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Highlights More highlights... HERBIE RIDES AGAIN More adventure, laughs, excitement as the perky little “bug” aids a perky Helen Hayes. See page 5. MEL BROOKS FILM Three uproarious comedies: Silent Movie, Young Frankenstein, High Anxiety. See page 4. FM Linda Ronstadt sings as feuding deejays band together to save their threatened station. See page 7. I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Beatlemania explodes as ’60s teenagers try to get through to their four idols. See page 7. RACE FOR THE PENNANT: THE ROOKIES A look at today’s best bets and great rookies of the past. See page II. ROAD TO YUCCA LUNA Two kids take over a TV station. Madcap fun follows with stars Karen Black, John Byner. Seepage 13. WHERE DOES IT HURT Peter Sellers in a lampoon of doctors, hospitals and medical authorities. See page 9. THE CRAZY WORLD OF LAUREL AND HARDY Legendary clowns in their funniest film sequences. See page 14. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Oscar nominee Gary Busey in his highly acclaimed role as the rock star of the ’50s. See page 10. GIRLFRIENDS A moving and humorous drama about growing up and making it in the big city. See page 13. ABRACADABRA: IT'S MAGIC WIMBLEDON! SRO brings you master magicians The world’s greatest tennis. Same-from all over the world! Dick Cavett day highlights of the best opening hosts. See page 16. round matches. See page 18. 2 for June THE OLYMPIAD Jesse Owens hosts this Emmy Award-winning series, updated exclusively for HBO. See page 6. THE OMEN DAMIEN—OMEN II Gregory Peck and Lee Remick co- The child of a jackal, now 13, scores star in this powerful, very fright- against new victims in a horror se- ening thriller. See page 8. quel. See page 9. ... and still more WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS: PART 2 More of the great competition at the Dial National. See page IS. BLACKOUT The night the power failed—and the shocks began—in America’s largest city. See page 21. AN UNMARRIED WOMAN Jill Clayburgh faces her husband’s rejection in a film of great insight and humor. See page 12. STEVE MARTIN The zany Steve takes a close look at the funnier side of Eastern Can ada! Seepage 17. UPCLOSE Host David Sheehan takes you for a behind-the-scenes look at the Cannes Film Festival. See page 19. ACAPULCO GOLD Adventure drama of international marijuana smuggling starring Mar-joe Gortner. See page 21. Sean Connery and Audrey Hep- Suspense-comedy caper exposing bum in romantic sequel to Robin intrigue and deception in the world Hood’s story. See page 19. of banking. See page 20. EARTHQUAKE Los Angeles reduced to rubble in a disaster epic with big cast, bigger special effects. See page 17. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. ©1979 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. 3

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High Anxiety Mel starred, produced, directed, co-authored this hilarious psycho-comedy—even composed the title song, which he sings! Many of your favorite funsters join in the spoof: Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn and Cloris Leach-man as Nurse Diesel. How many references to the great Hitchcock thrillers can you find? “Get high on High Anxiety.” (N.Y. Daily News) Adult language. (PG-1:32) June 3,7,10,12,20,22,25 Friday Saturday Sunday Junel June 2 June 3 5:30 JONATHAN WINTERS’ SALUTE TO BASEBALL A little in left field, and you’ll love it! p.6 6:00 THE WAY OF THE WIND A man who “chucked it all” for the great adventure of his life (G-1:45) p. 18 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN Ken Berry (G-1:37) p.5 10:00 THE CHOSEN Will nuclear power bring the Apocalypse? (R-l :42) p. 7 12:00 A STAR IS BORN Superstars Streisand and Kris-tofferson struggle to save a marriage (R-2:20) 2:30 PSYCHIC FOLLIES SRO. Bill Bixby hosts. 