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MICHAEL KEATON DANNY DeVITO MICHELLE PFEIFFER ^ BATMAN RETURNS Gotham City’s in trouble, and only Batman single-handed! Michael Keaton Batman can save it! But this time he returns as the enigmatic raped crusader: faces two villains. The Penguin crawls up Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny DeVito from the sewers with a bid to become play his enemies. (AL,V) PG-13; 2:06. mayor, and Catwoman vows to destroy HBO June 5,8,14,20,23,26,28 T.ou Diamond Phillips stars in this action-packed cHme drama as an I..A. cop assigned to a top-secret police vigilante squad. Tlielr assignment: catch the city’s? ; most dangerous felons in the act... and kill them! With Yaphet Kottoand Ed tauter. (At, V.RN.R) K-l :31. HBO June 263 ED GUARANTEiDsAMawmovJeevervSaturdavBiabt! SIGOURNEY WEAVER A L#E)n1 When Sigourney Weaver 5 crash-lands on a prison planet, she thinks things are as bad as they’re going to get: the inhabitants are murderers, rapists and thieves. But she doesn’t know about her craft’s stowaway and the only other survivor of the crash—the vicious alien life form that lives to kill! As the body count rises, the desperate humans band together for survival. But with no weapons how can they fight? (AS,AL,V) R-l:55. HBO June 12,15,18^1,23,30 PES HBO Exclusive Premiere Saturday, June 12 HBO bcfvilv* Premiere Saturday, June 19 Once upon a time, a man and a woman fell in love and got married. At the wedding, an old man asked to kiss the bride... and they exchanged souls! Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan star in this romantic comedy-drama as the couple who learn that love comes in many disguises. (ASAD PG-13; 1:45. HBO June 19, 22,25,2730 PE§

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Godfather Part III p. 14 4:35 Prelude to a Kiss p. 3 HBO EXTRAS Act of Piracy Gary Buse/s luxury yacht—with family aboard—is hijacked : (ASAL K>R-1:41. June 13,1824 The Addams Family Comedy with the First Family of Ghouls. (ASALMV) PG- •" 13:1:40. June 1.5,9,13,18.24.28Qm The Adventures of Tintin Intrepid repor- • terl :23. June 1,12.17; 6:13:20; 27Q Allen3 Blinking Scrwms to the Screen Behind-the-scenes look at making of in- ; terplanetary terror. :30. June 810,12 ft . Almost Pregnant When a childless couple decides to use a surrogate father.: they set off a merry mating mix-up! (AL,N) R-129. June 1,1214,27 Annie Hall Three 1977 Oscars3, inckid- i Ing Best Picture. Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. (ASM) PG-1:30. June 1,16& ' Babar Beptant king. 23. June 1-20;26-30: Basket Cass The original cult comedy- * thriller! (AL.GV.N) R-1 29 June25 3E/4P Basket Case 2 Duane and monstrous brother Belial are back! 