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MON AUG 7 TUE AUG 8 6:30 6:19 a oo 8:30 9:00 10:30 12:30 2:19 0:30 12:00 2:00 4 00 5:00 9:30 9:00 10:30 12:30 1:00 2:99 4:39 on THREE O'CLOCK HIGH p. 21 A FRIEND IN DEED p. 7 ENCYCLOPEDIA "The S Volume” p. 6 TIME FUES WHEN YOU’RE AUVE p. 22 NADINE p. 21 THE BRIDE p. 21 pm ANNA p. 4 WHEN WE FIRST MET p 6 THE GATE p. 21 THREE 0 CLOCK M6H pi 21 BABAR '/The Missing Crown Affair" p. 6 NATURE WATCH “Inside Africa" p. 7 TIME FUES WHEN YOU'RE ALIVE p. 22 THE FOURTH PROTOCOL p. 22 am THE KIDS IN THE HALL p 8 BOOYHCAT p. 5 CONSUMING PASSIONS p. 5 ITS AUVE II p. 22 MEATBALLS NIGHT WED AUG 9 7:00 am CHARLOTTE S WEB p.7 8:30 NATURE WATCH "InsideAfrica" p.7 9:00 SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION p. 20 11:00 STAND ANODEUVER p 8 1:00 pm THE RIVER RAT p. 20 2:30 MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 4:00 CHARLOTTE'S WEB p.7 9:30 SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE p. 22 7:00 LITTLE NIKITA (PG 1.37) 9:00 STAND AMD DELIVER p.8 11:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p.8 11:30 SHARKY’S MACHINE p 21 1:30 am PARTY CAMP p.22 3:10 FRIDAY THE 13TH PART VII - THE NEW BLOOO (Rl:28) 4:40 LITTLE NIKITA (PG-1:37) NIGHT-LIGHT THEATER 10:30 12:00 1:49 2:19 4:00 9:09 am PIPPIL0N6ST0CKING p.7 ROCCO’S STAR p.7 LITTLE WOMEN “Running From Hie War" (23) THE CHEAP DETECTIVE p 21 WINNERS TAKE ALL p. 21 pm DIRTY DANCING p 14 SARAH T. - PORTRAIT Of A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC p 20 THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PIPPI LONGSTOCKMG p. 7 A SOLDIER S STORY p. 4 FRANTIC (R-200) WARNING DIETING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH p 17 BORN IN EAST LA. p. 22 DIRTY 0ANCIN6 p 14 am NOT NECESSARILY THE NEWS p. 4 RISKY BUSINESS (R-139) BETTE MIDLER'S WONDO BEYONDO p. 22 HOLCROFT COVENANT p 22 THU AUG 10 9:30 7:30 9:30 11:00 1:00 AUl a Mldn 0 Born 9:00 10:00 12:18 a Die a Bes Seller am ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN p 7 TIC SURVIVAL SERIES p.7 SEABERT Tho Ivocy Hunters" (:24) CHISUM p 20 THE BRIOE p. 21 pm WHY DID JOHNNY KILL? p 22 ’BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED p. 6 TIC SURVIVAL SERIES "Tho lost Roundup ol Hie Elephants’ p.7 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN BOY DETECTIVE p 7 TIC MAN WHO BROKE 1000 CHAINS p 21 BRIGHT LIGHTS. BIG CITY p. 4 DC HARO p. 13 om CONSUMING PASSIONS p 5 THE KOS IN THE HALL p.8 AND THEN YOU D*E p 22 MEATBALLS III p. 21 UNCENSORED CHANNELS p 22 3r AUGUST 11-15 FRI AUG 11 9:30 am THE CHEAP DETECTIVE 0.21 9:00 YOU DON'T HAVE TO DIE p 5 8:30 TOM SAWYER Home Sweel Hjck" (24) 9:00 OVERBOARD p. 7 11:00 ROMAN HOUOAY p 20 1:00 pm NADINE p 21 2:30 THE CHEAP DETECTIVE p. 21 4:00 NATURE WATCH p.7 4:30 BABAR p 6 9:00 FROM EARTH TO MOON p. 7 8:00 OVERBOARD p 7 8:00 WARNING DIETING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p. 17 8:30 Double Foaluro Friday THE UNHOLY p. 11 10:30 DRACULA’S WIDOW p. 21 12:00 THE KIDS IN THE HAIL p. 8 12:30 am FRIDAY THE I3TII PART VII -THE NEW BLOOD (R-l 28) 2:00 BETTE MIDLER p 22 3:09 WORLD GONE WILD p 22 4:40 WARNING: DCTING p 17 9:10 CLINTON ANO NADINE p 21 SUN AUG 13 MON AUG 14 TUE AUG 15 8:40 am FROM EARTH TO MOON p. 7 7:00 am UNCENSORED CHANNELS p 22 8:00 am A FRIEND IN DEED p.7 7:30 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS 7:30 THE SURVIVAL SERIES 8:30 LADY IN WlflTE p.7 PLAY BALL ( 24) The Lotf Roundup of 8:30 TALES OF LIHI F WOMEN 8:00 BABAR Missing Crown” p. 6 theElcpfiants’ p.7 “The Unwelcome Mat ’ ( 23) 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA p.8 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA 9:00 LITTLE NIKITA (PS-137) 9:00 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p 19 The T Volume” p 6 11:00 GHOULIESII p 4 11:00 SARAH T p 20 9:00 ROMAN HOUDAY p 20 12:30 pm SWEET DREAMS p. 20 12:49 pm CARBONCOPY p 20 11:00 ASOLDCR SSTORY p. 