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HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 003

MOVIES Bad Boys__________ The Beniker Gang Bloodline_________ Brother/Planet (CC). Pg. 14 _______6 ______15 _____23 California Suite (CC)________20 The Clairvoyant______________15 Code Name: Emerald (CC)______________15 SPORTS Return of the Jedi (CC)__________5 Rock & Rule_____________________20 S.O.B___________________________18 Spiker__________________________15 Star Wars to Jedi (CC)__________23 Stick (CC)______________________18 2010 (CC)_______________________18 White Nights (CC)_______________20 Championship Boxing Tyson vs. Smith (LIVE)______________Pg. 9 Road to the Superfight Hagler vs. Leonard________9 Code of Silence (CC)____________________________23 Dark Forces____________________________________20 Empire Strikes Back (CC)_____________________________________7 Fatal Attraction_______________________________20 The Final Countdown_____________________________23 Hamburger (CC)_________________________________14 Highlander (CC)________________________________19 The Hills Have Eyes II__________________________20 The Imagemaker__________________________________15 Jaws____________________________________________20 Joshua Then/Now (CC) _ 22 Just Between Friends (CC)_________________________________12 The Last Dragon (CC)____________________________23 Lucas (CC)_____________________________________19 Martin’s Day (CC)______________________________15 Mata Hari______________________________________20 Nightmare on Elm St____________________________22 The Official Story_____________________________22 Only When I Laugh____________________20 The Front Out of Africa (CC)______________20 The Jigsaw Man Police Academy 2 (CC)______7 Police Academy 3 (CC) _ 13 Prime Risk_________________18 Quick and the Dead (CC) _ 6 Quicksilver (CC)___________23 Reckless___________________18 ORIGINAL PROGRAMS Bob Goldthwait _ Buddy Hackett II Control__________ Pg. 22 ____22 ____23 Flashback Wall Street_______22 HBO Cinema Workshop _ 20 HBO Presents Emo_____________19 The Hitchhiker_________________6 How to Raise a Street-Smart Child_______5 20 .20 .12 Not Necessarily News The Talk Show___________ Tina Turner_____________ FAMILY SHOWCASE Fraggle Rock (CC)____Pg. 17 HBO Family Showcase______________16,17 DAYTIME ON HBO Advice to the Lovelorn_______Pg. 10 And Now for Something Completely Different____10 Breakin’__________________10 The Cartier Affair (CC)___10 Door to Door______________10 10 _11 Please Note: Words of caution included before the ratings have been abbreviated. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild violence. GV Graphic violence. N Nudity. BN Brief nudity. SC Strong sexual content. R Rape. Man in the Wilderness_______11 Mystery Mansion_____________11 Old Enough__________________10 Ordeal by Innocence_________10 The Ruling Class____________10 Thank God It’s Friday_______10 (CC) indicates programs that are closed-captioned. A in program descriptions and schedules indicates programs in stereo, where available. In March there will be more than just great movies on HBO. Stay Tuned between shows on March 14 and 15 to team more about how HBO works. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or pregram substitution without notice. Home Box Office. HBO, On Location and Standing Room Only are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, inc. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc.. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Ybrk, New York 10036. Joseph J. Collins. President; Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Senior V.P., Finance; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. ©1987 Home 8ox Office, Inc. All rights reserved. 4 The Star Wars™* saga is one of the most popular movie series ever made. The story of Luke Sky-walker, Han Solo and Princess Leia began with Star Wars™*, continued with The Empire Strikes Back™ and comes to a thrilling climax in Return of theJedi™*. The Force is still with our heroes, as they are joined by Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO in a final, last-ditch effort of rid the galaxy of The Empire’s evil domination. (AS, V) PG-2:12. March 1,16,20,25,28,31 (CC)March 8,11,14,18,23,26,29

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 002

Poltergeist II Alan Alda in. Sweet Liberty Danny Glover Steve Guttenberg Alfre Woodard in Short Circuit. in Mandela kTo The Stars On HBO In’jp* Barbra Streisand