'Hilarious" (Variety). fASvU.Il9R-1:30. June 25Q HI Basket Case 3: The Progeny New generation of Bolials in over-the-top horror romp. (ALV.N) R-130. June 25 q O Blackball Fast-paced martial arts drama. (AL.V.N) R-125. June 17202225fl Body Parts An accident victim's new arm has a murderous mind of its own! (AL.GV) R-1 28. June 2.11.14 QBDS Captain America Off the comic pages to fight for his country! (ASALMV) PG-13; 133. June 2.13.1822,26.28Qm Casualties of War Searing drama of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam. Michael J. Fox. (AL.GV,N.R)R’V.53. June23QmiB City of Joy Disillusioned doctor Patrick Swayze finds his life's work in the teeming slums of Calcutta. (ASAL V) PG-13; 2:15. June 1,6.10,14,18Q\a Class Action Courtroom drama with Gene Hackman, Mary Elizabeth Mastran-tonio. (ASAL) R-1:49. June 4Q\ia Confessions of a Serial Killer Killers roam the back roads in search of prey. (GV.BN) R-1:29. June Dead Again Romantic murder mystery about past Ives. With Emma Thompson. (AS. V) R-1:48. June 11PGM3 Defending Your Life Dead Yuppie Albert Brooks goes to Heavenly halfway house. (AS) PG-1:51. June 6.11,15.26.30Q SS Diving In A high school diver must overcome his fear of heights. (ASALN) PG-13; 1:28. June 7.12,15.2329 Feds Loopy Rebecca DeMomay takes on the FBI training school. Giddy romp. (AL V) PG-13; 1:23. June 2,5.8,1321 PttB The Five Heartbeats Robert Townsend stars in this behind-the-scenes show biz tale. (ASALMV) R-1:57. June 1,6.17 (H 13

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7:00 am The Adventures ol Tintin The Black Island p. 13 Babar The Missing Crown Allak p. 13 Pinocchio Mermaids and Pirates p. M Annie Hall p. 13 City of Joy p. 13 1:00 pm Shaker Run p. 14 2:30 The Addams Family p. 13 The Nutcracker Prince p. 14 Housekeeping p 14 City of Joy p. 13 Almost Pregnant p. 13 12:05 am Diary of a Hitman (R-1:27) 1:35 The Five Heartbeats p. 13 3:35 Night of the Warrior p. 14 8:00 8:30 9:00 10:30 4:30 6:00 8:00 10:30 NEW EPISODES! The funniest hour on TV Every Wednesday night The Lurry Senders Show Starring Oarry S&mdiing and Presm On Season Premieres Jane 2 TMUKtB 32? A Y 3 6:45 am Pin Pals (:38) 6:38 am Homeward Bound p. 14 6:15 am The Addams Family p. 13 7:30 The Baby-sitters Club (:29) 8:00 Babar School Days p. 13 8:00 Babar Peer Pressure p. 13 8:00 Babar Between Friends p. 13 8:38 Pinocchio 1 Want to Ftyt p. \A 8:30 Pinocchio Nobody Can 8:30 Pinocchio The Snake 9:08 Star Trek VI p. 14 Save Me Now! V/ith Three Heads p. 14 11:08 The Official Story (1:53) 9:00 Batman Returns p. 2 9:00 Poltergeist III p. 14 1:08 pm D.A.R.Y.L. (PG-1:40) 11:15 Rustlers' Rhapsody p. M 10:45 Little Sister p. 14 3:08 Convicts on the Street: 1:00 pm Feds p. 13 12:30 pm Reunion (PG13-1:50) One Year on Parole (:59) 2:30 Mr. & Mrs. Bridge p. 14 2:30 Hanky Panky p. 14 4:08 Miss Firecracker (PG-1:43) 4:45 Modem Problems p: 14 4:30 The Baby-sitters Club 6:00 See You in the Morning p. 14 6:15 The Addams family p. 13 Dawn Sam the toes (:29) 8:00 Stone Cold p. 14 HBO OPENING NIGHT 5:00 The Competition (PG-2:05) 9:38 Tales From the Crypt 8:00 Batman Returns p. 2 7:15 Poltergeist II p. 14 Strung Along p. 14 10:15 Dream On 9:00 Tiger Daws p. 4 10:08 Out for Justice p. 14 OalSex, Lies & Videotape ft 5 10:30 Russell Simmons’ 11:38 The Larry Sanders Show 11:15 liftin' Large