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HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 002

MOVIES Act of Vengeance (CC)______Pg. 21 Almost You (CC)____________ 4 Apology (CC)_______________21 As Summers Die (CC)________21 Assault on Precinct 13_____15 Bette Midler: Divine Madness_____________17 Black Moon Rising (CC) _ 16 The Breakfast Club (CC) _ 22 Certain Fury_______________15 A Chorus Line: The Movie (CC)_____________ 5 The Clan of the Cave Bear (CC)_________21 Creepshow__________________22 Critters___________________20 Eddie and the Cruisers _ 14 The Falcon & The Snowman (CC)___________14 The Flamingo Kid (CC) _ 22 Flesh & Blood (CC)_________15 Garbo Talks (CC)___________17 The Glitter Dome (CC)______21 Gremlins (CC)______________22 Iron Eagle (CC)____________ 6 The Jewel of the Nile (CC)______________ 9 The Longshot_______________16 The Mean Season (CC) _ 20 Mischief (CC)______________20 Mommie Dearest_____________22 Murphy’s Romance (CC) _ 13 National Lampoon’s European Vacation__________17 The New Kids (CC)__________20 A Nightmare on Elm St., Part 2 (CC)_______16 Once Bitten (CC)___________15 Spies Like Us (CC). Tender Mercies_______ Terminal Choice______ This Is Elvis________ The Park Is Mine (CC)______21 The Philadelphia Experiment (CC)____________22 Private Resort_____________15 Re-Animator________________15 Revolution_________________22 Shaker Run_________________14 Sno-Line___________________15 15 22 15 17 Too Scared to Scream_______20 Torchlight_________________15 Troll__________;___________20 A View to A Kill (CC)______22 ORIGINAL PROGRAMS ACE Awards Festival _ Pg. 5 Don Johnson’s Heartbeat__________________12 First & Ten: The Championships__________ 6 Flashback The Hindenburg_____________22 The Hitchhiker (CC)________ 7 Humor and the Presidency_________________12 Not Necessarily News_______ 4 Paul Rodriguez_____________16 The Talk Show______________17 HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office, HBO, On Location and Standing Room Only are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc An HBO Exclusive is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO SPORTS Inside the NFL. Pg. 4 FAMILY SHOWCASE Fraggle Rock (CC)________Pg. 9 HBO Family Showcase___________________10,11 DAYTIME ON HBO Bite the Bullet__________Pg. 18 Home From The Hill____________18 M.A.D.D.: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (CC)____________19 O’Hara’s Wife_________________19 Reds__________________________19 Right of Way (CC)_____________19 Sesame Street* Presents: Follow That Bird (CC) _ 19 Silver City___________________19 Talk to Me (CC)_______________19 To Find My Son________________19 Wildrose______________________18 You Light Up My Life__________19 LIMITED PLAYS* America Undercover _ 1/4,11 Beer (CC)_________________1 /3,8 Billy Crystal_______________1/10 Cease Fire__________________1/17 Fever Pitch (CC)___________1/1,4 Gimme an “F”________________1/25 HBO Showcase (CC)____________1/6 Subscriber Information Services, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Ybrk. New York 10036. This program guide is available by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Subscriber Information Services. Send no money at this time. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Ybrk, New Ybrk 10038. Joseph J. Collins, President; Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Senior V.P., Finance: John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. ©1987 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Murphyf Romance The Hollywood Knights___________ Liza In London____ Murrow (CC)_______ Night Patrol (CC) Not Necessarily Television_______________1/2 Nightmare on Elm St. _ 1/30 Pale Rider (CC)__________1/24 Phil Collins_____________1/16 Porky’s Revenge (CC) _ 1/29 Ray Bradbury Theater. 1/12 Robert Klein_____________1/18 _ 1/2 1/13 Rocky IV (CC)_________ St. Elmo’s Fire (CC). Sisters in the Name of Love__________ _ 1/9 _ 1/8 _ 1/3 1/21 Weird Science (CC)________1/26 Wild Geese II (CC)________1/1 Son of Not-So-Great Moments in Sports. Steven Wright_________ Stripes (CC). 'In most cases, limited plays are described in last month's guide. (CC) indicates programs that are closed-captioned. A in program descriptions and schedules indicates programs in stereo, where available. Schedule Abbreviations: Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PG: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13. R: Restricted. (In theatrical showings, no one under 17 is admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.) Please Note: Words of caution included before the ratings have been abbreviated. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 003