4 2:30 ODD JOBS p. 20 2:30 WARNING: DCTING p 17 1:00 pm FIDDLER ON THE ROOF p 20 4:00 HBO FAMILY PLAYHOUSE 3:00 SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST 4:00 PIPPI LONGSTOCKING p 7 WHEN WE FIRST MET p.6 FOR PEACE p. 22 9:49 UN CENSORED CHANNELS p 22 9:00 LADY IN WHITE p. 7 4:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN p.7 8:18 WHO S THAT GIRL p 21 7:00 ANNA p 4 5:30 THREE O'CLOCK HIGH p 21 8:00 BABAR The Phantom” p. 6 9 00 GHOULIES II p. 4 7:00 ■BATTERIES NOT 8:30 NATURE WATCH 10:30 TALES FROM THE CRYPT INCLUDED p 6 "Koko the Chlrnp'' p.7 The Mon Who Was 9:00 Sunday mqm Movie 9:00 JERRY SEINFELD - DootlT ( 30) SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p 19 STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL p. 5 UrOO MIDNIGHT RUN p. 3 11:00 WARNING: DCTING MAY BE 10:00 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 1:10 am PARTY CAMP p. 22 HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p. 17 BOXING Michad Nunn vs. 2:90 BODY HEAT p. 5 11:30 BRIGHT UGHTS. Iran Bartley (LIVE) p 5 4:49 CONSUMING BIG CITY p 4 11:30 THE KiOS IN THE HALL p 8 PASSIONS p.5 1:20 am HEAVEN HELP US p. 21 12:00 DIEHARD p 13 3:10 FEAR p. 22 2:20 am HOLCROFT COVENANT p 22 4:48 THE FOURTH PROTOCOL p. 22 4:19 RED NIGHTS p. 22 The Unholy AUG 12 am A FRIEND IN DEED p.7 CHARLOTTES WEB p.7 THE GATE p 21 000 JOBS p. 20 NATURE WATCH "fnsido Africa" p. 7 pm TIME FUES WHEN YOU’RE AUVE p 22 STAND AND DELIVER p.8 DIRTY DANCING p. 14 MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 THE GATE p. 21 Saturday Night Vovno MIDNIGHT RUN p. 3 STAND AND OEUVER p.8 am FRANTIC (R-2:00) BORN IN EAST LA. p 22 SHARKY’S MACHINE p. 21 11

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Carbon Copy In this comedy, a successful executive finds out he has on llegltlmate teenage son—who happens to be blackl George Segal. Denzel Washington. (ASM)?G-1:31. Aug .4,13,19,23 Fiddler on tho Roof One of the longest-running musicals In Broadway history Is brought to the screen with all its warmth and charm Intact. Topol stars as Tevye. G-2:59. Aug.6,14,29 O Prophecy Industrial pollution Is the villain in this ecological horror story directed by John Frank-enhelmer. (ALV) PG-1.-42. August 16,25,28.31 O Sarah T.-Portrait off a Teenage Alcoholic Unda Blair stars in this moving drama with an important message With Mark Ha mill and Larry Hagman. (AS) 1:36. Aug.3,8,13,18,24,30 Roman Holiday Audrey Hepburn won the 1953 Best Actress Oscar* for this romantic comedy about a princess who foils in love with a news-hungry reporter. B/W; 1:58. Aug.1,11,14,23 Sweet Dreams Jessica Lange stars as Patsy Cline, the woman who Inspired a whole generation of country singers. Ed Harris co-stars. (AS.AL.V) PG-13; 1:55. Aug.2,5,15,24,27,30 Q O Odd Jobs Rve college buddies start their own moving business in this comedy. With Paul Reiser. (AS.AL.MV) PG-13; 1:29. Aug.2,12,15,18,23 Sometimes a Great Notion Paul Newman and Henry Fonda star as two members of a lusty, brawling Oregon logging family. (AL.MV) PG*1:54. August 1,9,18,22 Chisum In this rousing Western, John Wayne soddtes up as John Chisum, one of the most powerful cattlemen in 4870s New Mexico. With Forrest Tucker. Ben Johnson and Christopher George. G-1:51. Aug.5,10,18,21,31 The River Rat Can a 12-year-old girl build a loving relationship with the ex-con father she's never met? lommy Lee Jones and Martha Plimpton (Running on Empty) star. With Brian Dennehy. (ALV) PG-1:29. Aug.4,9,22,26,26 A 20 Itiililiii Who Broke I,000 Chains An HBO Original Movie Movirigdrama about Robert FIillol Burns, the man whose ife inspired the film classic, . Ann a Fugitive From a Chain Gang./ALV) 1:53. Aug.10,16,20,26,31 g O Nadine n 1950s Texas, Kim Basinger is □bout to divorce good or boy Jeff Bridges when some sexy photos and a murder throw them back together. Robert Benton directed this romp. (ALV) PG-1:23. Aug.7, II,20,26,28,31 pie Defense