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HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 002

MOVIES Apology (CC)__________Pg. 13 The Bay Boy_______________20 Blood Simple (CC)_________ 6 Body Double (CC)__________ 7 Cannonball Run II (CC) _ 6 Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers_________22 Cloak & Dagger (CC)_______20 The Deep__________________ 9 The Final Option__________14 Forced Vengeance__________21 Ghostbusters (CC)_________20 Girls Just Want to Have Fun (CC) 7 Girls of the White Orchid 15 Heaven Help Us 6 High School USA (CC) _ _20 Love Child 21 Lovelines (CC) 21 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (CC)______ 9 The Man With One Red Shoe (CC)________ 6 Mask (CC)_____________________ 5 Micki & Maude (CC)____________ 6 Midnight Express______________15 Neighbors_____________________22 Night Patrol (CC)_____________15 Nightwing_____________________22 Over the Brooklyn Bridge____________22 Pale Rider (CC)_______________12 Prizzi’s Honor (CC)___________ 5 Protocol (CC)_________________ 9 Revenge of the Nerds (CC)_____________22 The Rosebud Beach Hotel______________________15 St. Elmo’s Fire (CC)__________________14 Starman (CC)__________________21 Steel_________________________21 Streets of Fire (CC)__________22 Terminal Choice_______________15 Trancers (CC)_________________21 HBO reserves the right to iraH a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office, HBO, On Location and Standing Room Only are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. An HBO Ewluslve Is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO A View to A Kill (CC)_______________ 9 Wildrose__________________20 Woman in Red (CC)_________ 9 ORIGINAL PROGRAMS America Undercover: And The Pursuit of Happiness________Pg. 15 Bob Dylan In Concert______10 Daryl Hall and John Oates The Liberty Concert_________ 4 HBO Showcase '86 Half a Lifetime (CC)________13 Not Necessarily the Movies__________________10 Not Necessarily the News____________________10 Subscriber Information Services. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Ybrk, New York 10036 This program guide is available by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Subscriber Information Services. Send no money at this time. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New Ybrk, New Ybrk 10036. Joseph J. Collins. President; Glenn'Britt. Senior V.P., Finance; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. 3)1986 Home Box Office, inc. All rights reserved. On Location: Robert Klein Philip Marlowe, Private Eye (CC) Robert Klein On Broadway______ Sisters In the Name of Love_____ Video Jukebox____ .12 .20 DAYTIME ON HBO American Dreamer (CC)______Pg. 19 The Cannonball Run________ 19 The Corn Is Green_________19 Funny Lady________________19 Hambone and Hillie________________19 Hotel_____________________18 18 19 Lost and Found. Loving Couples Meatballs Part II (CC)_ Second Hand Hearts___________ 19 18 W HBO Pictures Apology The Secret of NIMH _ Skokie______ SPORTS Wimbledon ’86. Pg. 4 10 LIMITED PLAYS* Elvis One Night With You_______ George Carlin _ Lost in America (CC). My Science Project (CC) _ A Nightmare on Elm Street_____ 1984______________ July 4 July 3 Twilight Time 19 19 19 FAMILY SHOWCASE Fraggle Rock (CC) Pg. 17 HBO Family Showcase _ 16 July 3,9 _ July 4 . July 26 July 1,6 Ninja III The Domination _ July 6,9 Razor’s Edge (CC) _ July 18 The River (CC)_______________July 30 A Soldier’s Story (CC)________________July 16 Tina Turner Private Dancer____________July 17 Tomboy____________________July 2,6 ‘In most cases, limited plays are described In last month's guide. (CC) Indicates programs that are closed-captioned. Cl Indicates programs in stereo, where available. Cover Photo: (Prtzzl’s) Bryson/Sygma Schedule Abbreviations: Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PG: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 131 Some material may be inappropriate for young children. R: Restricted. (In theatrical show- ings, no one under 17 is admitted unlees accompanied by a parent or guardian.) BOXING BULLETIN! WBA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT* JULY 19 LIVE from England Champion Tim Witherspoon Challenger Frank Bruno Watch HBO for detailsl Please note: Words of caution included before the ratings have now been abbreviated. The following are the abbreviations in italics for each category. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild violence. GV Graphic violence. N Nudity. BN Brief nudity. SC Strong sexual content. R Rape. HBO Pictures are movies made especially for you, our HBO subscribers. Formerly HBO Premiere Films, HBO Pictures can only be seen on HBO.

