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ivory Saturday Is Opening Night on HBO! w HBO ORIGINAL MOVIE/MARCH ARBARIANS mamm Intrigue, secret deals, backstabbtng and a prize of a $25 bQUon company—-best af aQf it's based on a tnie story! James Garner stars as the head of RJR Nabisco, who thought he’d get even richer by buying the company himself. Then he shook bands with some N.Y. money men, and the greed started spinning hilariously out of control. (AL)1:46. HBO Mar.2023^831 pO@ Pramlmras Saturday, March 20 WESLEY SNIPES WOODY HARRELSON That's what basketball hustler Wesley Snipes thinks when he challenges Woody Harrel-son to a game. But Woody’s SVaAa hustler too, and Snipes loses 60 bucks! The two team up, and work their scam on courts all over L.A. (AL,MVtN) R-l:>6. HBO Mar.6,9,14,17,26,29 PSB HBO EMuslva Pramft Saturday, March 6 RODNEY DANGERFIELD Why is Rodney coaching a girls’ losing soccer team? He wants to impress his Imiss, whose daughter is a player. But he knows zilch about soccer! He needs someone who can play—like Ids fiancee's son. Maybe if lie could disguise the kid as a girl...! f/t.Y, AL) PC-13; 1:30. HBO Mar.27,30 p SB HBO Exclusiva Premiere Saturday, March 27 ^ MEMOIRS OF AN INVISIBLE MAN CHEVYjjCHASE DARYL HANNAH Being invisible isn’t all it’s cracked up to he! Just ask Chevy Chase, alter an accident leaves him hi “nuclear flux.” Now the CIA wants to use him as a spy. If he refuses, they just want him dead! Dary l Hannah plays the visible lady on hLs side. (ASAUV) PG-13; 1:39. HBO Mar.13,16,19.22^4,28 QmM

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Crypt 8:00 Beastmaster 2: Rick Ducomman (:57) Spoiled p. 14 Through the Portal of Time p. 9 12.-00 Afterbarn p. 13 10:38 Dream On 10:00 Two Evil Eyes p. 14 1:45 am Scissors p. 14 To the Moon. Alex p. 13 11:55 While Men Can’t Jump p. 3 3:35 Conflict of Interest p. 5 11:08 Barbarians at the Gate p. 2 1:55 am Hired to Kill p. 14 5:05 Oance Wilh Death p. 13 12:58 am New Jack City p 11 3:30 Last Call (R-1.-29) 2:35 Exposure p. 14 5:00 1 Come in Peace p. 14 4:25 Field ol fire p. 14 HB0 EXTRAS i MARCH Absence of Malice Paul Newman lights the power of the press. Sally Held. (AS. AL.MV) PG-1:56. Mar2.S. 14.18.23®.I The Academy Awards*: HBO Entertainment News Special Edition Oscar” countdown. :15. Man6. Acress the Tracks Two brothers compete for a sports scholarship. (ASM. V) PG-13; 137. Mar2.7.11.1720.26,29ft The Adventures of Tintin Intrepid reporter) 23. Mar 2,8,1Z 17.27:7;14;2I; 28Q Afterbun HBO Original Movie Laura Dem tries to dear her Air Force plot husband’s name. Based on a true story. (AL} R-1:42. Mar 1322.26.30QO B All-American Murder A beautiful co-ed is dead, and everything points to her date. (ALtfV/i) R-130. Alar. 1.4,1923.27ft Almost an Angel Paul Hogan must earn his halo in this heavenly comedy. (AL, MV) PG-1:31. Mar. 3E/4P Alone in the Neon Jangle Cop Suzanne Pleshette faces real marriage problems. (ASMV) V.28. Mar.4.10, Babar Episode every day! :23. Mar. 1-31 The Berlia Conspiracy Post-Cold War thrier about a stolen supply of deadly bacteria. (AL.V,N)R-V.?3. Mar. 182226 Best of the Best Team of karate masters train for a blood-feud match. (AS.V) PG-13: 137. Mar.,28.30PH) Bikini Island Which sexy model would kill for a cover shot? Comedy/suspense. (AL.V.N) R-125. Mar.8.12,20,23ft Blind Vision William's a peeping Tom. but is he a killer? A suspense thriller. 