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HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 002

HOCUS POCUS, CROSS OF IRON THE AMAZING ITS MAGIC! Breathtaking realism on the Rus- DOBERMANS An all-new sequel to the HBO Mag- sian front during World War II. Trained dogs fight crime in action- ic Show. Premieres June 11 Premieres June 16 packed film. Premieres June 17 THE FOOD OF THE GODS Doomed civilization fights ecology gone berserk! Premieres June 24 ONE ON ONE Robby Benson is a winner, a smalltown boy who makes it big in life and love. Premieres June 25 WIMBLEDON! Nine days of the world’s greatest tennis. Half-hour shows of the day’ highlights. Starts June 26 SMALL CHANGE A wise, funny film of children at home, at play, in school—and growing up. Premieres June 3 CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Exclusive HBO coverage on two separate programs. Starts June 11 FREDDIE PRINZE AND FRIENDS A special HBO On Location encore. Premieres June 23 GRAND THEFT AUTO A car chase to end all car chases as young lovers flee town and family. Premieres June 9 BOBBIE JOE AND THE OUTLAW What starts out as a joy ride doesn’t end that way! Premieres June 17 AIRPORT’77 Art treasures, hijackers and a fabulous all-star cast in this all-new air adventure. Premieres June 18 ORCA Hunter becomes the hunted as a killer whale rampages to revenge his mate. Premieres June 4 WORLD TEAM TENNIS HBO covers the Apples, the Oranges, the Nets and the Strings. The Gaters, too. Starts June 1 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Suspense drama! Premieres June 2 WHERE’S POPPA Side-splitting lunacy in a really offbeat comedy from director Carl Reiner. Premieres June 10 ROSELAND The loving and the lonely meet at the world’s most famous ballroom. Premieres June 3 ROAD TO SAUNA Mimsy Farmer, Robert Walker, Jr. and superstar Rita Hayworth in a sultry shocker. Premieres June 10 2 The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President; Sean McCarthy, Treasurer; Peter Sheppe, Secretary. ©1978 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved. 3

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An HBO Holiday Weekend Premierei How HBO Works How programs are scheduled is something we try to explain frequently in order to help you get maximum enjoyment out of your Home Box Office subscription. Movies and specials premiere on weekends —Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For viewing convenience, they are then shown again at different times on four or five occasions during the next four weeks. When shows premiere in the latter part of the month, their opening runs are carried over into the early part of the next month. In addition, we encore several of the most popular movies or specials from previous months. The schedule, which is divided into two segments—weekends and weekdays—includes page numbers. These refer to the location in the guide where you can find out more about the programs. Home Box Office reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please address all mail to: Susan Devon, HBO Customer Relations Manager, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 Front cover: Gilbert Lesser Back cover photos: Walter looss Jr./SI America at tIie Movies NarratecI by CIharIton Heston John Wiyne • Charlie Chaplin Woody Allen • Jack Nicholson Marlon Brando • Judy Garland Katharine Hepburn • James Dean Clark Gable • Dustin Hoffman James Stewart • Jon Voight Henry Fonda • Elizabeth Taylor Humphrey Bogart • Rod Steiger Spencer Tracy • Marx Brothers Orson Welles • W.C. Fields Paul Newman • Gregory Peck George C. Scott • Gary Cooper 22 Jacqueline Bisset Coming in July Between the Lines July T to 5 Saturday, July 1 2:00 AIRPORT 77 p. 14 4:00 ONE ON ONE p. 19 6:00 AIRPORT 77 p. 14 8:00 BETWEEN THE LINES Premiere. (R-1:41) 10:00 DEATH RACE 2000 Premiere. (R-l:37) 12:00 BETWEEN THE LINES Sunday, July 2 2:30 THE AMAZING DOBERMANS p. 15 4:30 FOOD OF THE GODS (PG-1:28) p. 19 6:00 THE AMAZING DOBERMANS p. 15 8:00 AMERICA AT THE MOVIES Premiere. (G-l:56) 10:00 HOCUS POCUS IT’S MAGIC! p. 11 11:30 BOBBIE JOE & THE OUTLAW p. 16 1:00 FREDDIE PRINZE p. 18 Monday, July 3 3:30 GRAND THEFT AUTO (PG-1:29) p.10 5:00 ONE ON ONE p. 19 7:00 WIMBLEDON (tape) 9:00 TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN p.20 10:30 LENNY p.21 12:30 ONE ON ONE p. 19 Tuesday, July 4 3:30 DRIVE-IN (PG-1:36) 5:30 FOOD OF GODS p. 19 7:00 AMERICA AT THE MOVIES (G-l:56) 9:00 WIMBLEDON (tape) 11:30 CROSS OF IRON p. 15 Wednesday, July 5 5:00 AIRPORT 77 p. 14 7:00 WIMBLEDON p.21 9:00 BETWEEN THE LINES (R-l :41) 11:00 DEATH RACE (R-1:37)

