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0s- oVv ■fto* *s&s- •Sp MURDER BY DEATH Neil Simon invites the world’s greatest detectives to solve a murder. Laughs are the motives for this whodunit starring Peter Falk, David Niven, Maggie Smith, Peter Sellers and James Coco. Premieres July 17 PAULANKA STANDING ROOM ONLY Paul Anka’s world famous act from the Hollywood Palladium was produced exclusively for HBO viewers. You’ll also see film clips of the early Paul Anka singing to a frenzied teenage audience. Premieres July 10 Weekends are Premiere Nights on HBO. You see major motion pictures—unedited and without commercial interruption—plus entertainment specials like Standing Room Only and On Location produced exclusively for you. Foreign and Classic films Premiere ALL SCREWED UP Lina Wertmuller directed this uproarious Italian film about a group of young people who’ve come to Milan to make their fortunes. Premieres July 13 on Wednesdays—and great Sports Events occur the year round. All this means you see three or more new shows every week. Only program highlights are shown above, so always check through the guide where the entire month’s shows are described. Refer to HE *®eGreat Entertaiqment z_/llterijative The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. NJ. Nicholas, Jr. President; Sean McCarthy, Treasurer; Peter Sheppe, Secretary. Address all mail to HBO Guide, Home Box Office, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. © 1977 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Cover: Brian Hamill/Photoreporters 3 CHARRY AND WALTER GO TO NEW YORK James Caan and Elliott Gould are out to crack the world’s toughest safe. Premieres July 8 SHOOT Hunters Cliff Robertson and Ernest Borgnine become the hunted. Premieres July 22 THE FRONT How McCarthy’s 1953 blacklist rocked the entertainment industry. Woody Allen and Zero Mostel. Premieres July 24 DEADLY HERO Don Murray stars as a N.Y. cop who becomes a stalking killer. Premieres July 15 SWASHBUCKLER Robert Shaw, Peter Boyle and Genevieve Bujold star in this spectacular pirate adventure. Premieres July 1 COUNTDOWN AT KUSINI Greg Morris, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis in a story of African Revolution. Premieres July 29 July 3 HUSTLE Burt Reynolds and Catherine Deneuve. He’s a cop. She’s a call girl. Both take their jobs se riously. Premieres July 31 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION From the Chicago Playboy Club, Shelley performs the golden comedy routines that made him one of the hottest nightclub comedians in the 1950s. Premieres July 15 July 20 NICHOLAS NICKLEBY HBO Playhouse serializes Dickens' tale of a penniless schoolmaster. Premieres July 2 the page number included with a listing if the program’s description doesn’t appear on a page where the program is scheduled. Programs run four to six times during the four weeks after they Premiere —this way you see the shows you want at your convenience.

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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Premiere JULY 1-3 FRIDAY 1 SATURDAY 2 5:30 DRIVE-IN Kids, bandits and star-crossed lovers at this wild Texas drivein (PG-1:36) p.6 7:30 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Men’s Semi-finals p.5 10:00 SWASHBUCKLER Premiere. Robert Shaw, James Earl Jones and Genevieve Bu-jold in action-filled adventure (PG-1:40) p.5 12:00 STRANGER IN THE HOUSE A killer hiding in the attic of sorority house goes on terrifying spree (R-l:40) p. 14 3:00 HBO PLAYHOUSE NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Dickens’ tale about “the most horrible school ever created.” Parts 1 & 2. p.5 5:00 GUMBALL RALLY A coast-to-coast car race with a gumball machine for the winner (PG-1:47) p.9 7:00 FUNNY LADY Barbra Streisand and James Caan in Funny Girl sequel (PG-2:20) p.21 9:30 GUMBALL RALLY Michael Sarrazin stars (PG-I:47) p.9 11:30 SMOTHERS BROTHERS Standing Room Only p.21 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN In 1955, Jill Kinmont was a sure bet for the U.S. Olympic Ski Team until a high-speed fall paralyzed her from the shoulders down. This is her story, the