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HBO Guide January 1986 - Page section : 002

Movies Apocalypse Now_________Pg. 18 Blame It on Rio _____________22 The Bostonians_______________22 The Champ____________________22 Children of the Corn_________22 The Clairvoyant______________20 The Cotton Club (CC)_________ 5 D.C. Cab (CC)________________22 Daniel_______________________17 Fandango_____________________20 Finnegan Begin Again (CC)___________22 Four Friends ________________17 Happy Birthday to Me_________22 Into the Night (CC)__________19 Just Tell Me What You Want _____________22 Just the Way You Are (CC) ______________22 K»G* 0*D ____________________17 Lassiter (CC) _______________20 Last American Virgin_________22 Let’s Spend the Night Together __________________22 The Lonely Guy_______________22 Maria’s Lovers_______________15 Martin’s Day (CC) ___________20 Mass Appeal (CC)_____________22 Micki & Maude (CC)___________ 9 Murrow (CC) _________________13 The Naked Face (CC)__________19 A Nightmare on Elm Street ________________ 4 Oliver’s Story_______________22 Paradise ____________________22 Raiders of the Lost Ark (CC)______________18 Razorback ___________________22 Rosebud Beach Hotel________15 Runaway (CC)__________Pg. 19 Slayground_________________17 A Soldier's Story (CC)___14 Starman (CC)_______________ 9 2010 (CC)__________________ 6 Walk Proud ________________22 Weekend Pass ______________17 Original Programs America Undercover: The Gift of Life__Pg. 15 Barbra Streisand The Broadway Album________10 Elvis One Night/You_______ 7 The Everly Brothers_______15 1st & Ten_________________10 George Burns______________18 HBO Weekend_______________ 5 The Hitchhiker____________ 8 Not Necessarily the News__________________ 7 Remember When ____________22 Video Jukebox ____________15 Daytime on HBO Being There_______Pg. 16 Brady’s Escape____________16 Breakin’ 2________________16 The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie______________16 HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home Box Office, HBO, On location and HBO Premiere Films are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Office, Inc. An HBO Exclusive is defined as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. A Soldier 's Story. Starman and A Passage to India may be seen In certain STV systems. Bugs Bunny’s 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales _Pg. 16 Charlie Chan & the Curse of the Dragon Queen _ 16 Crackers 16 Enola Gay (CC) 16 Evil Under the Sun 16 Fire on the Mountain 16 House of the Long Shadows 16 Hysterical 16 The Last Time I Saw Paris 16 Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie 16 Metalstorm 16 Mystery Mansion 16 Savannah Smiles 16 Scandalous 16 They All Laughed 16 Yentl (CC) 16 Sports Inside the NFI______Pg. 11 The Not-So-Great Moments In Sports_____11 World Championship Boxing Tubbs vs. Witherspoon (LIVE)______15 HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York. New York 10036. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc.. 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New York, New Ybrk 10038. Joseph J. Collins. President; Glenn Britt, Senior V.P., Finance; Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary. ©1985 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved MOVING? CALL I-8OO-HBO-MOVE Family Showcase Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland_____Pg. 20 BMX Bandits __________ Fraggle Rock (CC)_____ King of the Beasts____ Last of the Red-Hot Dragons ____________ Life on Earth_________ Noah’s Animals _______ The Tender Warrior____ Unforgivable Secret. Welcome Home, Jellybean_____________ 21 6 .21 21 .20 .21 .20 .20 .21 Single Plays * American Dreamer (CC)____ The Bounty (CC)___ Heartbreakers (CC)_ Night of the Comet (CC)______ The Seduction ____ Steven Wright_____ 1/2 1/5 1/1 1/1 1/2 1/18 1/2 Windy City (CC)______________ *ln most cases, single plays are described In last month's guide. (CC) indicates programs that are closed-captioned. Schedule Abbreviations: Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. PQ: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children. R: Restricted. (In theatrical show- ings, no one under 17 is admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.) ft#-”4 Runaway m Please note: Words of caution included before the ratings have now been abbreviated. The following are the abbreviations in italics for each category. AS Adult situations. AL Adult language. AH Adult humor. V Violence. MV Mild violence. GV Graphic violence. N Nudity. BN Brief nudity. SC Strong sexual content R Rape. --------------------1

