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The Blues Brothers 01981 Walt Disney Production No Deposit, No Return MOVIES . .And Justice For AH”___________ The Awakening_____________________ Battle Beyond the Stars___________ Being There___________________ Black Beauty______________________ The Blues Brothers________________ Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown_________ Bronco Billy______________________ Buckstone County Prison___________ Caddyshack________________________ Coal Miner's Daughter_____________ Davy Crockett_____________________ Fame______________________________ The First Deadly Sin______________ Fistful of Dynamite_______________ Gloria____________________________ The Godfather Part II_____________ The Goofy Sports Story____________ Grand Theft Auto__________________ The Great Santini_________________ The Hearse________________________ Honeysuckle Rose_________________ The Hunter________________________ Midway___________________________ No Deposit, No Return____________ Oh, God! Book II_________________ The Outlaw Josey Wales____________ Patrick__________________________ Raise The Titanic________________ There Goes the Bride_____________ Three Tales Dark and Dangerous Tom Horn_________________________ Touched by Love__________________ Wifemistress_____________________ Without Warning__________________ SRO: Red Skelton Month _ Page 7 _Page 22 _Page 17 _ Page 13 _Page 19 _ Page 8 .. _ Page 12 _ Page 5 _ Page 17 _ Page 20 V _ Page 6 _ Page 19 .. Page 5 _ Page 9 _ Page 18 _ Page 18 _ Page 12 _ Page 12 _ Page 15 _ Page 4 _ Page 15 _ Page 21 _ Page 17 _ Page 14 _ Page 9 _ Page 11 _ Page 7 _ Page 17 _ Page 19 _ Page 22 _ Page 19 _ Page 17 _ Page 15 _ Page 6 _ Page 10 on HBO Cover photo (Peter Sellers): Schroeder/Sygma The HBO guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, NY 10020. J.O. Heyworth, President; Kevin D. Senie, Treasurer; Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary. Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, On Location, HBO, SRO, are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services, Time & Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable company or HBO affiliate. © 1981 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. Page 14 Page 17 Page 19 Page 17 Page 5 Page 22 Page 11 Page 14 Page 13 Page 6 Page 21 Page 16 Page 11 Page 10 Page 7 Aug. 1 Aug. 1 Aug. 4 Aug. 27 Aug. 1 SPECIALS The Beach Boys In Concert________________ Burlesque USA____________________________ Consenting Adults________________________ The Doobie Brothers In Concert___________ Hallelujah Hollywood Standing Room Only HBO Sneak Preview for September__________ Kamikaze Mission of Death________________ Missing Persons Dead or Alive?___________ Red Skelton and Marcel Marceau SRO_______ Remember When It'll Never Fly____________ So You Wanna Be A Star?__________________ The Unexpurgated Benny Hill______________ The World’s Greatest Escapes_____________ SPORTS National Collegiate Boxing Association Finals_____________________ Race for the Pennant_____________________ SINGLE PLAYS Alien____________________________________ American Graffiti________________________ George Jones with a little help from his friends The Godfather_________________________________ Smokey and the Bandit II_______________________

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There Goes the Bride Tom Smothers Twiggy Tim Westerby isn’t losing his daughter; he’s losing his mind. Seeing an imaginary dream girl everywhere, the nervous ad executive creates chaos on the big wedding day. Tom Smothers (of the brothers) stars as father of the bride. Famed model Twiggy plays the lady of his dreams. Adult language and humor, violence. (PG-1:27) August 31 Mon Aug 31 5:00 DAVY CROCKETT INDIAN FIGHTER Blazing frontier (:47) p. 19 6:00 DAVY CROCKETT GOES TO CONGRESS Drafted to sen/e (:48) p. 19 7:00 DAVY CROCKETT AT THE ALAMO (:48) p. 19 8:00 THERE GOES THE