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Amityville: The Demon Cross Creek SPORTS Champions on Ice____Pg. 15 Inside the NFI----------15 Sports Illustrated presents the Sportsman of the Year__ 15 Happy Holidays from HBO! TheNutcmcker on Ice MOVIES All the Right Moves Pg. 20 Amityville: The Demon (CC) 20 The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez 22 Best Friends 5 The Caine Mutiny 6 Circle of Iron 22 Cross Creek 9 Daffy Duck’s Movie: Fantastic Island 16 Defiance 22 The Glitter Dome (CC) _ 16 Coin' Coconuts 22 r fining Berserk 22 Independence Day. 22 The King of Comedy 22 Kiss Me Goodbye 5 The Man Who Loved Women (CC) .12 Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life .22 A Night in Heaven 9 Nightmares 16 Raggedy Man 22 Rilkwood (CC) 13 10 to Midnight 22 Threshold 22 To Be or Not To Be 5 The Twelve Chairs 16 Two of a Kind . 6 ! The Winked Lady 22 7apped! 16 SPECIALS | Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas__________Pg. 19 I First and Ten __________ 6 | HBO Coming Attractions _____________20 The Hitchhiker___________ 9 The Investigators _______16 Johnny Cash’s America_____21 Not Necessarily the News_________________16 Not Necessarily the Year in Review_______16 Olivia Newton-John_______21 Red Skelton Presents Freddy the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner_________19 Rich Little’s “A Christmas Carol”______19 1 Simon & Garfunkel The Concert in Central Park ____________21 \ Video Jukebox ____________20 | Willie Nelson's New Year’s Eve Party LIVE ______________21 FAMILY SHOWCASE Braingames ■ Pg. 10 I* The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t____________19 The Color » of Friendship ____________10 Fraggle Rock _______________20 HBO Family Playhouse: Minors __________________10 Lewis Carroll’s Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_______________10 National Geographic Special: Gold!___________10 The Nutcracker A Fantasy on Ice 5 The Trolls and the Christmas Express 19 Where the Lilies Bloom 10 SINGLE PLAYS* Annie Dec. 1 Between Friends _ Dec. 12 The Big Chill (CC)_ Dec. 30 Bill Cosby “Himself” Dec. 20 Billy Crystal A Comic’s Line Dec. 31 Blue Skies Again _ Dec. 17 Blue Thunder (CC)_ Dec. 14 Breathless Dec. 29 Carlin at Carnegie_ Dec. 31 Class Dec. 18 Draw! (CC) Dec. 5 Easy Money Dec. 13 First Blood Dec. 22 The Guardian (CC)_ Dec. 19 Heart Like aWheel Dec. 3 High Road To China (CC) Dec. 1 The Joe Piscopo Special Dec. 31 Lone Wolf McOuade Dec. 7 Melanie Dec. 10 Mr. Mom Dec. 27 My Tutor Dec. 11 National Lampoon’s Vacation Dec. 6 Never Say Never Again (CC) Dec. 28 Octopussy Dec. 21 Orca Dec. 2 Raiders of the Lost Ark (CC) Dec. 25 The Right Stuff (CC) Dec. 2 Robert Klein Child of the 50s Man of the 80s_______Dec. 31 Savannah Smiles__________Dec. 24 Shipwreck! ^ Dec. 8 Six Weeks________________Dec. 2 Sophie’s Choice__________Dec. 1 Spring Break_____________Dec. 4 Star 80 (CC) ____________Dec. 3 Superman III (CC)________Dec. 29 Talking Sex... With Your Kids_______Dec. 4 Tender Mercies___________Dec. 23 Valley Girl _____________Dec. 25 WarGames (CC)____________Dec. 22 *ln most cases, single plays are described in last month's guide. Cover Photo: (Two of a Kind) Westenberger/Uaison (CC) Indicates programs that are closed-captioned. HBO reserves the right lo make a schedule change or program substitution without notice Service, reception and billing Inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate Home Box Office, Standing Room Only. On Location, j HBO. SRO and HBOnly are trademarks and service^! marks of Home Box Office. Inc. An HBOnly is delirjed as entertainment now showing on HBO and no other national pay cable TV service HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to. HBO Subscriber Information Services, <100 Avenue of the Americas. New York, New York 10036,, The HBO Guide Is published monthly by Home Box Oflice: Inc,, 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New York, New York 10036 Michael Fuchs, President; Curtis G. Vlebranz. Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless. Secretary. © 1984 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved. HBO has something special for you in December. A different movie treat each day of the week. See inside.

