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HBO Guide February 1978 - Page section : 012

C WSOUWDTMaD How HBO Works Viewers often write asking how programs are scheduled. Because we feel this information assures maximum enjoyment of Home Box Office, we try to give frequent explanations. Movies and specials premiere Friday, Saturday and Sunday Then, for your convenience, they are shown at different times on four to five days over the next four weeks. Continued opening runs When shows premiere later in the month, their opening run carries over into the early part of the following month. One to three showings Each month we encore sev- eral of the most popular programs from earlier months. These play one to three times during the month. Program Guide Only highlights appear on the front pages, so be sure to check through the entire guide. The schedule is divided into weekends and weekdays and includes page numbers to find out more about the programs. It’s anOscar-winning month We don’t know who’s going to win the Oscars this year, but we know who’s got them this month—HBO. First there’s Rocky, everybody’s favorite underdog and winner of three Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Bound for Glory received two Oscars; one for it’s superb cinematography and a second for Best Musical Score. The spectacular Man Who Skied Down Everest was voted Best Documentary, and All The President's Men took four Awards; Jason Robards getting Best Supporting Actor. Katharine Hepburn won 22 her third Best Actress Oscar for The Lion in Winter, one of three Awards the film Xi* Ui * » • £ 1 picked up. It’s a tough month to beat, but we’ve got more in March—beginning with a film that made recent Hollywood history, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. It left the stage with a shopping cart full of Oscars, five to be exact. Among them: Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Actress. Hollywood hadn’t seen such a coup since 1934 with It Happened One Night. No doubt about it. It’s an Oscar-winning month. HBO welcomos letters from subscribers. Please oddress oil moil to: HBO Custom* er Services, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. Jerem 'Amurderaday keeps the landlord away r JOE DON BAKER Checkered Hag or You Gotta Be TOUGH To Win ...And CRAZY To Try! Tbc surprise movie of the year! Starting Glynnis O’Connor and Robby Benson MARCH 1-5 WEDNESDAY 1 4:30 SLIPPER AND THE ROSE p. 14 7:00 THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN p. 19 9:00 SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY p. 19 11:00 THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN p. 19 THURSDAY 2 5:00 KING OF HEARTS p.20 7:00 JACKIE MASON p. I5 8:00 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN BOXING 9:30 GOING PLACES (Subtitled-1:57) p. 16 FRIDAY 3 5:00 ROCKY p. 14 7:00 JEREMY Premiere. First love (PG-1:30) 8:30 HBO VENTRILOQUISM SHOW p. 11 1000 ROCKY p.14 12:00 JEREMY (PG-1:30) SATURDAY 4 1:30 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS p. 10 3:30 YOUNG COMEDIANS 5:00 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS p. 10 7:00 CHECKERED FLAG OR CRASH Premiere. (PG-1:33) 9:00 HOMEBODIES Premiere. (PG-1:36) 10:45 CARRIE p. 18 12:30 YOUNG COMEDIANS SUNDAY 5 2:30 KING OF HEARTS p.20 4:30 SLIPPER AND THE ROSE p. 14 7.00 ANNIE HALL Premiere. (PG-1:34) 9.00 SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY p. 19 11:00 ANNIE HALL (PG-1:34) 23