1&.19128. Mar. 11.142228ft Caf 6 Romeo Young man inherits his uncle’s catft in a gentle slicc-of-sfe drama. (ASALMV) R-130. Mar. 182620ft China O’Brien II Cynthia Rothrock battles a kiler. (AL.VJR-V.25. Mar.3,7,12ft Cocoon: The Return Senior citizens return to Earth one final time in this heartwarming sequel. With Don Amec he. (AgPG-1:56. M,v610.15.1923Qm Dance With Death A beautiful reporter poses as a stripper to catch a killer. (AL. GV.N) R-1:30. Mar.1, Defense Play A renegade Soviet spy steals an Air Force superweapon. (AL. MV) PG-131. Mar2.610222820 ft Dolly Dearest A little girl becomes the pawn of an evil spirit inhabiting her doll. Rip Tom. ('AZ..I4R-130. Mar.4.9.15ft Dragonslayer Ferocious dragon menaces 6th century Britain in a thrilling fantasy. (/wav; PG-1:49. Mar. Dream On Sexy, hit comedy series. (AS. AH,BN): 29. Mar.3.10,17.24,31 Qft Edward Scissorhands A comic fable about an orphaned android teen. (AS, Mty PG-13; 1:45. Mar.7.11,20,22PSB 13

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Every Saturday Is Opening Night on HBO W&MU Boxw WBC WELTERWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT iiKfe* 5UPDY McGIRT perneu. V WHITAKER IBF Junior Welterweight Champion One of the most eagerly awaited bouts in years! Defending champion McGirt is a classic right-hander with searing combinations who knows how to defend himself. Ilut Whitaker knows how to attack. This southpaw uses his stinging jabs and tremendous speed to live up to the experts' daim that he’s “the linest fighter pound-for-pound in the world." Immovable object? Irresistible force? Find out tonight Dennis MiDer From Washington, D.C. Saturday, March 27 Not all the funny stuff in Washington is going on in Congress! One of America's smartest and funniest comedians returns to the capital for an all-new hour of hilarity. With a new Administration in (dace. Miller has plenty of new fodder for his wit—delivered LIVE just a few blocks from the White House. 1:00. HBO Mar.27 PO mas J* Comedy ,/vrthat goes/ g£too far! Hardcore TV Warning: the most dangerous comedy on TV—guaranteed'. Think comedy has gone too far? Hits new, adults-only series breaks down the barrier* of comedy and decorum in outrageous new ways. (AS, ALMW) :30. HBO Mar^A9.1127; 12,15,16,1827; 192223,25,27 PO W9Hi Prtnim THURSDAY NIGHT PRIME Itoo-fistod action on HBO! March 4 Conflict of Interest March 11 Hired to Kill March 18 The Berlin Conspiracy March 25 Field of Fire Conflict of intirist A tough cop investigates a murder in a leather dub. But the chief suspect Is his own son! With Christopher McDonald, Alyssa Milano and Judd Nelson. (ASyAL, V,N) 1:27. HBO Mar.4,6, 15,17*21,2630 PO America Undercover They’re the real goodfellas: “Joe Dogs” Iannuzzi, “Fat Jackie" DiNorscio, “Brother Frank” Minucci. In this shocking documentary, Mafia turncoats tell talcs of murder, brutality, greed and vanity—and why they broke the sacred Sicilian code of honor. 1:00. HBO .9,11,15,20,24,28 P&3

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7:00 am The Adventures of Tintin 6:15 am The New Adventures 6:30 am Influences: George Jones Secret of the Unicom p 13 ol Pippi Longstocking p. 14 and Randy Travis (:57) 8:00 Babar A Chi/d in the Snow p. 13 8:00 Babar 7:31 The Adventures of Tintin 8:30 Pinocchio Hot/ Many The Old Lady Vanishes p. n Black Island. Pan2pXS Pinocchios Are There?l p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 8:01 Babar 9:00 Escape From Sobibor p. 14 Fury of the Sea Devil p. 14 Oh, to Be an Adult p. 13 11:30 Honkytonk Man (PG-2:03) 9:00 Chevy Chase Makes Memoirs 8:38 Pinocchio 1:30 pm Mr. Bean (:24) of an Invisible Man (:28) Devil Island p. 14 2:00 Hard Promises