BRIDE See page 22 (PG-1:27) 9:30 HUNTER (PG-1:37) p. 17 11:30 BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (PG-1:43) p. 17 1:15 THE FIRST DEADLY SIN (R-1:52) p.9 22 The Awakening Charlton Heston A long dead horror is reborn when archaeologist Charlton Heston unlocks the lost crypt of an evil Egyptian queen. Susannah York and Stephanie Zimbalist co-star in this occult tale about a father and daughter caught in an incestuous web of ancient terror. Adult situations and language, graphic violence. (R-1:45) August 3,7,12,23 HBO Sneak Preview for September Starring Stiller and Meara Curious to know what’s coming on HBO? Let Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara give you the advance info on the movies, the sports and the specials—along with clips and quips. It’s fun having fun hearing all about next month’s fun. August 27,30 .Coming in September SATURDAY, 5 2:30 THE TITANIC p. 19 4:30 RED SKELTON p.13 5:30 BRIDE p.22 7:00 SNEAK PREVIEW p.22 7:30 CAT FROM OUTER SPACE (G-1:58) 9:30 HONEYSUCKLE p.21 11:30 BLAZING SADDLES 1:05 BRIDE p.22 2:35 BURLESQUE USA p. 17 23 Neil Simon’s Seems Like Old Times Goldie Hawn Chevy Chase Charles Grodin SEPTEMBER 1-5 TUESDAY, 1 5:00 TOUCHED p. 15 6:30 MISSING PERSON p. 14 7:30 PENNANT RACE p.7 8:00 DYNAMITE p. 18 10:30 SNEAK PREVIEW p.22 11:00 HONEYSUCKLE p.21 1:00 PENNANT RACE p 7 1:30 GRAND THEFT p.15 WEDNESDAY, 2 5:00 BLACK BEAUTY p. 19 7:00 RED SKELTON p. 13 8:00 BLAZING SADDLES 9:30 PENNANT RACE p.7 10:00 BLUES BROTHERS p.8 12:15 GLORIA p.18 THURSDAY, 3 5:00 DAVY CROCKETT p. 19 6:00 SNEAK PREVIEW p.22 6:30 BE A STAR? p.21 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL 8:30 CADDYSHACK p.20 10:15 BEING THERE p.13 12:30 INSIDE THE NFL 1:30 BENNY HILL p.16 FRIDAY, 4 6:00 MISSING PERSON p. 14 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL 8:00 COAST TO COAST Romantic comedy (PG-1:34) 10:00 THE HUNTER p. 17 11:45 BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS p. 17 1:30 DYNAMITE p. 18 3:50 Candid CAMERA

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Robert Duvall Blythe Danner A tough, rowdy Marine pilot and his sensitive, strong-willed son spark fireworks in this conflict of generations. Robert Duvall (Academy Award nominee for Best Actor) is brilliant as the maverick flier caught in a lull between wars. His daredevil skills are matched by ground battles with the brass and his family. Blythe Danner is superb as his adoring wife. Michael O’Keefe co-stars. Adult situations, profanity. (PG-1:55) August 1,5,9,13,23 3:30 AMERICAN GRAFFITI* '60s teen saga (PG-1:52) 5:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR AUGUST 6:00 SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT II* Burt Reynolds (PG-1:41) 8:00 THE GREAT SANTINI See page 4 (PG-1:55) 10:00 ALIEN* Sci-fi shocker (R-1:57) 12:00 AMERICAN GRAFFITI* Ron Howard (PG-1:52) 1:55 HBO Late Night: BUCKSTONE COUNTY PRISON (R-1:27) p. 17 * Only Play Date. 4 3:00 MIDWAY WWII battle (PG-2:11) p.14 5:30 THE BEACH BOYS IN CONCERT Including “California Girls" and “I Get Around" (:55) p. 14 6:30 BON VOYAGE, CHARLIE BROWN The “Peanuts" gang heads off to Europe (G-1:16) p. 12 8:00 FAME See page5(R-2:14) 10:15 MIDWAY Henry Fonda (PG-2:11) p. 14 12:30 CONSENTING ADULTS Documentary exploring the freedom of sexual choice 039) p. 19 Irene Cara Talented youngsters set their sights on big-time show biz in a dazzling musical happening. This absorbing drama focuses on eight New York high schoolers—dancers, singers, musicians, comics. Irene Cara and Anne Meara team with exciting newcomers. Oscars for the title song and original score. “Bursting with fresh faces, style and energy” (Newsweek) Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (R-2:14) August 2,6,11,14,19,22,24 HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD Standing Room Oniy. The glamour of yesterday’s movie musicals joins today’s most lavish Las Vegas floor show. Filled with music, dancing and gorgeous women with (and without) fabulous costumes. Gene Kelly hosts a program that includes clips from those magnificent MGM musicals. Nudity, aduit entertainment. (:55) August 3,8,14,19 Bronco Billy Clint Eastwood Meet the trick-shooting, trick-riding star of his own Wild West show—Bronco Billy! Here’s a movie with a different, charming kind of role for Clint Eastwood. Trouble starts when Sondra Locke joins this ragtag circus. “Eastwood’s most enjoyable film in years” (Chicago Tribune) Aduit situations and language. (PG-1:56) August 3,7,12,15,18 5