p. 14 Def Comedy Jam p. 14 The Breakdown p. 5 12:50 am Hot Under the Collar p. 14 11:00 K2 (R-1:43) 12:15 am Russell Simmons' 2:20 Scanners II: 12:45 am John Legiizamo's Def Comedy Jam p. 14 The Takeover (R-1:41) "Spic-O-Rama (1:00) 12:45 Rosie Perez Presents 4:05 HBO Comedy Hour: 1:45 Dream On Society’s Ride p. 14 Larry Miller. Oral Sex, Lies & Videotape p. 5 1:28 Wild Zone (R-1:28) Just Words (:59) 2:45 Warlock p. 14 2:50 Immortal Sins p. 14 5:10 Diary of a Hitman (R-1:Z7) 4:30 In Country p. 14 4:20 Class Action p. 13 8 3E/4P W « R » «> AT* 7:00 am Testing Dirty p. 6 8:00 Babar The Phantom p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio I'll Be a Pirate! p. 14 9:00 The World Entertainment News Report p. 14 10:00 Feds p. 13 11:30 Innerspace p. 14 1:30 pm The Mission p. 14 3:45 CapUin America p. 13 5:30 HBO Family Playhouse: Testing Dirty p. 6 5:30 Feds p. 13 8:00 My Cousin Vimy (R-1:55) SEASON PREMIERES 10:00 The Larry Sanders Show The Breakdown p. 5 10:45 Dream On Oral Sex, Lies & Videotape p. 5 11:45 Hardcase and Fist (R-1:29) 1:20 am Scanners I (R-1:44) 3:10 Body Paris p. 13 4:40 Network (R-1:59) satur » S&r&M 6:45 am Pen Pals (:36) 7:00 6:30 am Feds p. 13 7:30 The Adventures of Tintin In His Own Words (:53) 8:00 Babar The Gift p. 13 Land ol Black Gold. ft. 7 p. 13 8:00 Babar 8:30 Pinocchio 8:00 Babar Monkey Business p 13 Find Pinocchio! p. 14 LaTbordeCelesteviHe p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio 9:00 The Mission p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio Be a CiownI p. 14 11:15 Batman Returns p. 2 Captured by Bandits p. H 9:00 Oily Oily Oxen Free (G-l:28) 1:301 |Mn Larry Miller (:59) 9:00 Class Act p. 7 10:30 Miss Firecracker (PG-1:43) 2:30 Feds p. 13 10:45 HBO family Playhouse: 12:30 pm Housekeeping p. 14 4:00 UfeStories: Families Testing Oirty p. 6 2:30 Diving In p. 13 in Crisis Mary-Margaret: 11:45 City of Joy p. 13 4:00 Shaker Run p. 14 Portrait of a Bulimic { 29) 2:00 pm Defending Your Life p. 13 5:30 Little Sister p. 14 4:30 Homeward Bound p. 14 4:80 Only the Lonely p. 14 7:00 JFK: In Hs Own Vtords (53) 64)0 Hanky Panky p. 14 5:45 Innerspace p. 14 8:00 JFK p. 14 8:00 Batman Returns p. 2 8:80 Class Act p. 7 11:15 Tiger Claws p. 4 10:15 Hot Under the Collar p. 14 9:45 The Five Heartbeats p. 13 : 12:50 am Hardcase and Fist (R-1:29) 11:45 Confessions of a 11:45 The Larry Sanders Show 2:25 Rosie Perez Presents Serial Killer 0.13 The Breakdown p. 5 Society’s Ride p. 14 1:20) in Scanners II: 12:35 am City of Joy p. 13 2:55 The Vercfict (R-2:09) The Takeover (R-1:41) 2:55 Only the Lonely p. 14 5:15 Dream On 3:05 The Larry Sanders Show p. 5 4:45 Rosie Perez Presents Oral Sex, LiesS Videotape p. 5 3:50 Wild Zone Society's Ride p. 14 5:20 Alien3 Bringing Screams 5:15 Alligator Eyes (R-1:41) to the Screen p. 13 m. 6:00 am The Official Story (1:53) : 6:30 am Oily (My Oxen Free (G-1:28) 6:15 am Miss firecracker (PG-1:43) 8:00 Babar Rhino War p. 13 8:00 Babar 8:80 Babar Conga the Terrible p. IS 8:30 Pinocchio Lost at Sea p. 14 Elephant's Express p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Sophia Sees p. 14 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 9:00 Reunion (PG13-1:50) 10:00 DARYL. (PG*1:40) Pinocchio Saves the Day p. 14 11:00 Class Act p. 7 12:00 The Addams Family