p 14 9:30 Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 9:00 Radio Flyer p. 6 3:45 Just One of the Guys p 14 11:15 Slipstream IPG13-1:42) 11:00 Alone in the Neon Jungle p 13 5:30 Shakespeare-The Animated 1:00 pm Robot Jox p. 14 12:30 pm The Naked Gun 2Vfc Tales The Tempest p. 7 2:30 Beastmaster 2: The Smei of Fear p. 14 8:00 The Night Train Through the Portal ol Time p. 9 2:00 Nate and Hayes p. 14 to Kathmandu (1:42) 4:30 Hostages p 14 3:45 Absence ol Malice p. 13 8:00 Exposure p. W 8:15 Almost an Angel p. 13 5:45 The Empire Strikes Back p. 14 9:45 Zandalee p. 14 HBO OPENING NIGHT 8:00 Radio Flyer p. 6 11:30 Hardcore TV p 5 8:80 Memoirs ol an Invisible Man p. 3 10:08 White Men Can't Jump p. 3 12:00 Russell Simmons’ 10:00 The Mambo Kings p. 13 12:08 Blind Vision p. 13 Del Comedy Jam p. 14 11:50 Afterbum p. 13 1:30 am Demon Wind (R-1:37) 12:30 am Bikini Island p 13 1:35 am Megavile p 14 3:11 Spellcaster p 14 2:00 China O'Brien II p. 13 3:10 Timebomb p. 14 4:35 Naked Lunch p. 14 3:30 Mr. Bean (:24) 4:50 The Man With ?.vo Brains p. 14 m Shining Through p. 14 W 6:35 am The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 8:15 am Just One of the Guys p. 14 6:45 air The Adventures of Tintin p. 13 7:30 The Story of the 8:00 Babar Mango Madness p. 13 7:30 The Baby-sitters Club (.26 Dancing Frog (:24) 8:30 Pinocchio Christmas Eve p. 14 8:00 Babar Bibar's First Step p. 13 8:00 Babar Robot Rampage p 13 9:00 Blinded by the Light (1:30) 8:30 Pinocchio Flowers in Snow p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio Fire Monster p. 14 10:30 Mr. Bean (:24) 9:00 The Vtorld Entertainment 9:00 Robot Jox p. 14 11:00 Memoirs ol an Invisible Man p. 3 News Report p. 14 10:30 Cocoon: The Return p. 13 12:45 pm Dragonslayer p. 13 10:00 Radio Flyer p 6 12:30 pm Mob Stories: 2:45 Just One ol the Guys p. 14 12:00 The Cannonball Run HBO Entertainment News 18:30 Dream On It Came 9:30 Mob Stories: Special Edition p. 13 From Beneath /fte Stofr p. t3 America Undercover p. 5 10:80 Hired to Kil p. 14 11:00 White Men Can't Jump p. 3 10:30 Scissors p. 14 11:35 The Mambo Kings p. 7 1:00 am Conflict of Interest p. 5 12:20 am Hardcore TV p. 5 1:25 am Hardcore TV p. 5 2:30 New Jack City p. 11 12:50 Final Analysis p. 14 1:55 Timebomb p. 14 4:15 HBO Comedy Hour: m Dolly Dearest p. 13 3:35 At Play in the Fields Rick Ducommun (:57) 4:35 Tripwire (R-1:27) of the Lord p. 6 5:15 The Horror Show p. 14 10 3E/4P THURSDAY 18 7:01 an Influences: George Jones and Randy Travis (:57) 8:00 BabarGfrltoysp.13 8:30 PinoCchlo The Puppet Is Aive! p. 14 9:00 Beastmaster 2 p. 9 11:01 Absence of Maice p. 13 1:00 pm Almost an Angel p. 13 2:45 Honkytonk Man (PG-2 03) 5:00 LileSlories Dead Dwik: The Kevin TunelStoryp.7 5:30 Alone in me Neon Jungte p. 13 7:00 Beastmaster 2: Through the Ponal ol Time p. 9 9:00 The Berlin Conspiracy p. 13 10:30 Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam p 14 11:00 Exposure p. 14 12:50 an Scissors p. 14 2:40 Cafe Romeo p. 13 4:15 Hardcore TV p. 5 4:45 Jo Jo Dancer. Your Life Is Calling p. 14 6:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:45 12:30 1:00 2:45 4:45 8:30 8:00 9:30 11:30 12:00 12:30 1:55 3:25 4:55 5:45 am The Naked Gen 2'h p. 14 Babar Bibar Returns p. 13 Pinoccliio I Don't Want to 8e a Puppet pH High ice p. 14 Best of the Best p. 13 pm Chevy Chase Makes Memoirs ol an Invisible Man <:28) Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 Cocoon: The Return p. 13 Mister Johnson p. 14 The Naked Gun 2'h p. 14 The Man With Two Brains p. 14 Memoirs of an Invisible Man p. 3 Hardcore TV p. 5 Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam p. 14 am Spellcaster p. 14 All-American Murder p 13 Tripwire (R-1:27) The Iceman Tapes (:47) Chevy Chase Makes Memoirs ol an Invisible Man (:28) 8:15 am The Ntaht Train 6:00 am Blinded by the Light (1:30) 6:00 am Radio Flyer p. 6 to Kathmandu (1:42) 7:30 The Adventures