NEW YEAR’S DAY 4:00 WHEN WE FIRST MET p.10 5:00 am TOBY/KOALA BEAR p. 11 5:00 MURR0W (1:51) (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CCyet 7:00 THE JEWEL OF THE NILE 7:00 ANIMAL ALPHABET p.10 11:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.4 (R-1:51)(CC) 2:00 pm WELCOME HOME p.10 1:55 am FEVER PITCH (R-1:35) (CC) 2:30 NAT’L LAMPOON’S EUROPEAN 3:35 THE BREAKFAST CLUB VACATION (PG-13) p.17 (R)p.22(CC) FRIDAY, JAN. 2 3:30 COURAGE p.10 5:30 am SAFE HARBOR p.10 4:00 REVOLUTION (PG) p.22 O 6:00 COURAGE p.10 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.40 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC) 7:00 GREMUNS 7:00 WILDR0SE p. 18 (PG)p.22(CC)«n 9:00 ROCKY IV 9:00 TROLL (PG-f3)p.20 10:30 1ST & TEN: THE 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY CHAMPIONSHIPS p.6 Ct TELEVISION (24) d> 11:00 ROCKY IV 11:00 MJLD.D. MOTHERS AGAINST (PG-1:31)(CC) (R) p.20(CC) 10:00 BITE THE BULLET (PG)p18 11:50 NIGHT PATROL 12:30 pm THE SURVIVAL SERIES (R-1:26) (CC) “PARENTS OF THE WILD” p. 11 1:20 am BEER (R-1:22)(CC) 1:30 SILVER CITY (PG)p.19 2:45 BETTE MIDLER: 3:30 TENDER MERCIES (PG) p.22 DIVINE MADNESS 5:00 SPIES UKE US (R) p. 17 (PG) p.15(CC) 4:20 THETALKSHOW p. 17 SUNDAY, JAN. 4 5:00 am A VIEW TO A KILL (PG)p.22(CC)0 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC>n 8:00 A CHORUS UNE: THE MOVIE (PG-13) p.5(CC)0 10:00 YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE (PG) p. 19 11:30 PHIL EXP. (PG) p.22 (CC) 1:30 pm HOME FROM THE HILL p.18HBO SPORTS SERIES Highlights and analyses of every NFC and AFC playoff, championship game, and finally, Super Bowl XXI. In the pre-Super Bowl show, our experts examine critical match-ups. And don’t miss the post-Super Bowl show! 1:00. Jan. 1,2,3; 8,9,10; 15,16, 17; 22,23,24; 29,30,31 January 5,15,20,25 (CC) 4 A FESTIVAL OF HBO NOMINATIONS ^i9q5 ACE AWARDS Each year the ACE Awards are presented for excellence in cable programming. This year HBO leads the field in nominations. A different nominee every day January 1-18. fl CHORUS LVK Michael Douglas THE MOVIE Young performers express the joy and heartbreak of their lives as dancers while auditioning for a Broadway show. Only a few will pass the scrutiny of the demanding choreographer (Michael Douglas). Based on v the longest-running mu- ^ v, ^ sical in Broadway history. ' (AS.AL) PG-13;1:57. January 4,7,10,16,22,26 (CC) ________________________________ Son of the Not-So*Great Moments In Sports Jan. 8 HBO Pictures Murrow Jan. 1 Apology Jan. 7 As Summers Die Jan. 13 Act of Vengeance Jan. 15 Fraggle Rock Jan. 5 From Jim Henson and the creators of THE MUPPETS. America Undercover: Rapists-Can They Be Stopped? Jan. 4 America Undercover: Down and Out In America Jan. 11 Sisters in the Name of Love Jan. 9 SRO: Liza in London Jan. 14 Phil Collins: No Jacket Required-Sold Out Jan. 16 Not Necessarily Television Jan. 2 On Location: Steven Wright Jan. 3 On Location: Billy Crystal “Don't Get Me Started" Jan. 10 Not Necessarily the News Jan. 17 On Location: Robert Klein on Broadway Jan. 18 HBO Showcase '86: “Half a Lifetime" Jan. 6 Ray Bradbury Theater: "Banshee" Jan. 12

