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jON TION Highlights for August SPORTSAROUND SUNBURN THE WORLD Farrah Fawcett as a stunning mod Australian Surf Lifesaving. Tremen- el in a comedy thriller set in glam- dous competition. Seepage 14. orous Acapulco. Seepage 5. THE MAIN EVENT Barbra Streisand, perfume tycoon, encounters Ryan O’Neal, a reluctant boxer. Seepage 12. HIGHLIGHTS FROM HBO’S GREAT SERIES y Funniest moments with America’s top comedians. See page 9. NORMA RAE Sally Field in her Oscar v. irir.it ig role as the mill worker leading the fight for a union. See page 8. THE SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN Alan Alda stars in a political drarna about a U.S. senator. See Page 20. More highlights.. THE Candid CANDID CAMERA Watch out! Naughty but nutty Allen Funt is on the loose with a hilarious newversion. Seepage 13. AMERICATHON John Ritter and Harvey Korman star in a spoof of the United States in the year1998. Seepage 11. THE GLOVE Bounty hunter John Saxon trails vengeance-seeking terrorist, Ro-sey Grier. See page 7. LINDA RONSTADT IN CONCERT Dynamic performance of her platinum hits. Seepage 16. CHARLIE CHAPLIN: THE LITTLE TRAMP Memorable evening with the silent screen superstar. Seepage 19. SKY SPORTS SPECTACULAR High-flying spree of aerial acrobatics and more from the Oshkosh Air Show. Seepage 19. TRUE GRIT John Wayne in his Oscar-winning performance as the one-eyed marshal on a manhunt. Seepage 17. ... and still more GOLDFINGER Sean Connery as James Bond battles a gold-obsessed villain in this 007 adventure. Seepage 13. SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL A spectacular program filled with top-notch swimmers, divers and rol ler skaters. See page 11. DEFIANCE Jan Michael Vincent as an out-of-work seaman in a tough New York City neighborhood. Seepage 4. SHAME, SHAME ON THE BIXBY BOYS A comedy western about a reluctant deputy sheriff. Seepage 15. THE GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY Searching look at the facts behind real-life dramas. Seepage 18. Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, HBO, SRO, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Subscriber Information Services. Time & Life Bldg.. Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 HAIR Brilliant cast in a novel film adaptation of the Broadway hit. Smashing music and dancing. See Page 5. THE VILLAIN Fantasy comedy with badman Kirk Douglas trying to outsmart western gal Ann-Margret. Seepage 9. Service, reception and billing inquiries can be handled only by your local cable TV company. HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. 3 The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. J. 0. Heyworth, President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer * Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary © 1980 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved 2 CABARET WILD HORSE HANK Liza Minnelli in her Oscar-winning Richard Crenna as father of Linda performance as the Berlin perform- Blair—agirl trying to save some er of the ’30s. See page 21. wild horses. See page 21.