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7:00 am The Adventures ol Tintin 6:15 am The Nutcracker Prince p. 14 6:30 am Rustlers' Rhapsody p. 14 The Black Island q.\3 7:30 The Adventures of Tintin 8:00 Babar Double the Guards p. 13 8:00 Babar King Tuttle's tote p. 13 LandofBlackGoU.Pt. 2 p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio Filthy Rich p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio 8:00 Babar The Intruder p. 13 9:00 Mr. & Mrs. Bridge p. 14 Guardian ol the Tomb p. 14 8:30 PinocchO The Princess 11:15 HBO Family Playhouse: 9:00 Hanky Panky p. 14 and the Dragon p. 14 Testing Dirty p. 6 10:45 Little Sister p. 14 9:00 VOyager p. 14 12:15 pm City of Joy p. 13 12:30 pm A Private Matter (PG13-129) 11:00 Shaker Run p. 14 2:30 Class Act p. 7 2:00 Innerspace p. 14 12:30 pm JFK: In His Own Words (:53) 4:15 Batman Returns p. 2 4:00 Diving In p. 13 1:30 Captain America p. 13 6:30 Modern Problems p. 14 5:30 Star Trek VI: 3:00 The Addams Family p. 13 8:00 Out for Justice p. 14 The Undiscovered Country p. 14 4:45 Feds p. 13 9:30 Body Parts p. 13 7:30 Alien3 Bringing Screams 6:15 Poltergeist III p. 14 11:00 Class Act p. 7 to the Screen p. 13 8:00 Split Second p. 7 12:40 am Paint It Buck p. 14 HBO OPENING NIGHT 9:30 Confessions of a 2:25 Rosie Perez Presents 8:00 Alien1 p. 3 Serial Killer p. 13 Society's Ride p. 14 10:00 HBO Comedy Hour: 11:00 Martial Law II p. 14 2:55 Batman Returns p. 2 A New York Night - LIVEI p. 4 12:30 am Tiger Claws p. 4 5:05 OreamOn 11:00 Thiel of Hearts p. 14 2:05 The Larry Sanders Show p. 5 The French Conception p. 5 12:45 am Dream On French Conception p. 5 2:35 Act of Piracy p. 13 5:35 HBO Comedy Hour: 1:15 Out (or Justice p. 14 4:20 Rosie Perez Presents John Leguizamo's 2:50 Almost Pregnant p. 13 Society's Ride p. 14 “Spic-O-Rama" (1:00) 4:20 Star Trek VI p. 14 4:50 Split Second p. 7 WKDNESOAY 6:45 am Pen Pals (:36) 6:45 am The Nutcracker Prince p. 14 6:45 am The Adventures of Tintin 7:30 Shakespeare-The Animated 8:00 Babar Special Debwry p. 13 The Black Island p 13 Tales fteW?M0AH:28) 8:30 Pinocchio Over the Sea... p. 14 7:38 The Baby-sitters Club 8:00 Babar 9:00 World Entertainment News p. 14 Dawn Saves the Trees (:29) Remember When... p. 13 10:00 See \toi in the Morning p. 14 8:00 Babar To JMorNot p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio nu Must 12:80 Little Sister p. 14 8:30 Pinocchio Be BrM. Pinocchio! p. 14 1:45 pm The Competition (PG-2:05) Down With Sneeroff p. 14 9:00 Defending Your Life p 13 4:00 Innerspace p. 14 9:00 Class Act p. 7 11:00 Otvino In p. 13 6:00 LifaStories MaryMargarei 11:00 Hanky Panky p. 14 12:30 pm Convicts on the Street (:59) Portrait of a 8ulmc(: 29) 1:00 pm Larry Miller (:59) 1:30 • Star Trek VI p. 14 6:30 Annie Hall p. 13 2:00 Homeward