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Wifemistress The international beauty of the ’80s in an intriguing drama of 1900s Italy. Sexy Laura Antonelli and Marcello Mastroianni s\ar. Adult situations, nudity. (Dubbed; subtitled. See schedule. R-1:38) August 6,11 Mon Aug 3 5:30 BRONCO BILLY Western carnival (PG-1:56) p.5 7:30 KAMIKAZE: MISSION OF DEATH Suicide flights examined, p. 11 8:00 REMEMBER WHEN: IT’LL NEVER FLY See page 6. 9:00 BRONCO BILLY Sondra Locke (PG-1:56) p.5 11:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR AUGUST 11:30 HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD (:55) p.5 12:30 THE AWAKENING Ancient evil (R-1:45) p.22 Tues Aug 4 6:00 GEORGE JONES: WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS* 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT See page 7. 8:00 COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER Singer’s triumph (PG-2:04) p.6 10:15 OH, GOD! BOOK II Charming Deity (PG-1.35) p. 11 11:50 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 12:20 "...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” (R-1:59) p.7 * Only Play Date. Coal Miner’s Daughter Sissy Spacek earned the Best Actress Oscar for her spirited portrayal of a dirt-poor mountain girl’s rise to singing fame. Co-starring Tommy Lee Jones. Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-2:04) August 4,8 Wed Aug 5 5:00 THE GOOFY SPORTS STORY Olympic confusion (G-:47) p. 12 6:00 THE GREAT SANTINI Unbending father (PG-1:55) p.4 8:00 THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES See page 7 (PG-2:16) 10:15 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Repeat of Tuesday show, p.7 11:00 THE GREAT SANTINI Maverick Marine (PG-1:55) p.4 1:00 CONSENTING ADULTS Sexual choices (:39) p. 19 ] “...And Justice For All Al Pacino There are still a few lawyers who believe in guilt and innocence. Al Pacino is brilliant in his Oscar-nominated performance as an attorney who fights the system. Comedy alternates with high drama in this look at the complexities and corruption of American justice. Adult situations, profanity, nudity. (R-1:59) August 4,6,8,16 Thurs Aug 6 6:00 DAVY CROCKETT GOES TO CONGRESS On a special mission (:48) p. 19 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN: IT’LL NEVER FLY Inventions—good and bad. p.6 8:00 "...AND JUSTICE FOR ALL Is this justice? (R-1:59) p.7 10:00 FAME Future stars (R-2:14) p.5 12:15 THE HEARSE Rolling chiller (PG-1:40) p.15 1:55 WIFEMISTRESS Sensuous drama of 1900s Italy (Dubbed-R-1:38) p.6 As the weather heats up, so do the scrambles for first place. Hosts Barry Tompkins and former catcher Tim McCarver put each week’s action into perspective with clips of dazzling fielding, brilliant pitching, all the important plays and interviews with those you want to hear from. A new update each week! August 4,5; 11,12; 18,19;25,26 The Outlaw Josey Wales Clint Eastwood Director and star Clint Eastwood heads west as a farmer-turned-outlaw. He’s out to avenge the destruction of his family and farm in this post-Civil War western. “Absorbing, lusty, gutsy, action-filled adventure” (L.A. Times) Violence, rape, nudity. (PG-2:16) August 5,9,18,22 7 IT’LL NEVER FLY The Story of American Inventors f Dick Cavett hosts HBO’s exclusive series exploring our national identity. The story of inventors who changed the face of America and inventions that revolutionized our life—as well as the gizmos that failed to find any practical use (an automatic hat tipper?). Featured are Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers and other giants. August 3,6,9,14,17,22 I RACE FOR THE I

