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Highlights for June THE IN-LAWS Wacky comedy starring Peter Falk and Alan Arkin who get tangled in a nutty conspiracy. See page 4. More highlights... DR. NO Sean Connery stars as 007 in the first of the great James Bond action thrillers. See page 13. INTERNATIONAL VELVET Tatum O’Neal as a girl who loves horses in a sequel to the classic National Velvet. See page 17. THE WORLD'S GREATEST ESCAPES Hosted By TONY CURTIS Thrilling show. See page 11. WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS Caesars Palace Invitational. Top U.S. gymnasts in a graceful competition. Seepage 7. Home Box Office, Standing Room Only. H80. SRO, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. J. 0. Hey worth. President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary ©1980 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved 2 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL Lynn Anderson, Larry Gatlin and other singing stars. See page 8. THE Candid CANDID CAMERA Catch the third installment of the newest HBO hit with naughty Allen Funt. See page 13. BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS First in a series about boxing’s most popular divisions. See page 10. BRASS TARGET Was Gen. Patton’s death a cover for a gold heist? Sophia Loren, George Kennedy star. See page 21. SHOW STOPPERS Robert Klein, Ethel Merman and a stageful of stars sing the greatest Broadway hits. See page 16. CUBA Sean Connery in a tale of intrigue, action and romance during the Castro revolution. See page 20. ... and still more DOT AND THE KANGAROO A little girl lost in the Australian bush country is befriended by a kangaroo. See page 11. NUNZIO A retarded man in his 20s dreams he’s a super-hero in a warmhearted comedy-drama. See page 14. INTERNATIONAL DIVING Excitement and grace in this world-class competition from Guadalajara, Mexico. See page 15. UP FROM THE DEPTHS Horror and comedy as a monstrous prehistoric fish terrorizes a Hawaiian beach. See page 6. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life Bldg., Rockeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable TV company. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. 3 THE FRISCO KID Gene Wilder, a Polish rabbi, faces a very wild West in an offbeat comedy adventure. See page 9. WANDA NEVADA Peter Fonda and Brooke Shields search for gold in this comedy romance. See page 14. KILLER FISH An adventure in terror starring Lee Majors and some fierce piranhas in Brazilian waters. See page 20. WIMBLEDON Same-day highlights of early-round matches from the most prestiguous event in tennis. Seepage 19. THE ONION FIELD John Savage stars in a powerful drama from Joseph Wambaugh’s crime bestseller. See page S. THE INVISIBLE: Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Compelling look at primal forces lurking underground. See page 21. GREASE John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John star in this musical tribute to ’50s rock ’n’ roll. See page 9.

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3:30 BREAD AND CHOCOLATE Comic adventures of a poor Italian immigrant (1:50) p.10 5:30 MOONRAKER (PG-2:06) Only play date. 8KX) Tonight's Highlight: THE IN-LAWS High-flying comedy caper (PG-l:43)p.4 104)0 BETTE MIDLER ‘Trash with flash.” p.7 11:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE What to watch this month. 