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The HBO Guido is published moAlNy by Homo BokOSc*. Inc. NJ. Nicholas. Jr. Prowfohc; Sean McCarthy, Treasurer: Potef Sneppe. See* «ivy Address mail to HBO Ouido. . Hooio So* 0* co. Tiiro 5 lito 8.- !cS ->o. Rocftcfcllw CcrMf. Now York. N V 10020. @1976 Homo Box OKco. Inc. AB rights roscivwf. THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHTS SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY Glenda Jackson and Peter Finch arc in love—with the same man. Starts February 25 KING OF HEARTS Alan Bates and Genevieve Bujold in a World War I cuckoo’s nest. Starts February 25 Here's a new month of great entertainment. No cuts, no commercials and convenient viowing timos. Check through the guide to find out about the shows below plus the rest of this month's programs. THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN Peter Sellers back in the best “Panther" of all! Starts February 26 3 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED For 30 days their lives came together in love, fear and hope. Stars Faye Dunaway. Starts February I ECHOES OF A SUMMER Jodie Foster—hailed by Time and Newsweek as America’s hottest new star. Starts February 3 BOUND FOR GLORY David Carradine stars as Woody Guthrie—America’s most famous folk singer. Starts February 4 GOING PLACES On the road with a pair of French easy riders. The beautiful Jeanne Moreau co-stars. Starts February 18 2 ROCKY The Best Picture of the Year. A new kind of love story starring Sylvester Stallone. Starts February 19 CARRIE If you’ve got a taste for terror, tune in. Starring Sissy Spacek and John Travolta. Starts February 24 ALICES RESTAURANT Arlo Guthrie lakes us back on a wistful and hilarious trip to hippie-dom. Starts February 4 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED High suspense as Michael Caine and Donald Sutherland plot to kid' nap Churchill. Starts February 5 COLLEGE BASKETBALL See some of the hottest action in college ball as the top teams square off on February 2,8,15,22 JACKIE MASON ON LOCATION Mason brings his unique and wild humor to HBO. Starts February 17 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS Paul Newman stars in a special kind of Western. Starts February 10 THE SUPPER AND THE ROSE A lavish production of Cinderella. Richard Chamberlain is Prince Charming. Starts February 18 THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Oscar-winning odyssey of this true adventure. Starts February 11 UNDERCOVERS HERO Peter Sellers stars six times over in this bed-bouncing, quick-change comedy. Starts February 11 ADULT VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW It’s hilarious entertainment—the Vent Event! Starts February 12

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IF YOU’VE GOT ATASTE FOR TERROR-, TAKE CARRIE TO THE PROM. FRIDAY 24 SATURDAY 25 SUNDAY 26 4.-00 THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE Richard Chamberlain in story of Cinderella (G-2:08) p. 14 6:30 HBO VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW See a gathering of the world’s most famous vents, p. 11 8:00 CARRIE Premiere. Sissy Spacek stars in a brilliant, hair-raising horror story (R-1:38) p. 18 lOrfJO HUSTLE Burt Reynolds (R-2:00) p.21 12:00 GOING PLACES Funny, gentle, violent and outrageous (Dubbed* 1:57) p. 16 18 1:30 THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Oscar-winner (G* 1:26) p. 12 3:00 KING OF HEARTS (Dubbed-PG-I:42) p.20 5:00 ROCKY Talia Shire.(PG-2:00) p. 14 7:00 SUNDAY, BLOODY SUNDAY Premiere. Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson—both got Oscar nominations (R-1:50) p. 19 9:00 KING OF HEARTS Limited Engagement begins. Alan Bates in World War I farce (Dubbed-PG-1:42) p.20 11:00 ROCKY The winner! (PG-2:00) p. 14 2:00 THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE Cinderella story (G-2:08) p. 14 4:30 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Suspenseful WWII drama with Michael Caine (PG-2:03) p.6 7:00 THE PINK PANTHER STRIKES AGAIN Premiere. The world’s chief assassins are after Clouseau in the best “Panther” of all. Peter Sellers stars (PG-1:43) p. 19 9:00 UNDERCOVERS HERO Peter Sellers. Final HBO Showing (R-1:35) p. 11 11:00 BOUND FOR GLORY David Carradine (PG-2:27) p. 7 FEBRUARY 24-26 A terrible power lurks beneath the mousey exterior of a high school misfit (Sissy Spacek). And director Brian De Palma (Obsession) lets it J loose in a chilling finale of telekinetic revenge. John Travolta from (from TV’s Kotter and Saturday Night Fever) plays the class bully. Piper Laurie (returning to the screen after 15 years) is Carrie’s crazy evangelistic mother. “A screamer of a horror movie” (N. Y. Post). The ending is a doublewhammy you shouldn’t see alone. Nudity and strong violence. (R-1:38) Feb 24,27 Clouseau’s back in the funniest “Panther” yet! Peter Sellers is the daft and determined French flatfoot at war with the English language, inanimate objects and assorted crooks and snooks. This time it’s the maniacal former Inspector Dreyfus (Herbert Lom) who directs a dozen assassins to eliminate elutzy Clouseau. Laughs, gags and the inimitable Sellers! Adult humor. (PG-1:43) February 26 SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson are both hopelessly in love—with the same man. He’s a callow young artist (Murray Head) happily caught in two worlds... until a better one comes along. The extraordinary cast is inspired as well as award-winning. Adult theme and language. (R-1:50) February 25 19