4:00 LOVERS LIKE US Tony Roberts (PG-1:43) p. 15 6:00 COUNTRY MUSIC Roy Clark and others, p.6 7:00 DIVING Pros and amateurs (tape) Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN Classic parody (PG-1:45) p.5 10:00 LOVERS LIKE US Witty romance (PG-1:43) p. 15 12:00 THE GREEK TYCOON Jacqueline Bisset (R-l :46) p. 11 1:45 COUNTRY MUSIC Tammy Wynette. p.6 3:30 INTERNATIONAL DIVING Plus comic water show. 4:30 THE OSMONDS TV’s musical family, p.7 5:30 THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Clint Eastwood in top form Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 HIGH ANXIETY Mel Brooks spoofs Hitchcock (PG-1:32) p.4 9:30 THE BETSY Laurence Olivier and Jane Alexander (R-2:05) p. 15 12:00 GOLDEN RENDEZVOUS David Janssen (1:43) 4 Young Frankenstein Silent Movie Incredibly funny sight gags highlight Mel Brooks’ imaginative reworking of the great screen classic. Gene Wilder plays the title role; Peter Boyle is his latest creation. Marty Feldman is hilarious as Igor. Filmed in black and white to emulate the ’32 version. “Thrillingly crazy.” (L.A. Times) Mild vulgarities. (PG-1:45) June 2,6,10 iinffy The wordless (well, almost) adventures of down-at-the-heels director Mel Brooks and a desperate scheme to save a film studio —by making a modern silent movie with stars like Paul Newman in cameo roles. Marty Feldman and Sid Caesar are Mel’s silent partners. “Side-splitting.” (Gene Shalit) Adult humor. (PG-1:27) June 4,8,10 Walt Disney Herbie Rides Again That lovable little car with a mind of its own is back. Herbie, VW star of The Love Bug, thinks, flies through the air—even races up and down San Francisco hills. Helen Hayes is the nice lady living in a seedy flrehouse whom Herbie tries to help. “Grade-A Disney delight. (Christian Science Monitor) Family fare. (G-l:37) June 1,7,11,13,16,19,24 5

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THki(0%iMi5fedl Jonathan Winters’ Salute to Baseball Hosted by Jesse Owens, this superb series continues. Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin details one of the most dramatic Olympics. In 1936 he collapsed Hitler’s claim of Aryan supremacy by winning four gold medals. June 7,11 The Incredible Five documents a handful of legendary Olympians, including discus thrower A1 Oerter, the only athlete to win gold in four straight Olympics. June 14,18 The Persistent Ones looks at those who spent a lifetime in pursuit of a gold medal. Among them is runner Alain Mi-moun, who was obsessed with Olympic victory. June 21,25 He’s a one-man team! Zany Jonathan Winters opens the season with hilarious characterizations of slugger, pitcher, umpire—even avid fan Maude Frickett. Join him in left field for this fun-loving special. June 1,6 All-Star Country Music Festival The lineup reads like the Who’s Who of Country Music: Tammy Wynette, Mel Tillis, the Oak Ridge Boys, Roy Clark and Freddie Fender. All lickin’ and pickin’ your favorite country sounds! June 2,7,10,12 | Monday Tuesday Wednesday June 4 June 5 June 6 6KX) THE HANGING TREE Gary Cooper as frontier doc (1:47) p.10 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 SILENT MOVIE Bernadette Peters as Vilma the vamp (PG-1:27) p.5 9:30 THE END Sally Field (R-l:40)p.21 11:30 THE OLYMPIAD The Big Ones That Got Away. Photo finishes and controversial decisions in Olympics. 12:30 THE HANGING TREE Maria Schell (The Odessa File) (1:47) p.10 6:00 THE WAY OF THE WIND Classic adventure saga of the sea! (PG-1:48) p. 18 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 FM Martin Mull in behind-scenes tale of a successful rock station (PG-1:50) p.7 10:00 COMING HOME Oscar winners Jane Fonda and Jon Voight in moving love story (R-2:07) p. 15 12:15 LOVERS LIKE US Dana Wynter as Yves Montand’s chic wife (PG-1:44) p. 15 6:00 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN Peter Boyle (PG-l:45)p.5 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Beatlemania (PG-1:44) p.7 10:00 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN Cloris Leachman (PG-1:45) p.5 12:00 JONATHAN WINTERS’ SALUTE TO BASEBALL The zany comedian and baseball friends, p.6 12:30 THE GREEK TYCOON Wealthy jet set (R-1:46) p. 11 6 awjmm FM Martin Mull Top recording artists—like Linda Ronstadt —perform their big hits in this saga of a radio station with a crazy deejay staff. “Gifted satirical actors... Martin Mull has some very funny moments.” (New