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Steven Seagal the PATRIOT Even Steven Seagal can’t kick butt against lethal viruses! As a doctor living in the Rocky Mountain foothills, Seagal lives a quiet existence until a deadly outbreak strikes. Racing against time, he finds his search for an antidote hampered by a militia group’s twisted mission. (AC,AL,V) R-1:30. HBO Feb.6,9,11,14,17,19,221?HIS STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 6 Morgan Freeman Anthony Hopkins Djimon Hounsou Matthew McConaughey The year was 1839. The crew of a slave ship is slaughtered in a revolt by their human cargo. Put on trial, the slaves had little chance of gaining the thing they had killed for: freedom. Backed by Anthony Hopkins’ brilliant performance, director Steven Spielberg molds a gripping epic from one of history’s darkest times. (AL,AC, N,V) R-2:35. HBO Feb. 13,16,21,24 STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 13 Richard Dreyfuss lAtmw1 He was the genius behind ^ organized crime in its early days—and a man who was as brutal as he was brilliant. Richard Dreyfuss stars in this compelling, fact-based movie about notorious mobster Meyer Lansky. The story follows him 4 from the early years of his life I as a Jewish immigrant to his * career in gambling, bootlegging, racketeering—and eventually murder. (AC,AL,V) TVMA/V,L-I:57. Feb.27 QM STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 27 Chow Yun-Fat Mira Sorvino mmuamrmias Chow Yun-Fat explodes on the screen in this nonstop thriller that marks his American film debut. He plays a retiring hit man whose refusal to kill a child forces him to dodge both cops and killers with the help of sexy forgery expert Mira Sorvino. (ACAkV) R-1:28. HBO Feb.20,23,28 l?Wm STARTS SATURDAY, FEB. 20 © 1998 Home Box Office, a Division of Time Warner Entertainment Company, LP. All rights reserved. Jeffrey L Bewkes, Chairman, President and CEO; William C Nelson, Executive VP and CFO; John S. Redpath, Jr., Secretary. The HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, 1100 Sixth Avenue, NY, NY 10036. 3

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17 WEDNESDAY 6:30a HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 8:00 8:30 10:00 11:30 MAX HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO 12:15p MAX 1:30 2:00 3:30 5:00 5:30 6:30 7:00 HBO MAX HBO MAX MAX HBO MAX HBO 8:00 HBO 8:00 MAX Ruthless People Tracey Takes On... Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures In the Line of Duty: Kidnapped Babar Diaperman Comet/i Last of the Dogmen Gang War In & Out The Apostle Star Trek: First Contact Ski Patrol One Fine Day Wayne’s World 2 The Saint Omega Doom Prince Valiant In & Out Anaconda Degas and the Dancer The Artists’ Specials The Untouchables 18 TH 6:30a HBO 7:00 HBO MAX 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 9:00 MAX 10:00 HBO 10:45 MAX 12:00 HBO 12:15p HBO 12:30 MAX 2:00 MAX 2:30 HBO 3:30 HBO 3:45 MAX 5:30 HBO MAX 7:15 HBO 8:00 MAX 9:00 Black and White ■ THURSDAY Shakespeare-The Animated Tales The Winter’s Tale Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child Goldilocks & the Three Bears Robin & the Seven Hoods Babar Time Flies The Cemetery Club Young Frankenstein Major League II Stuart Saves His Family HBO First Look 8mm Close Encounters of the Third Kind Overnight Delivery Funny Farm The UniverSoul Circus Popeye Excess Baggage Major League II Clear and Present Danger Steel Wild at Heart HBO PREMIERE MOVIE 9:35 MAX A Murder of Crows L 10:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... 