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HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 002

This Month MOVIES Acapulco Gold_____________________________________Page 17 American Gigolo___________________________________Page 19 Badge 373_____________________________________________Page 4 The Black Marble__________________________________Page 21 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid________________Page 4 Chapter Two_______________________________________Page 20 Close Encounters of the Third Kind________________Page 17 The Coyote’s Lament_______________________________Page 21 “Doc”____________I________________________________Page 16 Dreamer__________:______________________________ Page 17 The Electric Horseman_____________________________Page 15 ffolkes___________________________________________Page 14 Game For Vultures_________________________________Page 13 Go Tell the Spartans______________________________Page 9 The Hollywood Knights_____________________________Page 5 The Island___________________________________________Page 18 The Island of Nevawuz________________________________Page 21 The Jerk______________________________________________Page 9 Journey Back to Oz___________________________________Page 21 Just Tell Me What You Want___________________________Page 17 The Lady in Red______________________________________Page 13 Littlft Darlings Page 5 McLintock!___________________________________________Page 20 The Mountain Men_____________;____________________Page 21 Nothing Personal_____________________________________Page 22 Return From Witch Mountain____________________________Page 7 Rio Bravo____________________________________________Page 15 Sammy, the Way-Out Seal______________________________Page 21 Serial_______________ ._________________________Page 7 The Shining__________________________________________Page 10 Silent Movie_________________________________________Page 22 Skatetown U.S.A______________________________________Page 22 Smokey and the Bandit_________________________________Page 9 Some Came Running Page 13 Superstar Goofy______________________________________Page 12 Tarka the Otter______________________________________Page 14 Thunderbirds to the Rescue________________________- Pag© 12 onHBO Urban Cowboy____________________ Wholly Moses!___________________ SPECIALS Barry Manilow___________________ The Best of Consumer Reports _ David Letterman: Looking for Fun. HBO Sneak Preview for July. Heroes: Winston Churchill—The Private War . Linda Ronstadt In Concert__________________ Remember When On the Air___________________ Top Banana Burlesque Standing Room Only What on Earth? Answers to Questions You’ve Always Wondered About___________ SPORTS Championship Boxing: Marvin Hagler vs. Vito Antuofermo________________________ Wimbledon ’81__________________________ Page 6 Page 17 Page 19 Page 20 Page 11 Page 16 Page 14 Page 5 Page 8 Page 22 Page 12 SINGLE PLAYS Boxing’s Best: Muhammad Ali. The Candid Candid Camera _ Marvin Gaye Live Richard Pryor Filmed Live In Concert____________ The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh Part 1____________ The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh Parts 2 and 3. Star Trek—The Motion Picture____________________ Page 11 Page 17 .June 2 June 12 .June 20 June 6 .June 2 .June 3 .June 1 Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, On Location, HBO, SRO, are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life BkJg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. © 1981 Home Box Office, Inc. AD rights reserved. The HBO guide (ISSN 0272-1880) is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. J.0. Heyworth, President; Kevin 0. Senie, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary. Controlled circulation paid at New York, N.Y. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to HBO, Dept. P, Time & Life Bulking. Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020.

