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HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 002

Highlights for February BARRY MANILOW THE SWARM Standing Room Only presents the A billion whirring, flesh-hungry smash performance from Barry’s re- killer bees arrive in a small Texas cent U.S. tour. See page II. town. See page 10. EL GRANDE DE COCA-COLA On Location presents this madcap revue that stars funnyman Dick Shawn. See page 15. HOUSE CALLS Walter Matthau—doctor, widower, good-time guy—teamed with Glenda Jackson. Seepage 14. ALEX A THE GYPSY Jack Lemmon as a bail bondsman with Genevieve Bujold in an offbeat love story. See page 9. ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN An excursion into extrasensory perception. See page 1I. GYMNASTICS Arizona State competes with Indiana State, which has Kurt Thomas on its roster. See page 17. THE BIG SLEEP Robert Mitchum and Sarah Miles head a star-studded cast in the classic mystery. See page 7. * WINTER CARNIVAL ’79 An HBO Sports special featuring fabulous skiing and other winter sports footage. Seepage 12. DISCO BEAVER FROM OUTER SPACE Great adult spoof from the National Lampoon. Seepage 19. FJ.S.T. Sylvester Stallone in the drama of a man, his woman, his union and his country. See page 6. UPCLOSE Donna Summer joins David Sheehan and Paul Newman in this HBO interview show. See page 8. More highlights.. VALENTINO Celebrated dancer Rudolf Nureyev as the legendary actor and lover Rudolph Valentino. Seepage 7. COLLEGE BASKETBALL HBO coverage continues with four more great games this month. For details, see pages 9 and 21. THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD Breathtakingly different animation in an entertaining tale for the entire family. Seepage 13. THE GREAT CONSUMER RIP-OFF Lynn Redgrave appears in this enlightening special. See page 20. THE SWISS CONSPIRACY The Game: blackmail. Stakes: a fortune in diamonds. Players: five powerful people. See page 21. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary 2 LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR Diane Keaton is brilliant in this gripping film. Seepage 18. ... and still more MOVING VIOLATION Young lovers witness murder but can’t tell because the cops are killers. See page 9. BOXING HBO Sports returns to Rahway State Prison with James Scott vs. Jerry Celestine. See page 8. CAHILL: UNITED STATES MARSHAL John Wayne is bringing law and order to the Old West. Seepage 19. PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Rock Hudson in a sex satire-mur-der mystery set in an American high school. See page 15. STAR SCOPE On HBOs exciting new intermission series, Arlene Dahl looks at your horoscope for the month. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. ©1979 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. 3 WOODY ALLEN FESTIVAL Diane Keaton joins Woody in two of the four great movies in this special HBO week. See page 16.

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 012

Soundtrack__________________________ Somethings very special from HBO Flip through this guide again. Notice all the different kinds of programming. Great movies and sports are only part of the HBO story. The Barry Manilow cover announces an exciting first in pay TV. But that show is just one of many fabulous entertainment specials produced especially for HBO subscribers! Inside, two original illustrations announce two highly original HBO specials: Disco Beaver... from the 22 National Lampoon and our first documentary—an amusing, enlightening look at consumer rip-offs. El Grande de Coca-Cola is a wacky, wonderful HBO production of the long-running stage revue. On Winter Carnival '79—some unbelievably spectacular sports footage! Still more? You bet. Europe on Ice. The Electric Light Orchestra. The incomparable Phyllis Diller and the unpredictable Norm Crosby. And again David Sheehan has come up with a lineup of superstars for his unique UpClose. Is February something special? Not at all. You can look forward to original HBO programming like this month after month! HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Pleose mail to: AAs. Susan Devon, HBO Customer Relations Dept., Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 Home Box Office reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. Coming the first week in March Thursday, 1 6:30 THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD p. 13 8:00 CRAZY MAMA Cloris Leach man (PG-1:20) 9:30 LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR p. 18 12:00 PRETTY MAIDS p. 15 Friday, 2 6:00 CAHILL: U.S. MARSHALL (PG-1:43) p. 19 8:00 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:18) 10:30 HOUSE CALLS p. 14 12:30 THE SWISS CONSPIRACY p.2l Saturday, 3 3:00 OLLY,OLLY OXEN FREE Katharine Hepburn (G-l:29) 4:30 ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN p. II 6:30 BANANAS p. 16 8:00 OLLY, OLLY OXEN FREE (G-1:29) 9:30 EL GRANDE DE COCA-COLA p.IS 10:30 MR. GOODBAR p. 18 1:00 THE BIG SLEEP p. 7 Sunday, 4 3:00 THE SWISS CONSPIRACY p.21 4:30 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:18) 7:00 GREAT CONSUMER RIP-OFF p.20 8:00 THE FUR Y(R-1.57 10:00 DISCO BEAVER p. 19 11:00 CAHILL: U.S. MARSHALL p. 19 1:00 THE GREAT CONSUMER RIP-OFF p.20 Monday, 5 6:30 OLLY, OLLY OXEN FREE (G-1:29) 8:00 LEOPARD IN THE SNOW Keir Dullea (PG-1:29) 10:00 MR. GOODBAR p. 18 12:30 CRAZY MAMA (PG-1:20) 23

