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March on HBO MOVIES Animalympirs Page 11 Apocalypse Now Page 9 Rnrdprlinp Page 9 Camy Page 11 Fmil and the Detectives Page 5 Foolin’ Around Page 13 Ha Knows You’re Alono Page 13 Hondo Page 15 Hi.i^h Hush, -Sweet Charlotte Page 7 Kilter Fish Page 19 Klondike Fever Page 19 Magnum Force Page 16 Mary Poppins Page 5 Meteor Page 19 My Brilliant Career Page 4 North by Northwest Page 14 Pretty Maids All in a Row Page 7 Raise The Titanic Page 17 Saturn 3 Page 13 Silent Scream Page 16 Superman The Movie Page 15 The Black Hole Page 6 The Dark Page 19 The Europeans Page 15 The Fog Page 21 The Glove Page 19 The Hideaways Page 11 The Lady Vanishes Page 10 The Last Romantic Lover Page 19 The Legacy Page 22 The Ranger of Brownstone Page 5 The Rose Page 7 Thirst Page 4 Tom Horn Page 21 Wanda Nevada Page 16 Watership Down Page 22 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Page 13 Saturn 3 Melissa Manchester In Concert Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, HBO, SRO, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. Standing Room Only: Vbnities Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. © 1981 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. The HBO guide (ISSN 0272-1880) is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. J.O. Heyworth, President; Kevin Senie, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary. Controlled circulation paid at New Vbrk, N.Y. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to HBO, Dept. P, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. SPECIALS Adolf Hitler: Tyrant of Destiny----- Bad Guys and Wicked Women__________ Country Music: A Family Affair_____ Days of Thrills and Laughter_______ HBO Sneak Preview for April--------- Melissa Manchester In Concert______ Red Skelton’s Funny Faces__________ Some Call Them Freaks______________ The Candid Candid Camera___________ Vanities__________________________ SPORTS Boxing’s Best: Rocky Marciano------- Boxing: Future Champions------------ Dynasty: UCLA Basketball------------ HBO Sports Magazine________________ SINGLE PLAYS A Country Coyote Goes Hollywood Cher In Concert____________________ Grease____________________________ Legends—John Wayne_________________ Nikki, Wild Dog of the North_______ Rio Lobo___________________________ Running Wild_______________________ Snoopy, Come Home__________________ _ Page 22 .Page 6 _Page 4 _ Page 19 _ Page 18 _ Page 17 .Page 6 _Page 10 .Page 8 _ Page 12 _ Page 14 _ Page 20 _ Page 18 _ Page 11 March 12 March 5 March 1 March 1 March 4 March 2 March 3 March 1