off the Realm A reporter investigates a political sex scandal in this "griity. thought-provoking thriller" (New York Daily News). (MV.BN) PG-1:32. Aug. 19.22,31 21 Dracula's Widow The latest sensation to hit Hollywood Is no starlet. It's the bloodsucking terror's thirsty widow (Sylvia Krlstel)! (AS.V.N) R-1:26. Aug.11,16,21,24,270 The Gete Do you know where the gate to hell is? Glen and Terry dol (ALV)PG'ft; 1:26. Aug.1,7,12,17,20,23 gO The Bride A lush, imaginative version of the Frankenstein story. (V.N) PG-13; 1:59. Aug.4,7.10,16,19,28 g O Meatballs Part II Spend a wild and wacky summer atcamp!/'AS,/U,/PG-1:27. August4,9,12,25,28,31 g Meatballs III A gorgeous ghost coaches an awkward teen In the ways of romance. (ALAH.N)R-\ :30. Aug.4,10,16,20,29 Winners Take All A small-town racer challenges a champ. (AS.AL.BN)PG-te: 1:43. August 5,8,17,20.23.29 Three O'Clock High In this funny teen romp, a nice guy offends a big bully. (AL.V) PG-13; 1:29. Aug.3,7.13.19 O Who's That Girl Madonna stars in this freewheeling ccmedy/Yomance. (AL)PG~1:Z4. Aug.4,6,14,22,26,30 g O Sharky’s Machine A tough Atlanta cop goes after an underworld crime czar In this gritty action movie. Burt Reynolds stars. (ALGV'N) R-1:56. August 9,12,21,310 Heaven Help Us A comedy/drama about coming of age. set in a Catholic boys' high school. With Andrew McCarthy. Karen Wald. (AL.AH.BN) R-1:44. Aug.3,13,19,29 Clinton and Nadine An HBO Original Movie He'sa smuggler, she's a high-class hooker—they're in danger and falling in love! Ellen Barkin. (ASALV) 1:48. Aug.5,11,17,21 go The Cheap Detective Peter Falk stars in Neil Simon’s funny, affectionate look at the classic private eye thrillers of the'30sand 40s.(AL.MV)PG-1:32. August2,8,11,27,30

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AUGUST 21-25 W Prime TiiamThe Best Time on TV MON AUG 21 0:00 on CHtSUM p. 20 8:00 A FRIEND IN DEED p. 7 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA "The U-V Volume" p. 6 9:00 'BAnERCSNOT INCLUDED p 6 11:00 REMEMBER WHEN THE BROS AND THE BEES p.22 12:00 LADY IN WHITE p. 7 2:00 pm SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 4:00 A FRIEND IN OEED p. 7 4:30 SUPERMAN IV p.22 6:00 DIRTY DANCING p 14 8:00 BABAR "Between Ffiends p. 6 8:30 NATURE WATCH'Creatures o(the Polar ice" p 7 9:00 ‘BATTERIES NOT INCLUOED p. 6 11:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p 8 11:30 DRACULA'S WIDOW p 21 1:00 on SHARKYS MACHENE p 21 3:00 CLINTON ANO NADINE p 21 4:50 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 Promised Land Drama of four high school graduates grappling with adulthood. With Jason Gedrick. Kiefer Sutherland, Tracy Pollan. (AS.AL.V) IM:43. Aug.22,27,30 H TUE AUG 22 8:49 om THE NEW ADVENTURES OF P1PPIL0N6ST0CKIN6 p. 7 8:30 TALES OF LITTLE WOMEN "Living With Aunt March~(:23) 9:00 OCFENSE OF THE REALM p21 10:30 SOMETIMES A 6REAT NOTION p. 20 12:30 pm STANO AND OEUVER p 8 2:30 THE RIVER RAT p.20 4:00 THE NEW ADVENTURES OF PIPPI L0N6ST0CKIN6 p.7 6:00 WHO'S THAT GIRL p. 21 8:00 PROMISED LAND p 15 10:00 STAND AND DELIVER p. 8 11:48 BESTSEUER p. 18 1:20 om BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY p. 4 3:10 WORLD GONE WILD p.22 4:45 AND THEN YOU DIE p.22 AUGUST 16-20 WED AUG 16 6:30 an OVERBOARD p.7 8:30 NATURE WATCH "Koko Iho Chimp' p 7 9:00 PROPHECY p.20 11:00 REMEMBER WHEN THE BIRDS AND THE BEES p.22 12:00 DIRTY DANCING p 14 2:00 pm THE MAN WHO BROKE 1.000 CHAINS p. 21 4:00 ROOCO'SSTAR p.7 4:30 YOU DON'T HAVE TO DIE p. 5 5:00 OVERBOARD p 7 7:00 THE BRIDE p. 21 9:00 DIRTY DANCING p 14 11:00 THE KIOS IN THE HALL p. 8 11:30 TIME FLIES WHEN YOU RE ALIVE p 22 1:05 on DRACUUVS WIDOW p 21 2:35 FEAR p.22 4:10 MEATBALLS III p. 21 THU I 6:00 1 7:30 1 6:30 I 9:00 1 11:00 | 11:30 1:30 VvLil 9 2:00 UK 4:00 5:30 7:00 9:00 11:00 11:30 1:15 3:20 3:50 5:35 AUG 17 om SUPERMAN IV THE QUEST FOR PEACE p.22 FROM EARTH TO MOON p.7 SEABERT The Hunters' Bugs (.24) SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 WARNING: DIETING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p 17 WINNERS TAKE All p 21 pm UNCENSORED CHANNELS II: TV AROUND THE WORLD WITH GEORGE PLIMPTON p.22 STANO AND DELIVER p 8 CHARLOTTES WEB p.7 THE GATE p. 21 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 CLINTON ANO NADINE p 21 WARNING. DIETING MAY BE HAZARDOUS TO HEALTH p. 17 STAND ANO DELIVER p. 8 om FRANTIC (R-2 00) THE KIDS IN THE HALL p 8 THE UNHOLY p. 11 THE GATE p. 21 14 3E/4P WED AUG 23 CARBONCOPY p 20 6:00 BABAR 6:00 "Belweon Friends" p. 6 8:30 NATURE WATCH p.7 WINNERS TAKE ALL p. 21 9:00 TAILSPIN p 12 10:30 ROMAN HOLIDAY p.20 12:30 THE GATE p. 21 WHEN WE FIRST MEI p. 6 2:15 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN p.7 4:00 OODJOBS p.20 WARNING: DIETING p. 17 WHITE OF THE EYE p 4 5:00 THE EDGE 7:00 1 Black Pudding" p. 19 9:00 TALES FROM THE CRYPT Only Sin Deep" (:30) 10:30 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 12:05 TAILSPIN BEICND THE 2:15 KOREAN AIRLINER 2:45 TRAGEDY p. 12 RED NIGHTS p.22 4:20 CONSUMING PASSIONS p 5 BORN IN EAST L.A p.22 FRI AUG 25 6:00 om COMING ATTRACTIONS p 22 6:30 STAND AND DEUVER p 8 8:30 TOM SAWYER "The Stowaways" (;24) 9:00 MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 10:30 LADY IN WHITE p.7 12:30 pm PROPHECY p 20 2:15 ANNA p 4 4:00 NATURE WATCH CfOfltUtSS of the Polar ice" p.7 4:30 BABAR Between Fnends p. 6 5:00 YOU DON'T HAVE TO DIE p. 6 5:30 STAND AND DELIVER p. 8 7:30 COMING ATTRACTIONS p 22 8:00 Double Feature Friday DIE HARD p 13 10:15 BESTSELLER p. 18 12:00 HIE KIOS IN THE HALL p 8 12:30 om BODY HEAT p 5 2:25 THE EDGE Block Pudding" p. 19 2:55 PARTY CAMP p.22 4:35 DC HARD p 13 6:30 6:00 8:30 9:00 11:00 12:30 2:30 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:30 8:00 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 1:05 2:40 4:20 om THU AUG 24 om pm pm SWEET DREAMS p. 20 ROCCO SSTAR p.7 SEABERT The Saboteur" (-24) GHOULIESII p. 4 OVERBOARD p.7 SARAH T - PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC p 20 DIRTY DANCING p. 14 THE SURVIVAL SERIES " Iho Last Roundup ol the Elephants ’ p. 7 SWEET OREAMS p. 20 A SOLDIER S STORY p4 VIETNAM WAR STORY THE LAST DAYS p 18 GHOULIESII p 4 MIDNIGHT RUN p. 3 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p 8 ITS ALIVE III: ISLAND OF THE AUVE p.22 ORACULAS WIDOW p 21 SUN AUG 20 FRI AUG 18 CHARLOTTE S WEB p 7 PADDINGTON'S BIRTHDAY BONANZA ( 24) BABAR Tho Phantom'" p. 8 ENCYCLOPEDIA "The T Volume" p 6 OVERBOARD p.7 THE MAN WHO BROKE 1.000 CHAINS p 21 WINNERS TAKE ALL p 21 THE GATE p 21 JERRY SEINFELD -STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL p. 5 NADINE p. 21 OVERBOARD p.7 Sunday Nigft Mono TAILSPIN: BEHIND THE KOREAN AIRUNER TRAGEDY p. 12 THE UNHOLY p. II DIE HARD p. 13 MEATBALLS III p 21 PARTY CAMP p 22 OODJOBS p. 20 TOM SAWYER “Tom Meets His Match" ( 22) SARAH T. - PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC p 20 ’BATTERIES NOT INCLUOED p. 6 TIME FLIES WHEN YOU RE ALIVE p 22 SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION p 20 NATURE WATCH * Chimp p. 7 BABAR "The Phantom p 6 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN p.7 CHiSUM p.20 Double Feature Friday MONIGHTRUN p. 3 BORN IN EAST LA p 22 THE KIOS IN THE HALL p. 8 BRIGHT LIGHTS. BIG CITY p. 4 UP SERVICE p 22 ANO THEN YOU DIE p 22 ITS AUVE Ul p 22 SAT AUG 19 10:30 12:18 2:30 4:05 om pm om 7:00 8:30 9:00 10:45 12:30 4:00 4:30 5