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NEW YEAR’S DAY 5:00 am BMX BANDITS (PG) p.21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes of Generosity" p.6(CC) 7:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET (PG-13; 1:35) (CC) 9:00 MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p.16 11:00 METALSTORM (PG) p.16 12:30 pm THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.15 1:30 CRACKERS (PG) p. 16 3:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes of Generosity” p.6(CC) 3:30 BMX BANDITS (PG) p.21 5:00 EVIL UNDER THE SUN (PG) p. 16 7:00 2010(PG)p.6(CC) 9:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS REUNION CONCERT p. 15 10:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET (PG-13; 1:35)(CC) 11:40 HEARTBREAKERS (R-1:38)(CC) 1:25 am SLAYGR0UND(R)p.17 3:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) THURSDAY, JAN. 2 4:30 THE BUGS BUNNY/ROAD 5:00 am AUCE’S ADVENTURES RUNNER MOVIE (G) p.16 IN WONDERLAND (G)p.20 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 11 7:00 AMERICAN DREAMER 7:00 THE COTTON CLUB (PG-1:45) (CC) (R)p.5(CC)l 9:00 THE LAST TIME 9:15 AMERICAN DREAMER I SAW PARIS p.16 (PG-1:45) (CC) 11:00 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE 11.D5 WINDY CITY (PG) p.22 (CC) (R-1:43) (CC) 1:00 pm HYSTERICAL (PG) p. 16 12:55 am INSIDE THE NFLp.11 2:30 ALICE'S ADVENTURES 1:55 RAZORBACK (R) p.22 IN WONDERLAND 3:35 THE SEDUCTION (G) p.20 (R-1:44) FRIDAY, JAN. 3 4:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 11 5:30 am THE UNFORGIVABLE 5:00 BREAKIN’2 ELECTRIC SECRET p.20 6:30 NOAH’S ANIMALS p.21 7:00 ENOLA GAY p.16 (CC) 9:30 REMEMBER WHEN: WHEELS, WINGS AND WHISTLES p.22 10:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 11:00 THE BOSTONIANS p.22 1:00 pm MASS APPEAL (PG) p.22 (CC) 3:00 NOAH’S ANIMALS p.21 3:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes of Generosity” p.6(CC) BOOGALOO (PG) p. 16 7:00 THE NAKED FACE (R) p.19(CC) 9:00 MASS APPEAL (PG) p.22 (CC) 11:00 WEEKEND PASS (R)p.17 12:35 am PARADISE (R) p.22 2:15 BREAKIN’ 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO (PG) p.16 3:55 REMEMBER WHEN: WHEELS, WINGS AND WHISTLES p.22 SATURDAY, JAN. 4 8:00 A NIGHTMARE ON 5:00 am A SOLDIER'S STORY ELM STREET (R)p.4 (PG) p.14(CC) 9:45 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 7:00 RAIDERS (PG) p. 18 (CC) January Edition p.7 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.11 10:30 1ST & TEN “Not Quite 10:00 OLIVER'S STORY (PG) p.22 Mr. Right” p. 10 11:30 FINNEGAN BEGIN p.22(CC) 11:00 THE LAST AMERICAN 1:30 pm BRADY’S ESCAPE p.16 VIRGIN (R) p.22 3:00 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.15 12:35 am KG0D(PG)p.17 4:00 RAIDERS (PG) p. 18 (CC) 2:10 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p. 15 6:00 A SOLDIER'S STORY 3:15 A NIGHTMARE ON (PG)p.14(CC) ELM STREET (R)p.4 A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy is a hulking stranger who inhabits high schoolers' dreams. He is all too eager to slice them up with his lethal knifefingers. The next teen to fall asleep is, well, next. Warning: Keep your night lights on! (AL, GV) R-1:33. January 4,8,12,16,21 4 ^GCTICftl irm II I ID Richard Gere I^ILIL/IU Gregory Hines It was Harlem’s most dazzling nightclub of the 1920’s. On one side of the footlights, fabled black performers sang, shimmied, played up a storm of jazz. On the other side, white celebrities and big guns of crime made deals. A rousing mix of gangland epic and musical spectacle. (AL, V) R-2:08. Dan Ingram Kathryn Kinley Bill Grundfest Mark McEwen Welcome to a totally new January 3,4,5 concept in HBO be-tween-shows entertainment! Meet four talented personalities who will bring you show business news and reviews, commentary, comedy and previews. Catch as many of our primetime weekend breaks as you can.