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 004

This drama about a daring rescue mission could have come right from today’s headlines! A teenager’s Air Force officer father is shot down in the Mideast. When the State Department drags its heels in getting him back, the boy devises his own dangerous rescue plan. (AL.V) PG-13; 1:57. Jan. 10,13,18,22,26,30 (CC) January 2,4,22January 6,9,11,22January 13,16,18,23 January 20,23 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Mirror. 7:00 TO FIND MY SON p.19 Mirror” p.9(CC)0 9:00 FLASHBACK: HINDENBERG... 7:00 MISCHIEF (R)p.20(CC) SHIP OF DOOM p.22 9:00 ALMOST YOU (R)p.4(CC) 1 9:30 NAT’L LAMPOON’S EUROPEAN 10:40 NAT’L LAMPOON’S EUROPEAN VACATION (PG-13)p.17 VACATION (PG-13)p.17 11:00 REDS (PG) p. 19 12:15 am SN0-UNE (R) p. 15 2:30 pm BLUE UNE p.10 1:55 TERMINAL CHOICE (R)p.15 3:30 DUSTYp 10 3:40 FLASHBACK p.22 TUESDAY, JAN. 6 9:00 1ST & TEN: THE 6:00 am ANIMAL ALPHABET p.10fk CHAMPIONSHIPS “Easy Come. 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC) Easy Go” p.6HBO SHOWCASE ’86 3:30 BMX BANDITS (PG) p. 11 “HALF A LIFETIME 5:00 THE TALK SHOW p. 17 (:57)(CC)0 5:30 TALK TO ME p.19(CC) 2:20 THE MEAN SEASON 7:00 EDDIE AND THE CRUISERS (R) p.20 (CC) (PG)p.14 4:10 PRIVATE RESORT (R)p 15 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 7 7:00 APOLOGY p.21 (CC) (R) p. 15 I 3:00 TOBY/KOALA BEAR p. 11 1:10 am BETTE MIDLER: DIVINE I 4:30 WELCOME HOME p.10 MADNESS (R)p.17 | 5:00 A CHORUS UNE: THE MOVIE 2:45 THE FALCON AND THE (PG-13)p.5(CC)0 SNOWMAN (R) p.22 (CC) O THURSDAY, JAN. 8 4:00 SAFE HARBOR p.10 5:00 am DUSTY p.10 4:30 DUSTY p.10 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:24) (CCyrt 6:00 THIS IS ELVIS 7:00 M.A.D.D. MOTHERS AGAINST (PG)p.i7 MAN AT THE WINDOW A playwright is desperate for material. :27. Jan. 21 (CC) VIDEO DATE A man preys on lonely women’s desires. :30. Jan. 28 {CC) O.D. FEELIN’ A packet of white powder leaves a trail of death. :28. Jan. 28