HBO Guide February 1978 - Page section : 003

WEDNESDAY 1 THURSDAY 2 5:30 HBO MAGIC SHOW Dick Cavett hosts the world's greatest magicians. Standing Room Only, p.4 7:00 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED Faye Dunaway and Oscar Werner star in this shattering and true story (PG-2:38) p.S 10:00 PIPE DREAMS Gladys Knight stars as a jilted wife(PG-l:29)p.5 11:30 STAY HUNGRY Jeff Bridges, Sally Field and the Austrian Oak—Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-l :43) p. 13 4 500 FUTUREWORLD Peter Fonda, Blythe Danner and Yul Brynner in sci-fi adventure (PG-1:44) p.4 7sOO COLLEGE BASKETBALL Michigan at Michigan State p.S 9.00 BITTERSWEET LOVE Lana Turner stars in controversial drama of love and incest (PG-1:32) p.4 10t30 FUTUREWORLD Peter Fonda in a sci-fi playground peopled with robots and bad guys (PG-1:44) p.4 m wemmm Dick Cavett stars with Harry Blackstone, Jr., and the hilarious, but inept Ballan-tine, the world’s greatest “magishen.” Feb 1 All FEBRUARY 1-2 FUTUREWORLD Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner unearth big trouble while investigating the sci-fi pleasure park of Delos. Arthur Hill is plotting to repopulate—and control—the world with look-alike robots. Yul Brynner co-stars. Adult theme. (PG-1:44) Feb 2 I Lana Turner stars in a complex drama of love, lies and incest. Her daughter (Meredith Baxter Bimey) has fallen in love with the wrong man. Celeste Holm co-stars in this bittersweet romance. Adult theme. (PG-l:32)F*b2,5 VOYAGE OF THE In 1939 Adolph Hitler allowed 937 Jews to leave Germany and sail to “freedom.” This is the shattering story of their voyage. Oscar-winner Faye Dunaway, Lee Grant, James Mason, Orson Welles and Malcolm McDowell head an all-star cast. Rex Reed called it “the perfect movie ... touched with greatness.” Adult theme. (PG-2:38) Feb 1,7,12,18,20 COLLEGE BASKETBAU One of the most scintillating freshmen is Michigan State’s Earvin Johnson. His fine all-around play has revived the Spartans, who will play at home on February 2, against defending Big Ten champ Michigan and high-scoring Dave Baxter. mm ©imi Superstar Gladys Knight debuts as a jilted woman pursuing her wayward husband to the Alaska pipe line. Great soundtrack. Adult theme. (PG-1:29) Feb 1,7,10,20 5

HBO Guide February 1978 - Page section : 008

ROCKY Romance, comedy and Oscars galore with Sylvester Stallone as Rocky—a Philly slugger who’s all heart and awkward gallantry. His career is on the ropes when fate matches him up with the world champ. Talia Shire, Burgess Meredith and Burt Young co-star in this tough, tender and rousing film that will have you up and cheering. Great “Gonna Fly Now” soundtrack. Adult language. (PG-2:00) February 19,23,25,27 ^lipmr and tk rom The Story of Cinderella Richard Chamberlain is valiant and charming in his princely pursuit of Cinderella—beautifully played by newcomer Gemma Craven. Lavish production and super music from the Sherman Brothers (Mary Poppins) make this “a treat for the eye, the ear—and the young at heart” (New York Magazine). General audience. (G-2:08) February 18,24,26 14 JACKIC MASON 1 On Location v 1mm 1 kmHI ml Jackie Mason is the classic stand up comedian. He’s been a a lifeguard who couldn’t swim, a waiter who couldn’t serve, a social director and a rabbi! Naturally it all developed into his hilarious view of life. Don’t miss Mason’s unique and uncensored sermonizing On Location in Miami. February 17,22 FEBRUARY 17-19 FRIDAY 17 SATURDAY 18 SUNDAY 19 5:00 ECHOES OF A SUMMER Jodie Foster (PG-1:39) p.8 7:00 JACKIE MASON ON LOCATION Premiere. Catch the opening of this rabbi turned comic, p. 15 8:00 UNDERCOVERS HERO Peter Sellers in six roles—all hilarious (R-1:35) p. 11 10KX) THE EAGLE HAS LANDED A WWII shocker. Michael Caine plots a political kidnapping (PG-2:03) p.6 12:15 UNDERCOVERS HERO French prostitutes offer aid to WW II Allies. Vintage Peter Sellers fun (R-1:35) p. 11 2:30 THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE Cinderella story (<5-2:08) p. 14 500 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS Joel Grey (PG-2:00)p.l0 7:00 THE SLIPPER AND THE ROSE Premiere. Cinderella story. Richard Chamberlain is the charming prince (G-2:08) p. 14 9:30 GOING PLACES Premiere. An exceptional and shocking film—a French Easy Rider (Dubbed-1:57) p. 16 11:30 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED Ben Gazzara (PG-2:38) p.5 2:30 MUHAMMAD ALI— SKILL, BRAINS AND GUTS p. 13 4:00 THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Great adventure (G-1:26) p. 12 5:30 HBO VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW Jay Johnson of TV’s Soap p. 11 7:00 ROCKY Premiere. A knockout—the Best Picture of the year! Sylvester Stallone (PG-2:00) p. 14 9:00 STAY HUNGRY Sally Field (R-1:43) p. 13 11:00 ROCKY His life was a million-to-onc shot (PG-2:00) p. 14 5

