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HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 001

Home Box Office® February 1982 Now 24 Hours a Day! Raging Buii Rmon and Garfunkel: The Concert in the Park championship Boxing: 1 Sugar Ray Leonard

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 002

Raging Bull Fort Apache, The Bronx Tribute Now HBO is 24 Hours a Day, Every Day of the Week! MOVIES________________________________________________________________________Page Alice, Sweet Alice Feb. 16, 20, 24, 28 _________________________________________10 All Night Long Feb. 6,10,14,18,22 ______________________________________________10 All Screwed Up Feb. 8,10,14, 20,23, 26__________________________________________23 Altered States Feb. 20,24,28____________________________________________________15 The Black Hole Feb. 9,13,17,21, 25______________________________________________ 9 Borderline Feb. 3, 7,15,19, 23,27 i___________________________________________ 4 Breaker Morant Feb. 4 __________________!_____________________________________22 Bronco Billy Feb. 23, 27________________________________________________________16 Camy Feb. 7,12,15, 24, 27 ______________________________________________________23 Charlie Chan Feb. 26____________________________________________________________19 Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie Feb. 2, 5,8,13____________________________________18 The Competition Feb. 5,7,9,13,17, 21, 25________________________________________ 6 The Elephant Man Feb. 1,5,10,14__________________________________________________8 Escape From Alcatraz Feb. 3, 6,11,15, 21_________________________________________5 The Evictors Feb. 7,10,13,18, 22, 24,26 ________________________________________£3 Eyes of a Stranger Feb. 21, 24,27_______________________________________________14 Fort Apache, The Bronx Feb. 14,18, 22,26________________________________________12 Friday the 13th Feb. 2,6,10,14,18,22 4 The Fun House Feb. 8,11,14,17,23,26______________________________________________7 Honeysuckle Rose Feb. 6, 9,12,18, 21 ___________________________________________17 The Idolmaker Feb. 4, 8,12,16, 20, 24, 28 ______________________________________ 5 Inglorious Bastards Feb. 10,13,18, 21, 24, 26 __________________________________11 The Jazz Singer Feb. 1, 5,9,11,14,17____________________________________________ 4 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Feb. 14,17,21,25,27 _________________________________, 8 Modern Romance Feb. 1,5,9,14,17, 20,25 _______________________________________' 5 My Bodyguard Feb. 2_______________________________________________,___________'JL2 Papillon Feb. 4,8,12,16,20 _______________________________________;_____________23 POpeye Feb. 4, 6, 8,12,16, 20, 24_______________________________________________19 Power Play Feb. 13,17,19, 21, 25________________________________________________14 Raging Bull Feb. 7,11,15, 20, 24 _______________________________________________ 6 Resurrection Feb. 1,5 _______________________________________________________ The Return Feb. 2,6,10 Scanners Feb. 3, 7,11,15,19, 23 ___________________________________________ M Simon Feb. 22, 26, 28___________________________________________________________16 Sphinx Feb. 19, 23, 27 _________________________________________________________15 The Tenth Month Feb. 7,11,15,19, 23, 27 ________________________________________19 I This Is Elvis Feb. 6, 9,12,17, 21, 25, 28 ________________________________________16 Tribute Feb. 28 12 The Way We Were Feb. 13,16,19, 22, 26, 28 _____________________________10 •'Zulu Dawn Feb. 3,7,11,15,19 ____________________________________________11 AMILY SHOWCASE__________________________________________________________________Page Chandar, The Black Leopard Part I: Feb. 4,8; Part II: Feb. 5,9____________________14 Qoofing Around With Donald Duck Feb. 11,16,24,26__________________________________20 Hans Brlnker Part I: Feb. 11,16,22; Part II: Feb. 12,17, 22_______________________20 Hans Christian Andersen’s Magic Adventure Feb. 3,11_______________________________21 Hunter's Gold Feb. 1, 3, 5,8,10,12,15,17,19, 22, 26_______________________________20 Little Boy Lost Feb. 9,15,18 _____________________________________________________20 Pinchcliffe Grand Prix Feb. 2, 4 _________________________________________________17 The Seal Pup Feb.. 10,18,23,26____________________________________________________21 Three Tall Tales Feb. 1,3_________________________________________________________17 Trilogy Three Classic Tales Feb. 10,17,19,23______________________________________20 SPECIALS________________________________________________________________________Page Consumer Reports presents The Smart Buy Show Feb. 18, 20,22, 24, 26_______________15 Decoys Police Under Cover Feb. 2,4, 8,13,18 _______________________________________7 An Evening at the Moulin Rouge Feb. 6,10,16________________________________________7 The Great Pleasure Hunt Feb. 8,13,17, 21,23,26, 28 _______________________10 The Greatest Scandals of the Century Feb. 3,5, 9,22, 24,26____________________21 HBO Sneak Preview for March Feb. 25,28____________________________________________18 Kris Kristofferson and Anne Murray Feb. 2,10,15,19,23,26 __________________________8 The LAST Awards Show Feb. 3,11,15__________________________________________________4 Liza

