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25 THURSDAY 26 FRIDAY 27 SATURDAY 6:00a MAX Gloria 6:10 HBO Stomp Out Loud 7:00 HBO Happily Ever After 7:30 HBO Babar Peer Pressure The Beautician & the Beast Breakfast at Tiffany’s Kids on Kids on Kids Chairman of the Board 10:30 HBO In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice Adventures in Babysitting Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel hOOpHBO Saturday Night Fever 1:15 MAX Falling in Love Edison Inventors’ Specials Caddyshack II 4:00 HBO The Beautician & the Beast 4:45 MAX The Rescue 6:00 HBO Wild America 6:30 MAX Police Academy: Mission to Moscow 8:00 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 8:00 MAX Alien Resurrection 8:00 HBO MAX 10:00 HBO MAX 11:30 MAX 12:00 HBO 3:00 HBO MAX Starring Alec Baldwin Tonight on Cinemax! P •The Confession • vlp vV • Beetlejuice * The Edge 12:00 MAX l:00p HBO 3:30 HBO MAX HBO 12:00 HBO 1:00a HBO 1:15 MAX 3:00 HBO MAX 4:40 MAX 5:00 HBO 20 Boyz N the Hood Acts of Betrayal Sex Bytes 2.2 The Sexperiment HBO First Look Forces of Nature The Sopranos Lansky HBO Original Movie Under Siege Gotti HBO Original Movie Implicated The Expert Eyewitness 8:00 6:30a MAX 6:45 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:15 9:45 MAX HBO 6:15a MAX Riot 6:45 HBO The Making of Anaconda 7:00 HBO Animated Hero Classics 7:30 HBO Babar La Tour de Celesteville 8:00 HBO Anaconda MAX Johnny Belinda 9:30 HBO Fire in the Sky 9:45 MAX Serpico 11:30 HBO Dare to Compete Children of a Lesser God HBO First Look The Matrix Swing Kids Cheech & Chong's the Corsican Brothers Mary Tyler Moore in Three Cats From Miami... Two of a Kind U.S. Marshals Summer Rental Anaconda Beetlejuice Volcano MAX FRIDAY PREMIERE The Confession 9:45 HBO Beverly Hills Cop 10:00 MAX The Edge 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:00 HBO U.S. Marshals MAX Erotic Confessions 12:30a MAX Petticoat Planet 1:50 MAX Event Horizon 2:15 HBO Misbegotten 3:30 MAX Freedom Strike 3:55 HBO Eddie Griffin 4:55 HBO Barbarians at the Gate 5:05 MAX A Night in Heaven 10:00 MAX 11:30 HBO MAX 12:00 HBO 1:30p HBO 2:00 MAX 3:00 HBO 4:00 HBO MAX 6:00 MAX 6:15 HBO 8:00 In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers The Making of Sphere Pippi Longstocking Babar Monkey Business Vegas Vacation Mouse Hunt Sing Claudia and David Dear America: A Picture of Freedom Contact Hot Shots! Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol Family Business City Dump: The Story of the 1951 CCNY Basketball Scandal Sphere ’Til There Was You Speed 2: Cruise Control Vegas Vacation HBO SATURDAY NIGHT Great Expectations 8:00 MAX The Substitute 2: School’s Out 9:30 MAX Hollow Point 10:00 HBO The Sopranos 11:00 HBO Face/Off 11:30 MAX Mutual Needs 1:05a MAX Picasso Trigger 1:25 HBO The People vs. Larry Flynt 2:45 MAX Campfire Tales 3:40 HBO Strippers: The Naked... 