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My Brilliant Career A determined young woman, out of sync with the stuffy ideas of her family and society, searches for her true self. Exuberant, shining Judy Davis makes a stunning debut as the Australian rebel who turns her world upside down. “A sparkling movie” (Gene Shalit) (G-1:41) March 2,6,10,15,19 Country Music: A Family Affair A real family get-together down at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Tammy Wy-nette and Roger Miller host this country music spectacular featuring famous families. The list includes: Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers; mother and daughter Dottie and Shelley West. March 4,8,12,16 Sunday Monday in •« March 1 * March 2 3:30 SNOOPY, COME HOME 5:30 EMIL AND THE VT i P Y Charlie Brown and the gang. DETECTIVES • 1 ■ 1 1 Only p/ay date (G-5:00 LEGENDS JOHN WAYNE: THE DUKE LIVES ON A tribute. Only play date. 6:00 GREASE John Travolta in the smash musical. Only play date (PG-1:50) 8:00 MARY POPPINS See above (G-2:27) 10:30 BAD GUYS AND WICKED WOMEN p.6 11:30 THIRST Blood-dripper (R-1:29) p.4 1:00 JOHN WAYNE Moving tribute. Only play date. Part 1. Disney tale (:48) p.5 6:30 ANIMALYMPICS Animated wackiness (1:20) p. 11 8:00 MY BRILLIANT CAREER See above (G-1:41) 10:00 THE BLACK HOLE Space mission (PG-1:59) p.6 12:00 RIOLOBO Justice—John Wayne style. Only play date (G-1:54) 2:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR MARCH What’s coming up on HBO. David Hemmings and Chan-tal Contouri star in this gruesome, sometimes graphically violent chiller. An unsuspecting woman is absorbed into a cult of bloodsucking vampires, and her struggles to escape the fate of previous victims becomes a grisly nightmare. This one is not for the squeamish. Adult situations, graphic violence. (R-1:29) March 1,4 PRODUCTIONS Mary Poppins Julie Andrews Dick Van Dyke One of the most joyous movies ever, winner of five Oscars, Walt Disney’s musical adventure is irresistible fun. Julie Andrews (Best Actress Oscar) is the magical English nanny who flies through the air with her umbrella and slides upstairs on a banister. Dick Van Dyke is her chimney-sweep sidekick. “Chim Chim Cher-ee” and 13 other songs. (G-227) March 1,4,7,10,16,20,26 The Ranger of Brownstone Donald Duck and a gang of fun-loving bears nearly drive Park Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore to distraction in this hilarious animated/ live-action romp. Woodlore is Emil and the Detectives SS2S On his way to visit relatives, Emil finds his spending money Uncontrollable Donald, stolen by a small-time pickpocket. And so begins an action- as a Grand Canyon sight- packed mystery about a band of juveniles and their at- seer, turns thatnatural won tempt to stop a gang f/pm burrowing into the Berlin Bank. der into a giant lahdfiNU;47) (:48) Part 1: Mar. 2,11,23,27. Part 2: Mar. 3,13,25,30 March 11,17,23,27,31;

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Red Skelton’s Funny Faces In his first TV special in almost a decade, comedian Red Skelton stars in a dazzling comedy/mime special. Watch the finest artists in the field of mime—Shields and Yamell and their popular “Robots Eating Breakfast” and the whimsical creatures from Broadway’s Mummenschanz. Red himself performs many of his classic routines including: Clem Kaddiddlehopper and “The Seagulls.” March 4,7,15,24 Tuesday March 3 5:00 EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES Part 2. Chase tale (:47) p.5 6:00 RUNNING WILD Horse adventure with Lloyd Bridges. Only play date (G-1:43) 8:00 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW See above (R-127) 9:30 METEOR Space disaster (PG-1:47) p.19 11:30 SILENT SCREAM College students meet murder in an old mansion (R-126) p. 16 1:00 THE ROSE Bette Midler (R-2:14) p.7 6 Wednesday March 4 6:00 NIKKI, WILD DOG OF THE NORTH Stranded malamute pup fends for himself. Only play date (1101) 7:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR MARCH 7:30 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES See above. 8:30 MARY POPPINS Musical magic (G-227) p.5 11:00 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR p.4 12:15 THIRST Creepy shocker (R-129) p.4 1:45 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW Bad Guys and Wicked Women They were all notorious outlaws, but millions saw them as heroes. Using film clips and photographs, their true stories are revealed. Among the “baddies” are: Jesse James, Belle Starr and John Dillinger. March 1,7,11,16 Walt Disney’s The Black Hole The spaceship Cygnus is nearing the edge of the Black Hole. A place where space and time end—and the domain of strange genius Dr. Hans Reinhardt (Maximilian Schell) begins. Violence. (PG-1:59) March 2,6 Thursday March 5 5:00 THE NASHVILLE COYOTE Colorful Disney animal adventure. Only play date (:45) 6:00 WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (G-1:40) p. 13 8:00 HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE See above (2:13) 10:15 CHER IN CONCERT Nightclub show. Only play date. 11:30 FOOLIN'AROUND College comedy (PG-1:41) p.13 1:15 THE LEGACY Demonic mystery (R-1:40) p22 Hush... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Bette Davis Olivia de Havilland Set in a creepy Louisiana mansion, this 1965 gothic yam is a mystery-horror classic. Aging belle Bette Davis is tormented by murderous memories—kept alive by Olivia de Havilland. Adult situations, language; graphic violence. (2:13) March 5,8,11,14 Pretty Maids All in a Row Rock Hudson Angie Dickinson In this mystery-comedy, a bevy of high school beauties have coach Rock Hudson as their guidance counselor. As it turns out, he’s something more for a few of them. With Angie Dickinson. Adult situations, nudity, sexual content (R-127) March 3,7,15,18 The Rose Bette Midler Alan Bates For Bette Midler, life is no bed of roses. Her devastating look at a “hard rocker” earned an Oscar nomination. From high-powered concerts to terrible loneliness, a cruel manager (Alan Bates) to a sometime lover (Frederic Forrest)—Midler is magnificent. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (R-2:14) March 3,6,11,14,16 7