10:30 HBO George Carlin HBO Comedy Hour 10:05 MAX 11:30 HBO The Patriot MAX Erotic Confessions 10:45 HBO 12:00 MAX Nenette Et Boni 11:00 HBO 1:05a HBO The Blood of Heroes 12:00 HBO 1:50 MAX Stephen King's 12:20a MAX Silver Bullet 1:00 HBO 2:40 HBO Dennis Miller Live 1:50 MAX 3:10 HBO The Immortals 2:45 HBO 3:30 MAX California Split 3:35 MAX 4:50 HBO The Presidio 4:40 HBO 5:20 MAX Bloodsport III 5:20 MAX John Grisham’s The Rainmaker HBO First Look 8mm Shock Video 3 The Sopranos Lover’s Leap Wedding Bell Blues Shadow of Doubt The Ice Storm The Killing Grounds Black and White Eve’s Bayou 19 FR 1 D AY 6:30a HBO Whitewash 7:00 HBO Animated Hero Classics 7:05 MAX The Helen Morgan Story 7:30 HBO Babar Insecurity System 8:00 HBO Spice World 9:15 MAX The Man Who Knew Too Little 9:30 HBO Just One of the Guys 11:00 MAX Tom & Viv 11:15 HBO Lassie l:00p HBO Cousins MAX The Perfect Mother 2:30 MAX Fools Rush In 3:00 HBO Degas and the Dancer The Artists’ Specials 4:00 HBO Spice World 4:30 MAX Wild America 5:30 HBO Mad City 6:15 MAX Blind Date (1987) 7:30 HBO The Making of The Replacement Killers 8:00 HBO 187 8:00 MAX FRIDAY PREMIERE 9:30 MAX Kiss the Girls 10:00 HBO The Patriot 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live MAX Erotic Confessions 12:00 HBO Tracey Takes On... 12:15a MAX Scoring 12:30 HBO George Carlin 1:30 HBO Gang Related 2:00 MAX No Escape 3:25 HBO The Ex 4:05 MAX Fugitive Rage 4:55 HBO Lethal Tender 5:35 MAX Standoff 18 EE/PW 20 SATURDAY 21 SU 6:30a HBO The Making of 6:30a HBO ' Alien Resurrection 7:00 HBO 1 7:00 HBO Pippi Longstocking MAX 1 7:15 MAX The Attack of 7:30 HBO 1 the 50 Foot Woman 8:00 HBO ' 7:30 HBO Babar Kings of the Castle 8:30 MAX i 8:00 HBO Soccer Dog: The Movie 10:00 HBO 8:30 MAX Chairman of the Board 9:45 HBO King Kong 10:15 MAX 10:00 MAX Fourteen Hours 11:00 HBO 11:30 MAX Andre 12:00 MAX 12:00 HBO Selena 1:15p MAX Crocodile Dundee l:00p HBO 2:15 HBO Sleep, Baby, Sleep 3:00 MAX To Gillian on Her 1:30 MAX 37th Birthday 2:30 HBO 4:00 HBO A Deadly Secret 3:00 MAX 4:30 HBO Beavis and Butt-head 4:30 MAX Do America 4:45 HBO MAX Dennis the Menace 5:00 HBO 6:00 HBO Aspen Extreme 6:30 MAX 6:15 MAX The Addams Family 7:00 HBO 22 The Making of Amistad Pippi Longstocking Hot Pursuit Babar What’s Mine Is Mine Three Wishes Oxford Blues Degas and the Dancer The Artists’ Specials The Golden Child One Fine Day The Good Guys and the Bad Guys The Woman Who Loved Elvis Let It Ride New York Stories Code Name: Wolverine Toys HBO First Look 8mm The Grass Harp Wayne’s World 2 The Saint MONDAY 6:30a HBO 8:00 HBO SATURDAY NIGHT The Replacement Killers 8:00 MAX The Relic 8:00 MAX Uncommon Valor 1 I 9:30 HBO Boxing Doubleheader 9:00 HBO The Sopranos Felix Trinidad vs. 10:00 HBO Amistad Pernell Whitaker LIVE! MAX Below Utopia 10:00 MAX Double Team 11:30 MAX When Passions Collide 11:30 MAX Striking Resemblance 12:40a HBO Dennis Miller Live 12:00 HBO Real Sex 22 1:05 MAX Conspiracy Theory 12:55a HBO The Sopranos 1:10 HBO Mr. Show With 1:15 MAX Murder in the First Bob and David 1:55 HBO Sniper 2:10 HBO Inventing the Abbotts 3:15 MAX Serpent’s Lair 3:20 MAX Erotic Confessions 3:40 HBO The Making of The Edge 3:50 MAX The Night Caller 4:00 HBO The Replacement Killers 4:00 HBO Taxicab Confessions 5 4:50 MAX S.O.B. 4:55 HBO Breakdown 5:30 EE HBO Heart of a Child 5:30 MAX Rhyme and Reason Shakespeare- The Animated Tales The Winter's Tale Jim Henson’s Storyteller Greased Lightning Babar Scarlet Pachyderm Steel The Four Musketeers Lassie Quicksilver Body Doubles: The Twin Experience Dominick and Eugene Excess Baggage John Grisham’s The Rainmaker 4 Little Girls Indian Summer Ski Patrol Popeye Stuart Saves His Family The Devil’s Advocate Batman Returns