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 003

Badge 373 Robert Duvall Eddie Egan With a gun in his sock and a tire iron in his belt, a suspended NYC detective tracks his partner’s killers. Robert Duvall plays the maverick cop obsessed with revenge. Inspired by real-life cop Eddie Egan (The French Connection) who also appears. Adult situations and language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:56) June 2,6,8,12 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid This spirited, comic western of train robberies, fast draws and posse battles is one of the most popular movies ever. Paul Newman and Robert Redford portray two likable outlaws of the Old West’s sunset years. Katharine Ross completes the threesome. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-1:50) June 4,7,13,17,22 Mon June 1 Tues June»2 Wed June 3 5:30 SKATETOWN U.S.A. Roller disco (PG-1:30) p.22 7:00 WHOLLY MOSES! Inept prophet (PG-1:44) p. 17 9:00 THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS See page 5 (R-1:31) 10:30 HEROES: WINSTON CHURCHILL—THE PRIVATE WAR p. 14 11:00 STAR TREK—THE MOTION PICTURE Original crew on a dangerous mission. Only play date (G-2.12) 1:10 WHOLLY MOSES! Biblical hilarity (PG-1:44) p. 17 5:00 SUPERSTAR GOOFY Walt Disney cartoon (:47) p. 12 6:00 THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH Part 1. Disney tale in 1700s England. Only play date (:45) 7:00 BOXING'S BEST: Muhammad AH. Only play date. 8:00 BADGE 373 See page 4 (R-1:55) 10:00 THE MOUNTAIN MEN Violent trappers (R-1:47) p21 11:45 TOP BANANA BURLESQUE p.22 1:15 BOXING'S BEST: Muhammad AH. Only play date. 5:30 THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH Part 2. Only play date (:47) 6:30 THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH Part 3. Only play date (:46) 7:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW 8:00 LINDA RONSTADT IN CONCERT See page 5 (120) 9:30 THE BLACK MARBLE Funny romance (PG-1:50) p21 11:30 SILENT MOVIE Dorn DeLuise (PG-127) p.22 1:00 LITTLE DARLINGS Coming of age (R-1:32) p.5 Little Darlings Kristy McNichol Tatum O’Neal Summer camp becomes summer school as teenagers Kristy McNichol and Tatum O’Neal get their first lesson in love. After the two decide to place a bet, a race begins to see who’ll lose her innocence first. A high-spirited and frankly adult comedy about coming of age. Adult situations and humor, profanity. (R-1:32) June 3,8,11 The Hollywood Knights The year is ’65, and a club of car-crazy Cal ifomia high school kids is breaking up. Some are off to college, some are off to war. But before they go Tony (‘Taxi”) Dan-za and the Knights decide to wake up their Beverly Hills community with a night of outrageous pranks. Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:31) June 1,5,10,14,18 5:00 TARKA THE OTTER Wildlife adventure (G-1:31) p.14 6:30 SKATETOWN U.S.A. Rock music (PG-1:30) p.22 8:00 BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID See page 4 (PG-1:50) 10:00 NOTHING PERSONAL Lawyer and professor in a sexy comedy chase (PG-1:36) p.22 11:35 CHAPTER TWO Divorcee and widower face love’s hurdles (PG-2:06) p.20 1:40 McLINTOCK! John Wayne meets his match in Maureen O’Hara (2:02) p.20 SPECIAL.! Linda Ronstadt In Concert Here’s Linda Ronstadt—today’s queen of rock ’n’ roll in a complete performance from her 1980 concert tour. She can sing them all—rock, country-western and pop. Hear your favorites: “Mad Love,” “It’s So Easy,” “Just One Look,” “Blue Bayou” and more! June 3,7,11,13