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 003

MONDAY 1 6:30 am GOLD Episode 7. p.20 7:00 TALL TALES p. 17 8:00 RESURRECTION (PG) p.22 10:00 SHRINKING WOMAN (PG-1:29) 11:30 THE ELEPHANT MAN (PG) p.8 2:00 pm JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 4:00 TIME WAS p.21 5:00 HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 7. p.20 TUESDAY2 6:30 am PINCHCLIFFE GRAND PRIX (G) p. 17 8:00 MY BODYGUARD (PG) p.22 10:00 KRISKRISTOFFERSON AND ANNE MURRAY p.8 11:00 LOOPHOLE (1:44) 1:00 pm IMPROPER CHANNELS (PG-1:32) 2:30 MY BODYGUARD (PG) p.22 4:30 DECOYS p.7 WEDNESDAY 3 6:00 am HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 8. p.20 6:30 TALL TALES p.17 7:30 ANDERSEN’S MAGIC ADVENTURE p.21 9:00 GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY p21 10:00 ZULU DAWN (PG) p.11 12:00 pm ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 2:00 GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY p21 THURSDAY4 6:15 am CHANDAR, THE BLACK LEOPARD OF CEYLON Part /.p. 14 7:00 DECOYS p.7 8:00 IDOLMAKER (PG) p.5 10:00 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 12:00 pm PAPILLON (PG) p.23 3:00 TIME WAS... THE THIRTIES p.21 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 4:30 PINCHCLIFFE GRAND PRIX p. 17 5:30 TALL TALES p. 17 6:30 THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN (PG-1:29) 8:00 MODERN ROMANCE (R)p.5 9:30 THE ELEPHANT MAN (PG) p.8 11:35 SHRINKING WOMAN (PG-1:29) 1:05 am JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 3:05 BLOODLINE (R-1:56) 5:05 TIME WAS p.21 5:30 PINCHCLIFFE GRAND PRIX p. 17 7:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR FEBRUARY 7:30 UZA MINNELLI p.5 9:00 FRIDAY 13TH(R) p.4 11:00 THE RETURN p.22 12:30 am CHEECH & CHONG’S NEXT MOVIE (R) p. 18 2:10 MY BODYGUARD (PG) p.22 3:45 HBO PREVIEW 4:15 FRIDAY 13TH(R) p.4 3:00 BORDERLINE (PG) p.4 5:00 HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 8. p.20 5:30 TALL TALES p.17 6:30 ANDERSEN’S MAGIC ADVENTURE p.21 8:00 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 10:00 LAST AWARDS p.4 11:00 SCANNERS (R)p21 12:45 am ZULU DAWN p.11 2:45 BORDERLINE (PG) p.4 4:30 SCANNERS (R) p.21 6:00 CHANDAR, THE BLACK LEOPARD OF CEYLON Part 1.p. 14 7:00 DECOYS: POLICE UNDER COVER p.7 6:00 IDOLMAKER (PG) p.5 10:00 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 12:00 am SEX IS A THREE-LETTER WORD p.8 12:30 PAPILLON (PG) p23 3:05 DECOYS p.7 4:05 BREAKER MORANT (PG) p22 Borderline Charles Bronson A tough U.S. Border Patrol officer leads the search for a ring of smugglers that sneaks Mexican aliens into California. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:43) Arriving early at Camp Crystal Lake, six unsuspecting counselors soon find themselves immersed in a chilling nightmare. Adult situations, profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:35) Once and for all... The LAST Awards Show In this unusual award ceremony HBO “honors” the people and events that distinguished 1981. Would anyone really want one of these awards? Adult comedy entertainment. The Jazz Singer Neil Diamond An immigrant’s son strains ties with his religious family as he sings his way from N.Y.’s Lower East Side to show biz fame in California. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:57) 4 Albert Brooks Kathryn Harrold Falling in love with a beautiful woman drives a sane man to irrational behavior in this contemporary comedy. Banker Kathryn Harrold keeps her balance when boyfriend Albert Brooks withdraws his daily interest. Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (R-1:34) Liza Minnelli Superstar Liza displays all her dazzling talents in a classy concert performance. She acts, she dances, and she sings all her stage and movie hits, everything from blues to ballads— including the showstoppers “Cabaret" and “New York, New York.” It’s truly a rare theatrical experience. Don’t miss her. (1:26) The Idolmaker Ray Sharkey A frustrated singer-turned-manager uses his lust for stardom to catapult two unknowns into the limelight. Alive with the music that triggered the rock era, this movie is highly recommended as HBO’s sleeper-of-the-month. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:59) Escape From Alcatraz Clint Eastwood They said no one could escape from this maxi-mum-security federal penitentiary. But three men at Alcatraz attempt the impossible in this true story. Clint Eastwood stars as tough Frank Morris who, with two fellow cons, plans to succeed where 36 men have failed. Adult situations, profanity, violence. (PG-1:52)