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V/I I I RoyScheider I John Llthgow Dazzling special effects highlight this continuation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, as the spaceship"Discovery”falls into a dangerous orbit near Jupiter. Can a joint U.S. and Soviet probe save the spacecraft and its on-board computer, HAL 9000? The adversary scientists work together while the superpowers on Earth edge closer to nuclear war. Roy Scheid-er heads the American crew. (AL, MV) PG-1:56. January 1,13,18,24,26,28 (CC) 6 I * Grapes of Generosity: Gobo discovers magical grapes. January 1,3,5{CC) Sprocket’s Big Adventure: What happens 11 when Doc's dog, Sprocket, wanders into f $ Fraggle Rock? January 6,12{CC) Wembley’s Wonderful Whoopie Water: Wembley has a special talent—hearing 11 sounds—which leads him to an underground spring. January 13,19 {CC) Sidebottom Blues: Boober's alter ego gets out. January20,26{CC) Uncle Matt’s Discovery: Uncle Matt re- 8 turns to Fraggle Rock. January27(CC) |g. So '-Catch all the earlyl FRAGGLE ROCK episodes. A different one every weekday morning!* Starting January 6m M 0 NotAthe News Looking for the news—but not necessarily? Turn to a leader in the field of up-to-the-minute humor. Bold! Uncensored! Irreverent! Jan. 4,7,10,16,19,22,31 MIGHT MOVIE THE COTTON CLUB Elvis—One Night With You Celebrate "The King’s" birthday with exclusive footage taped 17 years ago. Elvis shows his personal charm and fiery magic. :53. January 8,23,25,27 SUNDAY, JAN. 5 5:00 am CHARLIE CHAN & CURSE OF DRAGON QUEEN (PG) p. 16 6:30 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (PG) p.22 (CC) 8:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes of Generosity” p.6(CC) 9:00 LAST OF THE RED-HOT DRAGONS p.21 9:30 WALK PROUD (PG) p.22 11:30 GEORGE BURNS p.18 12:30 pm THE BOUNTY (PG-2:11) (CC) MONDAY, JAN. 6 5:40 am WELCOME HOME, JELLYBEAN p.21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Beginnings” (:25) (CC) 7:00 EVIL UNDER THE SUN (PG)p.16 9:00 MASS APPEAL (PG) p.22 (CC) 11:00 FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN p. 16 1:00 pm REMEMBER WHEN p.22 2:00 SAVANNAH SMILES (PG) p.16 4:00 WELCOME HOME, JELLYBEAN p.21 TUESDAY, JAN. 7 6:00 am KING OF THE BEASTS p.21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley and the Gorgs” (:25) (CC) 7:00 CRACKERS (PG)p 16 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS January Edition p.7 9:00 MARTIN'S DAY (PG) p.20 (CC) 11:00 YENTL (PG) p. 16 (CC) 1:30 pm LAST TIME/SAW PARIS p.16 3:30 NOT-SO-GREAT MOMENTS IN SPORTS p11 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8 5:00 am UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 6:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Let Hie Water Run” (:25) (CC) 7:00 HYSTERICAL (PG) p.16' 8:30 LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER (PG) p.22 10:00 ELVIS One Night With You p.7 11:00 OLIVER'S STORY (PG) p.22 12:30 pm BEING THERE (PG) p. 16 3:00 CHARUE CHAN & CURSE OF DRAGON QUEEN (PG)p.16 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Grapes of Generosity” p.6 (CC) 5:00 JUSTTHEWAYYOUARE (PG) p.22 (CC) 7:00 COTTON CLUB (R) p. 5 (CC) 9:30 GEORGE BURNS p.18 10:30 THE LONELY GUY (R) p.22 ' 12:05 am THE BOUNTY (PG-2:11)(CC) 2:20 SLAYGROUND (R) p. 17 3:55 WALK PROUD (PG) p.22 5:00 THE TENDER WARRIOR (G) p.20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sprocket’s Big Adventure” p.6 (CC) 7:00 MASS APPEAL (PG) p.22 (CC) 9:00 MARIA'S LOVERS (R)p.15 * 10:55 1ST & TEN “Not Quite Mr. Right” p. 10 11:25 JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT (R) p.22 1:25 am FOUR FRIENDS (R) p. 17 3:25 THE EVERLY BROTHERS REUNION CONCERT p. 15 4:30 LIFE ON EARTH p.20 5:30 METALSTORM (PG) p.16 7:00 MARTIN’S DAY (PG) p.20 (CC) 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER “Ghostwriter" p8 9:30 THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN (R) p.22 11:05 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS January Edition p.7 11:35 NAKED FACE (R)p.19(CC) « 1:25 am RAZORBACK (R) p.22 3:05 LASSITER (R)p.20(CC) 3:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 3:30 UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 4:30 ENOLAGAY p.16 (CC) 7:00 ELVIS One Night With You p 7 8:00 D.C. CAB (R) p.22 (CC) 10:00 A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (R)p.4 11:40 PARADISE (R) p.22 1:20 am DANIEL (R)p.17 3:35 GEORGE BURNS p.18 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 7