4:20 MAX The Devil's Own 4:50 HBO Great Expectations EE/PW 28 SUNDAY 29 6:15a MAX 6:45 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO MAX 9:30 MAX 10:00 HBO 11:15 11:30 MAX HBO I2:30p HBO 1:30 MAX 2:00 HBO 3:15 MAX 3:30 HBO 5:00 MAX 5:15 HBO 6:30 MAX 7:00 HBO 8:00 MAX 9:00 HBO 9:30 MAX Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Cover Girl (1944) The Making of Great Expectations Pippi Longstocking Babar The Gift The Beautician & the Beast Freaked Gattaca Meatballs Part II Batman Returns Real Sports With Bryant... Julian Po Mother In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach Picture Perfect Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Look Who’s Talking Now Police Academy: Mission to Moscow The Beautician & the Beast Shelter The Sopranos 10:00 HBO Earthly Possessions 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:10a MAX Love Games 12:30 HBO Tenacious D 1:00 HBO Cadillac Ranch 1:35 MAX Above the Law 2:45 HBO Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next... 3:15 MAX Erotic Confessions 3:45 MAX Fever Lake 4:15 HBO Smilla’s Sense of Snow 5:20 MAX Plato's Run EE/PW MONDAY 6:30a HBO Shakespeare- The Animated Tales 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s The Storyteller MAX The Poseidon Adventure 7:30 HBO Babar Rhino War 8:00 HBO Masterminds 9:00 MAX The Color of Money 9:45 HBO Fairy Tale: A True Story 11:00 MAX Frozen Assets Sandra’s Web: A Mother’s Diary Teen Wolf The Next Karate Kid Sphere Adventures in Babysitting HBO First Look The Matrix 4:15 MAX Serpico 4:30 HBO Masterminds 6:15 HBO Pulse 6:30 MAX Jingle All the Way 8:00 HBO The Fifth Element 30 TUESDAY 11:30 HBO 12:00 HBO 12:40p MAX 1:30 HBO 2:30 4:00 MAX HBO 8:00 MAX Things Are Tough All Over 6:00a HBO Shakespeare- The Animated Tales 6:10 MAX East Side Story 6:30 HBO Dear America: A Picture of Freedom 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar Elephant’s Express MAX A Patch of Blue 8:00 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 9:00 HBO Broadway Danny Rose 9:15 MAX Good Burger 10:30 HBO U.S. Marshals 11:00 MAX Free Willy 3: The Rescue l2:30pMAX Mixed Signals 12:45 HBO Man Who Knew Too Little 2:00 MAX My Girl 2:30 HBO Volcano 3:45 MAX Chinatown 4:15 HBO The Making of Great Expectations 4:30 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel My Fellow Americans Alien Born Yesterday Switchback Great Expectations Alien Resurrection The Sopranos U.S. Marshals The Sexperiment L.A

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. Jaw-dropping stunts and special effects propel this , sensational, roller-coaster i .. ride of a sequel to 1993’s H I The Fugitive. Tommy Lee J. Hjg Jones reprises his Oscar®- ■ 1% winning role as a deter- mined deputy marshal, who is confronted with yet another escapee—who may be innocent of his crimes! (AC,AL,V) PGI3-2:I I. HBO March 6,9,14,17,20,26,30 pSHS Tommy Lee Jones Wesley Snipes jupi STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 6 iael _ri cer< >br iant mi ift on th find wi ,MV) PG 6,21, 24, HBO ORIGINAL MOVIE Susan Sarandon Earthlu Possessions In a spirited performance, Susan Sarandon is Charlotte Emery, a middle-aged housewife who comes to grips with the truth about her unfulfilled life. At a bank to withdraw her savings and make the jump to a new life, Charlotte’s path takes a sudden twist—she’s taken hostage by a young, inexperienced bank robber who takes her on the most exhilarating ride of her life. Stephen Dorff co-stars in this adventurous tale. (ACALMV) TVMA/L-2:0I. HBO March 20,23,28,3! pa STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 20 I P'MiPIg mmmtm* ■ ■. »«I Ethan Hawke Gwyneth Paltrow G§IM;tations 1EXI CTATIONS Charles Dickens’ classic novel gets a contemporary overhaul in this visually stimulating update. An orphan grows into an accomplished artist until the love of his life leaves him. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:51. HBO March 27,30 pSES STARTS SATURDAY, MARCH 27

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WORLD SUPER WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPIRNSHIP LIVE! SATURDAY, MARCH B Laurent David WORLD SUPER OLYMPIC GOLD WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION MEDALIST NW.JUWIWM aim mi 11! i t m :r i: rnil AFTER R. I LIVE! SATURDJ j'jjuirj Us -jjjf yjju BATTLE OF THE UNDEFEATED HEAVYWEIGHTS Ike tbeabuchi THE MAN WHO DEFEATED DAVID TUA vs. Chris Byrd TOP-RANKED CONTENDER HY, March 20 iJij jjijiyYwujjjj'jij REMATCH OF ONE OF 1998’s BEST FIGHTS Kirk Johnson UNDEFEATED YOUNG HEAVYWEIGHT VS. Al “Ice” Cole KNOCKOUT ARTIST _ With Bryant Gumbel Bryant Gumbel’s Emmy®-winning series takes sports journalism to a higher level with provocative stories that go beyond the box scores and the statistics. :57 HBO March 2,4,6,22,25,28,30 to Holyfield vs. Lewis A preview of the March 13 undisputed heavyweight championship fight on TVKO pay-per-view from HBO. :27. %i HBO March 2,6,7,11,12,13 poll .. * Highlighting the struggles and triumphs this evocative special that combines rare of many of this century’s greatest female footage with more than 40 interviews, athletes, this film shows how each genera- including WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes tion paved the way for future women ath- and tennis legends Billie Jean King, Chris letes to close the gender gap on and off Evert and Martina Navratilova. 1:28. the field of play. Lauren Hutton narrates HBO March 8,10,13,18,2 l,26QGil

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13 SATURDAY 14 SUNDAY 15 MONDAY 6:00a HBO 6:15 MAX 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO MAX 8:30 HBO 10:00 MAX 10:15 HBO 11:30 12:00 MAX HBO 12:30p HBO 1:00 MAX 2:15 HBO 3:00 MAX 4:30 HBO MAX 6:00 HBO 6:15 MAX 8:00 HBO SATURDAY NIGHT Sphere Edison Inventors’ Specials Good Burger Pippi Longstocking Babar City of Elephants Sandra's Web: A Mother's Diary Alien A Pig's Tale Chicken Every Sunday So I Married an Axe Murderer Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Countdown to Holyfield vs. Lewis Look Who’s Talking Now Children of a Lesser God The Fifth Element Jingle All the Way Dare to Compete: The Struggle of Women in Sports Tommy Boy Fire in the Sky Men in Black 8:00 MAX Turbulence 9:45 MAX Freedom Strike 10:15 HBO The Sopranos 11:15 HBO Gotti HBO Original Movie 11:30 MAX Lady Chatterley Passions 2: Julie’s Secret 1:00a MAX Scorned 2 1:15 HBO White Men Can’t Jump 2:40 MAX Wild at Heart 3:10 HBO Backstreet Justice 4:45 HBO Sphere MAX When a Man Loves a Woman DIRECTOR’S CHAIR Sidney Lumet Today on Cinemax! • Murder on the Orient Express • The Anderson Tapes * Deathtrap • Family Business • Prince of the City • Serpico • Night Falls on Manhattan 7:30 8:00 9:15 9:45 11:00 11:30 hOOpMAX 1:15 HBO 3:00 MAX 3:30 HBO MAX HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO 7:00a HBO Pippi Longstocking Pippi Finds a Mysterious Footprint Murder on the Orient Express Babar Babar’s Triumph Volcano The Anderson Tapes Project X Deathtrap Vegas Vacation Family Business U.S. Marshals Prince of the City Dead Drunk: The Kevin Tunell Story LifeStories: Families in Crisis Hot Shots! Fathers' Day Serpico Volcano Night Falls on Manhattan The Sopranos U.S. Marshals MAX Implicated 11:35 MAX Bikini Summer 3: South Beach Heat 12:15a HBO Dennis Miller Live HBO Kiss the Girls MAX The Base MAX Erotic Confessions The Tutor HBO Blind Fury MAX Soul Food HBO Everybody's All-American MAX Adrenaline 12:45 1:05 2:40 2:45 3:15 4:15 5:10 6:30a HBO The Making of Face/Off 6:50 MAX Yankee Doodle Dandy 7:00 HBO Jim Henson's Storyteller 7:30 HBO Babar Babar’s Choice 8:00 HBO Six Months to Live 9:00 MAX John and Mary 9:30 HBO Anaconda 10:30 MAXMouseHunt 11:00 HBO In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice 12:15p MAX Mother 12:30 HBO City Dump: The Story of the 1951 CCNY Basketball Scandal HBO The Beautician & the Beast MAX Gattaca HBO The Brylcreem Boys MAX Marathon Man HBO Born Yesterday MAX Speed 2: Cruise Control HBO Anaconda MAX Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil HBO Face/Off MAX Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams 1:30 2:00 3:30 3:45 5:15 6:00 7:00 8:00 8:30 10:35 11:00 HBO Private Dicks: Men Exposed America Undercover 12:00 HBO The Replacement Killers MAX Club Wild Side 1:30a HBO Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies 1:45 MAX Against the Law 3:10 HBO Autopsy 4: Dead Speak 3:15 MAX Malibu Express 4:05 HBO Secrets & Lies 5:00 MAX Murder at 1600 16 EE/PW 16 TUESDAY 17 WEDNESDAY 18 THURSDAY HBO FAMILY SPECIAL Dear America: A Picture of Freedom Our nation’s greatest 1859, a slave girl on a moments unfold through plantation tries to keep the eyes of fictional her education a secret, teenage heroines in this TVY7-:28. HBO Mar. 17, new family series. In 19,22,27,30 Q30S Shakespeare-The Animated Tales Sunset Boulevard The Little Lulu Show Babar Race to the Moon Wild America Contact Making of Fifth Element Masterminds Caddyshack II Sphere Beetlejuice Sandra’s Web Lionheart My Fellow Americans Batman Returns Fairy Tale: A True Story Picture Perfect McCourts of New York Persons Unknown HBO First Look Forces of Nature Sphere Enter the Dragon The Sopranos Love Me Twice 2 The Larry Sanders Show Lansky HBO Original Movie Postmortem Tracey Takes On... A Night in Heaven Beverly Hills Cop Martin Lawrence You So Crazy I Know What You Did Last Summer MAX Transmission Test EE/PW 6:30a HBO Shakespeare- The Animated Tales 7:00 HBO Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures MAX Dear Brigitte 7:30 HBO Babar No Place Like Home 8:00 HBO Look Who’s Talking Now 8:45 MAX John Grisham’s The Rainmaker 9:45 HBO A Pig’s Tale 11:00 MAX In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers 11:30 HBO Tracey Takes On... 12:00 HBO Fathers’Day I2:30p MAX