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 004

Hard-hat days and honky-tonk nights as Texans set a lifestyle for America. Small-town boy John Travolta comes to Houston and discovers a modem world of action and romance. He shows his style at Gilley’s roadhouse on the hazardous mechanical bull. Debra Winger has a rough time as his spunky bride. Great soundtrack, including “Lookin’ For Love.’ ’ A du/t situations and language, violence. (PG-2:15) June 7,12,16,20,25,29 Fri June 5 5:00 THUNDERBIRDS TO THE RESCUE Puppet astronauts (1:31) p. 12 6:30 SUPERSTAR GOOFY Animated hilarity (:47) p. 12 7:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE 8:00 SERIAL Seepage? (R-1:32) 9:30 THE JERK Nutty travelogue (R-1:34) p.9 11:30 BURLESQUE p 22 1:00 THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS Nutty teens (R-1:31) p.5 2:30 HBO Late Night: DREAMER Bowling champ (PG-1:30) p.17 Sat June 6 1:30 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Aliens land (PG-2:12)p.17 4:00 NOTHING PERSONAL Madcap chase (PG-1:36) p.22 6:00 SILENT MOVIE Loud laughs (PG-127) p.22 7:30 RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN See page 7 (G-1:55) 9:30 BADGE 373 Cop’s exploits (R-1:56) p.4 11:30 RICHARD PRYOR Concert, Only play date (R-1:18) 12:50 WHOLLY MOSES! Dudley Moore (G-1:44) p. 17 2:40 HBO Late Night: JUST TELL ME Ali MacGraw (R-1:53) p. 17 Sun June 7 2:30 SKATETOWN U.S.A. Rip Wilson (PG-1:30) p.22 4.00 THE BLACK MARBLE Joseph Wambaugh’s crime and romance tale (PG-1:50) p21 6:00 BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID Notorious bandits (PG-1:50) p.4 8:00 URBAN COWBOY See page 6 (PG-215) 10:15 LINDA RONSTADT IN CONCERT “Just OneLook” (120) p.5 11:35 THE MOUNTAIN MEN Early West (R-1:47)p21 1:25 BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID Katharine Ross (PG-150) p.4 SERIAL Playfully jabbing at some prosperous Californians, their fads and life-styles, this wild comedy satirizes a world where everything is new and nothing lasts forever—especially marriage. Martin Mull plays the one relatively sane inhabitant who sees through the fashions and fetishes. Tuesday Weld, Sally Kellerman and Tom Smothers make up the exuberant cast. “Funniest American film since... Animal House” (K.C. Star) Adult situations and language, nudity. (R-1:32) June 5,8,14,20,24 Martin Mull Tliesday Weld Sally Kellerman Walt Disney Productions Return From I Witch MountaTril Bette Davis In this spirited sequel to Escape to Witch Mountain, a pair of young travelers from outer space meet some sinister forces on earth. Bette Davis and Christopher Lee play partners in crime who menace the aliens in a suspenseful sci-fi adventure. "Loaded with visual hi-jinks”(l/a/7e/y) (G-1:55)June 6,9,12,14,18,22,27

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 005

Mon June 8 TuesJune9 Wed June 10 ISREOIAU ON THE AIR The Story of Radio in America Dick Cavett hosts this exciting history of radio from Marconi to the end of big-time radio. Using newsreels, on-location footage and movie clips, Cavett highlights: Bing Crosby; Jack Dempsey’s historic title bout; FDR’s fireside chats; radio ’’bloopers”; Major Bowes Amateur Hour; the big bands; the mystery shows and much more. It was the magic of the airwaves, and it was wonderful. June 8,11,14,16,19 5:30 SAMMY, THE WAY-OUT SEAL Part 1. Animal fun (:47) p.21 6:30 THUNDERBIRDS TO THE RESCUE Rocket mission (1:31) p.12 8:00 REMEMBER WHEN: ON THE AIR See page 8. 9:00 SERIAL Sally Kellerman (R-1:32) p.7 10:30 LITTLE DARLINGS Tatum O’Neal (R-1:32) p.5 12:10 BURLESQUE p22 1:40 BADGE 373 Police drama (R-1:56) p.4 8 5:00 SAMMY, THE WAY-OUT SEAL Part2. Robert Culp (:47) p.21 6:00 RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN Disney adventure with kids from outer space (G-1:55) p.7 8:00 SMOKEYANDTHE BANDIT See page 9 (F*G-1:36) 10:00 CHAPTER TWO Bright romance from comedy writer Neil Simon (PG-2:06) p.2Q 12:10 THE JERK Zany journey (R-1:34) p.9 5:30 THE COYOTE’S LAMENT Chicken-napping (:46) p.21 6:30 TARKA THE OTTER Animal courtship (G-1:31) p.14 8:00 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Seepage9(R-1:53) 10:00 THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS Teen mayhem (R-1:31) p.5 11:30 McLINTOCK! Domestic battles (2:02) p.20 1:35 HEROES: WINSTON CHURCHILL—THE PRIVATE WAR p. 14 For the second time this year on HBO, Marvin Hagler puts his universal middleweight crown on the line. Tonight he meets arch rival and former title holder Vito Antuofermo in a scheduled 15-rounder, live from the Boston Garden. It’s a matchup between two sluggers who hit hard and often. They last touched gloves late in 1979 when Antuofermo (46-5-2,19 KOs) retained his championship against Hagler (51-2-2, 42 KOs). After their bout, each thought he had won and each wanted a rematch. This time it should be a battle. Barry Tompkins and Larry Merchant offer expert commentary. June 13 A lighthearted comedy spoof of the ways that people amuse themselves. And all seen through the eyes of that uniquely imaginative funnyman, David Letterman (Johnny Carson’s frequent guest host). Hilarious highlights include: rafting on the Los Angeles “River”; a tour of the movie stars’ homes in Beverly Hills; Fun Center in Hollywood; and “fun” places to eat. It’s a Letterman laugh fest, and you’ll love every minute of it. June 12,15,20,23,28 11