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 003

Thp I OCf W*lIfr Band,” in its Thanksgiving Day, 1976 farewell con-IIIC MiOl VVdllAi cert^ is joined by Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Ringo Starr and others in an exciting landmark film. Mild language. (PG-1:47) Feb. 4 Europe On Ice George Hamilton hosts the most spectacular ice show in the world. The million-dollar production—costumes, scenery, lights —has captivated audiences all over the world. A great HBO special! Feb. 3,5 Jane Fonda and Jon Voight are brilliant as an officer’s wife and an embittered disabled Vietnam veteran who fall in love in this romantic drama. Adult situations, language, nudity. (R-2:07) Feb. 2,5,10 Silver Streak Gene Wilder Jill Clayburgh, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor take part in the madcap mystery brewing aboard a transcontinental luxury train hurtling from Los Angeles to Chicago. And there’s plenty to partake of—murder, intrigue, thrills, danger and lots of romance. Directed by Arthur Hiller (Love Story). Mild language. (PG-1:53) Feb. 1,6,9,11 The Norseman Big Wednesday Confronted by treacherous seas, strange lands and an alien, hostile people, Lee Majors and Cornel Wilde are Viking warriors in an action-filled epic adventure. Mild violence. (PG-1:30) Feb. 2,4,8 Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt and Gary Busey are young surfers facing the challenge of the big waves and the social transitions of the ’60s. Adult humor, language. (PG-2:05) Feb. 1,4,7 On Lnratinn - Don’t reac^ f°r a dictionary, just take his word. Whether Un LOGauOn. ^e»s talking about politics or his “rappaport” with the au- NOVm Crosby dience, Norm Crosby is master of the English language ^ —his own hilarious version! Feb. 2,5,15,23 Gray Lady Down Charlton Heston stars as the courageous commander of a nuclear submarine trapped 1450 feet beneath the sea with 41 crewmen aboard. Dramatic conflicts erupt among the men as they await help in one of the most gripping undersea rescue films ever made. Co-stars Stacy Keach and David Car-radine. Mild physical violence, language. (PG-1:51) Feb. 1,3,6,9,12 6:00 GRAYEAGLE Good, old-fashioned Western adventure (PG-1:44) p. 13 8:00 THE SILVER STREAK Jill Clayburgh, Richard Pryor, Ned Beatty, Patrick McGoohan in a fast-paced action comedy (PG-1:53) p.4 10:00 GRAY LADY DOWN Ronny Cox (Bound for Glory, The Car) (PG-1:51) p.5 12:00 BIG WEDNESDAY Twelve years in the lives of three surf-happy Californians (PG-2:05) p.5 wm