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Rodney Dangerfield Bill Murray Chevy Chase Ted Knight Four oddballs tee off in this raucous comedy about life at a way-out country club. Resident playboy Chevy Chase, boorish millionaire Rodney Dangerfield, demented greens-keeper Bill Murray and pompous club president Ted Knight cause nonstop mayhem as the slobs take on the snobs. Adult humor, profanity, nudity. (R-1:38) August 30 Fri Aug 28 Sat Aug 29 Sun Aug 30 5:00 DAVY CROCKETT AT THE ALAMO (:48) p. 19 6:00 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN Kids have a wild plan for their vacation (G-1:58) p.9 8:00 RED SKELTON'S MORE FUNNY FACES Historic pairing of talent, p. 13 9:00 HONEYSUCKLE ROSE See page 21 (PG-2:00) 11:00 THE GODFATHER PART II Diane Keaton (R-3:24) p. 12 2:30 HBO Late Night: TOM HORN Western legend comes to end of his trail (R-1:37) p. 17 3:00 FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE Rod Steiger (PG-2:16) p. 18 5:30 ESCAPES ( 52) p. 11 6:30 GRAND THEFT AUTO Road excitement (PG-1:24) p. 15 8:00 SO YOU WANNA BE A STAR See page 21. 9:00 GLORIA Gangland drama (PG-2:01) p.18 11:00 BLUES BROTHERS Comic mission (R-2:13) p.8 1:15 GRAND THEFT AUTO Bang-up chase (PG-1:24) p. 15 2:45 HBO Late Night: DOOBIE BROTHERS IN CONCERT (:57) p. 17 3:00 BEING THERE Peter Sellers (PG-2:09) p. 13 5:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER Starring Stiller and Meara. p.22 6:00 RAISE THE TITANIC Sea adventure (PG-1:54) p.19 8:00 CADDYSHACK See page 20 (R-1:38) 10:00 THE UNEXPURGATED BENNY HILL Popular English funnyman doing his uncensored routines, p. 16 11:00 BEING THERE Sly comedy about power, politics and TV (PG-2:09) p. 13 1:15 WITHOUT WARNING Terrifying shocker (R-1:36) p. 10 20 Honeysuckle Rose Willie Nelson Dyan Cannon Torn between two different women, an adored country singer (Willie Nelson) faces a private dilemma. Dyan Cannon, as his wife, and Amy Irving, an aspiring guitarist, complete the triangle. With a great country sound track. Aduit situations and language. (PG-2:00) August 28 21 specialA What does it take to get to the top? This exclusive HBO documentary shows you the true story of five aspiring young performers and their determination to “make it” in the world of entertainment. Valerie Lee, a dancer-sing-er-actress trying to succeed on Broadway; Larry Miller, a young comedian; Charly McClain, a country western singer; Zora Rasmussen, J ^ a nightclub performer, and Rocky Bauer, a young actor. Can they make it? Will they rise to stardom? An inspir- 1 ing and moving look at the world of “Show Biz. August 29

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John Belushi Dan Aykroyd James Brown Ray Charles Aretha Franklin The Blues Brothers A blend of outrageous humor, fast action and the music of four decades explodes into spectacular comedy. Zanies John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd play a couple of madcaps determined to reassemble their once great rhythm-and-blues band against all odds. Features Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and James Brown. Carrie Fisher (The Empire Strikes Back) plays a Mystery Woman out for no good. Profanity. (R-2:13) August 9,13,17,21,25,29 Fri Aug 7 5:00 6:00 Sat Aug 8 DAVY CROCKETT AT THE ALAMO (:48) p. 19 BON VOYAGE, CHARLIE BROWN "Peanuts” gang (G-1:16) p. 12 7:30 KAMIKAZE p. 11 8:00 THE FIRST DEADLY SIN See page 9 (R-1:52) 10:00 THE AWAKENING Egyptian horror (R-1:45) p.22 11:45 BRONCO BILLY Modern cowboy (PG-1:56) p.5 1:45 THE BEACH BOYS IN CONCERT (:55) p. 14 2:45 HBO Late Night: PATRICK Bizarre patient (PG-1:32) p. 17 3:00 MIDWAY Naval crusade (PG-2:11) p. 14 5:30 OH, GOD! BOOK II Fantasy fun (PG-1:35) p. 11 7:30 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN See page 9 (G-1:58) 9:30 COAL MINER’S DAUGHTER Sissy Spacek (PG-2:04) p.6 11:45 "...ANDJUSTICE FOR ALL Lawyer's battles (R-1:59) p.7 1:45 HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD (:55) p.5 2:40 HBO Late Night: TOM HORN Gunfighter’s end (R-1:37) p. 17 Sun Aug 9 2:30 THE HEARSE Unseen forces in a remote country house (PG-1:40) p. 15 4:30 REMEMBER WHEN: IT'LL NEVER FLY Meet the inventor greats, p.6 5:30 THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES Hard action on dangerous Western frontier (PG-2:16) p.7 8:00 THE BLUES BROTHERS See page 8 (R-2:13) 10:15 THE GREAT SANTINI Robert Duvall (PG-1:55) p.4 12:15 THE HEARSE Past haunts the present in a supernatural tale (PG-1:40) p. 15 8 T9ffrwaltTSTS7^6d7£to The First Deadly Sin Frank Sinatra Faye Dunaway Only weeks before his retirement, a hard-boiled detective discovers a pattern in a string of grim and mystifying ax murders. Frank Sinatra stars as the embittered but dedicated NYC police sergeant. Faye Dunaway co-stars as his ailing wife. Authentic big city crime-fighting atmosphere as the cop tries to crack the case. “Excellent cast... Sinatra is tough and credible.” (N. Y. Times) Adult situations and language, violence. (R-1:52) August 7,11,15,19,23,31 David Niven Plotting a daring vacation caper all on their own, two kids and their pet skunk create big headaches for the grown-ups—like rich grandfather David Niven. It’s fast, furious fun with plenty of suspense. Darren McGavin, Don Knotts, as over-the-hill safecrackers, co-star. (G-1:58) August 8,12,16,20,24,28 9

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Fri Aug 14 Sat Aug 15 Sun Aug 16 5:30 THREE TALES DARK AND DANGEROUS Children’s fantasy (1:24) p. 19 7:00 REMEMBER WHEN: IT’LL NEVER FLY With host Dick Cavett. p.6 8:00 BEING THERE See page 13 (PG-2:09) 10:15 FAME Aspiring performers (R-2:14) p,5 12:30 HALLELUJAH HOLLYWOOD Girls, glitter and wow! (:55) p.5 1:30 RAISE THE TITANIC Salvage mission (PG-1:54) p.19 3:30 HBO Late Night: DOOBIE BROTHERS IN CONCERT (:57) p. 17 2:30 BRONCO BILLY Trick-shot pro (PG-1:56) p.5 4:30 THE HEARSE Past returns (PG-1:40) p. 15 6:30 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE BOXING ASSOCIATION FINALS Sugar Ray Leonard hosts, p. 10 8:00 THE GODFATHER PART II See page 12 (R-3:24) 11:30 THE FIRST DEADLY SIN (R-1:52) p.9 1:25 BRONCO BILLY Clint Eastwood (PG-1:56) p.5 3:25 HBO Late Night: BURLESQUE USA Saucy striptease (1:27) p. 17 3:30 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN Disney fun (G-1:58) p.9 5:30 KAMIKAZE: MISSION OF DEATH p. 11 6:00 OH, GOD! BOOK II Earth bound (PG-1:35) p.11 8:00 RED SKELTON’S MORE FUNNY FACES Starring Marcel Marceau. SRO. See page 13. 9:00 .. AND JUSTICE FOR ALL Al Pacino (R-1:59) p.7 11:00 WORLD’S GREATEST ESCAPES (:52) p. 11 12:00 OH, GOD! BOOK II George Burns (PG-1:35) p. 11 The “Peanuts” gang, on their first overseas trip, find fun and mystery in a spooky chateau. Charlie Brown may be an innocent abroad, but debonair Snoopy quickly catches on to continental customs. (G-1:16) August 2,7 A brilliant companion to one of the most popular movies of all time as Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) assumes the Godfather’s great power. Flashing back and forth over decades, this riveting story chronicles three generations of a crime family. Winner of six Oscars, including Best Picture and Supporting Actor (Robert De Niro). Adult situations, profanity, graphic violence. (R-3:24) August 15,20,25,28 Walt Disney’s The Goofy Sports Story Cartoon favorite Goofy learns the history of the Olympics the hard way—giving hilarious demonstrations of the events and making a disastrous run with the torch. (G-:47) August 5,10 Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (And Don’t Come Back!) 12 Standing Room Only: Red Skelton's More Funny Starring Marcel Marceau Faces A truly special HBO event unites the world’s greatest masters of mime. America’s best