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 005

DOUBLE FEATURE FRIDAYS on HBO DOUBLE CREATURES JANUARY 2 Gremlins • Troll TVE SEEN THAT FACE BEFORE" JANUARY 9 TOMMY LEE JONES The Park Is Mine Black Moon Rising MICHAEL DOUGLAS DOUBLE FEATURE JANUARY 16 A Chorus Line: The Movie The Jewel of the Nile TWO SIDES OF JAMES GARNER JANUARY 23 Murphy's Romance The Glitter Dome NIGHT-LIGHT THEATER JANUARY 30 A Nightmare on Elm Street A Nightmare on Elm Street, Part 2: Freddy's Revenge FRIDAY, JAN. 9 3:30 BITE THE BULLET (PG)p.18 5:30 am ITS NO CRUSH, 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.4 p.21 (CC)O 7:00 SILVER CITY (PG)p.19 9:00 BLACK MOON RISING 0:00 TO FIND MY SON p.19 (R)p.16(CC) 11:00 AVIEWTOAKILL 10:45 1ST & TEN: THE (PG)p.22(CC)rt CHAMPIONSHIPS p.6 (PG-13) p.5(CC)ffc 9:00 INSIDE TnE NFL p.4 12:00 THE PHILADELPHIA 10:00 SHAKER RUN p.14 EXPERIMENT 11:30 A CHORUS UNE: THE MOVIE (PG) p.22 (CC) (PG-13) p.5(CC)rt 1:45 am BILLY CRYSTAL - 1:30 pm REDS(PG) p. 19 “DON’T GET ME STARTED" 5:00 GREMUNS (:59)tf (PG) p.22 (CC) (R) p.20 (CC) 5:15 EDDIE/CRUISERS (PG)p.14 3:25 CERTAIN FURY (R)p.15 MONDAY, JAN. 12 3:00 BMX BANDITS (PG)p.11 5:00 am BMX BANDITS (PG)p.11 4:30 THIS IS ELVIS (PG) p.17 tt 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Riddle of 7:00 RIGHT OF WAY p19(CC) Rhyming Rock” p.9 (CC) tn 9:00 THE TALK SHOWp17 7:00 ONCE BITTEN 9:30 ONCE BITTEN (PG-13) p.15 (CC) O (PG-13)p.15(CC)rt 8:30 THE TALK SHOW p. 17 11:00 O’HARA’S WIFE (PG) p. 19 9:00 THE FALCON AND THE 12:30 pm TROLL (PG-13)p.20lf> SNOWMAN (R) p.22 (CC) ft 2:00 RAY BRADBURY THEATER 11:15 CREEPSHOW (R) p.22 January 5,11 (CC) THE RIDDLE OF RHYMING ROCK Gobo accidentally puts his friend Wembley's life in danger. :30. January 12,18 (CC) THE VOICE INSIDE An exciting adventure teaches Gobo the value of his own intuition. :30. January 19,25 (CC) THE TRIAL OF COTTERPIN DOOZER Is Cot-terpin revealing deep, dark Doozer secrets to the Fraggles? :30. Jan. 26 (CC) FRAGGLE ROCK and Character Names ara trademarks of Henson Associates; Inc. FRAGGLE Chafactors £> 1963 Hanton Associates, Inc. Alt rights reserved. CATCH THE EARLY FRAGGLE ROCK EPISODES. A DIFFERENT ONE EVERY WEEKDAYI IP Michael Douglas Kathleen Turner Danny DeVito ^Where’s the jewels Wft&t is tfie jewel? tongue-in-cheek humor and suspense continue in this action-backed sequel to Romancing the Stone. Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas join forces'once again in a high-speed chase that takes * them from the French Riviera to the deserts of the Middle East. (AL, V,BN) PG-1:46. Jan. 1,11,16,21,24,27 (CC)