Bound p. 14 3:30 Mr. Bean (:25) 8:00 Warlock p. 14 3:30 Modem Problems p. 14 4:00 Only the Lonely p. 14 10:00 The Larry Sanders Show p. 5 5:00 Class Act p. 7 6:00 Defending Your Life p. 13 10:30 Dream On 7:00 Star Trek VI: 8:00 Alien3 p. 3 Depth Be Not Proud p. 5 The Undiscovered Country p. 14 10:00 Barbarians at the Gate (1:47) 11:80 Tales From the Crypt 9:00 Blackbelt p. 13 11:50 Positively True Adventures of Werewolf Concerto p. 14 10:30 Russell Simmons' the Alleged Texas Cheerleader- 11:30 Spit Second p. 7 Del Comedy Jam p. 14 Murdering Mom (1:39) 1:80 am Llvin' Large p. 14 11:00 Hot Under the Collar p. 14 1:30 am Alligator Eyes (R-1:41) 2:35 Rosie Perez Presents 12:35 am The Five Heartbeats p. 14 3:15 The Larry Sanders Show p. 5 Society's Rida p. 14 2:35 Dream On p. 5 3:45 Convicts on the Street (:59) 3:05 Inc&an Runner p. 14 3:05 Confessions/Serial Killer p. 13 4:45 Alien3 p. 3 5:10 Martial Law II p. 14 4:35 Firehead (R-1:27) 10 3E/4P Every Saturday A New Movie on HBO! JUN8 5 Batman Returns JUNI 12 Alien3 tT HBO Comedy it. i Hour: A New fete JBr 1 Yotfc Night— Hr tSEJ Live! u# JUNI 19 / Prelude L —j to a Kiss WoM Premlero Tlla 4 C1892 DC COMC8 INC. PRiOAY 6:15 am The Acdams Family p. 13 8:00 Babar flfff CelesteviUe Enquirer p. 13 8:30 Pinocchio The Evil Spirit p. 14 9:00 Shaker Run p. 14 10:30 City ol Joy p. 13 1:00 pm Voyager p. 14 3:00 Rustlers' Rhapsody p. 14 4:30 The Addams Family p. 13 6:15 Captain America p. 13 8:00 Split Second p. 7 9:30 Aien’ p. 3 11:30 The Larry Sanders Show p 5 12:00 RusseR Simmons' Del Comedy Jam p. 14 12:30 am Rosie Perez Presents Society’s Ride p 14 1:00 Act of Piracy p. 13 2:45 Paint It Black p. 14 4:30 Howling VI (R-1:41) 6:15 am Only the Lonely p. 14 6:00 am Oily Oily Oxen Free (6-1:28) 6:001 mi Innerspace p 14 8:00 Babar The Coin i13 7:30 The Adventures of Tintin 8:00 HBO Comedy Hour: 8:30 Pinocchio Dream Man p. 14 Flight 714. Part I p 13 Larry Miller.. 9:00 Prelude to a Kiss p. 3 8:00 Babar Just Words (:59) 11:00 Housekeeping p. 14 MyOmnerWithRataxesp.to < 9:00 Wimbledon '93 (LIVE) p. 6 1:001 mi Convicts on the Street: 8:30 Pinocchio 2:001 M< Little Sister p. 14 One Year on Parole (:59) The Fortress Snowstorm p. 14 : 3:30 Feds p 13 2:00 The Nutcracker Prince p. 14 9:00 Outch (PG13-1:47) 5.H0 Star Trek Vt 3:15 Poltergeist mp.14 11:00 Batman

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HBO again brings you great tennis from Wimbledon—but you'll see it in a great new way! In the first • week, when upsets occur and big | names can fall see it LIVE, five \ hours each day. jfZ-r And every gc- ' ning that week* there’s an hott of highlights with host ' Andrea Joyce.it’s the best coverage any plnce, right through to the men’s semifinals. June 21, 22232425282^.30: July 12 P HBO FAMILY PUYHOUSE TESTING DIRTY ■Will is a top high school student and champion swimmer : \vho*J^esi^t-dodrugftSp dou his school's new random HBO Fg«|p|i Every morning there’s an hour of great children's programming. | It's entertaining, Informative and | commercial-free. 