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Pierre Blaise in Lacombe, Lucien M The Challenge Some of the most breath-taking Alpine scenery ever filmed highlights this incredible adventure of Matterhorn climbers. Producer Alexander Korda has created a classic about a man who risks his life to recover vital evidence to vindicate a rival climber accused of high altitude murder. Veteran climber Luis Trenker and Robert Douglas co-star. Hold on to your pitons. (B/W-1:27) February 23,27 The Private Life of Don Juan A retired middle-aged Don Juan has to make a heavy-breathing, balcony-climbing return to his former occupation when a youthful imposter attempts to entertain the bored housewives of Seville. It’s all swash and buckle and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. in this tongue-in-cheek, big budget homage to the world’s greatest lover. Merle Oberon co-stars in this witty film from Alexander Korda. (B/W-1:39) February 9,13,16 A scene from Don Juan Lacombe, Lucien Lucien is a thickheaded farm boy looking for work in 1944 Nazi-occupied France in this controversial Oscar nominee. Rejected by the Resistance, he almost nonchalantly joins the local Gestapo. But life gets complicated by his passion for a stunning Jewish girl. Judith Crist called this tough look at ordinary people collaborating with the Germans “a remarkable work.” (Sub-R-2:16) February 6,9,21 Scent of a Woman Though blinded by an accident, ex-Army captain Fausto hasn’t lost an ounce of macho. Vittorio Gassman plays a man who’s lost his eyes but gained a nose —he can smell a woman at 20 paces —who sets off on a rollicking but mysterious trip through Italy. The comedy turns serious when we learn why Fausto secretly totes a pistol and what fate awaits him in Naples. (Sub-R-1:43) February 16,20,23 1 The Black Bird George Segal is Sam Spade Jr. finishing the work his dad began in The Maltese Falcon. Stephane Audran helps him track the elusive black bird of happiness in a spoof of the mystery classic. (PG-1:38) February 2,7,12,15,25 Over the Moon A $90 million inheritance gives wide-eyed romantic George Segal in The Black Bird Merle Oberon the chance to finance her every dream. Penniless suitor Rex Harrison wants to save his love from her money and her fantasies. (1:23) February2 Robin and Marian Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery make a wonderfully romantic couple in this Sean Connery in Robin and Marian Marty Feldman in Sherlock Holmes conclusion to the legend of Robin Hood. Hepburn’s first film in 9 years landed on many 1976 Ten Best lists. (PG-1:45) February 5,8,18 Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother Sherlock Holmes is lured to the Continent and London is left at the mercy of his insanely jealous brother Gene Wilder. Poor London. (PG-1:31) February 9,12,24 Sky Riders The problem looks insurmountable when rich industrialist Robert Culp’s family is held by terrorists atop a mountain fortress. But James Coburn and his team of hang gliders have an aerial solution. (PG-1:37) February 3,8,13

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Sundays and Fridays are Spectacular Nights on HBO Every Sunday and Friday, HBO brings an Opening Night right into your living room. Twice a week, there's a new and different HBO PREMIERE... and you and your family and friends have front row center seats. You see MAJOR FILM PREMIERES like our heart-stopping cover film, The Hindenburg on Sunday the 6th. You see SPECIAL EVENT PREMIERES taped ex- Jr clusively for HBO viewers, like this month’s HBO SPECIAL, The Smothers Brothers Last Stand on Sunday the 13th. And you see ON LOCATION PREMIERES—HBO's exclusive monthly show- I case for America’s funniest funnymen. Get ready to laugh this month with Pat Cooper on Friday the 18th. And if you miss any of these HBO PREMIERES or want to catch your favorites "'j again? For your convenience, we repeat them on different days at different times, and even into the next month for shows that premiere late in the current month. Your convenience —that’s what we’re thinking about here at HBO. If you have questions or comments, please write to ON AIR, Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. 