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HBO Guide December 1985 - Page section : 002

MOVIES American Dreamer (CC)_ Birdy(CC) Pg. Body Double (CC) The Bostonians _ The Bounty (CC) Breakin’ 2________i Cal________________ Carnal Knowledge_________ A Christmas Story (CC)___ Corsican Brothers________ Finnegan Begin Again (CC)______ Fortress (CC)____________ Foxes____________________ Goin’ All the Way _______ Gorky Park_______________ Hardcore_________________ Heartbreakers (CC)______ Heat and Dust___________ Irreconcilable Differences (CC)______ Johnny Dangerously (CC)______ Just/Way You Are (CC)___ Mass Appeal (CC)________ Meatballs Part II (CC)--- Night of the Comet (CC). Not for Publication____ Of Unknown Origin. 4 15 22 20 14 21 20 8 16 22 12 13 8 22 22 22 15 22 Places in the Heart (CC). Protocol (CC) The Razor’s Edge (CC). The River (CC) _________ Saturday Night Fever____ The Seduction __________ A Soldier’s Story (CC)_____ Sudden Impact (CC)_________ Supergirl (CC)_____________ Pg. 8 _____22 _____ 8 _____21 “10"_____________ Touched _________ Whirlpool________ Windy City (CC) SPECIALS America Undercover: Down and Out------Pg. Emmet Otter _______ 1st & Ten _________ HBO Premiere Films: On Location________ The Hitchhiker _______ 17 7 .22 .11 Not Necessarily News_____20 Not Necessarily the Year in Review __________20 Remember When _____________22 Rich Little/Christmas______16 Rich Little/42 Stars_______ 8 Video Jukebox _____________22 We Are the World __________12 SPORTS High School USA (CC)________ Kidco______________________ Midnight Madness (CC)_______ Mom, The Wolfman & Me_______ Oliver!____________________ Oliver’s Story_____________ The Secret of NIMH__________ Skokie ____________________ Strange Brew Tommy________ Wavelength Where the Boys Are. Wholly Moses! ________ Wuthering Heights 5 Inside the NFL. Pg. 14 Sports Illustrated 10 Sportsman of the Year_ 15 19 World Championship 16 Boxing Curry vs. 22 McCrory (LIVE) ___________ 6 ■1® DAYTIME ON HBO 22 22 Bite the Bullet 12 B’way Danny Rose (CC)___________________________ 9 5 Hans Christian Andersen 9 22 . HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change .10 or program substitution without notice. Service, oo reception and billing inquiries can be handled only - by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. Home 22 Box Office, HBO, On Location and HBO Premiere ' 1 n Films are trademarks and service marks of Home - I Box Office, Inc. An HBO Exclusive is defined as 22 entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service. A Soldier's Story 22 and Starman may be seen in certain STV systems. FAMILY SHOWCASE The Bells of Fraggle Rock (CC)___________Pg. 17 Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree (CC)______19 The Best Christmas Pageant Ever_____________19 For Better or For Worse____19 Fraggle Rock (CC)__________18 Free to Be...You & Me______19 Life on Earth _____________19 The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (CC)________19 The Nutcracker/on Ice______16 Pg. 9 The Prince & the Pauper_______19 The Trolls and the Christmas Express__________17 HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York 10036. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New Ybrk, New York 10036. Joseph J. Collins, President; Glenn Britt, Senior V.P., Finance; Carolyn K. McCandless. Secretary. ©1985 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved I SINGLE PLAYS* Blackout (CC) _____________12/28 j Carlin on Campus_________12/31 The Deep __________________12/1 j Detroit Comedy Jam________________12/31 , Forbidden (CC)____________________12/26 George Burns_______________12/31 | Harry Belafonte___________________12/29 The Karate Kid (CC)_ 12/25 I Kenny and Dolly___________________12/30 The Muppets (CC)____________________12/30 I The Natural (CC)_________12/27 1 Park Is Mine (CC)_________________12/27 f PharLap(CC)________________________12/3 i Philly Experiment (CC) 12/5 i Reunion at Fairborough (CC)________________12/29 Rodney Dangerfield_ 12/28 Steven Wright_______________________12/31 The Terminator (CC)_________________12/28 ! Tina Turner ______________________12/27 Whoopi Goldberg_____________________12/31 | Willie Nelson_____________________12/26 i Woman in Red (CC)_________________12/31 k *ln some cases, single plays are described in last month's guide. I (CC) indicates programs that are I closed-captioned. [ Cover Photos: (Soldier's) Mega (Boxing) F.O.S. Schedule Abbreviations: I Motion Picture Association of I America (MPAA) ratings explanation: G: Suitable for general audiences. | PG: Parental guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. [ PG-13: Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance for attendance of children under 13. Some material may be inappropriate for young children. R: Restricted. (In theatrical show- ings, no one under 17 is admitted unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.) Happy Holid from HBO! Please note: Words of caution included before the ratings