remarkable drama of a young woman who as a quadriplegic fought for her share of life. The film is beautifully photographed, with strong performances from Marilyn Hassett as Jill and Beau Bridges as the daredevil skier who loved her through thick and thin. Here’s a story that’ll move you for sure. Mature subject matter. (PG-1:43) July 3,7, 11,16,19,29 SUNDAY 3 3:00 SWASHBUCKLER Daring buccaneers return to the screen (PG-1:40) p.5 5:00 ROOSTER COGBURN John Wayne in rollicking western (PG-1:47) p. 18 7:00 SWASHBUCKLER Peter Boyle (Joe) plays 18th century villain in pirate tale (PG-1:40) p.5 9:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Premiere. The dramatic life story of skier Jill Kinmont (PG-1:43) p.4 11:00 ON LOCATION ROBERT KLEIN p.7 4 Nicholas Nkkleby HBO Playhouse This six-part serial version of Dickens’ novel traces the trials and fortunes of Nicholas, a likely lad who, left penniless at 19, is packed off by his wicked uncle to be an assistant schoolmaster. At Dotheboys Hall, he valiantly battles to protect the boys from the tyrannical rule of headmaster Squeers. The first four parts will be shown in July —a new episode each Thursday. July 2,7,14,16,21,25,28,30 WIMBLEDON TENNIS Tune in on Friday, July 1, when Home Box Office brings you the semi-final rounds of the men’s singles matches from Wimbledon. SWASHBUCKLER It’s 1718 in a British fort on Jamaica —a hanging is about to take place. Suddenly, pirate captain Robert Shaw sails his ship around the point with cannons firing! He rescues pal James Earl Jones and they’re off and running in this action-filled adventure. Genevieve Bujold plays a highborn lady who’s as good at dueling as at coquetting. Beau Bridges and Geoffrey Holder are 18th century bad guys—and kinky governor Peter Boyle is the baddest of them all. Get set for flying daggers and spectacular sea battles. Spicy words and a glimpse of nudity. (PG-1:40) July 1,3,6,9,12,18 Premiere

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U.S. AMATEUR HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP In a rare treat, you’ll have the opportunity to see 20 young American boxers in this lively 90-minute program. The show includes 10 three-rounders taped earlier in Cincinnati and features AAU champion Greg Paige against N.Y. Golden Glove titlist Mitch Green. A team will be selected from these bouts to square off in August against the Soviets in a Moscow slugfest. July 20,23 STRANGER IN THE HOUSE (a.k.a. Black Christmas) Four girls alone in a sorority house discover that recent obscene calls are no fraternity prank. Terror begins when a psychotic killer murders one of the girls. Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, John Saxon and Margot Kidder star. Strong language and violence. (R-1:39) July 1,9,20 14 CRY WOLF Tony is an overimaginative British lad who enjoys nothing so much as telling big whopping lies and scaring people. But when he really does overhear a plot to kidnap the visiting Prime Minister, no one will believe him; not even his mum. Now it’s up to him. July 7,21,30 WORLD TEAM TENNIS Thursday the New York Apples, with Billie Jean King and Virginia Wade, play the Cleveland Nets headed by Martina Navratilova and Bjorn Borg. July 21 ROBIN AND MARIAN Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn are wonderfully romantic in this sequel to the legend of Robin Hood. Robin returns from the Crusades to settle old accounts with the Sheriff of Nottingham. Adult situations. (PG-1:45) Encores July 5,15,21 5:30 SWASHBUCKLER Get set for flying daggers, dashing buccaneers and sea battles (PG-1:40) p.5 7:30 PAUL ANKA SHOW Standing Room Only p.9 9:00 DEADLY HERO A New York cop mixes up duty and political ambition (R-l:36) p. 13 11:00 SWASHBUCKLER Final Premiere Showing. Robert Shaw and Genevieve Bujold star (PG-1:40) p.5 9 5:30 HARRY & WALTER GO TO NEW YORK Diane Keaton (PG-1:52) p.8 7:30 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Beautiful photography and touching drama (PG-1:43) p.4 9:30 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION p. 12 10:30 HARRY & WALTER GO TO NEW YORK James Caan and Elliott Gould steal the show and everything