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Highlights More highlights... UPCLOSE Kate Jackson joins David Sheehan this month, as do Shirley MacLaine and Clint Eastwood. See page 8. AAU BOXING FINALS Catch the exciting last round of the Inter-City Championship Tournament. See page 4. THE WAY OF THE WIND T rue story of a millionaire who gave up everything to become a vagabond of the sea. See page 17. WRESTLING: USA vs USSR Amateur wrestling at its best as the U.S. tries for its first win ever over the Soviets. See page 17. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary THE GREEK TYCOON Anthony Quinn and Jacqueline Bisset as two of the most famous jet setters of them all. See page 14. ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Oak Ridge Boys and other top country stars. Seepage 19. THE LOVE BUG Exciting adventure with lots of laughs as a pro race driver teams with a perky little VW. Seepage 6. J_ EYES OF LAURA MARS Romantic suspense thriller with Faye Dunaway as a high-fashion photographer. See page 7. SUMMERDOG Touching tale of Hobo, an abandoned mutt, and the vacationing family who rescue him. See page 7. STINGRAY Car chase caper with plenty of chills and spills and shootouts. Christopher Mitchum stars. See page 9. PSYCHIC FOLLIES WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP A mind-boggling gathering of hyp- GYMNASTICS notists and mentalists. Hosted by Great competition at the Dial Na- Bill Bixby. See page 10. tional Invitational. See page 13. 2 Neil Leifer/SI for May THE OLYMPIAD Emmy Award-winning series—updated exclusively for HBO. Hosted by Jesse Owens. See page 12. THE HANGING TREE Adult western set in frontier Montana of the 1870s, with Gary Cooper at his greatest. See page 19. A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand, Kris Kristoffer-son in a gripping love story of the rock world. See page 11. ... and still more INTERNATIONAL DIVING & WATER FESTIVAL Divers from 13 nations supply plenty of thrills. See page 21. SPEEDTRAP Joe Don Baker is hired to track down a thief who snatches luxury autos and police cars. See page 11. GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS American premiere! Suspense and action as a cargo ship/floating casino is hijacked. See page IS. THE OSMONDS All of the talented Osmonds bring their musical, magical nightclub act to HBO. See page 15. LOVERS LIKE US International favorites Catherine Deneuve and Yves Montand in a sophisticated comedy. See page 20. THE CHOSEN A nuclear holocaust, unleashed by an Antichrist, threatens the end for all minkind. See page 21. JONATHAN WINTERS’ THE END SALUTE TO BASEBALL Burt Reynolds in a witty comedy A whole new ballgame—the many as a shady real-estate man with only zany faces of Winters. Seepage 16. a year to live. Seepage 18. GABLE AND LOMBARD The true story behind the private lives and loves of two of the immortals of Hollywood. See page S. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. ©1979 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. 3

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AAU Boxing Finals Grab a ringside seat for the finals of the Inter-City Boxing Championships as top amateur teams slug it out for the crown. It’s an exciting conclusion to seven weeks of hard-fought matches. From Madison Square Garden. May 2,5 Nickelodeon Burt Reynolds, Ryan and Tatum O’Neal star as a hapless, hilarious crew of novice actors and their shaky director who venture into filmmaking during the long-gone silent days. Peter Bogdanovich (Paper Moon) directed this warm look at a slap-dash film company making nothing but slapstick. It’s a heaping helping of movie nostalgia. Mild language. (PG-2:02) May 1,4,6,12,31 Music Then and Now Catch The Association, Patti Page, Jimmy Rodgers and other great singing stars of the ’50s and ’60s. Together they racked up 40 gold records! But that was then and this is now—and they’re still making great music. May 