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 003

TUESDAY, JULY 1 5:35 am THE BRASS RING p. 16 7:00 THE CORN IS GREEN p19 8:30 A VIEW TO A KILL (PG)p.9(CC)JULY 2 5:30 am ENCHANTED JOURNEY p. 16 7:00 LOST AND FOUND (PG) p. 18 9:00 CANNONBALL RUN II (PG) p.6(CC) 11:00 FUNNY LADY (PG)p.19 1:30 pm MEATBALLS PART II (PG)p.19(CC) 3:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES: "Sharks" p. 16 4:00 WIMBLEDON ’86 p 4 THURSDAY, JULY 3 5:30 am THE WILDER SUMMER p 16 6:30 BRAINGAMES III p. 16 7:00 SKOKIE p 19 9:00 LOVING COUPLES (PG) p. 19 11:00 HOTELp 18 1:30 pm CHEECH & CHONG'S THE CORSICAN BROTHERS (PG)p.22JULY 5:30 am MY SCIENCE PROJECT (PG-1:35)(CC)HBO SNEAK PREVIEW HBO SPORTS EXCLUSIVE WIMBLEDON 86 HBO's exclusive midweek coverage continues. Tennis Magazine called it "as good as it gets ... terrific special features and thorough, precise reporting.” Catch the men's and women's quarterfinals and women's semifinals. July 1,2,3 DARYL JOHN HALLandOATES THE LIBERTY CONCERT In a high-voltage, flaming salute to America, New York and the Statue of Liberty, America’s number one rock 'n' soul duo perform all their hottest hits. Approximately 1:00. July 3,9,13,19,250 (R-1:36)(CC)July 6,9, 14,18,22,26 (CC) PRINTS HONOR John Huston's prizewinning mobster fable is a movie offer you can’t refuse! Mafia hit man Jack Nicholson sees his perfect match in hit woman Kathleen Turner—but the "family" business creates a career conflict. As the jealous Maerose Prizzi, Anjelica Huston won an Oscar. In this bang-up black comedy, she’s so good it’s a crime. (AL.V.BN) R-2:09. July 3,13,16,19,22,25 (CC)