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SUNDAY, DEC. 9 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 5:00 am THE NUTCRACKER “Doozer Is as A Fantasy on Ice p 5 Doozer Does" p.20 6:30 G0IN’COCONUTS (PG) p.22 7:00 TO BE OR NOT TO BE 8:30 TO BE OR NOT TO BE (PG) p.5 (PG) p.5 9:00 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 10:30 FRAGGLE ROCK ’Doozer Is as Ooozer Does” p.20 9:30 OLIVIA NEWT0N-J0HN IN CONCERT p.21 11:00 THRESHOLD (PG) p.22 11:00 THRESHOLD (PG)p.22 1:00 pm KING OF COMEDY (PG)p.22 12:40 am DEFIANCE (PG) p.22 3:00 DEFIANCE (PG) p.22 2:30 THE KING OF COMEDY 5:00 THE NUTCRACKER (PG) p.22 A Fantasy on Ice p.5 4:25 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 MONDAY, DEC. 10 4:30 JOHNNY CASH p.21 5:00 am LEWIS CARROLL S ALICE’S 6:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p 10 ADVENTURES IN 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK WONDERLAND (G) p. 10 “Boober's Quiet Day” p.20 7:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p. 10 7:00 MELANIE (PG-1:47) 7:30 THE TWELVE CHAIRS 9:00 A NIGHT IN HEAVEN (R)p.9 (G) p. 16 10:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 9:00 JOHNNY CASH p.21 11:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 10:30 MELANIE (PG-147) 12:45 am GOING BERSERK (R) p.22 12:30 pm KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 2:15 ALL THE RIGHT MOVES 2:30 LEWIS CARROLL'S AUCE'S (R) p.20 ADVENTURES IN 3:50 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 WONDERLAND (G) p. 10 4:25 BRAINGAMES 2 p 10 TUESDAY, DEC. 11 3:00 THE NUTCRACKER 6:00 am THE TROLLS AND THE A Fantasy on ice p.5 CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p.19 4:30 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 6:30 EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS p.19 6:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: MINORS p.10 7:30 THE NUTCRACKER 7:00 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 A Fantasy on Ice p.5 9:00 THE HITCHHIKER 9:00 TWO OF A KIND "Face to Face” p.9 (PG) p.6 9:30 FIRST AND TEN p.6 10:30 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 10:00 MY TUTOR (R-1:37) 12:30 pm RAGGEDY MAN (PG) p.22 11:45 TWO OF A KINO (PG) p.6 2:30 THE TROLLS AND THE 1:20 am CIRCLE OF IRON (R) p.22 CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p.19 3:00 CHAMPIONS (PG-1 55) WEDNESDAY, DEC. 12 5:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 5:00 am CHRISTMAS/WASN'T (G) p. 19 5:30 RED SKELTON PRESENTS 6:30 d FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober’s Quiet Day" p 20 FREDDY THE FREELOADER'S CHRISTMAS DINNER p.19 7:00 BETWEEN FRIENDS (1:40) 6:30 DAFFY DUCK’S MOVIE: 9:00 DAFFY DUCK (G) p.16 FANTASTIC ISLAND (G) p. 16 10:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 8:00 BETWEEN FRIENDS (1:40) 11:00 DEFIANCE (PG)p.22 10:00 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 | 1:00 pm GOIN' COCONUTS (PG)p.22 10:30 SILKW00D (R) p. 13 (CC) 3:00 FRAGGLE ROCK 12:45 am ZAPPED! (R) p.16 “Boober's Quiet Day” p 20 2:30 BEYOND THE LIMIT j 3:30 THE CHRISTMAS THAT (R-1.-43) 8 ALMOST WASN’T (G)p 19 4:20 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 TUESDAYS DEC. Spring Break Red-blooded buddies take off for romantic escapades in Florida. Adult language, humor; nudity. (R-1:41) DEC. 44 My Tutor A sexy romp through the facts of life. Adult language, humor; nudity; strong sexual content. (R-1:37) “/F Class Jacqueline Bisset plays a classy lady looking for a good time. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:38) Valley Giri Punk rock romance, totally to the max. Fer shure! Nicholas Cage stars. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:39) HBO =0=D Mailbox Watch between shows for hosts Mason Adams and Carol Bradley, who answer questions about HBO. Cross Creek Mary Steenburgen Rip Tom An ambitious young writer trades the hectic life of 1920s New York for a quieter existence in rural Florida. She draws on her experiences there, producing an American classic, The Yearling. Mary Steenburgen (Oscar winner for Melvin and Howard) stars as author Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. With Rip Torn in an Oscar-nominated performance as a farmer. Adult situations, language; mild violence. (PG-2:00) Dec. 16,20,24,29 The Hitchhiker A Night in Heaven Christopher Atkins Lesley Ann Warren A married but frustrated teacher stops by a disco named Heaven—and stops in her tracks on finding her young student gyrating onstage as a male stripper. Lesley Ann Warren is the woman who risks all for a jolt of raw passion. Adult language, mild violence, nudity. (R-1:25) Dec. 2,6,10,14 9 When he appears, strange things happen. All-New Episodes! Robert Vaughn Face to Face The Hitchhiker is your mysterious guide through this tale of lust and fate. Robert Vaughn, as a selfish plastic surgeon, is obsessed by beauty—and it could cost him an ugly price. Adult situations, violence, nudity. (:30) Dec. 11,15,21 A spurned lover’s revenge becomes a horrifying nightmare. With Susan Blakely and David Dukes. Adult situations, violence, nudity. (:30) Dec. 1,7