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 004

Friday February 2 Saturday February 3 Sunday February 4 6:30 THE NORSEMAN Jack Elam as an offbeat wizard (PG-1:30) p.5 8:00 FJ.S.T. A man, a country, the people he led, the woman he loved (PG-2:25) p.6 10:30 NORM CROSBY On Location. The expert of double-talk, p.5 11:30 COMING HOME Compelling, absorbing romantic drama (R-2:07) p.4 1:45 THE NORSEMAN Norsemen vs. Iroquois 1000 years ago (PG-1:30) p.5 3KX) EUROPE ON ICE Dazzling ice spectacle, p.4 4:00 THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Carol Kane (PG-1:29) p. 13 5:30 GRAY LADY DOWN Charlton Heston (PG-1:51) p.5 7:30 THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Spoof of Hollywood in Roaring Twenties (PG-1:29) p. 13 9:00 VALENTINO The Great Lover played by the Great Dancer (R-2:08) p.7 11:30 EUROPE ON ICE $ 1,000,000 extravaganza, p.4 12:30 GRAY LADY DOWN Undersea rescue (PG-1:51) p.5 F.I.S.T. Sylvester Stallone 2:00 GRAYEAGLE Ben Johnson (PG-1.44) p.l 3 4:00 BIG WEDNESDAY Wavesmanship in the Pacific (PG-2-.05) p.5 6:00 GRAYEAGLE Frontier tale (PG-1:44) p. 13 8:00 THE BIG SLEEP Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled private eye (R-l:40) p.7 10KX) ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Smashing rock group, p.l 3 11:00 THE LAST WALTZ Music by the best—like Joni Mitchell (PG-1:47) p.4 1:00 THE NORSEMAN Lee Majors (PG-1:30) p.5 “Rocky” Stallone co-au-thored and stars in a powerful story of a union leader and his growth from smalltime trucker to middle-aged labor king. The expos6 may well remind you of the headline stories of Senate investigations and the mysterious disappearance of a certain trucking czar. Director Norman Jewison faithfully re-creates the lifestyles and settings of the 30s, 40s and 50s. “The only recent American movie comparable to F.I.S.T. is The Godfather." (New West) Vulgarities, some violence. (PG-2.25) Feb. 2,5,8,11,15,20 6 The Big Sleep Robert Mitchum Sara Miles As Philip Marlowe, the toughest private eye who ever wore a trench coat, slapped a dame or split his knuckles on a jawbone, Robert Mitchum encounters blackmail, murder and the underworld of crime in this thriller based on Raymond Chandler’s celebrated novel. Top-notch performances by Sarah Miles as an heiress, Candy Clark, John Mills, Oliver Reed and James Stewart. Nudity, adult language. (R-1:40) Feb. 4,8,15,21,23 Valentino Rudolf Nureyev One of the world’s greatest dancers, Rudolf Nureyev, flamboyantly rc-crcatcs one of the world’s greatest lovers, Rudolph Valentino. Former “Mamas and Papas” singing star Michelle Phillips plays the silent screen lover’s beautiful, dominating wife, Natasha Rambova. Ken Russell directs. “Nureyev a stunning presence. (Newsweek) Nudity, adult situations and language. (R-2:08) Feb. 3,6,11,14,18 7