HBO Guide February 1978 - Page section : 006

FRIDAY 10 SATURDAY 11 SUNDAY 12 FEBRUARY 10-12 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS Paul Newman is Buffalo Bill, an aging huckster selling legends and lore to gawking tourists at his Wild West Show. It’s a special kind of Western with a very special cast—Burt Lancaster, Shelly Duvall, Joel Grey, Geraldine Chaplin, Kevin McCarthy, Harvey Keitel, Pat McCormick and Will Sampson—plus director Robert Altman’s fast-cut style and beautiful autumn-tinted photography. Adult humor. (PG-2:00) Feb 10,13,18,21,23 5:30 PIPE DREAMS Gladys Knight is forsaken by her Alaska-bound husband (PG-1:29) p.5 7:00 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS Premiere. Paul Newman and Bun Lancaster head all-star cast in unusual Western from Robert Altman (PG-2:00) p. 10 9:00 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS High-octane action. Timothy Bottoms leaves 17 wrecked patrol cars behind (PG-1:36) p.21 11:00 STAY HUNGRY JefT Bridges (R-1:43) p. 13 10 1:30 JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Cartoon fun (G-1:30) p. 17 3:00 ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN Robert Redford (PG-2:15) p. 17 5:30 HBO MAGIC SHOW Final HBO showing, p.4 7:00 THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Premiere. Oscar-winning action (G-l:26) p. 12 8:30 UNDERCOVERS HERO Premiere. Peter Sellers plays six hilarious roles (R-1:35) p. 11 10:30 ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN Jason Robards (PG-2:15) p. 17 2:00 ECHOES OF A SUMMEF JodiC'Foster (PG-1:39) p.8 4:00 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED Faye Dunaway (PG-2:38) p.5 7:00 HBO VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW Premiere. SRO brings fun for adults with the world's most famous dummies! p. 11 8:30 ALICE’S RESTAURANT Arlo Guthrie (R-1:50) p.7 10:30 HBO VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW Steve Allen hosts great vents like Soap’s Jav Johnson, p. 11 12:00 ECHOES OF SUMMER Moving drama (PG-1:39) p.8 HBO PRESENTS THE GREOT1978 RDULT MEnmillJDQIIISm Mliflif 5H0UI Steve Allen hosts this bold and hilarious SRO special with the dean of the vents, Edgar Bergen, performing his celebrated act with the one and only Mortimer Snerd—Jay Johnson, the star of ABC’s smash hit Soap—the ribald Las Vegas Burlesque Vent Lou Dupont —plus performances by Shari Lewis, the fabulous Muppets and Jimmy Nelson. Add Bob Rosengarden’s music and you have a must see smash event—The Vent Event!! February 12,16, I PETER SELLERS , UNDERCOVERS HERO Peter Sellers stars six times over in a bed-bouncing, quick-change comedy that’s definitely for-adults-only. He pops up in a WWII French bordello playing six roles—all hilarious—from Hitler to a French General. Nudity, adult humor. (R-1:35) Feb 11,17,21,26 11

