p. 6 7:00 TRIBUTE p.19 11:00 NO RETREAT 11:00 UFORIA p 22 9:00 DRAGONSLAYER p. 4 NO SURRENDER p. 7 1:00 pm WONDER OF IT ALL p. 7 11:00 DESERT BLOOM p. 8 12:30 pm ON THE EDGE p. 7 2:30 POLTERGEIST II: 1:00 pm THE BUDDY HOLLY 2:00 HOG WILD p. 6 THE OTHER SIDE p.12 STORY p. 6 3:30 ANIMALS ARE BEAUTIFUL 4:00 HANG TIGHT, 3:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: PEOPLE p.l 8 WILLY BILL p.19 DRUNK AND DEADLY p.17 5:00 CHICKEN p.l 8 4:30 NOBODY'S PERFEKT p. 6 4:00 HEIDI p.l 8 5:30 LEGEND p. 4 6:00 THE CANDIDATE p. 6 5:30 BABY...SECRET OF 7:00 THE LEGEND OF 8:00 LONG GONE p.17 THE LOST LEGEND p. 5 BILLIE JEAN p. 5 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER 7:00 VISION QUEST p. 20 9:00 MY CHAUFFf UR p. 20 "Best Shot" (:27) 8:00 THE HITCHHIKER "In the 10:45 THE HITCHHIKER "Made 10:30 POLTERGEIST II: Name ot Love" (:27) For Each Other" (:25) THE OTHER SIDE p.12 9:30 UPTOWN COMEDY 11:15 HBO SHOWCASE: 12:00 STITCHES p. 20 EXPRESS p. 8 CONSPIRACY p.5 1:35 am GAME OF DEATH p.22 10:30 DESERT BLOOM p.8 1:15 am TERMINAL CHOICE p.22 3:20 LONG GONE p.17 12:20 am GULAG p. 21 3:00 NO RETREAT 2:35 NUTCRACKER p. 22 NO SURRENDER p. 7 4:20 THE TALK SHOW p.l 9 4:30 LEGEND p. 4 FRI MAY 29 SAT MAY 30 SUN MAY 31 5:30 am RUMPELSTILTSKIN p.l 8 6:00 am ANIMATION p.l 8 5:00 am DRAGONSLAYER p. 4 6:00 SEABERT "Twenty Feet 6:30 HEIDI p.l 8 7:00 FRAGGLE ROCK "New Trash Under Ice" p.19 8:00 NO RETREAT Heap in Town" (:25) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Beast NOSURRRENDER p. 7 7:30 SEABERT of Bluerock" (:25) 8:30 MY SCIENCE PROJECT p.l 8 “The Fur Factory" p.19 7:00 THE BRIDGE ON THE 11:30 DAFFY DUCK'S MOVIE: 8:00 UFORIA p.22 RIVER KWAI p. 6 FANTASTIC ISLAND p.19 10:00 FLETCH p.19 10:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 1:00 pm ANIMATION: CARTOONS 12:00 SHORT CIRCUIT p.l 3 DRUNK AND DEADLY p.l 7 AND BEYOND p.l 8 2:00 pm WELCOME HOME. 11:00 THE GREAT CARUSO p. 6 1:30 DESERT BLOOM p. 8 JELLYBEAN p.l 8 1:00 pm THE ELEPHANT MAN p.l 8 3:30 YOUR PLACE...OR MINE p.6 3:00 WONDER OF IT ALL p. 7 3:00 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS p.l 8 5:30 NO RETREAT 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “New Trash 4:30 THE TALK SHOW p.19 NO SURRENDER p. 7 Heap in Town" (: 2 5) 5:15 ONE ON ONE p. 6 7:00 HBO Super Saturday 5:00 DRAGONSLAYER p. 4 7:00 Double Feature Friday TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. p. 4 7:00 Sunday Night Movie WILDCATS (R-1:46) 8:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP .AGNES OF GOD p. 20 9:00 PRIVATE BENJAMIN p.l 1 BOXING Mike Tyson vs. 8:00 SHORT CIRCUIT p.13 10:55 THE HITCHHIKER "The Pinklon Thomas 10:45 THE HITCHHIKER Legendary Billy B." ( 29) (LIVE) p. 21 “Cabin Fever" p. 20 11:25 PERFECT p. 22 10:30 THE HITCHHIKER 11:15 FLETCH p.19 1:30 am AMERICA UNDERCOVER: "The Joker" (:25) 12:55 am GULAG p. 21 DRUNK AND DEADLY p.17 11:00 CERTAIN FURY (R-1:26) 3:10 UFORIA p.22 2:30 PORKY'S REVENGE p. 22 12:30 am VISION QUEST p. 20 4:05 HARD CHOICES p. 7 2:20 PARIS. TEXAS p.22 16 3 HB -PICHRES- HBO SPECIAL AMERICA UNDERCOVER DRUNK AND DEADLY The story of a minor league team with major league dreams. A team like the Stogies comes along once in a lifetime! They're the greatest guys you'd ever want to meet, even if they can't hit, field or draw a crowd. William Petersen stars in this rowdy comedy/drama as the team manager, who's always sure that some fresh talent will turn the team around. Virginia Madsen (Dune) plays the provocative blonde who challenges his confirmed bachelor lifestyle. (AS.ALBN) 1:50. May 23.25,28 (CO) A On May 17,1986, 81 Americans were killed in drunk driving accidents. One year later, America Undercover looks back at that tragic day in a series of heartrending interviews with those who lived through it. A powerful look at one of today's most crucial issues. 1:00. May 17,21,23,26,29(CC)