2 ©1977 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. REPRODUCTION WITHOUT PERMISSION IS PROHIBITED. X PREMIERE FILMS/Page6-13 BREAKHEARTPASS 1 1,14,17,19,22,27 CRAZY MAMA 1 1,15,17,22,28 EAGLES ATTACK AT DAWN 25,28 GABLE AND LOMBARD 20,24,28 THE HINDENBURG 6,10,1 2,1 4,20 INTERNECINE PROJECT 18,21,24,26 RHINOCEROS 4,7,10,15,20 THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA 27 SEVEN BLOWS OF THE DRAGON 25,26 SPECIALS/Pages 4 & 14 HBO SPECIAL: SMOTHERS BROTHERS HBO SPECIAL: BETTE MIDLER 4,19,28 ON LOCATION: PAT COOPER ON LOCATION: JOHN BYNER 1,6,1 1 ON LOCATION: HENNY YOUNGMAN 1,19 SPORTS/Page 15 AAUTRACK MEET 25 COLLEGE BASKETBALL 1 7 DOG SHOW 14 GYMNASTICS 5 NBA 1,10,23 NHL 5,1 6 FEATURES/Page 17 THE BLACK BIRD 2,7,1 2,1 5,25 OVER THE MOON 2 ROBIN AND MARIAN 5,8,1 8 SHERLOCK HOLMES' SMARTER BROTHER 9,12,24 SKY RIDERS 3,8,13 ENCORES /Page 18 ALOHA. BOBBY AND ROSE 6,9 BLAZING SADDLES 5,8 CRAZY WORLD OF JULIUS VROODER 26 DIRTY MONEY 21 THE HOMECOMING 3 THE MISSOURI BREAKS 4,23 THE NIGHT PORTER 3 THE THREE MUSKETEERS 1,13 THE YAKUZA 7,27 FOREIGN FILMS/Page 16 LACOMBE, LUCIEN 6,9,21 SCENT OF A WOMAN 1 6,20,23 CLASSIC FILMS/Page 16 THE CHALLENGE 23,27 PRIVATE LIFE OF DON JUAN 9,13,16 CHILDREN'S/Page 20 PAGANINI STRIKES AGAIN 12 WHAT KATYDID 7,18,26,27 Play dates are listed above after each program. Daily schedule begins on page 19. When unforeseen circumstances or a chance to show a program of greater interest causes a change, HBO provides notice as far ahead as possible.

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pat CCCPER ^4 On Location What makes life Italian style so much fun? Pat Cooper. Though he doesn’t look any more Italian than Jimmy Carter, this Borscht Belt comic breaks up audiences with stories of his heritage, home life and the high prices of everything from kids to canelloni. His energetic ad-libs are unpredictable. In a flash he’s a Puerto Rican dancer ... or his own 16-year-old daughter. It’s his rapid-14 fire, easy-going, and unmistakable showmanship that give us a laugh on ourselves. Don’t miss his Friday the 18th premiere on February’s edition of ON LOCATION—HBO’s popular showcase for today’s best comedy talent. Next month: Fang’s favorite, Phyllis Diller. Her electric laugh keeps ON LOCATION right on target with more top-notch entertainment. Feb 18,21,24,26 February Action The ice will be cold, but the shooters will be hot when the Montreal Canadiens face the Los Angeles Kings on February 5. Three of the NHL’s top five point-getters this season—Guy Lafleur and Steve Shutt of Montreal and Marcel Dionne of Los Angeles—will be firing away. Montreal, outscoring its opposition more than 2 to 1, has also received exceptional efforts from Goalie Ken Dryden and penalty killers Jimmy Roberts and Doug Jarvis. That the powerful Canadiens are not invincible was proved by none other than the Kings when the teams met on December 2. Montreal took a quick 2-0 lead, fell behind 3-2 and barely salvaged a tie when Shutt zapped in his 27th goal in 27 games with just 40 seconds left. For the Kings that was their 13th straight nonwinning game, but the tie apparently perked them up and they are now battling for second in the Norris Division behind the Canadiens. No college basketball team has been more of a surprise so far