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THURSDAY, JAN. 9 4:30 BRADY’S ESCAPE p 16 5:00 am BMX BANDITS (PG) p 21 6:00 INSIDE THE NFLp.11 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “You Can’t 7:00 A SOLDIER’S STORY Do Thai Without a Hat” (PG) p.14(CC) (25) (CC) 9:00 BLAME IT ON RIO (R)p 22 7:00 MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p. 16 10:45 THE EVERLY BROTHERS 9:00 A SOLDIER'S STORY REUNION CONCERT p. 15 (PG)p.14(CC) 11:50 THE ROSEBUD BEACH 11:00 FINNEGAN BEGIN HOTEL (R) p. 15 AGAIN p 22 (CC) 1:15 am INSIDE THE NFL p. 11 1:00 pm THE BOSTONIANS p 22 2:15 THE LONELY GUY (R)p.22 3:00 BMX BANDITS (PG)p.21 3:50 THE EVERLY BROTHERS p.15 FRIDAY, JAN. 10 4:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.11 5:00 am TENDER WARRIOR (G) p 20 5:00 THEY ALL LAUGHED 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Thirty (PG) p. 16 I Minute Work Week" (:25) (CC) 7:00 APOCALYPSE NOW (R) p. 18 7:00 CHARLIE CHAN & CURSE OF 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS DRAGON QUEEN (PG) p. 16 January Edition p.7 8:30 SAVANNAH SMILES (PG) p. 16 10:00 THE COTTON CLUB 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS (R) P-5 (CC) January Edition p. 7 12:15 am 1ST & TEN “Not Quite 11:00 THE BUGS BUNNY/ROAD Mr. Right” p. 10 RUNNER MOVIE (G)p 16 12:45 MARIA'S LOVERS (R) p. 15 12:30 pm WALK PROUD (PG) p.22 2:40 KGOD (PG)p.17 2:30 TENDER WARRIOR (G)p.20 4:15 CHILDREN OF CORN (R) p.22 SATURDAY, JAN. 11 7:00 MICKI & MAUDE 6:00 am LIFE ON EARTH: (PG-13) p.9(CC) LIFE IN THE TREES p.20 9:00 BARBRA STREISAND 7:00 FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN p 16 The Broadway Album p. 10 9:00 INSIDE THE NFLp.11 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER 10:00 BREAKIN’2 ELECTRIC “Ghostwriter” p.8 BOOGALOO(PG)p 16 10:30 D.C.CAB 12:00 METALSTORM (PG) p 16 (R)p.22(CC) 1:30 pm YENTL (PG) p. 16 (CC) 12:15 am THE NAKED FACE 4:00 GEORGE BURNS (R) p.19 (CC) IN CONCERT p 18 2:05 WEEKEND PASS (R) p. 17 5:00 MARTIN'S DAY 3:40 BARBRA STREISAND (PG)p 20(CC) The Broadway Album p. 10 SUNDAY, JAN. 12 5:30 BUGS BUNNY’S 3RD MOVIE: 5:00 am MYSTERY MANSION (PG)p 16 1001RABBITTALES (G) p 16 7:00 BMX BANDITS (PG) p.21 7:00 STARMAN (PG) p.9 (CC) * 8:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Sprocket’s 9:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: Big Adventure” p 6 (CC) THE GIFT OF LIFE p 15 9:00 THEY ALL LAUGHED 10:00 A NIGHTMARE ON (PG)p 16 ELM STREET (R)p 4 11:00 RAIDERS (PG)p 18 (CC) * fl:40 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 1:00 pm EVIL UNDER/SUN (PG) p. 16 (PG)p.18(CC) 3:00 MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p 16 1:40 am DANIEL (R) p. 17 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK "Sprocket’s 3:55 JUST TELL ME WHAT Big Adventure” p 6 (CC) YOU WANT (R) p.22 TU Hitchhiker HBO's Hit Thriller Series When he appears, strange things happen. Ghostwriter: A struggling author fakes his own death. Barry Bostwick stars. (AS,AL,N) :30. January 7,11,17,20 O.D. Feelin’: A mysterious white powder leaves a trail of death. Sandra Bernhard, Gene Simmons star. (AS.AL.N) :30. January28 ■KJ NIQHT MOVIE MICKI & MAUDE 8 MOVIE EXCLUSIVE He came to Earth looking for a new world ... and found love. Jeff Bridges is the magical alien who crash-lands right into the life of widow Karen Allen. Chased by government agents, the pair trek crosscountry toward a spaceship rendezvous. A wondrous mix of sci-fi, romance and special effects. (AS.AL, V) PG-1:55. Jan. 12,15,19,21,25,30 (CC) Maude Dudley Moore Amy Irving Ann Reinking Love, marriage and a baby carriage—Dudley Moore gets 'em all (with two different wives) in this bubbly, bigamous comedy. Sheer screwball fun directed by farce master Blake Edwards (Victor/Victoria). (AS.AL) PG-13; 1:58. January 11,14, 18,20,23,26 (CC)

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% HBO EXCLUSIVE MUSIC EVENT Barbra Streisand: The Broadway Album It was a major event when superstar Barbra Streisand went into a recording studio to perform the music she loves best! She came up with "The Broadway Album," and The New York Times called it "the album of a lifetime." Now HBO gives you an exclusive insider's look at that closed session. January 11,19,24,30 Super Bull Sunday The 12th and final episode! They said she couldn’t do it, but sexy Diane Barrow has led her California Bulls all the way to the Championship. But nobody seems to be thinking about football! Will they take the title? (AS.AL.N) 30. January 21,25,27,31 JAN. 13 The Opener #2 All Roads Lead to Dayton JAN. 14 #3 The Slump ■ #4 Play Me or Trade JAN. 15 I #5 You Are Who You Eat I #6 Uneasy Lies the Head JAN. 16 I *7 The Sins ot the Quarterback #81 Only Read Defense JAN. 17 #9 Wine Time #10 Rona’s Fling JAN. 18 #11 Not Quite Mr. Right Also: Jan. 4,6,10 10 Inside the NFl HBO pros analyze all the thrills of AFC and NFC playoffs, championship games and the biggest battle of all—Super Bowl XX. Catch an in-depth Super Bowl preview and post-game review. Jan. 2,3,4; 9,10,11; 16,17,18; 23,24,25; 30,31 The Not-So-Great Moments In Sports An outrageous collection of records and colossal boners, including Jim Marshall’s