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The Empire Strikes Back™* Second chapter of STAR WARS™* trilogy. (AS V) PG-2.05. Mar.5.14.1720.25 Qm -»c Bii^a-iu HUM* wcmw'fclioeui* Escape From Sobibor Alan Arkin leads Nazi death camp inmates in biggest escape try of WWII. 2:28. Mar. 1.12,31 Exposure American photographer in Rio tries to solve the murder of a prostitute. (ALV.8N) R-1:45. Mar. 12,1827.31O Field of Fire Squad of soldiers is sent on a suicide mission behind Vietnamese linos. (AL VM') R-127. Mar2528.3l Q Final Analysis Psychiatrist Richard Gere is drawn into a web of blackmail and murder by sultry Kim Basinger. (ALV, BN) R-2;05. Mar. Freejack Race car driver EmiNo Estevez is zapped into the 21 st century in a sci-fi iiriler. (ASALV)MiO. Mar. MP»i Hard Promises Drifter returns home lo find Ills wife about to many another man! Romantic comedy with Sissy Spacek. (ASAL) PG-V36. Mar.4.8.12Qm High Ice Rescue team scales a treacherous mountain lo save three stranded climbers. 137. Mar.2,8,19,25,28 Hired to Kill Souad of sexy, deadly women must free a political prisoner. (AS, AL. V) R-1:33. Mar. 11,1620,25.290 Tie Honor Shew Electrocuted murderer returns to haunt the cop who hunted him down. (ALGVJV)R-1:30. Mar.7,17 Hostages H80 Original Movie Story of Beirut hostages whose friendship helped them survive. 1:36. Mar.3.8.tfpOB I Cone In Peace Dolph Lundgren tracks a nasty alien in this so-fi action flick. (AL.VN) R-1:27. Mar.6.11,21290 Jo Jo Dancer, Your Life b Calling Autobiographical comedy/drama with Richard Pryor. (AL,V.N)M:37. Mar 1828QW Just One of the Guys Teen journalist disguises herself as a boy! (ALAH.BN) PG-13; 1:40. Mar 1.6.12,16,21,25.31 Q& MARCH The Man With Two Brains Steve Martin stars in this parody of sci-fi chillers. (ALAH.BN) R-1:30. Mar.8,13.19m Megarille Billy Zane stars in this sci-fi thriller set In a puritanical society of the future. (AL V) R-1:29. Mai. 1,13 24 o Mister Johnson Insightful comedy-drama about a black clerk In British colonial Africa. Pierce Brosnan. (ASAL K0V;PG-13:1:41. Mar.4.7.15,19.23 ED The Naked Gan 2The Snell of Fear Fun with Leslie Nielsen! (ASAL.MV) PG-13:125. Mar.4.14.19M27QMm Naked Leach Underground writer William Burroughs’ legendary hallucina-toiy novel! Peter Weler stars. (ALV.N) R-1:56. Mar. 1.10.14J3QW Nate and Hayes Swashbuckling South Seas pirate laic. Tommy Lee Jones. (AL, GV) PG-1:40. Mar.8.11.14,24,27,30O Necessary Roeghness Gridiron comedy as aging QB Scott Bakula tries to lead his team out of the basement. (AL8N) PG-13; 1:48. Mar.3,27QSaVS The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking The classic children’s tale of a pirate’s daughter in a kve-action movie. 6-1:41. Mar.13,16,2631 QQ Pinocchio Animated series—a dilferent episode every morning! 