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JULY 22-28 THURSDAY/22 1:30 2:30 4:30 5:00 7:00 9:15 11:00 The Pallisers: Episode 12 Where the Red Fern Grows (G-1:37) Martha's Attic: Return of Cypress Escape to the Sun (PG-1:45) The Man with the Golden Gun (PG-2:05) Project Kill (R-1:34) The Man with the Golden Gun (PG-2:05) FRIDAY/23 1:30 2:30 5:00 6:45 9:00 11:00 12:30 The Pallisers: Episode 13 Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Children's Film: Boy of Two Worlds (G-1:23) Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Friday Night Movie: Swept Away... (R-1:56-Dubbed) Death Race 2000 (R-1:24) On Location: Mort Sahl SATURDAY/24 1:30 3:00 4:30 5:00 7:00 7:15 9:00 10:56 12:30 The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Children's Film: Boy of Two Worlds (G-1:23) Martha's Attic: Return of Cypress The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Next Month on HBO Escape to the Sun (PG-1:45) Swept Away... (R-1:56-Dubbed) Soccer League: Philadelphia vs. Seattle (In progress) Kung Fu Special: Bruce Lee and I (R-1:30) SUNDAY/25 1:30 4:00 5:30 7:00 9:15 11:00 The Man with the Golden Gun (PG-2:05) He Is My Brother (G-1:30) '72 Olympic Gold (1:30) The Man with the Golden Gun (PG-2:05) Farewell, My Lovely (R-1:35) Foreign Film: The Bicycle Thief (Dubbed-1:29) MONDAY/26 1:30 3:30 5:15 7:30 9:00 11:15 The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Children's Film: Pippi Longstocking (G-1:30) Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Swept Away... (R-1:56-Dubbed) TUESDAY/27 1:30 2:30 5:00 5:30 7:30 9:45 11:30 The Pallisers: Episode 13 American Film Theatre: A Delicate Balance (2:14) Martha's Attic: Be a Poet The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (G-1:38) American Film Theatre: A Delicate Balance (2:14) Farewell, My Lovely (R-1:35) On Location: Mort Sahl WEDNESDAY/28 1:30 The Pallisers: Episode 14 2:30 Alexander Korda Festival: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1:47) 4:30 Children's Film: Pippi Longstocking (G-1:30) 6:45 Beacon Hill Results Wrap-up 7:00 The Man with the Golden Gun (PG-2:05) 9:05 World Team Tennis: Pittsburgh vs. Indiana 10:30 Kung Fu Special: Bruce Lee and I (R-1:30) 12:00 Alexander Korda Festival: The Scarlet Pimpernel (1:47) Mariangela Melato in Swept Away. JUUT29-AUGUST4 THURSDAY/29 1:30 2:30 6:30 7:00 9:15 11:15 The Pallisers: Episode 13 American Film Theatre: The Iceman Cometh (3:59) Martha's Attic: Be a Poet Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Swept Away... (R-1:56-Subtitled) Escape to the Sun (PG-1:45) FRIDAY/30 1:30 2:30 4:30 6:00 7:30 7:45 9:30 10:30 12:05 The Pallisers: Episode 14 Hester Street (PG-1:31) Children's Film: Pippi Longstocking (G-1:30) '72 Olympic Gold (1:30) Next Month on HBO Hester Street (PG-1:31) On Location: Mort Sahl Farewell, My Lovely (R-1:35) Hester Street (PG-1:31) SATURDAY/31 1:30 4:00 4:30 5:30 7:00 9:15 11:15 12:45 Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Children's Special: The Incredible Cat Tale and Cecily Martha's Attic: Be a Poet Professional Bowling Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (R-1:44) Kung Fu Special: Bruce Lee and I (R-1:30) Project Kill (R-1:34) SUNDAY/1 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:15 9:00 11:00 The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Hester Street (PG-1:31) The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Hester Street (PG-1:31) Swept Away... (R-1:56-Dubbed) Foreign Film: L'Avventura (Subtitled-2:25) MDNDAY/2 1:30 3:05 4:00 6:15 8:00 10:15 12:20 Hester Street (PG-1:31) Children's Film: The Lone Wolf (0:45) Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Hester Street (PG-1:31) Monday Night Movie: Man Who Would Be King (2:09) Alexander Korda Festival: Four Feathers (2:01) Hester Street (PG-1:31) TUESDAY/3 1:30 3:00 5:00 6:00 7:15 9:00 11:00 The Pallisers: Episode 14 Cornbread, Earl and Me (PG-1:35) Martha's Attic: Air, Air, Everywhere Children's Film: The Lone Wolf (0:45) Cornbread. Earl and Me (PG-1:35) The Reincarnation of Peter Proud (R-1:44) Swept Away... (R-1:56-Dubbed) 1:30 The Pallisers: Episode 15 2:30 The Man Who Would Be King (PG-2:09) 5:00 Children's Film: The Lone Wolf (0:45) 6:00 Return to Macon County (PG-1:30) 7:30 The Man Who Would Be King (PG-2:09) 9:45 Return to Macon County (PG-1:30) 11:15 World Team Tennis: Hawaii vs. Pittsburgh Sean Connery in The Man Who Would Be King 23

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When was the last time you met a person who had never seen a James Bond film? According to Bond series producer Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, that person would be hard to find. Approximately 700 million people, one out of every five in the world, have seen at least one of the nine films featuring the world’s most overt covert agent—the invincible James Bond. Capturing the all-time box office record for a series, the Bond flicks have earned a whopping 300 million dollars since Dr. No premiered in 1962. Viewed in more than 29 countries, The Man with the Golden Gun, which Bond is back again, will be seen on HBO this month, guaranteed the series’ continued success by updating the Bondmania formula. Escapism pure and simple was the film’s main objective and it was achieved by reverting back to what reviewer Judith Crist lovingly described as “the free-wheeling, whooshing nonsense of the early Fleming fairy tales for grownups. Star Roger Moore was the producers' first choice for the part of Bond 15 years ago, but because of contract problems the role went to Sean Connery. Moore took over the part in Live and Let Die. Joining him in a repeat performance is Clifton James, who again portrays a bungling, red-necked Southern sheriff. The Man with the Golden Gun finds James vacationing in Bangkok when Bond drafts him as navigator for a breathtaking land/sea chase. Christopher Lee aims his 0.45 at 007. The Man With the Golden Gun The last novel to be written by Fleming before his death in 1964, The Man with the Golden Gun offers a rich variety of exotic locations for Bond’s tangle with the infamous million dollar assassin, Scaramanga. From London to Beirut to Portugal to Macao to Hong Kong to Bangkok to the Gulf of Siam, Bond matches wits with golden bullets, Chinese gangsters and a deadly dwarf for the key to the world’s energy problem, the Solex Agitator. But Bond wasn’t the only one who tangled with menace in Southeast Asia. During the film’s production a change of government in Thailand battling in the Orient nearly resulted in the film’s demise when Broccoli was charged with desecrating sacred land. A hasty cleanup followed and Broccoli then turned to the elaborate two-month task of constructing Scaramanga’s palatial jungle fortress. A monumental crew of designers, draftsmen and workers labored day and night for the 15-second scene that is the climax to the film. 007 will next be seen in The Spy Who Loved Me. Fleming’s will forbids the use of the plot of that novel, though not its title, for a film. Broccoli’s scriptwriters have created a story around the title and production will begin soon. Moonraker is slated for the following year, after which a non-Fleming story is being considered. Whatever the plot, one can be sure that you’ll be seeing Moore of Bond. July 9,10,13,22,25,28 Roger Moore gets a fortune—in golden bullets.