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,\P Breaking Point Judo master Bo Svenson, a gentle man whc finds himself cornered, goes beyond the law to protect himself when the Mob threatens his family. Robert Culp, a cop who can do nothing right, is also involved in this deadly game. Watch for that house on the edge of a cliff. Mild language, violence. (R-1:28) August 6,14,16,19,29 Death on the Nile Peter Ustinov stars as the legendary detective Hercule Poirot. Among his all-star cast of suspects, when murder is committed aboard an Egyptian cruise ship: Bette Davis, Mia Farrow and David Niven. Mild language. (PG-2:20) August 4,8,12,16,20 The Lady in Red Adult, hard-hitting drama of John Dillinger and the woman he loved. Farm girl Pamela Sue Martin moves to Chicago only to fall into a life of crime. With Robert Conrad. Nudity, violence, profanity. (R-1:29) August 3,8,12 Murder by Decree Sherlock Holmes (Christopher Plummer) meets Jack the Ripper and plunges into a mystery unlike any he’s faced. James Mason is Watson. Some graphic violence. (PG-2:04) August 17,25 Hanry Blackstone’s Magical Tour Watch closely! Presto! Master magician Harry Blackstone appears and disappears. So do singers, dancers, an elephant, a tiger, doves and ducks. See his entire act with breathtaking illusions and sensational tricks—the largest and best-known traveling magic show. August 4,8,12,17,25 5:30 SGT. PEPPER’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND (PG-1:51) Only play date. 7:30 HARRY BLACKSTONE’S MAGICAL TOUR Magic extravaganza, p.6 8:30 CRAZY & WONDERFUL That’s incredible! p. 10 9:00 DEATH ON THE NILE Shipboard murder (PG-2:20) p.7 11:30 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Super agent 007 (PG-1:56) p.4 5:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FORAUGUST 5:30 MISSION GALACTICA: CYLON ATTACK (1:47) 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Action footage of the week’s baseball highlights, p.7 8:00 SUNBURN Dazzling Farrah (PG-1:41) p.5 10:00 SHIRLEY MacLAINE From the Lido de Paris, p. 17 11:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 11:30 MISSION GALACTICA: CYLON ATTACK (1:47) 6:00 VOICES Love and courage conquer affliction (PG-1:47) 8:00 BREAKING POINT Bo Svenson as a man pushed too far (R-1:28) p.6 9:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Repeat of Tuesday show, p.7 10:00 THE CHAMP Jon Voight as a former boxing champ (PG-1:58) p.4 12:00 DEFIANCE Urban action with Jan Michael Vincent (PG-1:43) p.4 5:00 PAPER MOON ’30s swindlers (PG-1:42)p.11 7:00 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS Best of The Light Heavyweights. ■'(1:01) p.14 8:00 THE GLOVE Modern day bounty hunter trails a sinister terrorist (R-1:28) p.7 -9:30 HAIR New kind of screen musical (PG-2:01) p.5 11:30 THE ACE Robert Duvall (PG-1:56) p. 17 The Glove A modern-day bounty hunter trails a terrorist with an unusual weapon. John Saxon is the likable ex-cop out to catch Rosey Grier, a rampaging ex-con with a sinister, lead-faced glove. Violence, profanity. (R-1:28) August 7,13,16,21,25 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday August 4 August 5 August 6 August 7 St, 'Ml As the weather heats up, so do the frantic scrambles for first place. These games are packed with dazzling fielding, dramatic rallies and brilliant pitching. HBO’s action highlights and expert commentary put it all into perspective each week. August 5,6; 12,13; 19,20; 26,27