24. Mar. 1-31Q Real Sex 5 New. aduKs-ortyvtteo magazine. (ASALAH.SC) 1:00. Mar2,81? The Rejuvenator An agmg actress finds the secret of youth in this old-fashioned horror flick. (AL, V.BN) R-128. Mar.9,21 Robot Jox Good vs. evil in a heavymetal bout in the 21st cantuiy. Nifty sci-fi. (AL. V.BNJPG-V.24. Mar2.7.13.15,24,300 Rocky V Everybody's favorite fighter is back in the "liveliest Rocky since the first one" (N. Y. Post). (AL. V. BN) PG-13: 1:44. Mar.7,10,20,26,31 pEDES Russell Simmons' Def Comedy Jam Outrageous! Warning: atiults-onfy humor 29. Mar.4:511:12,18,19.25; 26QO Scissors is Angie going mad... oris someone trying to make her think she is? Sharon Stone (Basic Instinct) stars. (ASAL.V) R-1:46. Mar. 15,18,21,30^0 Shining Through Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas In an old-fashioned, romantic Worfd War II spy adventure. (AL.V.N)R^Z. Mar.2,12QWiB Spellcaster Finalists in a rock 'n' roll contest gather in an Italian castle for the last round. But it's rea/elimination now! (ASAL.V) R-1:23. Mar.214,190 Swing Shift Goldie Hawn takes a factory |ob after her husband enlists in World War II. A delicate romantic drama. (AS, AL) PG-1:40. Mar.,2723 Tales From the Crypt Campy horror with top Hollywood stars. (ASAL.GV) :28. Mar.3,10,17,20.24.31 PIE9 Timebomb Michael Biehn in a suspense thriller as a shy hero on the CIA's hit 1st (AL, V.BN) R-1:36. Mar. 1,5,1316m Two Evil Eyes Two good horror tales. (A£,WV;R-1:55. Mar.24J7.29m Without Warning: The James Brady Story HBO Original Movie Dramatic story of a 10-year struggle with tragedy. Beau Bridges. (AS) R-128. Mar.3.21 pOSI The Worfd Entertainment News Report New each week. 1:00. Mar.3,10,17,24,31 Zandalee Intense dramatic triangle of sex and deceit. Nicolas Cage stars. (ALNSC) R-1:34. Mir9.12.2025 28QO | Now: «Var* 9 nutor ncluM Mow iMUl V* atUtVOMd *S *-At AMAilirlumi VttonaWUdiWaOiavKWo'a N mar/, BN IM NiO'r: ic S*ac ro»-t m nn MC-i ? «m aavm i r mn ir tic Kr&xt Crcnanrc Inuaitu Jicc 50ctha*|nar«fflialin* »«0 wm ire "(W to *»»(• * doigia

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 6:15 am The Cannonball Rtn (PG-136) 7:01 am The Adventures ol Tintin 7:00 am The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 8:00 Babar The Secret ol the Unicorn p. 13 8:00 Babar Radio Riot p. 13 Scarlet Pachyderm p 13 8:00 tobzt AH Played Out Q.ti 8:30 Pinocchio Kw Must 8:30 Pinocchio The Princess 8:30 Pinocchio Rthy Rich p. 14 Be Brave, Pinocchio! p 14 and the Dragon p. 14 9:00 The Story ol the 940 The World Entertainment 9:10 Just One o* the Guys p. 14 Dancing Frog (:24> News Report p. 14 11:00 Escape From Sobibor p. 14 9:30 Defense Play p. 13 18:00 Necessary Roughness p. 14 1:30 pm Asylum: 11:00 Robot Jox p. 14 12:00 Swing Shift p. 14 America Undercover (59) 12:30 pm LifeStories: Famlies 1:45 pm Hostages p. 14 240 Slipstream (PG13-1:42» In Crisis Dead Drunk: 340 Club Fed (PG13-1:29) 4:30 The Cannonball Rtn (PG-1:36) The Kevin TimeHStory p.7 540 The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 6:15 Just One of tte Guys p. 14 1:00 Absence ol Malice p. 13 640 Dragonslayer p. 13 8:00 All-American Murder p. 13 3:00 High ice p. 14 640 Necessary Roughness p. 14 9:30 Dance With Death p. 13 4:45 Across the Tracks p. 13 1040 Tales From the Crypt 1140 The Iceman Tapes: 6:30 Defense Ray p. 13 Undertaking Palor p. 14 Conversations With a Killer: 8:00 Final Analysis p. 14 18:30 Dream On America Undercover (:47) 10:15 LifeStories: Famlies The Son Also Rises p. 13 11:50 Timebomb p. 14 In Crisis Dead Drunk: 11:00 Hostages p. 14 1:30 am Freeiacfc p. 14 The Kevin Ttinell Story p. 7 12:40 am China O'Bnen II p. 13 3:25 Megavile p. 14 11:00 Shining Through p. 14 2:10 Last Call (R-1:29) 5:00 Naked Lunch p. 14 1:15 am Down the Drain (R-1:46) 3:45 Tripwire (R-1:27) 3:05 Real Sex 5 p. 14 5:15 Without Warning: ■■■ 4:05 Spellcasier p. 14 The James Brady Story p. 14 7:00 am Mr. Bean (:24) 6:30 am Almost an Angel p. 13 640 am Influences: George Jones 