8:00/7:00a.m. Central HBO-F AM I I, V don't »«»** *hese other great family shows this monthr^^ Shakespeare—The Animated Tales: Twelfth Night Big Apple Circus The Baby-sitters Club; Dawn Saves the Trees Babar Pinocriiio 6 SPLIT SECOND RUTGER HAUER I -ondori, 2008. A serial kilfcr is ripping the hearts out of the (citizens, and no onfe can stop hirii! No one, thit is, except j Rutger Hauer, |atpugh,mav-lerickcop witha ichic link to the Icr ami a |KT-I spiial reason for finding him. (AL, GV,BN) $-1:27. June ! 13.16,18222810 HBO Exclusive Premieres June I 3 CLASS ACT Duncan’s a rich, smart nerd who doesn’t know anything about being black. Blade is a streetwise guy from the ’hood. When their school records get mixed up and they.trade places in class, watch out! (AS&L) Pfrj3j 1:38. June6,lt3^t?i||^ 2226P®UEk) HBO Exclusive Premieres June 6 Four young Harlem men face their futures with differing ambitions. Q (Omar Epps) dreams of being a disc jockey. WTien his friends want him to join in a robbery, can he refuse and keep their respect? IAL,V) R-l:31. June 202428 Ef 7

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Featuring: Plus special Kevin Nealon surprise gut Paula Peundftone SATURDAY, Julia Sweeney JUNK 12 STARRING and Musical An all-star celehnt- Dennis Miller Director tion! N.Y.’s comedy Paul Rodriguez Paul Shaffer festival goes out with a Rita Rudner bang with this LIVE Steven Wright grand finale hosted by Alan King. Stand-up stars Dennis Miller, Paul Rodriguez, ITTT^p: Rita Rudner and Steven Wright will 1 ■ I » ' perform—along with comedy reports BRVn|1n|T from around town by l*aula Pounds! one! I IIHVM JIIL (AL,AH) 1:00. HBO June 12.21.29 £30 THURSDAY NIGHT PRIME Two-fisted acilon and sci-fl on HBO! June 10 Martial Law lls Undercover Jane 17 Blackbelt Jane 24 Highway to Hell TIGER CLAWS CYNTHIA ROTHROCK Martial arts queen Cynthia Rothrock stars in this action thriller as a New York City cop on the trail of a serial killer who leaves a tiger daw mark on all his victims. (AL,V) R-l:29. HBO June 3,7,13,21,25,30 P ct/pt) "A breakout ipf hit"(TVGuide). ■\y URRY SANDERS "Brilliant comedy (The Boston Herald) ^O-minute spedol, bo

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 EXTRAS. The Godfather Pari III Al Pacino wants to strike a deal with the Vatican! (AL, V) R-2:42. June 21,26,29{?m E3 Hanky Panky A fast-paced thriller with Gene Wilder and Gilda Radner. (AL.Z) PG-1:47. June 3,8.12,172025VB HBO First Look Last Action Hero Inside story of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s newest movie. :30. June 2528,30O Highway to Hell Two eloping teens take a short cut through the desert that leads them right to Hell in this horror comedy. (ASALV)R-V3Q. June24.30QM Homeward Bound David Soul must face up to Me when tragedy strikes his family. Sensitive drama 1:32. June 4.8.1727 Hot Under the Collar His dream girl is In a convent! How can he steal her away? (ASMBN)MZ7. June 5,8.17,21 Qf* Housekeeping Christine Lahti is a free spirit who floats into a rural