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Not r the News Caddy shack II JACKIE MASON CHEVY CHASE The rich snobs of Bushwood Country Club don't know who they're messing with when they snub rich slob Jackie Mason in this wacky comedy. Pinkies are raised against him when he tries to join, so he buys the Club! (Ai.AH.BN) PG-1:37. August 26,30 qOii Bright Lights, Big City MICHAEL J. FOX KIEFER SUTHERLAND The best-selling novel about life in New York City's glitlery late-night club scene comes alive In "a movie directed with enor* mous style and acted with deep feeling... as entertaining as it is involving" (News-day). (AS.AL.MV) R-1:47. Aug.10,13,18,22,28 p O The new NNTN team of Tom Parks and Annabelle Gur-witch bring you all the news that's fit to air. And some that's not. It’s all hilarious... and dangerously LIVE! look for guest commentators such as Harry Shearer and Merrill Markoe. (AH) :30 Aug.2,4,6,8 p O A Even funnier than today’s headlines! Ghoulies II You can't put a lid on these little devils— they're back for more hijinks in this scarefest! (AS.AL.V) PG-13; 1:30 Aug.15,19,24,27,30 O Anna SALLY KIRKLAND A1987 Best Actress Oscar6 nomination went to Sally Kirkland for her performance in this drama of trust, friendship and betrayal. (AS.AL.BN) PG-13; 1:40. Aug.3,7,15,25 4 White of the Eye DAVID KEITH In this thriller, evidence points to David Keith as a murderer, but his wife doesn't believe it. (AS.ALGV) R-1:51. Aug.23,27 pi i A Soldier’s Story HOWARD E. ROLUNS. JR. Amid the tense racial atmosphere of a WWII Louisiana Army base, a young black officer investigates the murder of a black sergeant. (AL.V) PG-1:41. Aug.8,14,19,24,27 p OBU ■: Tonight, undefeated Michael Nunn defends his IBF middleweight crowhfor the third time as he faces rugged Iran Barkley. Nunn impressively knocked out his last two opponents. But the quick, slippery southpaw must avoid Barkley's devastating right hand. It's a dynamite match-up as the boxer meets the bruiser in this scheduled 12-rounder. £5 SPECIAL MONDAY NIGHT . FIGHT! Consuming Passions Documentary about a boy who survived a bout with cancer and wrote a book about his experiences. :27. Aug.5,11,16,25,31 p Body Heat WILLIAM HURT A steamy, erotic thriller about a smaH-town lawyer and the married woman (Kathleen Turner) who leads him into a web of sex and murder. (ALV.N) R-1:53. Aug.7,15,19,25,30 p Vanessa Redgrave stars in this offbeat comedy about a chocolate maker's "secret" ingredient. (AS.AL) R-1:38. Aug.7,10,15,23 O On Location *: Jerry Seinfeld -Stand-Up Confidential Wearing his Comedy X-Ray Specs, Jerry sees lots of funny things in everyday life that most of us missl :53. Aug.14.20.28 p O 5

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....JPI is p!hh||df^^^j^^^^i^ii ''The bast Soldier" shows the final siege of an American outpost as seen from a North Vietnamese point of view. And In "Dirty Work," employees of the American Embassy face a moral dilemma dur* ing the final evacuation. (ASAL) 1:30. August 19,24,27,30 Q A BEST SELLER A 'fcaptlvating... often mesmerizing psychological thriller" (HollywoodReporter), fueled by two dynamite performances. Brian Den-nehy plays a burnt-out novelist tapped by hit man James Woods to write his story. As they retrace the killer's life, the writer realizes he's on to a tale of murderous corruption. (AL.V.BN) IM:31. August 19,22,25,31 p SHomM Remember that clever, lovable robot, Nunriber Sfjtejancrhjs human bu^|dy4 fen; are now in Neto York; Thieves trick “Five" into-helping in a: gem heist, but the mechanical wonder isn't about to be outsmarted forlongtM£/> PG-1:60. August 13,17.21,26,29 p O B 19

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HJHBO mffii HBO Family Playhouse When We First Met Bittersweet tale of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet. :54. Aug.3,7,15,23,29 Encyclopedia NOW PART OF THE MONDAY PRIME-TIME LINEUP! * batteries net included A couple doesn't stand a chance against the land developer who's trying to evict them. Then tiny spaceships fly Into their apartment and turn on the magicl (ALVJ PG-1:46. Aua.2,10, 13,18,21,26 pOH An HBO and Children s Television Workshop Presentation Fun with words beginning with S through W. such as Solar System, Tutankhamen, UFO, Venus's-flytrap and Walrus. :28. g O $ Volume Aug.7.13 T Volume Aug.14.20 U-V Volume Aug.21,27 W Volume Aug.28 A