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 004

Two gifted musicians discover something beyond the ,world of the concert stage in this intense romantic drama. An obsessed pianist and a starry-eyed young woman are drawn together as they vie for a top prize and musical fame. Lee Remick plays a cynical, tart-tongued teacher. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-2.05) Robert De Niro Cathy Moriarty A tough N.Y. kid brawls his way through the boxing world in a compelling drama. Robert De Niro won an Oscar as Jake La Motta, ’40s middleweight champ haunted by personal demons. The film was nominated for eight awards, including Best Picture, Director, Supporting Actor and Actress. Adult situations, language; profanity; violence. (B/W-R-2:09) .The Fun House A double date at a carnival turns into a night of horror is a homicidal maniac stalks the teenage couples through a sinister fun house. Profanity, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:35) Decoys: Police Under Cover A hard-hitting look at real-life police drama. Disguised as the weak and helpless, New York City’s decoy police walk the streets as targets. Be there for the real danger. Standing Room Only®: ..Hosted by George Hamilton Watch this lavish variety show from the French music hall where the cancan was created. Featur-■ ing exotic topless dancers. FRIDAY 5 6:00 am HBO PREVIEW 6:30 HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 7. p.20 7:00 Episode 8. p.20 7:30 THE ELEPHANT MAN (PG)p.8 10:00 COMPETITION (PG) p.6 12:30 pm HBO PREVIEW 1:00 JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 3:00 RESURRECTION (PG) p22 5:00 HUNTER’S GOLD SATURDAY6 6:00 am HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG) p.17 8:00 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 10:00 THIS IS ELVIS (PG)p.16 12:00 pm ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 2:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 2:30 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 4:30 HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG) P-17 6:30 LIZA MINNELLI p.5 SUNDAY 7 6:00 am THE EVICTORS (PG) p.23 7:30 BORDERLINE (PG) p.4 9:30 THE TENTH MONTH p. 19 11:30 SEX IS A THREE- LETTER WORDp.8 12:00 pm THE COMPETITION (PG) p.6 2:30 ZULU DAWN (PG) p. 11 4:30 THE EVICTORS (PG) p.23 MONDAY 8 6:30 am HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 9. p.20 7:00 CHANDAR, THE BLACK LEOPARD OF CEYLON Part /.p. 14 8:00 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 10:00 THE IDOLMAKER (PG) P-5 12:00 pm PAPILLON (PG)p23 3:00 ALL SCREWED UP (PG) p.23 Episode 7. p.20 5:30 Episode 8. p20 6:00 CHANDAR Part 2 p. 14 7:00 GREAT SCANDALS p21 8:00 COMPETITION (PG) p.6 10:15 MODERN ROMANCE (R) P-5 11:50 JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 1:50 am HBO PREVIEW 2:30 CHEECH & CHONG’S NEXT MOVIE (R) p. 18 4:10 MODERN ROMANCE (R)P-5 8:00 ALL NIGHT LONG (R)p.10 9:30 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) P-5 11:30 AN EVENING AT THE MOULIN ROUGE p.7 12:30 am FRIDAY THE 13TH (R)P-4 2:05 THE RETURN p22 3:40 VIDEO JUKEBOX 4:10 LIZA MINNELLI p.5 6:00 TENTH MONTH p.19 8:00 RAGING BULL (TO P.6 10:15 BORDERLINE p.4 12:00 am SCANNERS (R) p.21 1:45 SEX IS A THREE- LETTER WORDp.8 2:15 CARNY (R) p.23 4:00 ZULU DAWN (PG) p.11 6:00 SEX IS A THREE-LETTER WORDp.8 5:00 HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 9. p.20 5:30 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 7:30 THE GREAT PLEASURE HUNT p.10 8:30 THE FUN HOUSE (R) p.7 10:15 THE IDOLMAKER (PG) p.5 12:15 am DECOYS: POLICE UNDER COVER p.7 1:15 CHEECH & CHONG’S NEXT MOVIE (R)p.18 2:55 PAPILLON (PG) p.23 7