HBO Guide March 1981 - Page section : 005

Saturday March 7 5:00 THE BLACK HOLE Sci-fi action (PG-1:59) p.6 7:00 MY BRILLIANT CAREER Love vs. career (G-1:41) p.4 9:00 THE Candid CANDID CAMERA See above. 9:30 SILENT SCREAM Student murder (R-1:26) p.16 11:00 THE ROSE Performer’s life (R-2; 14) p.7 1:15 MY BRILLIANT CAREER (G-1:41) p.4 3:00 HBO Late Night: DAYS OF THRILLS AND LAUGHTER Screen greats (1:1.2) p. 19 8 The^ Candid Camera Smile! You could be on HBO. Allen Funt is back with an all-new edition of the special HBO version of his popular show. And once again these are no-holds-barred situations that you won’t find on commercial television. Highlights include a perfect way to forget the energy crunch —a topless gas station attendant; and two pen pals who meet for the first time with the help of a less than perfect interpreter. Adult humor. March 6,10,14,18,23,29 3:30 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES p.6 4:30 MARY POPPINS Magical adventure (G-227) p.5 7:00 BAD GUYS AND WICKED WOMEN p.6 8:00 BORDERLINE See above (PG-1:44) 10:00 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Angie Dickinson (R-1:27) p.7 11:30 METEOR Disaster threat (PG-1:47) p. 19 1:15 BAD GUYS AND WICKED WOMEN p.6 2:15 HBO Late Night: KILLER FISH Vicious waters (PG-1:41) p. 19 2:00 HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE Mystery horror (2:13) p.7 4:30 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR With Mickey Gilley, p.4 6:00 WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Delicious fantasy (G-1:40) p.13 8:00 APOCALYPSE NOW See above (R-2:30) 10:30 FOOLIN'AROUND Screwball antics (PG-1:41) p.13 12:15 HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE Spine chiHing (2:13) p.7 “A towering landmark in film history,” said the L. A. Times of this mammoth, controversial war drama. A journey into madness, this remarkable film is set amid the horror of the Vietnam conflict. Captain Martin Sheen is on a secret mission to execute Marlon Brando who controls his own private army. Robert Duvall co-stars. Eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Profanity, graphic violence. (R-2:30) March 8,13,21,24,26,30 Borderline Charles Bronson Dangerous trafficking in human lives is the background for this contemporary action drama. Charles Bronson, an honest, hard-nosed U.S. Border Patrol officer, leads the search for a powerful ring smuggling Mexican aliens into California. Co-star Bruno Kirby is a rookie patrolman learning the ropes; Ed Harris, a ruthless Vietnam veteran. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:44) March 7,10,13,18,22