7:30 Baby-sitters Club Claudia and 8:00 Babar Helping Hands p. 13 and Randy Itavis (:57) Mystery/Secret Passage (26) 8:30 Pinocchio 740 Mr. Bean (:24) 8:00 Babar The Lead Bump p. 13 Down Witt) Sneerolf p. 14 840 Babar 8:30 Pinocchio Oser the Sea 9:00 The Empire Strikes Back p. 14 Victor Victorious p. 13 in a Batoon p. 14 11:15 The Cannonball Run (PG-1:36) 840 Pinocchio 9:00 Hard Promises p. 14 1:00 pm S.I. Swimsuit USA (1:00) The Eva Spirit o. 14 10:45 The Night Train 2:00 The Last Tycoon (PG-1:57) 9:00 Best of the Best p. 13 to Kathmandu (1:42) 4:00 Almost an Angel p. 13 10:45 Honkytonk Man (P6-2:03) 12:30 pm The Naked Gun 2tt: 5:30 Absence of Malice p 13 1:00im Defense Play p. 13 The Smell of Fear p. 14 7:30 LifeStories Dead Drunk: 2:30 Cocoon: The Return p. 13 2:00 Tune in Tomorrow.. (PG13-1:47) The Kevin TuneH Story p. 7 4:30 Just One of the Guys p. 14 4:00 Alone In the Neon Jungle p. 13 8:00 The Empire Strikes Back p. 14 6:15 Best of the Best p. 13 540 Mister Johnson p. 14 10:05 Beastmaster 2: HBO OPENING NIGHT 7:15 Hard Promises p. 14 Through the Portal of Time p. 9 8:00 White Men Can't Jump p. 3 940 Conflict of Interest p. 5 1240 Russel Simmons' 1040 World Championship Boxing 10:30 Russell Simmons' Del Comedy Jam p. 14 Buddy McGIrl vs Del Comedy Jam o. 14 12:30 am Hardcore TV p. 5 Pemell Whitaker (Live) p. 4 1140 Freejack p. 14 1:00 Timebomb p. 14 1140 Conflict of interest p. 5 12:55 am All-American Murder p. 13 2:40 Disturbed (R-1:30) 140 am Mo' Funny: Black Comedy 240 Accidents (R-1:26) 4:15 Joe Bolster (:28) in America (1:28) 440 Dolly Dearest p. 13 4:45 How to Get Ahead 2:30 I Come in Peace p 14 540 Rick Ducommun (:57) In Advertising (R-1:30) 4:05 White Men Can’t Jump p. 3 8 6:00 am Tune in Tomorrow.. (PG13-1:47) 6:25 am Defense Pay p. 13 6:00 am The Last Tycoon (PG-1:57) 8:00 Babar 8:00 Babar Never Cry Alien! p. 13 8:00 Babar Friendly Agreement p. 13 The One That Got Amy p .13 8:30 Pinocchio Avalanche! p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio Gunner p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 9:00 Edward Scissorhands p. 13 A Freezing Snowstorm p. 14 18:00 Alone in the Neon Jungle p 13 11:00 The Incredible Ida Early (:48) 9:00 Slipstream (PG13-1:42) 11:30 SJ. Swimsuit USA: 12:00 Nate and Hayes p. 14 11:00 Beastmaster 2: America the Beautiful (1:00) 1:45 pm Across the Tracks p. 13 Through the Portal of Time p. 9 12:30 pm Almost an Angel p. 13 3:30 Baby sitters Club Claudia and 1:00 pm Best of the Best p. 13 2:00 Rocky V p. 14 Mystery/Secret Passage (:26) 2:45 Asylum: 3:45 Defense Play p. 13 4:00 Swing Shift p. 14 America Undercover (:59) 5:30 LifeStories: Famlies 6:00 Mob Stories: 3:45 Honkytonk Man (PG-243) in Crisis Dead Drunk: America Undercover p. 5 6:00 Slipstream (PG13-1:42) The Kevin Tunell Story p. 7 7:10 Edward Scissorhands p. 13 8:00 White Men Can't Jump p. 3 6:00 Cocoon: The Return p. 13 9:00 Hired to Kill p. 14 10:00 Mob Stories: 0:00 TheMambo Kings p. 7 10:30 Russell Simmons' America Undercover p. 5 10:00 Tales From the Crypt Def Comedy Jam p. 14 11:00 Dolly Dearest p. 13 Mournin' Mess p. 14 11:00 I Come in Peace p. 14 12:35 am