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Foreign Films 1 The Soft Skin Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt when the subject is handled by director Frangois Truffaut. This 1964 French love story takes great pains to present the eternal triangle from an anti-romantic, realistic point of view. The film focuses on the adult difficulties of a middle-aged literary critic’s crumbling marriage and his new found love for a young airline stewardess. His attempts at keeping the affair hidden from his wife at first make her suspicious and then desperate. (Subtitled-2:00) July 11 Just Before Nightfall Director Claude Chabrol shows how far some people will go to keep their lives undisturbed. Charles is having an affair with his best friend’s wife. At the end of one afternoon rendezvous he kills her. Though not even suspected, Charles attempts to atone for his crime. He confesses to his wife and to his friend, but both ignore the nightmare; that way they can preserve their friendship, and more importantly, their respectability. A darkly humorous and disturbing film. (Subtitled-1:40) July 18 The Bicycle Thief Once named in a poll of international critics as the best film ever made, Vittorio De Sica’s Oscar-winning 1948 movie uses ordinary people and Italian city streets to present the plight of a peasant family in post-WW II Rome. The story and the family’s economic survival hinges on a bicycle and the work it provides. Father and son’s search for the stolen bike ends with, as Life put it, “the greatest movie wrench at the heart strings since Charlie Chaplin in The Kid.” (Dubbed-1:29) July 25 L'Avventura Although director Michelangelo Antonioni is probably best known for Blow-Up, L’Avventura is generally considered his masterpiece. The film is a study of two people: Sandro, an Italian architect willing to compromise anything for success, and Claudia, a young wealthy Roman who begins a half-passionate relationship with him. Because of its innovative direction and its bleak, but honest view of contemporary life, New Yorker critic Pauline Kael rightly called it “one of the most influential of all modern films.” (Subtitled-2:25) August 1 Mauro the Gypsy Boy of Two Worlds Children's Films Flash the Sheepdog An English orphan named Tom learns the hard way about differences between the British and Scottish way of life. Lonely days with his aunt and uncle on their farm in Scotland are made worse by an antagonistic neighbor boy. Things improve when a shepherd gives Tom a border collie. Both dog and boy profit when they enter the local sheepdog trials. (0:45) July 1,5 Mauro the Gypsy Gypsies can still be seen occasionally on the outskirts of English villages. As this story of Mauro, a gypsy boy, shows, relations between them and the townsfolk are often strained. A local gossip accuses the gypsies of stealing chickens and littering the countryside. But Mauro disproves the villagers’ fears and gains their trust when he helps a local resident. (0:45) July 5,7,9 Scramble Jimmy Riley is at a turning point between being a juvenile delinquent or a hero. In trouble with the police before, he wants a clean start with new friends in a motor bike club and a job in a garage. Going straight seems worthwhile until friends from the past show up and steal a car. Between the action and suspense, Jimmy must decide whose side he is on. (0:45) July 12,14,16,17 Boy of Two Worlds The untimely death of a Danish sea captain and his West Indian wife leaves their young son homeless. The boy’s spinster aunt in Denmark takes him in, but his happiness is short-lived. His shyness and dark complexion set him apart from the robust Danish children and spark their discrimination. Miserable, the boy flees to the forest to live like Robinson Crusoe. (1:23) July 19,21,23,24 Pippi Longstocking With her red hair and a big toothy grin, Inger Nielson is a natural as the infamous children’s character Pippi Longstocking. Inger was chosen from 800 contestants for the part of an incorrigible child who lives alone with her horse and a pet monkey. A delight to local children, Pippi constantly vexes the prim playground mistress who wants to have her put in a home. (1:30) July 26,28,30 Scramble ^ ^