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Friday JUNE 23 Saturday JUNE 24 ONE ON ONE The story of a winner. The Food of the Gods Nature rebels against mankind in an update of H. G. Wells’ classic tale of ecology gone beserk. Strange food oozing from the soil turns rats, worms and wasps into monsters. Marjoe Gortner is a football hero who tackles the problem, aided by beautiful biologist Pamela Franklin. Scary food for thought. Violence, mild language. (PG-1:28) June 24,27,30 19 Sunday JUNE 25 Freddie Prinze and Friends Robby Benson (Ode to Billy Joe) clashes head on with love while he battles the college athletic establishment. This romantic adventure has all the thrills, action and behind-the-scenes hanky-panky of major college basketball. Sparkling soundtrack by Paul Williams and Charles Fox, sung by platinum discers Seals and Crofts. Mild language. (PG-1:38) June 25,29 HBO presents a special encore, Freddie Prinze and Friends On Location, the only nightclub footage of this talented comedian. Taped at the Improvisation West in Los Angeles, he hosts a group of the funniest young comedians around: Jay Leon (American Hot Wax), Tom Thomerson, Elayne Boosler, Bob Shaw, and Gary Mule-deer. An extraordinary evening of great comedy. June 23,26 3:30 HOCUS POCUS IT’S MAGIC! Dick Cavett hosts, p. 11 5:00 GRAND THEFT AUTO Ron Howard (PG-1:29) p. 10 6:30 HOCUS POCUS, IT’S MAGIC! p. 11 8:00 FOOD OF THE GODS Premiere. Frightening H.G. Wells tale (PG-1:28) p. 19 9:30 LENNY Limited engagement begins. Bruce bio (B/W-R-1:52) p.21 11:30 THE LITTLE GIRL DOWN THE LANE Jodie Foster (PG-1:32) p.4 1:00 LENNY Searing! (B/W-R-l:52) p.21 3:30 HELEN REDDY SRO. From Las Vegas, p.21 4:30 ROSELAND Critical raves from coast-to-coast (PG-1:43) p.7 6:30 ORCA Killer whale (PG-1:32) p.5 8:00 ONE ON ONE Premiere. A sports yarn in tradition of Roc£y(PG-l:38) p. 19 10:00 CROSS OF IRON War-weary German fighters struggle to survive (R-2:00) p. 15 12:00 WHERE’S POPPA The looniest family you ever met (R-1:27) p.l 1 1:30 ROSELAND Teresa Wright (PG-1:43) p.7 15:30 THE STING How to make the “Big Con.” (PG-2:09) p. 13 8:00 FREDDIE PRINZE AND FRIENDS On Location. Premiere. The only existing nightclub footage of this star. p. 18 9:30 BOBBIE JOE AND THE OUTLAW Jesse Vint of Macon County Line (R-1:29) p. 16 11:00 ORCA Exciting music (PG-1:32) p.5 12:30 THE STING How to out-swindle the swindlers (PG-2:09) p. 13