1,4,9,12,15 Tuesday May 1 6:30 VISIT TO A CHIEF’S SON A thrilling journey through Kenya, based on real-life experiences (G-l:32) 8:00 NICKELODEON Stella Stevens and John Ritter in a comedy about filmmaking (PG-2:02) p.4 10:00 MUSIC THEN AND NOW The Association, Pattie Page, Jimmy Rogers and more, p.4 11:30 THE MANITOU From the Graham Masterson novel (PG-l:44)p.20 4 Wednesday May 2 6:30 THE CHEAP DETECTIVE Sid Caesar, James Coco in Neil Simon’s hilarious comedy spoof (PG-l:32)p.5 8:00 SCALPEL Robert Lansing exudes menace and charm in this bizarre tale (PG-1:35) p. 16 10:00 AAU BOXING Finals (tape) p.4 11:30 BLUE COLLAR Richard Pryor, Harvey Keitel and Yaphet Kotto plan to rob union HQ (R-l:50) Thursday May 3 6:30 VISIT TO A CHIEF’S SON Richard Mulligan (G-l :32) 8:00 GABLE AND LOMBARD Costumes by Edith Head, designer for the real Carole Lombard (R-2:11) p.5 10:30 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Joe Unger as a naive, patriotic officer on first assignment (R-l:54)p.8 12:30 DOG DAY AFTERNOON Nominated for six Academy Awards (R-2:05) p.8 Poco, Little Dog Lost The adventures of a charming poolie pup lost in the California desert. Trying to find her way back home, Poco braves the elements, gunfire and irate farmers. And you’ll cheer her all the way! Family Fare. (G-l:29) May 5,9,13,15 The Cheap Detective Peter Falk parodies Humphrey Bogart in this send-up of The Maltese Falcon and other thrillers of the ’30s and ’40s. Ann-Margret, Marsha Mason and other famous molls give the place some class. Language. (PG-1:32) May 2,5 Gable and Lombard Clark and Carole! They were two of Hollywood’s greatest and most glamorous superstars! Jill Clayburgh (An Unmarried Woman) is perfect as dizzy commedienne Lombard. James Brolin (Marcus Welby) co-stars as Gable, “the King.” “Stunning and smashing performance by Jill Clayburgh... What an actress!” (Variety) Adult situations, profanity. (R-2:11) May 3,6,19,24 Charlie Drown! The whole “Peanuts” gallery jumps off the page and onto the screen for this delightful escapade. Charlie and the rest of the crew try to relax at summer camp—and end up screaming and careening down some raging rapids on a raft. But the ever cool Snoopy has a lifesaver of a scheme. Good grief, what excitement! Family fare. (G-l: 15) May 7,20 5

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©Walt Disney Productions ierbie, a speedy little foreign auto with a precocious personality, picks former stock car driver Dean Jones as his new master. Then it’s off to the races as this unbeatable team embarks on a stupendous winning streak. Up and around hairpin turns, they find themselves being tailgated by a very annoyed villain and his whacky henchman. Michele Lee is the one who shifts Dean’s gears, while Buddy Hackett plays his hilarious sidekick. “Engaging fantasy ... a cutie.” {Variety) Family fare. (G-1:47) May 4,7,10,13,19,23 Friday Saturday Sunday May 4 May 5 May 6 5:30 MUSIC THEN AND NOW Top recording stars of the ’60s —yesterday and today, p.4 7:00 CIRCUS History of the circus and the people in it. 8:00 THE LOVE BUG Dean Jones (G-l :47) p.6 10:00 LEGENDS Humphrey Bogart, the man behind the name, p.20 10:30 NICKELODEON A movie about moviemaking (PG-2:02) p.4 12:30 CROSS OF IRON Searing war action in full color (R-l:59)p.9 6 3:30 THE CHEAP DETECTIVE Louise Fletcher (PG-1-.32) p.5 5:00 POCO, LITTLE DOG LOST Chill Wills (G-l :29) p.5 6:30 AAU BOXING Finals (tape) p.4 8:00 SUMMERDOG A stray dog wins the hearts of a family of four (G-1:30) p.7 9:30 MARTIN MULL His first all-out TV special, p. 13 10:30 THE CHEAP DETECTIVE Clever gags (PG-1:32) p.5 12:00 THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA Sarah Miles (R-l:45) 2:00 SCALPEL Crackpot plastic surgeon and a legacy (PG-1.35) p. 16 4:00 NICKELODEON Brian Keith (PG-2-.02) p.4 6:00 THE MANITOU Burgess Meredith, Susan Stras-berg (PG-1:44) p.20 8:00 EYES OF LAURA MARS Tommy Lee Jones (The Betsy) (R-1:43) p.7 