12:00 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Bizarre case history, p.12 4 Peter Falk Alan Arkin Anything goes in this madcap comedy adventure as inlaws become outlaws. The mysterious, loony father of the groom involves the dentist dad of the bride in a conspiracy carrying them from Washington rooftops to a banana republic. Peter Falk and Alan Arkin are hilarious as the mismatched pair. “Sidesplitting... wonderful comedy of errors” (New York Times) Mild obscenities. (PG-1:43) June 1,5,9,13,17,21,25,29 Standing Room Only: Red Skelton’s Funny Faces In his first TV special in almost a decade, Red Skelton stars in a dazzler of a comedy/mime show. Watch the finest artists in the field from Shields and Yamell to the whimsical creatures from Mummenschanz. Red performs many of his classic routines including the inimitable Clem Kaddiddlehop-per. June 3,7,11,16,20,22 The Silent Partner Elliott Gould stars in an ingenious thriller of money and murder—and how to get away with both. Gould is a mild-mannered teller, until bank robber Christopher Plummer gives him the chance to rip off his own bank. Strong language, brief nudity, violence. (R-l:45) June 3,9,11,15,19 A Different Story An old-fashioned love story with a newfangled twist. Boy meets girl; but boy is gay, girl is gay. Perry King is the man Meg Foster takes in as a new roommate. “Offbeat ... sexy, tender, very romantic (Los Angeles Times) Adult situations and language. (R-1:48) June 9,13,17,26 Consumer Reports presents: The Medicine Show From Consumer Reports magazine, here’s HBO’s exclusive new series of timely consumer information and money-saving tips. Learn some truth about over-the-counter drugs. Hard facts about cold remedies—and the real story on aspirin. It’s eye-opening entertainment and information. June 2,6,10,15,21 5 I The / Medicine I Show

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The Doobie Brothers In Concert Here are the rockin’ Doobie Brothers in one knockout of a concert. Hear all their biggest hits from “Minute by Minute” to this year’s Grammy Award-winning “What a Fool Believes”. Four musicians, nine years plus 25 million records sold adds up to one great night. June 4,7,9,11,15,20 Up From the Depths For a really different summer vacation, how about this Hawaiian beach resort where a ravaging monster wreaks havoc on innocent swimmers? Sam Bottoms, Su-sanne Reed and a gigantic prehistoric fish become amusingly involved in this horror-comedy. Profanity, graphic horror, brief nudity. (R-l :25) Juno 3,6,12,16 Tuesday June 3 Wednesday June 4 6:00 STREET KILLING (1:12) Only play date. 7:30 Tonight’s Highlight: WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS Part 2. The top American female gymnasts compete, p.7 8:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS The Medicine Show, p.5 9:00 ROLLERBALL A deadly sport (R-2:00) p. 12 11.00 THE BROOD (R-l:28) Only play date. 12:30 CITY ON FIRE Refinery sabotage (R-1:46) p. 10 6 6:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE Laugh with Stiller and Meara. 6:30 GREATEST SPORTS RIVALRIES Yankees vs. Dodgers. 7100 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES p.4 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: UP FROM THE DEPTHS Prehistoric monster assaults tropical paradise (R-l:25) p.6 9:30 SILENT PARTNER Clever crime caper (R-1:45) p.5 11:15 THE DEER HUNTER Powerful drama (R-3:03) p. 19 5:00 C.H.O.M.P.S. Canine comedy (PG-1:29) 6:30 WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS Part 2. America’s best, p.7 7:30 Tonight's Highlight: THE DOOBIE BROTHERS IN CONCERT All their biggest hits, p.6 8:30 KILLER ELITE James Caan in offbeat thriller (PG-1:58) p. 17 10:30 CITY ON FIRE Ava Gardner (R-l :46) p. 10 12:15 ROLLERBALL John Houseman (R-2:00) p. 12 Women’s Gymnastics Eyes of Laura Mars Faye Dunaway Here she comes. The “Divine Miss M.” It’s the wildly energetic Bette Midler in a tour de force special, one of the first superstar performances on HBO. Bette pulls out all the stops in this one-woman evening of explosive comedy, drama, music and madness. A concert very definitely not to be missed! June 1,7 7 Caesars Palace Invitational Part II. Watch America’s top female gymnasts hurtle through the air, do backflips on the beam and daring routines on the uneven bars. Stars like Tracee Talavera will battle for in-dividiual