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 008

Friday JUNE 16 jA*ishm , Suspense and tension board a billionaire’s private jet in j this all-new sequel to Airport and Airport ’75. Carrying It cargo of priceless art and a unique passenger list the plane disappears in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s trapped beneath * the sea, out of touch with the world. James Stewart, i Jack Lemmon, Olivia de Havilland, Lee Grant. Mild violence, language. (PG-1:57) June 18,22,26 Sunday JUNE 18 Saturday JUNE 17 Sam Peckinpah pulls no punches as he takes you to the Russian front of 1943. Brutal warfare brings out the best and worst in officers and men. All-star cast in powerful portrayals: Corporal James Coburn, a rugged, war-scarred professional; Maximilian Schell, grim Prussian eager to sacrifice lives; James Mason, disgruntled general. Violence, brief nudity, language. (R-2:00) June 16,19,25,29 The Amazing Dobermans Thrill to the light-hearted exploits of five Doberman pinschers fast becoming stars. Following the popular Doberman Gang and Daring Dobermans, they help a U.S. agent in a war on crime. Who owns the clever canines? None other than Fred Astaire, a Bible-quoting reformed con man. Barbara Eden, James Franciscus, Jack Carter. “Unbeatable combination of suspense, comedy and romance.” (Boxof-fice) (G-1:34) June 17,26,29 6:00 AUDREY ROSE Marsha Mason (The Goodbye Girl) and John Beck co-star (PG-1:53) p. 17 8:00 CROSS OF IRON Premiere. Demoralized German armies in full retreat. James Coburn, Maximilian Schell and James Mason co-star (R-2:00) p. 15 10:00 ROSELAND Christopher Walken and Lou Jacobi co-star (PG-1:43) p.7 12:00 WHERE’S POPPA? Poppa’s not around, but mama sure is! (R-1:27) p.l 1 3:00 HELEN REDDY Standing Room Only, p.21 4:00 KING KONG The great ape (PG-2:14) p. 13 6:30 ORCA Richard Harris (PG-1:32) p.5 8:00 THE AMAZING DOBERMANS Premiere. Fred Astaire and Barbara Eden (G-1:34) p. 15 10:00 BOBBIE JOE AND THE OUTLAW Premiere. A modern day Bonnie and Clyde (R-1:29) p. 16 11:30 ORCA On the high seas (PG-1:32) p.5 1:00 SMALL CHANGE (Dubbed-PG-1:44) p.7 3:00 THE LATE SHOW Lily Tomlin (PG-1:32) p. 17 4:30 THE STING Robert Shaw (PG-2:09) p. 13 7:00 CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Part II. HBO exclusive. < U 2 8:00 AIRPORT 77 Premiere. Hijack of jetsetters and art treasures (PG-1:57) p. 14 10:00 THE ENFORCER Bold, cold and solid gold Eastwood (R-1:36) p.9 11:45 GRAND THEFT AUTO Ron Howard (PG-1:29) p. 10 1:15 THE LATE SHOW Art Carney as aging California private eye (PG-1:32) p. 17

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 004

AH Hie Way Boys Terence Hill and Bud Spencer (from the Trinity films) trade the plains of the American West for the skies of South America. Instead of southern hospitality they get a big helping of mustachioed outlaws, rat trap jails and some tantalizing clues to a fortune in emeralds. (G-1:45) June 1,3,12 Henry Winkler and lots of Hollywood notables turn out for a fun-filled evening honoring the creator of The Goodbye Girl. June 3,9 Harold ant* Maude They’re the perfect couple —except that he’s 20 and she’s 80. But Ruth Gordon and Bud Cort bridge that gap as the spry older woman teaches the death-obsessed young man how to live and love. It makes life very sweet... for a while. Adult situations and humor. (PG-1:31) June 4,10 Hollywood Salutes Neil Simon Marathon Man Jogger Dustin Hoffman gets on the wrong track when he runs into sadistic ex-Nazi dentist Laurence Olivier— center of a web of bizarre violence and international triple cross. Olivier wants to extract some information about a Manhattan diamond cache—even if it means drilling without a license. A bone-chilling thriller with Roy Scheider and Marthe Keller. Graphic violence. (R-2:05) June 1,5,10,21 A widow'living in the past, a loudmouth with heart of gold, a wealthy woman with a gigolo, an elderly lady dreaming of First Prize—all drawn together because they love to dance at Roseland, New York’s legendary dance mecca. Geraldine Chaplin, Teresa Wright, Christopher Walken superb. Adult situations. (PG-1:43) June 3,5,8,13,16,25 J/Mjm Rediscover childhood in this delightful re-creation of the young ones’ world. Enjoy sunlit, sensitive portrayals of children of various ages getting into and out of close shaves, discovering love and encountering the adult world. Frangois Truffaut (seen in Close Encounters) directed from the child’s point of view. Language, brief nudity. (Dubbed-PG-1:44) June 3,6,9,11,17,19 7