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX |3 KID BLUE 1973 spoof stars Dennis Hopper as a gunslinger who wants to take the straight road. Peter Boyle stars. (AC,MV) PG-1:40. MAX Feb.23 m THE KILLING GROUNDS Thieves and scavengers scramble for stolen gold in the aftermath of a plane crash. (ACAL V) TVMA/V.L-1:40. MAX Feb. 10,18 THE KILLING JAR Secrets from a man’s past could solve a horrifying crime. (ACALBN.V) R-1:41. MAX Feb.26 ED® KING KONG Hit remake of the 1933 classic. Jessica Lange, Jeff Bridges. (ACAL MY) PG-2:14. HBO Feb.1,7,11,20,25 pn KISS THE GIRLS Morgan Freeman hunts a cunning killer who collects beautiful women. Starring Ashley Judd. (ACAL V) R-1:56. MAX Feb.8,19,23 P m M H LA- CONFIDENTIAL Kim Basinger won the 1997 Best Supporting Actress Oscar® in this down-and-dirty swirl of corrupt cops, scandal and murder. Kevin Spacey, Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe. (AC, AL,N,V) R-2:18. MAX Feb.7,25 pESS LANSKY See page 3. Fact-based story about notorious mobster Meyer Lansky. Starring Richard Dreyfuss. (AC, AL.V) TVMA/V.L-1:57. HBO Feb.27 THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW Garry Shandling’s hit comedy series. (ACM-) TVMA/L-:2I. HBO Feb.2,9,lb,23 pftS LASSIE A city family is adopted by a beautiful collie upon their move to the country in this classic tale. (MV) PG-1:35. HBO Feb.2,7,10,13,19,22 PUS® LAST OF THE DOGMEN Two men discover a Native American tribe in the wilderness. With Tom Berenger. (AL,V) PG-1:58. HBO Feb.b.l1,14,17,2b pESIS LET IT RIDE Romp about a gamblin’ man who has a miraculous day at the races. Richard Dreyfuss. (AL) PG 13-1:30. MAX Feb. 10,16,21,25 pass LETHAL TENDER A tough cop and a vengeful madman face off in this action-thriller. Jeff Fahey and Gary Busey star. (AL.V) R-l:30. HBO Feb. 19 pftlS LETHAL WEAPON L.A. cops Mel Gibson and Danny Glover take on a drug ring in this high-voltage action classic. (AL,BN,V) R-1:50. MAX Feb.//,27p0SI§l LEWIS 4 CLARK & GEORGE A pair of escaped cons and sultry femme fatale Rose McGowan hunt for hidden gold. (AC,AL,N,V) R-1:2b. MAX Feb.3,22 p 110 A LIFE LESS ORDINARY Comic fantasy. Cameron Diaz, Ewan McGregor. (AC, AL.V) R-1:44. HBO Feb.3,11,23 PUSS LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON A doctor and his teenage son switch lives after consuming a strange potion. Dudley Moore. (ACM) PG 13-1:39. MAX Feb.5, /5 SI S LILITH A beautiful mental patient lures Warren Beatty into her web. (AC.MV) B/W; TV 14/V,D-1:55. MAX Feb. I b SI A LITTLE CURIOUS Animation and live action combine in this innovative new series for kids. TVY-:27. HBO Feb.2 O LITTLE GHOST A spunky kid meets the ghost of a pretty princess in a haunted castle. G-1:21. HBO Feb.12,27 ft THE LITTLE LULU SHOW The colorful, music-filled, animated family series. TVY-:24. HBO Feb.2,9,lb,23 PUSH THE LOCUSTS A widow toys with young men. Ashley Judd and Vince Vaughn star. (ACALV) R-2:0I. HBO Feb.3,28 SB LORD JIM A British officer spends a lifetime making up for one moment of cowardice in this epic. Peter O’Toole. (AC,MV) TVPG/V,D-2:34. MAX Feb.2813 LOVE CHILD A tough teen fights for the rights of her unborn child. Amy Madi-gan. (AL,N) R-l:37. MAX Feb.26 pi^ LOVELIFE Romantic comedy unveils campus life where spring break is year round. (ACM) R-l:37. HBO Feb. I P50 LOVER’S LEAP A sexpot carries on with two men at the same time. (ACAL N,SC) TVM A/S,L-1:31. MAX Feb. 18 O MAD CITY A minor crisis becomes a media circus. Starring John Travolta and Dustin Hoffman. tAC,AL,MV) PG 13-1:55. HBO Feb.4,10,15,19,24 pESS MAGNUM FORCE “Dirty Harry” takes on a vigilante “death squad” of corrupt cops. Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook. (AmV) R-2:02. MAX Feb. 7 pft THE MAIN EVENT Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal square off in this comedy. (ACM) PG-1:50. MAX Feb. 12 P a MAJOR LEAGUE II The champion Indians return to being basement dwellers in this baseball comedy. (AL) PG-1:45. HBO Feb.5,10,13,18,23,28 p 01 SI THE MAKER Suspenseful thriller with Matthew Modine, Mary-Louise Parker. (AC.AL,N,V) R-l:39. HBO Feb.3 PSSIS THE MAKING OF... Inside look. Alien Resurrection (ACAL.V) TVI4/V,L,D-:26. HBO Feb.20pftHi; Amistad (MV) TVPG/V-:27. HBO Feb.13,21 PO; The Edge (ACAL.MV) TVPG/V, L,D-:I4. HBO Feb.8,lb,20 pftlS; The Replacement Killers (ACALV) TVI4/V,L,D-:23. HBO Feb. 19 prtEI; Star Trek: First Contact (MV) TVPG/V-:28. HBO Feb.10 pftS THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO LITTLE Geeky tourist Bill Murray pratfalls into a thicket of thugs, secret agents and sultry allure in this loopy spoof. (AC,V) PG-1:34. MAX Feb.3,15,19 pSHH THE MANHATTAN PROJECT A high school science whiz constructs his own atomic bomb. Christopher Collet stars. (AL) PG 13-1:58. MAX Feb.5,27 ESH MAUI HEAT: SWIMSUIT EDITION The steamy beaches of Hawaii are the setting for this sensual erotic picture. (AC,AL,N,SC) R-1:32. MAX Feb. 15,2b ft McCABE & MRS. MILLER Innovative 1971 western starring Warren Beatty as a small-time cardshark who becomes a businessman. Directed by Robert Altman. (ALN.V) R-2:01. MAX Feb. 10 p MEN ARE FROM MANHATTAN... WOMEN ARE FROM SASKATCHEWAN Clnemax Reel Life A newly single New Yorker videotapes a

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5 FRIDAY 6 SATURDAY 7 SUNDAY IHBO SERIES Sopranos N ew Epi sodes Sunday Nights at 9pm et/pt 6:30a MAX 6:45 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 9:00 MAX 10:00 HBO 10:45 MAX 11:45 HBO 12:30p MAX 1:30 HBO 2:30 3:00 4:30 4:45 MAX HBO MAX HBO 6:15 MAX 7:00 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:00 MAX FRIDAY PREMIERE A Murder of Crows Dragon Seed HBO First Look 8mm Animated Hero Classics Abraham Lincoln Babar Witch’s Potion White Fang Like Father Like Son Out of the Wilderness Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Steel The Manhattan Project Beavis and Butt-head Do America The Crucible Major League II Oxford Blues Close Encounters of the Third Kind Excess Baggage Inside the NFL Switchback 6:30a HBO 6:40 MAX 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 8:00 HBO 8:15 MAX 9:30 HBO 10:00 MAX 11:00 HBO 11:50 MAX 12:00 HBO l:30p MAX *> ltd £ i » m 9:45 MAX Gattaca 10:00 HBO Blood Money 11:30 HBO Dennis Miller Live MAX Erotic Confessions Picture This 12:00 MAX Striking Resemblance 12:15a HBO Tracey Takes On... 12:50 HBO Boogie Nights 1:45 MAX The Relic 3:30 HBO Inside the NFL 3:40 MAX Butterfly Kiss 4:30 HBO Murder at 1600 5:10 MAX Retroactive 2:00 3:00 4:00 4:30 6:00 6:15 8:00 HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO MAX 8:00 MAX 9:30 HBO 10:00 MAX 10:30 HBO 11:30 HBO MAX 1:00a HBO MAX 2:30 HBO 3:30 MAX 4:25 5:15 HBO MAX Whitewash Hello Again Pippi Longstocking Babar A Charmed Life The Undercover Kid Greased Lightning A Cinderella Season: The Lady Vols Fight Back Bunny Lake Is Missing Inside the NFL Ski Patrol Star Trek: First Contact Hot Shots! Three Wishes Prince Valiant Cousins Stuart Saves His Family Last of the Dogmen Funny Farm HBO SATURDAY NIGHT The Patriot Volcano George Carlin HBO Comedy Hour TNT The Sopranos The Ex Different Strokes: Story of jack & Jill... and Jill The Real Thing Born on the Fourth of July The Conspiracy of Fear Dead of Night The Patriot Rachel, Rachel 14 9:30 HBO George Carlin: You Are All Diseased Live From New York HBO Comedy Hour 6:00a HBO Educating Peter 6:30 HBO Family Channel Preview 7:00 HBO Pippi Longstocking Pippi Saves the Old Folks Home MAX Invisible Dad 7:30 HBO Babar Tale of Two Siblings 8:00 HBO Spice World 8:35 MAX The Addams Family 9:30 HBO Aspen Extreme 10:15 MAX Dennis the Menace 11:30 HBO The Naked Gun 2^2: The Smell of Fear 12:00 MAX The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter l:00p HBO King Kong 2:15 MAX The Fifth Element 3:15 HBO Lassie 4:30 MAX Beyond the Poseidon Adventure 5:00 HBO Family Channel Preview 5:30 HBO Spice World 6:30 MAX Anaconda 7:00 HBO Space Truckers 8:00 MAX L.A. Confidential 9:00 HBO The Sopranos 10:00 HBO The Edge 10:15 MAX Plato’s Run 12:00 HBO Dennis Miller Live MAX Scoring 12:45a HBO Mr. Show With Bob and David 1:45 HBO Breakdown MAX Magnum Force 3:20 HBO Autopsy 3 3:50 MAX Erotic Confessions 4:15 HBO Chinatown 4:30 MAX Perfect Target EE/PW 8 MONDAY 6:00a MAX The Great American Broadcast 6:30 HBO Shakespeare- The Animated Tales The Winter’s Tale 7:00 HBO Jim Henson’s Storyteller 7:30 HBO Babar Uncle Arthur/Pirates MAX Wild America 8:00 HBO Cabbage Patch Kids: The Screen Test HBO Popeye MAX Clear and Present Danger HBO In & Out MAX The President’s Lady The Saint Tron Mr. & Mrs. Bridge In the Line of Duty: Kidnapped When Justice Fails Just One of the Guys Overnight Delivery The UniverSoul Circus 9:30 11:30 12:00 1:00p HBO 1:45 MAX 3:00 HBO 3:30 MAX 5:00 MAX 5:15 HBO 6:30 MAX 7:00 HBO 8:00 HBO The Ice Storm fi '■■■* v, •it ! 