HBO Guide March 1981 - Page section : 006

Monday March 9 Tuesday March 10 Wednesday March 11 5:30 THE HIDEAWAYS Youngsters hide out in a New York museum (G-1:45) p.11 7:30 HBO SPORTS MAGAZINE See above. 8:30 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Colorful comic book character comes alive (PG-2:22) p. 15 11:00 SILENT SCREAM Fright film (R-1:26) p,16 12:30 THE LEGACY Stranded Americans face horror in England (R-1:40) p.22 5:30 MARY POPPINS Famed musical fable with a touch of magic (G-227) p.5 8:00 CARNY See above (R-1:46) 10:00 BORDERLINE Action thriller (PG-1:44) p.9 11:45 THE Candid CANDID CAMERA And we mean candid, p.8 12:15 MY BRILLIANT CAREER A teenager on the brink of womanhood (G-1:41) p.4 5:30 THE RANGER OF BROWNSTONE Children’s adventure (:47) p.5 6:30 EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES Part 1. Mystery (:48) p.5 7:30 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS See above. 8:30 HUSH... HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE House of evil (2:13) p.7 11:00 BAD GUYS AND WICKED WOMEN p.6 12:00 THE ROSE Rocker’s career (R-2:14) p.7 Some Call Them Freaks A sensitive account of some extraordinary human oddities. Hosted by Richard Kiley, the show features 25" Tom Thumb, 8' 11" Robert Pershing Wadlow, the tallest man who ever lived; Robert Earl Hughes, whose 1,069 lbs. made him the heaviest human on record, and others. March 11,14,17,22,30 The Lady Vanishes Elliott Gould Cybill Shepherd Skulduggery and comedy climb aboard an express train speeding through prewar Nazi Germany. American heiress Cybill Shepherd and photographer Elliott Gould face espionage and kidnapping in this remake of the Hitchcock classic. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:39) March 12,15,21,27,31 10 Animalympics Animals have Olympics too! And Z.O.O., the TV network that brings out the beast in sports, is at Pawprint Stadium to cover the games. With the voices of Gilda Radnor and Billy Crystal. (1:20) March 2,17,26,30 A COUNTRY COYOTE GOES HOLLYWOOD Disney tale. Only play date (:37) 6:30 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR From the Grand Ole Opry. p.4 8:00 THE LADY VANISHES See above (PG-1:39) 10:00 HBO SPORTS MAGAZINE With a behind-the-scenes look at pro baseball trading, p. 11 11:00 SILENT SCREAM Homicidal horror (R-126) p.16 12:30 METEOR Earth threatened (PG-1:47) p.19 Thursday March 12 5:30 Here’s TV sports journalism at its best. This edition’s cover story gives you a never-before-seen look at winter baseball trades. Be there with the scouts, managers, players and agents and see actual deals being made. There’s also a profile of heavyweight champ Larry Holmes, the fighter and family man. Get some strong opinions, a new feel for the complex sports world and more. March 9,12,14,15,18 Camy Gary Busey Jodie Foster The dazzle of a carnival at night contrasts with the tawdry desolation behind the scenes. Jodie Foster, a teenager looking for thrills, runs away with the troupe and soon becomes the catalyst of a three-way love affair. Gary Busey, Robbie Robertson co-star. Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (R-1:46) March 10,13,19,22,30 11 The Hideaways An unusual children’s story of two youngsters who un-i ti cover an art mystery while hiding in New York’s Metropolitan Museum. Reclusive , [ collector Ingrid Bergman has the key to the puzzle. (G-1:45) March 9,19,24