10KK) GABLE AND LOMBARD They had more than love—the had fun! (R-2:l 1) p.5 12:30 SEMI-TOUGH Action comedy about the wor of pro football (R-1:47) p. 16 Eyes of Laura Mars Faye Dunaway Psychological suspense and the exotic world of high fashion in an offbeat thriller! Faye Dunaway, lonely and vulnerable behind her chic facade as a top photographer, becomes the focal point of a series of violent murders. Tommy Lee Jones is the down-to-earth cop on the case. A dazzling whodunit. “Superlative casting... spectacular settings.” (N.Y. Times) Nudity,profanity, violence. (R-l:43) May 6,10,14,18,23,26 Summerdog What happens to a summer dog when summer is over A vacationing city family rescues an abandoned, wounded pooch and won’t give up Hobo and all the adventure, mystery—and love—he brings to them. Adults and children will be delighted by this charmer in the tradition of Poco, Little Dog Lost. “Movie of the Month... very entertaining ... catchy music.” (Parents' Magazine) Family fare. (G-l:30) May 5,8,11,20,28 7

HBO Guide May 1979 - Page section : 005

Go Tell the Spartans Army Major Burt Lancaster leads a squad of “advisors” on a routine mission that ends in disaster. Time: 1964. Place: a small Asian country few Americans had heard of—Viet Nam. Profanity, adult situations, violence. (R-1.-54) May 3,7,9,12,17 Dog Day Afternoon A1 Pacino is the “brains” behind an incredible Brooklyn bank heist that starts as a 10-minute caper and ends as a 12-hour circus. Filled with biting humor, the film won six Oscar nominations. Strong language, adult theme. (R-2:05) May 3,8 Shirley MacLaine Clint Eastwood Kate Jackson Host David Sheehan visits Kate Jackson who talks about her television career; Shirley MacLaine, candidly discussing her professional and private life; and Clint Eastwood, who reveals his thoughts about violence in films. Plus a Hollywood Update. May 9,13,17,21,26,29 Monday Tuesday Wednesday May 7 May 8 May 9 6:00 THE LOVE BUG David Tomlinson (Mary Pop-pins) (G-1:47) p.6 8:00 FREDDIE PRINZE AND FRIENDS His only nightclub footage (1:08) p.9 9:30 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Snoopy and all of the lovable troupe (G-l: 15) p.5 11:00 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Based on the exciting novel Incident at Muc Wa by Daniel Ford (R-l:54) p.8 6:00 SUMMERDOG The adventures of Hobo, a lovable dog (G-1:30) p.7 7:30 LEGENDS Bogart—the story behind the legend, p.20 8:00 STINGRAY Road action as you like it (PG-1:39) p.9 10&0 DOG DAY AFTERNOON Truth, once again, is stranger than fiction (R-2:05) p.8 12:15 CROSS OF IRON Directed by Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch) (R-l:59) p.9 6:30 POCO, LITTLE DOG LOST An incredible journey homeward (G-1:29) p.5 8:00 UPCLOSE Kate Jackson, p.8 9:00 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Set in Vietnam countryside of 15 years ago (R-l :54) p.8 11:00 MARTIN MULL Funnyman from Femwood 2-Night. p. 13 12:00 MUSIC THEN AND NOW Host Mort Sahl. p.4 Freddie Prinze & Friends Here’s Freddie in great form—relaxed and on target, doing his nightclub act from the Improvisation West in Los Angeles. But he’s not the only one in the spotlight. You’ll get to meet some of his very funny friends —like Jay Leno, Tim Thomerson and Elayne Boosler. (1:08) May 7,11,16,28 Cross of Iron As German soldiers, James Cobum, Max-imillian Schell and James Mason battle pain, artillery and themselves on the collapsing Russian front of 1943. Director Sam Peckinpah pulls no punches in this gritty film of men at war. Wartime violence, language. (R-l:59) May 4,8 5:00 SCALPEL Soap-opera star Judith Chapman (PG-1:35) p. 16 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD The Marathon. Includes rare footage dating from 1908. p.12 8:00 THE LOVE BUG Great clowns! (G-l:47) p.6 10:00 EYES OF LAURA MARS Murder and mystery in fashion milieu (R-l:43) p. 7 12:00 THE MANITOU Eerie tale with dazzling special effects (PG-l:44)p.20 Stingray A red Corvette stashed with heroin and $250,000 in cold cash is innocently bought by Christopher Mitchum and his buddy, Les Lannom. A gang of steel-fisted hoods led by Sherry Jackson blasts apart a lot of St. Louis chasing the cache. “Rip-roaring action... jokes fly as fast as the bullets.” (Independent Film Journal) Profanity, violence. (PG-1:39) May 8,12,18,21,24 9