8:00 MAX 9:30 MAX 10:00 HBO 11:30 HBO MAX 1:00a MAX l:IS HBO 2:35 MAX 2:50 HBO 4:20 MAX 4:45 HBO 5:45 HBO Phantasm Kiss the Girls In & Out Sniper Carnal Cruise Stewardess School When Trumpets Fade I Know What You Did Last Summer Against the Wall Feeling Minnesota Rodney Dangerfield's 75th Birthday Toast The Making of The Edge 7 TUESDAY 6:00a HBO Galileo: On the Shoulders of Giants The Inventors’ Specials MAX Career 7:00 HBO The Little Lulu Show 7:30 HBO Babar The Unsalted Sea Serpent 7:45 MAX Zorro, the Gay Blade 8:00 HBO The Woman Who Loved Elvis 9:30 HBO Tracey Takes On... MAX Wayne’s World 2 10:00 HBO Cousins 11:00 MAX Diamonds in the Rough 12:00 HBO Selena l2:30pMAX Quicksilver 2:15 HBO Indian Summer 2:30 MAX Trojan War 4:00 HBO One Fine Day MAX Crocodile Dundee 5:45 MAX The Apostle 6:00 HBO Star Trek: First Contact 8:00 HBO Booty Call MAX John Grisham’s The Rainmaker 9:30 SECOND CHANCE TUESDAY HBO The Patriot 10 WEDNESDAY Shadow of Doubt The Sopranos The Larry Sanders Show Double Your Pleasure Under Pressure Rosewood Tracey Takes On... Heaven's Burning Whose Life Is It Anyway? Wedding Bell Blues 6:00a HBO MAX 6:30 HBO 7:00 HBO 7:30 HBO 7:45 MAX 8:00 8:30 9:30 10:30 11:30 12:00 HBO HBO MAX HBO MAX HBO l:30p MAX 1:45 3:00 3:30 4:30 6:00 6:15 6:30 8:00 HBO MAX HBO HBO MAX MAX HBO HBO HBO The Making of Star Trek: First Contact The Merry Widow Whitewash Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures Babar Ghost for a Day Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie Family Channel Preview Major League II Country Spice World Fools Rush In Sleep, Baby, Sleep Hot Shots! Steel Let It Ride Heart of a Child Lassie Code Name: Wolverine

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX THE PRESIDENT’S LADY Susan Hayward and Charlton Heston star in this 1953 film about an epic romance. (AC, MV) B/W; TVPG/V.D-1:37. MAX Feb.8 THE PRESIDIO Crime-drama with Sean Connery, Mark Harmon and Meg Ryan. (ACALV) R-1:37. HBO Feb./ 7 pESS PRETTY VILLAGE, PRETTY FLAME The bloody Bosnian conflict is the backdrop for this powerful story of two childhood friends who find themselves on opposing sides of a brutal civil war. (AC,AL, GV) TVMA/V,L-2:08. MAX Feb. 15 PRINCE VALIANT Young Valiant faces his greatest challenge as he sets out to find King Arthur’s stolen sword. (ALV) PG 13-1:32. MAX Feb.6,12,17,25 piEHHil PRIVATE PARTS An offbeat look at the hot career and wild times of America’s wildest, raunchiest-and most contro-versial-radio host, Howard Stern. (AC, ALN) R-1:50. MAX Feb. 15,27 QMUM THE PROPOSITION A feisty widow leads a cattle drive in an effort to save the family homestead. Theresa Russell stars. (ACALN.V) PG 13-1:31. MAX Feb.26 0 QUICKSILVER Stock market hot-shot Kevin Bacon becomes a bicycle messenger after sustaining a big loss. (ALV) PG-I:46. MAXFeb.9,22 pum 0 RACHEL, RACHEL Paul Newman directed this drama about a shy teacher who slowly awakens to the joys of living and loving. With Joanne Woodward. (AC.AL) R-1:41. MAX Feb.6 pm A RAISIN IN THE SUN A close-knit black family clashes over an insurance settlement in this drama. Sidney Poitier stars. (AC) B/W; TVG-2:08. MAX Feb. I m THE RAZOR’S EDGE Bill Murray stars in this epic romantic drama adapted from the classic novel. Theresa Russell. (ACALV) PG 13-2:09. HBO Feb. / / pESm REAL SEX 22 See page 6. Intense look at the world of sex. (AC,GL,N,SC) TVMA/ S,L-:50. HBO Feb.20,23,25,28 pnm REAL SPORTS WITH BRYANT GUMBEL See page 7. :57. HBO Feb.4,22,25,28 THE REAL