Pacific town to care for her orphaned teenage nieces. (AS.AL) PG-1:56. June 1.7,19.23Qm Immortal Sira Spirit of pagan priestess haunts the descendant of man who kAed her. (AL.MV.N) R-1:26. June 4.9 GD In Country Powerful tale of young girl's quest for answers in the wake of Vietnam War. (ASAL.V)Mtt- June3.19Qm The Indian Runner Drama about conflict between two brothers. Directed by Sean Pena (ASMM)Km. June 10.16m Inneispace Wacky sci-fi as Dennis Quaid is shrunk and injected into Martin Short's body! (ASALMV.BN) PG-2:0D. June 2.6,10,12.16,21,29 pH) IS JFK Director Oliver Stone's controversial blockbuster about the JFK assassination. (ASM, V) R-3:09. June 7Q GSGsl The Josephine Baker Story HBO Origb nal Movie The '20s entertainer whose liberated lifestyle shocked the world. (ASM.N) R-2.09. June 27Q OE3 Little Sister Fiat house romp. (ASM) PG-13; 1:31 .June 3.7,12.16,21,2427ft LivnT Large A homeboy makes it big in the white world. Infectiously funny com-jedy. (ASA; R-132. June 5,11,16 E9 Martial Law II: Undercover LA cop i Cynthia Rothrock goes under cover to investigate the death of a buddy. (ASM, V. BN) R-1:28. June 10,13,16.19,25.29(\ Meatballs 4 Teen favorite Corey Feldman in wet 'n' wild summer camp fun. (ASM,N) R-1:29 June 30 p O The Mission Epic tale of South America in the 1800s. Robert De Niro stars. l(ASV'N) PG-2:05 June 2.8QMIS Modem Problems Chevy Chase comedy. : (ALAH) PG-1:29. June5.11.14.172327 Mr. & Mrs. Bridge Paul Newman, Jo-: anne Woodward as very proper Kansas : City couple in the 1930s. (ASM,BN) PG-13; 2:05 June5,11, U.29QW Night of the Warrior Kickboxer Lorenzo ■ Lamas wants out of the bloody fight : game. (V.BN) R-1:40. June 1 n ' The Nutcracker Prince Amnated fairy ■ tale. G-1:13. June 1,13.16,1925QE3 Only the Lonely Domineering Mom : (Maureen O’Hara) stands between John : Candy and his dream girl. (ASM) ■ PG-13; 1:45. June 6,10,15.19,25 p EB Out for Justice Steven Seagal is after a : psycho who killed his partner. (AS.ALGV) : R-131. June 4,9.12,14,22 I Paint It Black Disturbed youth repays : man who saved his life—with murder. : (AL.GV.N) R-1:41. June 14.1828HB Pinocchio Animated series based on •' family classic. :23. June 1-20; 26-30Q Poltergeist III Chiller! (ASM) PG-13: 1:38. June 3.9,13.1922,28Qm\B ; Rule Perez Presents Society's Ride : World of rap music, urban hip-hop and : house dancing. (ALAH) :30. June 4. : 6,7.9:11.13.14,16:182021,23Q Russell Simmons'Del Comedy Jam : Warning: adults-only humor! :29. ; June 4,10:11.17:18,24; 25 Qf* Rustlers' Rhapsody Affectionate parody of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry shoot-'em-ups. Tom Berenger stars. (ALAH, V) PG-129. June 5,9, U, 1827Q OS See You in the Morning Romantic drama of divorce and remarriage. Jeff Bridges and Farrah Fawcett (ASM) PG-13:1:59. June 4,16,20,24 Shaker Run Two U.S. race car drivers get involved in smuggling a deadly virus. (AS,AL.