DsHnajishec1 Productions, me. series. A different episode of a different family series every weekday morning! Now see Bobar every Monday evening! TO DUIT OR NOT TO DUET Can Babar learn to play piano? :23. Aug. 6 THE MISSING CROWN AFFAIR Who stole Baber's crown? :23. Aug. 7,11,13 THE PHANTOM Babar meets a mysterious man In Paris. :23. Aug.14,18.20 BETWEEN FRIENDS Zephlr and Celeste argue. :23V Aug.21,23,25,27 SCHOOL DAYS Babar remembers being picked on by bullies. :23. Aug.28,30 6 Beautiful photography captures animals in rarelyr seen views of their be-, havior and habits. .24. INSIDE AFRICA Amj.7,9.11,12 U KOKO THE CHIMP Aug.14M18.19 Q CREATURES OF THE POLAR \ClAug.21.23,25,27 Q A MASTER OF DISGUISE: THE OCflOPUSAjg28J0Q LADY IN WHITE LUKAS HAAS "An enthralling movie," said The Hollywood /teporter about this chilling suspense film. Lukas Haas plays a boy marked as a child-killer's next victim. (ALV) PG-13; 1:53. Aug.3,6,15,19,21,250 Every Monday evening! Charlotte's Web E.B. White's classic children's story of love and friendship. G-1:30. Aug.1,9,12,17,20 Rocco s Star A moving coming-of-age story with Bill Hufsey. 24. August 3,5,8,16,24 A Friend in Deed Will Billie ever gain the self confidence she longs for? :26. Aug.2,7,12,15,21,30 The Last Roundup of the Elephants The Survival Series Saving elephants from extinction. :44. Aug.2,6,10,14,24 Paddington Goes to School Paddington tries to be a model student on his first day of school. :27. Aug.27 From the Earth to the Moon Jules Verne tale about a 19th-century expedition. :48. Aug.3,11,13,17,31 Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective He solves "The Case of the Missing Time Capsule"! :54. Aug.10,13,18,23,28 Q 11 The New Adventures off Pippi Longstocking The children’s tale about a free-spirited little girl comes io life in this live-action movie. 6-1:41. Aug.2,5,8.14,22 go OVERBOARD GOLDIE HAWN She's rich and rude, he's : cute but crude... this must be lovel Wealthy Goldie is duped Into playing house with blue-collar Kurt Russell and his four unruly sons. fALJPG-1:52. Aug.5, 11,16,20,24,28 go lei 7

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Movies Page 22 And Then You Die 4 Anno 6 'batteries not included (CC)Glel 22 The Believers (CC) 18 BestSeler(CC) 5 Body Heat (CC) 22 Bom in East LA. (CC) 21 The Bride (CC) 4 Bright Lights, Big City (CC) 4 Caddyshack II (CC)oD 21 The Cheap Detective 17 Clean and Sober (CC) 21 Clinton and Nadine (CC) 5 Consuming Passions 21 Defense of the Realm 13 Die Hard (CC) 14 Dirty Dancing (CC) @el 21 Dracula's Widow 22 Fear 22 The Fourth Protocol (CC) 21 The Gate (CC) 4 Ghoulies II 21 Heaven Help Us 22 The Holcroft Covenant 22 It's Alive III 7 Lady in White 21 Meatballs Part II (CC) 21 Meatballs III 3 Midnight Run (CC) del 7 Overboard (CC) @£1 22 Forty Camp 15 Promised Land lei 22 Red Nights 21 Sharky's Machine 19 Short Circuit 2 (CC) 4 A Soldier’s Story (CC) 113 8 Stand and Deliver (CC)H§D 22 Superman IV (CC) 21 Three O'Clock High 11 The Unholy Isl 4 White of the Eye (CC) 21 Who's That Girl (CC) 21 Winners Take All 22 World Gone Wild (CC) Daytime aa HBO 20 Carbon Copy 20 Chisum 20 Fiddler on the Roof 21 Man/1,000 Chains (CC) 21 Nadine (CC) (13 20 Odd Jobs 20 Prophecy 20 The River Rat 20 Roman Holiday 20 Sarah T. 20 Sometimes a Great Notion 20 Sweet Dreams (CC) Original Prag raais 22 Bette Midler (CC) 22 Comic Relief III Part 1 (CC) 19 The Edge (CC) 22 HBO Coming Attractions 5 Jerry Seinfeld (CC) 8 The Kids in the Hall (CC) 22 Up Service (CC) 4 Not Necessarily the News (CC) 22 Remember When 12 Tailspin: Behind the Korean Airliner Trogedy (CC) 22 Time Ries/Alive (CC) 22 Uncensored Channels II 18 Vietnam War Story: The Last Days (CC) 17 Warning: Dieting (CC) 22 Why Did Johnny KiH? (CC) 5 You Don't Have to Die (CC) Family 6 HBO Family Shows Sports 5 Championship Boxing: Nunn vs. Barkley Limited Plays* Frantic (CC) A [13-8/2.4.8,12.17 Friday the 13th VII (CC)-8/6.9,ll Little Nikita (CC) I^D-8/ Poltergeist III (CC) A-8/1.4 Risky Business (CC) (lel-8/2,5,8 School Daze (CC) A-8/1 Tales/Crypt (CC) A-8/15.23.30 ’In most CQM6 Hinted playsao dascticod n Iasi month* auid* (CC) inttcatm pogroms Hid aie doiedccptkirHd. /V ndKtfm ptopoms m amo. (KolaM* |&p| imcon piogiamn on ovjicftol. flonoe liiesen divxic biK nj. wtarewoMaM Ptitfo C'oOilc Com ~Wa>g& Run- lUMcnd/Sygma top » IlmiifiVvi/UI. 01 Comsfcc* Inc. Rum 12-btttpni (UXkgtound $1»ot>: Wumpp/ Ifnaao Bark tag* 73-Own* Aw llo-iy Lingdon Pleeie Note: Wonti ol ctiuton rxitiitKl ImAjibho lalingi havfl toon adliw.alwl At MU! situations OV UiophK violence Al AAinion^jngo N llutfty AH AM miTor BN luwl nudily V VMMi SC !>i*IMawCapli(W(Mluii RigtfMM sorrtco rcork cfilie Ha'.ona Coptonng Inanm UeedwWpwmeeon Spoi.ni Uccodot needed Ottm ond Acedwei Award ere rtga^ed tiodemofts and mmm mans of me Aeotfery e* Mo*on Pdire Am and ScMkc es HBO roservos tie rgnt *o mefc* o scr*cule cftnge v pngwn MMMHion wilMul note* S«ntc« reception and t»R«g i*«)jr«s can M nimi «o only ttj iqui local coN&compnry oi IIBOoKlllor* Home Boi Oil*1* H30 and On looofton am l«Kli*n-or»s one sonricd mails c/ Homo Bo> 0HBO Guiee is pubttfted monnly tv ium Bm Otrca Inc 1100 Avenue ol tt.i Amoilt Um to*. Me» tot 10036. E Ihoyer fcgalow. llevdrl; Jonrof L B»i*i Suno- VI* • ••*»■<• «•! R»fl30tl.J‘wS0CW0iy ©1989 Home Bpi Often kv: At m|i it immrmt rTHE BEST MOVIES [ARE ON HBO. ROBERT I® NIRO One's a tough bounty hunter, the other's a nerdy accountant on the lam . In one of the "most entertaining.., road pictures (Variety), DeNiro is trying toget embezzler Grodln from N .Y. to California. But CHARLES GRODIN mobsters, the FBI and a rival tracker are out to stop him. Scrambling firom trains to planes to buses, the duo scatter laughs and action from coast to coast. (ALM) R*2:07. Aug.2,12,15,18,24,28 Q Ol

HBO Guide August 1989 - Page section : 007

THE INSIDE STOW’ TWO GOVERNMENTS WERE AFRAID TO TELL. In August 1983, Korean Airlines Flight 007 was shot down over Soviet airspace. Everyone aboard—269 Innocent people—was killed. Did the Soviet military make a tragic error, or was It a deliberate, brutal attack? Extensively researched, this chillingly real HBO Original Movie takes us inside Washington's corridors of power to probe the extraordinary truth behind the most serious threat to world peace since the 1962 Cuban missile crisis. 1:30. August 20,23,26,29,31 Q O [tried I I and hat faJ [isbasj tracki MOVIES gffmmrd ^rmrrrrfi fyr'Ti 113 r mi Wwmiii prfrrrrou; mVtritmS j^tugg If you're ready for V 1 "... a shattering, knock- your-socks*off movie” (The imift Hollywood Reporter), then . you’re ready for this hH suspense thrMler. Bruce Willis plays McClane, a tough cop trapped inside a Los Angeles skyscraper where terrorists have taken his estranged wife and her colleagues hostage. IT?J Armed with only a revolver and his own cunning, McClane launches an all*out assault, mowing the terrorists down one by one. With Bonnie Bedella, Hart Bochner. (AL.V.BN) R-2:12. August 1,5,10,14,20,25 g O

HBO Guide August 1989 - Page section : 009

AUGUST 26-31 SAT AUG 26 SUN AUG 27 MON AUG 28 7:00 om THE RIVER RAT p 20 7:00 am COMING ATTRACTIONS p 22 8:00 am NADINE p. 21 8:30 CADDYSHACX II p. 4 7:30 PAOOINGTON GOES 7:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN p. 7 10:30 NADINE p. 21 TO SCHOOL p 7 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA 12:00 TAILSPIN BEHIND THE 8:00 BABAR “The W Volume" p. 6 KOREAN AIRLINER Between Friends p 6 9:00 THE BRIDE p. 21 TRAGEDY p 12 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA 11:00 PROPHECY p. 20 1:30 pm THE MAN WHO BROKE The UV Volume' p6 1:00 pm OVERBOARD p. 7 1.000 CHAINS p. 21 9:00 DIRTY DANCING p 14 3:00 JERRY SEINFELD - 3:30 •BATTERIES NOT 11:00 THE CHEAP DETECTIVE p 21 STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL p. 5 INCLUOED p. 6 12:30 pm