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 005

■Hi Liza Minnelli Dustin Hoffman The Commodores Paul Newman Donna Summer Did you know Paul Newman wishes he were Alec Guinness? Or that Donna Summer’s image is not one she feels comfortable with? Host David Sheehan interviews these and other superstars Liza Minnelli and Dustin Hoffman. Also a look at rock superstars—The Commodores in concert. Plus a Hollywood update. Fob. 7,9,17,19,23 Monday February 5 6:00 EUROPE ON ICE Seventy-five professional skaters. p.4 7:00 NORM CROSBY On Location. Master of the malaprop. p.S 8:00 MOVING VIOLATION Stephen McHattie hitchhikes his way into deadly dilemma (PG-I:31)p.9 9:30 FJ.S.T. Saga of labor king (PG-2:25) p.6 12:00 COMING HOME Jane Fonda, Bruce Dern and Jon Voight in highly charged drama (R-2:07) p.4 Tuesday February 6 6:00 SILVER STREAK Adventure, thrills, comedy, romance aboard luxury train. Jill Clayburgh stars (PG-1:53) p.4 8:00 PHYLLIS DILLER On Location. As subtle as an armored truck, p. 17 9:00 GRAY LADY DOWN Directed by David Greene, director of first segment of Roots (PG-1:5I) p.5 11:00 VALENTINO Leslie Caron as famed actress Alla Nazimova (R-2:08) p.7 HBO Boxing Event: Return to Rahway James Scott Last October an HBO Sports exclusive went behind bars at Rahway (N.J.) State Prison, where inmate James Scott won a unanimous decision over No. 1 light-heavyweight contender Eddie Gregory. Now, HBO Sports returns to Rahway as Scott takes on Jerry Celes-tine, a slugger whom Scott must stop if he is to move on to a shot at the light-heavyweight crown. Scott, who does 1,000 pushups a day in his training regimen, is 13-0-1, while the rugged Celestine is 14-2. Feb. 9 Wednesday February 7 5:00 BIG WEDNESDAY Surfing story with Jan-Michael Vincent (PG-2:05) p.S 7:30 UPCLOSE David Sheehan interviews Hollywood stars and musical performers. p.8 8:30 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Kentucky at Vanderbilt, p.9 10:30 MOVING VIOLATION Crash course in auto stunting (PG-1:31) p.9 12:00 GRAYEAGLE Tale of Cheyenne Indians in Montana territory. Ben Johnson stars (PG-1:44) p. 13 Alex and Hie Gypsy Jack Lemmon as a slightly wary and more than a little jaded bail bondsman teams with beautiful Genevieve Bujold, a headstrong, free-spirited gypsy who needs bail money. Directed by John Korty. Brief nudity, profanity, adult situations. (R-1:39) Feb. 8,11,16,25 Moving Violation The most explosive car chase ever climaxes this action adventure as an unemployed auto worker and his girl flee from corrupt police. Stephen McHattie and Kay Lenz co-star with Eddie Albert and Will Geer (Grandpa Walton). Physical violence. (PG-1:31) Feb. 5,7,10,13,15,18 College Basketball Kentucky at Vanderbilt Last year’s NCAA champion Wildcats are tougher than expected. Commodore aces like Charles Davis intend to soften them up. Feb. 7 Arizona State at UCLA The Bruins have a chance to win an incredible 13 consecutive Pac-10 titles. But the Sun Devils are ready, willing and able for an upset. Feb. 15 9 6:30 THE NORSEMAN Lee Majors in footsteps of Errol Flynn (PG-1:30) p.5 8.00 ALEX AND THE GYPSY Bail-bondsman (Jack Lemmon) and his fascinating client (Genevieve Bujold) (R-l:39) p.9 10:00 THE BIG SLEEP Blackmail, murder and the underworld of crime (R-l:40) p.7 12:00 FXS.T. Melinda Dillon {CloseEncounters) and Sylvester Stallone (PG-2:25) p.6