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■Mft Saturday May 12 Standing Room Only: PSYCHIC FOUJES A mind-boggling gathering of hypnotists, mentalists and other psychic entertainers Bill Bixby (The Incredible Hulk) hosts this HBO first —featuring the top mind masters in the world! They’ll dazzle you as they move in their mysterious ways (some of their feats have never before been allowed on regular TV programming). It’s eerie. It’s puzzling. It’s entertaining. It’s hypnotic! (You’ll be under the spell.) May 13,17,22,25,28,30 Sunday May 13 6:30 SUMMERDOG The adventures of a loving stray pooch who will win your heart (G-l:30)p.7 8:00 A STAR IS BORN Rock superstars: Barbra Streisand on the way up; Kris Kris-tofferson on the long slide down (R-2:20)p.ll 10:30 FREDDIE PRINZE AND FRIENDS Top comedy entertainment from L.A.’s Improvisation West (1:08) p.9 12:00 SEMI-TOUGH Refreshing comedy satire with Burt Reynolds and Jill Clay-burgh(R-l:47)p.l6 10 2:30 NICKELODEON Crazy days of early filmmaking (PG-2:02) p.4 4:30 STINGRAY Sherry J ackson (The Rockford Files) (PG-1:39) p.9 6:30 MUSIC THEN AND NOW Great ’60s superstars. Who they were. Where they are. p.4 8:00 SPEEDTRAP Action drama (PG-1:38) p.l 1 10:00 STINGRAY Christopher Mitchum, son of Robert (PG-1:39) p.9 12:00 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Burt Lancaster (R-l :54) p.8 3:00 POCO, LITTLE DOG LOST A lovable pooch (G-l:29) p.5 4:30 THE LOVE BUG Andy GranateUi (G-l:47) p.6 6:30 LEGENDS The great Bogart—his life and movies, p.20 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD Repeat of Thursday show. p. 12 8:00 PSYCHIC FOLLIES SRO. Bill Bixby hosts, p.10 9:00 UPCLOSE Shirley MacLaine. p.8 104)0 SEMI-TOUGH Kris Kristofferson (R-1:47) p. 16 12:00 MARTIN MULL He’s quick. He’s funny, p. 13 A Star is Bom Barbra Streisand Kris Kristofferson Two of Hollywood’s most popular personalities ignite this compelling film. Barbra Streisand is a superstar rising to the top of the rock charts while husband-dis-coverer Kris Kristofferson sinks toward oblivion. This sensual, high-powered love story is played against a great musical score by Barbra herself and Paul Williams (“Evergreen” won both an Oscar and a Grammy). “Terrific” (Variety) Adult situations, brief nudity, profanity. (R-2:20) May 11,15,19,27 Speedtrap Joe Don Baker Phoenix is under a strange kind of siege: a clever, unstoppable thief snatching luxury automobiles, even police cars, is on the loose. Both Joe Don Baker (Walking Tall) and perky police woman Tyne Daly want to revoke his license—permanently. The hard-driving team tracks down much more than the mysterious thief. Spectacular stunts and chases. Profanity. (PG-1:38) May 12,17,21,27 11

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Monday May 14 Tuesday May 15 Wednesday May 16 ftl ©DpnnipM Updated exclusively for HBO, this Emmy-Award winning series took 3x/i years and four million feet of vintage Olympic Games footage to produce. Track giant Jesse Owens hosts the 10-part series. The Marathon offers rare footage from the 1908 Olympics and includes a study of Abebe Bikila, Ethiopia’s barefoot gold medalist in 1960 and 1964. May 10,13 The Decathlon is a poignant look at this gruelling event. This program relives the triumphs of Americans from Jim Thorpe to Bruce Jenner. May 17,21 Women Who Won the Gold focuses on outstanding female competitors, like Wilma Rudolph, who overcame polio and became an Olympic champion. May 24,28 The Big Ones That Got Away analyzes photo finishes and controversial endings, among them the last-second win by