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HBO Guide February 1980 - Page section : 002

Highlights: Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, HBO, SRO. On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. MEN’S GYMNASTICS THE HINDENBURG PRETTY BABY Caesars Palace Invitational. An ex- George C. Scott in a suspenseful A young girl grows to maturity in elusive HBO event featuring super film based on one of the greatest the New Orleans red light district gymnast Kurt Thomas. See page 6. air tragedies of all time. See page 7. of 1917. See page 9. More highlights... SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER John Travolta in his memorable performance as disco kingpin Tony Manero. See page 9. WINTER CARNIVAL ’80 Part 2. Pro slalom skiing, super skating and lots of fun at Aspen’s Winterskol. See page 7. FIREPOWER Sophia Loren and James Coburn in a drama of crime and passion in the Caribbean. See page 13. OLD BOYFRIENDS Talia Shire in a romantic drama of a woman’s search for herself by exploring her past. Seepage 11. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary © 1980 Home Box Office, Inc. AH rights reserved. 2 DIONNE WARWICK GOIN* SOUTH IN CONCERT Jack Nicholson in a comedy ro- She’s back—and more dazzling mance of the Texas frontier in the than ever! See page 8. 1860s. See page 5. THE BILLION DOLLAR HOBO HALLOWEEN Tim Conway as a daffy klutz who Chilling horror in a Midwestern has to become a hobo to inherit town as a psychopathic killer comes a fortune. See page 5. home for Halloween. See page 4. for February EUROPE ON ICE OVER THE EDGE WILD WACKY WONDERFUL Gina Lollobrigida hosts this spec- Angry middle-class teenagers on WORLD OF WINTER tacular international ice revue from the rampage in a suburban Califor- Imaginative comedy show with an Switzerland. See page 20. nia town. See page 14. all-star cast. See page 17. ... and still more HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life BMg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 SAINT JACK DUMMIES Ben Gazzara stars in a very adult HBO’s Third Annual Adult Ventri- drama of an American expatriate loquism and Comedy Show. Host* in Singapore. See page 17. ed by Steve Allen. See page 12. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable TV company. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. MONEY MOVERS American premiere of a fast-paced Australian crime drama about a $20,000,000 heist. See page 15. AAU INTER-CITY BOXING The country’s top amateur fighters slug it out in explosive three-round bouts. See page 19. AMERICAN HOT WAX A trip through ’50s rock ’n’ roll filled with the energy and music of the time. See page 13. RUN FOR THE ROSES Exciting story of a young boy and the horse he grooms for the Kentucky Derby. See page 18. NIGHTWING Hordes of vampire bats and Indian tribal superstitions in the great Southwest. See page 21. FORCE TEN FROM NAVARONE Exciting commando action in Yugoslav mountains. See page 16. 3

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5:00 THE GREATEST BATTLE Henry Fonda (PG-1:37) Only play date this month 7:00 WINTER CARNIVAL ’80 Part 1. Great skiing and skating. Only play date this month Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 BILLION DOLLAR HOBO Tim Conway (G-1:37) p.5 10:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA p.6 10:30 THE GREATEST BATTLE Desert war (PG-1:37) Only play date this month 12:15 TO THE DEVIL... A DAUGHTER Christopher Lee (R-l:32) Only play date this month 4 2:00 THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY Sean Connery (PG-1:51) p.18 4:00 CASEY’S SHADOW Walter Matthau, a Cajun horse trainer (PG-1:56) p.7 6:00 THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN Paul Newman (PG-2:00) p. 10 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 GOIN’SOUTH Rambunctious romance of 1860s Texas (PG-1:49) p.5 10KJ0 CASEY’S SHADOW Alexis Smith (PG-1:56) p.7 12:00 DIANA ROSS SRO. Dazzling superstar. Only play date this month 3:00 HEY ABBOTT1I Classic comedy routines, p.6 4:00 THE ONE AND ONLY Wacky story (PG-1:38) p. 18 6:00 BUDDY HOLLY STORY His songs, his life (PG-1:53) Only play date this month Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 HALLOWEEN Super chiller (R-l :30) p.4 9:30 GEORGE SEGAL On Location. Comedy and music. Only play date this month 10:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW Stiller and Meara host. p. 19 11:00 FOR PETE’S SAKE Barbra Streisand (PG-1:30) Only play date this month Friday February 1 Saturday February 2 Sunday February 3 Halloween Fast becoming a horror classic! This bone-chilling thriller follows an escaped psychopathic killer as he stalks his prey in a small Midwestern town. Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, is a shy, teenage babysitter on the madman’s list; Donald Pleasence, a hospital psychiatrist. Don’t see this one alone! “Will have you screaming” (Chicago Tribune) Chilling horror, strong violence. (R-l:30) Feb. 3,7,9,13,15,19,25 Goin’South Jack Nicholson Marriage begins like a prizefight when a third-rate outlaw teams up with a genteel Southern spinster. Jack Nicholson stars as the scruffy Texas outlaw marked for hanging; Mary Steenbur-gen, his headstrong lady. Nicholson himself directed this rambunctious comic romance of the 1860s. John Belushi heads a rogue’s gallery of a supporting cast. “Always eccentric, sometimes wonderful” (Time) Adult humor. (PG-1:49) Feb. 2,5,11,15,17,21 Clear the tracks for this bumbler who must ride the rails cross-country as a hobo to earn a billion. Tim Conway is at his zaniest as the helpless Vernon with a super-smart canine. Will Geer is eccentric Choo Choo Trayne, who sends Tim tramping. “Winning family film” (L.A. Times) Family fare. (G-l:37) Feb. 1,5,9,13,17,21,25 5 The Billion Dollar Hobo