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 004

THE MAN WITH ONE A mild-mannered violinist finds himself strung between rival factions of the CIA in this wacky spy spoof. Tom Hanks (The Money Pit) stars as the innocent musician playing musical spies with the scheming Dabney Coleman. (AS.MV) PG-1:33. July 5,10,13,16,21,25 (CC) Nevada Gas. Marlowe (Powers Boothe) steps in when a hotshot lawyer is found dead in his car. :53. July 7,3 (CC) Smart-Aleck Kill. A group of treacherous Hollywood characters challenges Marlowe when he investigates the murder of a movie star. :53. July 6,8,10 (CC) Heaven help «s This rowdy comedy/drama about coming-of-age pains and pleasures is set in a Catholic boys’ school. Discipline is harsh, but young pranksters still manage to disrupt both class and Mass! Andrew McCarthy stars. (AL.AH.BN) R-1:44. July 19,23,27,31 Cannonball Run II Burt Reynolds returns with an all-star cast of adventurers as they race cross-coun try in a wild assortment of vehicles. Shirley MacLaine and Frank Sinatra are along for this rambunctious ride. (AL,AH,BN)PG^A8. July 2,12,17,22,27 (CC) 6 Mlckl & Maude When does supporting two wives—and keeping them a secret from each other— get even hairier? Dudley Moore stars as a bigamist in big trouble in this rollicking, revolving-door comedy. Amy Irving co-stars. (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:58. July 8,27 (CC) Blood Simple There’s a twist a minute in this maliciously entertaining thriller, as three Texans get caught in a complex triangle of lust, jealousy and greed. John Getz stars. “A finely crafted and intriguingly written picture" (Variety). (AL, GV) R-1:39. July 2,6,10 (CC) Girls Just Want To Have Fun Teenager Janey has one big dream when she moves to Chicago—winning a dance contest on her favorite TV show. An energetic cast of fresh faces keeps the fun popping in this bubbly comedy inspired by Cyndi Laup-er’s hit tune. (AL) PG-1:29. July 25,28,31 (CC) July 10,26 (CC)JULY 5 6:00 CLOAK & DAGGER 5:00 am CLOAK & DAGGER (PG) p.20 (CC) (PG)p.20(CC) 8:00 Saturday Night Movie: 7:00 HAMBONEAND HILLIE (PG)p.19fk THE MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE (PG) p.6 (CC) 8:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 20 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 9:00 THE MAN WITH ONE July Edition p. I0n RED SHOE (PG)p.6(CC) 10:00 FORCED VENGEANCE (R)p 21 10:30 CANNONBALL RUN (PG) p 19 11:35 NIGHT PATROL (R) p. 15 (CC) 12:30 pm FUNNY LADY (PG)p 19 1:10 am THE FINAL OPTION (R)p14 3:00 THE DEEP (PG)p.9 3:20 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.10 A 5:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p 16 3:50 THE DEEP (PG) p.9 SUNDAY, JULY 6 4:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 6:00 am STARMAN (PG) p.21 (CC) O FRAGGLE ROCK "The Trash SUMMER SWITCH p 17 8:00 5:00 STARMAN (PG) p.21 (CC) EYE “Smart-Aleck Kill" 8:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Home Is p.6(CC) Where the Trash Is” 8:00 Sunday Night Movie: (:25) (CC) MASK (PG-13) p.5 (CC) 9:00 MASK (PG-13) p 5 (CC) 10:00 BLOOD SIMPLE 11:00 PROTOCOL (PG) p.9 (CC) Ct (R) p.6 (CC) 1:00 pm BOB DYLAN 11:45 NINJA III (R-1:33) JULY 7 3:30 ENCHANTED JOURNEYp 16 5:00 am ENCHANTED JOURNEYp 16 5:00 STREETS OF FIRE 6:30 EMMA AND GRANDPA (PG) p.22 (CC) Summer p. 16 7:00 REVENGE OF THE NERDS 7:00 MEATBALLS PART II (R) p.22 (CC) (PG)p.19(CC) 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS July Edition p 10 July Edition p10 9:00 A VIEW TO A KILL 9:00 SECOND HAND HEARTS (PG)p.9(CC) 2:40 STREETS OF FIRE 1:30 pm LOST AND FOUND(PG)p18 (PG) p.22 (CC) TUESDAY, JULY 8 4:30 HOTELp 18 6:00 am MYSTERY/FIRE ISLAND p. 16 7:00 MICKI & MAUDE 7:00 CHEECH & CHONG’S (PG-13) p.6 (CC) THE CORSICAN 9:00 PHILIP MARLOWE BROTHERS (PG) p.22 “Smart-Aleck" p.6 (CC) 8:30 BRAINGAMES III p. 16 10:00 ST. ELMO’S FIRE 9:00 MICKI & MAUDE (R)p.14(CC)fb (PG-13) p.6 (CC) 11:55 BOB DYLAN p. 10 ft 11:00 SKOKIE p. 19 12:55 am OVER THE BROOKLYN 1:00 pm TWILIGHT TIME (PG) p 19 BRIDGE (R) p.22 3:00 MYSTERY/FIRE ISLAND p. 16 2:45 GIRLS/WHITE ORCHID p 15 4:00 BRAINGAMES III p. 16 4:25 PHILIP MARLOWE p 6 (CC)