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 006

Saturday JUNE 10 6:00 SMALL CHANGE What it’s like to be a child (Dubbed-PG-1:44) p.7 8:00 GRAND THEFT AUTO Premiere. Enough thrills and spills for three movies. Ron Howard stars (PG-1:29) p. 10 9:30 KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS Horror tale (PG-1:35) p. 16 11:30 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON SRO. Gala gathering, p.6 1:00 GRAND THEFT AUTO What happens to that black-and-tan Rolls? (PG-1:29) p. 10 2:30 HAROLD AND MAUDE Bud Cort (PG-1:31) p.6 4:00 THE LATE SHOW Art Carney (PG-1:30) p. 17 5:30 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Jodie Foster (PG-1:32) p.4 7:00 DAVID BRENNER RETURNS p. 17 8:00 WHERE’S POPPA? Premiere. Boy and his mom— but some mother! (R-1:27) p. 11 9:30 ROAD TO SAUNA Premiere. Bizarre tale of deception and murder (R-l :36) p. 12 11:30 MARATHON MAN Marthe Keller (R-2:05) p.6 1:35 DAVID BRENNER p. 17 3:00 SMALL CHANGE Bundle of joy from Frangois Truffaut (Dubbed-PG-1:44) p.7 5:00 AUDREY ROSE Marsha Mason (PG-1:53) p. 17 7:00 CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Part I. p.9 8:00 HOCUS POCUS, IT’S MAGIC! Premiere. SRO. Dick Cavett hosts this all-new show. p. 11 9:30 THE STEAGLE Cloris Leachman (R-l:30) p. 17 11:00 HOCUS POCUS, IT’S MAGIC! p. 11 12:30 SHECK Y GREENE p. 13 1:30 STEAGLE (R-l:30) p. 17 'J Grand Theft > Auto Versatile Ron Howard debuts as writer and director as well as star of this action comedy/romance. Ron trie: eloping to Las-Vegasiii-u Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud with perky Nancy Morgan. A convoy of patrol cars, a school bus, vans, helicopters and a strange gaggle of gangsters, religious zealots and just plain busybodies all get into this fast-paced, madcap action. Mild language, violence. (PG-1:29) June 9,12,14,18,24,28 / >ick Cavett in Hocus PoJune 11,15,21,24,27 Where’s Poppa George Segal matches his slapstick talents with the cunning of Ruth Gordon in this wacky romp about a nutty widow who lives with her lawyer son. “Segal again proves he is one of the most capable and talented actors. ’’(Variety) Adult humor, and language. (R-l :27) June 10,12,16,20,25,28 10 11