titles as these acrobatic women put on some of the most spellbinding performances in all of sport. June 2,4,8 5:30 BREAD AND CHOCOLATE Touching comedy (1:50) p. 10 7:30 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY The Coppolino case. p. 12 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: EYES OF LAURA MARS Murder and suspense in world of fashion (R-l :43) p. 7 10:00 THE IN-LAWS Alan Arkin (PG-1:43) p.4 11:45 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JUNE 12:15 BREAD AND CHOCOLATE Warm comedy (1:50) p.10 Offbeat thriller set in the exotic world of high fashion. Faye Dunaway, a top photographer lonely and vulnerable behind her chic facade, becomes the focal point of a series of murders. Tommy Lee Jones is the cop on the case. Nudity, profanity, violence. (R-1:43) June 5,10,14,18 The Bette Midler Show

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Friday June 6 5:30 JEREMIAH JOHNSON Robert Redford (PG-1:48) p. 15 7:30 THE MEDICINE SHOW p.S 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: THE FRISCO KID Comic yarn of a Polish immigrant in wild west (PG-1:58) p.9 10:00 UP FROM THE DEPTHS Terror at the beach (R-1:25) p.6 11:30 WALK PROUD ' Robby Benson (PG-1:38) 1:15 GREATEST SPORTS RIVALRIES Yannees vs. Dodgers. 1:45 HBO Late Night: GOLDEN AGE OF BUSTER KEATON NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL Barbara Mandrell Larry Gatlin Lynn Anderson Johnny Paycheck This HBO exclusive from the Grand Ole Opry House features some of the most famous Country Pop folks and their award-winning songs. Hosting are Grammy winner Larry Gatlin and Barbara Mandrell, who sings 1979’s # 1 country song “Sleeping Single in a Double B.ed”. June 7,10,13,19,21^23,25 Saturday June 7 2:30 DOOBIE BROTHERS p.6 3:30 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES p.4 4:30 C.H.O.M.P.S. Souped-up pup (PG-1:29) 6:00 BREAD AND CHOCOLATE Nino Manfredi as the gentleman tramp (1:50) p. 10 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL Best in country music, p.8 9:30 BETTE MIDLER p.7 11:00 THE DEER HUNTER Emotional drama (R-3:03) p. 19 2:00 HBO Late Night: HARDCORE p. 18 June 8 ________________________ 3:00 KILLER ELITE Robert Duvall (PG-1:58) p. 17 5:00 WOMEN'S GYMNASTICS Top female gymnasts, p.7 6:00 WALK PROUD A love story with Robby Benson, Sarah Holcomb (PG-1:38) 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: GREASE John Travolta in the film version of Broadway’s long-running hit (PG-1:50) p.9 10:00 KILLER ELITE A thriller from director Sam Peckinpah (PG-1:58) p. 17 12:00 ROLLERBALL James Caan (R-2:00) p. 12 John Ttavolta GREASE Olivia Newton-John An exciting, energetic musical salute to the age of rock ’n’ roll—and one of the most popular films of all time! Magnetic John Travolta plays gang leader Danny. Recording star Olivia Newton-John is both funny and charming as his innocent love. Stockard Chan-ning plays a touglj-talking high school senior. Eve Arden, Sha-Na-Na, Frankie Avalon and Sid Caesar are also in the dazzling cast. Adult language. (PG-1:50) June 8,12,16,20,24,28 The Frisco Kid Gene Wilder An offbeat comedy western —funny, exciting, touching. A Polish immigrant and a soft-hearted outlaw battle their way through gunmen and Indians to reach San Francisco in the Gold Rush days. Gene Wilder is the greenhorn who thinks California is near New York. Harrison Ford plays his bank robber pal. “Wilder is superb” (S.F. Chronicle) Mild vulgarities. (PG-1:58) June 6,10,12,14,18,22

