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Th® H80 Guido is put*shed moAWy by Home Box 0»co. inc. N J. Nchotos. Jr.. Prosdone. Scan McCarthy. Wa*xguide to find out about the shows below plus the rest of this month's programs. WJk COUSIN, COUSINE A merry extra-marital affair. It is very French and very delightful. Premieres May 6 A BRIDGE TOO FAR The incrcd i blc talc of the largest airborne assault in history. Michael Caine stars. Premieres May 7 HAROLD AND MAUDE Ruth Gordon in an outrageous love story—hilarious and genuinely touching. Premieres May 20 MARATHON MAN Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in a stunning, suspenseful thriller. Premieres May 28 3 THE WHITE BUFFALO Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hick-ok in the western version of Moby Dick. Premieres May 13 DAVID BRENNER RETURNS An On Location favorite in a brand new H BO show. Premieres May 26 KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS A battle for survival against millions of spiders. Premieres May 27 THE STEAGLE What is a Steagle? Only Richard Benjamin knows for sure. Tunc in. Premieres May 27 EATMYDUSTI The craziest driver in town steals the fastest car and tears up the country. Premieres May 5 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Good grief! The Peanuts crew takes to the woods. Premieres May 12 ALL THE WAY BOYS Terence Hill and Bud Spencer take to the air—and fly off the handle. Premieres May 20 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON Catch the star-studded tribute of the year! Premieres May 14 WORLD TEAM TENNIS Chris Evert and Hie Nastase start off H BO*s exclusive coverage of the V/TT. Starts May 18 THE LAST TYCOON Robert Mitchum and Robert De-Niro in this tale of Hollywood in its heyday. Premieres May 19 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS The best of all divisions: the experts vote. Starts May 11 USA/JAPAN GYMNASTICS Men's and women's competition in two parts. Stans May 14 KING KONG The greatest monster of them all in the greatest comeback in movie history! Premieres May 21 FRATERNITY ROW Campus life of the 'SOs with the but-toncd-down. bottled-up generation. Premieres May 13

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- 11 A Bridge Too Far Dirk lk)ganlc Janies Caan Michael Caine Scan Connery lidward It> Klliott Gonkl Gene Hackman Anthony Hopkins Hardy Kruger l>aurcncc Olivier Ryan O’Neal Robert Redftwd Maximilian Schell I jv I Jllniaiin It lasted only nine days in 1944. Now relive the ill-fated airborne assault meant to end the war in Europe—quickly. Everything that could go wrong did%o wrong. Great cinematography! Wartime violence. (PG-2:55) May 7,11,13,16,24,28,31 MAY 5 MAY 6 MAY 7 Friday Saturday Sunday 5.00 BAD NEWS BEARS Walter Matthau coaches Tatum O’Neal (PG-I:42) p.4 700 EAT MY DUST! Premiere. Ron Howard in fast-moving fun. (PG-1:30) p.7 8:30 THE PREMONITION Highly topical, scary chiller-thriller (PG-1:34) p. 12 10:30 DAY OF THE ANIMALS A forest-full of terror as animals turn on humans (PG-1:37) p.5 12:15 EAT MY DUST1 Laugh’ln alumnus Dave Madden is a race car champ in speedy comedy (PG-1:30) p.7 2:00 FRANK GORSHIN All-star cast in one. p. 17 3:00 A SEPARATE PEACE Classic novel (PG-1:45) p.9 5:00 SPECIAL DELIVERY Bo Svenson (PG-1:39) p. 13 7:00 COUSIN, COUSINE Premiere. Nominated for 3 Oscars (Dubbed-R-1:35) p.7 9.00 LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH Premiere. Jon Finch in sci-fi tale (R-1:24) p.8 10:30 FRANK GORSHIN Fantastic impressionist, p. 17 11:30 COUSIN, COUSINE Delightful