HBO Guide December 1985 - Page section : 003

SUNDAY, DEC. 1 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Dark and 6:00 am MIDNIGHT MADNESS Stormy Night” p.18 (CC) (PG) p.9 (CC) 6:00 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 8:00 MEATBALLS PART II (PG) p.22 Version 2 (PG) p.22 (CC) 8:00 PROTOCOL (PG)p.5(CC) 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “A Dark and 10:00 MEATBALLS PART II Stormy Night" p.18 (CC) (PG) p.22 (CC) 10:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS ( 30) 11:30 THE DEEP (PG-2:00) 10:30 PROTOCOL (PG)p.5(CC) 1:35 am HEAT AND DUST 12:30 pm BITE THE BULLET (PG) p.9 (R) p.22 3:00 THE DEEP (PG-2:00) 3:50 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 5:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS ( 30) p.22 Version 1 MONDAY, DEC. 2 6:00 CHEECH& CHONG (PG)p.22 6:00 am THE LION, THE WITCH AND 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gunge, the THE WARDROBE p.19(CC) Great and Glorious" 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 22 p.18(CC) 8:00 THE RAZOR’S EDGE 8:00 THE RIVER (PG-13)p.22(CC) (PG-13)p.10(CC) 10:30 BROADWAY DANNY ROSE 10:15 SUPERGIRL (PG) p.22 (CC) (PG) p.9 (CC) 12:05 am THE RAZOR’S EDGE 12:00 FORTRESS p.13(CC) (PG-13) p.22(CC) 1:30 pm RICH LITTLE p.8 2:20 NOT FOR PUBLICATION 2:30 SUPERGIRL (PG) p.22 (CC) (R) p.22 4:30 THE LION, THE WITCH AND 3:50 RICH UTTLE p.8 THE WARDROBE p.19(CC) 4:50 WHIRLPOOL p.8 TUESDAY, DEC. 3 5:00 EMMET OTTER'S JUG BAND 7:00 am EMMET OTTER’S JUGBAND CHRISTMAS p. 17 CHRISTMAS p. 17 6:00 TOMMY (PG) p.9 8:00 PHAR LAP (PG-1:47) (CC) 8:00 IRRECONCILABLE 10:00 IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES (PG)p.5(CC) DIFFERENCES (PG)p.5(CC) 10:00 1ST & TEN “Wine Time” p.7 12:00 PLACES IN THE HEART 10:30 HBO COMING (PG) p.12(CC) ATTRACTIONS (30) 2:00 pm HBO COMING 11:00 PLACES IN THE HEART ATTRACTIONS (:30) (PG) p.12(CC) 2:30 MOM. THE W0LFMAN, ME p.9 12:55 am FOXES (R) p.8 4:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' 2:45 SONGWRITER (R-1 34) (CC) CHRISTMAS TREE p.19(CC) 4:25 GORKY PARK (R) p.22 WEDNESDAY, DEC. 4 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK p.l8(CC) 6:40 am LIFE ON EARTH p 19 5:30 BITE THE BULLET (PG) p.9 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Gunge, the 8:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: Great and Glorious” DOWN AND OUT p.6 p.18(CC) 9:00 THE SEDUCTION (R)p 22 8:00 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 11:00 BODY DOUBLE (R) p.22 (CC) (PG) p.22 Version 2 1:00 am SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 10:00 WHERE THE BOYS ARE p.9 p.22 Version 1 12:00 HANS CHRISTIAN 3:05 SUDDEN IMPACT ANDERSEN p.9 (R) p.22 (CC) 2:00 pm SKOKIE p.9 5:10 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: 4:00 LIFE ON EARTH p 19 DOWN AND OUT p.6 AMERICAN DREAMER Tom Conti JoBeth Williams Ho-hum housewifery got you down? How about a romantic escapade in Paris, complete with international intrigue and the attentions of Tom Conti? A lively piece of fun co-starring JoBeth Williams. (AL, MV) PG-1:45. Dec. 13,17, 22,25,28 (CC) 4 Ryan O’Neal • Shelley Long • Drew Barrymore In a delightful domestic romp, young Drew Barrymore wants a divorce—from her own parents! She gets her day in court as wrangling couple Ryan O'Neal and Shelley Long recall the whirlwind courtship and marriage that led to their family feud. (AS) PG-1:53. Dec. 3,8,11,16,21,26 (CC) PROTOCOL Goldie Hawn A cocktail waitress sets Washington's diplomatic corps on its ear in this breezy comedy. Mistakenly sent to the Mideast as an envoy for the State Department, the irrepressible Goldie promptly lands in a harem and triggers a revolution! (AL, V) PG-1:35. December 1,5,9,14, 20,24 (CC)