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 005

WEDNESDAY, JULY 9 7:00 MASK (PG-13) p.5 (CC) 5:30 am THE BRASS RING p 16 9:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 7:00 SECRET OF NIMH (G)p19 AND THE PURSUIT 8:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 OF HAPPINESS p. 15 9:00 PROTOCOL (PG) p.9 (CC) 2:10 LOST IN AMERICA 3:00 THE BRASS RING p 16 (R-1:31) (CC) 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 20 3:45 DARYL HALL AND 5:00 CLOAK & DAGGER JOHN OATES (PG)p.20 (CC) The Liberty Concert p 4 JULY 10 6:00 CANNONBALL RUN (PG)p.19 5:00 am DOT AND THE BUNNY p 17 8:00 BODY DOUBLE 6:30 EMMA AND GRANDPA p 16 (R)p.7(CQO 7:00 HAMBONEAND HILLIE 10:00 PHILIP MARLOWE. PRIVATE (PG) p.19<"fc EYE “Smart'Aleck Kill" 8:30 FUNNY LADY(PG)p19 p.6 (CC) 11:00 THE MAN WITH ONE 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS RED SHOE (PG) p.6 (CC) July Edition p I0July Edition p,10JULY 11 4:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES: 5:05 am THE SURVIVAL SERIES: "Sharks” p. 16 “Sharks" p. 16 5:00 NIGHTWING (PG) p.22 6:00 BRAINGAMES III p. 16 7:00 Out of Time, Out ot Place: 6:30 DOROTHY IN THE LAND TRANCERS 0F0Zp.16 (PG-13) p.21(CC) 7:00 STREETS OF FIRE 8:30 STREETS OF FIRE (PG) p.22 (CC) (PG) p.22 (CC) 9:00 LOST AND FOUND (PG) p. 18 10:30 NIGHT PATROL 11:00 STEEL (PG)p.21 (R) p.15(CC) 1:00 pm STARMAN 12:00 TERMINAL CHOICE (R)p 15 (PG) p.21 (CC)JULY 12 5:30 am SECOND HAND HEARTS (PG) p. 18 7:30 AMERICAN DREAMER (PG)p 19(CC) 9:30 CANNONBALL RUN II (PG) p.6 (CC) 11:30 HOTELp 18 2:00 pm AMERICA UNDERCOVER p.15 3:30 AMERICAN DREAMER (PG)p 19 (CC) 5:30 MEATBALLS (PG)p 19 (CC) 7:00 Saturday Night Movie: MAD MAX BEYONDTHUNDERDOME (PG-13) p.9 (CC)July 6,9, 18,22,26,31 (CC)July 19,23,28,31 (CC)July 1,5,10,16,21,27 A View to A Kill In one of James Bond’s most stunning adventures, Roger Moore takes on his toughest adversaries. Christopher Walken co-stars. (AS, PG-2:11. July 1,4,7 (CC)July 12,14,17,20,25,31 (CC)