Alien 1:45 HBO U.S. Marshals 2:30 MAX Watcher in the Woods 4:00 HBO Volcano MAX Adventures in Babysitting 5:45 HBO Look Who’s Talking Now MAX Ordinary People 7:30 HBO Dear America: A Picture of Freedom 8:00 HBO Eve’s Bayou MAX The Devil’s Own 10:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... MAX Fever Lake 10:30 HBO U.S. Marshals 11:30 MAX Erotic Confessions 12:00 MAX Trojan Eddie 12:45a HBO The Peacemaker 1:50 MAX 8 Heads in a Duffel Bag 2:55 HBO Dennis Miller Live 3:25 HBO Vicious Circles 3:30 MAX Lethal Weapon 5:00 HBO Losing Isaiah 5:20 MAX Freedom Strike 7:00a HBO Happily Ever After MAX Shane 7:30 HBO Babar Elephant’s Best Friend 8:00 HBO Julian Po 9:00 MAX Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach 9:30 HBO Dare to Compete 10:45 MAX Tommy Boy 11:00 HBO Swing Kids 12:30p MAX The Color of Money 1:00 HBO Broadway Danny Rose 2:30 HBO So I Married an Axe Murderer MAX Murphy’s Romance 4:00 HBO Hello Again 4:30 MAX Cheech & Chong’s the

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We’ve got an offer you can’t refuse. If you miss a new episode on Sunday, simply tune in on Tuesday night! (AC,GL,GV,N) TVMA/V,S,L-:58. Encore plays: HBO Mar.2,4,6,9,11,13,16,18,20,22,23,25,27,30 qOH New episodes Sunday nights, 9 PM et/pt Twenty-five men—aged 17 to 73—share their most candid thoughts about what it’s like having a penis.This amusing and revealing documentary looks at the phal- Ilic phenomenon and the many myths and issues surrounding it. (/IC,AL,N)TVMA/S,L-:58. HBO March 15,18,20,24,29 QCHM PRIVATE The comedian delivers more uncensored hilarity with three new shows full of his raucous rants and scathing lampoons of the world’s headline-makers! (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:28. Encore plays: HBO March 3,7,10,12,14,17,21,24,28,31 po New episodes Friday nights, 11:30 PM et/pt Tenmcious D From the minds behind “Mr. Show With Bob and David” comes this comedy series with Jack Black and Kyle Gass—two troubadours who specialize in hip hilarity! TVMA-:27. HBO March 24,28,29,31 go New episodes Wednesday nights beginning March 24,11 PM et/pt

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I MONDAY 2 TUESDAY 3 WEDNESDAY C 1 N E M A X VANGUARD Edgy filmfare every Wednesday at midnight ET/PT • East Side Story ♦ Temptress Moon • Trojan Eddie * The Promise • Year of the Horse 6:00a MAX 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO MAX 8:00 HBO 9:30 MAX 9:45 HBO 11:30 HBO 11:35 MAX hOOpMAX 1:30 HBO 2:45 MAX 3:00 HBO 4:30 HBO MAX 6:00 MAX 6:15 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:00 MAX Fever Lake At the Earth’s Core Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Sapsorrow Babar Every Basket Has a Silver Lining The Big Show Fathers’ Day Batman Returns Look Who’s Talking Now Saturday Night Fever Police Academy 6: City Under Siege Summer Rental Julian Po The Rescue Hot Shots! My Fellow Americans Gunfighter’s Moon Children of a Lesser God Look Who’s Talking Now The Firm 9:45 MAX Men in Black 9:00 HBO Lansky HBO Original Movie 10:35 HBO The Making of 9:30 MAX Soul Food The Replacement Killers 11:00 HBO The Sopranos 11:00 HBO Amistad 11:30 MAX Bikini