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 009

JUNE 22 JUNE 20 6:00 AUDREY ROSE Susan Swift and Anthony Hopkins (PG-1:53) p.17 8:00 BOBBIE JOE AND THE OUTLAW Merrie Lynn Ross of Another World co-stars as a go-go dancer (R-1:29) p. 16 9:30 THE LATE SHOW Action and mystery plus warmth and humor. Art Carney stars (PG-1:32) p. 17 11:00 WHERE’S POPPA? Free-wheeling satire with Ruth Gordon (R-1:27) p. 11 6:00 KINGDOM PF THE SPIDERS Nominee for “Best H<3tTor Film” of 1977 (PG I:i5) p.V 8:00 HOCUS POCUS, IT’S MAGIC! SRO. With the great Thomsoni. Dick Cavett hosts, p. 11 9:30 ORCA Charlotte Rampling and Richard Harris in high seas adventure (PG-1:32) p. 5 11:00 MARATHON MAN Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman co-star in high-pow-ered thriller (R-2:05) p.6 JUNE 19 SOEia Bobbie Joe and The Outlaw Lynda Carter, TV’s Wonder Woman and former Miss U.S.A., is a car hop who wants to be a country singer. Marjoe Gortner (also in The Food of the Gods) is a quick-draw swindler who dreams he’s Billy the Kid. Together, they cut a blood-red path across the Southwest. Shootouts, bank heists, speeding oar chases. Violence, nudity, language. (R-1:29) June 17,20,23,29 Dick Benjamin, tired of his humdrum life, takes off on a Tile €tff»aa|f» classic toot, meeting hilarious situations and some incred Sf ible characters. Cloris Leachman co-stars. Some nudity, adult language. (R-l:30) June 2,8,11,19 On Location David Brenner Returns Hail the return of Philadelphia’s own hero, David Brenner who returns to his old neighborhood for a brand new show from famous Palumbo’s. See everyone who’s anyone in Philly greet this favorite son—an On Location exclusive. June 4,7,10,13,22 17 Audrey Rose A young girl’s life becomes a nightmare with the invasion of the soul of a child killed just moments before she was born. Some violence (PG-1:53) June 11,16,20 6:00 SMALL CHANGE Truffaut remembered for Day for Night and Jules and Jim (Dubbed-PG-1:44) p.7 8:00 CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Part II. 1976 Olympian Kurt Thomas is the favorite, p. 12 9:00 CROSS OF IRON Senta Berger (R-2:00) p. 15 11:00 THESTEAGLE Chill Wills is zany as a has-been cowboy star (R-1:30) p. 17 12:30 CROSS OF IRON Maximilian Schell and James Coburn co-star (R-2:00) p. 15 16 Venomous tarantulas seek revenge on man for upsetting nature’s balance. William Shatner, Capt. Kirk of Star Trek, leads the human forces in this scary thriller of a nightmare come to life! Some violence. (PG-1:35) June 4,9,12,15,21 The Late Show * Cagey private eye Art Carney and spacey Lily Tomlin unravel an L.A. murder in this intriguing comedy-mystery. Adult theme, violence. (PG-1:30) June 10,18,20 6:00 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE She’ll hold your interest every minute (PG-1:32) p.4 8:00 AIRPORT 77 Disaster aboard a billionaire’s jumbo jet (PG-1:57) p.! 4 10:00 DAVID BRENNER RETURNS On Location. Philadelphia celebs turn out to cheer him. p. 17 11:00 ROAD TO SAUNA A mother cannot control her children (R-l:36) p.12

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 005

jtf The Last Tycoon A haunting love story set in Hollywood of 40 years ago. Robert De Niro is a young studio genius drawn to mysterious Ingrid Boulting. Jack Nicholson is a union organizer and Robert Mitchum, the powerful studio head. With Tony Curtis, Jeanne Moreau, Ray Milland. Mature theme. (PG-2:05) June 1,4,6 World Team Tennis The New Orleans Nets take on the Anaheim Oranges. Rod Laver and Rosie Casals are among the notables in the Anaheim lineup. The Nets will bank heavily on controversial Renee Richards and Wendy Turnbull, a swift Australian. June 8 Tuesday JUNE 6 6:00 ROSELAND New York’s dance HQ for six decades (PG-1:43)p.7 8:00 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Scott Jacoby from That Certain Summer (PG-1:34) p.4 10:00 MARATHON MAN Laurence Olivier in one of his best performances (R-2:05) p.7 12:15 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Ominous happenings in a lonely house (PG-1:34) p.4 5:30 THE LAST TYCOON Tony Curtis, Jeanne Moreau and Ray Milland (PG-2:05) p.8 8:00 SMALL CHANGE Parent-child relationships explored with candor and humor (Dubbed-PG-1:33) p.7 10:00 THE LAST TYCOON All-star look at movie industry of 1940s starring Robert De Niro (PG-2:05) p,8 12:15 FRATERNITY ROW Brutal fraternity hazing in 1950s college (G-1:41) p.9 6:00 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Snoopy, the bumbling beagle, and all the rest of the lovable troupe (G-1:25) p.9 8:00 KING KONG Suspense-packed update not to be missed (PG-2:14) p. 13 10:30 DAVID BRENNER RETURNS On Location. His triumphant return to home town of Philadelphia. p. 17 11:45 THE ENFORCER Clint Eastwood is Dirty Harry and plenty tough (R-l:36) p.9 The Enforcer Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry) goes after some California revolutionaries slam-bang style. Strong violence, brief nudity, adult language. (R-1:36) June 7,18,27 Race for your Life, Charlie Brown! The “Peanuts” gallery means fun for the whole family. Packed off to summer camp, they face crises ranging from rough bullies to raging rapids. (G-1:25) June 4,7 Fraternity Row Set in the ’50s, this is the dramatic struggle of a few college men to change the cruel “hazing” system. Violence, language. (PG-1:41) June 6 Thursday JUNE 8 6:00 ROSELAND _^len Gallagher is stunning as " sp instructor/go-between, feline Chaplin co-stars (PG-1:43) p.7 8:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS New Orleans Nets vs. Anaheim Oranges (tape) p.5 9:30 ORCA A tale of a whale, a whale of a tale. Charlotte Rampling co-stars (PG-1:32) p.5 11:00 THESTEAGLE Slaphappy, madcap movie with Cloris Leachman (R-1:30) p. 17 Championship Gymnastics Male gymnasts compete in six events: horizontal bar, floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vaulting and parallel bars. Winners in each category at the U.S. Gymnastics Federation championships will perform their dazzling routines on HBO. Favorites are 1976 Olympians Kurt Thomas and Bart Conner. June 11,12