NATURE WATCH “Creatures 4:00 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN 5:15 WHO'S THAT GIRL p 21 of the Polar Ice" p. 7 BOY DETECTIVE p. 7 7:00 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 1:00 6H0UUESII p. 4 5:00 THE RIVER RAT p. 20 9:00 Saturday Night Movio 2:30 HBO SEPTEMBER 6:30 MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 CADDYSHACX II p. 4 COMING ATTRACHONS p 22 8:00 BABAR "School Days' p 6 11:00 THE EDGE 3:00 A SOLDIER S STORY p. 4 5:30 NATURE WATCH Block Pudding' p. 19 5:00 SWEET DREAMS p 20 ~A Master of Disguise 11:30 THE UNHOLY p. 11 7:00 DIRTY DANCING p. 14 Tho Octopus" p 7 1:15 om TAILSPIN; BEHIND THE 9:00 Sunday Nlgtil Movie 9:00 OVERBOARD p. 7 KOREAN AIRLINER CLEAN AND SOBER p. 17 11:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p 8 TRAGEDY p 12 11:05 VIETNAM WAR STORY 11:30 BORN IN EAST LA p 22 2:45 COMIC RELIEF III THE LAST DAYS p. 18 1:00 om MIDNIGHT RUN p. 3 HIGHLIGHTS-PARTI p. 22 12:35 am PROMISED LAND p. 15 3:10 BRIGHT LIGHTS. 4:45 THE BELIEVERS p. 22 2:20 DRACULA'S WIOOW p 21 BiGcmr p 4 3:50 WHITE OF THE EYE p. 4 5:00 WORLD GONE WILD p. 22 TUE AUG 29 WED AUG 30 rHU AUG 31 6:35 om SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p 19 8:00 om CADOYSHACK II p. 4 8:30 am MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 8:30 TALES OF LITTLE WOMEN 8:00 BABAR School Days p 6 8:00 YOU DON T HAVE TO DC p. 5 "Nice Wort 11 You 8:30 NATURE WATCH 8:30 SEABERT leopard Can Golf (;23) "The Octopus" p. 7 Smugglers' ( 23) 9:00 TAILSPIN BEHIND THE 9:00 SWEET DREAMS p. 20 9:00 NADINE p. 21 KOREAN AIRLINER 11:00 WHO'S THAT GIRL p 21 10:30 THE MAN WHO BROKE TRAGEDY p 12 12:45 pm THE CHEAP DETECTIVE p. 21 1.000 CHAINS p. 21 10:30 UNCENSORED CHANNELS p. 22 2:30 GHOUUESII p. 4 12:30 pm DEFENSE OF THE REALM p. 21 11:00 FIDDLER ON THE ROOF p 20 4:00 A FRIEND IN DEED p. 7 2:00 CHISUM p 20 2:00 pm COWING ATTRACTIONS p 22 4:30 SARAH T - PORTRAIT OF 4:00 FROM THE EARTH 2:30 SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC p. 20 TO THE MOON p 7 FOR PEACE p. 22 8:15 CADOYSHACK 1 p. 4 5:00 PROPHECY p. 20 4:00 WHEN WE FIRST MET p 6 8:00 THE BELIEVERS p. 22 7:00 HBO SEPTEMBER 5:00 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 10:00 THE EDGE COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 22 7:00 WINNERS TAKE ALL p 21 'Piolosslanal Man' p. 19 7:30 MEATBALLS PART II p 21 9:00 TAILSPIN BOUND THE 10:30 TALES FROM THE CRYPT 9:00 CLEAN AND SOBER p. 17 KOREAN AIRLINER Loter Come Hock 11:05 BEST SEILER p 18 TRAGEDY p. 12 to Me- ( 30) 12:40 am TAILSPIN BEHIND THE 10:30 THE EDGE 11:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 KOREAN AIRLINER Block Ptiddng ' p. 19 11:30 VIETNAM WAR STORY: TRAGEDY p. 12 11:00 ir$ ALIVE 111 p. 22 THE LAST DAYS p. 18 2:10 THE KIDS IN THE HALL Q. 8 12:35 om MEATBALLS III p. 21 1:00 am THE UNHOLY p II 2:40 SHARKY S MACHINE p 21 2:10 THE FOURTH PROTOCOL p 22 2:45 PROMISED LAND p 15 4:40 UP SERVICE p 22 4:15 HEAVEN HELP US p21 4:30 BODY HEAT p. 5 16 3E/4P CLEAN SOBER AND MICHAEL KEATON KATHY BAKER Comedian Michael Keaton (Beeilejuiee) reveals astonishing depth as a dramatic actor In this critically-acclaimed story of drug addiction and redemption. Keaton is "... mos1 deserving of applause, for his gutty performance" (Hollywood Reporter) as Daryl Poynter, a hotshot real-estate agent who embezzles money to feed his cocaine habit. To escape his problems. Poynter checks Into a rehab center and begins a searing, painful journey of recovery and self-discovery. With Morgan Freeman (Lean on Me), fAS.AL) R-2:04, Aug.27,31 g O P M ill nsui Bill WARNING: D IE! IN 6 PRESENTS MAY BE HAZARDOUS 10 YOUR HEALTH ■ Are liquid diets safe ■ Are diet pills dangerous ■ What are the best and worst diets ■ The truth about diet foods. ■ How overweight are you 9 What diet remedies are too good to be true? 1 August 8,11,13,17,19.23 p :3d 17

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