else! (PG-1:52) p.8 12:30 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION p. 12 0 5:30 SANDERS Premiere. Richard Todd in Edgar Wallace story (1:28) p. 15 7:00 ALL SCREWED UP Hectic lives of young folks in Milan (Dubbed-PG-1:45) p. 11 9:00 U.S. AMATEUR HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP (Tape) p. 14 10:30 STRANGER IN THE HOUSE Final Premiere Showing. John Saxon stars (R-1:40) p. 14 12:15 SANDERS Marianne Koch (1:28) p. 15 5:00 HBO PLAYHOUSE NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Part 3. p.5 6:00 CHILDREN’S THEATRE Cry Wolf p. 14 7:00 ROBIN & MARIAN Robert Shaw (PG-1:45) p. 15 9:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS New York Apples vs. Cleveland Nets p. 14 11:00 DEADLY HERO James Earl Jones plays a charming con man who meets disaster (R-1:36) p. 13 15 Premiere jh ■ riemieie Sanders (1966) Looking into the murder of an African policeman, Inspector Sanders (Richard Todd) uncovers a thriving trade in diamond smuggling. When all clues point to a local clinic, Sanders goes upriver to investigate. He’s nearly thwarted by crafty doctors, an empty coffin and some very hungry crocodiles in a tale of white ice on the dark continent. (1:28) July 20,24,27,31

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{...and the Lady) John Wayne is a potbellied Federal marshal hired to lasso a gang of desperados. Katharine Hepburn is a fast-tongued, high-toned spinster whose father was killed by the same gang. Together they give chase to some old-fashioned fun. Salty language. (PG-1:47) Encores on July 3,16,27 WHITE LINE FEVER JULY 25-28 While the overworked truckers are wheeling, the racketeers are dealing—and Jan-Michael Vincent has had enough. Attempting to organize a big rig strike, he and wife Kay Lenz are almost run down by the mob as they try to put the brakes on corruption. Violence. (PG-1:29) Encores on July 4,15,2 8 MONDAY 25 TUESDAY 26 WEDNESDAY 27 6:00 HBO PLAYHOUSE NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Part 3. p.5 7:00 MURDER BY DEATH Alec Guinness is the butler who done it—maybe (PG-1:34) p. 13 9:00 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION p. 12 10:00 SHOOT Weekend hunters set sights on violence (R-1:34) p. 17 11:45 MURDER BY DEATH David Niven and Maggie Smith play the elegant Dick and Dora Charleston in Neil Simon’s mystery spoof (PG-1:34) p. 13 18 5:30 ALL SCREWED UP The often times comic struggles of young Sicilians in Milan as seen by Lina Wertmuller (Dubbed-PG-1:45) p. 11 7:30 PAUL ANKA SHOW Standing Room Only p.9 9:00 DEADLY HERO Don Murray is a cop trying to live a lie at any cost (R-l:36) p. 13 11:00 ON LOCATION PAT COOPER p. 19 12:00 THIS WAS BURLESQUE SRO presents Ann Corio p. 19 5:30 SANDERS Richard Todd tackles diamond smugglers (1:28) p.15 7:00 ROOSTER COGBURN Bible-quoting Kate Hepburn tries to reform drunkard John Wayne (PG-1:47) p. 18 9:00 SHOOT Weekend hunters in taut drama starring Cliff Robertson (R-1:34) p. 17 11:00 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION p. 12 12:00 SANDERS Edgar Wallace tale set in Africa (1:28) p. 15 World Team Tennis 'Tfjis tVtts j9Bur(esque4 Unless you visited burlesque houses in the 1930s, you’ve never seen anything like this classic review. Ann Corio presents top bananas, chorus girls, bawdy comedy sketches, and exotic striptease artists to capture the fun and flavor of this “naughty” theatre. Encores July 4,26 After Sue Barker was called the sexiest woman on the tennis tour, the blonde English imp said, “I hope my Mum doesn’t hear that. She’ll wonder what I’m doing.” What Sue has been doing is winning—two tournaments and even a couple sets from Chris Evert. See Barker and her Cleveland teammates against Indiana July 28. THURSDAY 28 5:30 HBO PLAYHOUSE NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Part 4. p.5 6:30 WHITE LINE FEVER Young trucker stands up to the racketeers (PG-1:29) p. 18 8:00 THE FRONT Woody Allen, Zero Mostel and Herschel Bernardi in story of blacklisting (PG-1:34) p. 16 10:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS Cleveland Nets vs. Indiana Loves p. 19 12:00 THE FRONT Woody Allen stars in a 1950s drama (PG-1:34) p. 16 PATCOOPER ON LOCATION Pat Cooper, called the “Italian Sam Levenson” by The New York Times, jokes about his growing up in an old-fashioned Italian neighborhood. See his one-man show from the Club Bene in New Jersey as he uproariously bemoans the trials and tribulations of rearing kids today. July 6,16,26 19