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Part I. When Joe Louis, Jack.Dempsey and Rocky Marciano floored their opponents, they stayed on the canvas. In the first of six specials about the most popular boxing divisions, HBO again lets you see the awesome power of the greatest punchers ever] Curt Gowdy hosts. June 12,17 Part II. Quick hands, nimble footwork and deadly combination punches made champions of Muhammad Ali, Jim j Corbett and Gene Tunney. You’ll marvel at the ingenuity and tactics of these supreme heavyweight stylists. June 26 City on Fire A fiery disaster film in which an entire American city goes ablaze—the result of some unforseen “accidents”. Starring Shelley Winters and Henry Fonda. Profanity, violence. (R-l :46) June 2,4 . Monday Tuesday Wednesday I June 9 June 10 June 11 6.-00 THE IN-LAWS Craziness in world of international intrigue (PG-1:43) p.4 8:00 Tonight's Highlight: A DIFFERENT STORY Not the usual boy-meets-girl affair (R-l:48) p.5 10:00 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Drugs, sex, murder, p. 12 10:30 DOOBIE BROTHERS Hit recording stars, p.6 11:30 SILENT PARTNER Tense psychological thriller (R-1:45) p.5 10 5:30 JEREMIAH JOHNSON Will Geer (PG-1:48) p. 15 7:30 Tonight’s Highlight: THE WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPES Dazzling stunts by U.S.A’s greatest escape artists, p. 11 8:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS The Medicine Show, p.5 9:00 THE FRISCO KID Hilarious (PG-1:58) p.9 11:00 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL p.8 12:30 EYES OF LAURA MARS Faye Dunaway (R-1:43) p.7 5:30 DOOBIE BROTHERS Musical magic, p.6 6:30 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES SRO. His classic routines and great mime, p.4 7:30 Tonight's Highlight: DOT AND THE KANGAROO Lost Australian girl on a fantastic trip in a kangaroo’s pouch (G-l:15) p. 11 9:00 SILENT PARTNER Clever caper (R-l :45) p.5 11:00 THE DEER HUNTER Meryl Streep (R-3:03) p. 19 Bread and Chocolate Italian immigrant Nino Manfredi bounces through a series of comic situations.in order to survive in Switzerland and support his family back home. Manfredi is perfect in this drama of one man’s attempt to work in another man’s world. Adult situations, language. (1:50) June 1,5,7,13 The World’s Greatest Escapes Hosted by Tony Curtis Thrilling and chilling! This HBO exclusive features America’s greatest death-defying escape artists. Host Tony Curtis introduces Steve Baker’s re-creation of Houdini’s famous “Chinese Water Torture Cell”; and Thursday June 12 5:00 THE FRISCO KID Gene Wilder and Harrison Ford, an unlikely pair California bound (PG-1:58) p.9 7:00 Tonight's Highlight: BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS Heavyweights. Part 1. p.10 8:00 GREASE Sha-Na-Na(PG-1:50) p.9 10:00 HARDCORE George C. Scott on a trip through the porn world (R-1:46) p. 18 11:45 UP FROM THE DEPTHS Terrorized resort (R-l:25) p.6 Dorothy Dietrich, who escapes from a straight jacket while hanging from a burning rope; plus there’s lots more. It’s breathtaking and bound to astound the whole family. June 10,13,15,21,25 Dot and the Kangaroo A little Australian girl, lost in the bush, sets off on a fascinating journey in the pouch of a friendly kangaroo. Along the way they meet all sorts of curious creatures. Clever animation combined with live photography make for an enchanting film. Family fare. (G-1:15) June 11,15,17,25,28 11

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Powerful drama based on California’s longest criminal court case. John Savage is superb as an anguished survivor of a fellow cop’s murder. Based on Joseph Wambaugh’s bestseller, it’s a fascinating study of the devastating effects of murder. James Wood and Franklyn Seales co-star. Profanity, violence, brief nudity. (R-2:01) June 15,19,23,27 Guilty or Not Guilty: The State vs. Dr. Coppolino A probing look at one of the most infamous and controversial American criminal trials. This bizarre case history involves drugs, sex, hypnotism, and “maybe” murder. June 1,5,9,14 Rollerball James Caan is the star of a . violent spectator sport in the year 2018. But the bored citizens of this ‘utopia’ want more than just sport from Caan. Adult situations and language, violence. (R-2:00) June 