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SATURDAY, DEC. 1 5:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 5:30 am RED SKELTON p. 19 6:00 RED SKELTON’S FREDDY 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Wembley THE FREELOADER p 19 and the Great Race" p.20 7:00 TO BE OR NOT TO BE 7:00 TO BE OR NOT TO BE (PG) p.5 (PG) p.5 9:00 NOT THE NEWS-Dec. p 16 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 9:30 THE HITCHHIKER: 10:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 "Remembering Melody” p.9 10:30 KING OF COMEDY (PG)p 22 10:00 HIGH ROAD TO CHINA 12:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS (PG-1:45)(CC) December Edition p. 16 11:55 NIGHTMARES (R) p. 16 1:00 ANNIE (PG-2:07) 1:40 am SOPHIE’S CHOICE (R 2:31) 3:30 THRESHOLD (PG)p 22 4:15 NOT THE NEWS-Dec. p.16 SUNDAY, DEC. 2 4:00 EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND 5:00 am THE COLOR CHRISTMAS p 19 OF FRIENDSHIP p10 5:00 DAFFY DUCK’S MOVIE: 6:00 0RCA(PG-1:32) FANTASTIC ISLAND (G)p.16 7:30 SIX WEEKS (PG-1:47) 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 9:30 EMMET OTTER'S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS p. 19 "Wembley and the Great Race” p.20 10:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:00 SILKWOOD (R) p.13(CC) "Wembley and the 9:15 FIRST AND TEN p.6 Great Race” p.20 10:00 A NIGHT IN HEAVEN (R) p.9 11:00 THE RIGHT STUFF 11:30 INDEPENDENCE DAY (R) p 22 (PG-3:16)(CC) 1:35 am 0RCA(PG-1:32) 2:30 pm 0RCA(PG-1:32) 3:10 SILKWOOD (R) p. 13 (CC) MONDAY, DEC. 3 4:00 THE TROLLS AND THE 5:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p 19 MINORS p. 10 4:30 GOIN’COCONUTS (PG) p.22 6:30 RAGGEDY MAN (PG)p.22 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Doozer 8:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 Is as Doozer Does" p.20 9:00 G0IN’ COCONUTS (PG)p.22 7:00 HEART UKE A WHEEL 11:00 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN (PG-1:53) IN CONCERT p 21 9:00 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN p.21 12:30 pm THE BALLAO OF GREGORIO 10:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 CORTEZ (PG)p.22 11:00 ZAPPEDI (R) p.22 2:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 12:45 am STAR 80 (R-1:43) (CC) 3:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 2:35 MONTY PYTHON (R) p.22 MINORS p. 10 4:30 TROLLS/XMAS EXPRESS p.19 TUESDAY, DEC. 4 4:30 WHERE THE LILIES BLOOM 5:00 am WHERE THE LILIES BLOOM (G) p. 10 (G)p.10 6:30 BRAINGAMES2p.10 7:00 NOT THE NEWS-Dec. p. 16 7:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG)p 5 7:30 DAFFY DUCK (G) p. 16 9:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 9:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 December Edition p . 16 11:00 RED SKELTON S FREDDY 9:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 20 THE FREELOADER p.19 10:00 SPRING BREAK (R-1 41) 12:00 TALKING SEX... 11:45 THE WICKED LADY (R) p.22 WITH YOUR KIDS (:29) 1:30 am GLITTER DOME p.16(CC) 12:30 pm DEFIANCE (PG) p.22 3:10 DEFIANCE (PG) p.22 2:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 4:55 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 3:00 DAFFY DUCK (G)p.16 December Edition p. 16 SUNDAYS DEC. O Silkwood (See page 13) DEC- 1o Be or Not 1o Be (See page 5) Cross Creek (See page 9) KC23 lender Mercies Oscar winner Robert Duvall stars in this movie nominated for Best Picture. Adult situations, language. (PG-1:29) ™30 The Big Chill Glenn Close received a nomination for best supporting actress. Adult language, nudity. (R-1:45) (CC) 4 TcBecr Net Tc Be Mel Brooks Anne Bancroft Two funny favorites co-star for the first time in a comedy set in WWII Poland. Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft play a hammy theatrical director and his wife who try to protect the underground movement from the Germans. With Oscar nominee Charles Durning. Adult language, mild violence. (PG-1:47) Dec. 1,9,13,17,22,25,28,30 Kiss Me Goodbye Sally Field A witty romantic fantasy. James Caan returns to earth as the ghost of Sally’s late husband. Adult situations, language, humor. (PG-1:41) Dec. 4,7, 10,13,16,19,29,31 Best Friends Goldie Hawn Burt Reynolds joins Goldie in this comedy of newlyweds facing conjugal complications. Adult situations, language; brief nudity. (PG-1:49) Dec. 5,8,11,14,17,23,25,27 A special holiday gift for the family. Championship figure skaters Dorothy Hamill, Robin Cousins and Jo Jo Starbuck transform the original "Nutcracker” ballet into a skating spectacle in an exclusive HBO presentation. Guest star Lome Greene narrates the story about a girl whose romantic dreams come true one Christmas Eve. (1:22) December 5,9,11,14,19,22,24 5