HBO Guide December 1985 - Page section : 004

HBO SPORTS EXCLUSIVE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOXIN DONALD CURRY VS. MILTON McCRORY DECEMBER 6 m n Tonight, two undefeated champions clash for the unified welterweight title. Not since Sugar Ray Leonard has one man worn both welterweight crowns. And not since Sugar Ray have we seen a boxer the likes of Donald Curry, a superb technician in the ring. But the hard-hitting McCrory is no slouch. Packing a lethal left jab and a powerful right, he won his first 16 fights by KOs. Scheduled for 15 rounds, this fight should be a beauty. December 6 What’s it like to become suddenly down and out in our land of plenty? This powerful documentary travels across America interviewing farmers facing foreclosure, unemployed factory workers, divorced mothers and people in urban areas who have unexpectedly become homeless. Lee Grant directed and narrates this revealing look at what’s happened to the American Dream. Dec. 4,8,12,17 D©wmi amd Omit In Amieiriea 6 1st & Ten Wine Time: Two players land in the clink thanks to a con man. (AS, AL, N) :30. Dec. 3,7,9,13 Rona’s Fling: Hanky-panky on and off the field could foul up the division playoffs. (AS, AL, N) :30. Dec. 17,21,23,27 Not Quite Mr. Right: Is Diane too much in love to concentrate on football? (AS, AL, N) .30. Dec. 31 THURSDAY, DEC. 5 4:30 FOR BETTER OR WORSE p 19 6:30 am FREE TO BE... p 19 5:00 THE PHILADELPHIA 7:30 THE TROLLS AND THE EXPERIMENT (PG-1 41) (CC) CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p 17 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 14 8:00 SECRET OF NIMH (G)p.9 8:00 PROTOCOL (PG)p.5(CC) 9:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS ( 30) 10:00 THE RAZOR'S EDGE 10:00 PROTOCOL (PG)p.5(CC) (PG-13) p.22 (CC) 12:00 THE RAZOR'S EDGE 12:15 am RICH LITTLE p.8 (PG-13)p.22(CC) 1:20 INSIDE THE NFL p. 14 2:30 pm CHEECH & CHONG (PG) p.22 2:20 CAL(R) p. 20 4:00 THE TROLLS AND THE 4:10 NOT/PUBLICATION (R)p 22 CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p. 17 5:40 COMING ATTRACTIONS ( 30) FRIDAY, DEC. 6 4:30 THE NUTCRACKER p. 16 6:30 am THE NUTCRACKER: 6:00 INSIDE THE NFLp.14 A FANTASY ON ICE p 16 7:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 8:00 MOM, THE WOLFMAN. ME p.9 BOXING Curry vs. McCrory 10:00 SUPERGIRL (PG) p.22 (CC) (LIVE) p.6 12:00 WHOLLY MOSES! (PG)p 9 8:30 NIGHT OF THE COMET 2:00 pm BROADWAY DANNY ROSE (PG-13)p.15(CC) (PG) p.9 (CC) 10:30 HITCHHIKER “WGOD"(:30) 3:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ 11:00 HARDCORE (R) p.22 CHRISTMAS TREE p 19 (CC) 12:55 am GORKY PARK (R)p 22 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gunge, the 3:10 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.22 Great and Glorious" 3:40 WHIRLPOOL p.8 p.18(CC) 5:30 HITCHHIKER “WG0D"(:30) SATURDAY, DEC. 7 7:00 EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND 6:00 am HIGH SCHOOL USA p.9 (CC) CHRISTMAS p. 17 8:00 TOMMY (PG) p.9 8:00 A CHRISTMAS STORY 10:00 INSIDE THE NFLp14 (PG)p.16(CC) 11:00 REMEMBER WHEN: 9:30 1ST & TEN “Wine Time” p.7 ON THE AIR p.22 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 12:00 A CHRISTMAS STORY December Edition p.20 (PG)p.16(CC) 10:30 SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER 1:30 pm SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER p.22 Version 1 (PG) p.22 Version 2 12:35 am GOIN’ALLTHE WAY 3:30 HIGH SCHOOL USA p.9 (CC) (R)p,22 5:30 MEATBALLS PART II 2:05 HEAT AND DUST (R) p.22 (PG) p.22 (CC) 4:20 CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (R) p.8 SUNDAY, DEC. 8 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gunge, the 6:05 am HANS CHRISTIAN AND. p.9 Great" p.18(CC) 8:00 IRRECONCILABLE 5:45 THE RAZOR'S EDGE DIFFERENCES (PG) p.5(CC) (PG-13)p.22(CC) 10:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Gunge, the 8:00 IRRECONCILABLE Great” p.18(CC) DIFFERENCES (PG)p.5(CC) . 10:30 TROLLS/XMAS EXPRESS p.17 10:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER p 6 11:00 CHEECH & CHONG (PG) p.22 11:00 SUDDEN IMP. (R) p.22 (CC) 12:30 pm WUTHERING HEIGHTS p.9 1:00 am BODY DOUBLE (R) p.22 (CC) 2:30 HBO PREMIERE FILMS p 22 3:00 THE RAZOR'S EDGE 3:00 HANS CHRISTIAN (PG-13)p.22(CC) ANDERSEN p.9 5:15 CHEECH & CHONG (PG) p.22 7