loved clown performs many of his classic routines and is joined by the French mime genius who has become a great favorite with American audiences. Highlights include Red’s Freddie the Freeloader and Marcel’s classic Bip, the sad-faced clown. Two living legends in a memorable meeting. August 16,20,24,28 Being There Peter Sellers Shirley MacLaine Melvyn Schroeder/Sygma. Delightful and engrossing, this sly comedy about a simple gardener who stumbles into a life among the rich and powerful is an on-target satire of politics, success and TV. In an Oscar-nominated performance, Peter Sellers is a soft-spoken illiterate who becomes a confidant of the U.S. President. Melvyn Douglas, in an Oscar-winning role, and Shirley MacLaine co-star. “Exquisitely funny film” (LA Times) Adult situations, language and humor. (PG-2:09) August 14,17,22,26,30 13

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. '-N SPORTS SPECIAL Without Warning Jack Palance Martin Landau What happens when aliens threaten to turn Earth into their private game preserve? In a sci-fi shocker, the humanoids unleash deadly weapons—not only lethal but alive. Jack Palance, Martin Landau face the terror head-on. Adult situations, graphic violence. (R-1:36)August 10,13,18,21,30 National Collegiate Boxing Association Finals For over 60 years collegians have put down their books long enough to put up their dukes—and now the current best will slug away for the U.S. title in 12 weight classes. There’ll be one pro at ringside—HBO commentator and WBC welterweight champ, Sugar Ray Leonard! August 12,15 Mon Aug 10 5:30 THE GOOFY SPORTS STORY Disney antics (G-:47) p. 12 6:30 THREE TALES DARK AND DANGEROUS Fun mysteries (1:24) p. 19 8:00 OH, GOD! BOOK II Twinkling comedy from the heavens above (PG-1:35) p. 11 10:00 RAISE THE TITANIC Big boat epic (PG-1:54) p. 19 12:00 CONSENTING ADULTS Sexual lifestyles (:39) p. 19 12:45 WITHOUT WARNING Ominous intruder (R-1:36) p.10 10 Tues Aug 11 5:30 BLACK BEAUTY Horse tale (G-1:46) p. 19 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Weekly baseball highlights, p.7 8:00 KAMIKAZE: MISSION OF DEATH p. 11 8:30 THE FIRST DEADLY SIN Killer stalked (R-1:52) p.9 10:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 11:00 FAME Talent explosion (R-2:14) p.5 1:15 WIFEMISTRESS (Subtitled-R-1:38) p.6 Wed Aug 12 5:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Repeat of Tuesday show, p.7 5:30 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN Disney escapades (G-1:58) p.9 7:30 MIDWAY Robert Mitchum (PG-2:11) p. 14 10:00 NATIONAL COLLEGIATE BOXING ASSOCIATION FINALS Seepage 10. 11:30 BRONCO BILLY Ragtag troupe (PG-1:56) p.5 1:30 THE AWAKENING Crypt horror (R-1:45) p.22 Oh,God! Book II George Burns George Burns again drops down from the heavens as the twinkling “Deity” ready to add a little reason to a sometimes unreasonable world. David Birney and Suzanne Pleshette play the parents of a cute youngster whom he charms into his service. Adult humor. (PG-1:35) August 4,8,10,16,20 Thurs Aug 13 5:30 BLACK BEAUTY Adventure tale (G-1:46) p. 19 7:30 THE WORLD S GREATEST ESCAPES See page 11 (:52) 8:30 THE BLUES BROTHERS Music and mayhem on the streets of Chicago (R-2:13) p.8 11:00 THE GREAT SANTINI Father-son drama set on a Marine base (PG-1:55) p.4 1:00 WITHOUT WARNING Man vs. bizarre creatures from outer space (R-1:36) p.10 The World’s Greatest Escapes Thrilling and chilling! This HBO exclusive features America’s greatest death-defying escape artists. Tony Curtis introduces Steve Baker who re-creates Houdini’s famous “Chinese Water T orture Cell.” Plus there’s lots more. It’s bound to astound the whole family. (:52) August 13,16,18,21,29 Kamikaze: Mission of Death Who were the kamikaze and why did they fly their suicide missions? These Japanese pilots, many in their teens, died willingly for the honor of “eternal glory.” Why? Personal testimony and interviews with kamikaze survivors give insights into the facts that led to these attacks against the U.S. during WW II. August 3,7,11,16 11 Hosted by Tony Curtis