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 006

6:00 GRAY LADY DOWN A rescue film with three heroes (PG-l:51)p.5 8:00 THE SWARM All-star cast grapples with 20th century terror (PG-1:56) p. 10 ^0i00 BOXING: RETURN TORAHWAY James Scott vs Jerry Celestine. Rahway State Prison, N.J. p.8 11:00 SILVER STREAK Directed by Arthur Hiller (The Hospital) (PG-1:53) p.4 1.00 UPCLOSE Actor Paul Newman discusses his movie roles, p.8 3:30 MOVING VIOLATION Cars and crashes (PG-1:31) p.9 5:00 GRAYEAGLE Ben Johnson (PG-1:44) p. 13 7:00 ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Great music p. 13 8:00 ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Disney excursion into the supernatural world (G-l:37) p.l 1 10:00 PHYLLIS DILLER On Location, p. 17 11:00 COMING HOME Jon Voight (R-2:07) p.4 1:15 ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Hit recording group, p. 13 2:00 SILVER STREAK Richard Pryor and Jill Clay-burgh (PG-1:53) p.4 4:00 FJ.S.T. Massive film, tremendous energy (PG-2:25) p.6 6:30 THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Carol Kane (PG-1:29) p. 13 8:00 BARRY MANILOW HBO’s exclusive showing of his 1978 concert at the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, p. 11 10:00 ALEX AND THE GYPSY Autumnal romance (R-1:39) p.9 12:00 VALENTINO Ken Russell’s version of Valentino legend (R-2:08) p.7 10 Barry Manilow, one of the foremost names in the entertainment world today, redefines the word “superstar” with each new triumph—in concert, on stage, in recordings, on television. Now you’ll have a front row seat to see Manilow in concert on his first HBO special. Here’s Barry at his best, taped during an actual performance of his smash tour, singing his greatest hits, including “Copacabana.” Feb. 11,14,17,19,25,27 Walt Disney Escape to Witch Mountain Thrills, fantasy and comedy are neatly blended as two appealing youngsters display strange powers by predicting the future and causing objects to move. But ruthless Ray Milland and Donald Pleasence attempt to capture them for their own nefarious plans. “Cunning supernatural connivings. (Variety) Family fare. (G-l :30) Fob. 10,13,16,22,25 11 © Walt Disney Productions

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 007

See men’s slalom and giant slalom races between pros and former Olympians on Hunter Mountain! American figure-skating queen Linda Fratianne in one of her exquisite routines. Japan’s Miura Yuichiro skiing down Mt. Everest at 100 mph. And freestyle skiing, ice-boat racing, a look at Dartmouth’s famous Winter Carnival with cross-coun-try races, ski snow sculptures, shoe races, canoe paddling over snow! Feb. 14,16,18,22,25 HBO Sports Presents: Winter Carnival ’79 Monday February 12 6:00 THE SWARM Can anything stop these killer bees? (PG-1:56) p. 10 8:00 SMOKEYAND THE BANDIT Burt Reynolds is king of the road (PG-1:36) p. 17 10KX) GRAYEAGLE The Old West in its autumn years (PG-1:44) p. 13 12:00 GRAY LADY DOWN Disaster follows disaster right down to the suspenseful climax (PG-1:51) p.5 Tuesday February 13 6:30 MOVING VIOLATION Eddie Albert (PG-1:31) p.9 8:00 THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD Award of Excellence from Film Advisary Board (G-l :23) p. 13 9:30 ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Disney meets the supernatural (G-l:37) p.11 11:30 ELECTRIC UGHT ORCHESTRA Pulsating rock show. p. 13 12:30 MOVING VIOLATION Will Geer as a tycoon who “buys” the law (PG-1:31) p.9 Wednesday February 14 6:30 THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Everybody loves a lover and everybody loves Gene Wilder (PG-1:29) p. 13 8:00 WINTER CARNIVAL ’79 Skiing, skating, ice-boat racing and more. p. 12 9:30 BARRY MANILOW Each of his albums has sold at least 1 million copies, p. 11 11:30 VALENTINO Rudolf Nureyev as Rudolph Valentino (R-2:08) p.7 12 The World’s Greatest Lover The Mouse and His Child Gene Wilder as Rudy Valentine, a baker, sets out to rival Hollywood’s Valentino. Carol Kane, as his nutty wife, writes mash notes to the real Rudy. Suggestive language. (PG-1:29) Feb. 3,11,14,17 Thrilling adventures of a wind-up mouse and his child in a toy store who dream of becoming self-winding. With the voices of Cloris Leachman and Andy Devine. Family fare. (G-l :23) Fob. 13,18,24 Electric Light ‘A close encounter of a musical kind!” England’s smashing Electric Light Orchestra—the first rock group to flrrltPCtrsa ach*eve success using classical instruments—has arrived. Wlwllfl An exhilarating experience! Feb. 4,10,13 GRAYEAGLE Rough and tumble action in mid-19th century Montana Territory. Settlers fight Indians and Indians fight Indians. Based on the legend of Grayeagle, one of the greatest Cheyennes who ever rode the plains. The epic authentically depicts the frontier Indian. Tribal duels are breathtakingly real. Ben Johnson heads the cast. Western violence. (PG-1:44) Feb. 1,4,7,10,12 13 i buncha letters like any other union. It says fist. One fist.” (PG-2:25) p.6 8:00 THE BIG SLEEP Twists and turns of plot to grab mystery fans. James Stewart, Sarah Miles and Robert Mitch-um co-star in this Raymond Chandler thriller (R-1:40) p.7 • 10:00 NORM CROSBY Master of malaprop. p.S 11:00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Arizona State at UCLA, p.9 1:00 MOVING VIOLATION Eddie Albert (PG-1:31) p.9