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Ryan O’Neal The Main Event Barbra Streisand A bankrupt, Beverly Hills perfume tycoon is forced to exploit her last asset—a cowardly glass-jawed fighter who would rather teach driving than box. Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal of What’s Up, Doc?are reunited in a clever combination of knockabout comedy and romance. Paul Sand co-stars as her ex-husband and lawyer. And Barbra sings the title song on the soundtrack. Adult situations. (PG-1:50) August 17,21,25,29 6:00 SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL Part2. p. 11 7:00 WHO’S KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS? Rich food kills (PG-1:52) p.19 9:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 9:30 BEST OF On Location Top comics in top form, p.9 11:00 HAIR Age of Aquarius (PG-2:01) p.5 1:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 1:30 HBO Late Night: YOUNG COMEDIANS SHOW Victor Borge hosts (1:26) 12 2:30 DEATH ON THE NILE Peter Ustinov in cruise ship mystery (PG-2:20) p.7 5:00 AMERICATHON John Ritter (PG-1:24) p. 11 6:30 THE VILLAIN Ann-Margret (PG-1:29) p.9 8:00 GOLDFINGER James Bond vs. gold-hungry millionaire (PG-1:48) p.13 10:00 BREAKING POINT Robert Culp (R-1:28) p.6 11:30 THE GLOVE Unusual weapon (R-1:28) p.7 1:00 THE VILLAIN Paul Lynde (PG-1:29) p.9 2:30 HBO Late Night: SORCERER (PG-2:01) 2:00 BLACKSTONE'S MAGICAL TOUR p.6 3:00 MURDER BY DECREE James Mason (PG-2:04) p.7 5:30 CRAZY & WONDERFUL Unusual folks, p. 10 6:00 THE ACE Blythe Danner (PG-1:56) p.17 8:00 THE MAIN EVENT Barbra Streisand, Ryan O’Neal duke it out (PG-1:50) p. 12 10:00 SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL Part 2. Super swimming, p. 11 11:00 DEFIANCE Street rumble (PG-1:43) p.4 12:45 CRIMEBUSTERS Comedy caper (PG-1:55) p. 10 The^Candid Camera Smile! You could be on HBO. Have you ever thought you might be caught by Allen Funt? Well, he’s back again with a very punchy and racy new version that pulls the covers off some of his most unsuspecting subjects. His roving eye peeps into some rather unusual places and captures some hilariously outlandish situations. Better watch out for that camera! Allen is out there, roving , about. And it’s always when r you least expect him. August 15,19,23,27,31 Friday Saturday Sunday <4 August 15 August 16 August 17 Goldfinger Sean Connery as James Bond James Bond challenges one of the world’s deadliest men as HBO’s series of 007 adventures continues. Sean Connery encounters Auric Goldfinger, suspected of smuggling out England’s gold reserves. Honor Blackman is Pussy Galore, private pilot for the evil genius. “Splendidly witty” (Variety) Adult situations. (PG-1:48) August 16,20,24 13

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w k Defiance A down-and-out seaman takes on a gang-ruled New York city neighborhood in this action drama. Jan Michael Vincent has his best role as the seafaring drifter. Art Carney co-stars as a shopkeeper who longs for the old days. Violence, profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:43) August 2,6,12,14,17,22 The Champ Only when a dad gives his all is he a hero to his son. Jon Voight, Faye Dunaway and Ricky Schroder star in this story of father and son bonded by love and day-to-day conflicts. Profanity. (PG-1:58) August 2,6,10 From Russia with Love Agent 007 is back. Sean Connery is off to Istanbul to “investigate” the defection of a top female Russian agent. And “investigate” he does—as only James Bond can. Violence, adult situations. (PG-1:56) August 1,4 Friday Saturday Sunday August 1 August 2 August 3 - —1 5:00 MISSION GALACTICA: CYLON ATTACK (1:47) 7:00 SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL Part 1. Only play date. 8:00 SUNBURN Farrah Fawcett in a comedy-mystery (PG-1:41) p.5 10:00 LIDO de PARIS STARRING SHIRLEY MacLAINE p.17 11:00 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE Spy melodrama (PG-1:56) p.4 1:00 POSSE (PG-1:30) Only play date. 2:30 HBO Late Night: SORCERER (PG-2:01) 3:00 PROMISES IN THE DARK (PG-1:58) Only play date. 5:00 THE CHAMP Young boy’s devotion to his dad (PG-1:58) p.4 7:00 WHODUNIT The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries. Only play date. 8:00 DEFIANCE Rumble in NYC tenement neighborhood (PG-1:43) p.4 10:00 THE ACE Blythe Danner (PG-1:56) p. 17 12:00 HEARTBEAT (B-1:50) Only play date. 2:00 HBO Late Night: FIRST LOVE (R-1:28) 3:00 VOICES Appealing romance (PG-1:47) 5:00 