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Premieres Bruce Lee and I The late Bruce Lee returns to the screen in spirit only. A young boy seeks revenge after the brutal murder of his parents compels him to a life of fighting injustice. Divine intervention, martial arts training and a photo of Lee provide him with the courage that he needs. (R-1:30) July 19,21,24,28,31 Escape to the Sun Israeli director Menahem Golan weaves a tale torn from today’s headlines. A married student couple joins with a Solzhenitsyn-like writer, a retired aviation hero and four other oppressed Jews to plot their escape from Mother Russia. Laurence Harvey stars as a Moscow commissar out to prove that something is rotten in Leningrad. (PG-1:45) July 12,14,17,22,24,28 Farewell, My Lovely The third time proves to be the charm as Raymond Chandler’s cynical detective, Philip Marlowe (Robert Mitchum), resurfaces in this hard-boiled remake. A wake of mayhem and murder trails Marlowe across the mean streets of 1940s Los Angeles when a missing person job erupts into a classic case of blackmail. Charlotte Rampling and Sylvia Miles co-star. (R-1:35) July 16,17,20,25,27,30 Four Feathers The 1898 British-Khalifar war for the Sudan is the backdrop for high adventure as Sir Ralph Richardson fights to clear his name. Producer Alexander Korda used actual battle sites, 4000 native extras and the real British gunboats. (2:01) July 19,21,23,26,29,31 Hester Street A vivid reminder that all Americans are immigrants, no matter how many generations removed. A young Russian Jew (Carol Kane) joins her husband after his three year stay in the U.S. only to find an assimilated Yankee. Her development into an American makes this an ideal Bicentennial picture. (PG-1:31) July 2,4 The Iceman Cometh America’s only Nobel Prize winning playwright, Eugene O’Neill, wrote this powerful drama of alcoholic delusion in 1939. Described by Time as “a film of extraordinary beauty and power,” this American Film Theatre production stars Lee Marvin as Hickey, the derelict salesman who sells the gift of life without illusions, while he keeps the greatest illusion for himself (3:59) July 5,8,11,29 Leslie Howard and Joan Gardner in The Scarlet Pimpernel Lee Marvin in The Iceman Cometh Man with the Golden Gun It’s high noon for James Bond (Roger Moore) as 007 faces a showdown to the death against a golden-gunned assassin (Christopher Lee) out to claim a million dollar bounty by killing England’s most secret of agents. Britt Ekland, Maud Adams and the solution to the world’s energy crisis test the legendary talents of 007 in this screen adaptation of Ian Fleming’s last novel. Clifton James co-stars. (PG-2:05) July 9,10,13,22,25,28 The Scarlet Pimpernel The elegant extravagance of Sir Alexander Korda’s thirties costume pictures is never more evident than in this 1935 comedy-adventure starring Leslie Howard and Joan Gardner. Fopish English nobleman Howard eludes his French wife and the dragoons of Robespierre while he wages a one-man, dual-identity crusade to save innocent French aristocrats from the guillotine of the Revolution. (1:47) July 12,15,17,20,22,28 '72 Olympic Gold An in-depth look at the finals of the Munich Olympiad. (1:30) July 12,15,16,18,20,25,30 Swept Away ... by an Unusual Destiny in the Blue Sea of August A deserted Mediterranean isle is transformed into a battlefield by a pair of mismatched castaways as the sexes experience their greatest clash since Lombard battled Barrymore in Twentieth Century. Italian director Lina Wertmuller re-teams