adult French comedy (Subtitled-R-1:35) p.7 IKK) PULP Michael Caine and Mickey Rooney (PG-1:36) p.5 300 THE PREMONITION Bizarre thriller (PG-1:34) p. 12 500 PULP A spoof of mystery story writers (PG-1:36) p.5 700 A BRIDGE TOO FAR-Premiere. Filmed on the actual World War II battlefields where it happened (PG-2:55) p.6 10:00 PROVIDENCE Dirk Bogarde (R-1:44) p.8 11:45 THE PREMONITION Sharon Farrell and Jeff Corey in eerie story (PG-1:34) p. 12 6 Ron Howard, (Happy Days and American Graffiti) pops the clutch and tells the world “eat my dust.” Thrills, chills and spills as Ron streaks through a small Midwest town in this fast and funny comedy. Lovely Christopher Norris co-stars. “Ron Howard is perfect.” (Hollywood Reporter) Some violence. (PG-1:30) May 5,8,13,16,26,29 Cousin, Cousine A delightful French comedy of love, family relationships, love, middle class values and more love. Meet two refreshing characters, cousins by marriage. Their families think they are having an affair when they are not —but guess what happens. A charming movie! Adult situations, some nudity: (R-1:35) May 6,10,14,18,26 Cousle Jtousine' is a marvelous Mm. It wl elate you and make you feel exuberant with happiness and joy." 7

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Race Forlfour Life^ Charfie Brown! | Charlie Brown and the entire “Peanuts” gallery come to life on HBO in a fun riot for the whole family. The gang is packed off to summer camp to face crises ranging from rough bullies to raging rapids. Delightful escapade. (G-1:25) May 12,15,18,20,23,26 MAY 12 Friday 400 PULP Mickey Rooney (PG-1:36) p.5 6:00 BOXING CHAMPIONS Boxing writers vote for best of all divisions, p.9 700 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Premiere. Snoopy, the bumbling beagle, and all of the lovable troupe (G-l:25) p.10 8:30 DOUBLE BANANAS SRO. Rowan and Martin, p.8 10:00 SLAPSHOT Paul Newman discovers brawls bring crowds (R-2K)2) p. 13 12:00 PULP Mystery and fun (PG-1:36) p.S 10 MAY 13 Saturday 1:30 EAT MY DUST1 Ron Howard (PG-1:30) p.7 3:00 A BRIDGE TOO FAR' The real star war (PG-2:55) p.6 6.00 BOXING CHAMPIONS See if you agree with experts’ pick of the best, p.9 7:00 THE WHITE BUFFALO Premiere. Charles Bronson stars (PG-1:37) p. 11 9.00 FRATERNITY ROW Premiere. Brutal fraternity hazing. Can the good guys stop it? (PG-l:41)p.l2 11:00 THE WHITE BUFFALO Kim Novak (PG-I:37) p.l 1 12:40 BOXING CHAMPIONS Final show, p.9 MAY 14 Sunday 2:00 DAY OF THE ANIMALS Horror story (PG-1:37) p.5 400 THE PREMONITION A deranged woman wants her child back (PG-I:34) p. 12 600 USA/JAPAN GYMNASTICS Part 1. Men's and women’s competition (tape) p. 13 7.00 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON Premiere. SRO. Gala event saluting fabulous funny man. p. 11 8:30 COUSIN, COUSINE Ribald and completely delightful (Dubbed-R-1:35) p.7 10:30 A STAR IS BORN Great music (R-2:20) p.9 Hollywood Salutes Neil Simon * Join most of Hollywood at this glittering, star-studded event honoring the man who writes America’s funniest plays and movies. (Latest The Goodbye Girl.) The production features songs, dances, film clips and scenes performed by Hollywood greats. It’s fun-filled, affection-packed entertainment to dedicate the incredible $51.5 million Long Beach Convention-Theatre Center. May 14,18,23,29,31 Charles Bronson The White Buffalo Charles Bronson is back on the American frontier in the kind of action drama his fans like best. Lots of shootouts and gunplay in this western Moby Dick. Also great performances by Will Sampson (“Big Indian” of Cuckoo's Nest) and Jack Warden. Violence, some vulgar language. (PG-1:37) May 13,15,19,21,23,27 11