HOUDINI NEVER DIED Only play date. 5:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR AUGUST 6:00 PAPER MOON Bible-selling con man and orphan (PG-1:42) p. 11 8:00 HAIR Electric, energetic filming of Broadway smash (PG-2:01) p.5 10:00 THE LADY IN RED Thirties Chicago (R-1:29) p.7 11:30 VOICES Contemporary love story with Amy Irving (PG-1:47) Let the sun shine in! This warm, winning, humorous look at youth of the turbulent ’60s is based on the stage hit. Star John Savage is a perfect blend of farm boy, patriot and hippie convert. Milos Forman (Academy Award for Cuckoo’s Nest) directed this novel departure from the traditional musical. “Succeeds at all levels... fun... drama... spectacle” (Time) Brief nudity, adult language. (PG-2:01) August 3,7,11,15,19,23,27,31 Sunburn Farrah Fawcett Art Carney A chic model finds her glamorous vacation has deadly strings attached in this mys-tery-comedy. Kooky, stunning Farrah Fawcett has numerous close calls as she helps Charles Grodin track down swindlers in the maze of Acapulco. Art Carney plays a gumshoe on one last job; Joan Collins, a tipsy, unfaithful wife. Profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:41) August 1,5,13,18,23,28,31

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Scandals of the Century The greatest scandals of the century are revealed in this HBO documentary—tales of sex, spies and suicide. What was the real story behind the Profumo affair involving British government officials? And the Black Sox World Series bribery in 1919? Or Hollywood’s bizarre Fatty Arbuckle trial with its tales of rape and murder? Get the real stories behind these and other famous and infamous shockers. Rare film footage, still photographs and courtroom testimony all help to recreate the times of these truly scandalous and spicy affairs. August 25,29 Monday Tuesday Wednesday August 25 August 26 August 27 5:30 THE MAIN EVENT Boxer and a lady (PG-1:50) p. 12 7:30 THE GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY Money, power, sex, greed, p. 18 8:30 HARRY BLACKSTONE Illusion extravaganza, p.6 9:30 MURDER BY DECREE Victorian England (PG-2:04) p.7 11:45 THE GLOVE Pow!(R-1:28) p.7 1:15 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS The Sports Writers Poll. p. 14 18 5:00 WHO'S KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS George Segal (PG-1:52) p. 19 7:00 SPORTS AROUND THE WORLD p. 14 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT A look at divisional races, p.7 8:00 FOUL PLAY Comedy-thriller (PG-1:56) p. 15 10:00 TRUE GRIT Classic western (G-2:08) p. 17 12:15 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 12:45 CRIMEBUSTERS Comedy cops (PG-1:55) p.10 6:00 AMERICATHON Fun in year 1998 (PG-1:24) p.11 7:30 SKY SPORTS SPECTACULAR Amazing aerial acrobatics, p. 19 8:00 AIRPORT Jetliner stuck in the snow. Burt Lancaster stars (G-1:47) p. 17 10:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Repeat of Tuesday show, p.7 10:30 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 11:00 HAIR Liberation of a generation (PG-2:01) p.5 Who Is Killing The Great Chefs of Europe Fast food, gourmet cuisine and sumptuous comedy. Jacqueline Bisset stars as a pastry queen; George Segal, a burger king. Robert Morley plays a food magazine publisher eating himself into oblivion. All are in the soup because one of them is marked for death. Profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:52) August 15,23,26,31 Thursday August 28 5:30 SUNBURN Tropical mystery (PG-1:41) p.5 7:30 CHARLIE CHAPLIN: THE LITTLE TRAMP The silent screen superstar, p. 19 8:30 LINDA RONSTADT IN CONCERT p. 16 10:00 NORMA RAE Union vs. Management (PG-1:54) p.8 12:00 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER Coming attractions, p. 15 12:30 BEST OF On Location Robin Williams and more, p.9 High-flying entertainment as the sky is turned into a giant sports arena during this novel and fascinating air show. Almost 11,500 aircraft from 50 