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 004

IHBO SLEEPER A NEW EPISODE EVERY TUESDAY! Hitchhiker HBO's hit adult thriller series continues with tales of eerie destinies. (AL, V,N) DEAD HEAT Fred Ward (The Right Stuff) stars as a sculptor with a morbid fascination with death. :30. March 3,5,7March 10,12,14 HOMEBODIES Two convicts on the lam break into a supposedly empty model home. :30. March 17,19,21 March 24,26,28(Tt SECRET INGREDIENT A fast-talking salesman who likes to seduce his clients meets his match. :30. March 31 HBO highly recommends it. G-1:27. March 2,5,11.15,20,28 THE 1HD THE DEM Guns are the only law in 1876 Wyoming. The McKaskells, settlers in this wild territory, are easy prey for the dangerous men who ride the range. Only one man, a tough cowboy, can protect them. With Tom Conti (Reuben, Reuben). (AL,V) 1:33. March 3,6,11,15,19,28 (CC)HBO SHOWCASE: CONTROL p.23 THEIR FIRST ASSIGNMENT 2:30 GULLIVER’S TRAVELS p. 16 (PG-13) p.7(CC) 4:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p 16 12:55 am RECKLESS(R) p. 18 5:00 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN 2:30 MATAHARI (R)p.20 (PG)p.23

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 005

THURSDAY, MAR. 5 4:00 DOOR TO DOOR (PG)p.10 6:00 am GET ALONG GANGp.16(CC) 6:00 PRIME RISK (PG-13) p.18 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC) 8:00 BAD BOYS (R) p. 14 7:00 THE BENIKER GANG (G)p.6 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER 8:30 FLASHBACK: WALL STREET "Dead Heal” p.6A CRASH 1929 p.22 10:30 BOB GOLDTHWAIT p.22 2:40 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 3:00 SOMETIMES 1 DON'T (PG) p.7 (CC) O LOVE MY MOTHER p.16 4:50 FLASHBACK p22 FRIDAY, MAR. 6 1:00 pm WHITE NIGHTS 5:40 am MOM’S ON STRIKE p.16 (PG-13) p.20(CC)rfc 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes ol 3:30 ALICE S ADVENTURES IN Generosity" p. 17 (CC) WONDERLAND (G) p.16 7:00 THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY 5:15 MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p.11 (PG)p.10 7:00 THE QUICK AND THE DEAD 8:30 HBO SHOWCASE: CONTROL p.6(CC) 8:30 DRAW! (1:38) (CC) 10:00 ROAD TO THE SUPERFIGHT 10:30 WHITE NIGHTS Marvelous Marvin Hagler (PG-13) p.20 (CC) 2:30 CONTROL p.23 11:00 ADVICE/LOVELORN p.10 4:05 ROAD TO SUPERFIGHT p.9 O SATURDAY, MAR. 7 7:00 HIGHLANDER 5:00 am VICTORY (PG-1:56) (R)p.19(CC)0 7:00 GULUVER’S TRAVELS p.16 9:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 8:30 THE BROTHER FROM BOXING Mike Tyson vs. James ANOTHER PLANET p.23 (CC) “Bonecnisher” Smith 10:30 JAWS (PG) p.20 (UVE)p.9March Edition p.20March Edition p.20 3:50 STICK (R) p. 18 (CC) Ct SUNDAY, MAR. 8 4:45 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 5:45 am DOOR TO DOOR (PG) p. 10 (PG) p.7 (CC) <"k 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (.30) (CC)Ct 7:00 JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS 8:00 JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS (PG-13) p.12(CC) (PG-13)p.12(CC) 9:00 HOW TO RAISE A 10:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.16 STREET-SMART CHILD p.5 MARCH 6 HBO PICTURES • The Quick and the Dead HBO PICTURES • Draw! MARCH 13 • The Final Countdown • Highlander MARCH 20 • From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga™* • The Empire Strikes Back™* • Return of the Jedi™* MARCH 27 • Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment • Police Academy 3: Back in Training 8 ★ ★★★★★★★★ HBO SPORTS EXCLUSIVE ★★★★★★★★ WORLD HIAVYWilOHI SERIES WBC CHAMPION 3 MIKE TYSON VS. WBA CHAMPION JAMES “BONECRUSHER” SMITH Live! This WBA/WBC heavyweight unification bout matches undefeated sensation Mike Tyson against James ‘ ‘Bonecrush-er Smith. Last November Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champ in history. Tonight’s victor next meets Michael Spinks for the undisputed championship of the world! March 4,6,10,14,17,22