York Times) Language. (PG-1:50) June 5,9,14,16 I Wanna Hold Your Hand Six teenagers set out for the Big Apple in an undertaker’s limo to see idols John, Paul, George and Ringo on their phenomenal first visit to America. Hysteria and nostalgia. “Rousingly funny.” (Newsweek) Language. (PG-1:44) Jon® 6,10,14,16 ThP O^mOlldS Get set for an evening of musical fun with all the talented IIIC uo lUd Osmonds doing things you’ve never seen them do on TV. Here’s their slick, glittery nightclub act. June 3,12 The Chosen Man’s potential for destruction and the age-old struggle between good and evil are the background for this supernatural horror film. Kirk Douglas gives a powerful performance as the head of a nuclear power plant who suspects the presence of an evil satanic force in his son, Simon Ward. Riveting suspense! Anthony Quayle co-stars. Nudity, violence (R-1:42) June 1,7,9,17 6:00 ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL MelTiUis. p.6 Tonight's Highlight: 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin. Story of legendary Olympic gold-medal winner, p.6 8:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN Helen Hayes as “Granny,” the matchmaker (G-1:37) p.5 10:00 HIGH ANXIETY On-target Mel Brooks spoofery (PG-1:32) p.4 11:30 THE CHOSEN Anthony Quayle (R-l :42) p.7 7

HBO Guide June 1979 - Page section : 005

I Friday June 8 Saturday June 9 Sunday June10 THE OMEN Gregory Peck Lee Remick A diplomat secretly accepts a baby in place of the son he and his wife lose at birth. The horror begins five years later when Damien, an instrument of the Devil, begins to exercise his evil powers on those who suspect him. But how can you stop someone from the other side of Death? Gregory Peck is the father; Lee Remick, his wife. The spooky music by Jerry Goldsmith won an Oscar. “Brisk, highly professional thriller.” (Time) Strong violence. (R-l:51) June 8,12,14 6:00 THE HANGING TREE Gary Cooper in adult western (1:47) p.10 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 THE OMEN j Lee Remick and Gregory Peck I in a chilling supernatural drama (R-l:51)p.8 10:00 SILENT MOVIE Mel Brooks directs; Mel Brooks stars (PG-l:27)p.5 11:30 THE END Comedy about living with dying (R-1:40) p. 21 1:30 SILENT MOVIE i Anne Bancroft in a great night-I club tango (PG-l:27)p.5 8 2:00 THE WAY OF THE WIND Filmed on locations halfway round the world (G-l:45) p. 18 4:00 FM Crazy deejays (PG-1:50) p.7 6:00 TELEFON Charles Bronson in explosive thriller (PG-1:42) p. 11 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 WHERE DOES IT HURT? Witty Peter Sellers as Albert T. Hopfnagel (R-1:30) p.9 9:30 FM Martin Mull (Femwood 2-Night) (PG-1:50) p.7 11:30 THE CHOSEN Demonic force at work in a nuclear plant (R-l :42) p.7 2:00 SILENT MOVIE Dom DeLuise (PG-1:27) p.5 3:30 YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN A monster riot! (PG-1:45) p.5 5:30 HIGH ANXIETY Dick Van Patten (PG-1:32) p.4 7:00 ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Oak Ridge Boys, p.6 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 DAMIEN—OMEN II Baroque murders (R-l:50) p.9 10KX) I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Beatfes music (PG-1:44) p.7 12:00 DAMIEN—OMEN II William Holden (R-l:50) p.9 The first film was only a warning of more terror to come! Damien is back amongst us in a spine-tin-giing sequel to the scary Omen. The strange little boy, now 13, lives near Chicago with his uncle (William Holden) and aunt (Lee Grant). Shocks, thrills, tension and suspense underscored by great special effects. For all horror mongers. “A strikingly handsome film.” (Newsweek) Strong violence. (R-l:50) June 10,14,19,22,27,30 Where Does It Hurt? Peter Sellers Peter Sellers makes a laughing matter out of medical monkeyshines and bloated hospital costs. Sellers is a conniving hospital administrator who will stoop to blackmail, dally with willing nurses and even steal from a soft-drink machine. Jo Ann Pflug and Eve Bruce compete for Peter’s favors. “A lovely performance by Jo Ann Pflug.” (L. A. Times) Coarse humor, language. (R-1:30) June 9,12,17,20,29 9 DttflEN ©MENU William Holden Lee Grant