different countries will be on hand for the Oshkosh Air Show, the largest sports-aviation event in the world. Aerial acrobatics, formation flying, wing walking, aerial clowning and daredevil stunts will make you laugh, gasp and keep you on the edge of your seat. On top of all that, there’s a look at planes of the future and vintage film of aviation’s glorious past. August 27,29 Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp Host Joel Grey presents Charlie Chaplin, a genius of the screen, in a compilation of great early films. The Tramp, The Rink and Shanghaied are all works of art. The little tramp, turning from the camera and padding down the road into the horizon, is an image many will never forget. And neither will you, if this is your first glimpse of the Chaplin artistry. August 28 19

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Australian Surf Lifesaving It began as a way to save lives and is now one of the biggest athletic events in the world. HBO jets to Australia, where 5,000 sturdy competitors challenge thunderous waves as they sprint, r ow, kayak, surf and swim. Five-man crews race 25-foot whaleboats out to sea and back in the most exciting team event. The most grueling individual matchup is The Iron Man grind, a combination of rowing, distance swimming and sprinting. August 18,20,22,26 Monday August 18 6:00 THE VILLAIN Western comedy (PG-1:29) p.9 7:30 SPORTS AROUND THE WORLD Australian Surf Lifesaving. One of the biggest sporting events in the world, p. 14 8:00 FOUL PLAY Goldie Hawn marked for death in zany comedy (PG-1:56) p.15 10:00 SUNBURN Comedy-mystery set in sunny Acapulco (PG-1:41) p.5 11:45 NORMA RAE Working-class heroine in textile mill (PG-1:54) p.8 14 Tuesday August 19 5:30 HAIR Hitofthe ’60s (PG-2:01) p.5 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Key plays of the week, p.7 8:00 [BREAKING POINT Suspense tale (R-1:28) p.6 9:30 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 10:00 BEST OF On Location Steve Martin plus! p.9 11:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 12:00 AMERICATHON Fred Willard (PG-1:24) p. 11 Boxing’s Greatest Champions The Light Heavyweights. See them in their awesome fighting form: the ring artistry of Billy Conn, the crafty tactics of Archie Moore and the devastating punching power -of Bob Foster! Plus there’s Don Dunphy, the most famous of all boxing broadcasters, who adds his superb analyses to these action highlights. August 7,11 The Boxing Writers’ Vote. To determine who the finest boxers of all time were, HBO polled writers who know the sport best. Host Curt Gowdy, plus guests Bill Gallo and Larry Merchant review films of the winners. August 21,25 Wednesday August 20 5:00 DEATH ON THE NILE David Niven (PG-2:20) p.7 7:30 CRAZY & WONDERFUL Some amazing individuals, p. 10 8:00 GOLDFINGER Sean Connery (PG-1:48) p. 13 9:50 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER p. 15 10:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Repeat of Tuesday show, p.7 11:00 SPORTS AROUND THE WORLD Australian Surf Lifesaving. p. 14 11:30 DEATH ON THE NILE Whodunit? (PG-2:20) p.7 Foul Play Goldie Hawn Chevy Chase Librarian Goldie Hawn leads a quiet life. Just one problem—why are a bumbling bunch of crooks trying to kill her? Chevy Chase gets the assignment to figure it out as the two chase around Sari Francisco in this unsupervised comedy. Mild language. (PG-1:56) August 8,18,24,26,30 HBO Sneak Preview for September Starring Stiller and Meara Did you ever hear of a “coming attractions” that you didn’t want to see? Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara have put together a potpourri of skits, clips, comedy and comments in a look at what’s in store for HBO people next month. August 20,22,24,28,30 Shame, Shame on the Bixby Boys A small-town deputy of the Old West yearns for the life of a prospector. But he still keeps an eye on the cattle-rustling Bixbys and the gunslingers who pass through his domain. Monte Markham is the amiable lawman who finds himself at the center of a shootout at the old corral in this comedy-western. Profanity. (PG-1:27) August 21,24 15 5:00 THE MAIN EVENT Comedy-romance about love on the ropes (PG-1:50) p. 12 7:00 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS The Boxing Writers Poll. Who was the best of all? p.14 8:00 SHAME, SHAME ON THE BIXBY BOYS Pa Bixby and sons challenge western law (PG-1:27) p. 15 9:30 THE MAIN EVENT Ryan O’Neal (PG-1:50) p.12 11:30 THE GLOVE Deadly weapon (R-1:28) p.7