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GLORIA Gena Rowlands As good with a gat as Bogart and Cagney, an ex-gangster’s moll stands up to the Mob in a crime fantasy strong on action, character and wry humor. Academy Award nominee Gena Rowlands “bursts across the screen like spontaneous combustion.” (Gene Shalit) Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-2:01) August 24,29 Fistful of Dynamite James Coburn Rod Steiger A bandit (Rod Steiger) looking for a good bank to rob gets stuck in a Mexican revolution. He soon meets up with Irish terrorist James Coburn who transfers his bomb-throwing expertise south of the border in a rip-roaring drama. “A luscious movie-mov-ie” (Judith Crist) Adult situations and language, violence. (PG-2:16) August 26,29 Mon Aug 24 6:00 NO DEPOSIT, NO RETURN Action comedy (G-1:58) p.9 8:00 GLORIA See page 18 (PG-2:01) 10:00 FAME Spirited drama of talented high schoolers (R-2:14) p.5 12:15 RED SKELTON'S MORE FUNNY FACES Starring Marcel Marceau. Two living legends, p. 13 1:15 MISSING PERSONS: DEAD OR ALIVE What happened to Michael Rockefeller, Judge Crater? p. 14 18 Tues Aug 25 5:30 BLACK BEAUTY Classic story (G-1:46) p. 19 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Tim McCarver hosts baseball action highlights, p.7 8:00 THE GODFATHER PART II Crime family tries to legitimize its holdings (R-3:24) p. 12 11:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 12:00 THE BLUES BROTHERS Musical madness with James Brown as minister (R-2:13) p.8 Wed Aug 26 5:00 DAVY CROCKETT INDIAN FIGHTER Adventure tale (:47) p. 19 6:00 BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS Space fantasy (PG-1:43) p. 17 8:00 FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE See page 18(PG-2:16) 10:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Repeat of Tuesday show, p.7 11:00 BEING THERE Jack Warden (PG-2:09) p. 13 1:15 GRAND THEFT AUTO Auto thrills (PG-1:24) p. 15 Black Beauty The engrossing adventures of a beautiful black stallion make for spectacular drama. Mark Lester plays the boy who raises the horse; Walter Slezak, the showman who buys him. “Uncommonly interesting ... marvelously inventive” (A/. Y. Times) (G-1:46) August 11,13,17,21,25 The legendary series about the legend himself: Davy Crockett. A rich portrait of the rugged backwoodsman who first fought the Indians and then sacrificed his political career defending their rights. Fess Parker stars. See schedule for individual titles. (:48) Aug. 6,7,17,19,26,27,28,31 Three Tales Dark and Dangerous Sherlock Holmes faces a baffling case in one of three exciting short films. Also, a classic sci-fi thriller about a time machine and a tale of a child able to predict horse races. (1:24) August 10,14,18,23,27 Thurs Aug 27 5:30 THREE TALES DARK AND DANGEROUS Eerie happenings (1:24) p. 19 7:00 DAVY CROCKETT GOES TO CONGRESS Indians’ rights (:48) p. 19 8:00 TOUCHED BY LOVE Moving drama (PG-1:33) p. 15 9:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER See page 22. 10:00 THE HUNTER Bail jumpers (PG-1:37) p. 17 11:45 THE GODFATHER* Crime family saga (R-2:54) * Only Play Date. Raise The Titanic They said nothing could sink her—then, that no one could reach her. But an underwater research agency, headed by Admiral Jason Robards, is assigned the job of finding the doomed ship in her North Atlantic grave. An action-adven-ture brimming with great special effects. Profanity. (PG-1:54) August 10,14,30 CONSENTING A D U L T S When it comes to love and sex, there’s nothing new under the sun. This documentary explores the lives of people who have made sexual choices that differ from the traditional. Included are a bisexual married couple; a polygamist with 12 wives and 20 children; and a husband and wife who are now celibate. (:39) August 2,5,10 19

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