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 006

ON LOCATION: ROBERT KLEIN ON BROADWAY Klein is back on HBO and better than ever. He brings his unique, free-form comedic style to his first one-man Broadway show. Klein fires his barbs swiftly and irreverently in all directions as he lampoons modern living. Catch the comic master at his best in this hilarious On Location exclusive. Approx. 1:00. July 26,30 HBO in-concert event spotlights Dylan as he performs the songs that shaped a generation. The superstar singer/songwriter gets top-notch back-up assistance from rock group Tom Petty and the Heartbreak-ers. Approx. 1:00. July 2,6,8 July 19,22,25,28,31 JULY 11 Trancers Streets of Fire IN CONCERT AND ON FILM: TINA TURNER JULY 17 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Tina Turner: Private Dancer TWO SIDES OF BILL MURRAY JULY 18 Ghostbusters The Razor's Edge "I'VE SEEN THAT FACE BEFORE'' Andrew McCarthy JULY 23 See page 15. NIGHT-LIGHT THEATER JULY 26 A Nightmare on Elm Street Body Double SUNDAY, JULY 13 5:00 DARYL HALL AND 5:00 am HIGH SCHOOL USA p.20 (CC) JOHN OATES p.4 0 7:00 FRAGGLE ROCK (25) (CC) 6:00 HIGH SCHOOL USAp.20(CC) 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC) 8:00 Sunday Night Movie: 8:00 SECRET OF NIMH (G) p. 19 PRIZZI’S HONOR 9:30 CLOAK ft DAGGER (R) p.5 (CC) O (PG) p.20 (CC) 10:15 NOT NEC. NEWS p.10 to 11:30 THE CORN IS GREEN p.19 10:45 MAN/RED SHOE (PG) p.6(CC) 1:00 pm NOT NEC. NEWS p 10 to 12:25 im OVER/BRIDGE (R) p.22 1:30 THE MAN WITH ONE 2:15 MIDNIGHT EXPRESS (R) p. 15 RED SHOE (PG)p.6(CC) 4:20 DARYL HALL AND 3:00 LOVING COUPLES (PG) p. 19 JOHN OATES p.4JULY 14 3:30 THE BRASS RINGp.16 5:30 am THE BRASS RINGp.16 5:00 SKOKIE p.19 7:00 TWILIGHT TIME (PG) p. 19 7:00 LOVE CHILD 9:00 MAD MAX (R) p.21 BEYONDTHUNDERDOME 9:00 MASK (PG-13) p.5 (CC) (PG-13) p.9(CC)«f> 11:05 MAD MAX 11:00 MASK (PG-13) p.5 (CC) BEYONDTHUNDERDOME 1:00 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p 20 (PG-13) p.9(CC)«n 1:30 CHEECH ft CHONG'S 12:55 am FORCED VENGEANCE (R) p.21 THE CORSICAN BROTHERS 2:30 GIRLS OF THE (PG) p.22(ffc WHITE ORCHID p. 15 3:00 THE ANIMAL ALPHABET 4:10 LOVE CHILD p.16 (R)p.21 TUESDAY, JULY 15 3:30 THEWILDER SUMMER p.16 6:00 am THE WILDER SUMMER p. 16 4:30 FUNNY LADY (PG) p.19 7:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 7:00 NIGHTWING (PG) p.22 AND THE PURSUIT 9:00 SISTERS IN THE OF HAPPINESS p 15 NAME OF LOVE p.12r* 8:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 to 10:00 REVENGE OF THE NERDS 9:00 NIGHTWING (PG) p.22 (R) p.22 (CC) 11:00 THE CANNONBALL RUN 11:35 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: (PG)p.19 AND THE PURSUIT 1:00 pm SISTERS IN THE OF HAPPINESS p. 15 NAME OF LOVE p. 12 1:10 am TERMINAL CHOICE (R) p. 15 2:00 HAMBONEAND HILLIE 2:55 NEIGHBORS (R) p.22 (PG) p.19JULY 16 6:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 5:05 am DOT AND THE BUNNY p 17 July Edition p.10o 6:30 BRAINGAMESIV p. 16 7:00 A SOLDIER’S STORY 7:00 HOTELp 18 (PG-1:41)(CC)<"k 9:30 THE MAN WITH ONE 9:00 THE MAN WITH ONE RED SHOE (PG)p.6(CC) RED SHOE (PG) p.6 (CC) 11:00 WILDROSE p 20 10:40 PRIZZI'S HONOR 1:00 pm THE DEEP (PG)p.9 (R)p.5(CC)rft 3:00 DOT AND THE BUNNY p. 17 12:55 am TRANCERS (PG-13) p.21 (CC) 4:30 BRAINGAMES IV p 16 2:15 THE DEEP (PG)p.9 5:00 TRANCERS 4:20 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS (PG-13) p.21 (CC) July Edition p.10o 11

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 007

Gladys Patti Dionne Knignt LaBelle Warwick STANDING ROOM ONLY This HBO concert exclusive is a powerhouse spectacle from start to finish. In concert together for the first time, Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Dionne Warwick join voices in a rousing performance of the songs that made them famous. Friends offstage for many years, the superstars are a dynamic musical trio—combining Knight’s soulful artistry, LaBelle's flamboyant style and Warwick's silky sound. Approx. 1:00. July 12,15,18,20,24,28 July 1,20,24,30 (CC) July 20,23,29 (CC)HBO Pictures’ slick thriller stars Lesley Ann Warren as the woman willing to risk everything—even her own life—for her art. Peter Weller (The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai) co-stars in this riveting exercise in hold-your-breath suspense. (AS.AL, V.BN) 1:38. July 27,31 (CC)