2,4,8 ^rlday Saturday Sunday June 13 June 14 June 15 5:30 BREAD AND CHOCOLATE (1:50) p. 10 6:30 WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPES p. 11 7:30 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL p.8 9:00 Tonight’s Highlight: Candid CANDID CAMERA No-holds-barred version, p. 13 9:30 IN-LAWS (PG-1:43) p.4 11:15 A DIFFERENT STORY Offbeat romance (R-l :48) p.5 1:15 WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPES p. 11 2:15 HBO Late Night: THE SAVAGE IS LOOSE (R-l:54) 3:30 THE FRISCO KID Wild! Wilder! Wildest! (PG-1:58) p.9 5:30 KILLER ELITE James Caan (PG-1:58) p. 17 7:30 GUILTY OR NOT GUILTY Bizarre case history, p. 12 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: DR. NO Exciting James Bond thriller (PG-1:51) p. 13 10:00 EYES OF LAURA MARS Nail-biting terror (R-1:43) p.7 11:45 THE FRISCO KID Comic adventures of rabbi heading west (PG-1:58) p.9 1:45 HBO Late Night: MARTIN MULL 2:30 DOT AND THE KANGAROO Family fare (G-1:15) p. 11 4:00 DOOBIE BROTHERS p.6 5:00 WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPES p. 11 6:00 JEREMIAH JOHNSON Robert Redford (PG-1:48) p. 15 8:00 Tonight's Highlight: THE ONION FIELD Scalding tale of murder and justice (R-2:01) p.12 10:00 THE MEDICINE SHOW p.5 10:30 JEREMIAH JOHNSON Western locales (PG-1:48) p. 15 12:30 SILENT PARTNER Elliott Gould (R-l:45) p.5 The Onion Field 12 c^°'° THE CANDID CAMERA a The, Candid Camer Get set for another installment of HBO’s newest hit! Once again Allen Funt is le loose to catch people offguard in their funniest, mo adult moments. He creates the kind of outlandish situE tions that no one would ever want to be in. He’ll make you turn red, but mos ly with laughter. Watch as Allen hides his camera in some highly unlikely spots. You’ll do more than smile i the Candid Candid Camer you’ll roar. June 13,16,19,25

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When a con man wins an orphan at poker, it sets off an improbable adventure. ?eter Fonda and Brooke Shields are he unlikely but very likable pair. The I'harming story of their up and down re-ationship has the Grand Canyon as a magnificent setting. Profanity, adult relationships. (PG-1:47) June 17,21,23,26,29 A special film about a very special man. Likable Nunzio is physically mature but has the mind of a child. Filled with dreams that he’s a super-hero, he tries to act out his fantasies. His family, especially his brother, is devoted to him. David Proval and James Andronica co-star. Profanity, brief nudity. (R-1:27) June 19,23,27 Monday June 16 Tuesday June 17 Wednesday June 18 <»:30 GREASE j ohn Travolta (PG-1:50) p.9 ':30 Tonight's Highlight: INTERNATIONAL DIVING ! Olympic-class divers, p. 15 : 1:00 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES America’s funniest clown, p.4 >:00 GREASE I lockin’ musical (PG-1:50) p.9 ! 1:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA Ml new installment, p. 13 11:30 UP FROM THE DEPTHS horror comedy (R-l:25) p.6 5:30 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS Heavyweights. Part 1. p. 10 6:30 DOT AND THE KANGAROO Engaging tale (G-1:15) p. 11 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: WANDA NEVADA Con man wins lovely orphan at poker (PG-1:47) p. 14 lOKX) A DIFFERENT STORY Rare love story (R-l:48) p.5 12:00 THE IN-LAWS Madcap comedy (PG-1:43) p.4 1:45 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS p. 10 6:00 FRISCO KID Gene Wilder in the wild west (PG-1:58) p.9 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE Richard Harris returns to land of the Sioux (PG-2:01) p. 15 10:00 DR. NO Lively action thriller with Sean Connery as 007 (PG-1:51) p.3 12:00 EYES OF LAURA MARS Thrilling murder mystery with Tommy Lee Jones as the cop on the case (R-1:43) p.7 Nunzio Wanda Nevada Diving International Championships The Return of a Man Called Horse CAN-AM-MEX Meet. “It’s 33 feet up and 