HBO Guide February 1980 - Page section : 004

Monday February 4 Tuesday February 5 Wednesday February 6 6:00 DAYS OF HEAVEN Richard Gere in extraordinary beautiful film (PG-1:41) p.15 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 WINTER CARNIVAL’80 Part II. Super blend of sports and entertainment, p.7 9:00 DAYS OF HEAVEN Brooke Adams (PG-1:41) p.15 11:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA Slick, funny—and adult, p.6 11:30 THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL Super thriller (R-2:03) p. 19 6 5:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW Stiller and Meara. p. 19 6:00 BILLION DOLLAR HOBO Clear the tracks for comedy with Tim Conway (G-1:37) p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 THE HINDENBURG Final voyage and fiery death of the great dirigible (PG-2:05) p.7 10:30 GOINP SOUTH Jack Nicholson, a roguish outlaw (PG-1:49) p.5 12:30 THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY Period caper with romance and suspense (PG-1:51) p. 18 5:30 THE VOYAGE OF TANAI South Sea tale (PG-1:30) p.21 7:00 BANJO THE WOODPILE CAT Kitten cartoon (0:26) p. 19 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:30 MEN'S GYMNASTICS Part I. Superb competition featuring 8 best U.S. gymnasts, p.6 8:30 THE ONE AND ONLY Kim Darby (PG-1:38) p. 18 10:30 THE BIG FIX Comedy-thriller (PG-1:48) p.20 12:30 DAYS OF HEAVEN Linda Manz (PG-1:41) p.15 TheACandid Camera Chuckle ait Allen Flint’s * naughty but nutty adult version of his long-running favorite. The “double-mean- 1 ing tango” and the strange goings-on at the doctor’s office will have you in stitches! Feb. 1,4,7,10 Hey Abbott!! j It’s Abbott and Costello, j with their pies, pratfalls and side-splitting slapstick rou-tines! Host Milton Berle I takes a look at the careers and genius of two of the country’s best-loved funny- | men. Feb. 3,7,9,12,19 Caesars Palace Invitational Men’s Gymnastics Part 1. An HBO exclusive! Watch the eight top male U.S. gymnasts in a graceful battle for all-around honors—from star Kurt Thomas to 13-year-old Chris Riegle. Feb. 6,8,10 Part II. The showdown for individual championships features the high-flying Kurt Thomas on the rings and Bart Conner’s super routine on the pommel horse. Feb. 25,29 Consumer Reports Presents: The Food Show From Consumer Reports Magazine: how to get value for your dollar; what to eat, what to avoid. Know how to read a label? Aware of the dangers of lead in canned foods? What’s the most nutritious lunch for a child? Is it true what they say about yogurt? Timely and accurate information in a lively, entertaining format. Feb. 7,10,15,18,20,23 The Hindenburg George C. Scott A gripping tale of the final 1937 voyage and fiery death of the luxury German airship. Of the 97 aboard, eight had a motive for sabotage; one had a plot. George C. Scott stars. Violence. (PG-2:05) Feb. 5,9,17,22 Casey’s Shadow With a million dollar race at stake, everyone wants in on the action! Lifelong loser Walter Matthau has a horse he’s sure will be a winner. With Alexis Smith. Mild language, foaling sequence. (PG-1:56) Feb. 2,8,10 Thursday February 7 6:00 HEY ABBOTT!! p.6 7:00 BANJO THE CAT Family fun (0:26) p. 19 Tonight's Highlight: 7:30 CONSUMER REPORTS: THE FOOD SHOW Fun and informative, p.7 8:30 HALLOWEEN Terror tonight! (R-l:30) p.4 10:00 WINTER CARNIVAL ’80 Part II. Super skating, p.7 11:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA p.6 11:30 JUDGE ROY BEAN Ava Gardner (PG-2:00) p. 10 Winter Carnival ’80 Part II. This spectacular HBO show will delight everyone. Be dazzled by the grace of figure skaters who’ll be at the 1980 Winter Olympics. For ski buffs, there’s pro slalom races at Vail. And, if you enjoy sports and belly laughs, there’s hot dog skiing from Aspen’s rollicking Winterskol. Feb. 4,7,9,12 7