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 008

Friday February 16 Saturday February 17 5:30 ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Two orphans with unique powers (G-1:37) p. 11 7:30 WINTER CARNIVAL ’79 Great skating, p. 12 9:00 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Manners and morals in a suburban high school (R-1:32) p. 15 10:30 ALEX AND THE GYPSY The rattier side of a small California town (R-1:39) p.9 12:30 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Roger Vadim’s first U.S.-made film (R-l:32) p. 15 3:30 UPCLOSE Liza Minnelli close up. p.8 4:30 THE WORLD’S GREATEST LOVER Great fun (PG-1:29) p.l 3 6:00 THE SWARM Michael Caine (PG-1:56) p. 10 8:00 EL GRANDE DE COCA-COLA The long-running Off-Broad-way revue, p. 15 9:00 UPCLOSE Singer Donna Summer, p.8 104)0 BARRY MANILOW Super entertainer, p. 11 12:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Sally Field (PG-1:36) p. 17 House Calls Walter Matthau Glenda Jackson Barbed wit and tender affection in a romantic screwball comedy—the kind Hollywood does so well. Walter Matthau and Glenda Jackson pair off in a rocky love affair. He’s a widower, a modem Casanova trying to make up for three decades of marital fidelity. She’s a divorcee who won’t share him with other women. Co-stars Art Carney. “Funniest Hollywood comedy since A Touch of Class.” (Women's Wear Daily) Profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:38) Fob. 18,21,23,26,28 Sunday February 18 2:30 WINTER CARNIVAL ’79 Great skiing. p,12 4:00 THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD Great animation (G-1:23) p. 13 5:30 MOVING VIOLATION Young couple on the run from corrupt lawmen (PG-1:31) p.9 7:00 GYMNASTICS Watch Kurt Thomas, America’s best gymnast ever. p. 17 8:00 HOUSECALLS Walter Matthau (PG-1:38) p.14 10:00 VALENTINO Rudolf Nureyev (R-2:08) p.7 12:15 THE MOUSE AND HIS CHILD Witty, charming (G-1:23) p. 13 14 On Location: El Grande de Coca-Cola They speak their own kind of language in this crazy revue adapted from the long running off-Broadway hit. And, amigo, you won’t believe your ears! Funnyman Dick Shawn leads you to a seedy nightclub in Honduras where Pepe Hernandez presents his Parade of Stars—a mad mish-mash where chorus girls bump (into each other), acrobats crumble, jugglers goof, and the La-La-Las Sisters sing nothing but “La-La-Las”. It’s wacky, wild, loose, and si, eet is funny! Feb. 17,22,27 Pretty Maids All in a Row Rock Hudson Director Roger Vadim presents a bevy of high school beauties—and Rock Hudson as their idol and guidance counselor. Co-stars in the murder-mystery comedy are Angie Dickinson, an English teacher, and Telly Savalas, a police captain. “Kinky, funny...on-target satire.” (Time) Adult situations, nudity, sexual content (R-1:32) Feb. 16,19,23,26 15