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 006

DAYTIME ON HBO Advice to the Lovelorn An advice columnist solves other people’s problems— but can she write a happy solution for her own love life? 1:36. March 2,6,17,21 Door to Door Lighthearted larceny is the theme of this amiable comedy about two successful con men. With Ron Leibman. (AL) PG-1:34. March 5,8,13,23 Brovkin1 Two veteran break dancers team up with a more conventional dance student. The trio of dreamers dare to aim high—right at the Broadway stage. (AS,AL,MV) PG-1:26. March 1,5,10,16,20,25March 3,9,13 Old Enough A society girl and a street-wise teenager share a fun summer of adventure in this comedy/ drama. (AS.AL) PG-1:28. March 1,9,13,24,28 The Ruling Class A wildly witty black comedy about the British class structure. Peter O’Toole stars. (AL,AH,MV,BN) PG-2:24. March 3,9,26 The Front Woody Allen acts as a front for blacklisted McCarthy-era writers in this comedy/drama. With Zero Mostel. (AS.AL) PG-1:31. March 10,18,26 The Cartier Affair Joan Collins spoofs soap opera stardom in this sparkling comedy. She plays a TV melodrama queen who gets involved with handsome jewel thief David Hasselhoff (Knight Rider). 1:36. March 4,7,10,19,23,27(CC) Thank Sod It's Friday The work week is done and it’s time to get down to some fun. Donna Summer leads party animals through one wild night at L.A.'s hottest disco. (AS,AL) PG-1:29. March 1,6,12,24,30 Ordeal by Innocence An all-star cast adds spice to this whodunit from Agatha Christie. Donald Sutherland, Faye Dunaway star. (AS, V,BN) PG-13; 1:30. March 3,8,12,18,23 19th century frontiersman abandoned and left to die by his companions after an attack by a grizzly bear. (AS, V) 1:45. March 4,22,27 Mystery Mansion Mysteries from the past surface in an eerie vacation house as a young girl and her brother search for missing treasure. (MV) PG-1:35. March 2,6,18,24,29 TWO FROM NEIL SIMON MARCH 9 California Suite Only When I Laugh 10 MONDAY, MAR. 9 4:00 1 WANT TO GO HOME p.16 5:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p. 16 5:00 OLD ENOUGH (PG)p.10 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Inspector 7:00 AND NOW FOR SOMETHING Red” p.17(CC)o ...DIFFERENT (PG) p. 10 7:00 CALIFORNIA SUITE 8:30 RULING CLASS (PG) p. 10 (PG) p.20 (CC) 11:00 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (PG) p.23 9:00 ONLY WHEN 1 LAUGH (R) p.20 1:00 pm THE LAST DRAGON 11:00 THE IMAGEM AKER (R)p.15 (PG-13) p.23 (CC) 10:30 HIGHLANDER 1:30 CARTIER AFFAIR p10(CC) (R)p.19(CC) 12:20 am THE CLAIRVOYANT (R) p.15 2:30 AUCE'S ADVENTURES IN 2:00 VICTORY (PG-1:56) WONDERLAND (G) p.16 4:00 FATAL ATTRACTION (R) p.20 THURSDAY, MAR. 12 3:30 HBO CINEMA WORKSHOP p.20 5:30 am MOM'S ON STRIKE p. 16 4:00 BROTHER/PLANET p.23 (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25)(CC) 6:00 THE LAST DRAGON 7:00 MARTIN’S DAY (PG-13) p.23 (CC)O (PG) p.15(CC) 8:00 CODE OF SILENCE 9:00 HBO CINEMA WORKSHOP p.20 (R) p.23 (CC) 9:30 ORDEAL (PG-13) p. 10 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER p.6 March 5,11,16,30 Man in the Wilderness Richard Harris stars as a