133 feet down.” That’s what divers say about performing off the 10-meter tower. World-class divers from the U.S., Canada, Mexico and East Germany will tuck, twist, somersault and cut the water in this major competition. June 16,19,20,22,25 Richard Harris plays an English Lord, once a slave of the Sioux, who became their brother. He comes back to the tribe to help re-establish their independence in this sequel to A Man Called Horse. Harris as John Morgan delivers a strong performance. (PG-2:01) June 18,22,24,30 Jeremiah Johnson Robert Redford A disillusioned soldier of the 1830s turns his back on civilization and becomes a trapper in the wilds of the snowy Rocky Mountains. In one of his most popular roles, Robert Redford is the strong, silent hero who must learn the ways of the wilderness to survive. Some physical violence. (PG-1:48) June 6,10,15,26 15 6:00 INTERNATIONAL DIVING World-class competition, p. 15 6:30 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL Co-host Barbara Mandrell. p.8 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: M NUNZIO New York family’s devotion to a retarded son (R-l:27) p. 14 9:30 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 “ 10:00 THE ONION FIELD Gripping tale (R-2:01) p. 12 12:00 SILENT PARTNER Susannah York (R-1:45) p.5

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Musical Moments from Broadway’s Greatest Musicals! TlieStais! The Songs! The Shows On Standing Room Only: SHOW STOPPERS Hosted by feoy Randall Sandy Duncan “Never Never Land" Peter Pan Richard Kiley “The Impossible Dream" * Man of La Mancha Robert Klein "They're Playing Our Song” They’re Playing Our Song Ethel Merman “There’s No Business Like Show Business" Annie Get Ybur Gun Andrea McCardle “Tomorrow” Annie Donna McKechnie “The Music and the Mirror” Chorus Line Maty Maitn “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” Leave It To Me Stubby Kaye “Sit Down, %u’ie Rocking the Boat" Guys and Dolls More Stars More Songs More Shows An All New, All Wonderful, Star Studded Spectacular June 22,25,21 | Friday Saturday Sunday June 20 June 21 June 22 6KX) DOOBIE BROTHERS Elder statesmen of rock. p.6 7:00 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES SRO. Finest in mime, p.4 8:00 Tonsil’s Highfight: ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST Winner of four top Academy Awards (R-2:14) p. 17 10:30 INTERNATIONAL DIVING p.15 11:00 GREASE Fun in the ’50s (PG-1:50) p.9 IKK) HARDCORE Adult drama (R-l:46) p. 18 2:45 HBO Late Night: WANDERERS (R-l:57) 16 3:00 THE IN-LAWS Comedy intrigue (PG-1:43) p.4 5:00 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL p.8 6:30 THE MEDICINE SHOWp.5 7:00 WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPES p.ll 8:00 Tonight’s Highlight: INTERNATIONAL VELVET Touching sequel (PG-2:08) p. 17 10:30 WANDA NEVADA The lust for gold (PG-l:47)p.l4 12:15 N-LAWS (PG-1:43) p.4 200 HBO Late Night: GOLDEN AGE OF BUSTER KEATON 3:00 DR. NO Action thriller (PG-1:51) p.13 5.00 RED SKELTON’S FUNNY FACES p.4 600 RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE Richard Harris (PG-2:01) p.15 800 Tonight’s Highlight: SHOW STOPPERS SRO. Famous Broadway stars recreate great musical moments, p. 16 9:00 THE FRISCO KID Gene Wilder (PG-1:58) p.9 11:00 INTERNATIONAL DIVING p.15 11:30 DR. NO 007intrigue (PG-1:51) p. 13 International Velvet Tatum A real winner and sequel to Elizabeth Taylor’s famous National Velvet. Tatum O’Neal stars as an orphaned American girl with a love for horses. She sets her sights on an equestrian championship after com- O’Neal Christopher Plummer ing to live with her Aunt Velvet in England. Christopher Plummer and Anthony Hopkins co-star. “A family picture beyond all expectations” (L.A. Times) Mild language. (PG-2:08) June 21,27,30 The Killer Elite ■ James Caan (Chapter Two) and Robert Duvall (Apocalypse Now) star as rival gunmen in a