duo Giancarlo Giannini and Mar-iangela Melato in a comedy that proves that love does conquer all. (R-1:56) July 23,24,26,29 Features Films finishing June premiere run: The Brutal Showdown A review of boxing-wrestling clashes. (1:15) Death Race 2000 David Carradine in a tale of motorized mayhem at the dawn of a new century. (R-1:24) He Is My Brother Adventures of two shipwrecked brothers (Keenan Wynn and Bobby Sherman). (G-1:30) The Homecoming AFT production of Harold Pinter’s drama about a woman-hating English family. (1:56) Monty Python and the Holy Grail Six cultural satirists stumble through Arthurian legend. (PG-1:29) Rollerball James Caan portrays the super sports star of the year 2018. John Houseman co-stars. (R-2:03) The Stoolie Jackie Mason as a police informer on the run. (1:30) Where Red Fern Grows James Whitmore and Lonny Chapman in a film about an Ozark legend. (G-1:37) 9

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HOME BOX OFFICE FROM TIME/LIFE THIS MONTH CHANDLER Page 6 PREMIERES/Page 8 BRUCE LEE AND I July 19,21,24,28,31 ESCAPE TO THE SUN July 12,14,17,22,24,29 FAREWELL. MY LOVELY July 16,17,20,25,27,30 FOUR FEATHERS July 19,21,23,26,29,31 HESTER STREET (CAROL KANE) July 2,4,6,19,30 THE ICEMAN COMETH (LEE MARVIN) July 5,8,1 1,29 THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN July 9,10,13,22,25,28 THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL July 12,15,17,20,28 '72 OLYMPIC GOLD July 12,15,16,18,20,25,30 SWEPT AWAY... July 23,24,26,29 FOREIGN FILMS/Page 16 THE BICYCLE THIEF July 25 JUST BEFORE NIGHTFALL July 18 THE SOFT SKIN July 1 1 FEATURES/Page 9 Films finishing June premiere run: THE BRUTAL SHOWDOWN July 1 DEATH RACE 2000 July 6,10,1 5,1 8,23 HE IS MY BROTHER July 1,5,14,16,25 THE HOMECOMING (CYRIL CUSACK) July 14 MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL July 3,8,13 ROLLERBALL (JAMES CAAN) July 1,10,12 THE STOOLIE (JACKIE MASON) July 3,5,9,13,20 WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS July 9,22 SPORTS/Page 1 5 PROFESSIONAL BOWLING July 10,31 CHAMPIONSHIP RODEO July 3 NORTH AMERICAN SOCCER July 24 WIMBLEDON TENNIS TOURNEY July 1,2 WORLD TEAM TENNIS July 7,14,21,28 MANAGING EDITOR & PUBLISHER Stephen Marmon ART DIRECTOR Michael Billman ASSOCIATE EDITOR Thomas Fitzharris contributing editors Gary J. Prebula (Films) Herman Weiskopf (Sports) EDITORIAL assistant Cherie Burns photographer Daniel S. Baliotti CIRCULATION director Susan Rose On Air is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., New York, NY 10020. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President; P. Peter Sheppe, Secretary; Peter Hanson, Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. Vol. 2, No. 7 © 1976 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. KORDA Page 4 SWEPT AWAY... GOLDEN GUN MORTSAHL LITTLE PLAYERS Page 10 Page 12 Page 14 Page 24 SPECIALS/Page 14 HBO SPECIAL July 1,6 ON LOCATION: MORT SAHL July 5,7,1 1,16,23,27,30 BEACON HILL July 6,1 1 THE LITTLE PLAYERS: JUBILATION '76 July 4,21,24,26 CHILDREN'S /Page 17 BOY OF TWO WORLDS July 19,21,23,24 FLASH THE SHEEPDOG July 1,5 MAURO THE GYPSY July 5,7,9 PIPPI LONGSTOCKING July 26,28,30 SCRAMBLE July 12,14,16,17 ENCORES/Page 18 BLAZING SADDLES (MEL BROOKS) July 3,4 COOLEY HIGH July 4,7 CORNBREAD. EARL AND ME July 18 A DELICATE BALANCE July 27 MRS. FRANKWEILER'S FILES July 27 MEMORYOFUS July 8 THE PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE July 2 PROJECT KILL (GARY LOCKWOOD) July 17,22,31 REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD July 31 SEVEN ALONE July 3,7 SlariioFAulusi 2 Home Box Office adheres to its published schedule to offer a program of greater interest may cause a as closely as possible. From time to time circum- change. When this occurs, HBO provides notice as stances beyond our control or the opportunity far ahead of the schedule change as is possible.