this season than Notre Dame, which will take on Manhattan on February 17 at Madison Square Garden. The Irish, who lost Adrian Dantley to the pros in the hardship draft and two other fine players because of low grades, were not expected to cause much of a stir. But in their first game Goalie Ken Dryden of the Canadiens they startled Maryland 80-79 as Don Williams popped in a jumper with 18 seconds to go in overtime. They then handed UCLA only its fourth home loss in 12 years 66-63 as freshman Rich Branning scored four points in the closing moments. They later toppled Indiana’s NCAA champs 78-65. Dozens of outstanding track and field performers will take part in the AAU championships on February 12 at Madison Square Garden. Also getting a chance to show their stuff will be 3,000 well-groomed canines entered in the 101st Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on the 14th. Herman Weiskopf

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Coming in March PHYLLIS DIIILILIEP On Location Her cackle would make Dracula nervous. Her hair looks like it was blown dry by a Hoover vacuum cleaner. It's Phyllis Diller and you can catch her next month ON LOCATION. February 22-28 11:00 EAGLES ATTACK AT DAWN TUESDAY/22 5:30 BREAKHEART PASS (PG-1:35) 7:30 CRAZY MAMA (PG-1:22) 9:00 BREAKHEARTPASS (PG-1:35) 11:00 CRAZY MAMA (PG-1:22) WEDNESDAY/23 5:30 THE MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) 8:00 NBA BASKETBALL Denver Nuggets vs. N.Y. Nets 10:30 THE CHALLENGE Classic Film (B/W-1:27) 12:00 SCENT OF A WOMAN (Subtitled-R-1:43) THURSDAY/24 5:30 THE INTERNECINE PROJECT (PG-1:29) 7:00 SHERLOCK HOLMES' SMARTER BROTHER (PG-1:31) 9:00 GABLE AND LOMBARD (R-2:11) 11:30 ON LOCATION Pat Cooper FRIDAY/25 5:30 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 6:00 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1:38) 8:00 AAU TRACK MEET Madison Square Garden Friday Night Movie (PG-1:36) 12:45 KUNG FU SPECIAL: SEVEN BLOWS OF DRAGON (R-1:24) SATURDAY/26 3:00 THE INTERNECINE PROJECT (PG-1:29) 4:30 WHAT KATY DID Parts 3 & 4 5:30 THE CRAZY WORLD OF JULIUS VROODER (PG-1:38) 7:30 INTERNECINE PROJECT (PG) 9:00 THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS 10:30 ON LOCATION: Pat Cooper 11:30 KUNG FU SPECIAL: SEVEN BLOWS OF DRAGON (R-1:24) SUNDAY/27 3:00 WHAT KATY DID Parts 3 & 4 Children's Theatre 4:00 THE CHALLENGE (B/W-1:27) 5:30 BREAKHEART PASS (PG-1:35) 7?30 NHL HOCKEY Montreal vs. N.Y. Rangers 10:00 THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA (R-1:45) 11:45 THE YAKUZA (R-1:52) MONDAY/28 5:30 CRAZY MAMA (PG-1:22) 7:00 EAGLES ATTACK AT DAWN (PG-1:36) 9:00 GABLE AND LOMBARD (R-2:1 1) 11:15 BETTE MIDLER March 1-4 TUESDAY/1 5:30 GALILEO (2:25) 8:00 THE FOUR MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 10:00 ON LOCATION Pat Cooper 11:00 NBA BASKETBALL Philadelphia 76ers vs. Portland WEDNESDAY/2 5:30 THE CHALLENGE (B/W 1:27) 7:00 NICKEL RIDE (PG-1:39) 9:00 THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS 10:30 LOST HONOR OF KATERINA BLUM (Subtitled-1:42) 12:15 THE CHALLENGE (B/W-1:27) THURSDAY/3 5:00 THE HINDENBURG (PG 2:05) 7:30 NHL HOCKEY Boston Bruins vs. N.Y. Rangers 10:00 THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA (R-1:45) 11:45 EAGLES ATTACK AT DAWN (PG-1:30) FRIDAY/4 5:30 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 6:30 INTERNECINE PROJECT (PG) 8:00 LUTHER American Film Theatre (1:52) 10:00 MUHAMMAD ALI FIGHT FILM 10:30 GOLDEN GLOVES

