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December 8-1 WEDNESDAY/8 5:30 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII Classic Film (B/W-1:42) 7:30 THE MOONRUNNERS (PG-1:43) 9:30 THE KNACK...AND HOWTO GET IT Foreign Film (B/W-1:24) 11:00 THE EXORCIST (R-2:01) THURSDAY/9 5:30 SMOKEY JOE'S REVENGE 7:00 LOST IN THE STARS American Film Theatre (1:39) 9:00 THE KILLER ELITE (PG-2:03) 11:15 LOST IN THE STARS American Film Theatre (1:39) FRIDAY/10 5:30 ALIBABA& THE 40 THIEVES 6:00 ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE (PG-1:52) 8:00 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 9:00 SWEPT AWAY (Dubbed-R-1:56) 11:00 NBA BASKETBALL Phoenix Suns vs. Boston Celtics SATURDAY/11 3:00 THE MAD ADVENTURES OF RABBI JACOB (PG-1:34) 5:00 INTERNATIONAL GYMNASTICS From Toronto 6:00 THE MAD ADVENTURES OF RABBI JACOB (PG-1:34) 8:00 NBA BASKETBALL Phoenix Suns vs. N.Y. Knicks 10:30 THE EXORCIST (R-2:01) 12:45 ON LOCATION MortSahl SUNDAY/12 3:00 B MUST DIE (1:52) 5:00 THE BLUE BIRD (G*1:38) 7:00 B MUST DIE (1:52) 9:00 THE BLUE BIRD Sunday Night Movie (G-1:38) -11:00 THE KNACK.. .AND HOW TO GET IT Foreign Film (B/W-1:24) MONDAY/13 5:30 THE FIRST VIOLIN, SMOKEY JOE'S REVENGE Children's Theatre 7:00 PRO FOOTBALL MOVIE Hard to Make it in This League II 8:00 THE KILLER ELITE (PG-2:03) 10:15 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 11:15 SWEPT AWAY... (Subtitled-R-1:56) TUESDAY/14 5:30 MARIO AND THE MARVELOUS GIFT Children's Theatre 6:30 FORGET ME NOT Classic Film (B/W-1:13) 8:00 NHL HOCKEY N.Y. Rangers vs. N.Y. Islanders 10:30 THE EXORCIST (R-2:01) 12:35 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen Children's Films Mr. Horatio Knibbles Mr. Knibbles, a waistcoated, six-foot rabbit, befriends Mary while she is moping because her parents won’t give her a live bunny for her birthday. Since only Mary can see Mr. Knibbles, no one believes he exists. But everyone gets a surprise at Mary's birthday party. December 20,26 20 Mr. Horatio Knibblesand Mary December 15-21 WEDNESDAY/15 5:30 THE KING'S SECRET Children's Theatre 6:00 LOST IN THE STARS (1:39) 8:00 THE TERRORISTS (PG-1:29) 9:30 THE KNACK...AND HOWTO GET IT Foreign Film (B/W-1:24) 11:00 NBA BASKETBALL Denver Nuggets vs. Seattle THURSDAY/16 5:30 BITE THE BULLET (PG-2:11) 8:00 ALICE DOESNT LIVE HERE ANYMORE (PG-1:52) 10*0 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 11:00 BITE THE BULLET (PG-2:11) FRIDAY/17 5:30 THE BLUE BIRD (G-1:38) 7:30 DEAD CERT Friday Night Movie (1:32) 9:30 LENNY (R-1:52) 11:30 MITCHELL (R-1:36) SATURDAY/18 3:00 THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T (G-1:34) 5:00 PRO FOOTBALL MOVIE Hard to Make it in This League II 6:00 THE MARVELOUS GIFT 6:30 DEAD CERT (1:32) 8:30 THE KILLER ELITE (PG-2:03) 11*0 NHL HOCKEY Montreal vs. Los Angeles Kings SUNDAY/19 3:00 LOST IN THE STARS (1:39) 5*0 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:20) 8*0 NBA BASKETBALL Boston Celtics vs. New York Nets 10:30 FUNNY LADY Sunday Night Movie (PG-2:20) 1:00 FORGET ME NOT Classic Film (B/W-1:13) MONDAY/20 5:30 MR. HORATIO KNIBBLES Children's Theatre 6:30 THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T (G-1:34) 8:15 THE BLUE BIRD (G-1:38) 10*0 PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING From Madison Square Garden 1:30 ON LOCATION Steve Martin TUESDAY/21 5:30 DEAD CERT (1:32) 7:30 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman 8:30 THE KILLER ELITE (PG-2:03) 11*0 NBA BASKETBALL Buffalo Braves vs. Los Angeles Lakers Smokey Joe's Revenge Smokey Joe is a rusty old steam roller whose owner gives it to three children, who restore Smokey to its former glory. After Smokey takes first place in a competition against its ex-owner’s new machine, the disgruntled Mr. Williams decides to reclaim Smokey Joe. The children seem helpless until Smokey Joe rolls to the rescue. December 9,13 Smokey Joeand friends