HBO Guide December 1985 - Page section : 005

MONDAY, DEC. 9 5:00 LIFE ON EARTH: THE 7:00 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: HUNTERS & THE HUNTED p.19 THE BEST CHRISTMAS 6:00 WAVELENGTH (PG)p 9 PAGEANT EVERp 19 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red-Handed 8:00 OLIVER! HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 1:30 am 1ST & TEN “Wine Time” p 7 THE BEST CHRISTMAS 2:00 THE SEDUCTION (R)p 22 PAGEANT EVERp 19 3:50 SONGWRITER (R-1 34) (CC) TUESDAY, DEC. 10 5:30 THE PRINCE AND 7:00 am FREE TO BE... p. 19 THE PAUPER (PG) p.19 8:00 BITE THE BULLET (PG)p 9 7:30 FOR BETTER OR WORSE p 19 10:30 RICH LITTLE’S "A CHRISTMAS CAROL" p. 16 8:00 HEARTBREAKERS (R)p.15(CC) 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS December Edition p.20 10:00 THE HITCHHIKER “Man's Best Friend” p. 11 12:00 B’WAY DANNY (PG) p.9 (CC) 10:30 FORTRESS p 13 (CC) 1:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p 22 12:05 am NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 2:00 FORTRESS p. 13 (CC) December Edition p.20 3:30 HBO PREMIERE FILMS p.22 12:35 “10" (R) p.8 4:00 THE LION. THE WITCH AND 2:40 CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (R) p.8 THE WARDROBE p.19(CC) 4:25 TOUCHED (R) p.22 WEDNESDAY, DEC. 11 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red-Handed 6:00 am THE NUTCRACKER: and the Invisible Thief A FANTASY ON ICE p. 16 p.18(CC) 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red-Handed 4:30 THE NUTCRACKER p. 16 and the Invisible Thief’ 6:00 MOM, THE WOLFMAN, ME p.9 p 18(CC) 8:00 WE ARE THE WORLD p.12 8:00 TOMMY (PG) p.9 9:00 IRRECONCILABLE 10:00 IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES (PG) p.5(CC) DIFFERENCES (PG) p.5 (CC) 11:00 BIRDY (R) p 15 (CC) 12:00 MEATBALLS PART II 1:05 am FOXES (R) p.8 (PG) p.22 (CC) 2:55 HEAT AND DUST(R) p 22 1:30 pm THE RAZOR'S EDGE (PG-13) p.22(CC) 5:10 MEATBALLS PART II (PG)p.22(CC) THURSDAY, DEC. 12 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 14 7:00 am EMMET OTTER S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS p 17 8:00 OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN (R) p.22 8:00 HIGH SCHOOL USA p.9 (CC) 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 10:00 WHOLLY MOSESI (PG)p9 December Edition p.20 12:00 WUTHERING HEIGHTS p.9 10:00 HARDCORE (R) p.22 2:00 pm MIDNIGHT MADNESS (PG) p.9 (CC) 11:55 AMERICA UNDERCOVER: DOWN AND OUT p.6 4:00 REMEMBER WHEN: 1:00 am INSIDE THE NFL p 14 ON THE AIR p.22 2:00 BODY DOUBLE (R) p.22 (CC) 5:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET 4:00 LOVELINES (R-1:34) (CC) (PG-13) p.15(CC) 5:40 NOT NEC. NEWS Dec. p.20 con^i) LATE\ CNIGHT Whirlpool Strange case of a missing blind girl, with French super-star Alain Delon as a private eye. Plenty of thrills. (AS.AL, V,N,R) 1:46. December 2,6,15,25 “10” Sexy fun as Dudley Moore pursues Bo Derek. (AL,N) R-1:58. December 10,19,25 Carnal Knowledge Daring drama of adult relationships. With Jack Nicholson. (AL,N)R-'\ :38. December 7,10,15,30 Foxes Jodie Foster in a sexy, poignant movie about teenage life in the fast lane. (AL, V) R-1:45. December 3,11,21 Rich Little & a Night of 42 Stars On Location. In his eighth HBO special, the world's leading impressionist performs his new nightclub comedy act. December 2,5 8 mmm m mm Lunchtime: Great Kids (December 23-27) Mom, The Wolfman and Me A savvy Kid plays matchmaker for her liberated single mother. 1:36. Dec. 23 and also 3,6,11,27 Oliver! This glorious musical recreates the magic of Dickens' Oliver Twist. G-2:29. Dec. 24 and also 9,13,15,30 Kidco A youngster tries his hand at the world of big business. Clever comedy. PG-1:44. Dec. 25 and also 16,21,29 Irreconcilable Differences Domestic romp. See p.5. A Christmas Story Warm comedy. See p. 16. T.G.LE (FESTIVAL.) High School U.S.A. ---------- With-it teenagers take on square preppies and the older generation. Michael J. Fox stars. 1:36. Dec. 7, 12,15,20,25 (CC) Wholly Moses! Dudley Moore stars in a zany send-up of Hollywood biblical epics. PG-1:43. December 6,12,18,21,30 Where the Boys Are The original 1960 smash about fun in the sun. 1:39. December 4,9,13,22,30 Strange Brew SCTV’s lunatic McKenzie Brothers try to outsmart a villainous brewmaster. PG-1:27. December 27 DANNY KAYE: THEN AND NOW Hans Christian Andersen The 1952 extravaganza. 1:52. Also: December 8,16,20,28 Skokie Kaye plays a concentration camp survivor in the town where American Nazis plan to march. 2:00. CANDICE BERGEN DOUBLE FEATURE Bite the Bullet A rugged horse race. PG-2:11. Also: Dec. 1,4,10,13 Oliver's Story The touching sequel to Love Story. Ryan O'Neal co-stars. PG-1:30. Also: December 23,29,31 Wuthering Heights A romantic classic. B/W; 1:44. Dec. 8,12,17,23 Broadway Danny Rose Woody Allen fun. B/W; PG-1:24. Dec. 2,6,10,18,24 (CC) Midnight Madness Undergrad games. PG-1:52. Dec. 1,12,17,27 (CC) The Secret of NIMH Heroic fable. G-1:22. Dec. 5,9,15,18,24 Tommy A '60s classic! The Who’s rock opera with an all-star cast. PG-1:51. December 3,7,11,23 Wavelength Aliens in a military lab. PG-1:27. Dec. 9,14,18,23,29 9