HBO Guide February 1980 - Page section : 006

Another fascinating glance back in this exclusive HBO series. This time with full reflection—the advent of television—and how it changed the face of the world. Once again Dick Cavett is your host as we remember: Senator Joe McCarthy—Nixon’s “Checkers” speech —the Korean War—the start of the “space race” and the beginnings of the fight for Civil Rights. Ike. Milton Berle. Willie Mays. Marilyn and Marlon and Elvis. Everything as it was in the Fifties. Feb. 11,14,22,24,27 Th6 Lif6 and Times ^ere comes the judge! Paul Newman is an outlaw turned _ _ . lawman in this offbeat comedy-western. With Jacqueline Of Judge Roy Bean Bisset. Adult relationships. (PG-2:00) Feb. 2,7,10,13 Monday February 11 Hiesday February 12 Wednesday February 13 5:30 GOIN' SOUTH John Belushi in a comic romance of the old Southwest (PG-1:49) p.5 7:30 HOLLYWOOD Varied, unpredictable, p. 11 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 TIME WAS... The 50s Sputnik—and the “space race” begins, p. 10 9:00 THE BIG FIX Susan Anspach, bubbly political campaigner (PG-1:48) p.20 11:00 GOIN’SOUTH Jack Nicholson as a roguish outlaw (PG-1:49) p.5 10 6:00 WINTER CARNIVAL’80 Part II. Great fun at Aspen’s Winterskol. p.7 7:00 HEYABBOTTI! Side-splitting slapstick, p.6 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 Gang vows to destroy a precinct and all cops in it (R-1:31) p. 11 9:30 PRETTY BABY Brooke Shields (R-l:49) p.9 11:30 THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL Gregory Peck (R-2:03) p. 19 5:30 BILLION DOLLAR HOBO Tim Conway (G-1:37) p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:30 ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL “Who’s Who” of country music. p.l I 8:30 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Flashy disco (PG-1:48) p.9 10:30 THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN Ava Gardner as Lily Langtry (PG-2:00) p. 10 12:30 HALLOWEEN Verry scarry! (R-l :30) p.4 Assault on Precinct 13 Cops and convicts join forces as young hoodlums swear to destroy a police station. It’s a white-hot night of hate on the edge of a desolate Los Angeles slum. Hard-hitting suspense from director John Carpenter (Halloween). Strong violence, profanity. (R-1:31) Feb. 12,14,17,22 Old Boyfriends What happens when a troubled young woman revisits the lost past—her first love, her high school sweetheart, the man she almost married? Talia Shire finds some surprises. Richard Jordan, Keith Carra-dine, John Belushi co-star. Adult situations, profanity. (R-1:42) Feb. 14,18,23,26 Thursday February 14 5:30 VOYAGE OF TANAI Family film (PG-1:30) p.2l 7:00 DIONNE WARWICK IN CONCERT Medley of old hits, p.8 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 OLD BOYFRIENDS A young woman visits former lovers (R-1:42) p.l 1 10:00 TIME WAS... The 50s Marilyn, Marlon and Elvis, p. 10 11:00 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 Gang’s revenge (R-1:31) p. 11 12:30 OLD BOYFRIENDS Talia Shire (R-1:42) p. 11 Visit “Flippers,” the hot new roller-disco private club; Bob Hope on tour; Walter Matthau and Peter Falk at the Celebrity Golf Tournament. Feb. 9,11 All-Star Country Music Festival Starring Roy Gark, Tammy Wynette, Mel Tillis, The Oak Ridge Boys, Barbara Fairchild and Freddie Fender. It’s country music time again and Home Box Office selected the best American performers at a world country music marathon and rounded them up for one gigantic concert. Don’t miss this one! Feb. 13,16,18,21,29 11