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Two of a Kind First and Ten Her ex-husband got his freedom... but she got the team! Some divorcees take the house. Some take the car. Dianne took her husband’s Bulls. A sexy socialite wins her husband’s football team in a divorce settlement and pro sports will never be the same! For adults. Adult language, nudity. Dec. 2,5,8,11,14,17,23,27 The Caine Mutiny Humphrey Bogart Fred MacMurray High drama rides the high seas in this 1954 classic of Navy men pushed to the brink of disaster by a merciless skipper. This powerhouse tale is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Herman Wouk. Nominated for four Oscars. (1:59) Dec. 15,18,24,28,30 Olivia Newton-John John Travolta The sizzling twosome from Grease are together again. This time orders from Heaven pair Travolta with Newton-John. If they shape up and fall in love, they can save mankind from extinction! With Charles Durning and Oliver Reed. Adult situations, language, humor; violence. (PG-1 28) Dec. 8,11,16,20,24,26,28,30 MONDAYS Heart Like a Wheel 4 True story of female racer. Adult situations, language; mild violence. (PG-1:53) KC/0 Melanie A woman battles to gain custody of her son. Adult situations, language; mild violence; nudity. (PG-1:47) DEC. Blue Skies Again A spunky woman tries for a , place on a big-league baseball team. Adult situations, language. (PG-1:27) DEC. Savannah Smiles An adventurous youngster befriends two bumbling criminals on the lam. Adult language. (PG-1:44) WEDNESDAY, DEC. 5 3:30 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 5:30 am NATIONAL GE06RAPHIC SPECIAL GOLD! p.10 SPECIAL GOLDI p. 10 4:30 TWELVE CHAIRS (G) p. 16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Doozer 6:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 Is as Doozer Does" p.20 6:30 THE NUTCRACKER 7:00 KING OF COMEDY (PG)p.22 A Fantasy on Ice p.5 9:00 THE NUTCRACKER 8:00 DRAW! (1:38) (CC) A Fantasy on Ice p.5 10:00 FIRST AND TEN p.6 10:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 10:30 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 11:00 THRESHOLD (PG)p22 12:25 am ALL THE RIGHT MOVES 1:00 pm BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 (R) p.20 3:00 FRAGGLE ROCK "Doozer 2:00 THRESHOLD (PG)p.22 Is as Doozer Does'* p 20 3:45 TWELVE CHAIRS (G) p. 16 THURSDAY, DEC. 6 4:00 THE CHRISTMAS THAT 5:30 am THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN7(G) p.19 ALMOST WASN'T (G) p. 19 5:30 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN 7:00 G0IN' COCONUTS (PG)p.22 IN CONCERT p.21 9:00 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 IN CONCERT p.21 8:00 NATIONAL LAMPOON’S 10:30 RICH UTTLE'S “A VACATION (R-1:38) CHRISTMAS CAROL" p.19 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 11:30 THE BALLAD OF GREGORIO December Edition p. 16 CORTEZ (PG)p.22 10:30 A NIGHT IN HEAVEN (R)p.9 1:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 12:00 NIGHTMARES (R)p.16 December Edition p.16 1:45 am GOING BERSERK (R) p 22 2:00 GOIN' COCONUTS (PG)p.22 3:15 INDEPENDENCE DAY (R)p.22 FRIDAY, DEC. 7 5:00 RED SKELTON’S FREDDY 5:30 am TROLLS/XMAS EXPRESS p. 19 THE FREELOADER p.19 6:00 RED SKELTON'S FREDDY 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 15 THE FREELOADER p.19 7:00 LONE WOLF MCQUADE 7:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 (PG-1:47) 9:00 DEFIANCE (PG)p.22 9:00 DEFIANCE (PG)p.22 11:00 DAFFY DUCK (G)p.16 10:50 THE HITCHHIKER 12:30 pm SIMON &GARFUNKEL p.21 “Remembering Melody” p.9 2:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 11:20 MONTY PYTHON (R)p.22 4:00 FRAGGLE ROCK “Doozer 1:15 am INSIDE THE NFL p. 15 Is as Doozer Does” p.20 2:15 THE WICKED LADY(R)p.22 4:30 THE TROLLS AND THE 4:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p.19 IN CENTRAL PARK p.21 SATURDAY, DEC. 8 3:00 JOHNNY CASH’S 5:30 am RICH LITTLE’S “A AMERICA p 21 CHRISTMAS CAROL" p.19 4:30 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "Doozer 6:30 BRAINGAMES2p.10 Is as Doozer Does” p.20 7:00 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 7:00 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 15 THE NEWS #1 p. 16 10:00 TWELVE CHAIRS (G)p.16 9:00 SILKWOOD (R) p. 13 (CC) 11:30 RICH LITTLE’S “A 11:15 FIRST AND TEN p.6 CHRISTMAS CAROL ” p.19 11:45 CIRCLE OF IRON (R)p.22 12:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY 1:30 am JOHNNY CASH p.21 THE NEWS #1 p. 16 3:00 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 1:00 SHIPWRECK! (G-1:42) 4:30 NOT NEC. THE NEWS#1p.16 7