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On location from UCLA Mort Sahl When he burst upon the national scene in 1960, a Time cover story described Mort Sahl as “young, irreverent and trenchant. The best of the new comedians, he is also the first notable American political satirist since Will Rogers.” Mort Sahl may be older now but his slashing attacks of political satire are sharper than ever. In addition he has now gained a new depth, more mellow and less bitter, that is attracting new followers across the country. HBO subscribers will have the chance to hear Sahl when he performs On Location this month from the campus of UCLA. July 5,7,11,16,23,27,30 Munich Olympic finals 72 Cold The 1972 Olympic games in Munich were packed with great athletic accomplishments. Now the outstanding moments from 90 gold medal performances in swimming, gymnastics and track and field during that Olympiad are brought together for you in ’72 Olympic Gold. The slow motion photography and special closeups used in this feature-length film provide a unique look at the world championship achievements of such stars as swimmer Mark Spitz, gymnast Olga Korbut and trackmen Dave Wottle and Valeri Bordzoff. July 12,15,16,18,20,25,30 Mark Spitz in '72 Olympic Gold Laurence Harvey in Escape to the Sun Sports Harvey: Cad to the end Escape to the Sun In Escape to the Sun, one of his last films, Laurence Harvey continued the tradition that had marked his career—playing a misguided misdoer. Before he was struck down by cancer in 1974, Harvey had appeared in more than 50 films. Described by The New York Times as “the perfect pin-striped cad” for his acting in such films as Butterfield 8 and Room at the Top, Harvey got his greatest critical acclaim as the brainwashed assassin in The Manchurian Candidate. In Escape to the Sun he is a cold-hearted, questioning commissar. July 12,14,17,22,24,29 There are all sorts of sports on tap for HBO viewers in July. The month begins with the semi-finals of the Wimbledon Tennis Tourney on July 1 and 2. After that tennis aficionados will be able to see their favorite stars in action on the World Team Tennis circuit. On July 7 the Golden Gaters take on Los Angeles and on July 14 San Diego will face Billie Jean King and the New York Sets. Pittsburgh will go to the net against Phoenix on July 21 and then will play Indiana on the 28th. Another top championship rodeo match, this one from Strong City, Kansas, is slated for July 3. HBO’s coverage of professional soccer will continue on July 24 when Philadelphia kicks off against Seattle. And professional bowling matches are set for July 10 and 31. In all, it’s a full summer schedule of sports. Billie Jean King oftheNewYork Sets

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in Lina Wertmuller is swept away on a wave of critical raves For the past two years, Lina Wertmuller has managed with ease what few male and even fewer female di-I rectors have accomplished with difficulty. Four back to S back financial and critical successes have propelled the | 44-year-old Italian into the international limelight. Using | her consistent theme of the clash between sex and politics, and supported by the acting talents of Giancarlo Giannini, Wertmuller has earned critical raves and box office bucks from Milano to Milwaukee. HBO viewers this month will see the first TV presentation of her acclaimed Swept Away... Wertmuller’s story isn’t one of overnight success. Her down payment was comprised of six moderately successful (mainly in Italy) pictures after a frustrating career in theatre as a writer/director. Her work as an assistant to director Fre-derico Fellini on 8V2 convinced him to help secure the financing for one of her scripts. Wertmuller cast Giannini in the title roie of The Seduction ofMimi and the rest is golden history. The former star of Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet and the Italian theatre’s most promising actor, Giannini, with his sad face and passionate acting style, brought a new life to Wertmuller’s direction. The director-actor electricity continued with Love and Anarchy, Wertmuller’s first international box office Una Wertmuller (top) directed Giancarlo Giannini (center) and Mariangela Melato (bottom) in Swept Away... the Blue Sea of August bonanza. A successful revival of The Seduction ofMimi shortly followed, astonishing moviegoers and critics who missed its limited first run. When Swept Away... cascaded upon the screen the following year, Wertmuller realized what she had going. “Giancarlo was born to be an actor,” she told Time. “He was born to work at my side. And I was born to work at his. Our fates are sealed. * Currently enjoying her fourth hit in a row, Seven Beauties, Wertmuller continues to enjoy raves from reviewers across the country. John Simon, the notoriously hard-to-please critic of New York Magazine, wrote that “Seven Beauties propels Wertmuller into the highest regions of cinematic art, into the company of the major directors.” Wertmuller says her life’s goal is “to tell stories with joy, to make people laugh, to make them cry, to make movies which show a regard for what it means to be a human being.” A recent four-picture deal with Warner Brothers should help make that dream a reality. July 23,24,26,29