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 007

Mary Tyler Moore Christine Lahti Drawn to each other by their differences, two women establish a fast friendship. While they believe they have nothing in common, they’re wrong. It seems they both love the same man. Mary Tyler Moore stars in this comedy/drama as the wife and mother who doesn't know that her newfound friend is having an affair with her husband. Christine Lahti (Swing Shift) plays Mary’s friend. (AS,AL,BN) PG-13; 1:51. March 8,12,18,23,28,31 (CC) HBO MUSIC EXCLUSIVE Here’s the queen of rock 'n' roll as you’ve never seen her before: in a musical performance that celebrates her roots, her life and her music. In a small European club, Tina reminisces, pays musical tribute to the legends who shaped her own unique style, and sings hits from her latest album, Break Every Rule. Songs include Midnight Hour and a duet of 634-5789with Robert Cray. :55. Mar. 14,17,20,23,26,29 March 15,19,24,27 (CC) 13

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 008

FRIDAY, MAR. 13 4:00 FLASHBACK p.22 5:30 am THE SURVIVAL SERIES p. 16 4:45 JAWS (PG) p.20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC) 7:00 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN 7:00 DOOR TO DOOR (PG) p. 10 (PG)p.23 2:30 ONLY WHEN 1 LAUGH 1:30 OLD ENOUGH (PG)p.10 (R) p.20 3:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.16 4:30 FLASHBACK p.22 SATURDAY, MAR. 14 4:45 IRON EAGLE 5:30 am SWORD OF GIDEON (PG-13;1:57) (CC)ffc (2:28) (CC) <0> 7:00 ROCKY IV (PG-1:31)(CC) THE HITCHHIKER “Why Are You Here?”p.6 3:05 YOUNGBLOOD (R-1:50)(CC)HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p.16 ONE VOICE (1:05) 8:30 BRUCE WILLIS (0:59) n 8:30 GOONIES (PG-1:54) (CC) 9:30 JAGGED EDGE 10:30 WHITE NIGHTS (R-1:49)(CC) 2:15 WILD GEESE II (R-1:51)(CC) 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CCyrt 4:10 BLACK MOON (R-1:40)(CC) MONDAY, MAR. 16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Honk 6:00 am GET ALONG GANG p.16(CC) ol Honks” p.17(CC)tffc 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK ( 25) (CC) 7:00 RETURN OF THE JEOI 7:00 BREAKIN'(PG) p.10March 21,24,27,30 (CC) Bad Boys The only thing tougher than the streets he grew up on is the prison he's sent to. Teenager Sean Penn struggles to the top of the prison snake pit. (AL, V,R) R-1:59. March 1,5,13,23 CODE NAME: spiked THE EMERALD ariivcK IMAGEMAKER As World War II nears its end, the Nazis will stop at nothing to learn when the Allied invasion of Europe will take place. Ed Harris (Sweet Dreams) stars as a double agent in this espionage thriller. (AS,V) PG-1:36. Mar. 10,13,16,19,22,25 (CC) ^ Bloodline Someone is out to murder the lovely heiress! Audrey Hepburn faces terror in this thriller based on the novel by Sidney Sheldon. With Ben Gazzara. (AL,N) R-1:57 March 2,12,18,24,27 Young American volleyball players sacrifice everything for a chance at Olympic gold. Battling their way to the top in international competition, they endure pain, rejection and unexpected disappointment. (AL.N) R-1:44. March 17,22,26,30 Martin’S Day Can a desperate escaped convict and the shy youngster he kidnaps become allies on the run? Richard Harris stars in this unusual drama. (AS.AL) PG-1:39. March 2,7,12,18,24,27 (CC) Money. Power. The press. Media consultant Michael Nouri (Flashdance) is an expert at manipulating them all to achieve his goals in this timely, involving drama set behind Washington’s closed doors. (AL, V,N) R-1:29. Mar. 4,9,17,20,26,29 The Clairvoyant How is it possible for a beautiful art student to draw the victims of four murders before the crimes are committed? With Perry King (Riptide). (AL.GV.R) R-1:37. March 7,11,24,27