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Russians are coming, Russians are coming! Vladislav Tretiak, Victor Ivanov, Igor Vysotski and their comrades are coming. Tretiak is a show-stopping puck-stopper—perhaps the finest goalie on ice—and he will lead a topflight Soviet squad against the New England Whalers Dec. 27 in Hartford. Two top American players are among the Whalers: Gordie Roberts, an exceptional defenseman; and Larry Pleau, a high-scoring center. Ivanov and Vysotski are on a team of 12 Soviet heavyweights that will fight a dozen of America’s amateurs at Madison Square Garden Dec. 3. Both men were on the Russian team that came here last year. Ivanov won all three of his bouts in the first round and then went on to Montreal. Many felt Vysotski should have been given the Olympic assignment because he had twice beaten Cuba’s gold medalist Teofilo Stephenson. But Vysotski has a troublesome problem when fighting several bouts in a short period: he cuts easily. Among the U.S. fighters will be bronze medalist John Tate and Jimmy Clark. Clark and Vysotski met in a rousing slugfest a year ago. In the first round, Vysotski decked Clark, who came back with flurries of punches and won a TKO in the third and final round. Herman Weiskopf 3,27-—- I Action in December Pro basketball’s one-man version of the Big Red Machine—6' 8", 230-pound Dave Cowens—and the rest of the Boston Celtics will take on the Phoenix Suns on Dec. 10. The rambling redhead should be all geared up for this game at the Boston Garden, for it will be a rematch of last season’s NBA finalists. Not that Cowens really needs to WL1& W— Sports be prodded; he has always been a nonstop go-getter from the opening tipoff. During his six years with Boston he has averaged 19.1 points and 15.5 rebounds a game. Cowens has turned in many memorable performances. One of his most spectacular was in the 1974 playoffs against Buffalo. The Celtics trailed by 17 points late in the third quarter, but went on to win thanks to the indefatigable Cowens. In the fourth period he latched on to nine rebounds, blocked three shots and scored 20 points, 14 of them in a hard-to-believe spree lasting only four-and-a-half minutes. HBO will carry many other NBA games this month, including a Dec. 2 contest in which the Golden State Warriors will be at home against the San Antonio Spurs. Exciting NHL hockey action is also on tap. There will also be top college basketball from Madison Square Garden on Dec. 29 and 30 when HBO presents the ECAC Holiday Festival. That’s not all. Hard to Make It in This League II, a movie about the rigors of life in the NFL, will be shown on Dec. 13 and 18. There will also be professional wrestling from Madison Square Garden on Dec. 20, gymnastics from Toronto on Dec. 6 and 11 and highlights from the Skate Canada international competition on Dec. 4 and 25. 15 Dave Cowens of the Boston Celtics

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Premieres Liza Minnelli in Lucky Lady The Blue Bird Two children embark on a magical mystery tour in search of the elusive blue bird of happiness. Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda and Cicely Tyson star in this lavish Rus-sian-American production. Also featured are members of the Moscow Circus and Kirov Ballet Company. (G-1:38) December 12,17,20,25,28 Dead Cert An amateur jockey risks life and limb to expose a gambling syndicate attempting to fix the British Grand National. Scott Antony stars in this steeplechase thriller highlighted by the colorful atmosphere of the famed British horse race. Directed by Tony Richardson. (1:32) December 17,18,21,23,29 Funny Lady Barbra Streisand resumes her Oscar-winning