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All the joy and energy of early rock ’n’ roll are faithfully re-created in this musical biography. Gary Busey, nominated for an Oscar this year, portrays the Texan with a charming, relaxed quality. This is nicely balanced with the driving intensity he gives to his music. All the Buddy Holly songbook is intact: “Peggy Sue,” “Not Fade Away,” “Oh Boy,” “That’ll Be the Day,” “It’s So Easy”—and losts more. “Super soundtrack and a stunning performance.” (Kansas City Star) Language. (PG-1:39) June 13,16,18,21,24,29 The Hanging ltee Gary Cooper Gary Cooper lopes into town as a shy doctor with a mysterious past. When Maria Schell appears, he’s soon turned into a man of action. A good old-fashioned western. Adult situations, mild violence. (1:47) June 4,8,12 Monday Tliesday Wednesday June11 June12 June13 6:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN Disney fun! (G-1:37) p.5 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 WHArSUP,DOC Crazy Peter Bogdanovich hit (G-l:33) p.ll 9:30 THE GREEK TYCOON Raf Vallone (R-1:46) p.ll 11:30 THE OLYMPIAD Jesse Owens Returns to Berlin. Repeat of Thursday show, p.6 12:30 LOVERS LIKE US Catherine Deneuve and Yves Montand: a most appealing but odd couple (PG-1:44) p.l 5 10 5:00 THE HANGING TREE Karl Malden (1:47) p.10 7:00 THE OSMONDS Happy and wholesome, p.7 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT The Rookies, p. 11 8:30 HIGH ANXIETY Madeline Kahn (PG-1:32) p.4 10:00 WHERE DOES IT HURT? Peter Sellers (R-l:30) p.9 11:30 COUNTRY MUSIC Freddie Fender, p.6 12:30 THE OMEN True horror! (R-l:51) p.8 6:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN A VW with more oomph than most Cadillacs (G-1:37) p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY The late superstar of ’50s rock (PG-l:39)p.lO 10:00 ROBIN WILLIAMS (OFF THE WALL!) On Location. He’s manic, diverse and hilarious (1:00) 11:00 THE END Joanne Woodward, Burt Reynolds (R-1:40) p. 21 Telefon Soviet agent Charles Bronson is out to stop a defector from setting off 51 human time bombs—and ruining Detente. Donald Pleasence is the renegade who won’t come in from the Cold War. Bloody violence, language. (PG-1:42) Juno 9,20,28 Thursday June14 5:00 I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Teen dreams! (PG-1:44) p.7 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD The Incredible Five. Athletes who have become legends in the Olympics, p.6 8KX> THE OMEN Gregory Peck (R-l :51) p.8 10:00 DAMIEN—OMEN II Who can stop the forces of evil? (R-l:50)p.9 12.00 FM Exciting contemporary music (PG-1:50) p.7 The Greek Tycoon Sleek Jacqueline Bisset, widow of a U.S. president, is courted by a man twice her age with four times her wealth. Anthony Quinn is the golden Greek. Adult situations, language. (R-l:46) June 2,6,11 Gray Lady Down When submarine commander Charlton Heston and his crew are trapped beneath the icy Atlantic, the pressure soon starts to build—inside and out. A taut rescue film. Mild violence, language. (PG-1:51) June 17,23,28 What’s up, Doc A wacky comedy in the screwball style of the ’30s. Madeline Kahn joins Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal in some mad shenanigans involving four identical suitcases. “A total smash.” (Variety). Family fare. (G-l :33) June 11,15,21,24,27 Racefor the Pennant: The Rookies Ah, rookies. Their flaws are soon found: hitters who can’t hit changeups; pitchers who lose control under pressure. But some survive. HBO looks at the best bets: Scot Thompson (Cubs), Bobby Sprowl (Red Sox), Jeff Leonard (Astros). Plus see some past rookie bets that paid off—like Jackie Robinson. June 12,15,17 11