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 008

THURSDAY, JULY 17 6:30 MEATBALLS PART II 5:00 am MYSTERY/FIRE ISLAND p. 16 (PG) p.19(CC) 6:00 THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.16 8:00 Tina Turner Double Bill: 7:00 SECOND HAND HEARTS MAD MAX (PG) p. 18 (PG-13) p.9 (CC)ft 9:00 CLOAK & DAGGER 10:00 TINA TURNER (PG)p.20(CC) IN CONCERT (1:00)0 11:00 STARMAN (PG) p.21 (CC)O 11:00 NIGHT PATROL (R) p. 15 (CC) 1:00 pm LOST AND FOUND (PG) p. 18 12:30 am ST. ELMO'S FIRE 3:00 MYSTERY/FIRE ISLAND p. 16 (R)p.14(CC)0 4:00 DOROTHY IN OZ p 16 2:25 GIRLS/WHITE ORCHID p15 4:30 CANNONBALL 2 (PG) p.6 (CC) 4:05 CANNONBALL 2 (PG) p.6 (CC) FRIDAY, JULY 18 5:00 MASK (PG-13) p.5(CC) 6:00 am ANIMAL ALPHABET p. 16 (PG-13; 2:09)(CC) 11:15 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 1:00 pm AMERICA UNDERCOVER: July Edition p. 10ft AND THE PURSUIT 11:45 THE ROSEBUD BEACH OF HAPPINESS p. 15 HOTEL (R)p.15 2:30 THE BRASS RINGp.16 1:10 am SISTERSp.12 4:15 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20JULY 19 6:30 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 5:00 am DARYL HALL AND BOXING Witherspoon vs. JOHN OATES p 4 4:05 HEAVEN HELP US (R) p.6 SUNDAY, JULY 20 7:00 HB0 SHOWCASE '86 6:00 am CANNONBALL RUN (PG) p. 19 Half a Lifetime p.13(CC) PALE RIDER 9:00 MEATBALLS PART II HBO SHOWCASE '86 (PG-13) p.9 (CC) Half a Lifetime p l3(CC)July 4,8,12,17,23 (CC)<0 The Final Option Militant anti-nuclear protestors stir up a tempest in this gripping action thriller, as timely as today's headlines. Richard Widmark stars. (AL, l/;R-2:05. July 2,5,10 LATENIGHTon Night Patrol When a cop moonlights as a stand-up comic, the laughs work overtime. With Pat Paulsen. (AL,AH,N)R-V2J. July 5,11,17,21,29 (CC) Qlrls off tho White Orchid A young American woman goes to sing in a Japanese nightclub. But the male clientele wants more than she is willing to offer. (AS, V,N,R) 1:38. July 4,8,14,17,23,26 1 Midnight Express Harrowing true-life drama of an American student held in a Turkish jail on drug charges. With Brad Davis. (AL.GV, N) R-1:59. July 9,13,24,28 Tsrmlnal Choice In this gripping thriller, parents and doctors at a medical center are mysteriously dying. (AL, V,BN) R-1:39. July 3,7,11,15,23,28 The Rosebud Beach Hotel A deluxe comedy about a sleazy seaside resort where the bellgirls also sell favors and the guests sell narcotics. With Colleen Camp (Valley Girl). (AL,N) R-1.22. July 3,12,18,22,27 'I'VE SEEN THAT FACE BEFORE" On the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty, award winning French filmmaker Louis Malle investigates the changing face of American immigrants. This fascinating yet troubling HBO documentary highlights the inspirational success stories as well as the difficulties faced in becoming an American. 1:30. July 4,9,12,15,18,21 ■HBO SPECIAL]) Premieres July 4th f And ! The Pursuit I of Happiness You might not know their names, but you’ll recognize their faces. This month: Andrew McCarthy ST. ELMO'S FIRE HEAVEN HELP US JULY 23 15