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Lewis Carrolls Alice's Adventures in Wonderland A classic cast brings a classic story to life. As Alice tries to follow the White Rabbit, she meets some fantastic characters: Dudley Moore, as the Dormouse, and Peter Sellers, the March Hare. (G-1:36) Dec. 10,20,23,31 National Geographic Special: Gold! Men have worshiped it, killed for it and explored the unknown to find it. Gold symbolizes power, supremacy and security. This National Geographic documentary takes a look at the world's most precious metal— the superstitions surrounding it; how it is mined and traded. (:57) Dec. 5,17,27,31 Harboring a family secret, four young orphans fight to stay together. (G-1:37) December 4,13,16,18,26 m O HDO Family Playhouse: Minors Can a girl teach Thomas the pitch that will boost him to the major leagues? (:36) Dec. 3,11,19,24,26,28,30 Where the Lilies Dloom The second installment of HBO's new series will tease and delight the entire family. The challenge is on: follow clues to identify famous characters; spot the fakes among priceless art treasures; rearrange letters in a medical word scramble. The National Education Association endorses this show that you play as you watch. (:30) Dec. 4,8,10,14,16,18,24,28,30 10 The Color of Friendship Two boys, one black, one white, are brought together by an integration program. (:46) Dec. 2,17,27 WEDNESDAYS Btt 5 Draw! An outlaw matches wits with a lawman. Kirk Douglas and James Coburn co-star. Adult language, violence, nudity. (1:38) (CC) DEC. Between friends Elizabeth Taylor and Carol Burnett co-star in a sophisticated comedy drama. Adult situations, language. (1:40) MC. The Guardian Martin Sheen and Louis Gossett, Jr. must take the law into their own hands. Adult situations, language; violence. (1:41)(CC) The Gfitter Dome (See page 16) THURSDAY, DEC. 13 4:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 5:00 am WHERE THE UUES BLOOM 6:00 EMMET OTTER'S JUG-BAND (G)p.10 CHRISTMAS p. 19 7:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p 15 9:00 THRESHOLO (PG) p.22 8:00 EASY MONEY (R-1:39) 11:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS December Edition p. 16 December Edition p. 16 11:30 TO BE OR NOT TO BE 10:30 TO BE OR NOT TO BE (PG) p.5 (PG) p.5 1:30 pm WHERE THE LILIES BLOOM 12:20 am THRESHOLD (PG) p.22 (G) p. 10 2:05 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 3:30 THE TROLLS AND THE 3:55 EMMET OTTER'S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p 19 CHRISTMAS p 19 FRIDAY, DEC. 14 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 5:00 am NUTCRACKER ON ICE p.5 “Boober’s Quiet Day” p 20 6:30 JOHNNY CASH'S 5:00 RICH LITTLE'S AMERICA p.21 “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p. 19 8:00 RICH LITTLE’S 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 “A CHRISTMAS CAROL" p. 19 7:00 BLUE THUNDER (R-1 49) (CC) 9:00 KING OF COMEDY (PG)p.22 9:00 10 TO MIDNIGHT (R)p 22 11:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p 10 10:45 FIRST AND TEN p.6 11:30 THE TWELVE CHAIRS 11:15 KING OF COMEDY (PG) p.22 (G) p. 16 1:10 am INSIDE THE NFL p. 15 1:00 pm BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 2:15 A NIGHT IN HEAVEN (R)p.9 3:00 THE NUTCRACKER 3:50 RICH LITTLE'S A Fantasy on Ice p.5 “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p 19 SATURDAY, DEC. 15 2:30 THE CAINE MUTINY p.6 5:00 am DAFFY DUCK'S MOVIE: 4:30 RAGGEDY MAN (PG)p.22 FANTASTIC ISLAND (G) p. 16 6:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p 16 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 7:00 THE MAN WHO LOVED "Boober's Quiet Day” p.20 WOMEN (R) p. 12 (CC) 7:00 RAGGEDY MAN (PG)p.22 9:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 IN REVIEW p.16 10:00 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 9:30 THE HITCHHIKER 10:30 GOIN'COCONUTS (PG)p22 “Face to Face” p 9 12:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 10:00 ZAPPED! (R) p. 16 IN REVIEW p 16 11:45 THE CAINE MUTINY p.6 1:00 DAFFY DUCK’S MOVIE: 1:50 am RAGGEDY MAN (PG) p.22 FANTASTIC ISLAND (G) p.16 3:30 DAFFY DUCK (G)p.16 SUNDAY, DEC. 16 3:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS 5:00 am RED SKELTON p. 19 December Edition p. 16 6:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p5 4:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 8:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p10 6:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p.10 8:30 CROSS CREEK (PG)p.9 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK 10:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Boober's Quiet Day” p.20 “Boober's Quiet Day” p.20 7:00 CROSS CREEK (PG)p.9 11:00 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 9:00 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 12:30 pm WHERE THE LILIES BLOOM 10:35 CIRCLE OF IRON (R) p.22 (G) p. 10 12:15 am KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 2:30 RED SKELTON PRESENTS 2:00 BEYOND THE LIMIT (R-1 43) FREDDY THE FREELOADER'S 3:50 RED SKELTON'S FREDDY THE CHRISTMAS DINNER p. 19 FREELOADER p 19 11