the Soviet basketball team over the U.S. May 31 6:00 SCALPEL Gripping thriller full of surprises (PG-1:35) p. 16 8:00 THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Farmer seeks revenge on a marauding band of ruthless outlaws (PG-2:16) p. 13 10:30 EYES OF LAURA MARS Cover-girl Lisa Taylor in screen debut (R-1:43) p.7 12:30 THE MANITOU Stella Stevens runs a shop of the occult (PG-1:44) p.20 6:30 POCO, LITTLE DOG LOST Benji’s rival for America’s heartstrings (G-1:29) p.5 8:00 WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS “Dial National Invitational” from Tucson (tape) p. 13 9:00 A STAR IS BORN Spectacular rock version of a Hollywood classic (R-2:20) p.l 1 11:30 MUSIC THEN ANDNOW The stars and sounds of the ’60s and ’70s. p.4 6:00 LEGENDS Humphrey Bogart. His memorable performances—on and off screen, p.20 6:30 THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Directed by and starring Clint Eastwood (PG-2:16) p.13 9:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Romantic score by Michel Le-grand (R-2:49) p. 13 12:00 FREDDIE PRINZE AND FRIENDS Featuring Jay Leno (American //of Wax) (1:08) p.9 12 The Outlaw Josey Wales The Other Side of Midnight Clint Eastwood heads west as a farmer-turned-outlaw bent on revenge. Plenty of action, gunfights, shootouts in blazing Eastwood style. Western violence, rape, brief nudity. (PG-2:16) May 14,16,18 A tale of grand passions, power and revenge based on Sidney Sheldon’s bestseller. Marie-France Pisier and John Beck co-star. Some nudity, strong sexual content (R-2:49) May 16,20,25 Women’s Championship Gymnastics On the beam, across the floor, around the uneven bars and through the air—America’s women gymnasts have improved vastly in all areas. At the Dial National Invitational you’ll see just why they’re drawing raves from coaches around the world. May 15,18,19 Thursday May 17 6:00 UPCLOSE Clint Eastwood, p.8 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD The Decathalon. Includes clips of champions Jim Thorpe, Bob Mathias, Bill Toomey. p. 12 8:00 PSYCHIC FOLLIES SRO. Is seeing believing? p. 10 9:00 SPEEDTRAP Tyne Daly (PG-1:38) p.l 1 11:00 MARTIN MULL Fresh talk. Great comedy, p. 13 12:00 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Drama of early Vietnam war (R-l:54) p.8 On Location: Martin Mull What sings, plays the guitar and talks real funny? Martin Mull, of course. Catch the outrageous host of Fern-wood 2-Night and America 2-Night in his first all-out TV special. He’s sophisticated, irreverently funny—and totally irresistible! So don’t mull it over, tune in for a very rare evening of first-rate comedy entertainment. May 5,9,13,17 13

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The Greek Tycoon Jacqueline Bisset Anthony Quinn He was peasant, pirate, shark. What he didn’t buy with money, he stole with charm. Then he won the most famous woman in the world—widow of a U.S. President. Anthony Quinn is the golden Greek; Jacqueline Bisset, the former First Lady. “Thoroughly entertaining” (Chicago Tribune) Adult situations, language. (R-l:46) May 20,24,29 Friday May 18 5:00 WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Thirty-five young Olympic hopefuls in four-event compe-titon (tape) p. 13 6:00 STINGRAY The best in Hollywood stunt driving (PG-1:39) p.9 8:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS Dorothy Malone, John Carra-dine (1:43) p. 15 10KX) THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Sondra Locke as a young pioneer woman (PG-2:16) p. 13 12:30 EYES OF LAURA MARS Nail-biting terror! (R-l:43) p.7 14 Saturday May 19 3:00 CONVOY Tough truckers (PG-1:50) p.21 5:00 THE LOVE BUG Buddy Hackett (G-l:47) p.6 7:00 WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Olympic contenders (tape) p. 13 8:00 THE OSMONDS The entire family, p. 15 9:00 LEGENDS The one and only Bogart, p.20 9:30 A STAR IS BORN Award-winning song “Evergreen” (R-2:20) p. 11 12:00 GABLE AND LOMBARD A true love