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HBO to show 29 famous Korda films Alexander the Great The Korda film festival The Challenge (Robert Douglas) Clouds Over Europe (Laurence Olivier) Conquest of the Air(Laurence Olivier) The Divorce of Lady X (Merle Oberon) The Drum (Raymond Massey, Sabu) Elephant Boy (Sabu) Forget Me Not (Beniamino Gigli) Four Feathers (Ralph Richardson) The Ghost Goes West (Robert Donat) That Hamilton Woman (Vivien Leigh) Knight Without Armour (Robert Donat) The Lion Has Wings (Merle Oberon) Lydia (Merle Oberon, Joseph Cotton) The Man Who Could Work Miracles Men are Not Gods (Rex Harrison) Murder on Diamond Row (Edmund Lowe) Overthe Moon (Rex Harrison) The Private Life of Don Juan The Private Life of Henry VIII Rembrandt (Charles Laughton) The Return of the Scarlet Pimpernel Sanders (Richard Todd, Maryann Koch) Sanders of the River(Paul Robeson) The Scarlet Pimpernel (Leslie Howard) The Shape of Things to Come The Spy in Black (Conrad Veidt) The Thief of Bagdad (Sabu) Twenty-One Days (Laurence Olivier) Wedding Rehearsal (Roland Young) 4 If the history of film is a history of movie moguls, then the story of the British film industry is that of Czar Alexander Korda. Like most movie moguls, Korda used ambition, imagination and a dash of showmanship. But unlike most movie moguls, Korda saw the cinema as a love first and a business second. Starting this month with The Scarlet Pimpernel (1935) and Four Feathers (1939), HBO is proud to present the first televised retrospective of Korda’s films (See box at left). In 1931, British movies were da’s death in 1956, the sun never set on the English cinema. Korda’s worldwide success The Private Life of Henry the VIII (1933) launched the change by becoming the first British film to overcome the American disdain for the English accent. Korda proved to British moviemakers that slick, well-made films with international stars were the way to out-Hollywood Hollywood. During World Alexander Korda behind the camera while on location in England. Korda, a staunch Churchill supporter, developed a series of entertain-ment-propaganda movies geared to promote a stiff upper lip at home and a pro-British feeling abroad. Films like That Hamilton Woman (1941) made him the first film producer to be knighted for service to his king. After the war Korda oversaw projects produced and directed by Britain’s talented new film makers. Korda often remarked, “We are in show business and we should make a good show.” As The New York Times once put it, there was “no man available who shaped up a candidate for the Korda chain.” Korda’s legacy was a tough show to follow. Now the best of the films that formed that legacy will be seen on HBO. Dates on Pg. 2

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PlayersSicnarf and Isabelle Standwell The Little Players repertory company is a distinguished troupe. Dame Isabelle Standwell is its founder. Mademoiselle Garonce has sung her way to torchy triumphs in cabarets across Europe. Sicnarf, Isabelle’s brother, is a talented Sussex squire who emigrated to Louisiana. Elsie Lump is a versatile veteran of English music halls. Altogether, an illustrious group, especially when one considers that they are all puppets. Despite their wooden heads, The Little Players—one of the few puppet theatres for adults—so mesmerizes audiences that viewers often forget that it’s a pair of human heads who are behind it all. In this case Jubilation '76: Puppet theatre for adults The Little Players it’s Bill Murdock and Francis Pesch-ka, who created the troupe in 1952. For Jubilation ’76, the company’s tribute to the Bicentennial, the players present their favorite bits of American drama and literature, including Sicnarf’s rendition of Mark Twain and Elsie Lump’s raucous version of Let Me Entertain You. As Time noted, “the extraordinary timing and emotion” makes The Little Players “far more real to most of their fans than the cardboard actors of Broadway.” When actress Bette Davis used to phone for reservations she always asked for “Miss Lump, please.” For HBO viewers no reservations are needed. July 4,21,24,26 Puppeteers Francis Peschka and Bill Murdock VI, 2,3,4,6