HBO Guide February 1980 - Page section : 007

Friday February 15 Saturday February 16 Sunday February 17 Standing Room Only: DUMMIES: The Third Annual Adult Ventriloquism and Comedy Show. Fascinating performances by the world’s finest ventriloquists and their vocal yokels are woven together by showman Steve Allen (speaking for himself). The breathtaking double-talkers include Shari Lewis and “Lambchop,” Willy Tyler and “Lester”—plus the man who was the voice of Donald Duck. Feb. 17,21,25,29 3:30 THE VOYAGE OF TANAI South seas tale (PG-1:30) p.21 5:00 DAYS OF HEAVEN Richard Gere (PG-1:41) p. 15 7:00 ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Freddie Fender, p. 11 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 AMERICAN HOT WAX Late ’50s rock ’n’ roll explosion (PG-1:31) p. 13 9:30 THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL Clone conspiracy (R-2:03) p. 19 11:30 PRETTY BABY Keith Carradine (R-1:49) p.9 2:30 DIONNE WARWICK IN CONCERT p.8 3:30 BILLION DOLLAR HOBO Will Geer (G-1:37) p.5 5:30 THE HINDENBURG Airborne disaster (PG-2:05) p.7 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 DUMMIES: ADULT VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW SRO. Steve Allen hosts, p. 12 9:00 GOIN’ SOUTH Jack Nicholson (PG-1:49) p.5 11:00 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 Cold-sweat terror (R-l :31) p. 11 12:30 THE BIG FIX Comedy-thriller (PG-1:48) p.20 5:00 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE FOOD SHOW Practical information for consumers. p.7 6:00 GOIN’ SOUTH Directed by and starring Jack Nicholson (PG-1:49) p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 FIREPOWER Sophia Loren in all-star thriller (R-l :39) p. 13 10:00 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER John Travolta (R-l:59) p.9 12:00 HALLOWEEN Jamie Lee Curtis (R-l:30) p.4 12 Firepower Sophia Loren James Coburn An explosive action thriller with tough characters who will blast, bulldoze or blow up anyone standing in their way. Sophia Loren is out to find her husband’s killers in the lovely Caribbean; James Coburn is out to kidnap amysterious Howard Hughes-like millionaire. Co-starring O.J. Simpson, Eli Wallach, Anthony Fran-ciosa, George Grizzard and Vincent Gardenia. Profanity, violence. (R-l:39) Feb. 15,19,24,28 American Hot Wax New York City, 1959: a salute to rock ’n’ roll, rekindling the explosive spirit which now defines the ’50s generation. This rock-packed film centers on disc jockey Alan Freed, who championed the music against the moralists. Chuck Berry stomps out “Roll Over Beethoven” and Jerry Lee Lewis ignites “Great Balls of Fire.” Some profanity. (PG-1:31) Feb. 16,19,24,27 13