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 005

TUESDAY9 6:30 am CHANDAR, THE BLACK LEOPARD OF CEYLON PartZpM 7:30 JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 9:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 10:00 THE BLACK HOLE (PG)p.9 12:00 pm THIS IS ELVIS (PG) p. 16 2:00 HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG) P-17 4:00 GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY p21 WEDNESDAY 10 6:30 am HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 10. p.20 7:00 ALL SCREWED UP (PG)p23 9:00 TIME WAS p21 10:00 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS p. 11 12:00 pm THE ELEPHANT MAN (PG)p.8 2:30 KRISKRISTOFFERSON AND ANNE MURRAY p.8 3:30 EVICTORS (PG) p23 THURSDAY 11 6:00 am HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN’S MAGIC ADVENTURE p21 7:30 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 9:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p.9 10:00 THE TENTH MONTH p. 19 12.-00 pm THE JAZZ SINGER (PG)p.4 2:00 ZULU DAWN (PG) p. 11 4:00 LIZA MINNELLI pJS FRIDAY 12 6:30 am HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 9. p.20 7:00 Episode 10. p.20 7:30 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 9:30 SEX IS A THREE- LETTER WORD p£ 10:00 THIS IS ELVIS (PG) p. 16 12.-00 pm IDOLMAKER (PG) p.5 2.-00 HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG)p.17 4.-00 POPEYE (PG)p.19 6:00 HUNTER’S GOLD 5:00 LITTLE BOY LOST p.20 7:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 7:30 THE BLACK HOLE (PG)P.9 9:30 THE COMPETITION (PG)p.6 11:40 MODERN ROMANCE (R)P.5 1:15 am HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG)p.17 3:15 THIS IS ELVIS (PG)p.16 5:00 MODERN ROMANCE (R)P-5 5:00 GOLD Episode 10. p.20 5:30 THE SEAL PUP p21 6:00 TRILOGY p.20 7:30 GYMNASTICS p.9 8:30 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS p.11 10:15 ALL NIGHT LONG (R)p.10 11:45 FRIDAY 13TH (R) p.4 1:20 am MOULIN ROUGE p.7 2:20 THE RETURN p22 3:55 THE ELEPHANT MAN (PG) p.8 5:30 GOOFING AROUND WITH DONALD DUCK p.20 6:30 HANS BRINKER OR THE SILVER SKATES Part 1. p20 7:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p.9 8.-00 SCANNERS (R) p21 104)0 RAGING BULL (R) p.6 12:10 am THE FUN HOUSE (R) p.7 1:45 ZULU DAWN (PG) p.11 3:45 LAST AWARDS p.4 4:45 SCANNERS (R) p.21 Episode 9. p.20 6:30 Episode 10. p20 7:00 HANS BRINKER Part2.p2Q 8:00 HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG)p.17 10:00 UP TO NOW p.9 114)0 THE IDOLMAKER (PG)P-5 1:00 am SEX IS A THREE-LETTER WORD p.8 1:30 CARNY (R) p.23 3:20 PAPILLON (PG) p.23 Kris Kristofferson and Anne Murray Two of today’s hottest country/pop stars. In a fan-packed concert, Kris sings his big hits like "Me and Bobby McGee,” and Anne performs “You Needed Me." (:48) Walt Disney Productions' The Black Hole The starship Cygnus is nearing the Black Hole— the strange domain of Dr. Hans Reinhardt (Maximilian Schell) and a place where space and time end. Violence. (PG-1:56) An hour of comedy guaranteed to make you laugh, make you cry, clear up your complexion and get you started in the high-paying field of computer technology. UP TO NOW takes a look at the most important period in American history—the first six weeks of 1982. Watch it and live forever. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow Did 16th-century prophet Nostradamus really predict Hitler’s rise, Lincoln’s assassination and catastrophes still to come? Doc udrama. Graphic violence. (PG-126) THE E&XHfiNT AWN Anthony Hopkins, as a Vic-< torian doctor, tries to bring dignity to the life of a deformed man. Eight Oscar nominations. Adult theme. (B/W-PG-2:04) on Memory Cloning Birth Order Women's Gymnastics: International Team Championships u ■ America’s three best gymnasts head the U.S. contingent against four other top teams. Julianne McNamara, Tracee Tala-vera and Gina Stallone vie with stars from China, West Germany, Britain and Canada in this intense, graceful competition. Is the first, second or third child the smartest? What are the chances of an albino birth? Can certain species be saved from extinction by cloning? Can you trust your memory? Host Orson Bean presents fascinating facts about the world of science and human behavior. Fast-paced, entertaining information for the whole family. Sex is a Three-Letter’Wbrd Answers to the Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Experts in the field an< people on the street give < contemporary look at an age-old subject.