HBO Guide December 1985 - Page section : 006

Michael Keaton Joe Plscopo Marllu Henner We want youse guys should watch dis movie about some of the boys back in the ’30s. Johnny D. (Michael Keaton), and his real dish (Marilu Henner), his crumb-bum enemy (Joe Piscopo), and a funny-boy D.A. (Danny DeVito). (AL, AH) PG-13; 1:30. Dec. 14,17,20,23,26,29 (CC) Battling financial woes and a treacherously high river, Mel Gibson and Sissy Spacek pit their country grit against seemingly overwhelming odds. Scott Glenn (The Right Stuff) co-stars as a local businessman, hungry for both Gibson’s land and his wife. This stirring drama of a young farm couple fighting for their land and their way of life was directed by Mark Rydell (On Golden Pond). Nominated for four Oscars, including Spacek as Best Actress. (AS, AL, V) PG-13; 2:04. Dec. 2,15,19,25,28 (CC) Th Hitchhiker When he appears, strange things happen. Man’s Best Friend: Kicked out by his wife, Richard Sheppard takes in a stray dog that becomes more than just a pet. Michael O'Keefe stars. (AS, AL, N) :30. Dec. 10,14,20 i El MIQHT MOVIE JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY NIQHT MOVIE THE RIVER FRIDAY, DEC. 13 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.14 6:30 am FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE 6:00 WHERE THE BOYS ARE p.9 The Beslest Present p. 19 8:00 AMERICAN DREAMER 7:00 LIFE ON EARTH p. 19 (PG) p 4 (CC) 8:00 THE BOUNTY (PG)p 14 (CC) 10:00 BITE THE BULLET 10:30 CHEECH& CHONG (PG)p.22 (PG) p.9 12:00 AMERICAN DREAMER 12:15 am 1ST & TEN “Wine Time” p.7 (PG) p.4 (CC) 12:45 CHEECH& CHONG (PG)p 22 2:00 pm OLIVER! (G) p.9 2:20 G0IN’ ALL THE WAY 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red-Handed (R)p.22 and the Invisible Thief” 3:50 CAL(R)p 20 p.18(CC) 5:40 1ST & TEN “Wine Time” p.7 SATURDAY, DEC. 14 8:00 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY 6:30 am THE PRINCE AND (PG-13) p.10(CC) THE PAUPER (PG) p. 19 9:30 THE HITCHHIKER 8:30 FORTRESS p. 13 (CC) “Man’s Best Friend" p.11 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 14 10:00 PROTOCOL 11:00 THE RAZOR'S EDGE (PG) p.5 (CC) (PG-13) p.22(CC) 11:40 FORTRESS 1:30 pm PROTOCOL (PG) p.5 (CC) p.13(CC) 3:30 THE PRINCE AND 1:15 am BIRDY (R) p 15(CC) THE PAUPER (PG) p 19 3:20 THE EVIL THAT MEN DO 5:30 WAVELENGTH (PG)p 9 (R-1:30) (CC) 7:00 RICH LITTLE’S 4:55 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p. 16 (PG-13) p.10(CC) SUNDAY, DEC. 15 5:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red-Handed 6:30 am SECRET OF NIMH (G) p.9 and the Invisible Thief 8:00 THE NUTCRACKER p. 16 p.18(CC) 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Red-Handed 5:30 HIGH SCHOOL USA p.9 (CC) and the Invisible Thief” 7:30 A CHRISTMAS STORY p.18(CC) (PG) p.16(CC) 10:00 A CHRISTMAS STORY 9:00 THE RIVER (PG) p.16(CC) (PG-13)p.10(CC) 11:30 THE RIVER 11:15 HEARTBREAKERS (PG-13)p.10(CC) (R)p.15(CC) 2:00 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 1:00 am WINDY CITY (R) p 21 (CC) December Edition p.20 2:50 WHIRLPOOL p.8 2:30 OLIVER! (G) p.9 4:40 CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (R) p 8 MONDAY, DEC. 16 4:30 EMMET OTTER p.17 6:30 am THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ 5:30 HANS CHRISTIAN CHRISTMAS TREE p.19(CC) ANDERSENp9 7:00 EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober and CHRISTMAS p17 the Glob” p 18(CC) 8:00 KIDCO (PG) p.9 8:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET 10:00 NIGHT OF THE COMET (PG-13) p.15(CC) (PG-13)p.15(CC) 10:00 BIRDY (R) p.15(CC) 12:00 THE BOUNTY (PG) p. 14 (CC) 12:05 am IRRECONCILABLE 2:30 pm IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES (PG) p.5 (CC) DIFFERENCES 2:05 HEAT AND DUST(R)p.22 (PG) p.5 (CC) 4:20 LOVELINES (R-1 34) (CC) 11

HBO Guide December 1985 - Page section : 007

The Karate Kid A stand-up-and-cheer action smash. Irresistibly warm and human. (AL, V) PG*2:07. (CC) We Are the World: , The Story Behind 4 the Song The only complete close-! up look at the historic recording session. :53. Also: Dec. 11,19,22,31 Finnegan Begin Again Robert Preston, Mary Tyler Moore star in "a touching, amusing movie" (Newsday). (AS,AL) 1:55. Also: Dec. 17,20,22 (CC) Places in the Heart Sally Field in her mov ing Oscar-winning role (AS.AL, V) PG-1:51. Also: Dec. 3 (CC) Willie Nelson's Texas \ Party Come wail with Willie, Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter and B.B. King at HBO’s biggest party ever! :59. Forbidden Jacqueline Bisset stars in "one of the most emotionally involving films ever to debut on HBO" [Los Angeles magazine). (AS.MV) 1:55. (CC) The Natural Robert Redford and Glenn Close star in a baseball drama filled with magic. (AS.AL, V) PG-2:18. (CC) Tina Turner: Private Dancer Tina's never been hotter than in this exclusive HBO concert! Guest appearance by David Bowie. :54. The Paxli Is Nine An emotionally shattered Vietnam veteran takes New York's Central Park hostage. Tommy Lee Jones stars. (AS.AL, V.BN) 1:46. (CC) w -J Rodney Dangerfield Hosts the 9th Annual Young Comedians Special Rodney D. finally gets some respect as he presents a laugh lineup of new talent. (AL.AH) :56. Blackout Richard Widmark, Keith Car-radine in "a first-rate thriller, one destined to keep you on the edge of your seat" (N. Y. Daily News). (AS.AL, V) 1:38. (CC) DECEMBER The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a killer from the future. (AL,GV,N) R-1:47. (CC) A Soldier's Story Also: December 31 Harry Belafonte: Don't Stop the Carnival Concert by one of the great musical performers j of our time. :57. Reunion at Fairborough Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr star as lovers reunited after 20 years.(AS) 1:52. (CC) The Muppets Take Manhattan Kermit, Miss Piggy and pals head for Broadway with a new musical. G-1:34. (CC) MOVIE EXCLUSIVE A Soldier's Story Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Together Two superstars perform hits "We’ve Got Tonight" and "Islands in the Stream.” :57. Fortress Rachel Ward is a terrorized teacher in this tense drama. (AS,AL,V,BN) 1:29. Also: Dec. 2,10,14 (CC) Who murdered Sergeant Waters? Officers at a World War II Army base in Louisiana think they have the answer. One man is not so sure. Howard E. Rollins, Jr., stars as the polished black military attorney sent from Washington to investigate. He uncovers a hotbed of hatred in surprising quarters as the mystery unravels. Nominated for three Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Adolph Caesar). Directed by Norman Jewison. (AL, V) PG-1:43. December 29,31 (CC) 12 13