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 006

Dusty The close bond between an old ranch hand and his loyal canine companion is threatened in a moving drama set in Australian sheep country. 1.29. January 5,8,16,21,24,27 Safe Harbor Eddie is a drifter, an alienated young man who lives hand to mouth. His fear of nuclear annihilation keeps him from living a normal life. What will it take to put him back on the right track and look to the future optimistically? (MV) :25. Jan. 2,8,13,19,29 A young woman’s life is disrupted when her mother appears at her doorstep to spend the night. What happened to send Karen’s mother away from her father? :27. Jan. 1,7,16,19,31 Blue Line James has always been shy, but things are finally coming together. He meets a great girl, and he plans to run in a marathon. But unexpected complications threaten to ruin it all. :53. Jan. 5,13, 17,21,29 Courage Although Jody is the manager of his school swim team, he’s shy, and he can’t swim a stroke! What happens when he's pushed into the pool and the girl who rescues him volunteers to teach him to swim? :23. Jan. 2,12,15,20,26 It’s No Crush, I’m In Love Ann fills her time daydreaming about a handsome TV star—until a new teacher arrives. He looks just like the man of her dreams. But is he all that she imagines him to be :46. Jan. 9,15,21,24,27 The Animal Alphabet The animal kingdom romps through the alphabet from A to Z in this fast-paced show. The Giraffe plays host, and each letter of the alphabet is delightfully animated. :30. January 1,6,19,23HBO Family Playhouse In this contemporary Romeo and Juliet tale, two star-crossed teenage lovers discover that their families are linked by tragedy. :54. January 1,7,11,19,28 10 BMX Bandits An action-packed adventure story involving cops, robbers and a trio of rough-and-ready teenage bikers. Can the kids bag the crooks? (MV) PG-1:31. Jan. 6,12,17,23,28 Toby and the Koala Bear Toby and his koala trek through the Australian wilderness to find an escaped convict. A story of companionship and courage 1:16. Jan. 1,7,10,20,26,30 From the lions of Africa to the sea otters of California—just how different are animal parents from the human variety Bob Newhart narrates. :48. Jan. 3,6,14,18,22,30 TUESDAY, JAN. 13 4:30 BLUE UNE p.10 5:00 am BLUE LINE p.10 5:30 SUMMERS DIE p.21 (CC)O 6:00 SAFE HARBOR p.10 7:00 ST. ELMO’S FIRE 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (C C>rt (R-1:48)(CC) (PG-13)p.6(CC) (R) p.22 (CC) 7:00 SESAME STREET® PRESENTS: 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER “A Time FOLLOW THAT BIRD for Rifles” p.7 (CC) (R)p.16(CC) 2:00 SILVER CITY (PG) p.19 8:00 ACT OF VENGEANCE 7:00 ONCE BITTEN p.21 (CC)0 (PG-13)p.15(CC)ffc 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 4A 8:30 EDDIE/CRUISERS (PG)p.14 11:00 NEW KIDS (R)p.20(CC) 10:30 THE TALK SHOW p.17 12:35 am ALMOST YOU (R) p.4 (CC) 11:00 TO FIND MY SON p.19 2:15 FLASHBACK p.22 1:00 pm TENDER MERCIES (PG) p.22 2:50 THE FALCON AND THE 2:30 COURAGE p.10 SNOWMAN (R) p.22 (CC)«fk FRIDAY, JAN. 16 4:00 PHIL EXP. (PG) p.22 (CC) 5:00 am DUSTY p.10 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.4 7:00 A CHORUS UNE: THE MOVIE 7:00 O’HARA’S WIFE (PG) p.19 (PG-13)p.5(CC)«rt 8:30 TALK TO ME p.19 (CC) 9:00 THE JEWEL OF THE NILE 10:00 HUMOR & PRESIDENCY p.12 (PG)p.9(CC)

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 007

HBO COMEDY SPECIAU Being President of the U.S. is not just the toughest job in the world. People laugh at you, too! Just ask former President Gerald Ford, whose idea it was for this look at the lighter side of life on Pennsylvania Avenue. Mr. Ford welcomes a panel of experts on 12 Here’s the Miami Vice star as you’ve never seen— or heard—him before, uncensored and unedited. Linking the songs from his album, Heartbeat, with a dramatic story, it’s sizzling, sensuous and very adult oriented .. .and only on HBO. (AS,N,SC) Approx. 1:00. January 17,20,25,30 January 18,21,23,27,31 (CC)

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 008

SATURDAY, JAN. 17 5:00 am BLUE LINE p.10 6:00 BMX BANDITS (PG) p. 11 7:30 TROLL (PG-13) p.20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (25) (CCyCt 7:00 GREMUNS (PG)p.22(CC)January 6,9,14,19,22 January 8,11,19,28 Re-Animator This outrageous tale of grisly horror might be the deadliest and funniest mad scientist chiller of all time! (AL,GV,N) 1:26. January 9,14,20,26 Sno-Line Vince Edwards (Ben Casey) stars in this tense crime melodrama as a gangster involved in the cocaine business. (AL,N, l/^R-1:33. January 5,9,18,27 Assault on Precinct 13 Hoodlums lay siege to a Los Angeles police station. (AL,GV) R-1:31. Jan. 7,12,16,25,29 Private Resort Fun in the sun with two guys on the loose at a beach club in Jamaica. (AL,N)R-ii22. Jan. 6,16,25,29 Terminal Choice Who is killing patients and doctors at Dodson Medical Clinic? (AL, V,BN) R:1-39. Jan. 2,5,24,29 Torchlight Pamela Sue Martin (Dynasty) stars in a timely drama of cocaine addiction. (AS.AL) R-1:32. Jan. 4,10,13 15