story (R-2:11) p.5 Sunday May 20 3:30 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! The delightful comic gang’s all here! (G-l:15) p.5 5:00 SUMMERDOG Hobo, a dog that dances and climbs trees! (G-l :30) p.7 6:30 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! A wild river-raft race: the gang wins (G-l: 15) p.5 8:00 THE GREEK TYCOON Jacqueline Bisset and Anthony Quinn (R-1:46) p. 14 10:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT RafVallone (R-2:49)p.l3 Richard Harris Golden Rendezvous HBO presents an American t premiere! A suspenseful, nerve-tingling drama of hijacking on the high seas. This tale of piracy on a cargo ship/gambling casino bound for the Caribbean was written by the master of suspense Alistair MacLean (Guns of Navarone, Ice Station Zebra). Richard Harris stars as the ship’s officer who suspects foul play. Fine performances also by Burgess Meredith, David Janssen, John Carradine and Ann Turkel. Some violence. (1:43) May 18,22,26,30 w I The Osmonds It’s the Osmonds all right, but this time in a slick, glittery nightclub act that has wowed audiences everywhere! They’re doing things you’ve never seen them do on TV before. They’re all there: Donny and Marie (yes, they sing On the Shelf), the Brothers and the rocking Resurrection Shuffle, and Jimmy, who leads the whole family in a smashing finale. It’s another HBO presentation of a top nightclub show! May 19,23,28,31

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Jonathan Winters’ Salute to Baseball I HBO has corralled everyone’s favorite zany—Jonathan I Winters—in a dynamite tour de force. The four introduces I you to Jonathan as the team manager, umpire, pitcher, | slugger, even the local mayor and loyal fan, Maude Frick-I ett! It’s fun for all (not just baseball fans)! May 21,24,27,29 Monday I May 21 || 6:00 SPEEDTRAP Joe Don Baker as a private investigator (PG-1:38) p.l 1 I 8:00 JONATHAN WINTERS’ SALUTE TO BASEBALL Whole new ball game. p. 16 8:30 THE TURNING POINT i Nominated for 11 Academy Awards (PG-1:59) p. 17 10:30 UPCLOSE David Sheehan hosts, p.8 11:30 THE OLYMPIAD I Repeat of Thursday show. p. 12 1 12:30 STINGRAY Sondra Theodore, Playboy centerfold (PG-1:39) p.9 Tuesday May 22 5:00 CONVOY Ali MacGraw (PG-1:50) p.21 7:00 PSYCHIC FOLLIES SRO. Thrilling performances by hypnotists, mentalists, and other psychic entertainers, p. 10 8:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS Ship at sea in a daring race against time (1:43) p. 15 10KX) WRESTLING: USA vs. USSR Dual meet at Kings College, Wilkes Barre, Pa. (tape) p. 17 11:00 CONVOY Burt Young (PG-1:50) p.21 Scalpel Plastic surgery, murder and unique twists of plot make this a “don’t miss” movie! Robert Lansing plays the doc who doctors the face of go-go dancer Judith Chapman —for more than money. Mild profanity, brief nudity, gore. (PG-1:35) May 2,6,10,14 Semi-Tough Jill Clayburgh is the part lady, part street-kid whose father owns a pro football team. Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson are the teammates she wants to play with—but not football! Lots of hilarious scores and passes. Profanity, brief nudity, adult humor. (R-l:47) May 6,11,13 Wednesday May 23 6:00 THE LOVE BUG Based on the story “Car-Boy-Girl”(G-l:47) p.6 8:00 THE WAY OF THE WIND Inspiring narrative of one man who made a lifelong dream come true (G-1:44) p. 17 10:00 THE OSMONDS Lots of singing. Lots of dancing. Lots of Osmonds, p. 15 11:00 EYES OF LAURA MARS Faye Dunaway, Oscar winner for Network, in suspenseful murder-mystery (R-l:43) p. 7 The Way of the Wind A millonaire jumps off the executive treadmill to fulfill his lifelong love affair with the sea. A true story of a 30,000-mile ocean odyssey—from the Pacific to the Bermuda Triangle to mysterious towns of ancient Greece. “Inspiring... a tribute to the spirit of adventure and independence.” (L.A. Times) Family fare. (G-1:44) May 23,27 5:00 STINGRAY Non-stop action (PG-1:39) p.9 