THING Greed is the spur and revenge is the way when two rival gangs go after the same heist. (ACAL BN,V) R-1:29. HBO Feb.6,10,26 PO THE RELIC A ravenous beast stalks the catacomb-like tunnels of a big Chicago museum. Starring Penelope Ann Miller. (ALGV) R-l:50. MAX Feb.5,21 pESm THE REPLACEMENT KILLERS See page 3. Riveting action-thriller with Chow Yun-Fat and Mira Sorvino. (AC,ALV) R-1:28. HBOFeb.20,23,28Qmm RETROACTIVE A psychiatrist stumbles upon a time machine and cleverly uses it to outwit the madman chasing her. (ACALV) R-1:27. MAXFeb.5,22 pEIim THE REVOLT OF MAMIE STOVER She’s hot-off-the-boat from San Francisco and out to take Honolulu by storm. (AC, MV) TVPG/V.D-1:33. MAX Feb.27 nm REVOLUTION Al Pacino stars in this epic drama as an ordinary man aflame with the promise of liberty and freedom. (ALV) PG-2:0I. MAX Feb. 15 PE3 RHYME & REASON Ice-T, Salt-N-Pepa and Tupac Shakur topline this snappy look at the rap and hip-hop scenes. (ACALV) R-l:33. MAX Feb. 10,21 PEi RIOT A British ambassador’s daughter is kidnapped by a terrorist gang in this thriller. (ALV) R-l:37. HBO Feb.25 pt® ROBIN AND THE SEVEN HOODS Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. star in this send-up. (MV) TVPG/V-2:03. MAX Feb. 18 pm ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS Mel Brooks directed this comical spoof of the legendary bandit. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:44. HBO Feb.1,4,13,16,25,28 pSSm RODNEY DANGERFIELD’S 75TH BIRTHDAY TOAST HBO Comedy Hour Rodney finally gets some respect! (AC, AL) TVMA/L-:55. HBO Feb.8,13 PO ROSEWOOD A black community is attacked by a band of rampaging whites. (AQAL,BN,V) R-2-.22. MAX Feb.9 pESm RUSSELL SIMMONS’ DEF COMEDY ALL-STAR JAM Kickin’ comedy! (AC,GL) TVMA/L-:29. HBO Feb.11,26 PO RUTHLESS PEOPLE Danny DeVito’s plot to kill wife Bette Midler takes a timely twist when she’s abducted. (AC, AL,BN,MV) R-1:36. MAX Feb. 17 pESm ^ S.O.B. This blistering parody takes some sharp jabs at the Hollywood scene. (ALN) R-2:01. MAX Feb.20 pm THE SAINT Val Kilmer stars as the dashing mercenary. (AC,V) PG 13-1:56. HBO Feb.8,11,13,17,21,26 pESm SCHOOL DAZE Spike Lee directed and stars in this sassy, in-your-face comedy. (ALN) R-2:00. MAX Feb.23 pESm SCORING Sex hits some high notes for a randy composer. (AC,AL,N,SC,V) TVMA/V,S,L-1:45. MAX Feb.7,19 O SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES Neil Simon wrote this comedy classic. With Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Charles Grodin. (ACM) PG-1:42. MAX Feb. 14 pm SELENA The dazzling, but tragically short life of the Tejana songbird. Starring Jennifer Lopez. (ACM) PG-2:07. HBO Feb.4,9,15,20,24,28 pEim A SELF-MADE HERO A timid lad flees to Paris where he passes himself off as an ace resistance fighter. (AC,AL,BN,MV) TV 14/V,S,L,D-1:41. MAX Feb.24 ED SERIAL MOM John Waters’ ultra-black comedy starring Kathleen Turner. (AC, ALGV) R-l:33. MAX Feb. 12 pESm SERPENT’S LAIR A young husband finds himself at the mercy of a sexual demon. (ACALN,V) R-1:29. MAX Feb.3,20 p O m SEX AND THE OTHER MAN Stanley Tucci unwittingly joins a love triangle. (ACALBN,MV) R-l:29. HBO Feb. I EE SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Henry Fonda and Lauren Bacall power this 1964 comedy (AC) TVPG/D-1:54. MAX Feb. 11 P SEX BYTES 2.1 The adult show that explores erotic