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 009

BLACK MOON RISING Tommy Lee Jones A thief working for the government hides a stolen tape in an experimental supercar. When a pretty car thief steals the auto, the chase is on! "A stylish and consistently engaging thriller" (Chicago Sun-Times). (AL.V.BN) R-1:40. Jan. 3,9,14,18,22,26(00) THE LONGSHOT Tim Conway Meet four horse players who always do everything together—and none of it right! But they’re sure they have the inside track for the score of a lifetime. With Harvey Korman. (AL.AH) PG-13; 1:29. Jan. 19,22,25,28,31 He’s street smart and irreverent! The star of his own comedy series, a.k.a. Pablo, Rodriguez is an HBO "veteran," too. He was a guest on Comic Relief and on two previous On Location specials. Now see him on his own, performing his unique material. (AL) Approx. 1:00. Jan. 24,27 January 24,27,30 (CC) 16 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 21 5:00 am DUSTY p.10 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC)tf> 7:00 THIS IS ELVIS (PG) p. 170 9:00 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.4 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25)(CC>n> 7:00 REDS (PG) p.19 10:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.4 11:00 HOME FROM THE HILL p.i8 10:00 THIS IS ELVIS (PG)p.17 7:00 STRIPES (R-1:46)(CC) 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER “Hired Help” p.7(CC)n 9:30 THE HITCHHIKER “Man/Window” p.7 (CC ) 10:00 JEWEL (PG) p.9 (CC) 3:25 CREEPSHOW (R) p.22 4:00 BLACK MOON RISING (R)p.16(CC) 7:00 MURPHY’S ROMANCE (PG-13) p.13(CC) 9:00 GLITTER DOME p.21 (CC) 11:00 1ST & TEN: THE CHAMPIONSHIPS “A Family Affair" p.6 12:30 am MISCHIEF (R)p.20(CC) 2:10 INSIDE THE NFL p.4«ffc 3:10 FALCON (R) p.22 (CC) d 5:00 THE FLAMINGO KIO (PG-13) p.22 (CC) 7:00 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. PART 2: FREDDY’S REVENGE (R)p.16(CC) 1:20 am TERMINAL CHOICE (R) p. 15 3:05 BREAKFAST (R) p.22 (CC) Bette Midler: DIVINE MADNESS The Divine Miss M. is captured live and in concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. (AL.AH) R-1:33. January 3,7,11,16,20 National Lampoon’s EUROPEAN VACATION What's the laugh capital of Europe? Wherever Chevy Chase and family are sightseeing! (AL,AH,N) PG-13; 1:30. January 1,5,17 THIS IS ELVIS Performance footage, newsreels, interviews and home movies create a portrait of Elvis Presley. (AS.AL) PG-1:41. Jan. 8,12,18,21,24 January 3,7,13,19,29 (CC) THE TALK SHOW O.J. Simpson (1st& Ten: The Championships) is one of the featured guests on this new behind-the-scenes interview show. :30. January 3,6,12,15,25,28 17