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MONDAY, DEC. 17 5:00 am NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPECIAL: GOLDI p. 10 6:00 THE COLOR OF FRIENDSHIP p 10 7:00 CHAMPIONS December Edition p 16 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR IN REVIEW p.16 7:00 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED presents the Sportsman ot the Year (UVE)p.15 8:00 THE CAINE MUTINY p.6 10:00 CLASS (R-1:38) 11:45 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 12:20 am ZAPPED! (R)p 16 2:05 10 TO MIDNIGHT (R) p .22 3:55 SIMON AND GARFUNKELp.21 WEDNESDAY, DEC. 19 5:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: MINORS p 10 6:30 FRAGGLE ROCK "The Invasion ot the Toe Ticklers” p.20 7:00 THRESHOLD (PG)p.22 9:00 RAGGEDY MAN (PG) p 22 11:00 NUTCRACKER ON ICE p.5 12:30 pm VIDEO JUKEBOX p20 1:00 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 3:00 FRAGGLE ROCK ‘Invasion oi the Toe Ticklers" p.20 3:30 EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS p/19 4:30 THRESHOLD (PG)p.22 6:30 JOHNNY CASH’S AMERICA p.21 8:00 THE GUARDIAN (1:41) (GC) 10:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p 20 10:30 THE MAN WHO LOVED WOMEN (R)p 12 (CC) 12:25 am RAGGEDY MAN (PG) p.22 2:10 JOHNNY CASH p.21 3:35 KISS ME GOODBYE (PG) p.5 THURSDAY, DEC. 20 5:30 am LEWIS CARROLL'S ALICE IN WONDERLAND (G)p,10 7:30 NOT/YEAR IN REVIEW p.16 8:00 RICH LITTLE’S “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p. 19 9:00 DAFFY DUCK (G) 0.16 10:30 CROSS CREEK (PG)p.9 12:30 pm TWO OF A KIND (PG) 0.6 2:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR IN REVIEW p.16 2:30 LEWIS CARROLL'S ALICE IN WONDERLAND (G} p.10 4:30 DAFFY DUCK (G)p.16 6:00 RICH LITTLE’S “A CHRISTMAS CAROL" p. 19 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.1S 8:00 BILL COSBY "HIMSELF (PG-1:44) 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR IN REVIEW p.16 10:30 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Sportsman ot Yearp 15 11:30 CROSS CREEK (PG)p.9 1:35 am TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 3:10 BEYOND THE LIMIT (R-1:43) THURSDAYS DEC. / National Lampoonfe Vacation Comedy smash with Chevy Chase. Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:38) ^ ^ | Easy Money Rodney Dangerfield cleans up his act! Adult language and humor, nudity. (R-1:39) D*20 | Bill Cosby "Himself On-target humor. Adult language and humor. (PG-1:44) DEC. 27 Mr. Mom Teri Garr creates mayhem on the home front! Adult situations, language. (PG-1:28) 1,4 SPORTS SPECIAL Inside the NFL It's do or die as wild card spots are fought over and the play-offs begin. In addition to highlights from each game, the show goes on the road for hot NFL stories. Don't miss HBO's SUPER POLL TO SUPER BOWL! Dec. 1; 6,7,8; 13,14,15; 20,21,22; 27,28,29 Sports Illustrated presents the Sportsman off the Year Champions on Ice Jo Jo Starbuck leads some of the brightest stars in the figure skating world in a brilliant exhibition. Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton flash their winning ways while Linda Fratianne, Rosalynn Sumners and Elaine Zayak display their wizardry. Watch your favorites, including Tai Babi-lonia and Randy Gardner. Dec. 25,28,29,31 I EXCLUSIVE Merlin Olsen hosts a tribute to the year’s outstanding sports figures. Appearing as special guests are former Sportsmen of the Year Roger Bannister, Stan Musial, Rafer Johnson, John Wooden, Billie Jean King and Sugar Ray Leonard. It’s the 30th anniversary of the Sports Illustrated award and its first live television presentation. December 18,20,22 SOd

HBO Guide December 1984 - Page section : 009

FUN FOR THE HOLIDAYS Nightmares The commonplace takes on shocking dimensions in this four-part horror anthology. With Cristina Raines. Adult language, graphic violence. (R-1 40) December 1,6 The Twelve Chairs A priest, a rascal and an exnobleman scour Russia for a wealth of jewels in this madcap Mel Brooks spoof. (G-1:33) December 5,8,10, 14,17,23,26,28 Zapped! Scott Baio A science whiz kid develops telekinetic powers through an accident in his school lab. Adult situations and language, nudity. (R-1:38) December 3,12,15,18,27,30 jUt__________________________ Nat Athe News series “The funniest show on TV is on HBO. Its title? 'Not Necessarily the News.’ ” (N.Y. Daily News) Find the series on Saturday nights. (And other times, too.) All-new Dec. edition: Dec. 1,4,6,13,16,18 Encores: Edition 1 Dec. 8; Edition 2 Dec. 22; Edition 3 Dec. 29 Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island Hot-tempered Daffy basks on a tropical island where the wildest dreams come true. Other animated favorites join him there. (G-1:18) Dec. 2,4,7,12,15,20,25,27 The Glitter Dome James Gamer HBO Premiere Films. This taut, suspenseful drama stars James Garner and John Lithgow. Adult language, violence, nudity. (1:35) Dec. 4,26 (CC) 16 The Investigators Crusading Reporters of the Air Fourth Episode. These hard-hitting reporters stop at nothing to blast the big news events in HBO’s new comedy series. The crack investigative team exposes stories you won’t find on any other TV news magazine show. The results are hilarious. Dec. 9,12,15,18,21,24,27 The zany newsbreakers recall the major events of 1984 in this special year-end edition of the hit comedy series. All-new sketches are combined with actual news footage to cast new light on the significant events of the past year. Dec. 15,18,20,23,26,31 FRIDAYS DEC. 7 Lone Wolf McQuade Karate champ Chuck Norris defies David Carradine. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (PG-1:47) DEC. M Blue Thunder Roy Scheider pilots a futuristic police helicopter. Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:49) (CC) Octopussy Roger Moore in 007 adventure. Adult situations, language, violence. (PG-2:10) Never Say Never Again Sean Connery returns. Adult situations, violence, brief nudity. (PG-2:14) (CC) FRIDAY, DEC. 21 4:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Invasion 5:00 am THE CHRISTMAS THAT of the Toe Ticklers” p.20 ALMOST WASN’T (G) p. 19 5:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 0:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 5:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p. 16 7:00 GOIN' COCONUTS (PG)p.22 0:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 9:00 OCTOPUSSY (PG-2:10) 7:00 OCTOPUSSY (PG-2:10) 11:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 9:15 CIRCLE OF IRON (FI) p.22 12:00 RED SKELTON PRESENTS 10:55 THE HITCHHIKER FREDDY THE FREELOADER'S “Face to Face” p.9 CHRISTMAS DINNER p 19 11:30 SI LK WOOD (R) p. 13 (CC) 1:00 pm THRESHOLD (PG) p.22 1:45 am INSIOE THE NFL p.15 3:00 THE CHRISTMAS THAT 2:45 THRESHOLD (PG) p.22 ALMOST WASN'T (G) p. 19 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 SATURDAY, DEC. 22 4:30 TO BE OR NOT TO BE 5:00 am NUTCRACKER ON ICEp.5 (PG) p.5 0:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Invasion 0:30 TROLLS/XMAS EXPRESS p. 19 of the Toe Ticklers" p.20 7:00 FIRST BLOOD (R-1:33) 7:00 DEFIANCE (PG) p.22 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY 9:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 THE NEWS #2 p. 16 10:00 OUVIA NEWTON-JOHN p 21 9:00 DEFIANCE (PG)p 22 11:30 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 10:50 10 TO MIDNIGHT (R) p.22 Sportsman of Year p.15 12:35 am TO BE OR NOT TO BE 12:30 pm NOT NECESSARILY (PG)p.5 THE NEWS #2 p.16 2:25 OUVIA NEWTON-JOHN p.21 1:00 WARGAMES (PG-1:52) (CC) 3:50 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED 3:00 NUTCRACKER ON ICEp.5 Sportsman of Year p. 15 SUNDAY, DEC. 23 7:00 TENDER MERCIES (PG-1.29) 5:00 am CHAMPIONS (PG-1:55) 8:30 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 7:00 LEWIS CARROLL'S ALICE IN REVIEW p.16 IN WONDERLAND (G) p.10 9:00 THE MAN WHO LOVED 9:00 TWELVE CHAIRS (G)p.16 WOMEN (R)p.12(CC) 10:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Invasion 10:55 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 of the Toe Ticklers” p.20 12:50 am FIRST AND TEN p.6 11:00 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 1:25 JOHNNY CASH'S 1:00 pm GOIN' COCONUTS (PG) p.22 AMERICA p.21 3:00 RAGGEDY MAN (PG)p.22 2:50 THE MAN WHO LOVED 5:00 JOHNNY CASH p.21 WOMEN (R)p.12(CC) 0:30 FRAGGLE ROCK “Invasion 4:45 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR of the Toe Ticklers” p.20 IN REVIEW p.16 MONDAY, DEC. 24 4:30 BRAINGAMES2p.10 5:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 5:00 NUTCRACKER ON ICEp.5 MINORS p.10 0:30 THE BELLS OF 0:30 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 FRA6GLE ROCK p.20 0:00 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 7:00 SAVANNAH SMILES 8:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 (PG-1:44) 9:00 CROSS CREEK (PG)p.9 9:00 CROSS CREEK (PG) p.9 11:00 RICH LITTLE’S 11:05 RICH UTTLE’S “A CHRISTMAS CAROL" p.19 “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” p.19 12:00 THE CAINE MUTINY p.6 12:00 THE CAINE MUTINY p.6 2:00 pm TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 2:05 am THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 3:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 2:35 AMITYVILLE (PG) p.20 (CC) MINORS p.10 4:15 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 17

HBO Guide December 1984 - Page section : 010