world of political dirty tricks. Duvall is out to murder; and Caan, to try and stop him. Bristling .r- action builds as the two lock J| horns in deadly battle. Directed by action-master Sam Peckinpah (The Wild Bunch). Violence, profani-'+i ty. (PG-1:58) June 4,8,14 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Jack Nicholson Already a classic, this film swept all the major Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (Jack Nicholson), Best Actress (Louise Fletcher). Nicholson gives a powerhouse performance as the lone free spirit in a mental hospital. Strong language. (R-2:14) Jun® 20,24,28

HBO Guide June 1980 - Page section : 010

Hardcore George C. Scott Strong, disturbing, very adult drama of a religious businessman’s search for his runaway teenage daughter. George C. Scott’s odyssey takes him through the jungle of pornographic movies and prostitution. With Peter Boyle. Much profanity, nudity, sexual references. (R-1:46) June 7,12,20,23 HBO Sneak Preview for July Starring Stiller and Meara. Pssst! Like to see what’s coming up next month? Then let comedy couple Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara give you the inside story about our July programs. Funny and informative, they’ll show you what’s on the horizon for movies, sports and specials. June 24,27,29 Monday Hiesday Wednesday | June 23 June 24 June 25 5:00 WANDA NEVADA Killers stalk Peter Fonda (PG-I:47) p. 14 7:00 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL p.8 8:30 NUNZIO Brotherly love (R-1:27) p. 14 10:00 Tonight’s Highlight: WIMBLEDON Highlights from the most prestigious event in tennis, p. 19 10:30 THE ONION FIELD Cops vs. criminals (R-2:01) p. 12 12:30 HARDCORE George C. Scott (R-1:46) p. 18 2:15 WIMBLEDON p. 19 18 5:30 GREASE Rousing musical (PG-1:50) p.9 7:30 Tonight’s Highlight: HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY Upcoming July programs, p.18 8:00 RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE Richard Harris (PG-2:01) p. 15 10:00 WIMBLEDON p. 19 10:30 ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST Jack Nicholson (R-2:14) p. 17 12:45 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR JULY p. 18 1:15 WIMBLEDON p. 19 5:00 NASHVILLE COUNTRY POP FESTIVAL p.8 6:30 DOT & KANGAROO (G-1:15) p.ll 8:00 GREAT ESCAPES p.l I 9:00 SHOW STOPPERS Ethel Merman and others, p. 16 10:00 Tonight’s Highlight: WIMBLEDON Top tennis stars, p. 19 10:30 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 11:00 INTERNATIONAL DIVING p. 15 11:30 IN-LAWS (PG-l:43)p.4 1:15 WIMBLEDON p. 19 From the action at center court to the Royal Box and bowls of cream-drenched strawberries, Wimbledon is tennis’ most prestigious event. Catch every important serve, slam and volley as HBO brings you same-day highlights of the best early-round matches. Bjom Borg, aiming for an unprecedented five straight titles, must hold off John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors. Martina Navratilova, trying for her third straight, will battle Tracy Austin and maybe Chris Evert Lloyd. June 23,24,25,26,27 The Deer Hunter The winner of five Oscars including Best Picture. Robert De Niro stars in this stunning saga of three young men and the traumatic effect of the Vietnam War. Oscar winner Meryl Streep (Kramer vs. Kramer) co-stars as the girl left behind. “Extraordinary ... a shattering experience” (New West). Strong language, graphic violence, war horror. (R-3:03)Juno 3,7,11 19 "w I w MUM Brooke Shields (PG-1:47) p. 14 7:00 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS Heavyweights. Part 2. p. 10 8:00 JEREMIAH JOHNSON Robert Redford (PG-1:48) p. 15 10:00 Tonight's Highlight: WIMBLEDON Same-day highlights of the best in tennis, p. 19 10:30 DR. NO 007 action (PG-1:51) p. 13 12:30 A DIFFERENT STORY Offbeat love story (R-1:48) p.5 2:30 WIMBLEDON p. 19

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