HBO Guide May 1978 - Page section : 003

Pumping Iron Documentary focusing on the sport and art of bodybuilding. Reveals the beauty, humanity, humor and dedication of their lives. A sports film with fascinating insight. Features Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sexual references. (PG-1:25) May 3 Bad News Bears Island of Dr. Moreau Headed for defeat, Coach Walter Matthau’s ragtag little leaguers tap girl pitcher Tatum O’Neal to go after the big win. Strong language. (PG-1:42) May 2,5 Burt Lancaster stars as Dr. Moreau. His horrifying secret: years of experiments have produced half-man, half-animal creatures. Violence. (PG-1:44) May 2 MAY 1 Monday MAY 2 Tuesday MAY 3 Wednesday 5:00 HARLAN COUNTY, USA Oscar-winning look at striking coal miners (PG-I:43) p.S 7:00 NEW YORK, NEW YORK Torrid and tender tribute to the Big Band era starring Liza Minnelli (PG-2:17) p.S 9:30 A SEPARATE PEACE Parker Stevenson stars in story from John Knowles’ best-selling novel (PG-1:45) p.9 11:30 SPECIAL DELIVERY Fast, funny and full of action (PG-I:39)p.l3 4 5:00 ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU Intriguing science fiction with Burt Lancaster and Michael York(PG-l:44)p.4 7:00 BAD NEWS BEARS Walter Matthau, Tatum O’Neal and Little Leaguers kick off baseball season (PG-1:42) p.4 9:00 DOUBLE BANANAS SRO. An evening of great comedy teams like Caesar and Coca and Rowan and Martin, p.8 10:30 DAY OF THE ANIMALS A horror story from the makers of Grizzly (PG-1:37) p.5 5:00 A SEPARATE PEACE Growing up in a world at war (PG-1:45) p.9 7:00 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand and Kris Kris-tofferson are superstars—one on the rise, the other on the way down (R-2:20) p.9 9:30 PULP A high-spirited spoof of the detective genre (PG-1:36) p.5 11:30 PUMPING IRON The win-at-all-cost competition of body builders (PG-1:25) p.4 Harlan County, U.S.A. Barbara Kopple’s Oscar-winning study of courage and suffering endured by striking Kentucky coal miners. Adult language. (PG-1:43) May 1 New York,New York Robert DeNiro is a brash and amorous sax-aphone player, Liza Minnelli a singer belting her way to the top in this great screen romance set in the Big Band era. Martin Scorsese directed. Adult language. (PG-2:17) May 1 Seedy mystery story writer Michael Caine is hired to ghost-write ex-film star-hood Mickey Rooney’s bio. Violence, adult language. (PG-1:36) May 3,7,12 MAY 4 Thursday 5:00 SPECIAL DELIVERY Bo Svenson (Walking Tall) and Cybill Shepherd (PG-1:39) p. 13 7:00 DOUBLE BANANAS SRO. Imogene Coca and Sid Caesar are reunited, p.8 8:30 SLAPSHOT Paul Newman in a rough, tough, hockey movie from Director George Roy Hill (The Sting) (R-2:02) p. 13 10:30 PROVIDENCE Ellen Burstyn, John Gielgud and Dirk Bogarde in an Alain Resnais film (R-l:44) p.8 Day of the Animals Christopher George, Leslie Nielsen and Lynda Day George face a forest of terror when their unsuspecting hiking party meets wild animals on the prowl. Their bounty is—man! A startling story of horror and vengeance. Violence. (PG-1:37) May 2,5,14

HBO Guide May 1978 - Page section : 007