HBO Guide March 1981 - Page section : 007

Standing Room Only: Theater comes to HBO with this sparkling comedy that’s been delighting audiences all over America for years. Follow the lives and loves of three Texas cheerleaders from high school, to college, to a postgraduation reunion. The onstage production stars Meredith Baxter Birney, Shelley Hack and Annette O’Toole. It’s sexy, funny, touching and it’s theater. March 15,19,25,27,31 Friday Saturday Sunday March 13 March 14 March 15 5:00 WILLY WONKA AND 1 THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Jack Albertson (G-1:40) p. 13 7:00 EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES | Part 2. Thief chase (:47) p.5 8:00 SATURN 3 i See above (R-V27) 9:30 APOCALYPSE NOW I Epic of men in war (R-2:30) p.9 12:00 BORDERLINE Alien smuggling (PG-1:44) p.9 1:45 CARNY Carnival life (R-1:46) p.11 3:30 HBO Late Night: THE GLOVE Wham! (R-128) p.19 3:30 SUPERMAN Flying fantasy (PG-222) p. 15 6:00 FREAKS p. 10 7:00 HBO SPORTS MAGAZINE p.11 8:00 HE KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE See above (R-1:30) 9:30 THE Candid CANDID CAMERA p.8 10:00 THE ROSE Alan Bates (R-2:14) p.7 12:15 HUSH...HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE Gothic nightmare (2:13) p.7 2:30 HBO Late Night: THE DARK Murderous alien (R-1:30) p. 19 3:00 MY BRILLIANT CAREER Woman’s life (G-1:41) p.4 5:00 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES p.6 6:00 THE LADY VANISHES Railway mystery (PG-1:39) p.10 8:00 VANITIES See above. 9:30 METEOR Asteroid trouble (PG-1:47) p. 19 11:30 HBO SPORTS MAGAZINE p. 11 12:30 SILENT SCREAM Coed terror (R-126) p.16 2:00 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Is this education? (R-157) p.7 12 Foolin’ Around It’s romantic comedy as Gary Busey rescues Annette O’Toole from marrying her pompous fiance. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:41) March 5,8,17 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Here’s a sweet fantasy come true as Gene Wilder whips up confections of pure fun to enchant a young boy on his tour of a candy factory. Jack Albertson co-stars. (G-1:40) March 5,8,13,18 ^ V » If This grisly thriller centers on a bride-to-be who fears someone is stalking her just before the wedding day. No one believes her—and the killer is only a knife blade away. Caitlin O’Heaney is the terrorized star; Don Scardino, her ex-boyfriend. “Bloodlust with a touch of class” (K.C. Star) Graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:30) March 14,17,20,23,29

HBO Guide March 1981 - Page section : 008

Boxing’s Best: Bocky Marciano Forty-nine opponents stepped into the ring with Rocky Marciano. Forty-three wound up on the canvas—and the other six wished they had. Watch “the Rock,” the only undefeated heavyweight champ, unload some of the most devastating punches ever thrown. See vintage footage with Jersey Joe Walcott and more. March 17,19,21,22 Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest Cary Grant Eva Marie Saint This classic of mistaken identity and espionage is one of Hitchcock’s best. Cary Grant is a businessman caught in a web of intrigue from New York to the famous climax atop Mt. Rushmore. Eva Marie Saint, James Mason co-star. Adult situations, violence. (2:16) March 16,21,24,29 Monday Tuesday Wednesday March 16 March 17 March 18 5:30 MARY POPPINS With the Oscar-wirmer “Chim Chim Cher-ee" (6-227) p.5 8:00 NORTH BY NORTHWEST See above (2:16) 10:15 COUNTRY MUSIC: A FAMILY AFFAIR The Gatlins, Wests and more, p.4 11:30 THE ROSE A gritty and scorching look at the wold of rock (R-214) p.7 1:45 BAD GUYS AND WICKED WOMEN Goodies about “baddies.” p.6 5:00 ANIMAL YMPICS Animated comedy (120) p. 11 6:30 THE RANGER OF BROWNSTONE Cartoon fun (:47) p.5 7:30 BOXING’S BEST Rocky Marciano. See above. 8:30 SATURN 3 Violent robot (R-127) p. 13 10:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS p. 10 11:00 FOOLIN’AROUND Tony Randall (PG-1:41)p.13 12:45 HE KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE A screamer (R-1:30) p. 13 5:30 WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (G~ 1:40) p. 13 7:30 THE EUROPEANS See above (1:31) 9:00 BORDERLINE Bronson brawl (PG-1:44) p.9 110)0 THE Candid CANDID CAMERA p.8 11:30 HBO SPORTS MAGAZINE p. 11 12:30 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Rock Hudson (R-127) p.7 14 The Europeans Lee Remick Two 19th-century Americans who grew up in Europe return to the U.S. to visit their rich cousins with an eye on the family fortune. But their worldly wiles are at odds with the hardheaded Yankee style of their relatives. Lee Remick and Lisa Eichhom star in this sensitive, stunningly photographed drama. Adult situations. (1:31) March 18,22,31 5:00 THE HIDEAWAYS Charming tale (G-1:45) p. 11 7:00 BOXING’S BEST: ROCKY MARCIANO Inside account of “The Rock." 8:00 HONDO See above (1:18) 9:30 VANITIES Touching comedy about the lives of three Texas women p. 12 11:00 MY BRILLIANT CAREER Australia, 1900 (G-1:41) p.4 12:45 CARNY Jodie Foster (R-1:46) p.11 Hondo John Wayne A cavalry dispatch rider, a widow and her young son, and marauding Indians on the rampage are the exciting elements in this old-fashioned western. The rider is John Wayne and the setting is the beautiful, sunbaked landscapes of the 1870s Southwest. With James Arness. Adult situations, violence. (1:18) March 19,22,28 Superman The Movie Christopher Reeve When this comic-book character swoops into town, there’s more than just nabbing some crooks. There’s spectacular adventure with romance and comedy. The cast includes Marlon Brando and Christopher Reeve. Whoosh! Adult situations, violence. (PG-2:22) March 9,14,20,25