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 009

HBO ^, FAMILY SHOWCASE l Want to Go Home A compelling drama of two youngsters who are kid-, napped by their mother; in the wake of a custody battle. :46. March 3,9,18,26 Orangutan— Orphans of the Forest The Survival Series This documentary explores the plight of orangutans, whose numbers are dwindling. :54. March 4,8,13,19,23,31 A Winter Story Where can hungry foxes find some food? Farmer Jones's chicken coop is empty, but Mother and Father fox spy a turkey waiting for Christmas dinner. :22. March 3,11,19,23,29 The Get Along Gang Cartoon animals are members of The Get Along Gang in this sprightly film. The gang enters a scavenger hunt, but they’re in for a surprise: the hunt is rigged! :22. March 5,16,22,25(CC) Oliver Twist In an animated version of the Charles Dickens classic, Oliver Twist, Fagin and the Artful Dodger spring to life. 1:30. March 2,17,23,27 Gulliver's Travels An animated adventure based on the Swift classic. When Gulliver is washed overboard, he finds himself in a land filled with giants. 1:22. March 4,7,16,20,31 This One for Dad David is one of the best runners on his high school track team. But when he learns that his father is dying, he loses interest in the sport. With Johnny Whitaker. :25. Mar. 2,10,15,18,30 Mom's on Strike Mary Kay Place stars in a heartwarming comedy/drama that offers a funny solution to a domestic dilemma. :46. March 6,12,24,30 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland The classic story comes to life! Join Alice as she falls down the rabbit hole trying to follow the White Rabbit. G-1:36. March 6,11,21,27 JOSle Sexy Josie has quite a following among the young men in her high school. But is she really as loose and free as she appears? Three of her male friends try to find out. :26. March 1,10,20,28 Sometimes l Don't Love My Mother HBO Family Playhouse A teenager faces new challenges in her relationship with her mother. :46. March 5,9,15,25 HMGOE NEW EPISODES EVERY MONDAY! RING AROUND THE ROCK Ma and Pa Gorg want to renew their wedding vows. :25. March 2,8 (CC) INSPECTOR RED The stone Fragglehorn is missing! :25. March 9,15 (CC) March 16,22{CC)March 23,29(CC) CHANGE OF ADDRESS Gobo befriends Doc and his dog Sprocket. :25. March 30 (CC) BREAK EVERY RULE p. 120 9:00 PRIME RISK (PG-13)p.18 10:30 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK 11:00 THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (PG)p.7(CC)0 (PG)p.7(CC) 12:40 am A NIGHTMARE ON ELM 1:30 pm TINA TURNER p. 12 STREET (R)p.22 2:30 OLIVER TWIST p16 2:15 THE IMAGEMAKER (R) p 15 4:00 ADVICE/LOVELORN p.10 3:50 ROCK & RULE (PG) p.20 (R)p.19(CC)0 2:00 ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE 3:40 ONLY WHEN 1 LAUGH (PG-13)p.10 (R) p.20 THURSDAY, MAR. 19 4:00 CODE NAME: EMERALD 6:00 am A WINTER STORY p.16 (PG)p.15(CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Scared 6:00 THE TALK SHOW p.20O Silly” p.17(CC) 6:30 THE QUICK AND THE DEAD 7:00 THE QUICK AND THE DEAD p.6(CC)HBO CINEMA WORKSHOP p.20 PART II (R) p.20 3:30 JOSIEp.16 1:50 THE IMAGEMAKER (R)p.15 4:00 PRIME RISK (PG-13)p.18 3:25 VICTORY (PG-1:56) 17