Fraternity Row Many college fraternities of the *50s celebrated “Hell Week” in an old-fashioned way. This drama relates the struggle of a few men to change the system. Their frat pals have their own ideas. Much nostalgia, warmth and humor. The film has lots to say to the 70s, too. Violence, language. (PG-1:41) May 13,16,21,25,31 Sharon Farrell {It *s Alive) and Jeflf Corey (In Cold Blood) star in this bizarre, chiller-thriller. A deranged woman tries to get her natural child back from its adoptive parents. Some violence. (PG-1:34) May 5,7,11,14,17 MAY 17 Wednesday MAY 15 Monday' 5:00 THE WHITE BUFFALO Slim Pickens (PG-1:37) p. 11 7:00 USA/JAPAN GYMNASTICS Part I. Men’s and women’s competition, p. 13 8:00 RACE FOR YOUR UFE, CHARLIE BROWN! The Peanuts gang goes off to summer camp (G-l:25) p. 10 9:30 SPECIAL DELIVERY Cybill Shepherd (PG-1:39) p. 13 11:45 USA/JAPAN GYMNASTICS Part I. Commentary by Spencer Ross and John Traetta. p. 13 MAY 16 Tuesday 4:00 A BRIDGE TOO FAR" Gene Hackman and James Caan in war epic (PG-2:55) p.6 7:00 FRATERNITY ROW You’U recognize upperclassman Peter Fox from The Waltons (PG-\A\) p.\2 900 SLAPSHOT Uproarious Paul Newman movie about battling hockey players (R-2:02) p. 13 11:00 EAT MY DUST! Ron Howard in joy-ride to end all joy-rides (PG-1:30) p.7 5:00 THE PREMONITION Chilling and thrilling. Sharon Farrell stars (PG-1:34) p. 12 7:00 THE MISSOURI BREAKS Offbeat Western directed by Arthur Penn starring Marlon Brando (PG-2:06) p. 17 9:30 PROVIDENCE Alain Resnais’ film stars John Gielgud, Ellen Burstyn and Dirk Bogarde (R-1:44) p.8 11:15 LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH From sci-fi writer Michael Moorcock (R-1:24) p.8 12 SLAP SHOT World leant lennis Paul Newman has the recipe for his last place hockey team: take two fists, add one stick and mash the opposition. Violence, rough language. (R-2:02) May 4,8,12,16,20 Chris Evert, Ilie Nastase and the Los Angeles Strings host the Seattle Cascades as HBO begins another season of extensive World Team Tennis coverage. May 18 Special Delivery Fast, funny and full of action. Bo Svenson tries to make off with a half-million and Cybill Shepherd. Brief nudity, adult language. (PG-1:39) May 1,4,6,10,15 MAY 18 Thursday 5:30 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWNI Charles Schulz’s comic strip characters take off for summer camp(G-l:25) p. 10 7:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS Seattle Cascades at Los Angelesl Strings (tape) p. 13 8:30 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES i NEIL SIMON Standing Room Only. Catch Rita Moreno singing “Hey, Big Spender.” p. 11 10:00 COUSIN, COUSINE Very warm, very French, very adult (Dubbed-R-1:35) p.7 NEIL LCIFCJt/SI USA/Japan Gymnastics Akio Kuruma, Sakiko and Ayako Saito—their names are hard to pronounce and their gymnastic feats are hard to beat. See them all during the first part of men’s and women’s competition. American performers include Olympian Kurt Thomas, and 1977 American Cup winner Kathy Johnson. May 14,15 13

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On Location David Brenner Returns Hail the return of one of On Location's funniest comedians in a brand new show! Brenner goes back to South Philadelphia, his old neighborhood. See everyone who's anyone in Philly turn out for the real Philadelphia “Rocky”—training for the big one. A big event attended by the city's notables. Lots of hi-jinx make this a very funny show! May 26,29 I /WAY 26 Friday 5:00 ALL THE WAY BOYS Cyril Cusack (G-1:45) p. 16 7:00 DAVID BRENNER RETURNS On Location. Premiere. The reigning hero returns to Philadelphia—and HBO. p. 18 8:00 HAROLD AND MAUDE Bud Con (PG-1:3 l)p. 15 9:30 EAT MY DUST! Ron Howard (PG-l:30)p.7 11.00 RACE FOR YOUR UFE, CHARLIE BROWNI See Snoopy race on a souped-up motorcyle (G-1:25) p. 10 12:30 COUSIN, COUSINE Marie-France Pisier is a delight (Subtitled-R-1:35) p.7 