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD Women Who Won the Gold. Olympic immortals, p. 12 8:00 THE GREEK TYCOON High life of the international jet set (R-l:46) p. 14 10:00 JONATHAN WINTERS’ SALUTE TO BASEBALL Won’t be canceled in case of rain. p. 16 10:30 GABLE AND LOMBARD Two of Hollywood’s greatest legends (R-2:ll)p.5 Wrestling: USA vs USSR Amateur wrestling is a far cry—groan —from pro wrestling. Instead of step-over toeholds and foot-in-the-back techniques, amateurs fill their fast-paced bouts with bar arms, duckunders and other nifty tactics. When America’s fast-improving team faces the Russian champions, they hope to win for the first time ever. May 22,26 The Turning Point Ballet superstar Mikhail Baryshnikov makes his screen debut in this fascinating “inside” story of the world of dance. Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine (both Oscar nominees for their roles) co-star as rival ballerinas who chose different roads and have a critical reunion years later. Superb dance sequences. Adult situations, language. (PG-1:59) May 21,26,31 17

HBO Guide May 1979 - Page section : 010

The End Burt Reynolds A medically doomed sharpie tries frantically to gain sympathy and find an easy way out—and provides lots of laughs along the way. Burt Reynolds directed himself, with an all-star cast swirling around him: Dom DeLuise, Joanne Woodward, Sally Field, Robby Benson, Norman Fell, Carl Reiner, David Steinberg—and Kristy McNichol (Family), who almost steals the show as Burt’s loving daughter. “Crazy farce... You’ll have some big laughs.” (Gene Shalit) Adult situations, profanity. (R-l:39) May 27,31 5:00 PSYCHIC FOLLIES SRO. Mind over matter, p. 10 6:00 CONVOY Highway action (PG-1:50) p.21 8:00 ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Roy Clark, Tammy Wynette and others, p. 19 9:00 CONVOY Ali MacGraw as a journalist caught in truckers’ revolt (PG-1:50) p.21 11:00 PSYCHIC FOLLIES SRO. Try to figure out how it’s done. p. 10 12:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT Susan Sarandon (R-2:49) p. 13 1J8 2:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS Richard Harris (1:43) p. 15 4:00 THE TURNING POINT Superstar dancer Baryshnikov in film debut (PG-1:59) p.17 6:00 WRESTLING: USA vs. USSR Highlights of 10 matches in various weight classes (tape) p. 17 7:00 UPCLOSE Clint Eastwood, p.8 8:00 THE HANGING TREE Gary Cooper (1:46) p.19 10:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS David Janssen (1:43) p.15 12:00 EYES OF LAURA MARS Murder mystery (R-l :43) p.7 3:30 JONATHAN WINTERS’ SALUTE TO BASEBALL You’ll have a ball! p. 16 4.00 THE WAY OF THE WIND Classic sea saga (G-l :44) p. 17 6:00 SPEEDTRAP Spectacular stunt driving (PG-l:38)p.l 1 8:00 THE END A comedy about living with dying (R-1:39) p. 18 10.00 JONATHAN WINTERS’ SALUTE TO BASEBALL Wild, wacky comedy, p. 16 10:30 A STAR IS BORN Careers destroy a great love (R-2:20) p.l 1 It’s country music time! HBO selected the best American performers at a recent world country musical marathon, and rounded them up for one gigantic show! The impressive group of favorites includes: the Oak Ridge Boys doing “You’re the One,” Freddie Fender, “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights,” Roy Clark and “Jambalaya” plus Tammy Wynette, singing “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” (of course). May 25,29 All-Star Country Music Festival Roy Clark Tammy Wynette Mel Tillis The Oakridge Boys Freddie Fender Don Williams The Hanging Ttee Gary Cooper The Montana of the 1870s was teeming with miners, adventurers and just plain folk in search of new land and new freedom. Gary Cooper, a shy doctor with a mysterious past, befriends blind Maria Schell—and becomes a man of action on her behalf. It’s Cooper at his best plus impressive performances by Karl Malden and George C. Scott. Adult situations, mild violence. (1:46) May 26,30 v19

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