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February 844 mmmmm TUESDAY/8 5:30 SKY RIDERS (PG-1:37) 7:30 ROBIN AND MARIAN (PG-1:45) 9:30 BLAZING SADDLES (R 1:38) 11:30 ROBIN AND MARIAN (PG-1:45) WEDNESDAY/9 5:30 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF DON JUAN Classic Film (B/W-1:39) 7:15 SHERLOCK HOLMES' SMARTER BROTHER (PG-1:3 1) 9:00 LACOMBE. LUCIEN (Subtitled-R-2:16) 11:30 ALOHA. BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) THURSDAY/10 5:30 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 6:00 RHINOCEROS (1:44) 8:00 THE HINDENBURG (PG-2:05) 10:30 NBA BASKETBALL Denver Nuggets vs. Golden State FRIDAY/11 5:30 BREAKHEARTPASS (PG-1:35) 7:30 CRAZY MAMA Friday Night Movie (PG-1:22) 9:00 BREAKHEARTPASS Friday Night Movie (PG-1:35) 11:00 ON LOCATION: John Byner 12:00 CRAZY MAMA (PG-1:22) SATURDAY/12 3:00 PAGANINI STRIKES AGAIN 4:00 SHERLOCK HOLMES' SMARTER BROTHER (PG-1:31) -3:00 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1:38) 8:00 THE HINDENBURG (PG-2:05) 10:30 SHERLOCK HOLMES' SMARTER BROTHER (PG-1:31) 12:30 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1:38) SUNDAY/13 3:00 THE THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:4 7) 5:00 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF DON JUAN (B/W-1:39) 7:00 THE THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) 9:00 THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS HBO SPECIAL 10:30 SKY RIDERS (PG-1:37) MONDAY/14 5:30 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 6:00 BREAKHEART PASS (PG-1:35) 8:00 THE HINDENBURG (PG-2:05) 10:15 DOG SHOW Westchester Kennel Club (Tape) I Two London school boys witness a robbery while stranded in a stalled elevator. From their hidden perch they spy the thief—but only his feet are visible. The plot thickens when the two recognize the shoes on a schoolmate’s uncle. Well-acted scenes of schoolboy antics, an eccentric music teacher of the uniquely English variety, and an undercranked chase sequence make this British film one you, as well the youngsters, will enjoy. February 12 February 15 21 TUESD. Y/15 5:30 CRAZY MA 1A (PG-1 22) 7:00 RHINOCL ‘O: (1:44) 9:00 THE BLAC tl' 'O (PG-1:38) 11:00 CRAZY MAW. > G 1:22) WEDNESDA./ 16 5:30 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 6:00 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF DON JUAN (B/W-1:39) 8:00 NHL HOCKEY Chicago Black Hawks vs. Buffalo 10:30 THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS 12:00 SCENT OF A WOMAN Foreign Film (Subtitled-R-1:43) THURSDAY/17 5:30 BREAKHEARTPASS (PG-1:35) 7:30 CRAZY MAMA (PG-1:22) 9:00 COLLEGE BASKETBALL Manhattan vs. Notre Dame 11:00 BREAKHEARTPASS (PG-1:35) FRIDAY/18 5:30 WHAT KATY DID Parts 1 & 2 6:30 ROBIN AND MARIAN (PG-1:45) 8:30 THE INTERNECINE PROJECT Friday Night Movie (PG-1:29) 10:00 ON LOCATION: Pat Cooper 11:00 NBA BASKETBALL Atlanta Hawks vs. L.A. Lakers SATURDAY/19 3:00 BREAKHEARTPASS (PG-1:35) 5:00 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 6:00 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 7:00 BREAKHEART PASS (PG-1:35) 9:00 BETTE MIDLER 11:30 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 12:30 BETTE MIDLER SUNDAY/20 3:00 THE HINDENBURG (PG-2:05) 5:15 RHINOCEROS (1:44) 7:00 THE HINDENBURG (PG-2:05) 9:15 GABLE AND LOMBARD Sunday Night Movie (R-2:1 1) 11:30 SCENT OF A WOMAN (Subtitled-R-1:43) MONDAY/21 5:30 DIRTY MONEY (1:35) 7:30 INTERNECINE PROJECT (PG) 9:00 ON LOCATION: Pat Cooper 10:00 THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS 11:30 LACOMBE, LUCIEN (Subtitled-R-2:16) mmm It must have been terrible being a spirited young English girl in the 1800s! Like Pollyanna, Katy Carr gets into enough mischief to drive her stern aunt and widowed father crazy. Even when she is trying to be good, too many dos and don’ts make life nearly unbearable. (And besides, sometimes it’s fun to break the rules.) Klutzy Katy is portrayed by bouncy British actress Claire Walker, who’s not long out of gym slips herself. February 7,18.26,27