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 006

Starts February 14 See Page 12 Today February 15 CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING: Sugar Bay Leonard See Page 13 SATURDAY 13 6:00 am THE BLACK HOLE (PG)P-9 8:00 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS p. 11 10:00 DECOYS: POLICE UNDER COVER p.7 11:00 THE WAY WE WERE (PG)p.10 1:00 pm EVICTORS (PG) p.23 2:30 COMPETITION (PG) p.6 5:00 THE BLACK HOLE (PG) p.9 VALENTINE’S DAY 6:30 am THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW (PG) p.8 8:00 THE JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 10:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 10:30 ALL SCREWED UP (PG) p23 12:30 pm LIZA MINNELLI p.5 2:00 THE ELEPHANT MAN (PG) p.8 4:30 THE JAZZ SINGER (PG) p.4 MONDAY 15 6:30 am HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 11. p.20 7:00 WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS p.9 8:00 BORDERLINE (PG) p.4 10:00 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 12:00 pm KRIS KRISTOFFERSON AND ANNE MURRAY p.8 1:00 ZULU DAWN (PG) p.11 3:00 THE TENTH MONTH p. 19 TUESDAY 16 6:30 am GOOFING AROUND WITH DONALD DUCK p.20 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX 8:00 IDOLMAKER (PG) p.5 10:00 THE WAY WE WERE (PG) p. 10 12:00 pm POPEYE (PG) p. 19 2:00 PAPILLON (PG) p.23 5:00 HANS BRINKER OR THE SILVER SKATES Part 1. p.20 The Great Pleasure Hunt HBO invites you to some of the most sensual, adult pleasures money can buy. Travel all over the world in search of the ultimate pleasures: a $537 massage, the most expensive lady of the night, a love fantasy hotel and more. Contains nudity. For adults. All Night Long Gene Hackman Barbra Streisand The manager of an all-night L.A. drugstore gets entangled with the sexy wife of a fireman who works nights. Gene Hackman, as a dreamer, and Barbra Streisand, a maverick, co-star in this musical-chairs romantic comedy. Adult situations, profanity. (R-1:28) 10 Zulu Dawn Burt Lancaster and Peter O'Toole stand tough for the British Empire in a bitter struggle with a proud Zulu nation. A powerful war epic set in strife-torn Africa during the 1870s. Violence. (PG-2:01) The Way We Were Barbra Streisand Robert Redford Two superstars give moving performances in one of the great screen romances. Nominated for six Academy Awards and winner of two. See it uncut and uninterrupted.' Adult situations and language. (PG- 1:58)j Alice, Sweet Alice Brooke Shields A series of shocking murders panics a devout Italian-American family in a movie of agonizing horror. Brooke Shields, in her debut, plays the pretty young daughter; Paula Sheppard, her disturbed older sister. Graphic violence. (R-1:48) Inglorious Bastards Svenson Bo Svenson and Fred Wil-Jjiamson lead