portrayal of everybody’s favorite funny girl. Her love for ex-spouse Nicky Arn-stein (Omar Sharif) threatens Fanny Brice’s marriage to Broadway songwriter Billy Rose (James Caan). As The New York Times put it, “as long as Miss Streisand is singing the blues or singing anything else, Funny Lady is superb entertainment.” (PG-2:20) December 19,24,28 The Killer Elite James Caan and Robert Duvall are assassins-for^hire in this tale of intrigue and double cross in the murky intelligence underworld. Sam Peckinpah directed this story of, as The New York Times said, “people who do dirty tricks for the CIA and discover that the tricks as well as the dirt are on them.” (PG-2:03) December 5,9,13,18,21 Lies My Father Told IVIe A confused six-year-old js trapped between his love for a junk-dealing, fanciful grandfather and a schem- Brock Peters in Lost in the Stars ing, get-rich-quick father in this sentimental journey through childhood in a Montreal immigrant ghetto. (PG-1:42) December 24,27,30 Lost in the Stars A black backwoods South African minister journeys to the apartheid big city in search of his prodigal son in this operatic racial drama from the American Film Theatre. Brock Peters is the preacher torn between his faith in God and his compassion for man. (1:39) December 3,6,9,15,19 Lucky Lady A kind-hearted killer, a bungling gigolo and a smuggler’s widow form a professional but amorous bootlegging alliance to cash in on Prohibition. Gene Hackman, Burt Reynolds and Liza Minnelli deliver tour-de-force performances as the madcap crew of the rum-running Lucky Lady in a film Time described as “luxurious, sassy and a lot of fun.” (PG-1:57) December 26,30 m Features Films finishing November premiere: B Must Die Darren McGavin is the fall guy in a political-action thriller. (1:52) December 2,7,12 Bite the Bullet Gene Hackman in a race across the Western badlands. (PG-2:11) December 4,7,16 The Exorcist The super box office smash about demonic possession. (R-2:01) December 3,8,11,14 Mitchell Walking Tall star Joe Don Baker is a maverick big city cop. (R-1:36) December 2,6,17,23 Max Von Sydow in Tho Exorcist

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OnAi FUNNY LADY Funny Girt Streisand joins James Caan to finish the story of Fanny Brice Page 6 BLUE BIRD Liz Taylor, Jane Fonda, and Cicely Tyson in a musical fantasy Page 5 LENNY Dustin Hoffman stars in the acclaimed film biography of Lenny Bruce Page 18 ON LOCATION Henny Youngman, the king of the one-liners, comes to HBO Page 17 LUCKY LADY Liza Minnelli, Gene Hackman and Burt Reynolds in a 1920s romp Page 12 KILLER ELITE James Caan and Robert Duvall are professional assassins Page 11 ALICE DOESN'T LIVE HERE Ellen Burstyn's Oscar-winning performance Page 18 SPORTS Russian hockey and boxing stars will take on top U.S. players Page 14 MANAGING editor & publisher Stephen Marmon art director Michael Billman associate editor Thomas Fitzharris contributing EDITORS Gary J. Probula (Films) Herman Weiskopf (Sports) editorial assistant Cherie Burns photographer Daniel S. Baliotti CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Susan Rose On Air is published monthly by Home Box Office. Inc., New York. NY 10020. N.J. Nicholas, Jr.. President; P. Peter Sheppe. Secretary; Sean McCarthy, Treasurer. Address all mail to On Air, Home Box Office. Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center New York. NY 10020. Vol. 2. No. 12© 1976 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in any form without written permission is prohibited. Home Box Office adheres to its published schedule as closely as possible. From time to time circumstances beyond our control or the opportunity to offer a program of greater interest may cause a change. When this occurs. HBO provides notice as far ahead of the change of schedule as is possible PREMIERES/Paae 8 THE BLUE BIRD 12,17,20,25,28 DEAD CERT 17,18,21,23,29 FUNNY LADY 19,24,28 THE KILLER ELITE 5,9,13,18,21 LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME 24,27,30 LOST IN THE STARS 3,6,9,15,19 LUCKY LADY 26,30 SPECIALS/17.19 & 22 CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T 18,20,23,24,25 ON LOCATION: DAVID BRENNER 6.31 ON LOCATION: MYRON COHEN 14.31 ON LOCATION: STEVE MARTIN 4.20.31 ON LOCATION: MORT SAHL 11.31 ON LOCATION: HENNY YOUNGMAN ON LOCATION: LAUGHS '76 31 CLASSIC FILMS/Page 16 THE DRUM 29 FORGET ME NOT 14,19,22 PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII 1,5,8 FOREIGN FILMS/Page 16 THE KNACK... 8,12,15 LOVE IS A FUNNY THING 22,26,29 PERSONA 1 SPORTS/Page 15 USA-USSR BOXING 3 ECAC BASKETBALL 29,30 GYMNASTICS 6,11 USA-USSR HOCKEY 27 NBA 2,10,11,15,19,21 NHL 14,18 SKATE CANADA 4,25 WRESTLING 20 ENCORES/Page 18 ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT 26 ALICE DOESNT LIVE HERE ANYMORE 10,16 HARRY AND TONTO 25 LENNY 17 MAD ADVENTURES OF RABBI JACOB 11 THE MAN IN THE GLASS BOOTH 1 THE MOONRUNNERS 8 THE PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE 5,22 ROLLERBALL 4 SWEPT AWAY... 10,13,23 THE TERRORISTS 15 FEATURES/Page 9 B MUST DIE 2,7,12 BITE THE BULLET 4,7,16 THE EXORCIST 3,8,11,14 MITCHELL 2,6,17,23 CHILDREN'S/Paae 20 MR. HORATIO KNIBBLECT0.26 MAURO THE GYPSY 2,4 SMOKEY JOE'S REVENGE 9,13 On Location John Byner

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December 22-28B WEDNESDAY/22 5:30 FORGET ME NOT Classic Film (B/W-1:13) 7:00 PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE (PG-1:38) 9:00 LOVE IS A FUNNY THING Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:50) 11:00 PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE (PG-1:38) THURSDAY/23 5:30 THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASNT (G-1:34) 7:15 DEAD CERT (1:32) 9:00 SWEPT AWAY... (Dubbed-R-1:56) 11:00 MITCHELL (R-1:36) FRIDAY/24 5:30 THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASNT (G-1:34) 7:15 LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME (PG-1:42) 9:00 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:20) 11:30 LIES MY FATHER TOLD ME (PG-1:42) SATURDAY/25 3:00 THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASNT (G-1:34) 4:45 SKATE CANADA 5:45 THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASNT (G-1.34) 7:30 THE BLUE BIRD (G-1:38) 9:15 HARRY AND TONTO(R-1:56) 11:15 THE BLUE BIRD (G-1.38) SUNDAY/26 3:00 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:35) 4:45 MR. HORATIO KNIBBLES Children's Theatre 5:30 LUCKY LADY (PG-1:57) 7:30 THE ADVENTURES OF FRONTIER FREMONT (G-1:35) 9:15 LUCKY LADY Sunday Night Movie (PG-1:57) 11:15 LOVE IS A FUNNY THING Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:50) MONDAY/27 5:30 HIGH HILL 6:00 LIES FATHER TOLD ME (1:42) 8:00 USA—USSR HOCKEY New England Whalers vs. USSR 10:30 LIES FATHER TOLD ME (1:4 2) TUESDAY/28 5:30 THE BLUE BIRD (G-1:38) 7:15 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:20) 9:45 THE BLUE BIRD (G-1:38) 11:30 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:20) On Location: Laughs'76 This New Year’s Eve, have a laugh on Home Box Office. In a comic climax to 1976, HBO will bring you eight of the great comedians who have appeared On Location this year. Since it began, HBO’s On Location series has been acclaimed for its innovations in capturing the excitement of live, uninterrupted and uncensored performances. From veterans like Henny Youngman, Myron Cohen and Rodney Dangerfield to stars like Mort Sahl, David Steinberg and David Brenner to new comedians like Steve Martin and Freddie Prinze and his friends at the Improv in L.A., it will be a fun-filled evening you won’t want to miss. December 31 22 PHOTOS rr DAM