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 006

Mon June 15 6:00 JOURNEY BACK TO OZ Animated return (G-1:29) p.21 7:30 DAVID LETTERMAN: LOOKING FOR FUN Wry look at spare-time, p.11 8:00 GAME FOR VULTURES Seepage 13 (R-1:47) 10:00 THE JERK Bernadette Peters (R-1:34) p.9 11:35 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Burt Lancaster, an army officer in Vietnam (R-1:53) p.9 1:30 THE BLACK MARBLE Cop’s affair with young lady partner (PG-1:50) p.21 12 wiur (MEafiTH Answers to Questions You’ve Always Wondered About Science is in the spotlight and HBO is there with this informative look at the world around us. Are killer bees a real threat? Why are dinosaurs extinct? How much sleep do you need? Host Orson Bean unearths lots of facts about the planets, stars and ourselves. June 16,21,25,27 Tues June 16 5:30 SAMMY, THE WAY-OUT SEAL Part 1. Hilarious pet (:47)p21 6:30 THE COYOTE’S LAMENT Rib tickler (:46) pJ21 7:30 WHAT ON EARTH See page 12. 8:30 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS Sci-fi adventure starring Richard Dreyfuss (PG-2:12) p.17 11:00 URBAN COWBOY Oil-rigger’s life (PG-2:15) p.6 1:20 REMEMBER WHEN: ON THE AIR The magic of the airwaves, p.8 Thunderbirds to the Rescue Puppet astronauts take off . on an adventure to save SST passengers from a disastrous dive into the icy Atlan-fl tic. Can they do it? Special effects from the Academy]* Award winner for Alierwr (1:31) June 5,8,1if Walt Disney’s Superstar Goofy He may not be the most agile athlete in the world, but the Goof is certainly the wackiest. Goofy salutes the Olympics, from ancient Greece to modern day, in his own way—with side-splitting results. (:47) June 2,5 Wed June 17 5:00 SAMMY, THE WAY-OUT SEAL Part 2 Disney fun (:47) p21 6:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Footloose outlaw (PG-1:36) p.9? 8:00 SOME CAME RUNNING See page 13 (2:16) 10:15 TOP BANANA BURLESQUE Hot Box Burly Cuties. p22 11:45 BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID Newman, Redford (PG-1:50) p.4 1:35 THE MOUNTAIN MEN Wild frontier (R-1:47) p.21 Richard Harris Richard Roundtree A violent battle of wits between two men, this tough, action-packed drama takes place against the backdrop of an African terrorist war. Richard Harris stars as a mercenary adventurer dealing in smuggled helicopters. Richard Roundtree plays the fierce freedom fighter whose pacifism and sensitivity have been hardened by the conflict. Adult situations and language, graphic violence. (R-1:47) June 15,19,25,28 THE ISLAND OF NEVAWUZ Animated tale (:45) p.21 7:00 RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN Children’s magic (G-1:55) p.7 9:00 THE LADY IN RED Seepage 13 (R-159) 10:30 HEROES: WINSTON CHURCHILL—THE PRIVATE WAR p. 14 11:00 THE HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS Halloween pranks (R-1:31) p.5 12:35 THE JERK Ldony antics (R-1:34) p.9 Some Came Running Frank Sinatra Dean Martin A lonely, skeptical corporal returns to his Indiana home after WWII and soon becomes involved with two vastly different.women. This 1959 classic features Frank Sinatra as the ex-GI; Shirley MacLaine, a pickup from Chicago; and Dean Martin, a genial gambler who takes Sinatra under his wing. Aduitsituations. (2:16) June 17,20,23,28 The Lady in Red Pamela Sue Martin, “the lady I in red” who loved mobster ] John Dillinger, gets pushed j from nice girl to prostitute to criminal. This adult action film perfectly recreates the 1930’s gangster era of gun battles, sex and brutality. Robert Conrad co-stars. Profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:29) June 18,21,26,29