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THIS MONTH ON HBO AND CINEMAX DOWNHILL WILLIE A klutzy loner enters a skiing competition. (AC,AL,MV) PG13-1:29. MAXFeb.27 O DRAGON SEED Katharine Hepburn and Walter Huston star in this stirring 1944 saga of peaceful Chinese farmers who are faced with having to fight. (AC, MV) B/W; TVPG/V,D-2:28. MAX Feb.S DRIVE A down-on-his-luck writer is taken hostage by a man on the run. (AL,V) R-l:39. MAX Feb. 13 p OS Q THE EDGE Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin battle a nasty bear—and each other—while stranded in the wild. (AL,V) R-1:58. HBO Feb.1,7,13,16 PE3S EDIE & PEN Two divorced women form a tight friendship in Reno. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:38. MAX Feb. 11,23 QBUS EDUCATING PETER 1992 Oscar®-win-ner, Best Documentary Short Subject. TVG-:30. HBO Feb.2,7,12,16,26 POS THE ENFORCER Police inspector “Dirty” Harry Callahan takes on terrorists who have besieged the city. Clint Eastwood. (ALBN.GV) R-l:36. HBO Feb. 12 POS ERNEST GOES TO CAMP Klutzy counselor Ernest takes on camp punks. (MV) PG-I:32. HBO Feb.2,12,15 ESS EROTIC BOUNDARIES A cheating wife gets more than she bargained for. (AC, N,SC) TVMA/S-1:34. MAX Feb.2,2 7 O EROTIC CONFESSIONS Sizzling-hot adult series. (AC^L,N,SC) TVMA-:30. MAX Feb.6,7,10,12,14,17,19,21,24,26,28 ESTHER AND THE KING Joan Collins heads the cast of this fine 1960 Biblical epic. (MV) TVPG/V-1:49. MAX Feb.24 EVE’S BAYOU Acclaimed drama with Samuel L. Jackson as the head of a family with some dark secrets. (ACflL,V) R-1:48. MAX Feb. 10,18,23,28 p ES S THE EX A psychotic woman wants her ex-husband back—at all costs. (AC,AL, N,V) R-l:27. HBO Feb.6,11,19 QOS EXCESS BAGGAGE Comic crime-caper with Alicia Silverstone. (ACAL,V) PG 13-1:41. MAX Feb.5,13,18,22,28 PESS EXIT TO EDEN Anything can happen— and does—at an S&M sex resort. With Dana Delany, Rosie O’Donnell. (AC.AL, MV,N,SC) R-l:53. MAX Feb./,/4 pESS |3 FACE/OFF F.B.I. agent John Travolta agrees to switch lives—and faces— with savage terrorist Nicolas Cage. (AC, AL,V) R-2:I9. MAX Feb./3,22,28 pESS FALLING DOWN Michael Douglas plays a rampaging psycho being tracked by retiring detective Robert Duvall. (AC, AL,V) R-l:53. MAX Feb.3,27 pESS FAT CITY John Huston’s potent and insightful look at small-time boxing. Jeff Bridges. (AL,MV,N) PG-1:37. MAX Feb.3 FEAR OF A BLACK HAT Documentary spoof chronicles the rise of a rap trio. (ACM) R-1:28. MAX Feb. 16 p O FEELING MINNESOTA Keanu Reeves runs off with bride-to-be Cameron Diaz. (ACMBN,V) R-1:39. MAX Feb.8 pESS THE FIANCE A lonely housewife pays the price for a one night stand that goes awry. (ACM,V) R-l:34. MAX Feb.4 pO THE FIFTH ELEMENT A 23rd-century cabbie gets caught up trying to save the world. Bruce Willis. (BN,V) PG 13-2:06. MAX Feb.3,7,11,16,27 PESS FIRST TIME FELON HBO Original Movie Uplifting, fact-based drama of a young man who changes his life. Omar Epps. (ACMV) R-1:46. HBO Feb.12 pESS FOOLS RUSH IN Romance with Salma Hayek, Matthew Perry. (AC,AL) PG 13-1:49. MAX Feb.4,10,14,19,27 p ES S FORBIDDEN PASSIONS A woman dies and is sent to a virtual world. (ACJKL, N,SC) TVMA/S.L-1:26. MAX Feb. 11 O 4 LITTLE GIRLS Spike Lee directed this exceptional documentary about a 1963 church bombing. (AC,BN,V) TV 14/ V,S,D-1:42. HBO Feb.4,16,22 qi§ THE FOUR MUSKETEERS It’s one for all and all for one as the Musketeers fight their way across France in this 1975 swashbuckler. Directed by Richard Lester. (AC,V) PG-1:47. MAX Feb.22 p FOURTEEN HOURS Acclaimed 1951 drama based on a true story of a suicidal man. Richard Basehart, Grace Kelly. (AC) B/W; TVPG/D-1:32. MAX Feb.20 FUGITIVE RAGE A tough ex-cop wants vengeance for the murder of her sister. (ACAL,N,V) R-1:29. MAX Feb. 19 O THE FULL MONTY Five steelworkers become strippers—with comical results. (AC,AL,N) R-1:31. MAX Feb. 16 pESS FUNNY FARM Country life is sheer hell for Chevy Chase in this comedy. (AL) PG-1:42. MAX Feb.6,12,18,23 P O S 0 GALILEO: ON THE SHOULDERS OF GIANTS The Inventors’ Specials Galileo is assigned to tutor an arrogant young prince. TVY7-:57. HBO Feb. 1,9 pESB GANG RELATED Crime-thriller starring James Belushi, Tupac Shakur. (AC,At, N,V) R-1:51. HBO Feb. 13,19,25 pOS GANG WAR Charles Bronson is an L.A. schoolteacher who takes on the gang that killed his wife in this 1958 drama. (V) B/W; TVPG/V-1:14. MAX Feb. 1,17 GATTACA Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman star in this tale of one man’s struggle in a perfect future. (AC,AL,N,V) PG 13-1:46. MAX Feb.5,28 PUSS GEORGE CARLIN: YOU ARE ALL DISEASED-LIVE FROM NEW YORK HBO Comedy Hour See p.4. Live from New York City’s Beacon Theater. (AC,AL) TVMA/L-:56. HBO Feb.6,11,19,22,28 p O GET ON THE BUS Spike Lee’s drama about a trip to the Million Man March. (AC,AL) R-1:56. HBO Feb. 10 pESS THE GOLDEN CHILD Eddie Murphy stars in this action-comedy. (AC,AL,V) PG 13-1:33. MAX Feb.