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The Lion Has Wings (1940) This Alexander Korda film was intended to bolster the spirits of an England worried about the annihilating power of the German Luftwaffe. A blend of documentary and fiction, it examines the effects of war on an RAF pilot (Ralph Richardson) and his wife (Merle Oberon). Filled with Spitfires and daredevil dog fights, the film chronicles Britain’s finest hour. (B/W-l :26) July 6,8,10,13 DWE-M It’s Saturday night at a Texas drive-in. As the cars pull in the action starts—in the audience. Here’s a popcorn box full of star-crossed teenagers, inept stick-up men and lots of fun. Adult language. (PG-1:36) July 1,4 TOTIE RETURNS Totie returns to show business after last year’s surgical loss of her leg. It’s a celebrity-packed event as Lucille Ball, Jerry Lewis, David Brenner, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme attend To-tie’s party and the opening of her new Las Vegas act. July 7,9,22 JULY 4-7 MONDAY 4 5:30 DRIVE-IN Final Premiere Showing. Teenagers, robbers and lovers in wild Texas drive-in mixup (PG-1:36) p.6 7:30 WHITE LINE FEVER Danger and corruption in the big rigs. Jan-Michael Vincent stars (PG-1:29) p. 18 9:00 GUMBALL RALLY A band of drivers race across the U.S. (PG-1:47) p.9 11:00 THIS WAS BURLESQUE Standing Room Only p. 19 6 NCAA MEN’S GYMNASTICS Overlooked, overshadowed, but not overcome—that has been the story of men gymnasts in recent years. Actually, they perform even more difficult routines than the highly publicized women. American male gymnasts are vastly improved and you’ll see two of the best—Kurt Thomas and Bart Conner—at the NCAA individual championships on July 6,9 and in the team events on July 13,16. ROBERT KLEIN REVISITED Klein’s energy, insight and innovative wit make him one of the funniest funnymen around. Home Box Office brings you his new act from the N.Y.U. campus for 90 minutes of nonstop laughter. July 3,5,13 WEDNESDAY 6 THURSDAY 7 TUESDAY 5 5:30 ROBIN & MARIAN Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery in heartwarming reunion in Sherwood Forest (PG-1:45) p. 15 7:30 THE TAMARIND SEED British official Julie Andrews falls for Russian Omar Sharif (PG-2:05) p.7 10:00 ON LOCATION ROBERT KLEIN p.7 11:30 ROBIN & MARIAN Robert Shaw and Nicol Williamson star in conclusion to legend of Robin Hood (PG-1:45) p. 15 5:30 THE LION HAS WINGS Classic Film starring Ralph Richardson (B/W-l:26) p.6 7:00 NCAA GYMNASTICS Men’s Team Championship (Tape) p.7 8:30 SWASHBUCKLER Action-packed pirate movie starring Robert Shaw and Genevieve Bujold (PG-1:40) p.5 10:30 THE LION HAS WINGS Merle Oberon (B/W-l:26) p.6 12:00 ON LOCATION PAT COOPER p. 19 5:30 HBO PLAYHOUSE NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Part 1. p.5 6:30 CHILDREN’S THEATRE Cry Wolf p. 14 7:30 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Beau Bridges stars as daredevil skier who loves Jill Kinmont (PG-1:43) p.4 9:30 TOTIE FIELDS Standing Room Only p.6 11:00 WORLD TEAM TENNIS Los Angeles Strings vs. Sea-Port Cascades p.7 7 WORLD TEAM TENNIS This Thursday Tom Gorman and the Sea-Port Cascades come up against the Los Angeles Strings and Rosie Casals. July 7 The Tamarind Seed Vacationing in Barbados, British official Julie Andrews meets amorous Russian Omar Sharif. She suspects, though, he has espionage, not romance, in mind. Adult theme. (PG-2:03) Encores July 5