Summer 3 11:30 MAX Mutual Needs 12:00 HBO The Larry Sanders Show 1:05a MAX The Edge 12:25a HBO George Carlin 1:40 HBO Boyz N the Hood 1:00 MAX Picasso Trigger 3:05 MAX The Hotel New Hampshire 1:25 HBO Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation 3:35 HBO Strippers: 2:40 MAX Demolition University The Naked Stages 2:55 HBO Tracey Takes On... 4:40 HBO Dead Heart 3:25 HBO Lansky HBO Original Movie 5:00 MAX Pretty Poison 4:10 MAX Eden 5:30 HBO HBO Transmission Test 6:00a MAX Lloyd’s of London 7:00 HBO Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures 7:30 HBO Babar Never Cry Men! 8:00 HBO Picture Perfect MAX They Shoot Horses, Don’t They 9:45 HBO Bad Medicine 10:00 MAX Beetlejuice 11:30 HBO Fire in the Sky 11:35 MAX Howards End l:30p HBO Stomp Out Loud 2:00 MAX Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach 2:30 HBO Wild America 3:45 MAX Good Burger 4:30 HBO Picture Perfect 5:30 MAX Contact 6:15 HBO In the Line of Duty: Hunt for Justice 8:00 HBO Gotti HBO Original Movie MAX Mouse Hunt 9:40 MAX Postmortem 10:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... 10:30 HBO 1 Know What You Did Last Summer 11:30 MAX Erotic Confessions Fashion Affair 12:00 MAX East Side Story 12:15a .HBO Poison Ivy: The New Seduction 1:20 MAX Recoil 1:50 HBO Dennis Miller Live 2:20 HBO Mean Guns 3:00 MAX The Sicilian 4:10 HBO The Sender 5:00 MAX The Base 6:30a HBO Shakespeare-The Animated Tales MAX Roman Holiday 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar One That Got Away 8:00 HBO Vegas Vacation 8:30 MAX The Bad and the Beautiful 9:45 HBO So 1 Married an Axe... 10:30 MAX Police Academy: Mission to Moscow 11:30 HBO Tracey Takes On... 12:00 HBO Goin' South MAX Family Business a. o o r4 HBO Swing Kids MAX Wayne’s World 3:30 MAX Prince of the City 4:00 HBO Real Sports With Bryant... 5:00 HBO Vegas Vacation 6:20 MAX Tommy Boy 6:45 HBO The Brylcreem Boys 8:00 MAX Bloodsport 2 8:30 HBO Countdown to Holyfield vs. Lewis 12 EE/PW 4 THURSDAY A LIENS ON CINEMAX Every Thursday at 8 pm h/pt •ALIEN •ALIENS •ALIEN 3 • ALIEN RESURRECTION 6:00a HBO The Making of Firestorm 6:30 HBO Shakespeare-The Animated Tales King Richard III 6:35 MAX Fate Is the Hunter 7:00 HBO Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Puss in Boots 7:30 HBO Babar Friendly Agreement 8:00 HBO Heaven Sent 8:20 MAX Ordinary People 9:30 HBO Sing 10:30 MAX The Next Karate Kid 11:15 HBO Twelfth Night 12:30p MAX Serpico 1:30 HBO Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel 2:30 HBO Masterminds 2:45 MAX Frozen Assets 4:30 HBO A Pig’s Tale MAX Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde 6:00 MAX 'Til There Was You 6:15 HBO Teen Wolf 8:00 HBO Firestorm MAX Alien 9:30 HBO Casualties 10:00 MAX Adrenaline 11:00 HBO Real Sex 8 11:35 MAX Midnight Temptations 1 12:00 HBO The Sopranos 1:00a HBO Feeling Minnesota MAX Malibu Express 2:45 HBO Cast a Deadly Spell HBO Original Movie 2:50 MAX True Vengeance 4:25 HBO Magnum Force 4:30 MAX Disorganized Crime 5 FRIDAY 6:15a MAX The Bridges at Toko-Ri 6:30 HBO Kids on Kids on Kids 7:00 HBO Animated Hero Classics 7:30 HBO Babar A Child in the Snow 8:00 HBO Dragonworld: The Legend Continues MAX Lionheart 9:30 HBO HotShots! 