\/)V.30. June 1,7.13.18,26 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country last voyage of Starship Enterprise wll decide fate of the Universe! (ASALV) PG-153. June 4.1215,172127.30QBSt3 Stone Cold Maverick cop Brian Bos-worth infiltrates a gang of ouilaw bikers. (AL.V.N) H-V.32. June4.10.28m Tales From the Crypt Campy horror wifi top Hollywood stars. (ASM.GV) 20. June 4.9,29:16,19:2326; 30QW& Thief of Hearts Her journals record her fantasies. When they're stolen and read by a thief, he decides to meet her. (ALV, N.SC)R-VAQ. June 12.20.29QW&i Voyager Sam Shepard stars as a man on a voyage of self-discovery. (AS) PG-13:1:54. June 9.13.18,29 PHI Warlock “A Terminatorwifa witches..." (NY. Daily News). Action-packed fantasy. (ASM, V) R-1:43. June 3.16.22 HI The World Entertainment News Report New each week! 1:00. June 29,1620 rwax Mote: woita 1 caMn IrOiOM *« rsa-fli jij nPPc-JleC ASWIlOlAm At AlIU! Jl-JaVJO. All V VOMO MV UK rtWme OV Gophc i7 Ha rfidiio uuio* 17 a lrdaM«M MfVKa muk c* aw fcatontf Corowino t-ntlul* UMt Maan OHW'OM >10 WMaCnwannaliilinKtMkaw KIO IMX'II f« eijM U — I wlmliM IC^I 01 HVWlMUOialOiKW FttoloCiwint: F*—*towrn*Ns/*UYt ftcnriKi:* l-SO Fenl, Ptertiouse: HBO Original Movie BLUE ICE Plus Now Episodes Russoll Simmons' Dot

HBO Guide October 1993 - Page section : 003

Starts SATURDAY, October 9 , HBO COMEDY SPECIAL One of the world’s most talented comic actresses plays flvc roles in three tales of the Big Apple. Tracey Ullman is a snooty British magazine editor, her working-dass mother, a Wisconsin tourist, an opinionated I^ong Islander and a jinxed Broadway stir. With Jill Kikenberrv, Blythe Danner. 1:00.11BO OcL9,12,15, c-yg---------- 18^1,24,27 wwmwmmy po bad to back! Starting October 6, AU-NEW EPISODES! Every Wednesday Night. The Crypt Keeper’s back for a Jiflh season on HBO, with a coflin full of new tales guaranteed to have you checking under the bed! Strong content. Parental discretion advised. (AS^AI^tSV) :30. Tim Curry, Yvonne DeCarlo. Oct.2,31; As Ye Sow Directed by Kyle MacLach-lan. OcL2Jl; Forever Ambergris With Roger Daltrey. Oct.2,31; Food for Thought With Ernie Hudson, Joan Chen. OcL6,S,9J2; People Who Live in Brass Hearses W'ith BUI Paxton, Lainie Kazan. OcLl3,15,16,19; Two for the Show With Traci Lords. OcL2Q,22J3,26; House of Horror With Kevin Dillon. Oct.27WO WBC Heavyweight Champion vs. FRANK BRUNO WBC #6-Ranked Contender I'ndcfcaied Lemiov Lewis makes his second title defense as lie faces the experienced Frank Bruno, who’s fought for tlie titk- three times before and is making an amazing comcluick. Tonight see why U'wis is considered the most dangerous right-handed puncher in boxing today! 1:30. PE3 WBO Heavyweight Title Fight IBF Super Middleweight Title Fight TOMMY MORRISON JAMES TONEY WBO Heavyweight Champion IBF Super Middleweight Champion vs. vs. MICHAEL BENT DARRIN VAN HORN P Tommy Morrison made a name for himself last June by beating George I W jffH Foreman. Tonight he takes on Michael Bent. Also, champ Janies Toneydefends ^E j '■■} JU the super middleweight crown he took ■i»« mmm Bowe-HolyTteld Preview

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