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Friday June15 Saturday June16 2:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN Disney fun (G-l:37) p.5 4:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Hear all his hits. (PG-1:39) p. 10 6:00 FM Eileen Brennan (PG-1:50) p.7 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 ROAD TO YUCCA LUNA Madness at a TV station, p. 13 9:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Gary Busey (PG-1:39) p. 10 11:00 THE END Myma Loy (R-1:40) p.21 12:45 I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND Good old days! (PG-1:44) p.7 5:30 LOVERS LIKE US Music score by Michel Legrand (PG-1:44) p. 15 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT The Rookies. A look at rookies past and present, p. 11 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 GIRLFRIENDS Poignant exploration of friendship (PG-1:28) p. 13 9:30 WHArSUP,DOC? Watch for that slapstick finale! (G-1:33) p. 11 11:00 COMING HOME Bruce Dern (R-2:07) p. 15 1:15 THE BETSY Robert Duvall (R-2:05) p. 15 An Unmarried Woman Jill Clayburgh Alan Bates She laughs, she cries. She feels anger, guilt and loneliness. She makes love, makes breakfast, makes do. Jill Clayburgh is brilliant in her Oscar-nominee performance of a woman coming to terms with her husband’s rejection. Alan Bates co-stars as the bright new man in her life. Also nominated for Best Picture and Best Screenplay. “Watching Jill find love again is a pure joy ... you’ll love it! (Liz Smith, Cosmopolitan) Nudity, adult language. (R-2:05) June 17,21,25,30 Sunday June17 3:30 LOVERS LIKE US International stars Deneuve and Montand (PG-1:44) p. 15 5:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT The Rookies. Some who hope to make it big in ’79. p. 11 6:00 GRAY LADY DOWN Undersea rescue (PG-1:51) p. 11 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 AN UNMARRIED WOMAN Bittersweet story of marriage breakup (R-2:05) p. 12 10:30 THE CHOSEN Kirk Douglas (R-l:42) p.7 12:30 WHERE DOES IT HURT? Jo Ann Pflug (R-l :30) p.9 Roadto Yucca Luna From those who gave us “Fernwood 2-Night,” it’s madcap mayhem on Home Box Office when two very “far-out” kids are given a TV station in a California desert town with the unlikely name of Yucca Luna. Their rich father wants them way out of his way—so he also gives them the task of producing a variety special. A zany staff (part Fernwood alumni), loco locals, and “imported” top name guest stars like Karen Black and John Byner combine their frenzy in this comedy of errors that will entertain you madly! June 16,20,24,29 Girl Friends An appealing and honest look at a single woman in the ’70s... surviving, striving for love, recognition, success. Melanie Mayron is memorable as an aspiring Greenwich Village photographer facing the fact she is now alone after her best friend’s marriage. Anita Skinner, Eli Wallach and Viveca Lindfors. “Full of life and love and feeling.” (David Sheehan) Brief nudity, language. (PG-1:28) June 15,18,21,23,27 13

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TUesday June19 Rock’n’Roll Reunion The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy Slapstick, antics and comedic clowning in the best Laurel and Hardy anthology ever fashioned! Enjoy the funniest film sequences spanning the entire career of this daffy, derbied duo. Narrated by Garry Moore, it’s a nostalgic delight for “old” Laurel and Hardy buffs as well as an irresistible invitation for “new” fans. A special tribute to Stan and Ollie —the legendary clowns. June 18,22,26,30 Robert Klein invites you to a class reunion. High Class, that is. Join him and top rock ’n’ rollers of the ’50s and ’60s —Little Anthony, Bobby Rydell and others—as they bring back those fabulous oldies but goodies. June 26 6:30 GIRLFRIENDS Highly praised at Cannes Film Festival (PG-1:28) p. 13 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 THE CRAZY WORLD OF LAUREL AND HARDY Garry Moore narrates, p. 14 9:30 GIRLFRIENDS Viveca Lindfors (PG-1:28) p. 13 11:00 THE OLYMPIAD Repeat of Thursday show, p.6 12:00 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Musical numbers recorded live on 24 tracks (PG-1:39) p.10 6:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN Keenan Wynn in fine Disney fare (G-1:37) p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Continuing competition in Dial National Invitational from Tucson, Arizona (tape) p. 15 9:00 DAMIEN—OMEN II Jonathan Scott-Taylor in title role (R-l:50) p.9 11:00 THE BETSY Tommy Lee Jones, Katharine Ross (R-2:05) p. 15 6:30 HIGH ANXIETY The Psycho-Neurotic Institute for