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Under Suspicion A seedy private eve’s scam ends in murder in this “taut and entertaining mystery" (IV.K Times). I .nun Neeson sets up false evidence for (fivurce eases—then becomes tlie chief suspect when one of his jsS® clients Ls found (AS,V&) uAjyj^M lAUpVSANGIACOMb At play in the I FIELDS OF THE lord! TOM BERENGER In the jungles of South America, S>% primitive Indian tribe is at the center of a fierce battle. A group of fUndamen- | talist missionaries want to save their souls; a mixed-Mood American Indian (Tom Berenger) wants to save their way of life. With John Lithgow, Kathy Bates. (MVtN) R-3.-07. MarA16^4qia Two young brothers come up with a fantastic plan to escape their abusive stepfather in this moving drama. As the man's abuse grows more violent, the two plan the younger boy’s escape in a special wagon they're sure will help him fly away. With Adam Baldwin. (AS; V) PG-13; 1:54. Mar. 14.17, 20,22.25.30 P&9S3 6 HIM) . FAMI1.Y Families in crisis DEAD DRUNK: The Kevin Tunell Story Every year, 5,4)00 young people are killed in alcohol-related automobile accidents. This is the true story of Kevin TuneU, whose drunk-driving accident when he was 17 resulted in the death of an 18-year-old girl. Sensitive content. Parental discretion advised. :30. HBO Mar.2,5,10,18,21,27 QOE Shakespeare— The Animated Tales: The Tempest INTRODUCED BY ROBIN WILLIAMS One of Shakespeare's most enchanting plays comes to life through the magic and beauty of puppetry! A king, a prince and a treacherous duke are all shipwrecked on a magical island. The prince falls in love with a sorcerer’s daughter—but powerful magic keeps them apart! s30. HIM) Mar. 12.15, 20.24,28 qo Every morning there s an hour of great children's programming. It’s entertaining, informative and commercial-free. 8:00/7:00 a.m. Central A sbe/ling I ^atino soundtrack powere the tale of two Cuban brothers wlio come to the U.S. in the '50s with dreams of milking it big as musicians. But their success is small-time... until l)esi Amaz invites them to play on *i Love Lucy.” Desi Amaz. Jr. plays his own father in this glossy musical drama. With Cathy Mori-arty and latino musk- greats Tito Puente and Celia Cruz. Vl N f ■ (ASMM R-l:44. LLLIJVJ HBO Mar.7,10,13, 16,22^5 QmHB Hmand assante 7

HBO Guide April 1993 - Page section : 006

6:30 am Me Bean (:25) 6:30 am Violets Are Blue p. 14 6:00 am Marilyn: 7:00 The Tale of Peter Rabbit (:27) 8:00 Babar Special Detinry p. 13 The Last Interview (:27) 7:30 The Adventures of Tmtin 8:30 Pinocchio The Snake 6:30 Police Academy 4 p. 14 77* Broken Ear, Pun 2 p. 13 With Tft/ee Heads p 14 8:00 Babar Jo Tell 8:00 Babar 9:00 The Fifth Monkey p. 13 or Not to Tell p. ft Remember V/hen.. - p. 13 11:00 If Looks Could Kill p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 1 Want to Fly! p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 12:30 pm Meeting Venus p. 7 9:00 Truly. Madly. Deeply p 14 M Be 3 Pirate! p. 14 2:30 UfeStortes: Families in 11:60 He Said. She Said p. 14 9:00 Tne Piwer of One p.6 Crisis Gunplay: The Last 1:00 pm The Color Purple p. 13 11:15 Memories ol Me p. 14 Day of Brian Darling \:29) 3:45 Crack U.S.A. ( 41) 1:00 pm Drawl p. 13 3:00 Folks! p.2 4:30 Police Academy 4: 2:45 Nothing But Trouble p. 14 4:45 Out of the Darkness p. 14 Citizens on Patrol p. 14 4:30 Airplane II: The Sequel p. 13 6:30 Rock ’n‘ Roll 6:00 Heart Like a Wheel p. 14 6:00 Tne Karate Kid Pari III p. 14 High School Forever p. 14 0:00 The Positively True Adventures 6:00 The Power of One p. 6 6:00 If Looks Could Kil p. 14 of the Alleged Texas 16:15 Full Metal Jacket p. 14 9:30 The Punisher p. 14 Cheerleader-Murdering Mom p. 2 12:15 am Maximum Force p. 14 11:00 Folks! p.2 9:45 HBO Comedy Hour: 1:45 Blood and Concrete: 12:55 am Aftershock p. 13 Oennls Miller p. 13 A Love Story p. 13 2:25 Common Bonds p. 13 10:45 Shakes the Clown p. 14 3:36 Checking Out (R-1:31) 4:20 Prom Night