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 007

An offbeat soldier of fortune who loves cats and ignores women takes on hijackers menacing Britain’s oil supply. Roger Moore parodies his “007” role in this suspenseful comedy caper. Admiral James Mason faces Tony Perkins, the terrorist out to win a deadly game. Adult situations and language, graphic violence. (PG-1:39) June 19,21,27,29 Fri June 19 I 5:30 JOURNEY BACK TO OZ I Big-star voices (G-1:29) p.21 ■ 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN: ON THE AIR Fireside chats and other great moments in radio history, p.8 I 8:00 FFOLKES t See page 14 (PG-1:39) 10:00 THE SHINING : Chilling tale set in a strange I shutdown hotel (R-2.23) p. 10 12:30 GAME FOR VULTURES Guerrillas fighting violent war in the bush (R-1:47) p. 13 2:20 HBO Late Night: JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT j Romantic slugfest (R-1:53) p. 17 Sat June 20 3:30 SOME CAME RUNNING Shirley MacLaine (2:16) p. 13 6:00 THE BLACK MARBLE Cop’s romance (PG-1:50) p.21 8:00 RIO BRAVO See page 15 (220) 10:30 DAVID LETTERMAN: LOOKING FOR FUN "Fun” places to eat. p. 11 11:00 URBAN COWBOY John Travolta bucking the mechanical bull (PG-2:15) p.6 1:20 SERIAL Hot-tub fun (R-1:32)p.7 2:50 HBO Late Night: MARVIN GAYE LIVE The big hits including “What's Going On.” Only play date. Harka the Otter A young otter faces the onslaught of Man and the challenge of finding a mate in a live-action animal adventure. Peter Ustinov narrates this beautifully filmed odyssey through the lush English moors. (G-1:31) June4,10 Sun June 21 3:30 CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND Space landing (PG~2:12) p.17 6:00 FFOLKES Roger Moore in a North Sea adventure (PG-1:39) p. 14 8:00 THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN See page 15 (PG-200) 10:00 THE LADY IN RED Robert Conrad shooting up 1930s Chicago (R-1:29) p.13 11:30 WHAT ON EARTH? Orson Bean hosts a look at earthly phenomena, p. 12 12:30 GO TELL THE SPARTANS Vietnam drama (R-1:53) p.9 Heroes: Winston Churchill The Private War Though one of the most illustrious figures of our time, he secretly fought an agonizing battle with depression and self-doubt. Hal Holbrook narrates this moving documentary. June 1,10,18 14 *3- & V HBO Late Night 9- ☆ ^ ☆ Dreamer Bush-league bowler Tim Matheson aspires to a big-time career. Susan Blakely is there to cheer him along. (June 5,27) Just Tell Me What You Want Corporate czar Alan King gets into a romantic slugfest with sexy Ali MacGraw. (June 6,19) The Candid Candid Camera Allen Funt and his camera peep into some very adult places! (June 12) Acapulco Gold Double agents and double-dealing in the dangerous underworld of drug smuggling. With Marjoe Gort-ner. (June 13,26) Thurs June 25 5:30 JOURNEY BACK TO OZ Colorful return (G-159) pJ21 7:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY See page 16. 7:30 URBAN COWBOY Modern cowboy (PG-2:15) p.6 10:00 WIMBLEDON ’81 Same-day highlights, p. 17 10:30 WHAT ON EARTH? Planets, the stars and more. p. 12 11:30 GAME FOR VULTURES African terrorists (R-1:47) p. 13 1:20 RIO BRAVO Brawny western (2:20) p. 15 3:40 WIMBLEDON ’81 p. 17 A Holy Land tourist becomes a zany prophet when he stumbles onto instructions sent to Moses—and mistakenly decides that they were meant for himself. Dudley Moore plays the aspiring holy man. Richard Pryor and Dom DeLuise also pitch in on this biblical comedy. Adult situations, language, humor. (PG-1:44) June 1,6 The Special Edition Close Encounters of the Third Kind An Oscar-winning sci-fi epic is enhanced by new special effects and added footage. Richard Dreyf uss is memorable as a Hoosier trying to cope with extraterrestrial experiences. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-2:12) June 6,16,21,24 17 The world’s finest players gather each year for the sport’s most coveted prize. Jimmy Connors aptly calls it “the Olympics” of tennis. See the best at their best from Bjom Borg and John McEnroe to Chris Evert Lloyd and Tracy Austin. Arthur Ashe will be there for HBO to bring you same-day highlights of early-round matches June 22,23,24,25,26 and the women’s quarterfinals June 30. Continues into July!