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MSOUnDTM Sir, I would like to find out why there are so many repeats of one thing and none of another. Some shows are on four or five times and others appear only once. How come? Also, I wasn’t home last night and missed FAMILY PLOT. This was the only date you had listed. Is this one that will only be shown once Thank you, R.W. Tolen Dear Sir, My parents and I think that HBO is the best thing that ever hit television. I like the encore system a lot because 1 can see movies that I liked over again. Also, could you give me some idea of what new movies will be coming up Sincerely, Dick Lessing Many viewers write asking about repeats of new programs. Some say there are too many, others say there aren’t enough. What we do is show new programs three to five times after they premiere. They’re shown at different hours on different days and usually spread over a four week period. This way you can watch a show when it’s most convenient for you. In addition, you can preview a film for children or watch your favorite network shows without missing an HBO feature you want to see. Since new shows premiere every weekend, those that begin at the end of the month will carry over into the following month. The Front, for example, premieres July 24 and plays again on the 28th. It will continue its run into the early weeks of August—just like Family Plot, which premiered on May 29th and continued into June. Besides the new shows each month, we also encore a few of the shows from earlier months that viewers tell us they especially enjoyed. These are shown only one to three times during a month. Unfortunately we are not allowed to announce upcoming films that are now playing in theatres. What we can tell you is that, although there are exceptions, we generally show a movie nine to twelve months after it is first released in the theatre. By showing so many new films each month, HBO brings you nearly all of the major Hollywood releases. The selection is based on what our research and your letters tell us you’d like to see. 22 COMING NEXT MONTH SOPHIA LOREN Academy Award Winner AUGUST 1-3 MONDAY 1 6:00 CHILDREN'S THEATRE Cry Wolf p. 14 7:00 THE FRONT Woody Allen’s a scheming bungler who pretends to author the work of a blacklisted writer (PG-1:34) p. 16 9:00 COUNTDOWN AT KUSINI An African nation’s struggle for independence. Ossie Davis stars (R-l:41)p.20 11:00 THE FRONT Woody Allen suffers delusions of grandeur in a whirl of fame (PG-1:34) p.16 TUESDAY 2 5:30 MURDER BY DEATH Truman Capote debuts in this mystery spoof (PG-1:34) p. 13 7:30 DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATER FOX Singer Goldie Hawn joins card-sharp George Segal in the wicked old West (PG-1:45) 9:30 SHOOT Weekend hunters become the hunted (R-l:34)p.l7 11:30 MURDER BY DEATH Peter Sellers is Sidney Wang and Richard Narita is Number One Son (PG-1:34) p. 13 WEDNESDAY 3 5:30 RUSSIAN ROULETTE George Segal tries to thwart an assassination plot (PG-1:30) 7:00 SAMMY DAVIS JR. Standing Room Only presents Sammy’s nightclub act 9:00 TWO WOMEN This Italian film earned Sophia Loren an Oscar in 1961. Directed by Vittorio De Sica (Dubbed-B/W-1:39) 11:00 DOG DAY AFTERNOON A1 Pacino stars as a bungling bank robber who turns a heist into a circus (R-2:05) 23

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counTDOiun ht KUSINI Premiere Premiere COUNTDOWN AT KUSINI Ossie Davis stars as a freedom fighter caught up in the violence and intrigue of an African nation’s struggle for independence. On-tour jazz musician Greg (Mission Impossible) Morris falls for revolutionary Ruby Dee and joins in her cause. Both work desperately to thwart the assassination of Davis in an explosive finish. Davis directed, too. Mature theme. (PG-1:41) July 29 "HUSTUr t Reynolds and Catherine \^y HUSTLE Burt Reynolds Deneuve play a tough cop and a classy call girl surrounded by urban corruption as thick as L.A. smog. Reynolds, searching for answers in an apparent drug-suicide, tracks his way to the sordid truth—and is caught in a web of deceit and cover-up. Strong performances by Eddie Albert, Ernest Borgnine, Eileen Brennan, Jack Carter, Paul Winfield and Oscar winner Ben Johnson give real depth and power to this fast-paced drama. Nudity and adult situations. (R-2:00) July 31 20 THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS Standing Room Only encores the Smothers’ final performance as a comedy team. Highlights include Tommy’s yoyo exhibition and a rousing version of “Dueling Banjos” with banjoist Larry McNeely. July 2,11,29 JULY 29-31 Funny girl Barbra