HBO Guide March 1981 - Page section : 009

Magnum Force Clint Eastwood “Dirty Harry” is back, taking matters into his own hands once again. Clint Eastwood is Harry, the cool, dead-shot San Francisco lawman. This time the bullets hit pretty close to home as he takes on a vigilante “death squad” of corrupt cops. Lieutenant Hal Holbrook is Harry’s tough boss. Profanity, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:57) March 20,23,28 Silent Scream Brutal murders occur as a psychotic woman locked in the past terrorizes a boardinghouse full of students. Adult situations, profanity, violence, nudity (R-1:26) March 3,6,9,12,15 Wanda Nevada Peter Fonda and Brooke Shields (The Blue Lagoon) star in this unusual western about a fortune-hunting con man and a lovely orphan. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:47) March 21,27,29 Friday Saturday Sunday March 20 * ; 1 •V"- i .. March 21 March 22 5:30 MARY POPPINS The delightful family musical with Dick Van Dyke (G-2:27) p.5 8:00 MAGNUM FORCE See above (R-1:58) 10:00 HE KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE Psycho killer stalks a young bride-to-be (R-1:30) p. 13 11:30 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Gene Hackman co-stars as the nasty Lex Luthor (PG-222) p. 15 2:00 HBO Late Night: THE DARK Night stalker (R-1:30) p. 19 2:30 WANDA NEVADA 1950’s frontier (PG-1:47) p.16 4:30 THE LADY VANISHES Suspense drama (PG-1:39) p. 10 6:30 BOXING'S BEST Rocky Marciano. With clips, p. 14 7:30 MELISSA MANCHESTER In Concert. See above. 8:30 NORTH BY NORTHWEST Hitchcock classic (2:16) p. 14 11:00 APOCALYPSE NOW Blockbuster epic (R-2:30) p.9 1:30 HBO Late Night: DAYS OF THRILLS ANDLAUGHTER Cinema classics (1:12) p.19 3:30 THE EUROPEANS Early America (1:31) p.15 5:00 SOME CALL THEM FREAKS A sensitive account of several famous human oddities, p. 10 6:00 BORDERLINE Smuggling drama (PG-1:44) p.9 8:00 RAISE THE TITANIC See above (PG-1:54) 10:00 HONDO Frontier justice (1:18) p.15 11:30 BOXING’S BEST: ROCKY MARCIANO The undefeated champ, p. 14 12:30 CARNY A look behind a carnival show’s glitter (R-1:46)p.11 16 They said nothing could sink her—then, that no one could reach her. But an underwater research agency, headed by retired Admiral Jason Robards, is assigned the mission of finding and floating the famous doomed ship from her North Atlantic grave. This exciting action-adventure brims with great special effects. Richard Jordan, Anne Archer and Alec Guinness (as a salty Titanic survivor) co-star. Profanity. (PG-1:54) March 22,25,28 MeKssa Manchester In Concert A dazzling concert by this versatile pop/ rock star. Backed by a 42-piece orchestra, Manchester projects a new sophisticated image with a bolder musical style. Included are favorites “Midnight Blue” and “Don’t Cry Out Loud,” plus songs . from her latest album, For the Working Girl. An exciting show by the captivating Melissa. March 21,26,29 17