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fijtftifti Aloha, Bobby and Rose Gas pumper Bobby meets car wash cashier Rose and the two meet tragedy on the first date when a mock holdup is mistaken for the real thing. They’re in love, in trouble and on the lam. (PG-1:29) February 6,9 Blazing Saddles Cleavon Little has the choice of being hanged or becoming sheriff of Ridge Rock. He makes the wrong decision and takes the job as sheriff in Mel Brooks’ version of how the West was fun. Gene Wilder and Harvey Korman co-star. (R-1:38) February 5,8 The Crazy World of Julius Vroo-der Former Gl Timothy Bottoms, an emotional casualty of Vietnam, hibernates in his homemade cave under the L.A. Freeway. Nurse Barbara Seagull lends a sympathetic ear and some bedside manner. (PG-1:38) February 26 Mel Brooks and friend in Blazing Saddles Dirty Money Paris detective Alain Delon, out to nab Richard Crenna for a spectacular drug heist, falls for the charms of Catherine Deneuve. One catch: she’s Crenna’s steady companion, and Delon doesn’t know it. (1:35) February 21 The Homecoming The return of a British son with his American wife upsets the balance of his all-male family of female-hating misfits. But the men find women do have their uses, much to the son’s surprise. (1:56) February 3 The Missouri Breaks Free-lance lawman Marlon Brando is hired by a Montana rancher to corral horse thief Jack Nicholson. Brando, with his very gruesome sense of humor, proves to be as wild as any outlaw. (PG-2:03) February 4,23 The Night Porter Ex-concentra-tion camp guard Dirk Bogarde runs smack into former inmate Charlotte Rampling in Vienna and the two resume their perverse relationship. (R-1:57) February 3 The Three Musketeers Michael York plays a dashing D’Artagnan who wants to make the Three Mus- Raquel Welch and Michael York in 3 Musketeers February 1-7 TUESDAY/1 5:30 THE THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:4 7) 7:30 NBA BASKETBALL Golden State vs. N.Y. Knicks 10:00 ON LOCATION: John Byner 11:00 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 12:00 THE THREE MUSKETEERS (PG-1:47) WEDNESDAY/2 5:30 OVER THE MOON (1:23) 7:00 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1:38) 9:00 SNEAK PREVIEW MURMUR OF THE HEART Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:50) 11:00 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1:38) THURSDAY/3 5:30 THE HOMECOMING (1:56) 7:30 SKY RIDERS (PG-1:37) 9:30 THE NIGHT PORTER (R-1:57) 11:30 SKY RIDERS (PG-1:37) FRIDAY/4 5:30 RHINOCEROS (1:44) 7:15 THE MISSOURI BREAKS (PG-2:03) 9:30 RHINOCEROS American Film Theatre (1:44) 11:15 BETTE MIDLER SATURDAY/5 3:00 ROBIN AND MARIAN (PG-1:45) 5:00 GYMNASTICS Women's Competition 6:00 GYMNASTICS Men s Competition 7:00 ROBIN AND MARIAN (PG-1:45) 9:00 BLAZING SADDLES (R-1:38) 11:00 NHL HOCKEY Montreal vs. L.A. Kings SUNDAY/6 3:00 CHILDREN'S THEATRE 3:30 THE HINDENBURG (PG-2:05) 6:00 ALOHA, BOBBY & ROSE (PG-1:29) 7:30 THE HINDENBURG Sunday Night Movie (PG-2:05) 9:45 LACOMBE, LUCIEN Foreign Film (Subtitled-R-2:16) 12:15 ON LOCATION: John Byner MONDAY/7 5:30 WHAT KATYDID Parts 1 & 2 6:30 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1 38) 8:15 RHINOCEROS (1:44) 10:00 THE YAKUZA (R-1:52) 12:00 THE BLACK BIRD (PG-1:38) keteers a foursome in this classic story of intrigue and swordplay among the French upper crust. Everybody from scheming Charlton Heston to sensuous Faye Dunaway wants a piece of the pie. En garde! (PG-1:47) February 1,13 The Yakuza Ex-private eye Robert Mitchum is in Japan to rescue war buddy Brian Keith’s daughter from the Japanese mafia—the Yakuza. But Mitchum must first penetrate the inscrutable Eastern underworld. (R-1:52) February 7,27 Sleuth Robert Mitchum in The Yakuza

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