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THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Extraordinary true adventure—to ski the world’s highest mountain. Yuichiro Miura is center-stage in his own odyssey—a video-diary of the long, dangerous climb and the mind-boggling descent. A sporting achievement of incredible beauty. General audience. (G-1:26) Fob 11,14,16,19,22,25 COLLEGE BASKETBALL When St. John's faces Temple at the Palestra on February 15, the Redmen may rely heavily on veteran George Johnson and Wayne McKoy, a 6/ 8", 235-pound freshman. FEBRUARY 13-16 MONDAY 13 TUESDAY 14 500 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Exciting WWII drama with Robert Duvall (PG-2:03) p.6 7:00 BUFFALO BILL AND THE INDIANS Paul Newman and Joel Grey co-star (PG-2:00) p. 10 9.00 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Hitler decides to kidnap Winston Churchill. Michael Caine heads the mission (PG-2:03) p.6 11:15 STAY HUNGRY Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sally Field co-star (R-1:43) p. 13 5:30 THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Sit down with your Valentine for this beautiful real-life drama (G-1:26) p. 12 7:00 HUSTLE Burt Reynolds (R-2:00) p.21 9:00 GLADYS KNIGHT AND THE PIPS WITH RAY CHARLES Standing Room Only presents two of the best. p. 13 10:30 HUSTLE A tough cop and a classy call girl surrounded by Los Angeles corruption. (R-2:00) p. 21 WEDNESDAY 15 5:30 MUHAMMAD AU— SKILL, BRAINS AND GUTS See the champ in action, p. 13 7:00 NORM CROSBY ON LOCATION Norm vs. the English language. Final HDO showing, p. 13 800 COLLEGE BASKETBALL St. John's at Temple p. 12 10:00 BOUND FOR GLORY David Carradine stars as Woody Guthrie, famous for "This Land is Your Land." (PG-2:27) p.7 12 .SWY HUNGRY Rich kid Jeff Bridges slums his way to maturity. He learns truth among the barbells with bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger and joins up with Sally Field, a lower class and likable sexpot. Nudity. (R-1:43) Feb 1,5,10,13,19 THURSDAY 16 5.00 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS Bo Hopkins and Timothy Bottoms (PG-1:36) p.21 700 HBO VENTRILOQUISM AND COMEDY SHOW Catch Jim Tcter and his “pres- t idential" dummies, p. 11 8:30 THE MAN WHO SKIED DOWN EVEREST Oscar-winning account of this spectacular feat (G-1:26) p. 12 10:00 ALICE’S RESTAURANT Arlo Guthrie relates a life of crime as a litterbug (R-1:50) p.7 Gladys Knight and the Pips plus Ray Charles—what a night! SRO presents these hit-makers in a memorable performance produced exclusively for HBO. Fob 4,14,20 NORM CROSBY Don’t try to adjust the sound, it’s not your TV. It’s Norm Crosby, master of the English language—his own marvelous version! Tune in February 9,15 muhammad nil SKILL, BRAINS and GUTS! A tense drama as Ali skyrockets from social, political and boxing exile to the pinnacle of world acclaim. See the greatest—playing himself! February 15,19