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 009

FAMILY SHOWCASE “Sharks" This fascinating documentary explores the common myths and little-known facts about the most feared and misunderstood creatures of the sea. Jaws author Peter Benchley narrates. :50. July 2,5,11,17,28 Enchanted Journey Glicko, a courageous city chipmunk, braves cruel predators and winter hazards to find freedom in the forest. The voices of Jim Backus (Mr. Magoo) and Orson Welles spark this captivating animated tale. 1:24 .July 2,7,19,24,30 The Brass Ring Dina Merrill stars in this compelling drama about a single-parent family in crisis. With Sylvia Sidney. 1:21 July 1,9,14,18 Emma and Grandpa: Summer Emma and her grandpa discover summer joys in the countryside. Shelley Winters narrates. :31. July 7,10,25,30 The Wilder Summer The summer romance bug bites young Charlie Wilder when he goes off to sleepaway camp. :55. July 3,11.15,21,26.30 Dorothy In the Land of Oz Dorothy, her dog Toto and the Wizard return to Oz in a tune-filled fantasy. Sid Caesar narrates. :24. July 11,17,23,29 BralnGames The whole family will enjoy the brainteasers, jokes, riddles and more in HBO's award-winning series that you play while you watch. :27. Episode III: July 3,8,11 Episode IV: 16,24,28 The Animal Alphabet The animal kingdom romps through the alphabet from A to Z in this jaunty HBO special. The Giraffe sticks his neck out to play the hosl in this delightfully animated musical special. :30. July9,14,18,23,29(Tb Mystery at Hre Island What begins as a small search for a fisherman turns into an exciting mystery. Vacationing on an island off the New York coast, two young cousins stumble into the middle of an international smuggling scheme. :45. July 8,17,23,28 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE Summer Switch Robert Klein stars as a movie exec dad who proves he's a chip off his son’s block when they miraculously swap bodies for the summer. A hilarious family refresher. :46. July 6,10,21,25,29 Dot and the Bunny In a delightful sequel to Dot and the Kangaroo, young Dot searches for a lost baby kangaroo. 1:19. July 10,16,22,31 nMOEROCK Now watch two episodes back-to*back Sunday mornings! See schedule. FRAGGIE ROCK and Character Names are trademarks of Henson Associates, Inc. FRAGGIE Characters $ 1983 Henson Associates. Inc An rights reserved MONDAY, JULY 21 7:00 STEEL (PG) p.21 5:00 am SUMMER SWITCH p 17 9:00 LOVELINES 6:00 THE WILDER SUMMER p 16 (R)p 21 {CC)n 7:00 THE DEEP (PG)p.9 10:40 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 9:00 STEEL (PG) p.21 AND THE PURSUIT 11:00 HAMBONEANO HILLIE OF HAPPINESS p. 15 (PG)p.l9 12:15 am OVER THE BROOKLYN 12:30 pm FUNNY LADY(PG)p 19 BRIDGE (R) p.22 3:00 SUMMER SWITCH p. 17 2:05 THE MAN WITH ONE 4:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER p.15 RED SHOE (PG) p 6 (CC) 5:30 THE MAN WITH ONE 3:45 NIGHT PATROL RED SHOE (PG)p.6(CC) (R) p.15(CC) TUESDAY, JULY 22 6:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE 5:20 am DOT AND THE BUNNY p 17 MOVIES p.10JULY 23 4:30 DOROTHY IN OZp 16 6:00 am DOROTHY IN OZp 16 5:00 LOVING COUPLES (PG)p 19 6:30 ANIMAL ALPHABET p16, 7:00 Andrew McCarthy 7:00 NIGHTWING (PG) p.22 /—" Double Bill: 9:00 CANNONBALL RUN (PG)p19 HEAVEN HELP US (R)p 6 11:00 THE WOMAN IN RED 9:00 ST. ELMO'S FIRE (PG-13) p.9(CC)HBO SHOWCASE '86 1:00 SECONDHAND HEARTS Hall a Lifetime p. 13 (CC) 1:40 am TERMINAL CHOICE (R) p 15 3:30 MYSTERY AT 3:25 GIRLS OF THE FIRE ISLAND p 16 WHITE ORCHID p 15 THURSDAY, JULY 24 6:00 STREETS OF FIRE 5:05 am ENCHANTED JOURNEY p 16 (PG) p.22 (CC) 6:30 BRAINGAMESIV p 16 8:00 PALE RIDER 7:00 HIGH SCHOOL USAp 20(CC) (R)p.l2(CC)