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Brooks in Blazing Saddles Hepburn in Delicate Balance Encores Blazing Saddles Comic master Mel Brooks’ version of how the West was fun is a hotbed of hilarity. Starring Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Harvey Korman, Madeline Kahn and Slim Pickens. (R-1:38) July 3,4 Cooley High Two talented but bored black high schoolers wait for the future in early 1960s Chicago. Top period sounds from Motown. (PG-1:47) July 4,7 Cornbread, Earl and Me High school basketball star Keith Wilkes is accidentally killed by the police. His parents sue, only to face a cover-up. (PG-1:30) July 18 A Delicate Balance Katharine Hepburn and Paul Scofield’s tenuous domestic life is upset by their bitter daughter and their alcoholic sister-in-law in this American Film Theatre production of playwright Edward Al-bee’s Pulitzer Prize drama. (2:14) July 27 From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler Ingrid Bergman holds the key to the puzzle when two children uncover an art mystery while hiding in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. (G-1:38) July 27 Memory of Us Suburban housewife Ellen Geer is forced to balance her roles as wife and mother against her need for self-fulfillment as a photographer. A sincere portrayal of a contemporary dilemma. (PG-1:34) July 8 The Prisoner of Second Avenue Ad man Jack Lemmon loses his job and his mind; wife Anne Bancroft tries to keep the losses to a minimum. (PG-1:38) July 2 Project Kill Leslie Neilsen and Gary Lockwood star in this behind-the-headlines tale of sanctioned assassination. Project leader Neilsen wants to come in from the cold but there’s no exit for this executioner. The Philippine Islands are the backdrop for the clash between Neilsen and protege Lockwood. (R-1:30) July 17,22,31 The Reincarnation of Peter Proud Michael Sarrazin stages the ultimate comeback as he investigates events of his previous life that lead to his brutal death. Jennifer O’Neill and Margot Kidder co-star. (R-1:44) July 31 Seven Alone In 1843 the Sager family left their Missouri farm and began a 2,000 mile trek along the Oregon Trail. Neither Pappy Sager nor his wife lived to see their “Promised Land.” Parentless, their seven children continued the journey alone. This family feature is based on a true story. (G-1:37) July 3,7 Keith Wilkes in Cornbread, Earl and Me JUuri-7 THURSDAY/1 1:30 2:30 4:00 4:30 5:30 7:00 9:00 11:05 12:05 The Pallisers: Episode 9 He Is My Brother (G-1:30) Martha's Attic: A House is a House Children's Film: Flash the Sheepdog (0:45) He Is My Brother (G-1:30) Wimbledon Tennis Championships Rollerball (R-2:03) HBO Special The Brutal Showdown (1:15) FRIDAY/2 1:30 2:30 4:30 5:00 7:00 9:00 10:35 12:15 The Pallisers: Episode 10 Hester Street (PG-1:31) Children's Special: The Violin The Prisoner of Second Avenue (PG-1:38) Wimbledon Tennis Championships Friday Night Movie: Hester Street (PG-1:31) The Prisoner of Second Avenue (PG-1:38) Hester Street (PG-1:31) SATURDAY/3 1:30 3:30 5:00 5:30 7:00 9:00 10:35 12:05 1:35 Seven Alone (G-1:37) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (PG-1:29) Martha's Attic: A House is a House Championship Rodeo: Strong City, Kansas Seven Alone (G-1:37) Blazing Saddles(R-1:32) Monty Python and the Holy Grail (PG-1:29) The Stoolie (1:30) Blazing Saddles (R-1:32) SUNDAY/4 1:30 3:30 5:30 7:00 9:00 11:00 12:50 Hester Street (PG-1:31) Cooley High (PG-1:47) The Little Players: Jubilation '76 (1:30) Hester Street (PG-1:31) Blazing Saddles (R-1:32) Cooley High (PG-1:47) Blazing Saddles(R-1:32) MONDAY/5 1:30 3:00 4:00 5:00 7:00 11:00 12:00 He Is My Brother (G-1:30) Children's Film: Flash the Sheepdog (0:45) Mauro the Gypsy (0:45) He Is My Brother (G-1:30) American Film Theatre: The Iceman Cometh (3:59) On Location: Mort Sahl The Stoolie (1:30) TUESDAY/6 1:30 2:30 4:30 5:30 7:30 9:05 10:30 12:30 The Pallisers: Episode 10 Hester Street (PG-1:31) Martha's Attic: Puppet Show Beacon Hill Special Hester Street (PG-1:31) Death Race 2000 (R-1:24) Beacon Hill Special HBO Special UfrnRIFCnflV/7 1:30 The Pallisers: Episode 11 nCUIHdUHI// 2:30 Cooley High(PG;1:47) 8:00 On Location: Mort Sahl 9:00 Cooley High (PG-1:47) 11:00 World Team Tennis: Golden Gaters vs. Los Angeles Carol Kane in Hester Street

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