wrong-way run, President Ford’s stunning tee shot. :58. January 7,13,18,26,29 MONDAY, JAN. 13 4:30 2010 (PG)p.6(CC) 6:00 am KING OF THE BEASTS p.21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley’s 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK Whoopie Water” p.6(CC) “The Preachification of 7:00 NOT-SO-GREAT SPORTS p.11 Convincing John” (:25) (CC) 8:00 HAPPY BIRTHDAY (R) p.22 L 7:00 BEING THERE (PG) p. 16 10:00 1ST ft TEN “Opener” p.10 9:30 CRACKERS (PG) p. 16 10:30 1ST ft TEN “All Roads 11:00 SOLDIER (PG)p.14(CC) Lead to Dayton” p. 10 1:00 pm BRADY'S ESCAPE p.16 11:00 LASSITER (R) p.20 (CC) 2:30 KING OF THE BEASTS p.21 12:45 am BLAME IT ON RIO (R) p.22 3:00 NOAH’S ANIMALS p.21 2:30 LAST VIRGIN (R)p.22 3:30 LIFE ON EARTH p.20 4:05 NOT-SO-GREAT SPORTS p. 11 TUESDAY, JAN. 14 5:00 REMEMBER WHEN: WHEELS, 5:05 am THE TENDER WARRIOR WINGS AND WHISTLES p.22 (G) p.20 6:00 SAVANNAH SMILES (PG) p.16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “1 Want to 8:00 MICKI ft MAUDE Be You” (:25) (CC) (PG-13) p.9 (CC) 7:00 MICKI ft MAUDE 10:00 1ST ft TEN (PG-13) p.9(CC) "The Slump” p.10 9:00 SAVANNAH SMILES (PG) p.16 10:30 1ST ft TEN “Play Me or 11:00 HYSTERICAL (PG) p. 16 ’ Trade Me" p.10 ■ 12:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 15 11:00 MARIA’S LOVERS (R) p. 15^ 1:00 FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN p.16 12:55 am APOCALYPSE NOW (R) p 18 3:00 AUCE’S ADVENTURES 3:40 REMEMBER WHEN: WHEELS, IN WONDERLAND (G)p.20 WINGS AND WHISTLES p.22 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 15 6:00 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 5:00 am BMX BANDITS (PG) p.21 (PG) p.18(CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The 8:00 STARMAN (PG) p.9 (CC) Terrible Tunnel” (:25) (CC) 10:00 1ST ft TEN “You Are Who 7:00 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK You Eat” p. 10 (PG) p.18(CC) 10:30 1ST ft TEN “Uneasy Lies 9:00 WALK PROUD (PG) p.22 the Head" p. 10 11:00 STARMAN (PG) p.9 (CC) 11:00 THE NAKED FACE 1:00 pm MARTIN'S DAY (R) p.19(CC) (PG) p.20 (CC) 12:50 am THE LONELY GUY (R) p.22 3:00 BMX BANDITS (PG) p.21 2:25 RAZORBACK (R) p.22 4:30 CHARLIE CHAN ft CURSE OF 4:05 MARTIN’S DAY DRAGON QUEEN (PG) p.16 (PG) p.20 (CC) THURSDAY, JAN. 16 4:30 LETS/NIGHT (PG) p.22 6:00 am NOAH’S ANIMALS p.21 6:00 INSIDETHENFLp.11 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Treasure ol 7:00 CHILDREN OF CORN (R) p.22 the Fraggles” (:25) (CC) 8:30 NIGHTMARE/ELM ST. (R) p 4 7:00 YENTL (PG) p.16 (CC) 10:00 1ST ft TEN "The Sins of 9:30 NOT NEC. NEWS Jan. p.7 the Quarterback” p.10 10:00 GEORGE BURNS p.18 10:30 1ST ft TEN “1 Only Read 11:00 THEY/LAUGHED (PG) p. 16 Delense”p.10 1:00 pm AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 11:00 KGOD(PG)p 17 THE GIFT OF UFE p. 15 12:35 am INSIDE THE NFL p.11 2:00 METALSTORM (PG) p.16 1:35 PARADISE (R) p.22 3:30 UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 3:15 WEEKEND PASS (R)p.17 11

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When the news was radio, he gave it a voice. When the news became television, he gave it a conscience. MURROW The man who made the news. HB© — DANIEL J. TRAVANTI On the air, Edward R. Murrow was a fearless voice for millions, a man who challenged both the entire U.S. Air Force as well as a power-hungry politician. Off the air, he fought his own bosses for integrity in broadcasting. Daniel J. Travanti (Emmy winner for "Hill Street Blues”) stars as the legendary newsman in HBO Premiere Films' moving, human drama set against two decades of tension and crisis. Dabney Coleman plays CBS founder William Paley; Edward Herrmann is producer Fred Friendly; John McMartin appears as Frank Stanton. With Robert Vaughn as F.D.R. (AL) 1:54. January 19,24,27,30 (CC)

HBO Guide January 1986 - Page section : 008

FRIDAY, JAN. 17 5:30 CRACKERS (PG) p.16 5:00 am VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 7:00 THE CLAIRVOYANT (R) p.20 5:30 WELCOME JELLYBEAN p.21 9:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Don’t Cry BOXING Tubbs vs. Over Spilt Milk” (:24)(CC) Witherspoon (LIVE) p.15 7:00 SOLDIER (PG)p.14(CC) 10:30 1ST & TEN “Wine Time” p.1Q. 9:00 EVIL UNDER/SUN (PG)p.16 11:00 1ST & TEN 11:00 LAST TIME/SAW PARIS p.16 “Rona’sFling”p.10 1:00 pm MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p.16 11:30 SOLDIER (PG) p. 14 (CC) 3:00 WELCOME JELLYBEAN p.21 1:20 am THE HITCHHIKER p.8 4:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.11 1:50 BLAME IT ON RIO (R)p.22 5:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 