HBO Guide July 1986 - Page section : 010

FRIDAY, JULY 25 5:30 MEATBALLS (PG)p.19(CC) 6:15 am EMMA AND GRANDPA p. 16 7:00 GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE 7:00 MAN/RED SHOE (PG)p.6(CC) FUN (PG) p.7(CC)rk 8:30 HOTELp 18 8:30 REVENGE OF THE NERDS 11:00 MAD MAX (R) p.22 (CC) (PG-13) p.9(CC)JULY 26 7:00 Saturday Night Movie: 6:00 am PROTOCOL STARMAN (PG)p.9(CC)0 (PG) p.21 (CC)rt 8:00 THE WILDER SUMMER p.16 9:00 ROBERT KLEIN 9:00 STARMAN ON BROADWAY p 10 (PG)p.21 (CC)JULY 27 2:00 pm MICKI & MAUDE 5410 am CANNONBALL RUN II (PG-13) p.6(CC) (PG)p.6(CC) 4:00 CANNONBALL RUN II 7:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Secret (PG)p.6(CC) Society of Poohbahs” 6:00 GHOSTBUSTERS (25) (CC) (PG)p.20(CC)0 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Incredible 8:00 APOLOGY p.l3(CC)fk Shrinking Mokey” (:25) (CC) 10:00 HEAVEN HELP US (R)p.6 8:00 GHOSTBUSTERS 11:50 THE ROSEBUD BEACH (PG) p.20(CC)rk HOTEL (R)p.15 10:00 THE DEEP (PG) p.9 1:15 am L0VELINES 12:00 STREETS OF FIRE (R)p.21 (CC)Ct (PG>p.22(CC) 2:55 THE DEEP (PG) p.9 [ MONDAY, JULY 28 5:00 CANNONBALL RUN (PG) p.19 5:00 am THE SURVIVAL SERIES p.16 7:00 THE WOMAN IN RED 6:00 MYSTERY/FIRE ISLAND p 16 (PG-13) p.9 (CC)July 7,12,17,23 Hotel Check into this elegant New Orleans hotel in a juicy 1967 drama that inspired the hit TV series. Co-stars Rod Taylor and Karl Malden. (AS)2:05. July 3,8,12,16,25 Lost and Found This breezy romantic comedy pairs George Segal and Glenda Jackson as a merrily mismatched husband and wife. With Maureen Stapleton. ^4S^PG-1:45. July 2,7,11,17,29 Meatballs Part II When you sign up for Camp Sas-quatch, you're in for a summer with the daffiest bunch of campers ever to bead a moccasin. (ttS.^ZJPG-l:27. July2,7,12,17,20,25(CC) American Dreamer wHousewife JoBeth Williams |goes on a dangerous, ro-mantic escapade in Paris. A lighthearted adventure co-starring Tom Conti. (AL,MV) PG-1:45. July 4,12(CC) I’lWlllght Time Gentle rfamily drama of an old Yugoslav man (Karl Malden) who ^returns home from America to take charge of his abandoned grandchildren. (AS) ffPG-1:42. July 4,8,14,24,30 'The Cannonball Run Burt Reynolds leads an all-star cast in a cross-country auto race. Crash-'em-up comedy with Farrah Fawcett. (AS,AL,AH) PG-1:36. July5,10,15,20,23,28 The Corn Is Qreen Katharine Hepburn stars as a devoted teacher who is determined to turn a poor-but-gifted student into an Oxford-caliber scholar. George Cukor directed this classic Emlyn Williams drama. 1:33 .July 1,9,13,18,24 Loving Couples When boredom threatens their marriage, James Coburn and Shirley MacLaine look elsewhere for kicks—but soon learn that monogamy has its advantages. A peppery adult farce. (AS,AL) PG-1:37. July 3,13,18,23,29 Skokie A stinging docu-drama of a planned Nazi rally in 1970s Illinois that stirs up a tempest of passionate protests from the local residents. Danny Kaye stars as a holocaust survivor who airs his outrage in court. With Kim Hunter. (AS.AL) 2:00. July 3,8,14,19,30 The Secret of NIMH Dazzling animation highlights this compelling tale about a plucky little mouse whose home is destroyed by a farmer’s plow. Features the voices of Dom De-Luise and Derek Jacobi. G-1:22 .July 1,9,13,28 Funny Lady Reprising her Oscar-winning Funny Girl role, Barbra Streisand sings up a storm as Ziegfeld star Fanny Brice. This lavish musical stars James Caan as showman/songwriter Billy Rose. (AS.AL) PG-2.21. July 2,5,10,15,21 Hambone and Hlllle Have a tail-wagging good time when adorable pooch Hambone sets out on a cross-country trek to search for his loving, elderly owner Hillie. The legendary Lillian Gish stars as the sought-after Hillie in this heartwarming tale. (V) PG-1:30. July 5,10,15,21,30

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