MUOTTI DAVID BRENNER FREDDIE PRINZE SMiien AHOHiav December 29-January 4 WEDNESDAY/29 5:00 THE DRUM Classic Film (1:41) 7:00 ECAC BASKETBALL From Madison Square Garden 11:00 DEAD CERT (1:32) 12:35 LOVE IS A FUNNY THING Foreign Film (Subtitled-1:50) THURSDAY/30 5:00 LUCKY LADY (PG-1:57) 7:00 LIES FATHER TOLD ME (1:42) 9:00 ECAC BASKETBALL From Madison Square Garden 11:00 LUCKY LADY (PG-1:57) FRIDAY/31 5:30 ON LOCATION: Mort Sahl 6:30 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen 7:30 ON LOCATION David Brenner 8:30 ON LOCATION: Henny Youngman 9:30 ON LOCATION Freddie Prinze and Friends 11:00 ON LOCATION Rodney Dangerfield 12:00 ON LOCATION: David Steinberg 1:00 ON LOCATION: Steve Martin SATURDAY/1 3:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG*1:51) 5:00 FUNNY LADY (PG-2.20) 7:30 ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen 8:30 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:20) 11:00 THE MASTER GUNFIGHTER (PG-1:51) IKK) ON LOCATION: Myron Cohen SUNDAY/2 3:00 THE STORY OF ADELE H (PG-1:37) 5:00 THE DRUM Classic Film (1:41) 7:00 THE STORY OF ADELE H (PG-1:37) 9:00 NEXT STOP, GREENWICH VILLAGE (R-1:51) 11:00 THE DRUM Classic Film (1:41) MONDAY/3 5:30 LONE WOLF 6:30 LUCKY LADY (PG-1:57) 8:30 FUNNY LADY (PG-2:20) 11:00 LUCKY LADY (PG-1:5 7) TUESDAY/4 5:30 LIES FATHER TOLD ME (1:4 2) 7:30 CONDUCT UNBECOMING (PG-1:47) 9:30 LIES FATHER TOLD ME (1:42) 11:15 NBA BASKETBALL Phoenix vs. Milwaukee Bucks MYRON COHEN RODNEY DANGERFIELD DAVID STEINBERG MORT SAHL

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Classic Films The Drum A rebellious prince nearly brings India and England to war by plotting to massacre an unsuspecting British regiment. Raymond Massey and Sabu star in this first-rate Saturday matinee adventure. (1:41) December 29 Forget Me Not A shipboard flirtation sours and leads to a rebound marriage for a naive stenographer. Joan Gardner stars as a potential adultress trapped between the love of a devoted opera star husband and the irresistable charm of her gigolo first love in this musical melodrama. (B/W-1:25) December 14,19,22 The Knack ... and how to get it Fresh as churned butter, a wide-eyed country girl (Rita Tushingham) comes to London and looks for the YWCA. Instead she lands in a house occupied by three bachelors, one of whom has The Knack—of attracting women—and another who is hilar- 'e bee Young ke all ( Stephi Foreign m Films iously desperate to acquire it. Judith Christ called it a “fragile, zany, utterly unconventional comedy.” (B/W-1:24) December 8,12,15 Love is a Funny Thing Claude Le-louch directs what he does best—an adult love affair with romance and glamour. Annie Girardot, an actress in L.A., meets musician Jean-Paul Belmondo. Both are lonely, both are married, and both fall in love. Impulsively the two fly to Las Vegas for a weekend that turns into a week. (PG-Sub-1:50) December 22,26,29 Rita Tushingham in The Knack. . . The Private Life of Henry VIII Love and an axe conquer all in this titillating look at the affairs of Britain’s most infamous king. Alexander Korda directed this classic costume drama, which stars Charles Laughton in the Oscar-winning title role. (B/W-1:42) December 1,5,8 On Location Henny Youngman “Take my wife-------------PLEASE! That's the famous opening line of the king of the one-liners, Henny Youngman, who shoots out jokes like a machine gun when he appears On Looation this month. Ay- Born in Britain, this comedy veteran was raised itijfirook-lyn. Youngman worlySa in a small band, but it soojyoecame clear that his flair ms for the perfect punch line; ne and the band parted comoany, but his fiddle has stayedjwith him. From Dial-^rJoke to nightclubs to collage campuses, Youngman, atyfhe age of 70, is

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