HBO Guide January 1987 - Page section : 010

SUNDAY, JAN. 25 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK (:30) (CCJO 5:00* am MOMMIE DEAREST (PG) p.22 4:45 MOMMIE DEAREST (PG) p.22 7:30 THE TALK SHOW p.17 7:00 GREMLINS 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Voice (PG) p.22 (CC) O Inside” p.9(CC)0 9:00 DON JOHNSON’S Music Video 8:30 GREMLINS Feature HEARTBEAT p. 120 (PG)p.22(CC)0 10:00 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 10:30 CRITTERS (PG-13) p.20 (R) p.15 12:00 TROLL (PG-13) p .20 O 11:35 GIMME AN “F’(R-1:40) 1:30 pm HUMOR AND THE 1:20 am PRIVATE RESORT (R) p. 15 PRESIDENCY p.12 2:45 ALMOST YOU (R)p 4 (CC) 2:30 THE LONGSHOT (PG-13) p. 16 4:25 THE TALK SHOW p.17 MONDAY, JAN. 26 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Trial 5:00 am TOBY/KOALA BEAR p.11 of Cotterpin Doozer 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25) (CC)0 p.9(CC)0 7:00 TALK TO ME p. 19 (CC) 7:00 WEIRD SCIENCE 8:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.4 O (PG-13;1:33)(CC)0 9:00 A CHORUS UNE: THE MOVIE 8:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p 40 (PG-13) p.5(CC)0 9:00 A CHORUS UNE: THE MOVIE 11410 IRON EAGLE (PG-13) p.5(CC)0 (PG-13) p.6(CC)0 11:00 BLACK MOON RISING 1:00 pm SILVER CITY (PG) p.19 O (R)p.16(CC) 3:00 COURAGE p.10 12:45 am NEW KIDS (R)p.20(CC) 3:30 TOBY/KOALA BEARp 11 2:20 RE-ANIMATOR p. 15 5:00 YOU LIGHT/LIFE (PG) p 19 3:50 PARKIS MINEp.21 (CC)O TUESDAY, JAN. 27 5:00 THE JEWEL OF THE NILE 5:35 am ITS NO CRUSH p.10 (PG)p.9(CC)-— 9:15 MURPHY'S ROMANCE 8:30 A VIEW TO A KILL (PG-13) p.13(CC) (PG) p.22(CC)0 11:05 PAUL RODRIGUEZ: “1 11:00 ONCE BITTEN NEED THE COUCH” p. 160 (PG-13) p.15(CC)0 12:05 am MISCHIEF (R)p.20(CC) 12:30 pm MURPHY’S ROMANCE 1:45 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM ST. (PG-13) p.13(CC) PART 2: FREDDY’S REVENGE 2:30 ITS NO CRUSH p 10 (R) p.16(CC)0 3:30 DUSTY p.10 3:15 SNO-UNE(R) p. 15 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28 5:00 M.A.D.D. p.19(CC) 5:00 am BMX BANDITS (PG) p. 11 FRAGGLE ROCK “New Trash 7:00 CRITTERS (PG-13) p.20 6:30 8:30 THETALK SHOW p.17 Heap in Town" p.9 (CC) O 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER 7:00 EDDIE/CRUISERS (PG)p.14 “Videodate" p.7 (CC) o 9:00 THE TALK SHOW p17 9:30 THE HITCHHIKER 9:30 CRITTERS (PG-13) p.20 “O.D. Feelin’” p.7 o 11:00 THE PHILADELPHIA 10:00 ACE AWARD WINNER p.5 EXPERIMENT (PG) p.22 (CC) 12:00 TOO SCARED TO SCREAM 1:00 pm THE LONGSHOT (PG-13) p.16 (R) p.20 2:30 WHEN WE FIRST MET p.10 1:45 am CERTAIN FURY (R)p.15 3:30 BMX BANDITS (PG) p. 11 3:15 PHIL EXP. (PG) p.22 (CC) 18 Wildrose A woman miner finds she needs more than muscle to maintain her self-respect and independence. (.AS,AL, V,BN) 1:36. Jan. 2,6,15,31 Home From the Hill A riveting 1960 drama of a powerful family haunted by secrets of the past. Robert Mitchum stars. (AS) 2:30. January 1,4,7,20,23January 6,12,16,21 Right of Way HBO PICTURES An aging couple devise an extreme alternative when illness threatens to separate them. Bette Davis and James Stewart star. (AS) 1:43. January2,12,20,29 (CC) Sesame Street®Presents: Follow That Bird Where is BIG BIRD™? He’s left Sesame Street® to live with the DODO family in Illinois. His friends set out on a journey to locate their lost pal. G-1:28. January 5,14, 18,23,31 (CC)

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