IV: 12:15 am Doublecrossed p. 13 5:05 Tne Berlin Conspiracy (R-1:23) Deliver Us From Evi p. 14 2:10 Under Suspicion p. 14 3:55 5:30 House IV p. 14 Marilyn: Last Interview (:27) 6:00 am Ladybuos p. 14 6:00 m The Karate Kid Pad III p. 14 6:00 am The Tale ol Peter Rabbit <:27) 7:30 Snakespeare Mscocth p 7 8:00 Babar The Coin p. 13 6:30 Nothing But Trouble p. 14 8:00 Babar The Celesterite 8:30 Pinocchio 0:00 Babar Dinner With Rataxes p. 13 Enquirer p 13 Captured by Bandits ft. 14 0:30 Pinocchio Be a Oown! p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio Nobody Can 9:00 The Golden Chid p. 14 9:00 Beethoven Lives Upstairs (:51) Save Me Now! p. 14 10:30 Waiting for the Light (PG-1:30) 10:00 Meeting Venus p. 7 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 12:00 In This Corner. Boxing s 12:00 The Tragedy of Flight 103 p. 14 10:00 Flight of the Intruder p. 13 Legendary Heavyweights (:58) 1:30 pm Soapdish p 14 12:00 Earth to Kids: Guide/Products 1:00 pm Airplane II: The Sequel p. 13 Rock'n' Rofl 3:15 The Color Purple p. 13 for a Healthy Planet (:28) 2:30 6:00 LifeStories: Families in 12:30 pm Firstborn p. 13 High School Forever p. 14 Crisis Gunplay: The Last Day 2:30 Awakenings p. 13 4:00 The Karate Kid Part III p. 14 ol Brian Darling (:29) 4:36 Rodney Dangerfield (:28) 6:00 A Father's Revenge p. 13 6:30 If Looks Could Kill p. 14 5:00 ladybugsp. 14 7:30 The Golden Chid p. 14 0:00 Kicktxaer 2 p. 14 6:30 Tne River Rat p. 14 9:00 Living to Die p. 14 9:30 Maximum Force p. 14 8:00 Flight of the Intruder p. 13 10:30 Russell Simmons' 11:00 George Carlin p. 4 10:00 Tales From the Crypt Del Comedy Jam p. 14 12:00 Def Comedy Jam p. 14 mat’s Cookin'? p. 14 11:60 Guilt or Innocence: The 12:30 am Tales From the Crypt 10:30 Dream On Dance 10. Sex 3 p. 13 Trial of James Earl Ray p. 6 Seance p. 14 11:00 Sleeping With Enemy (R-1:38) m Sunset Strip p. 14 2:00 am Full Metal Jacket p. 14 1:00 Ultraviolet p. 14 12:40 4:00 Teamster Boss: 2:20 Grim Prairie Tales (R-1:23) 2:20 Two Evil Eyes (R-1:55) The Jackie Presser Story p. 14 3:45 Marilyn: Last Interview (:27) 4:20 Sown A.vay p. 5 4:15 Under Suspicion p. 14 10 3WP 6:00 am This Is My Life (PG13-1:30) 7:30 The Adventures of Tintto p. 13 8:00 Babar Fathers and Sons p. 13 1:30 Pinocchio Find Pindcchfo! p. 14 9:00 My Girl (P6-1:42) 11:00 In This Corner... Boxing's Legendary Heavyweights <:58) 12:00 The Power of One p. 6 2:15 pm Hard Promises (PG-1:35) 4:00 The Addams family (PG13-1:40) 6:00 Memrirs of an Invisible Man (PG13-1:39) 7:45 HBO Free Preview (:15) K00 OPENING NIGHT 8:00 My Cousin Vbwyp.3 10:00 HBO Comedy Hour: Sinbad LIVE From New York p. 4 11:15 Final Analysis (R-2:05) 1:25 an Tales From the Crypt p. 14 1:55 Freejack (R-1:50) 3:50 Mo'Funny (1:28) 5:20 MoD Stories (:56) 6:20 am Cadence p. 13 7:00 am Beethoven Lives Upstairs (:51) 0:00 Babar V/ltch's Potion p. 13 8:00 Bam A Charmed Life p. ft 0:30 Pinocchio Lost at Sea p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 9:00 Shakespeare Macbeth p. 7 Pinocchio Saves the Day p. 14 0:30 Star Trek VI: The 9:00 The Power of One p.6 Undiscovered Country (PG-1:53) 11:15 Firstborn p 13 11:30 The Baby-sitters Club 1:00 pm The Golden Child p. 14 Jessi and the Mystery 2:30 The Karate Kid Pan III p. 14 of the Stolen Secrets (:26) 4:30 Oeadly Weapon p. 13 12:00 Radio Flyer (PG13-1:54) 6:00 Flight of the Intruder p. 13 2:00 pm Folks! p. 2 8:00 The Power of One p. 6 4:00 LifeStories: Families In 10:15 Ultraviolet p. 14 Crisis Blood Brothers: 11:35 The

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