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HBO Sneak Preview for April Starring Stiller and Meara Pssst! Like to see what’s coming next month on HBO? Then let comedy couple Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara give you the inside story about our April programs. Funny and informative, they’ll show you what’s on the horizon for movies, sports and specials. March 25,27,29,31 Sheedy& Long/SI Dynasty: UCLA Basketball No team ever dominated college basketball like coach John Wooden’s UCLA Bruins did—winning an unbelievable 10 NCAA titles in 12 years. You’ll see memorable clips and recent interviews with the top Bruins, like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton and Wooden himself. March 23,25,28 Monday Hiesday Wednesday March 23 March 24 March 25 5:30 RANGER (:47)p.5 6:30 EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES Pt. 1. p.5 7:30 DYNASTY: UCLA See above. 8:00 MAGNUM FORCE Law-bending cops (R-1:58) p. 16 10:00 HE KNOWS YOU'RE ALONE Killer prowls (R-1:30) p.13 11:30 METEOR Brian Keith (PG-1:47) p.19 1:15 THE Candid CANDID CAMERA p.8 1:45 SATURN 3 Sci-fi adventure (R-1:27) p. 13 18 5:00 THE HIDEAWAYS Children’s delight (G-1:45) p.11 7:00 RED SKELTON'S FUNNY FACES With Shields and Yamell. p.6 8:00 KLONDIKE FEVER See above (PG-1:46) 10:00 APOCALYPSE NOW Soldiers travel upstream after a renegade colonel (R-2:30) p.9 12:30 NORTH BY NORTHWEST Mystery chase with Cary Grant mistaken as a spy (2:16) p. 14 6:00 EMIL AND THE DETECTIVES Part 2. Robbery (:47) p.5 7:00 VANITIES p. 12 8:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR APRIL See above. 9:00 SATURN 3 Futuristic drama (R-157) p.13 10:30 DYNASTY: UCLA BASKETBALL p. 18 11:00 RAISE THE TITANIC Big boat epic (PG-1:54) p.17 1:00 SUPERMAN THE MOVIE Whoosh! (PG-222) p. 15 Klondike Fever Angie Dickinson Relive the gold rush days with hard-hitting writer Jack London as he meets the big shots, compulsive gamblers and pretty saloon girls out for fortunes. Jeff East stars with Rod Steiger, a local baron, and Angie Dickinson, a gritty saloon keeper. Adult situations, violence. (PG-1:46) March 24,28 The Last Romantic Lover Who’s the world’s greatest lover? A chic New York editor jets to Paris to find out —by staging a male version of the Miss America pageant. She soon takes off on a sexy romp with a lion-tamer finalist. Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (Dubbed; subtitled. See schedule. R-1:31) March 26,30 & V xy yL HBO Late Night «• ^Vj Days of Thrills and Laughter^ Classic comedy featuring early stars of the screen. (March 6,21) Killer Fish Lee Majors discovers treasure and violent death in Brazil. (March 7,27) The Glove Bounty-hunter John Saxon trails vengeful terrorist Rosey Grier. (March 13,28) The Dark Cathy Lee Crosby stalks a murderous alien creature (March 14,20) Thursday March 26 METEOR 6:00 ANIMAL YMPICS Zany athletes (120) p. 11 7:30 MARY POPPINS Julie Andrews takes to the skies in the fantasy fable (G-227) p.5 10:00 THE LAST ROMANTIC LOVER See above (Dubbed-R-1:31) 11:30 MELISSA MANCHESTER IN CONCERT Including “Midnight Blue” and "Don’t Cry Out Lcxjd.” p.17 12:30 APOCALYPSE NOW Vietnam saga (R-2S30) p.9 East meets West in this tense disaster epic. Scientist Sean Connery and Russian counterpart Brian Keith must redirect warheads toward an oncoming meteor or face destructive results. Natalie Wood and Karl Malden are also on the alert. Space-age special effects keep things at an explosive edge. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:47) March 3,7,12,15,23

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