WWII prisoners to freedom in Switzerland. Plenty of action as they travel a dangerous road. Profanity, war violence. (1:39) 7:00 WOMEN’S GYMNASTICS p.9 8:00 THE WAY WE WERE (PG) p. 10 10:00 INGLORIOUS BASTARDS p. 11 11:45 THE COMPETITION (PG) p.6 1:50 am THE GREAT PLEASURE HUNT p. 10 2:50 POWER PLAY p. 14 4:35 CHEECH & CHONG’S NEXT MOVIE (R) p.18 6:30 THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW (PG) p.8 8:00 FORT APACHE, THE BRONX (R) p. 12 10:00 THE FUN HOUSE (R) p.7 11:35 MODERN ROMANCE (R)p-5 1:10 am FRIDAY THE 13TH (R)P-4 2:45 ALL NIGHT LONG (R)P-10 4:15 FORT APACHE, THE BRONX (R)p.12 5:00 HUNTER’S GOLD Episode 11. p.20 5:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p.9 6:00 LITTLE BOY LOST p.20 8:00 SCANNERS (R) p.21 10:00 BOXING Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Bruce Finch (LIVE) p. 13 11:30 RAGING BULL (R) p.6 1:40 am LAST AWARDS p.4 2:40 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 4:35 CARNY (R) p.23 6:00 GOOFING AROUND WITH DONALD DUCK p.20 7:00 TIME WAS p.21 8:00 UP TO NOW p.9 9:00 ALICE, SWEET ALICE (R) p. 10 11:00 THE IDOLMAKER (PG) p.5 1:00 am MOULIN ROUGE p.7 2:00 ALICE, SWEET ALICE (R)p-10 4:00 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 11

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 007

Fort Apache, The Bronx Paul Newman Edward Asner Veteran cop Paul Newman battles crime in one of N.Y.C.’s toughest neighborhoods. His compassion brings him into conflict with 1 co-star Ed Asner, the hard-nosed, new precinct captain. Rachel Ticotin plays the I beautiful nurse who brightens Newman’s life. Adult situations, profanity, violence, nudity. (R-1:59) HBOnlys TRIBUTE Jack Lemmon Robby Benson Lee Remick Everyone thinks Scottie Templeton is a great guy— except his estranged son Jud. Always ready with a joke, the aging Broadway press agent finds there is more to being a father than just having a son. Jack Lemmon stars in this entertaining comedy drama. With Colleen Dewhurst. Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (PG-2:00) Standing Room Only " : Simon and Garfunkel: The Concert in the Park The big music event of 1981 is now an HBO exclusive. This history-making concert, packed with 500,000 fans in. NYC’s Central Park, features 21 songs. Highlights include: "Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Mrs. Robinson” and “Sound of Silence. Four Hit Programs Now Playing Only on HBO World Championship Boxing: Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Bruce Finch WBA / WBC champ Sugar Ray Leonard (31-1,22 KOs) makes his first welterweight title defense since his stunning TKO of Thomas Heams. Tonight (Feb. 15) he battles “Lightnin” Bruce Finch (20-3-1,15 KOs), the No. 5-ranked WBC contender and NABF welterweight champ.