//,2/ PEI@ THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD Sin-bad crosses swords with a villainous wizard as he pursues a legendary golden treasure. G-l:45. MAX Feb.26 p0 THE GOOD GUYS AND THE BAD GUYS A retired marshal and an outlaw try to foil train robbers

HBO Guide February 1999 - Page section : 003

TRACEY ULLMAN YOU ARE ALL DISEASED LIVE FROM NEW YORK CITY New episodes Wednesday nights, 10 PM ET/PT The madness continues with four new episodes of this acclaimed comedy series as Tracey Ullman showcases her array of talents and characters—with hilarious results. (AC,AL,N) TV 14/L.D-:27. Encore plays: HBO Feb.5,9; I2,I6;I9,23;26 p»S He’s the stand-up standard against whom all others are measured! The comedy great hits the stage for this special, live from New York’s Beacon Theater.This all-new show promises to be an uncensored manifesto on society! (AC,AL) TVMA-:60 Encore plays: HBO Feb. 17,19, 22,28 pm LIVE! Saturday, February 6 9:30 pm et/pt « Looking for the Big Picture on the Big Players in Washington,Tehran and beyond? Then tune in to Dennis Miller’s righteous rants— and see the headline-makers take it on the chin! (AC.AL) TVMA/L-:27. Encore plays: HBO Feb. 14,17;21,24;28 pO Meet Tony Soprano. If one family doesn’t kill him ...the other family will. The Sopranos New episodes Sunday nights, 9pm et/pt Things are getting rough for crime boss Tony Soprano. Between his problems at home and his pain-in-the-neck mob cronies, it’s no surprise that Tony’s been running to his lady shrink. And now his wife thinks he’s having an affair with her! (AC,CL,GV,N) TVMA/ V,S,L-:58. Encore plays: HBO Feb.9,11,13;16,18,20;23,25,27 POB New episodes Friday nights, 11:30 PM ET/PT

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AFTER DARK REAL SEX 22 Tune in and turn on for edgy sexuality in this all-new adult special. Among the enticements: a workshop for full-body orgasms and the world’s most lifelike sex dolls. (AC,GUN, SC) TVMA-:45. HBO Feb.20,23, 25,28 pnia WORLD LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP Reggie Johnson WORLD LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION vs. Will Taylor TOP-RATED CONTENDER Black and White Gina Gershon Airing for the first time anywhere! A rookie cop finds his partnership with sexy veteran Gina Gershon quickly moving from the street to the sheets—until he suspects she’s a killer in blue! (AC, AL,V,N) 1:37. HBO Feb. 12,15,18,23, 21 ip [Filial WELTERWEIGHT LIVE! Felix IIIMUE WORLD WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION UUId JJ JJJA J, ilii JJUJi Jj J TWO HEAVYWEIGHT CONTENDERS IN A CROSSROADS FIGHT Shannon Briggs VS. Lou Savarese CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT 20 Pernell SIX-TIME WORLD CHAMPION limioil Gras “Step right up, folks”—to the sights, sounds and spectacle of the world's funkiest Big Top! From New York City comes this African-American circus that features clowns, trapeze and high-wire acts backed by dazzling lights and a hip urban soundtrack. TVG- 1:00. HBO Feb.8,11,15, 18,23,271? HSH Dufas and the Ik Aiftfcte* Sfadfak This all-new series of family specials pairing a legendary artist with a fictional child starts with Edgar Degas—a painter whose gruff manner changes upon meeting young ballerina. .58. HBO Feb. 17, 19,21,23,25,27 Dancer Bryant Gumbel’s Emmy ©-winning series takes journalism to a higher level with provocative stories that go beyond the box scores. :57. HBO Feb.4,22,25,28

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