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TUESDAY, DEC. 17 6:00 am CHRISTMAS PAGEANT p.19 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN p.22 8:00 WUTHERING HEIGHTS p.9 10:00 HBO PREMIERE FILMS p.22 10:30 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY (PG-13)p.10(CC) 12:00 MIDNIGHT MADNESS (PG) p.9 (CC) 2:00 pm AMERICAN DREAMER (PG) p.4 (CC) 4:00 LIFE ON EARTH p.19 WEDNESDAY, DEC. 18 6:30 am TROLLS/XMAS EXPRESS p. 17 7:00 FOR BETTER OR WORSE p.19 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober and the Glob" p.18(CC) 8:00 B'WAY DANNY (PG) p.9 (CC) 9:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS December Edition p.20 10:00 BREAKIN' 2 (PG) p.21 12:00 WAVELENGTH (PG) p.9 1:30 pm WHOLLY MOSESt (PG) p.9 3:30 THE LION. THE WITCH AND THE WARDROBE p.19 (CC) THURSDAY, DEC. 19 6:00 am THE NUTCRACKER: A FANTASY ON ICE p. 16 7:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' CHRISTMAS TREE p.19(CC) 8:00 MEATBALLS PART II (PG) p.22 (CC) 9:30 THE RIVER (PG-13) p.10(CC) 12:00 BITE THE BULLET (PG) p.9 2:30 pm OLIVER'S STORY (PG) p.9 4:00 WE ARE THE WORLD Story Behind the Song p. 12 FRIDAY, DEC. 20 6:00 am FREE TO BE...p19 7:00 CHRISTMAS PAGEANT p.19 8:00 FINNEGAN BEGIN p. 12 (CC) 10:00 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY (PG-13) p.10(CC) 11:30 NOT NEC. NEWS Dec. p.20 12:00 PROTOCOL (PG)p.5(CC) 2:00 pm HANS CHRISTIAN AND. p.9 4:00 TROLLS/XMAS EXPRESS p. 17 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober and the Glob" p. 18 (CC) 5:00 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED PRESENTS THE SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR (LIVE) p. 15 6:00 FINNEGAN BEGIN p. 12 (CC) 8:00 AMERICA UNDERCOVER p.6 9:00 1ST & TEN p.7 9:30 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY (PG-13) p.10(CC) 11:00 AM. DREAMER (PG) p.4 (CC) 12:50 am UNKNOWN ORIGIN (R) p.22 2:25 CAL(R)p.20 4:15 FINNEGAN BEGIN p. 12 (CC) 5:00 FOR BETTER OR WORSE p. 19 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Boober and the Glob" p. 18 (CC) 6:00 SECRET OF NIMH (G)p 9 7:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS December Edition p.20 8:00 BREAKIN’ 2 (PG)p.21 10:00 GOIN’ ALL THE WAY (R) p.22 11:30 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED SPORTSMAN OF YEAR p. 15 12:35 am TOUCHED (R)p 22 2:10 HARDCORE (R) p.22 4:05 SONGWRITER (R-1:34)(CC) 5:00 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS CHRISTMAS TREE p. 19 (CC) 5:30 A CHRISTMAS STORY (PG) p.16(CC) 7:00 INSIDE THE NFLp.14 8:00 THE RIVER (PG-13) p.10(CC) 10:15 THE BOUNTY (PG) p. 14 (CC) 12:30 am “10” (R) p.8 2:35 INSIDE THE NFL p 14 3:35 HEARTBREAKERS (R)p.15(CC) 5:20 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.22 5:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 14 6:00 HIGH SCHOOL USA p 9 (CC) 8:00 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY (PG-13)p.10(CC) 9:30 NOT NEC. NEWS Dec. p.20 10:00 WINDY CITY (R) p 21 (CC) 11:50 THE HITCHHIKER “Man’s Best Friend” p.11 12:20 am UNKNOWN ORIGIN (R) p.22 1:55 THE SEDUCTION (R) p.22 3:45 TOUCHED (R) p.22 5:20 THE HITCHHIKER p. 11 This month each game becomes critical. Division titles and wild card spots are on the line. The whole season boils down to making the playoffs. Exclusive film highlights. Dec. 5,6,7; 12,13,14; 19,20,21; 26,27,28 MEL GIBSON DOUBLE FEATURE DECEMBER 19 Th© River See page 10. The Bounty One of the most famous of all sea legends comes to life again in this new version of the classic adventure. (AS.AL, V,N) PG-2:11. Also: December 13,16,28,31 (CC) 14 UkHo*^' QBlBiMM]® presents THE SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR Tonight Sports Illustrated announces its choice of k Sportsman of the Year. Merlin Olsen hosts this live i k tribute. Former winners Tom Seaver, Edwin A m Moses, Sugar Ray Leonard and others will be M kA on hand. Also: December 18,21 LIVE! DEC. 17 SPORTS SPECIAL Night of the Comet This spoof of doomsday thrillers stars Catherine Mary Stewart. Campy fun. (AL, V) PG-13; 1:35. December 6,12,16,21,29 (CC) Heartbreakers Peter Coyote and Nick Mancuso play two grow-ing-up grown-ups in this critically acclaimed drama. (AL,N) R-1:38. Dec. 10,15,19,23,27 (CC) BIRDY Matthew Modine and Nicolas Cage in drama of friendship and a Vietnam vet’s road back to reality. (AL, V, N) R-2:00. Dec. © 1985 Time Inc All rights reserved Sports Illustrated is