3:35 LAST VIRGIN (R) p.22 SATURDAY, JAN. 18 3:00 MICKI& MAUDE 5:10 am WALK PROUD (PG-13)p.9(CC) (PG) p.22 5:00 WALK PROUD (PG) p.22 7:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 7:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.11 9:00 STEVEN WRIGHT (:54) 10:00 CHARUE CHAN AND 10:00 1ST & TEN “Not Quite THE CURSE OF THE Mr. Right” p.10 DRAGON QUEEN 10:30 APOCALYPSE NOW (PG) p.16 (R)p.18 11:30 NOT-SO-GREAT MOMENTS 1:10 am HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN SPORTS p.11 TOME(R) p.22 12:30 pm BEING THERE 3:05 THE COTTON CLUB (RG) p.16 (R)p.5(CC) SUNDAY, JAN. 19 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley's 5:30 am TENDER WARRIOR (G) p.20 Whoopie Water” p.6(CC) 7:00 LOONEY BUGS (G) p.16 5:30 LOONEY BUGS (G) p.16 8:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley’s 7:00 MURROW p.13(CC) Whoopie Water” p.6 (CC) 9:00 BARBRA STREISAND 9:00 ENOLA GAY p.16(CC) The Broadway Album p. 10 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS January Edition p.7 January Edition p.7 12:00 MARTIN’S DAY 10:30 MARTIN’S DAY (PG) p.20 (CC) (PG) p.20 (CC) 2:00 pm BARBRA STREISAND 12:15 am CHILDREN OF CORN (R) p.22 The Broadway Album p. 10 1:50 NAKED FACE (R)p.19(CC) 3:00 STARMAN (PG) p.9 (CC) 3:40 WEEKEND PASS (R) p. 17 MONDAY, JAN. 20 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 5:30 am UNFORGIVABLE SECRET p.20 4:30 RAIDERS (PG) p.18 (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Catch the 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sidebottom Tail by the Tiger” (:25)(CC) Blues” p.6(CC) 7:00 METALSTORM (PG) p.16 7:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER p.15 8:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 8:00 MICKI & MAUDE 9:00 MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p.16 (PG-13)p.9(CC) 11:00 MICKI& MAUDE 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER p.8 (PG-13)p.9(CC) 10:30 PARADISE (R) p.22 1:00 pm GEORGE BURNS p.18 12:10 am ROSEBUD HOTEL (R) p.15 2:00 HYSTERICAL (PG) p. 16 1:35 JUST TELL ME (R) p.22 3:30 LAST RED-HOT DRAGONS p.21 3:35 RAIDERS (PG) p.18 (CC) 14 MIGHT MOVIE MURROW A Soldier’s Story Who murdered Sergeant Waters? A polished black military attorney is sent to a WWII Army base to investigate and uncovers a hotbed of hatred. (AL, l^PG-1:43. January 4,9,13,17 (CC) HBO SPORTS EXCLUSIVE LIVE! JANUARY 17 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING TONY TUBBS vs. TIM WITHERSPOO ■ WBA HEAVYWEIGHT Can Tony Tubbs preserve his unbeaten record tonight as he makes his first WBA title defense against Tim Witherspoon? Tubbs cleverly paced himself to win the crown from a bigger Greg Page. But Witherspoon, the current NABF champ, is always dangerous with his hard left hooks and a whopping right. Scheduled for 15 rounds. Jan. 17 The Rosebud Beach Hotel Take a wild vacation where bell girls sell favors and retirees sell drugs. (AL,N) R-122. Jan. 9,20,25,28,31 The Everly Brothers Reunion Concert The rock’n'roll duo made music history in this triumphant concert. Hear "Bye, Bye Love." :58. January 1,4,6,9 Video Jukebox See exciting videos by artists like Barry Mani-low, David Bowie. Jan. 3,8,14; 17,20,23,26,29 Maria’s Lovers A smoldering romantic drama with Nastassja Kinski. (AL.N) R-1:49. Jan. 6,10,14,23 SPECIAL Every 73 seconds a child with a physical or mental handicap is born in America. Many of these children are saved, but not cured. This poignant documentary visits the children’s ward of a major hospital and observes how two courageous families have learned to cope with chronically ill children. Jan. 12,16,20,28 15

HBO Guide January 1986 - Page section : 009

JANUARY 27-31 Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen Mystery. (AS) PG-1:32. Jan. 27 Also: 5,10,15,18,21 Mystery Mansion An eerie vacation house. (MV) PG-1:35. Jan. 28 Also: 1,9,12,17,20 House of the Long Shadows A model haunted house chiller. With Vincent Price. (AL, V) PG-1 ;42. Jan. 29 Evil Under the Sun Agatha Christie mystery. (AL, V) PG-1:56. Jan. 30 Also: 1,6,12,17,25 Scandalous John Gielgud in a comic thriller. (AS, AL, MV, BN) PG-1:29. January 31 L!JLU luljlj Enola Gay Tense drama of Hiroshima. 