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 008

The Island Michael Caine Modem pirates, holdovers from the 17th century, savage the Caribbean in this terrifying tale of menace and murder in the Bermuda Triangle. Investigative reporter Michael Caine sets out to unravel the mystery of missing tourists and soon finds himself entangled in a living nightmare. David Warner co-stars as chief of the buccaneers in this frequently grisly film based on the best-seller by Peter Benchley (Jaws). Adult situations and language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:54) June 26,30 Fri June 26 5:00 SAMMY, THE WAY-OUT SEAL Part 1. Wet guest(:47) p. 21 6:00 WAY-OUT SEAL Part2. Animal chaos (:47) p.21 7:00 THE COYOTE’S LAMENT (:46) p.21 8:00 THE ISLAND See page 18 (R-1:54) 10:00 WIMBLEDON '81 p.17 10:30 SMOKEYANDTHE BANDIT HBO Late Night: ACAPULCO GOLD Drug ring (PG-1:32) p.17 18 Sat June 27 2:30 THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN Cowboy & lady (PG-2:00) p. 15 4:30 SNEAK PREVIEW p. 16 5:00 RETURN FROM WITCH MOUNTAIN Delightful Disney (G-1:55) p J 7:00 WHAT ON EARTH p. 12 8:00 BARRY MANILOW Seepage 19(1:50) 10:00 THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN Willie Nelson (PG-2:00) p,15 12:05 FFOLKES Hijack caper (PG-1:39) p. 14 1:45 HBO Late Night: DREAMER Aspiring champ (PG-1:30) p.17 Sun June 28 3:30 RIO BRAVO Sagebrush saga (2*20) p. 15 6:00 DAVID LETTERMAN: LOOKING FOR FUN Imaginative spoof of ways people have ”fun.” p. 11 6:30 SOME CAME RUNNING Ex-soldier returns to hometown after WWII (2:16) p.13 9:00 AMERICAN GIGOLO See page 19 (R-1:57) 11:00 RIO BRAVO “Duke” Wayne and Angie Dickinson out West (2:20) p. 15 1:25 GAME FOR VULTURES Political thriller set in a volatile African locale (R-1:47) p.13 .Julian Kay is a special breed—boyish, sensual and professional. He’s a paid escort giving pleasure to wealthy Los Angeles women. Richard Gere stars as the good-looking hustler who makes love for a living. Lauren Hutton wants Gere too—but without having to pay. Intermixing murder and suspense with bedroom drama, this is a hard look at a sexy side of California life. Adult situations and language, violence, nudity. (R-1:57) June 28 Barry Manilow, one of the foremost names in the entertainment world, redefines the word “superstar” with each new triumph—in concert, on stage, in recordings, on television. Now see Manilow in concert on this HBO special. Here’s Barry at his best, taped during an actual performance of his smash tour, singing his greatest hits including “Copacabana.” Exciting, alive, energetic —that’s Barry Manilow, the star who relates to audiences of all ages. June 27,30 * [SPECIAL Barry Manilow *