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Jack Lemmon A respected priest and a firebrand seminarian find they have a lot to learn from each other in this offbeat comedy drama. And both men have personal secrets that could ruin their careers. Jack Lemmon and newcomer Zeljko Ivanek star in this screen adaptation of the Broadway hit. With Charles Durning. (AS, AL) PG-1:39. December 22, 26,28,31 (CC) Rich Little’s “A Christmas Carol A CHRISTMAS STORY Darren McGavin There’s a multitude of "Riches" in this offbeat version of Dickens’ tale. A one-man showcase. 50. Dec. 10,14,23,26,29 The Nutcracker: A Fantasy on Ice Championship figure skaters transform the classic "Nutcracker” ballet into a skating spectacle. (1:22) Dec. 6,11,15,19,24,27 All Ralphie Parker wants for Christmas is a genuine Red Ryder air rifle. But Ralphie's quirky father is too busy to listen to his son. Darren McGavin stars as Mr. Parker and Peter Billingsley ("Real People") plays Ralphie in this warm, insightful comedy drama about growing up. PG-1:33. Dec. 7,15,19,21,24,27 (CC) 16 MUPPET Characters •'; Henson Assoc a**s Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas Jim Henson created a new cast of Muppet characters for this award-winning Christmas tale of love, generosity and loyalty. :49. Dec. 3,7,12,16,22,25 The Trolls and the Christmas Express Six roguish trolls upset Santa’s annual rounds. Delightful animation. :25. December 5,8,18,20,24,26 The Bells of Fraggle Rock The Fraggles celebrate their own special winter holiday, the Festival of the Bells. :25. Dec. 23,25,27,29 (CC) SATURDAY, DEC. 21 6:30 A CHRISTMAS STORY 6:00 am WHOLLY MOSES! (PG)p 9 (PG)p.16(CC) 8:00 KIOCO (PG) p 9 8:00 JUST/ARE (PG) p. 19 (CC) 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.14 10:00 NOT NEC. REVIEW p.20 11:00 JUST/ARE (PG) p.19 (CC) 10:30 1ST & TEN p 7 1:00 pm NIGHT OF THE COMET 11:00 IRRECONCILABLE (PG 13) p.15(CC) DIFFERENCES (PG) p.5 (CC) 3:00 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 1:00 am NIGHT OF THE COMET SPORTSMAN OF YEAR p. 15 (PG-13) p.15(CC) 4:00 IRRECONCILABLE 2:40 FOXES (R)p.8 DIFFERENCES (PG) p.5 (CC) 4:30 1ST & TEN p.7 6:00 HBO PREMIERE FILMS p.22 5:00 CAL(R)p 20 SUNDAY, DEC. 22 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober and 7:00 am THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ the Glob” p.18(CC) CHRISTMAS TREE p. 19 (CC) 6:00 WE ARE THE WORLD Story 7:30 WHERE THE BOYS ARE p.9 Behind the Songp.12 9:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Boober and 7:00 AMERICAN DREAMER the Glob” p. 18 (CC) (PG) p.4 (CC) 10:00 EMMET OTTER p. 17 9:00 MASS APPEAL 11:00 MASS APPEAL (PG) p.16(CC) (PG)p.16(CC) 11:00 FINNEGAN BEGIN p.12(CC) 1:00 pm BREAKIN 2 (PG) p 21 1:00 am BIRDY(R)p.15(CC) 3:00 FINNEGAN BEGIN p.12(CC) 3:05 SONGWRITER (R-1:34)(CC) 5:00 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS’ 4:45 REMEMBER WHEN: CHRISTMAS TREE p.19(CC) ON THE AIR p.22 MONDAY, DEC. 23 7:30 THE BELLS OF 6:00 am PRINCE & PAUPER (PG)p.19 FRAGGLE ROCK p.17(CC) 8:00 WAVELENGTH (PG) p.9 8:00 THE BOSTONIANS p 20 9:30 TOMMY (PG) p.9 10:00 OLIVER'S STORY (PG) p.9 11:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 11:35 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY IN REVIEW p 20 (PG-13) p.10(CC) 12:00 MOM, THE WOLFMAN, ME p.9 1:10 am 1ST & TEN p.7 2:00 pm JOHNNY D. (PG-13) p.10 (CC) 1:40 HEARTBREAKERS 3:30 HBO PREMIERE FILMS p.22 (R)p.15(CC) 4:00 RICH LITTLE’S 3:25 THE EVIL THAT MEN DO “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p. 16 (R-1:30)(CC) 5:00 FOR BETTER OR WORSE p. 19 5:00 RICH UTTLE'S 5:30 WUTHERING HEIGHTS p .9 "A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p.16 TUESDAY, DEC. 24 5:30 PROTOCOL (PG) p.5 (CC) 6:00 am SECRET OF NIMH (G) p.9 7:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 22 7:30 THE TROLLS AND THE 8:00 A CHRISTMAS STORY CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p. 17 (PG)p.16(CC) 8:00 A CHRISTMAS STORY 9:30 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE (PG)p.16(CC) (PG) p.19(CC) 9:30 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE 11:30 HBO CHRISTMAS (PG)p.19(CC) PRESENT (CC) 11:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.22 1:20 am WINDY CITY (R)p.21 (CC) 12:00 OLIVER! (G) p.9 3:10 PROTOCOL (PG) p.5 (CC) 2:30 pm B’WAY DANNY (PG) p.9 (CC) 4:50 GOIN' ALL THE WAY 4:00 THE NUTCRACKER p. 16 (R) p.22 17