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Breakout Charles Bronson Over the Edge Escape adventure with breath-stopping stunt work. Bush pilot Charles Bronson takes to a ’copter to bust Robert Duvall out of a Mexican jail frame-up. Jill Ireland, John Huston and Sheree North share in the excitement. “Diverting prison-break yarn” (Time) Violence, adult language. (PG-1:36) Fob. 18,27 Alienated teenagers in a typical middle-class California community turn to violence in a wave of suburban delinquency and lay siege to the local high school. Harrowing portrayal of today’s gap between the generations. “Perceptive, thought-provoking, timely” (Boxoffice) Violence, profanity. (PG-1:35) Feb. 19,22,24,28 Monday Hiesday Wednesday I February 18 February 19 February 20 6:00 COUNTRY MUSIC Tammy Wynette. p. 11 7:00 CONSUMER REPORTS: FOOD SHOW HBO exclusive, p.7 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 BREAKOUT Charles Bronson and Robert Duvall (PG-1:36) p. 14 10:00 OLD BOYFRIENDS John Belushi (R-1:42) p. 11 11:45 CONSUMER REPORTS: FOOD SHOW p.7 12:45 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Lifestyle of ’70s (R-1:59) p.9 5:30 HEY ABBOTT!! Abbott and Costello, p.6 6:30 AMERICAN HOT WAX Salute to Alan Freed, pioneer rock deejay (PG-1:31) p. 13 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 OVER THE EDGE Generation gap in a California town (PG-1:35) p. 14 10:00 FIREPOWER Murder and mayhem in the Caribbean (R-1:39) p. 13 11:45 HALLOWEEN Donald Pleasence as a psychiatrist (R-1:30) p.4 6:00 DIONNE WARWICK IN CONCERT p.8 7:00 CONSUMER REPORTS PRESENTS: THE FOOD SHOW Practical information for consumers. p.7 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 PROUD REBEL Post-Civil War Southerner travels west (1:41) p. 15 10:00 PRETTY BABY New Orleans, 1917 (R-1:49) p.9 12:00 THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL James Mason (R-2:03) p. 19 14 Money Movers Proud Rebel Alan Ladd An American premiere of a contemporary crime-drama based on an actual case. A $20 million heist from a burglarproof vault exposes the violent and ruthless criminal world. Fast-moving action and excitement, a real thriller. With Terence Donovan. “Extremely well done” (Variety) Strong violence. (1:31) Feb. 21,24,29 Thursday February 21 6:00 BILLION DOLLAR HOBO Will Geer (G-1:37) p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 MONEY MOVERS Fast-paced, tension-packed crime drama (1:31) p. 15 9:30 DUMMIES: ADULT VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW SRO. Shari Lewis and Lamb-chop. p. 12 10:30 GOIN’SOUTH Texas comedy (PG-1:49) p.5 12:30 ALL-STAR COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL Great pickin’ and singin’. p. 11 An outdoor adventure-western with very human elements: the warmth of a father’s faith and love, the understanding of a strong woman, devotion of a boy for his dog. Alan Ladd and Olivia de Havilland star. Breathtaking color vistas of the West. “Honestly heartwarming” (N.Y. Times) Family fare. (1:41) Feb. 20,23,26 ▼ t mm Days of Heaven Richard Gere This hauntingly beautiful, romantic drama took the movie industry by storm—it appeared on more than a dozen critics’ “ten best” lists! Richard Gere travels to Texas with lover Brooke Adams to harvest wheat and revolt against the poverty of the early 1900s. Profanity, nudity, mild violence. (PG-1:41) Feb. 4,6,10,16 15

HBO Guide February 1980 - Page section : 009

6:00 TIME WAS... The 50s Willie Mays—all-around baseball star. p. 10 7:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW With Stiller and Meara. p. 19 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:30 THE WILD, WACKY, WONDERFUL WORLD OF WINTER Guest star Carol Burnett, p. 17 8:30 OVER THE EDGE Trouble in suburban “paradise” (PG-1:35) p. 14 10:30 THE HINDENBURG Gig Young (PG-2:05) p.7 12:35 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 Hot night of hate (R-l :31) p. 11 16 2:00 THE BIG FIX Comedy-thriller (PG-1:48) p.20 4:00 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Donna Pescow (PG-1:48) p.9 6:00 CONSUMER REPORTS: THE FOOD SHOW p.7 7:00 PROUD REBEL Alan Ladd (1:41) p.15 Tonight's Highlight: 9:00 SAINT JACK Hard-boiled yarn of an American in Singapore (R-1:50) p. 17 11.00 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER Music by Bee Gees (R-1:59) p.9 100 OLD BOYFRIENDS Buck Henry (R-l:42) p.l 1 3:00 VOYAGE OF TANAI Exotic locales (PG-l:30)p.21 4:30 OVER THE EDGE Suburban siege (PG-I:35) p. 14 6:30 AMERICAN HOT WAX Laraine Newman and Jay Leno (PG-1:31) p. 13 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 FORCE TEN FROM NAVARONE Adventures of two from Nava-rone squad (PG-2:00) p. 16 10:00 MONEY MOVERS Crime yam (1:31) p. IS 11:30 TIME WAS... The 50s H BO exclusive, p. 10 12:30 FIREPOWER James Cobum (R-1:39) p. 13 Friday February 22 Saturday February 23 Sunday February 24 Force Hen From Navarone Robert Shaw Epic adventure continuing the exploits of two veterans of The Guns of Navarone. Robert Shaw is Mallory, battle-scarred British commando; Edward Fox, the demolitions expert, Miller. Harrison Ford (Han Solo of Star Wars) leads the international military force on an impossible mission in the Yugoslav mountains. Barbara Bach plays a partisan spy. Great special effects. Violence. (PG-2:00) Feb. 24,27 The Wild Wacky Wbnderful World of Winter Special Guest Star: Carol Burnett Here’s the warmest, wildest winter-weather comedy show ever to snowball into town. Sizzling sketches and a flock of familiar faces—including Beth Howland (Vera from TV’s Alice), Jack Riley (Mr. Carlin of The Bob Newhart Show), and Fred Willard (Fernwood 2-Night and Real People). See the stripper who puts on clothes to fend off the cold; a busload of people—“SLUSHBOUND!”; a million $ gift return; “Common Cold Telethon.” Original and irreverent. Feb. 22,26 Saint Jack Ben Gazzara An offbeat, earthy, yet warmly human story of the seedy and cynical side of Singapore life. A Korean veteran known as the nicest guy in town is actually a pimp, selling passion to the passionless. Peter Bogdanovich directed. “****... a revelation” (Chicago Sun-Times) Nudity, profanity, strong sexual content. (R-1:50) Feb. 23,29 17