9:45 MAX Men in Black 11:00 HBO Born Yesterday 11:30 MAX Foul Play 12:45p HBO Look Who’s Talking Now 1:30 MAX Crossworlds 2:30 HBO Reflections on Ice: Diary of Ladies Figure Skating 3:00 MAX The Shrimp on the Barbie 3:30 HBO Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol 4:30 MAX In the Line of Duty: Smoke Jumpers 5:00 HBO Top Secret! 6:05 MAX Mother 6:30 HBO HotShots! 8:00 HBO The Peacemaker 9:35 MAX Switchback 10:15 HBO George Carlin HBO Comedy Hour 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live MAX Erotic Confessions 12:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... MAX Club Wild Side 12:30a HBO The Replacement Killers 1:45 MAX Profile for Murder 2:00 HBO Redline 3:20 MAX Bram Stoker’s Dracula 3:40 HBO Physical Evidence 5:25 HBO Getting Away/Murder 5:30 MAX Dream for an Insomniac 8:00 MAX Enter the Dragon 10:00 MAX Against the Law 10:15 HBO Boxing Doubleheader Live! Boudouani vs. Reid; Plus another great fight 11:30 MAX Gentlemen’s Bet 12:30a HBO The Sopranos 1:10 MAX Return to Savage Beach 1:35 HBO Kiss the Girls 2:50 MAX Truth or

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX HELLO AGAIN A housewife is brought back from death by her witch of a sister. (AC) PG-1:36. HBO Mar.8,18,24 SSH A HIGH WIND IN JAMAICA Anthony Quinn sets sail in this crackerjack 1965 swashbuckler. James Coburn co-stars. (MY) TVPG/V-1:43. MAX Mar.20 HOLLOW POINT Federal agents team up to avenge a friend’s death. Tia Carrere. (AL.V) R-1:43. MAX Mm.21 pm® HOOKERS AT THE POINT America Undercover An insider’s look at the diehard lives of street prostitutes. (AC,CL, SC) TVMA/S,L-:44. HBO Mar.l I pftS HOT SHOTS! Charlie Sheen is a Navy top “goon” in this parody. (AQAL) PG 13-1:25. HBO Mar. 1,5,9,14,18,27 PSSIS THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE Adult comedy with Rob Lowe, Jodie Foster. (AL,RP,V) R-1:49. MAX Mar.l,10 PSSI HOUSE OF CARDS A young girl retreats into an autistic world of her own. (AC, AL) PG 13-1:49. MAX Mor.9 pfflS HOWARDS END Emma Thompson and Helena Bonham-Carter star in this acclaimed drama with Anthony Hopkins. (AC) PG-2:22. MAX Mar.3 pHS HUD Searing 1963 drama starring Paul Newman and Patricia Neal. (AC,V) B/W; TV 14/V.D-1:52. MAX Mar. I9 ISI Q I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER Four teens are stalked by a vengeful hook-handed killer. (ACAL.GV) R-1:41 .HBO Mar.3,12,16,21 pEffllS IMPLICATED See p.9. William McNamara, Amy Locane, Roger Clinton. (AC, AL,BN,V) R-1:35. MAX Mar.5,14,25 SB IN DARK PLACES Seduction and incest darken this steamy thriller. (AC,AL,N,V) TVMA/V.S.L-1:37. HBO Mar. 19 P O IN THE LINE OF DUTY: HUNT FOR JUSTICE A federal agent and a cop track a radical group. (ACMV) TVI4/V, L,D-I:31. HBO Mar.3,b,9,15,25,28,31 ft IN THE LINE OF DUTY: SMOKE JUMPERS Action-adventure. (AC,MV) TVPG/V,D-1:32. MAX Mar.5, / 7,22,2 7 ft INCOGNITO See p.9. Jason Patric. (ACM N,V) R-l:48. MAXMor./2,24 pHSa |Q JACK FROST A killer is transformed into a deadly snowman! (AC,AL,GV,N) TVMA/V.S.L-1:29. MAX Mar.20 PSSI JEFF GARLIN HBO Comedy Half-Hour Stand-up comedy routine. (AC,GL) TVMA/L-:28. HBO Mar.20 pft JIM HENSON’S THE STORYTELLER