the Very, Very Nervous (PG-1:32) p.4 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 UPCLOSE The Cannes Film Festival, p. 19 9:00 ROAD TO YUCCA LUNA Karen Black, John Byner. p. 13 10.00 WHERE DOES IT HURT? Can green stamps pay for an operation? (R-l :30) p.9 11:30 TELEFON Lee Remick and Donald Plea-sence star in tense international drama. (PG-1:42) p. 11 14 Coming Home The Betsy Jane Fonda and Jon Voight both won Oscars for their brilliant performances in this gripping romantic drama of two lonely people—each in their own way, a survivor of the Vietnam war. Bruce Dern co-stars. Adult situations, language, nudity. (R-2:07) June 5,15,23 Laurence Olivier stars as the rough-and-tumble founder of a Detroit auto empire. Taken from Harold Robbins’ bestseller, the film finds some very clanky skeletons in the closets of the very rich. Robert Duvall co-stars. Adult situations, some nudity, profanity. (R-2:05) June 3,15,19,23 I nifprc I jlro lie Catherine Deneuve and Yves Montand in a delightful romantic romp. Both are on the run from separate rat races but end up in his tropical island paradise. Adult situations, some nudity. (PG-1:44) June 2,5,11,15,17 Women’s Championship Gymnastics PART 2Tracee Talavera, 12, Jackie Cassello, 13, and Rhonda Schwandt, 15, look like elves. But as the Dial National continues they’ll show why they’re Olympic aspirants. Talavera excels on the uneven bars and Cassello in floor exercise, while Schwandt is an all-around performer. June 19,22,24 15 5:30 GIRLFRIENDS Melanie Mayron (Car Wash) (PG-1:28) p. 13 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:00 THE OLYMPIAD The Persistent Ones. Athletes to whom winning is all! p.6 8:00 AN UNMARRIED WOMAN Alan Bates (R-2:05) p. 12 10:30 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Moving portrait of a great star (PG-1:39) p. 10 12:30 WHAT'S UP, DOC Madeline Kahn (G-l :33) p.l 1 Jerry CooKe/Sl

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Abracadabra, It’s Magic! Hosted by Dick Cavett From as far away as Japan we’ve assembled the best magic acts in the world for this giant “puzzlement” show! Host Dick Cavett even performs some of his own feats of magic. The “best” list boasts a variety of illusionists including Japan’s Shimada, in company with the top acts of France, Polynesia, Germany, Denmark and America. It’s amazing, it’s illusive—it’s magic! June 24,28,30 Friday June 22 Saturday June 23 Sunday June 24 5:30 HIGH ANXIETY Mel Brooks spoof (PG-1:32) p.4 7.00 WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS Olympic aspirants (tape) p.IS Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 STEVE MARTIN (The Funnier Side of Eastern Canada) Tricks by a top zany. p. 17 8:30 THE CRAZY WORLD OF LAUREL AND HARDY The legendary funny men. p. 14 1000 HIGH ANXIETY Nervous comedy (PG-1:32) p.4 11:30 DAMIEN—OMEN II Lee Grant (R-l:50) p.9 16 2:30 GRAY LADY DOWN Ronny Cox (PG-1:51) p.l I 4:30 GIRLFRIENDS Directed by Claudia Weill, Oscar nominee (PG-1:28) p. 13 6:00 GRAY LADY DOWN Charlton Heston in suspense drama (PG-1:51) p.l 1 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 EARTHQUAKE The ultimate disaster film (PG-2:02) p.17 10:00 COMING HOME Sensitive drama of returning Vietnam vet (R-2:07) p. 15 12:15 THE BETSY Based on Harold Robbins’ novel (R-2:05) p. 15 3:30 WHArS UP, DOC Ryan O’Neal (G-l:33) p. 11 5:00 HERBIE RIDES AGAIN A perky little VW (G-1:37) p.5 7.00 GYMNASTICS Olympic tune-up (tape) p. 15 Tonight’s Highlight: 800 ABRACADABRA, IT’S MAGIC! SRO. World of illusion, p. 16 9:30 UPCLOSE From the chic Riviera, p. 19 10:30 ROAD TO YUCCA LUNA Madcap fun. p. 13 11:30 THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Don Stroud (PG-1:39) p. 10 Steve Martin (The Funnier Side of Eastern Canada) ! Meet maniac Martin in [ “Mountie” country! Zany ' Steve Martin was turned loose in Canada just before his “wild and crazy” career took off—and this HBO special is more proof of why he is where he is today! Steve’s j Canadian capers include not only his classic routines } (like Crazy Guy banjo player and arrow-through-the-head card-trick juggler) but a lot of new ones that happen as they hit him! See Canada through the wild eyes of Steve Martin! It’s different, daffy, and delicious! June 22,26,30 Earthquake Charlton Heston Cataclysmic upheavals, sky-scraping infernos and collapsing dams turn Los Angeles into “the city of angels”—literally. Charlton Heston, Ava Gardner, George Kennedy, Lome Greene and Genevieve Bu-jold are some of the familiar faces in this staggering spectacle. Terrific special effects add to the excitement. Disaster violence, language. (PG-2:02) June 23,26,30 17