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 009

Neil Simon’s Chapter Two Neil Simon examines love’s quirks and tribulations the second time around for widower James Caan and divorcee Marsha Mason. Adult situations and language. (PG-2:06) June 4,9,14 McLintock! John Wayne plays a cattle baron who’s free on the range but tied to a close post at home by wife Maureen O’Hara in this western comedy. Adult situations, violence. (2:02) June 4,10 j( I consumer Lmmm Highlights of past Consumer Reports presentsshows designed to help consumers get the most for their money. Is a cup of yogurt more nutritious than a glass of milk? What’s the best paper towel to buy? Is there such a thing as a “perfect” suntan lotion? You’ll find the answers to these questions and many more. June 29 The Best of Mtsumer Reports 5:30 JOURNEY BACK TO OZ Dorothy revisits (G-1:29) p.21 7:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY What’s new on HBO. p. 16 7:30 THE BEST OF CONSUMER REPORTS See page 20. 8:00 FFOLKES Action thriller (PG-1:39) p. 14 10:00 URBAN COWBOY Cowboy’s loves (PG-2:15) p.6 12:20 THE LADY IN RED Nonstop action (R-1.-29) p. 13 1:50 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY p.16 20 5:30 BARRY MANILOW Including “Copacabana” and "It’s A Miracle.” (1:50) p. 19 7:30 WIMBLEDON’81 Women's Quarter Finals, p. 17 9:30 THE ELECTRIC HORSEMAN Jane Fonda on the trail with Robert Redford (PG-2:00) p. 15 11:30 THE ISLAND Suspenseful tale of modem-dav pirates. (R-1:54) p. 18 1:25 GO TELL THE w . SPARTANS War drama in South Vietnam 15 years ago (R-l:53)p.9 Walt Disney's The Coyote’s Lament Mickey Mouse’s old pal Pluto tries to outfox some sheep-napping coyotes who crave lamb chops on the hoof. Grandpap-py, Pappy and Junior Coyote are delightfully dizzy. (:46) June 10,16,22,26 The Island of Nevawuz This clever, animated comedy shows what happens when a peaceful land is exploited by greedy men. Only the king’s nephew Otto can help. (:48) June 12,18,23 Journey Back to Qz In this animated musical delight, Dorothy and Toto travel over the rainbow to find again the Emerald City threatened by a wicked witch. Celebrity voices include Mickey Rooney and Liza Minnelli. Bill Cosby • is the live-action host. (G-1:29) June 15,19,23,25,29 01981 Walt Disney ... .. Productions Walt Disney’s Sammy, the Way-Out Seal When two boys sneak an injured sea lion into their home, pandemonium engulfs the town. Robert Culp plays the boys’ befuddled dad. Live-action Disney fun! (:47) Part I: June 8,16,26; Part II: June 9,17,26 The Black Marble }.A rumpled, boozy detective finds himself matched with a bright-eyed lady cop in a Joseph Wambaugh tale. Robert Foxworth and Paula i Prentiss find the L.A. police force a wild place to be cops and an even wilder place to fall in love. Adultsituations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:50) June 3,7,12,15,20 The Mountain Men Free, powerful and violent, these historic men lived as they chose. Charlton Heston and Brian Keith star irvthis brawling adventure about fur trappers taking what they needed and fighting Indians over what they wanted. Adult situations, profanity, graphic and sexual violence. (R-1:47) June 2,7,11,17,22