HBO Guide February 1978 - Page section : 005

Jodie Foster... Hailed by Time and Newsweek as America's hottest new star. Jodie Foster (Taxi Driver) is stunning as a 12-year-old who faces death with a rare strength and understanding. She gives her fantasizing father (Richard Harris) and her blindly determined mother (Lois Nettleton) the will to accept their fate. Warm, moving and delicately humorous. Co-stars Geraldine Fitzgerald. Adult language. (PG-1:39) Feb 3/5,7,12,17 COLLEGE BASKETBALL All-America Ronnie Perry, versatile Chris Potter and dynamic Mike Vicens will try to carry Holy Cross to an upset at Notre Dame on February 8. But the Irish, too, are loaded with talent: Duck Williams, Mike Batton and freshman Kelly Tripucka. THE OFFENCE London detective Sean Connery tracks down a child molester and begins to understand his own twisted soul. Director Sidney Lumet (Network) builds this unusual film to a staggering and unforgettable climax. Powerful acting by Connery and co-star Ian Bannen. Violence, adult language. (R-1:54) February 3,9 MONDAY 6 4:30 BOUND FOR GLORY Life story of king of the Dust Bowl ballad—Woody Guthrie (PG-2:27) p.7 7:00 ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman star (PG-2:15) p. 17 9:30 HBO MAGIC SHOW SRO. Dick Cavett delivers jokes and magic, p.4 11:00 ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN Tense dramatization of yesterday’s headlines. Jason Robards co-stars (PG-2:15) p. 17 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS It’s THEM again! Joan Collins gets a large surprise wheh a colony of giant ants, big enough to ruin anybody’s picnic, starts munching on her clients. Radioactive sci-fi from H.G. Wells. Violence. (PG-1:31) Feb 8 FEBRUARY 6-9 Peter O’Toole is a king looking for an heir and Katharine Hepburn holds the trump card. They wage a royal battle of the sexes with romance, politics and Oscar-winning acting. Adult lat1-guage. (PG-2:14) Feb 3,9 A youngster’s body is invaded by the soul of another girl. Marsha Mason (The Goodbye Girl), John Beck and Anthony Hopkins co-star in this harrowing drama of reincarnation. Violence. (PG-1:53) February 3,7 WEDNESDAY 8 THURSDAY 9 TUESDAY 7 4:00 VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED Lee Grant won Golden Globe Award (PG-2:38) p.5 7:00 ECHOES OF A SUMMER A dying Jodie Foster gives her parents courage to face reality (PG*I:39) P.8 9:00 PIPE DREAMS Gladys Knight plus some beautiful on location photography in Alaska (PG-1:29) p.5 10:30 AUDREY ROSE A young girl's spirit invades another’s body (PG-1:53) p.9 5:30 EMPIRE OF THE ANTS Giant insects on the prowl! Joan Collins stars in science fiction fun (PG-1:31) p.9 7:00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Holy Cross at Notre Dame p.8 9:00 ALICE’S RESTAURANT Arlo Guthrie tells why he was arrested for littering one Thanksgiving (R-1:50) p.7 11:00 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION Singer, impressionist, comedian—he’s got it all! p.21 4:30 LION IN WINTER Winner of three Academy Awards (PG-2:14) p.6 7:00 THE EAGLE HAS LANDED Germans plot to kidnap Winston Churchill. Michael Caine and Donald Sutherland cO-star (PG-2:03) p.6 9:30 NORM CROSBY ON LOCATION Double talk, double fun. p. 13 10:30 THE OFFENCE Scan Connery tracks down a child molester. Final HBO showing (R-1:54) p.8 9

HBO Guide February 1978 - Page section : 011

FEBRUARY 27-28 MONDAY 27 TUESDAY 28 George Kirby On Location Kirby’s songs and impressions have the catching brand of humor and joy that gives the feeling he’s entertaining friends in his own living room. Invite him Ex-con Timothy Bottoms heads home to reclaim his girlfriend, Susan George. Redneck Sheriff Bo Hopkins has his hand in corruption, his eye on Ms. George and a bead on our Mr. Bottoms. High-octane action. Violence, adult language. PG-1:36) Feb 4,10,16,27 JcipjP.. A stinging farce set in an abandoned French village left to local lunatics during World War I. Visiting Alan Bates comes to understand the twisted wisdom and basic warmth of their cuckoo’s nest as a crazy war rages around them. Genevieve Bujold also stars in this beautifully photographed film. Adult theme. (Dubbed-PG-1:42) February 25,28 5:00 GEORGE KIRBY ON LOCATION Great hour of mimicry, p.21 6.00 A SMALL TOWN IN TEXAS High-octane action with Timothy Bottoms and Bo Hopkins (PG-1:36) p.21 800 CARRIE John Travolta (TV’s Kottcr) and Sissy Spacek (R-1:38) p. 18 1000 ROCKY Sylvester Stallone in Academy Award champ (PG-2:00) p. 14 4:30 BOUND FOR GLORY Woody Guthrie became a legend in his own time as America’s most famous folk singer (PG-2:27) p.7 700 KING OF HEARTS Alan Bates stars in this warm and kooky view of wartime (Dubbed-PG-1:42) p.20 900 HUSTLE Burt Reynolds stars. Final HBO showing (R-2:00) p.21 1100 ALICE’S RESTAURANT Funny and nostalgic trip into 60s with Arlo Guthrie. Final HBO showing (R-1:50) p.7 Catherine Deneuve is a classy call girl and Burt Reynolds is a tough cop searching for answers in a drug-suicide. He tracks his way to the sordid truth —and is caught in a web of cover-up. Strong performances by Eddie Albert, Eileen Brennan and Oscar-winner Ben Johnson. Nudity and adult theme. (R-2:00) February 14,24,28

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