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^CHRISTMAS^W* 4:30 EMMET OTTER p. 17 ^ 6:20 am HIGH SCHOOL USA p.9 (CC) 5:30 BELLS OF FRAGGLE fr 8:00 THE BOSTONIANS p.20 ROCKp 17(CC) 10:00 THE BELLS OF 6:00 AMERICAN DREAMER FRAGGLE ROCK p. 17 (CC) (PG) p.4 (CC) 10:30 THE BEST CHRISTMAS 8:00 KARATE KIO(PG) p.12(CC) PAGEANT EVER p.19 10:15 WE ARE THE WORLD p. 12 11:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' 11:30 FINNEGAN BEGIN AGAIN CHRISTMAS TREE p.19(CC) p.12(CC) 12:00 KIOCO (PG)p 9 1:30 am “10" (R) p.8 2:00 pm THE RIVER 3:35 WHIRLPOOL p8 . (PG-13) p.10j(CC) 5:25 REMEMBER WHEN p.22 THURSDAY, DEC. 26 3:30 THE PRINCE AND 6:30 am THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE PAUPER (PG)p.19 THE WARDROBE p 19 (CC) 5:30 JOHNNY DANGEROUSLY 8:00 BREAKIN’ 2 ELECTRIC (PG-13) p.10(€C) BOOGALOO (PG) p 21 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.14 10:00 MASS APPEAL 8:00 PLACES IN THE HEART (PG)p.16(CC) (PG)p.12(CC) 12:00 IRRECONCILABLE 10:00 WILLIE NELSON'S DIFFERENCES (PG)p.5(CC) TEXAS PARTY p.12 2:00 pm RICH LITTLE’S 11:00 FORBIDDEN p.12(CC) "A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p. 16 1:00 am INSIDE THE NFLp.14 3:00 THE TROLLS AND THE 2:00 BIRDY (R) p.15(CC) CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p.17 4:05 TOUCHED (R) p.22 FRIDAY, DEC. 27 4:30 THE BELLS OF 6.00 am VIDEO JUKEBOX p. 22 FRAGGLE ROCK p.17(CC) 6:30 THE NUTCRACKER p.16 5:00 INSIDE THE NFLp.14 8:00 MIDNIGHT MADNESS 6:00 STRANGE BREW (PG) p.9 (PG)p.9 (CC) 7:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 10:00 MOM, THE WOLFMAN, ME p.9 IN REVIEW p.20 12:00 A CHRISTMAS STORY 8:00 THE NATURAL (PG) p. 12 (CC) (PG) p.16(CC) 10:30 TINA TURNER p.12 1:30 pm HBO PREMIERE FILMS: 11:30 1ST & TEN p.7 ON LOCATION p.22 12:00 PARK IS MINE p. 12 (CC) 2:00 JUST THE WAY YOU ARE 1:45 am HBO PREMIERE FILMS p.22 (PG)p.19(CC) 2:15 HEARTBREAKERS p 15 (CC) 4:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.22 4:00 HBO XMAS PRESENT (CC) SATURDAY, DEC. 28 8:00 TERMINATOR 6:00 am THE BOSTONIANS p.20 (R) p 12(CC) 8:00 HANS CHRISTIAN 10:00 RODNEY DANGERFIELD ANDERSEN p.9 HOSTS 9TH ANNUAL 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 14 YOUNG COMEDIANS 11:00 THE BOUNTY (PG) p. 14 (CC) SPECIAL p.12 1:30 pm AMERICAN DREAMER 11:00 BLACKOUT p. 12 (CC) (PG) p.4 (CC) 12:45 am HARDCORE (R) p.22 3:30 THE RIVER 2:40 OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN (PG-13) p.10(CC) (R) p.22 6:00 MASS APPEAL 4:15 WINDY CITY (PG) p.16(CC) (R) P 21 (CC) Gunge, the Great and Glorious: Gunge becomes king of the Doozers. Dec. 2,4,6,8(CC) Red-Handed and the Invisible Thief: Red wakes up to find that her favorite radish bars are gone. Dec. 9,11,13,15{CC) Boober and the Glob: Spotting the Glob spells danger. Dec. 16,18,20,22{CC) Grapes of Generosity: Gobo discovers magical grapes. Dec. 30{CC) 18 FRAGGLE ROCK and Character Names are trademarks of Henson Associates. Inc FRAGGLE Characters S' 1963 Henson Associates inc All rights reserved The Berenstain Bears » Christmas Tree Papa Bear decides to cut his own Christmas tree, but runs into trouble. :24. Dec. 3,6,16,19,22,25 (CC) Life on Earth: The Hunters and the Hunted Episode eleven. Explores the strategies of animals who must kill to survive. :50. December 4,9,13,17,29 The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe The adventures of two youngsters in a magic kingdom. Only on HBO! 1:27. Dec. 2,10,18,26,31 (CC) f The Best Christmas Pageant Ever HBO Family Playhouse. Loretta Swit stars in a joyous holiday special. :50. December 9,17,20,25,30 For Better or For Worse: “The Bestest Present** The first animated special based on the popular comic strip—and only on HBO! A heartwarming story about a lost toy and found friendship. :24. Dec. 5, 10,13,18,23,31 The Prince and the Pauper A star-studded version of Mark Twain’s classic adventure tale. (MV) PG-1:53. Dec. 10,14,23,26,29 Can a young woman with a disability she's had since childhood find the love she longs for? Kristy McNichol, in her first grown-up role, plays a spunky but insecure musician in this romantic comedy. (AS,N) PG-1:35. Dec. 21,24,27,30 (CC) Free to Be...You and Me Just the Way Vbu Are This charming family show tells children who they can be, not who they should be. Mario Thomas hosts. :44. December 5,10,20

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