HBO Guide February 1979 - Page section : 009

Tuesday February 20 Annie Hall A warm, witty, wonderful romance! He’s a stand-up comic in love with nervous nightclub singer Diane Keaton. A compassionate study of relationships of the ’70s. Diane, the movie and Allen himself all won Academy Awards. Adult humor. (PG-1:33) Feb. 20,24 Love and Death Nothing’s sacred in this side-splitting comedy of Europe at war in the 19th century. Once again in love with Diane Keaton, Woody plays the most reluctant Russian patriot of all time. “Top comedy.” (Variety) Adult humor. (PG-1:25) Feb. 21,24,26,28 Wednesday February 21 Monday February 19 Woody Allen Festival Everything you always wanted to know about sex... A series of lunatic, hysterical sketches spoof the subject of sex. Woody wrote, directed and stars. Cast includes Burt Reynolds and Gene Wilder. Adult humor, sexual content. (R-l :27) Feb. 19,24,28 Bananas Can you believe Woody Allen leading a revolution in Latin America? Yes, fleeing a New York romance with Louise Lasser (Mary Hartman ...) he falls into the job of dictator of a banana republic. “Manic disorder.” (Time) Adult humor. (PG-1:22) Feb. 22,24,27 6:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Jerry Reid (PG-I:36) p. 17 8:00 BARRY MANILOW “Mandy,” “Copacabana.” p.l 1 10:00 EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX... Woody Allen’s take-off on a sex primer (R-l :27) p. 16 11:30 UPCLOSE Paul Newman interviewed, p.8 12:30 PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW Rock Hudson (R-1:32) p. I5 16 5:00 THE SWARM Killer bees! (PG-l:56)p.lO 7:00 GYMNASHCS Dual meet between Arizona State and Indiana State, p. 17 8:00 THE SWARM Richard Widmark, Lee Grant and Henry Fonda vs. a billion crazed bees (PG-1:56) p.10 10:00 ANNIE HALL Very funny, warm, human comedy (PG-1:33) p. 16 11:30 FJ.S.T. Tony LoBianco, Kevin Conway (PG-2:25) p.6 6:00 HOUSE CALLS Three Academy Award winners: Walter Matthau, Art Carney and Glenda Jackson (PG-1:38) p. 14 8:00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Oklahoma City at University of Notre Dame, p.21 10:00 LOVE AND DEATH Great Woody Allen one-liners (PG-1:25) p. 16 11:30 THE BIG SLEEP Legendary gumshoe Philip Marlowe (R-l:40) p.7 on Location: Phy|| j$ Diller Gymnastics Meet the lady who’s nine years behind in her ironing and who refuses to interrupt her favorite daytime television serial to defrost the refrigerator. Join Phyllis in a sidesplitting HBO comedy show, and get a glimpse of what she’s like before the footlights go on. Feb. 6,10,22 HBO presents two of the nation’s finest collegiate teams. Arizona State placed second in the 1978 NCAAs. Host Indiana State has Kurt Thomas, who recently became the first American male in 46 years to win a gold medal in the world championships. Feb. 18,20,22 Thursday February 22 Smokeyand the Bandit Burt Reynolds stars as CB’s free-wheeling “Bandit” in this on-the-road action comedy. He gives a lift to elusive bride-to-be Sally Field, and the chase is on. The great one himself, Jackie Gleason, is “Smokey” the sheriff, in hot pursuit. Jerry Reed sings country/ western songs. Language. (PG-1:40) Feb. 12,17,19 17 6:00 ESCAPE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN Scary Disney (G-l:37) p.l 1 8:00 EL GRANDE DE COCA-COLA Dick Shawn as an American tourist in South America, p.IS 9.-00 GYMNASTICS Kurt Thomas is superb, p. 17 10:00 BANANAS Chockful of sight gags, one liners (PG-1:22) p. 16 11:30 WINTER CARNIVAL ’79 Winter sports spectacular, p. 17 1:00 PHYLLIS DILLER On Location, p. 17

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