HBO Guide March 1987 - Page section : 010

SATURDAY, MAR. 21 5:30 am ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND (G) p. 16 7:30 ADVICE TO THE LOVELORN p.10 9:30 LUCAS (PG-13) p. 19 (CC)0 11:30 THE LAST DRAGON (PG-13) p.23 (CC) O 1:30 pm CALIFORNIA SUITE (PG) p.20 (CC) 3:30 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (PG) p 230 SUNDAY, MAR. 22 5:30 am CODE NAME: EMERALD (PG) p.15(CC) 7:30 THE GET ALONG GANG p.16(CC) 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Honk of Honks” p.l7(CC)HBO CINEMA WORKSHOP p.20 9:00 JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS (PG-13)p.12(CC) 11:00 DOOR TO DOOR (PG) p. 10 1:00 pm HOWTO RAISE A STREET-SMART CHILD p 5 O 2:00 OLIVER TWIST p. 16 TUESDAY, MAR. 24 5:30 am MOM’S ON STRIKE p. 16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Battle ol Leaking Roof” p.17 (CC) 7:00 OLD ENOUGH (PG) p. 10 8:30 LUCAS (PG-13) p. 19 (CC)0 10:30 THE TALK SHOW p.20 o 11:00 MARTIN'S DAY (PG)p.15(CC) 1:00 pm MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p.11 3:00 THANK/FRIDAY (PG)p.10 4:30 MOM’S ON STRIKE p.16 5:30 POUCEACADEMY2 (PG-13) p.7 (CC) 7:00 LUCAS (PG-13) p.19 (CC)0 9:00 BUDDY HACKETTII p.220 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER p.6 O 10:30 CODE OF SILENCE (R) p.23 (CC) 12:15 am RECKLESS (R)p.18 1:50 HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE (R)p.14(CC) 3:25 THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (PG) p.23 O 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:30) (CC)0 5:15 CODE NAME: EMERALD (PG) p.15(CC) 7:00 JAWS (PG) p.20 9:05 S.O.B. (R) p. 18 11:10 ROAD TO THE SUPERFIGHT Marvelous Marvin Hagler vs. Sugar Ray Leonard p.90 12:00 SPIKER (R) p. 15 1:50 am A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (R)p.22 3:25 FATAL ATTRACTION (R) p.20 3:30 TINA TURNER p 120 4:30 CARTIER AFFAIR p. 10 (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:30)(CC)O 7:00 JUST BETWEEN FRIENDS (PG-13)p.12(CC) 9:00 HOW TO RAISE A STREET-SMART CHILD p.50 10:00 HIGHLANDER (R) p.19(CC)0 11:55 DARK FORCES (PG)p.20 1:35 am TINA TURNER p .120 2:35 BAD BOYS (R) p. 14 4:40 HBO CINEMA WORKSHOP p.20 5:30 POLICE ACADEMY 3: BACK IN TRAINING (PG)p.13(CC) 7:00 LUCAS (PG-13) p. 19 (CC)0 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER “Doctor’s Orders” p.6 O 9:30 HAMBURGER: THE MOTION PICTURE (R)p.14(CC) 11:05 THE CLAIRVOYANT (R)p 15 12:45 am POLICE ACADEMY 3: BACK IN TRAINING (PG) p. t3(CC) 2:15 BLOODLINE (R)p.15 4:15 THE TALK SHOW p.20o 2010 Roy Scheider Board the spaceship "Discovery" for this continuation of 2001: A Space Odyssey. (AL,MV)PQA :56. Mar. 4,17,22,26,30 (CC) March 10,22,25,29 Slick Burt Reynolds A powerful crime drama set on the sunbaked streets of southern Florida. With Candice Bergen. (AL, V) R-1:49. March 3,7,19,30 (CC)March 5,8,17,20,25,30 18 HIGHLANDER There’s a 400-year-old Scottish warrior on the loose in New York! What is he doing there? Christopher Lambert (Greystoke) stars in this sword-and-sorcery epic as an immortal hero about to face his most dangerous enemy in a final duel. Sean Connery plays an ancient Egyptian who teaches the Scot the secret of his destiny. (AL.GV.BN) R-1:51. March 7,10,13,18,23 (CC) March 21,24,27,29 (CC) 19 ON LOCATION*: HBO PRESENTS Emo is an original, to say the least! And his view of life is just as original. On topics like scuba diving and washing the kitchen, he has a unique way of looking at things. Here's Emo at the Hasty Pudding Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Approx. 1:00. March 28,31

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