HBO Guide February 1982 - Page section : 009

This Is Elvis Performance footage and interviews create a candid portrait of the many-sided star from age ten to his death. Here is Elvis on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” in scenes from his movies and performing 38 of his songs. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:42) Bronco Billy Clint Eastwood Meet the trick-shooting, trick-riding star of his own Wild West show—Bronco Billy! Here’s a movie with a different, charming kind of role for Clint Eastwood. Trouble and fun start when Sondra Locke joins his ragtag circus. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-1:56) 16 SIMON Alan Arkin Madeline Kahn Wacky think-tank scientists unleash a phony outer space alien on an unsuspecting public. Brainwashed to believe he is extraterrestrial, Alan Arkin soon gets out of hand. Madeline Kahn co-stars in this contemporary satire. Adult humor, profanity. (PG-1:37) Those Fabulous Clowns A salute to the masters of mirth from the circus ring to the silver screen. Host Richard Ki-ley tells the stories of entertainers who brought laughter and tears to generations. Laugh-makers include: Joseph Grimaldi, Fanny Brice, Charlie Chaplin, W.C. Fields, Buster Keaton and the Marx Brothers. (:42) Starts February 21 Simon and Garfunkel See Page 13 Honeysuckle Rose Willie Nelson Country singer Willie Nelson finds himself torn between two women: Dyan Cannon and Amy Irving. Adult situations and language. (PG-1:59) Pinchcliffe Grand Prix With the help of a bird and a hedgehog, a bicycle repairman tries to build the fastest car on wheels. But when the big race arrives, there’s trouble afoot. Animated. (G-1:17) Walt Disney's Three Tall Tales Tale-teller Ludwig von Drake hosts three classic stories in this colorful cartoon. Watch Mighty Casey at bat, “Windwagon” Smith and superman Paul Bun-yan with his trusty ax. (:46) SUNDAY 21 6:30 am THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW (PG) p.8 8:00 WHAT ON EARTH? p.9 8:30 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 10:30 THE GREAT PLEASURE HUNT p.10 11:30 BLACK HOLE (PG) p.9 1:30 pm INGLORIOUS BASTARDS p. 11 3:30 HONEYSUCKLE ROSE (PG) p. 17 MONDAY 22 6:00 am GOLD Episode 13. p.20 6:30 THE WAY WE WERE (PG) p. 10 8:30 EVICTORS (PG) p.23 10:00 SIMON (PG) p. 16 12:00 pm CONSUMER p. 15 12:30 LIZA MINNELLI p.5 2:00 THE WAY WE WERE (PG) p. 10 4:00 GREAT SCANDALS p21 5:00 GOLD Episode 13. p.20 5:30 HANS BRINKER TUESDAY23 6:00 am TRILOGY: THREE CLASSIC TALES p.20 7:30 THE SEAL PUP p.21 8:00 THE TENTH MONTH p.19 10:00 BRONCO BILLY (PG) p. 16 12:00 pm TIME WAS... THE THIRTIES p.21 1:00 BORDERLINE (PG) p.4 3:00 ALL SCREWED UP (PG) p.23 WEDNESDAY 24 6:15 am DONALD DUCK p.20 7:00 POPEYE (PG) p. 19 9:00 GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY p21 10:00 EVICTORS (PG) p.23 11:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS p. 15 12:00 pm INGLORIOUS BASTARDS p. 11 2:00 THE IDOLMAKER (PG)p.5 4:00 WHAT ON EARTH? p.9 5:30 WHAT ON EARTH? p.9 6:00 THIS IS ELVIS (PG) p. 16 8:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL p. 13 9:30 THE COMPETITION (PGVp.6 11:40 ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ (PG) p.5 1:35 am POWER PLAY p. 14 3:20 THE GREAT PLEASURE HUNT p. 10 4:20 EYES OF A STRANGER (R) P-14 Part 1. p. 20 6:30 Part 2. p.20 7:30 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS p. 15 8:00 SIMON (PG) p. 16 10:00 FORT APACHE, THE BRONX (R) p. 12 12:00 am ALL NIGHT LONG (R) p. 10 1:30 FRIDAY 13TH(R) p.4 3:05 FORT APACHE, THE BRONX (R) p. 12 5:05 VIDEO JUKEBOX 5:00 TRILOGY: THREE CLASSIC TALES p.20 6:30 THE SEAL PUP p.21 7:00 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON AND ANNE MURRAY p.8 8:00 BRONCO BILLY (PG) p. 16 10:00 SPHINX (PG) p. 15 12:00 am THE FUN HOUSE (R) p.7 1:35 BORDERLINE (PG) p.4 3:20 SCANNERS (R) p.21 5:05 THE GREAT PLEASURE HUNT p. 10 4:30 POPEYE(PG) p.19 6:30 DONALD DUCK p.20 7:30 THOSE FABULOUS CLOWNS p.16 8:30 ALTERED STATES (R)P-15 10:15 EYES OF A STRANGER (R) p. 14 11:40 ALICE, SWEET ALICE (R) p. 10 1:30 am i UP TO NOW p.9 2:30 RAGING BULL (R)p.6 4:40 CARNY (R) p.23 17