Streisand has new troubles and songs but the same great voice. Fanny Brice’s lingering love for ex-spouse Nicky Arn-stein (Omar Sharif) threatens her marriage to songster Billy Rose (James Caan). Mature theme. (PG-2:20) Encores July 2,31 FRIDAY 29 5:00 OBSESSION Genevieve Bujold has two roles in this thriller (PG-1:38) p. 11 7:00 THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN Final Premiere Showing. Life story of skier Jill Kinmont (PG-1:43) p.4 9:00 COUNTDOWN AT KUSINI Premiere. Ossie Davis directed and stars with Ruby Dee and Greg Morris (R-l:41) p.20 11:00 SMOTHERS BROTHERS Standing Room Only p.21 SATURDAY 30 3:00 MURDER BY DEATH Peter Falk stars as Sam Diamond (PG-1:34) p. 13 5:00 HBO PLAYHOUSE NICHOLAS NICKLEBY Part 4. p.5 6:00 CHILDREN’S THEATRE Cry Wolf p. 14 7:00 ALL SCREWED UP Final Premiere Showing (PG-1:45) p. 11 9:00 MURDER BY DEATH James Coco tracks down clues and food as Belgian detective Milo Perrier (PG-1:34) p. 13 11:00 DEADLY HERO Cop Don Murray loses his job and his senses (R-1:36) p. 13 SUNDAY 31 3:00 HARRY & WALTER GO TO NEW YORK Final Premiere Showing. James Caan (PG-1:52) p.8 5:00 SANDERS Richard Todd (1:28) p. 15 6:30 FUNNY LADY Omar Sharif (PG-2:20) p.21 9:00 HUSTLE Premiere. Burt Reynolds and Catherine Deneuve star as tough cop and classy call girl (R-2:00) p.20 11:00 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION p. 12 12:00 SANDERS Final Premiere Showing (1:28) p.15

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JIMP Rod Steiger is the caustic W.C. in a funny-sad film bio that shows this pure genius on film was a pure contradiction in life. Valerie Perrine stars with Jack Cassidy, Bernadette Peters and Billy Barty. Strong language. (PG-1:51) Encores July 9,24 JULY 22-24 FRIDAY 22 SATURDAY 23 SUNDAY 24 5:00 ALL SCREWED UP Italian director Lina Wertmull-er’s tragicomic look at life in Milan (PG-1:45) p.l 1 7:00 MURDER BY DEATH Wacky sleuths try solving a murder with no help from Truman Capote (PG-1:37) p. 13 9:00 SHOOT Premiere. Cliff Robertson and Ernest Borgnine are on a deadly hunting trip (R-1:34) p. 17 11:00 TOTIE FIELDS Standing Room Only. Totie’s return to show business p.6 3:30 HARRY & WALTER GO TO NEW YORK Diane Keaton (PG-1:52) p.8 5:30 U.S. AMATEUR HEAVYWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP (Tape) p. 14 7:00 HARRY & WALTER GO TO NEW YORK Michael Caine (PG-1:52) p.8 9:00 PAUL ANKA SHOW Standing Room Only p.9 10:30 SHELLEY BERMAN ON LOCATION p. 12 11:30 THE SLEEPING CAR MURDER Final Premiere Showing (Dubbed-B/W-1:30) p.10 3:30 W.C.FIELDS*ME Rod Steiger stars in the life of famous comedian. Valerie Perrine co-stars (PG-1:51) p. 16 5:30 SANDERS Richard Todd stars (1:28) p. 15 7:00 W.C. FIELDS & ME Fields moves from vaudeville to Hollywood films (PG-1:51) p. 16 9:00 THE FRONT Premiere. A “new” Woody Allen in this story from the McCarthy era (PG-1:34) p. 16 11:00 DEADLY HERO Diahn Williams is terrorized by aN.Y. cop (R-1:36) p. 13 THE FRONT In the McCarthy era, when innuendo was evidence, blacklisted scriptwriters were out of luck —and work—unless they had a “front.” Woody Allen (Annie Hall) plays a scheming bungler who pretends to author the work of a blacklisted friend. His new life as a “talented writer” draws him into a vtfhirl of celebrityhood and, ultimately, into the witness chair of a Senate committee. Prepare yourself for a “new” Woody —an actor, not just an act. Zero Mostel co-stars along with Herschel Bernardi and Michael Murphy. Some strong language. (PG-1:34) July 24,28 16 WOODY ALLEN as'THE FRONT SHOOT A bored group of weekend hunters gets itchy for some action—and they suddenly find plenty. For no apparent reason, a man from another hunting party aims his rifle and wounds one of the group. The injured man’s companion fires in reply and kills the assailant. Then both sides retreat and prepare for revenge on the following weekend. Cliff Robertson, Ernest Borgnine and Henry Silva star in this action drama —a story of modern men who see only with .30-.30 vision, their sights set on violence. Strong language and raw shooting scenes. (R-l :34) July 22,25,27 17

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