HBO Guide June 1979 - Page section : 010

The Way of the Wind Catch every important bounce, backhand, slam and volley as HBO brings you superb tennis from Wimbledon, England. Exclusive same-day highlights of the liveliest, most significant early-round matches. There’ll be marvelous confrontations as established women like Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova battle each other and also try to hold off young Tracy Austin. Slam-bang, too, will be the men’s matches as Bjom Borg and Jimmy Connors unload their aces, lobs and forehand smashes—while keeping an eye on young John McEnroe. June 25,26,27,28,29 Fed up with the establishment, a young millionaire sets out on a daring adventure aboard a 60 ft. ketch. From California, through the Panama Canal to the Azores, Gibraltar, Malta and the isles of Greece. (G-1:45) June 1,5,9 Monday Tuesday Wednesday June 25 June 26 June 27 I 6:30 HIGH ANXIETY Are those pigeons inspired by The Birds'! (PG-1:32) p.4 8:00 HEROES Henry Winkler (PG-1:53) p.19 Tonight’s Highlight: 10:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 10:30 the Olympiad Repeat of Thursday show, p.6 11:30 AN UNMARRIED WOMAN Michael Murphy, Cliff Gorman (R-2:05) p. 12 1:45 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 18 6:00 EARTHQUAKE Lome Greene (PG-2:02) p. 17 8:00 ROCK’N’ROLL REUNION Little Anthony (1:12) p.18 9:30 STEVE MARTIN p. 17 Tonight’s Highlight: 10:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p.l 8 10:30 EARTHQUAKE Lloyd Nolan (PG-2:02) p. 17 12:30 THE CRAZY WORLD OF LAUREL AND HARDY p. 14 2:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 6:30 WHAT'S UP, DOC Terrific comedy with top-notch cast(P-l:33)p.ll 8:00 ROBIN AND MARIAN Richard Harris (PG-1:47) p. 19 Tonight’s Highlight: 10:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 10:30 GIRLFRIENDS Living and loving in New York City (PG-1:28) p. 13 12:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 12:30 DAMIEN—OMEN II Devil of a kid, played by Jonathan Scott-Taylor (R-l:50) p.9 Heroes Henry Winkler Robin and Marian “The Fonz” makes his screen debut with Sally Field (Norma Rae). Together, they hit the road to pursue his dream—would you believe, to start a worm farm? A love story that combines fresh, light comedy and poignant drama. Adult language. (PG-1:53) June 25,29 A very original retelling of a favorite romance as Robin Hood returns from the Crusades to settle old accounts with the Sheriff of Nottingham and finds Marian again. Audrey Hepburn and Sean Con nery make a most engaging pair. Adult situations. (PG-1:47) Juno 27 Thursday June 28 I ipc ^ |OSe Special Report 5:00 TELEFON Foreign intrigue (PG-1:42) p.l 1 7:00 UPCLOSE Host David Sheehan, p. 19 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 ACAPULCO GOLD Marjoe Gortner (PG-1:45) p.21 10:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 10:30 ABRACADABRA, IT’S MAGIC! SRO. Incredible illusion, p. 16 12:00 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Day’s highlights (tape) p. 18 Cannes Film Festival Here’s your invitation to the 32nd Annual Cannes Film Festival where anybody who is anybody in the movie world will be! In this special edition of UpClose, host David Sheehan guides you through the glitter of the French Riviera—the beaches, the yachts and all the movie “business” that goes on there. You’ll glimpse frolicking favorites Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Farrah Fawcett-Majors and a number of others. C’est tres chic et magnifique! June 20,24,28 L. j 12:30 GRAY LADY DOWN Sub in peril (PG-1:51) p. 11 19

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