HBO Guide June 1981 - Page section : 010

lana Burlesque HUiWL'A. Burlesque at its best with an all-new production of Top Banana, the Broadway classic. Here is baggy-pants comedy, saucy striptease, lavish sets, glittering costumes and music by the great Johnny Mercer. June 2,5,8,11,17 Skatetown U.S.A. Tight satin pants, a rock-filled sound track and a California roller-rink are the ingredients for this pulsating roller-disco comedy. Adult situations, language, humor. (PG-1:30) June 1,4,7 Prof Roger Kelly needs a good lawyer. But a blond bombshell Harvard lawyer? Donald Sutherland and sexy Suzanne Somers unexpectedly team up to prevent the killing of baby seals. A dult situations and language. (PG-1:36) June 4,6 Silent Movie Can a washed-up director save his career with a film that says absolutely nothing? Mel Brooks hatches up a scheme to salvage a sinking Hollywood studio. Adult humor. (PG-1:27) June 3,6 Vuietj is the Spice of HBO... That’s one of the best reasons for subscribing to Home Box Office. Variety. You get movies: top flight movies. Sports: live and same-day events like this month’s Hagler title fight and Wimbledon (which continues into July). There are fascinating and informative shows, too, like Consumer Reports Presents and What on Earth? Exclusive HBO productions 22 like Remember When, the sequel series to last year’s award-winning Time Was. HBO Late Night on weekend and holiday eves offers special adult fare for the night owl. Late afternoon and early evening family films became a reality earlier this year, too. Of course, there are still the obvious reasons for being an HBO household. You get movies unedited and uninterrupted by commercials. And HBO schedules programs a number of times each month so you can plan your viewing and not miss a show just because you have something else to do one night. But probably the very best reason for choosing Home Box Office is the variety of the programming. No question about it: Variety is the spice of HBO. COMING ON HBO JULY 1-5 Wednesday, 1 5:30 SAMMY Pt. /.p.21 6:30 WHAT ON EARTH p. 12 7:30 WIMBLEDON '81 Men’s quarter finals. 10:00 THE SHINING p. 10 12:25 RIO BRAVO p.15 Thursday, 2 5:00 COYOTE p.21 6:00 SAMMY Pt. 2. p.21 7:00 CONSUMER p.20 7:30 WIMBLEDON ’81 Women’s semi-finals. 9:30 SERIAL p.7 11:00 LETTERMANp.11 11:30 FFOLKES p. 14 1:15 CONSUMER p.20 1:45 JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT p. 17 Friday, 3 3:30 CAME RUNNING p. 13 6:00 NEVAWUZp.21 7:00 SNEAK PREVIEW p. 16 7:30 WIMBLEDON ’81 Men’s semi-finals. 10:00 GIGOLO p. 19 12:00 URBAN COWBOY p.6 2:15 LEGACY (R-1:40) Saturday, 4 3:00 "DOC" p. 16 5:00 RIO BRAVO p. 15 7:30 CANDLESHOE Disney feature (G-1:59) 9:30 THE ISLAND p. 18 11:30 THE SHINING p. 10 2:00 DEFIANCE (PG-1:43) Sunday, 5 3:00 FFOLKES p. 14 5:00 CONSUMER p.20 5:30 SNEAK PREVIEW p. 16 6:00 HORSEMAN p. 15 8:00 SMOKEY & THE BANDIT II (PG-1:41) 10:00 BARRY MANILOW p. 19 11:50 FFOLKES p. 14 1:30 WHAT ON EARTH p. 12 23 Burt Reynolds Starts July 5th

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