18 MAY 27 Saturday 2:30 THE LAST TYCOON Jeanne Moreau (PG-2:05) p. 14 500 THE WHITE BUFFALO Slim Pickens (PG-1:37) p. 11 700 KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS Premiere. Cameras capture tarantula movement in terrifying detail (PG-1:35) p. 19 900 THESTEAGLE Premiere. Sheer bedlam as Richard Benjamin stumbles onto war movie set (R-1:30) p.20 10:30 NETWORK Faye Dunaway (R-2:00) p. 17 12:30 THESTEAGLE He’s a modern-day Walter Mit-ty(R-1:30) p.20 MAY 28 Sunday 2:30 A BRIDGE TOO FAR-* Called the definitive World War II movie (PG-2:55) p.6 5:30 THE MISSOURI BREAKS Virtuoso performances by Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson (PG-2:06)p.l7 800 MARATHON MAN Premiere. Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier co-star. Olivier nominated for an Oscar for this one (R-2:05) p. 19 10:30 A BRIDGE TOO FAR All-star cast includes Michael Caine, Robert Rcdford and Liv Ullmann (PG-2:55) p.6 Dustin Hoffman Laurence Olivier Marathon Man You’ll be on the edge of your seat as Dustin Hoffman matches wits with a sadistic Nazi dentist—frighteningly portrayed by Laurence Olivier in one of his great performances. Marthe Keller (Black Sunday) and Roy Scheider help keep Hoffman on the run. A spine-tingling, bone-chilling suspense thriller! Graphic violence. (R-2:05) May 28 ^aiOEG8 Venomous tarantulas spin a web of terror, and seek revenge on man for upsetting nature's balance. William Shatner, Captain Kirk of Star Trek, leads the human forces. Scare topples scare as a nightmare comes to life. Nominated as “Best Horror Film” of 1977 by the Academy of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Films. A thriller! Some violence. (PG-1:35) May 27,30

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Sandy Mayer, twice the male MVP of World Team Tennis, and Virginia Wade will lead the rebuilt Golden Gaters against the Boston Lobsters. May 25 MAY 23 Tuesday MAY 24 Wednesday 5:30 HAROLD AND MAUDE A real “oddcouple.” Ruth Gordon stars,1:31) p. 15 7:00 USA&JAPAN GYMNASTICS Part 2. Japan sent their top men and women gymnasts to compote with ours. p. 17 800 THE LAST TYCOON Oscar meets Oscar. DeNiro and Nicholson, both past winners (PG-2:05) p. 14 10:30 THE MISSOURI BREAKS Great soundtrack by Oscar winner John Williams. Marlon Brando stars (PG-2:06) p. 17 16 5:30 RACE FOR YOUR UFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Charlie becomes the summer camp hero (G-l:25) p. 10 700 ALL THE WAY BOYS Bud Spencer and Terence Hill co-star (G-1:45) p.16 900 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON Standing Room Only. Comedy, music, laughter and the biggest names in Show Biz. p. 11 10:30 THE WHITE BUFFALO Slim Pickens, Jack Warden and Kim Novak (PG-1:37) p. 11 400 A BRIDGE TOO FAR * Five nations cooperated to re-stage this crucial World War II battle (PG-2:55)p.6 700 NETWORK Peter Finch. Fa^e Dunaway, William Holdfcp'nid four Acad emy Awards (R-2:00) p. 17 900 A BRIDGE TOO FAR The real star war—with Gene Hackman, Sean Connery and Liv Ullmann (PG-2:55) p.6 1200 FRANK GORSHIN Actor, singer, comedian, p.l 7 All Hie Wny Boys Airborne adventure-bound buddies on the loose in South American skies and landing fields. They run into outlaws Jails, air crashes and some romancc along the way. Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. (G-l :45) May 20,23,26 World Team Tennis USA/Japan Gymnastics Catch the second part of the USA-Japan competition, one of the most important events of the year’s gymnastics calendar. The program includes the men’s match at the University of Oregon and the women’s showdown at Arizona State. May 21,22 The Missouri Breaks Superstars Marlon Brando and Jack Nicholson battle it out in this offbeat Western. Violcncc. (PG-2:06) May 9,17,22,28 Network Network has William Holden, Peter Finch, Faye Dunaway and four Oscars. Adult language, nudity. (R-2:00) May 24,27,30 MAY 25 Thursday 500 FRATERNITY ROW Remarkable picture of campus life in the Fifties (PG-1:41) p. 12 700 WORLD TEAM TENNIS 4 Golden Gaters at Boston Lobsters (tape) p. 16 8:30 KING KONG 30.000 watch him straddle New York City’s World Trade Cen-ter towers in the spectacular climax (PG-2:14) p. 15 11.00 LAST DAY OF MAN ON EARTH Nifty sci-fi from writer Michael Moorcock (R-1:24) p.8 On Location Frank Gor shin Frank Gorshin has more faces than a deck of cards. He not only sounds like Kirk Douglas. Telly Savalas, W.C. Fields and Clark Gable, he looks like Kirk Douglas, Telly Savalas, W.C. Fields and Clark Gable. As Dean Martin says, “He does me better than I do. See this cast of thousands. May 6,20,24 17

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fw>sourpri5an ^aaregniiiiii I HHHH —as HH1 WALTIHtOOSSJIt/SI_ HCINZ »LUf TMIllW/JI HBO Good Sports? Great Sports! All on What’s HBO? Great movies at home. Right? Right... and wrong. We’re not just films like Oscar-winner Annie Hall and King Kong. Or specials like The Vent Event and Myron Cohen. We’re also sports like tennis, basketball, gymnastics. Football, ice skating and boxing. We’re not only stars like Diane Keaton or Paul Newman, George Carlin or David Brenner. We’re also stars like Muhammad Ali, Chris Evert and O.J. Simpson. HBO heated up the 22 winter with some great competition in gymnastics and Skate Canada. We featured a host of nationally ranked college basketball teams —from Arkansas and Notre Dame to Marquette and UCLA. HBO showed you what Leon Spinks could do months before he astounded the boxing world. And we’re just concluding our Boxing*s Greatest Champions series. Our weekly football show. Inside the NFL lets you play Monday morning quarterback every Thursday. Beginning this month, HBO again brings you exclusive coverage of World Team Tennis —with players like Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and Vitas Gerulaitis. Great sports on HBO? Watch and see! Home Box Office reserves the right to mokeo schedule change or progrom substitution without notice. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please address ol! moil to: Susan Devon, HBO Customer Relations Manoger, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. June lto5 Some of the dance scenes In 'Roseland* are just as exciting as anything in ‘Saturday Night Fever’." June 1, Thursday 4:30 LAST TYCOON p. 14 7:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS New York Apples at Los Angeles Strings (tape) 8:30 MARATHON MAN p. 19 10:45 ALL WAY BOYS p. 16 June 2, Friday 4:30 KING KONG p. 15 700 LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Premiere. (PG-1:34) 9:00 KING KONG p.IS 11:30 THE STEAGLE p.20 June 3, Saturday 1:30 SMALL CHANGE A charmer (PG-1:44) 3:30 ALL THE WAY BOYS Terence Hill (G-1:45) p. 16 5:30 NEIL SIMON SRO. p. 11 7:00 ROSELAND Premiere. (PG-1:43) 9:00 SMALL CHANGE Premiere. (PG-1:44) 11:00 NEIL SIMON SRO. p. 11 June 4, Sunday 2:00 KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS p. 19 400 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN1 p. 10 5:30 HAROLD & MAUDE p. 15 700 ORCA Premiere. (PG-1:32) 8:30 DAVID BRENNER p. 18 9:30 LAST TYCOON p. 14 11:45 HAROLD & MAUDE Ruth Gordon (PG-1:31) p.15 June 5, Monday 500 ROSELAND (PG-1:43) 700 LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN LANE (PG-1:34) 900 MARATHON MAN Dustin Hoffman (R-2:05) p. 19 11:15 LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Jodie Foster (PG-1:34)