2:25. January 3,8,19,25,30 (CC) Fire on the Mountain Ranchman Buddy Ebsen vs. the U.S. Army. 1:36. Jan. 6,11,14,22,27,31 Being There Sly Peter Sellers comedy. (AS, AL, AH) PG-2:07. Jan. 8,13,18,21,31 16 BUGS BUNNY TRIPLE TREAT Bugs Bunny’s 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales Bugs' mixed nuts. With Tweety Pie and Daffy Duck. G-1:14. Jan. 12,29 Looney Looney Looney Bugs Bunny Movie A carrot-copia of Bugs’ best. G-1:15. Jan. 19 The Bugs Bunny/ Road Runner Movie Road Runner marathon. G-1:23. Jan. 2,10,26 AMY IRVING DOUBLE FEATURE/JANUARY 26 Yentl Also stars Barbra Streisand. (/4SyPG-2:13. Also: Jan. 7,11,16,22 (CC) Micki & Maude Farce. See page 9. V._______________________ Brady’s Escape Action and adventure with John Savage as an American WWII pilot. (V) 1:32. Jan. 4,9,13,21,24,29 Breakin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo The hip-hop's hot! New dancin’ fireworks from the Breakin'crowd. (AL) PG-1:34. Jan. 3 Also: 11 They All Laughed Comedy with Ben Gaz-zara. (AS, AL) PG-1:55. Jan. 10 Also: 12,16,21,29 Crackers Donald Sutherland leads a crew of bird-brained thieves. (AS.AL, AH) PG-1:28. Jan. 17 Also: 1,7,13,23,26 Savannah Smiles Robbers and a six-year-old girl. (AL) PG-1:44. Jan. 24 Also: 6,10,14,22 Hysterical Two ghost-*' shy detectives. (AS, AL, V) PG-1:26. Jan. 31 Also: 2,8,14,20,25 The Last Time I Saw Paris Elizabeth Taylor and Van Johnson romance in this vintage 1954 heartbreaker. 1:56 Jan. 2,7,17,22,28 Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn Science-fiction fun and flash. (AL, V) PG-1 :23. January 1,7,11,16,20,28 TUESDAY, JAN. 21 3:30 WELCOME JELLYBEAN p 21 5:40 am WELCOME JELLYBEAN p.21 4:30 BEING THERE (PG) p. 16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “The Finger 7:00 D.C. CAB (R) p 22 (CC) of Ught”(:25)(CC) 9:00 1ST & TEN 7:00 THEY ALL LAUGHED “Super Bull Sunday” p. 10 (PG)p.16 9:30 A NIGHTMARE ON 9:00 STARMAN (PG) p.9 (CC) ELM STREET (R)p.4 11:00 BRADY’S ESCAPE p. 16 11:10 STARMAN (PG) p.9(CC) 12:30 pm CHARLIE CHAN & CURSE OF 1:10 am BLAME IT ON RIO (R) p.22 DRAGON QUEEN (PG) p. 16 2:55 KGOD (PG) p.17 2:00 LETS SPEND THE NIGHT TOGETHER (PG)p.22 4:30 1ST & TEN “Super Bull Sunday" p. 10 WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22 3:00 THE TENDER WARRIOR 5:00 am THE TENDER WARRIOR (G) p.20 (G) p.20 4:30 YENTL (PG) p.16 (CC) . 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “We Love 7:00 FANDANGO (PG) p.20 You Wembley” (:25) (CC) 0:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 7:00 FIRE ON THE January Edition p.7 MOUNTAIN p. 16 9:00 THE COTTON CLUB 9:00 FANDANGO (PG)p.20 (R) p.5 (CC) 10:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS January Edition p.7 11:15 THE CLAIRVOYANT (R) p.20 11:00 SAVANNAH SMILES (PG) p. 16 1:00 am APOCALYPSE NOW (R) p. 18 1:00 pm THE LAST TIME 1 SAW PARIS p.16 3:40 CHILDREN OF THE CORN (R) p.22 THURSDAY, JAN. 23 4:00 MARTIN’S DAY 5:30 am LIFE ON EARTH p.20 (PG) p.20 (CC) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.11 “The Challenge” (:25) (CC) 7:00 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 7:00 WALK PROUD (PG)p 22 (PG)p.18(CC) 9:00 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (PG)p.18(CC) 9:00 ELVIS One Night With You p.7 11:00 CRACKERS(PG)p 16 10:00 MICKI & MAUDE 12:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p 15 (PG-13)p.9(CC) 1:00 MICKI & MAUDE 12:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 11 (PG-13)p.9(CC) 1:00 am LASSITER (R)p.20(CC) 3:00 LIFE ON EARTH: 2:45 MARIA’S LOVERS (R) p. 15 LIFE IN THE TREES p 20 4:40 ELVIS One Night/You p.7 FRIDAY, JAN. 24 3:00 LAST OF THE 5:40 am THE UNFORGIVABLE RED-HOT DRAGONS p.21 SECRET p.20 3:30 KING OF THE BEASTS p 21 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 4:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 11 "1 Don’t Care” (:25) (CC) 5:00 SAVANNAH SMILES (PG) pj 6 THE CHAMP (PG) p.22 r 7:00 LETS SPEND THE NIGHT 7:00 TOGETHER (PG)p.22 9:00 BARBRA STREISAND 0:30 BARBRA STREISAND The Broadway Album p. 10 The Broadway Album p. 10 10:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 9:30 BRADY'S ESCAPE p.16 12:00 PARADISE (R) p.22 I 11:00 MURROW p 13 (CC) 1:40 am HAPPY BIRTHDAY (R) p.22 1:00 pm 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 3:40 SLAYGROUND(R)p 17 C3pt°) LATE\ VNIGHT KGOD When a TV station switches to religious programming, all (comedy) hell breaks loose. Stars Dabney Coleman. (AS,AH) PG-1:28. Jan. 4,10,16,21 Weekend Pass Live it up with four sailors on leave. The guys discover strip joints, ghetto rumbles and romance. (AL,MV,N) B^:28. Jan. 3,11,16,19,27 Daniel Timothy Hutton seeks the truth about his parents in this power-packed drama. (AL, V) R-2:09. Jan. 8,12,31 Four Friends Compelling drama of four friends facing the turbulent 1960s. (AL,V,N) R-1:54. Jan. 6,26,29 Slayground Harrowing thriller of a man stalked by a killer. With Peter Coyote. (AL, V) R-1 29. Jan. 1,5,24