HBO Guide February 1980 - Page section : 010

Run for the Roses Juanito, a Puerto Rican youngster living in the States, knows a champion when he sees one. He never loses faith in his lame but beautiful colt as he prepares for the famous Kentucky Derby. Stuart Whitman, manager of a large horse farm, is the boy’s stepfather; Vera Miles, a rich lady who would like to own a Derby winner, too. A film to win your heart! Mild profanity. (PG-1:33) Feb. 26 Monday February 25 6:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW Stiller and Meara. p. 19 6:30 DUMMIES: ADULT VENTRILOQUISM & COMEDY SHOW p. 12 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:30 MEN’S GYMNASTICS Part II. Kurt Thomas and other greats on parallel bars, p.6 8:30 BILLION DOLLAR HOBO Tim Conway (G-l :37) p.5 10:30 HALLOWEEN Back from the mental hospital, he’s out for sinners (R-1:30) p.4 12:00 PRETTY BABY Susan Sarandon (R-l:49) p.9 Tliesdtiy February 26 6:00 PROUD REBEL AJan Ladd (1:41) p.lS Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 RUN FOR THE ROSES Youngster who knows a champion when he sees one (PG-1:33) p. 18 9:30 THE WILD, WACKY, WONDERFUL WORLD OF WINTER Fred Willard, p. 17 10:30 DIONNE WARWICK IN CONCERT All her old favorites, p.8 11:30 OLD BOYFRIENDS Keith Carradine (R-l:42) p. 11 The One And Only Henry Winkler, a show-off, and Kim Darby, his long-suffering wife, have some riotous times in New York. He tries to make it as a wild pro wrestler! Adult language. (PG-1:38) Fob. 3,6,9 The Great Train Robbery Sean Connery, Lesley-Anne Down and Donald Sutherland star in this thriller about the crooks who staged the first train robbery in history. Some adult language. (PG-1:51) Feb. 2,5,8 Wednesday February 27 5:30 BREAKOUT Texas pilot tries to free innocent man (PG-1:36) p. 14 7:30 TIME WAS... The 50s Dick Cavett hosts, p. 10 8:30 AMERICAN HOT WAX Rock giants Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis (PG-1:31) p. 13 Tonight’s Highlight: 10:00 AAU INTER-CITY BOXING Quarterfinal match: New York vs. Atlanta, p. 19 11:30 FORCE TEN FROMNAVARONE Robert Shaw (PG-2:00) p. 16 18 HBO Sneak Preview Starring Stiller and Meara Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara, the country’s number one comedy couple, tell you what to expect on HBO in an entertaining combination of comic sketches and highlights from upcoming specials, sports and movies. Feb. 3,5,22,25,28 Banjo the Woodpile Cat A mischievous kitten travels to the big city in search of adventure and excitement in this warm, delightful short movie from some of Hollywood’s most talented animators. Brilliant special effects. Colorful, amusing, a sheer delight for everyone. Family fare. (0:26) Fob. 6,7 The Boys This fast-paced suspense drama was nominated for three _ P -■ Oscars! Laurence Olivier, James Mason co-star. Profan-From brazil ity, brief nudity, violence. (R-2:03) Feb. 4,8,12,16,20 What can the top amateur boxers in the country do in just three rounds? Plenty. HBO Sports is there for the second year of this elimination tournament. These fighters will be out to impress the judges quickly. Their trademark: all-out assault. In the first of seven consecutive Wednesday night fight cards, Atlanta takes on New York. Watch for New York’s Mitchell Green, one of the top amateur heavyweights. Feb. 27 19 AAU Inter-Cjty Boxing ■Q, Y

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