Live-action fantasy tales. (MY) TVY7/ FV-:24. HBO Mar. 1,8,15,22,29 pftS JINGLE ALL THE WAY Christmas Eve finds Arnold Schwarzenegger searching for a hard-to-find toy for his son. (MV) PG-1:30. MAX Mar.13,19,29 pESIS JOHN AND MARY Dustin Hoffman and Mia Farrow headline this 1969 tale of young singles. PG-1:32. MAX Mar.l5 Hal JOHN GRISHAM’S THE RAINMAKER Court drama. Matt Damon. (ACM V) PG 13-2:15. MAX Mar.7, /1, / 7 pSBS JOHNNY BELINDA Highly praised 1948 winner starring Jane Wyman. (AC.MY) B/W; TVPG/V,D-1:42. MAX Mar.2b THE JOLSON STORY Super 1946 musical biography of show-biz great Al Jol-son. TVG-2:10. MAX Mar.23 ft H JULIAN PO Christian Slater is a suicidal bookkeeper in this comic fable. (ACM) PG 13-1:24. HBO Mar. 1,9,18,28 pED Q KIDS IN THE HALL: BRAIN CANDY TV’s Canadian cut-ups star in this movie. (AQALBN) R-1:28. MAX Mar.20 pSffl a KIDS ON KIDS ON KIDS Kids speak out in this captivating family special. TVY-:23. HBO Mar.5,11,25 pftS KISS THE GIRLS Morgan Freeman hunts a serial killer who holds women in the Carolina woods. (AC,AL,V) R-1:56. HBO Mar.b,14,19,23,31 pSSIH Q LA. CONFIDENTIAL Down-and-dirty swirl of corruption set in '50s LA. Kim Basinger, Kevin Spacey. (AQAL,N, V) R-2:18. MAX Mar. 19,24,30 p BBS LADY CHATTERLEY PASSIONS 2: JULIE’S SECRET Luxurious erotic drama. (AC,N,SC) TVMA/S-1:22. MAX Mar. 13 LANSKY HBO Original Movie Richard Dreyfuss stars in this compelling, fact-based movie about notorious mobster Meyer Lansky. (ACMV) TVMA/V.L-1:57. HBO Marl, 7,10,16,22,25 pgBS THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW Garry Shandling’s series. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:23. HBO Marl,9,16,23 pft0 THE LAST DETAIL Jack Nicholson plays a salty sailor assigned to escort a thieving swabbie to prison. Also with Randy Quaid. (ACM) R-1:44. MAX Mar.l IB LETHAL WEAPON The modern action classic with cops Mel Gibson and Danny Glover taking on a drug ring. (AL,BN,V) R-1:50. MAX Mar.12,17,23 pSSmB LIONHEART Adventure epic with Eric Stoltz and Gabriel Byrne. (AL.V) PG-1:44. MAX Mar.5, (6,22 pSSH THE LITTLE LULU SHOW Colorful animated series that’s great for kids! TVY-:24. HBO Marl,9,lb,23,30 pESHS LLOYDS OF LONDON Lavish 1936 costume drama that made Tyrone Power a star. B/W; TVG-1:58. MAX Mar.3 p LOOK WHO’S TALKING NOW John Travolta goes to the dogs in this uproarious sequel. (ACM) PG 13-1:35. HBO Mar. 1,5,9,13,17,28 pESIH THE LORDS OF FLATBUSH Sylvester Stallone, Perry King and Henry Winkler are a tough-guy gang of teenagers. (ACMMV) PG-1:24. MAX Mar.22 LOSING ISAIAH Interracial adoption story with Jessica Lange, Halle Berry. (ACM) R-1:47. HBO Mar. 17 P SI H LOST HORIZON Frank Capra's 1937 classic including footage that was once lost. B/W; TVG-2:13. MAX Mar. 12 LOVE GAMES A Ouija game fulfills a couple's fantasies. (AC,AL,MV,N,SC) TVMA/S,L-1:25. MAX Mar. 11,28 ft LOVE ME TWICE 2 An assistant D.A. gets embroiled in a sexy case. (AQAL,N, SCV) TVMA/V,S,L-1:22. MAX Mar. lb,29 26 THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX LOVERS AND OTHER STRANGERS 1970 comedy about an impending wedding. With Gig Young, Bea Arthur

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