HBO Guide January 1986 - Page section : 010

SATURDAY, JAN. 25 7:00 RUNAWAY (PG-13) p. 19 (CC 5:30 am EVIL UNDER THE 9:00 1ST & TEN SUN (PG) p.16 / _/ HYSTERICAL (PG) p. 16*^ “Super Bull Sunday” p 10 7:30 9:30 STARMAN (PG)p.9(CC) 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 11 11:30 BLAME IT ON RIO 10:00 ELVIS One Night (R) p.22 With You p.7 1:15 am THE CLAIRVOYANT 11:00 FANDANGO (PG)p.20 (R)p.20 12:30 pm STARMAN (PG)p.9(CC) 3:00 THE ROSEBUD BEACH 2:30 EVIL UNDER THE t HOTEL (R) p.15 SUN (PG) p. 16 4:30 1ST & TEN 4:30 ENOLA GAY p.16 (CC) ' “Super Bull Sunday” p.10 SUNDAY, JAN. 26 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sidebottom 5:00 am CRACKERS (PG) p.16 Blues” p.6(CC) 6:30 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 5:30 THE BUGS BUNNY/ (PG) p.18(CC) ROADRUNNER MOVIE 8:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Sidebottom (G)p.16 Blues” p.6 (CC) 7:00 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 9:00 N0T-S0-GREAT MOMENTS (PG)p.18(CC) IN SPORTS p.11 9:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 10:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 11:00 MICKI & MAUDE 12:00 YENTL (PG) p. 16 (CC) (PG-13) p.9 (CC) 2:30 pm MICKI & MAUDE 1:00 am PARADISE (R) p.22 (PG-13) p.9 (CC) 2:40 FOUR FRIENDS 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.15 (R)p.17 MONDAY, JAN. 27 4:30 FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN p.16 5:00 am TENDER WARRIOR (G)p.20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Capture “Uncle Matt’s Discovery the Moon” (:25) (CC) p.6 (CC) 7:00 MARTIN’S DAY 7:00 MURROW p. 13 (CC) (PG) p.20 (CC) 9:00 THE CHAMP (PG) p.22 9:00 MURR0Wp.13(CC) 11110 1ST & TEN 11:00 CHARLIE CHAN & CURSE OF “Super Bull Sunday” p. 10 DRAGON QUEEN (PG) p.16 11:40 D.C. CAB (R) p.22 (CC) 12:30 pm THE CHAMP (PG) p.22 1:25 am RAZORBACK (R) p.22 2:30 ELVIS One Night 3:05 WEEKEND PASS (R)p17 With You p.7 4:45 ELVIS One Night 3:30 WELCOME JELLYBEAN p.21 With You p.7 TUESDAY, JAN. 28 4:30 LIFE ON EARTH p.20 6:00 am LAST RED-HOT DRAGONS p.21 5:30 FANDANGO (PG)p.20 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:00 WALK PROUD (PG) p.22 “Marooned" (:25) (CC) 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER 7:00 LAST TIME/SAW PARIS p.16 “O.D. Feelin” p.8 9:00 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) 9:30 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 11:00 MYSTERY MANSION (PG) p.16 THE GIFT OF LIFE p.15 1:00 pm AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 10:30 2010 (PG) p.6 (CC) THE GIFT OF LIFE p.15 12:30 am THE CLAIRVOYANT (R)p.20 2:00 METALSTORM (PG) p.16 2:15 CHILDREN OF CORN (R) p.22 3:30 LAST RED-HOT DRAGONS p.21 3:50 THE ROSEBUD BEACH 4:00 NOAH’S ANIMALS p.21 HOTEL (R) p.15 Apocalypse Now Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen lock horns in this epic about the horrors of the Vietnam war. (AL, V) R-2:33. Jan. 10,14,18,22 George Burns In Concert One of America’s most loved entertainers performs his classic nightclub comedy act on television. :56 January 5,8,11,16,20 High-action entertainment. Harrison Ford stars as Indiana Jones™ in George Lucas’ box-office hit. Directed by Steven Spielberg. (AL, V) PG-1:55. Jan. 4,12,15, 20,23,26 (CC) RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK MIGHT MOVIE 18 TM & © 1981 Lucasfiim Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used Under Authorization Tom Selleck It’s nice to have a robot around the house to do the cleaning, cooking and even some construction— but not when it turns into a vicious murder machine. In this sci-fi thriller, Tom Selleck faces hi-tech mayhem as a cop who specializes in mechanical marvels. His vocation forces him to tangle with killer robots and evil scientists. With Cynthia Rhodes and Kiss' Gene Simmons. (AL, V,BN) PG-13; 1:40. January 25,29 (CC) Jeff Goldblum ■ \ l Michelle Pfeiffer ^X/ntothe //*j \Mght One dazzling blonde, six smuggled emeralds and a host of bad guys in hot pursuit. That’s the exciting remedy for Jeff Goldblum's dull life in this nimble, offbeat suspense tale. Cameos by David Bowie, Dan Aykroyd. (AL, V,N) R-1:55. January 31 (CC) Roger Moore Rod Steiger Shaken by the mysterious murder of his secretary and a patient, a psychiatrist begins to believe he is the real target. This suspense thriller, based on Sidney Sheldon’s best-seller, features Elliott Gould and Art Carney. (AL, V,BN) R 1:45. January 3,7,11,15,19 (CC) 19

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