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The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane Jodie Foster is only a little girl, living in a great big house all alone. Where are her mother, her father—and the people who came to visit? Everyone who knows her secret is dead. Jodie (Oscar nominee for Taxi Driver) gives a wonderfully perverse, very adult performance. She’s joined by Martin Sheen (Badlands, Cassandra Crossing) and Alexis Smith. “A cunning thriller. Jodie Foster is apt to become a legend.” (Playboy) Mild violence. (PG-1:32) June 2,5,10,13,22,24 Thursday Friday Saturday JUNE 1 JUNE 2 JUNE 3 5:30 THE LAST TYCOON All-star look at the Hollywood '!of the 1940s with Robert De Niro, Robert Mitchum, Jeanne Moreau and Jack Nicholson (PG-2:05) p.8 8:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS New York Apples at Los Angeles Strings (tape) p.8 9:30 MARATHON MAN Bone-chilling suspense thriller starring Dustin Hoffman and Laurence Olivier (R-2:05) p.6 11:45 ALL THE WAY BOYS Terence Hill, Bud Spencer as airborne buddies (G-1:47) p.6 5:30 KING KONG Exciting update of this screen classic (PG-2:I4) p. 13 8:00 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Premiere. Jodie Foster follows a dangerous path—alone. Martin Sheen co-stars (PG-1:32) p.4 10:00 KING KONG Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange in updated version of Beauty and the Beast (PG-2:14) p. 13 12:30 THESTEAGLE Dick Benjamin and Cloris Leachman (R-1:30) p. 17 2:30 SMALL CHANGE A gem from Francois Truffaut (Dubbed-PG-1:44) p.7 4:30 ALL THE WAY BOYS Terence Hill (G-1:47) p.6 6:30 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON SRO. Star-studded event, p.6 8:00 ROSELAND Premiere. Dance fever every nightof the week (PG-1:43) p.7 10:00 SMALL CHANGE Premiere. Appeared on seventeen "Ten Best” lists of 1976! (Dubbed-PG-1:44) p.7 12:00 NEIL SIMON p.6 4 A wily killer whale out for revenge; a dedicated fisherman trying to capture him in rough seas; a confrontation with a lady oceanologist—elements guaranteed to keep you fascinated. Richard Harris is the whale’s target; Charlotte Rampling, the scientist. Great underwater shots. Mild violence, language (PG-1:32) June 4,8,14,17,21,23,25 ORCA THE KILLER WHALE! 3:00 KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS William Shatner (PG-1:35) p.16 5:00 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Peanuts gang (G-1:25) p.9 6:30 HAROLD AND MAUDE Bud Cort (PG-1:31) p.6 8:00 ORCA Premiere. Richard Harris in high seas tale (PG-1:32) p.5 9:30 DAVID BRENNER p. 17 10:30 THE LAST TYCOON Robert Mitchum (PG-2:05) p.8 12:45 HAROLD AND MAUDE Ruth Gordon (PG-1:31) p.6 World Team Tennis Vitas Gerulaitis was born in ^ Brooklyn, named after a Lithuanian king, is one of the most intrepid late-night-ers among today’s athletes and plays fine tennis. He should be primed for his match against Ilie Nastase when his N.Y. Apples face the L.A. Strings. In another match, Billie Jean King meets Chris Evert. June 1 5

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