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THURSDAY25 8:00 THE MAN WHO SAW 6:30 am BLACK HOLE (PG) p.9 TOMORROW (PG) p.8 8:30 THE MAN WHO SAW TOMORROW (PG) p.8 9:30 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL p. 13 10:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL p. 13 11:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR MARCH p.18 11:30 TIME WAS p.21 11:30 THE COMPETITION 12:30 pm COMPETITION (PG) p.6 (PG)p 3:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX 1:351 am MODERN ROMANCE 3:30 THIS IS ELVIS (PG) p. 16 mm 5:30 BLACK HOLE (PG) p.9 3:10 THE MAN WHO SAW 7:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW TOMORROW (PG) p.8 FOR MARCH p.18 4:40 POWER PLAY p. 14 FRIDAY 26 3:00 INGLORIOUS 6:30 am HUNTER’S GOLD BASTARDS p. 11 Episode 13. p20 5:00 GOLD Episode 13. p.20 7:00 DONALD DUCK p.20 5:30 DONALD DUCKp20 8:00 EVICTORS (PG) p23 6:30 THE SEAL PUP p.21 9:30 CONSUMER REPORTS 7:00 GREAT SCANDALS p.21 PRESENTS p.15 8:00 CHARLIE CHAN 10:00 ALL SCREWED UP (PG) p.19 (PG)p23 9:30 SIMON (PG) p.16 12:00 pm THE WAY WE WERE 11:30 FORT AJPACHE (R) p. 12 (PG)p.10 1:30 am THE FUN HOUSEHBO SNEAK PREVIEW 4:20 TRIBUTE 18 FOR MARCH p.18 (PG)p.12 mm PREVIEW | FOR MARCH What’s in the wind for March? Host Leonard Harris and the all-new “Sneak Preview” give you highlights of upcoming specials, sports and movies. There’s also a rundown of HBO’s 24-hour schedule plus subscriber questions and answers. Cheech and Chong's Next Movie Those leftover hippies return with more “high”-spir-ited fun. From their bizarre L.A. home they’re off on a spoof of the grass generation. Adult humor, profanity, nudity, drugs. (R-1:39) Starts February 28 T^ByrE See Page 12 Popeye Robin Williams Shelley Duvall Robin Williams brings the Peter Ustinov Lee Grant Angie Dickinson spinach-loving cartoon sail- One of film’s most popular sleuths is out to solve a string of or to life in this original blend dastardly murders in this mystery comedy. Detective Peter of animation and live action. Ustinov teams up with his half-Chinese, half-Jewish, all-Adult language, mild vio- thumbs grandson. The wicked Dragon Queen? None other lence. (PG-1:54) than Angie Dickinson. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:32) SPORTS SPECIAL The Tenth Month Carol Burnett Middle-aged journalist Dori Gray has a problem. She is w single, pregnant and in 2 love. How she resolves her | life’s complexities makes for £ an absorbing contemporary | drama Carol Burnett and

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