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Providence “A rare and wonderful work of art,” says Rex Reed of this intellectually challenging film. Strong language, adult theme. (R-1:44) May 4,7,11,17 Rowan & Martin In Double Bananas An cvMinf of Great Comedy Teams! Also starring Sid Caesar & ImogeneCoca Enjoy Rowan & Martin in this very special salute to great comedy teams! See Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca recreating their very own brand of classic comedy. Plus some zany surprise performers. May 2,4,8,12 Last Days of Man on Earth Can a computer buried underground save the world when the ultimate disaster strikes? Scientists as well as sexy programmer Jenny Runacre say yes. Skeptical Nobel winner Jon Finch joins them to prevent Armageddon. Witty and imaginative. Some nudity, violence, strong language (R-1:24) May 6,9,17,19,25 MAY 8 MAY 9 MAY 10 Monday Tuesday Wednesday 5KX> A SEPARATE PEACE Prep school roommates move to the battlefield (PG-1:45) p.9 7:00 EAT MY DUSTI Cars, trucks, boats and buildings destroyed by the craziest driver in town (PG-1:30) p.7 8:30 SLAPSHOT Director George Roy Hill’s hard-nosed film about last place hockey team that wants to get out of the cellar (R-2:02) p. 13 10:30 DOUBLE BANANAS SRO. Great comedy teams plus a tribute to Ritz Brothers, p.8 8 4:30 THE MISSOURI BREAKS Limited engagement begins. Oscar winners Brando and Nicholson (PG-2:06) p. 17 7:00 LAST DAYS OF MAN ON EARTH Hugh Griffith. Oscar nominee for Tom Jones, is a sci-fi guru i R-1:24) p.8 8:30 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand follows Janet Gaynor and Judy Garland in this great role (R-2:20) p.9 11:00 THE MISSOURI BREAKS Rivals work on opposite sides of the law (PG-2:06) p. 17 5.00 SPECIAL DELIVERY Plenty of action mixed with comedy. Bo Svenson heads the cast (PG-1:39) p. 13 7KX) CASINO DE PARIS SRO. The grandest and oldest floor show in the world, p.20 8:30 COUSIN, COUSINE Marie-Christine Barrault and Victor Lanoux in French comedy (Dubbed-R-I:35) p.7 10:30 SPECIAL DELIVERY Cybill Shepherd in an action-packed heist (PG-1:39) p. 13 A Star is Bom Barbra Streisand, Kris Kristofferson and Oscar-winning music make this a high-powered love story. She's a singer moving up, he's a rock star sliding down. Nudity, adult language. (R-2:20) May 3,9,14 A Separate Peace Parker Stevenson and John Heyl star in an exceptional film about friendship and adolescence. From John Knowles' classic novel about growing up in a world at war. Adult language. (PG-1:45) May 1,3,6,8 5:00 THE PREMONITION Well-developed supernatural angle (PG-1:34) p.12 7:00 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS Experts pick the best of all divisions. p.9 8:00 A BRIDGE TOO FAR' The largest airborne assault in the history of warfare carried out by all-star cast (PG-2:55) p.6 11:00 PROVIDENCE Intellectually challenging, beautifully photographed. John Gielgud stars (R-l:44) p.8 Boxing’s Greatest Champions THE EXPERTS VOTE. HBO’s exclusive series ends with a sure-to-be controversial finale. You can match opinions with the Boxing Writers Association who've voted for the best fighters in all divisions and the single greatest boxer in history. Curt Gowdy hosts. May 11,12,13

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