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Animation: cartoons, Computers and Beyond How has the art of animation changed? This look at classic techniques and new computer methods shows the future of animation. :28. May 3,14,19,25,30 My Science Project When a student pulls a gizmo out of a military junkyard, stand back! The gadget blows some cosmic fuses, creating a time warp. (ALV) PG-1:35. May 3,7,15,19,25,30 (CC) A The Strange Death of the Desert fox What is the mystery behind the death of Hitler's favorite general, Erwin Rommel? Was he a hero or an enemy of the Third Reich? :28. May 1,7,10,23 The Elephant Man The true drama of a deformed man searching for personal dignity. Nominated for eight 1980 Oscars,® including Best Picture. f/ASj B/W; PG-1:58. May 5,10,13,18,23,29 Jake Speed High adventurer close calls with nasty thugs and tongue-in-cheek escapades. With Dennis Christopher. (ALV) PG-1:45. May 6,10,15,19 (CC) A 18 HBO FAMILY^ SHOWCASE Heidi The classic story of a young girl, her love for her grandfather and her Alpine mountain home. (Dubbed) 1:27. May 7,11,22,26,30 Rumpelstiltskin The enchanting classic children's fairy tale about a beautiful young queen who must outsmart an evil wizard. :23. May 4,13,18,29 A Animals Are Beautiful People From ‘drunken" orangutans to fleet-footed gazelles, this film offers an unforgettable view of some very human African animals. G-1:31. May 1,9,14,19,27 Chicken When the leader of a high school gang gets out of hand, the dedicated school coach tries to help him. With Jackie Earle Haley. (MV) :26. May 5,13,16.21,27 welcome Home, Jellybean A fine movie about a serious, sensitive subject. What is it like for a family suddenly to have a retarded teenager in the house? :45. May 5,15,25,31 R.W. Al is a bright 12-year-old who is having trouble dealing with his school classmates, who are all older than he is. :25. May 6,22,28 Out Of Step There is no easy way to make it to the top. That's what teenager Lisa Williams learns while she is training to be a dancer. :45. May 8,12,17,22 1001 Arabian Nights An animated retelling of the story of Aladdin, featuring nearsighted Mr. Magoo. 1:16. May 1,11,21,29 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE Hang Tight, Willy Bill It sounds like a good idea: quit school to work and bring in more money. But what happens if you get laid off? :24. May 1,6,18.23.28 The Wilder Summer Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic island Daffy lands on an island where the wildest dreams come true. He and his sidekick welcome Bugs Bunny and other favorites. <3-1:18. May 18.24,30 Fletch CHEVY CHASE Comedy and mystery are the story when reporter Chase goes undercover, using clever disguises and his razor-sharp wit to crack a drug ring. (AS.AL) PG-1:38. May 6,23,31 (CC) A Tribute jack lemmon Always ready with a joke, a Broadway press agent finds there is more to being a father than Just having a son. With Lee Remick. (AS.AL, N) PG-1:59. May 2,6,11,17,22,26 The Talk Show What is Howie Mandel up to these days? The popular comedian is one of the featured guests on this interview show. :30. May 4,9,21,26,29 A Douglas MacArthur. The Defiant General This documentary looks at the roots of the defiant nature that both made MacArthur great and ultimately destroyed his career. :27. May 2,8,13,18 19 The summer romance bug bites Charlie Wilder at "sleepaway" camp. When he sees Lydia Travers, he's a goner! :55. May 6,9,15,20,26 The Animal Alphabet The members of the animal kingdom romp through the alphabet from A to Z in this fun and fast-paced show. :30. May 7,15,20 A A new episode every Sunday morning right after Fraggie Rock! THE KIDNAPPING An evil hunter kidnaps Eskimo women and children. :24. May 3,5.8 WHALE MISSION Hunters threaten whale herds in the tropics. :24. May 10.12,15 POACHED TURTLE EGGS Tommy, Aura and Seabert try to convince the police to come to the aid of some turtles. :24. May 17,19,22 TWENTY FEET UNDER ICE Tommy discovers the seal hunters' hideout beneath the ice. :24. May 24,26,29 THE FUR FACTORY Tommy and Aura try to rescue Seabert and other baby seals from a fur factory. :24. May 31 Fraggie Rock See a different episode Sunday through Friday morningsl (CC) A FRAGGLE ROCK «S a trademark of Henson Associates. Inc. FRAGGLE Characters © 1933 Henson Associates, Inc. AH nghts reserved. NEW FAMILY SERIES SEABERT The Amazing world of Spiders The Survival Series Spiders prove to be beautiful and inventive creatures in this fascinating documentary. :54. May 2,7,12,18

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