Christmas 3:30 THE BELLS OF 5:00 am EMMET OTTER p. 19 FRAGGLE ROCK p 20 ! 6:00 THE TROLLS AND THE CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p. 19 4:00 THE TROLLS AND THE CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p.19 6:30 CHRISTMAS/WASN’T (G) p. 19 4:30 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 8:00 RED SKELTON'S FREDDY THE 6:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 FREELOADER p. 19 7:00 CHAMPIONS ON ICE p.15 9:00 RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 8:00 RAIDERS (PG-1:55)(CC) (PG-1:55)(CC) 10:00 VALLEY GIRL (R-1:39) 11:00 TO BE/NOT TO BE(PG)p.5 11:45 JOHNNY CASH p.21 1:00 pm EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND 1:10 am TO BE/NOT TO BE (PG) p.5 CHRISTMAS p. 19 3:05 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 2:00 DAFFY DUCK (G) p. 16 3:35 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 WEDNESDAY, DEC. 26 5:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL - 5:30 am FAMILY PLAYHOUSE p.10 IN CENTRAL PARK p.21 6:30 THE BELLS OF 6:30 TWO OF A KIND (PG)p.6 FRAGGLE ROCK p.20 8:00 GLITTER DOME p.16(CC) 7:00 CHAMPIONS (PG-1:55) 10:00 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 9:00 SIMON AND GARFUNKEL p.21 IN REVIEW p.16 10:30 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 10:30 10 TO MIDNIGHT (R)p.22 12:00 NOT YEAR IN REVIEW p.16 12:15 am CIRCLE OF IRON (R)p.22 12:30 pm TWELVE CHAIRS (G)p.16 2:00 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 2:00 WHERE LILIES BLOOM (G) p 10 2:35 AMITYVILLE: THE DEMON 4:00 THE BELLS OF (PG)p.20(CC) FRAGGLE ROCK p.20 4:15 NOT NECESSARILY THE YEAR 4:30 VIDEO JUKEBOX p.20 IN REVIEW p.16 THURSDAY, DEC. 27 4:00 COLOR OF FRIENDSHIP p.10 5:00 am COLOR OF FRIENDSHIP p.10 5:00 DAFFY DUCK’S MOVIE: 6:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FANTASTIC ISLAND (G) p.16 SPECIAL: GOLDI p.10 6:30 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 7:00 DAFFY DUCK'S MOVIE p.16 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 8:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 8:00 MR. MOM (PG-1:28) 9:00 BEST FRIENDS (PG) p.5 9:30 FIRST AND TEN p.6 11:00 THE INVESTIGATORS p.16 10:00 COMING ATTRACTIONS p.20 11:30 KING OF COMEDY (PG)p.22 10:30 THE MAN WHO LOVED 1:30 pm JOHNNY CASH'S WOMEN (R) p. 12 (CC) AMERICA p.21 12:25 am KING OF COMEDY (PG) p.22 3:00 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 2:20 ZAPPEDI p.16 SPECIAL GOLD! p.10 4:05 JOHNNY CASH p.21 FRIDAY, DEC. 28 4:30 THE TWELVE CHAIRS 5:30 am HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: (G) p.16 MINORS p.10 6:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.15 6:30 RAGGEDY MAN (PG)p.22 7:00 NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN 8:30 BRAINGAMES 2 p 10 (PG-2.14) (CC) 9:00 THE CAINE MUTINY p.6 9:15 TO BE OR NOT TO BE 11:00 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN p.21 (PG) p.5 12:30 pm TO BE/NOT TO BE (PG) p.5 11:05 TWO OF A KIND (PG) p.6 2:30 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE: 12:40 am INSIDE THE NFL p.15 MINORS p.10 1:40 CHAMPIONS ON ICE p.15 3:30 THE BELLS OF FRAGGLE ROCK p.20 2:40 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN IN CONCERT p.21 4:00 BRAINGAMES 2 p.10 4:00 TWELVE CHAIRS (G) p.16 SATURDAYS DEC. High Road To China Tart, romantic fun. With Tom Selleck. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:45) (CC) Two of a Kind (See page 6) MC75 The Man Who Loved Women (See page 12) d^22 First Blood Sylvester Stallone stars. Adult language, graphic violence, nudity. (R-1:33) Breathless A sizzler! Adult language, violence, nudity. (R-1:40) ,8 Rich Littleb "A Christmas Caro I There’s a multitude of "Riches” in this offbeat version of Dickens' classic holiday tale. (:50) Dec. 6,8,14,20,24 Red Skelton Presents Freddy the Freeloader’s Christmas Dinner Vincent Price stars in this touching m Christmas comedy filled with music and mime. (:50) Dec. 1,4,7,12,16,21,25 Emmet Otter’s Jug'Band Christmas From Jim Henson’s Muppets. An award-winning story about love, generosity and 3 loyalty. (:49) Dec. 2,11,13,19,25 The Trolls and the Christmas Express Determined to sabotage Christmas, six ( trolls sneak into Santa's village. Delightful animation. (:25) Dec. 3,7,11,13,22,25 The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t When a Scrooge-like zillionaire buys the North Pole, children come to Santa's rescue. (G-1:29) December 6,12,21,25 Raiders of the Lost Arkm Harrison Ford stars in George Lucas' and Steven Spielberg's box-office hit. Adult language, violence. (PG-1:55) Dec. 25 (CC) TM & © 1981 Luca8film Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Used under authorization. SATURDAYS DEC. 1 Annie Joyful holiday musical. Adult language. (PG-2:07) Shipwreck! Robert Logan in wilderness adventure. (G-1:42) Daffy Duck’s Movie (See page 16) DEC22 WarGames Computer games create havoc. Adult language, mild violence. (PG-1:52) (CC) DEC'^^ Superman III Pow! Adult language, mild violence. (PG-2:05) (CC) 19

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