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JULJkAJkAJkA JUST TB1ME WHAT YOU WANT' Tuesday, 2 5:00 NORMA RAE p.8 7:00 SNEAK PREVIEW p. 15 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 8:00 WILD HANK p.21 9:30 CABARET p.21 11:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 12:00 GOLDFINGER p.13 Wednesday, 3 5:30 MURDER DECREE p.7 8:00 ROBIN WILLIAMS 9:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 9:30 MAIN EVENT p. 12 11:30 SCANDALS p. 18 12:30 THE BIXBY BOYS p. 15 Thursday, 4 5:00 TRUE GRIT p. 17 7:30 INSIDE THE NFL 8:30 JOE TYNAN p.20 10:30 SKY SPORTS p.19 11:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA p.13 11:30 INSIDE THE NFL 12:30 GOLDFINGER p.13 Friday, 5 5:00 AIRPORT p. 17 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL 8:00 JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT Ali MacGraw (R-1:52) 10:00 CHAPLIN p.19 11:00 AIRPORT p. 17 12:45 LINDA RONSTADTp.16 2:15 PHANTASM (R-1:29) September 1-5 Monday, 1 3:30 THE VILLAIN p.9 5:00* SKY SPORTS p.19 5:30 AMERICATHON p. 11 7:00 CHAPLIN p.19 8:00 SMILE (PG-1:53) 10:00 LINDA RONSTADT IN CONCERT p.16 11:30 AMERICATHON p. 11 Don Rickies i 22 ENTER THE BIG HBO $50,000 MOVIE SPLASH SWEEPSTAKES! OVER1,800 CHANCES TO WIN! GRAND PRIZE: WIN A FABULOUS SWIMMING POOL! or take $15,000 in Cash... FIRST PRIZE: $3,000 Virgin Islands Vacation 5 SECOND PRIZES: Panasonic Poolside TV Sets 10 THIRD Waterproof Minolta™ PRIZES: Cameras 25 FOURTH PRIZES: Pulsar Waterproof. Watches _ OFFICIAL ENTRY BLANK OFFICIAL RULES: No Purchase Required Here’s All You Do: 1. Complete and mail the official entry blank or print “HBO MOVIE SPLASH SWEEPSTAKES” and your name, address and zip code on a 3" x 5" piece of paper. 2. Winners will be selected in random drawings from among all entries received under the supervision of VENTURA ASSOCIATES, INC., an independent judging organization, whose decisions are final. One major prize to a family. No substitutions for prizes offered, with the exception of the Grand Prize where, at the sole discretion of the sweepstakes sponsor, the cash award may be substituted. Tax liability is solely that of the winner. 3. All entries must be received by September 30,1980. Sweepstakes open to residents of the United States except employees and families of Home Box Office, VENTURA ASSOCIATES, INC., and their various affiliates and agencies. It is not necessary to be a Cable or HBO subscriber to win. All federal, state and local regulations apply. Void where prohibited by law. Winners will be notified by mail. 4. For a list of major prize winners, send a separate self-addressed, stamped envelope to Home Box Office Winners, VENTURA ASSOCIATES, INC., 200 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10016. DO NOT SEND ENTRIES OR OTHER CORRESPONDENCE TO THIS ADDRESS. HBO Beach Towels 1,800 PRIZES Enter me in the HBO MOVIE SPLASH SWEEPSTAKES! NAME ADDRESS CITY____ STATE. ZIP CODE_________________________________________ Mail This To: HOME BOX OFFICE SWEEPSTAKES P.O. Box 10220, Long Island City, New York 11101

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Meryl Streep The Seduction of Joe Tynan Alan Alda There are many ways to be seduced: by fame, by power—and by love. Senator Joe Tynan, ambitious Washington wonder boy, knows them all. Alan Alda wrote the screenplay and stars in this drama of personal problems and family dilemmas of a very public person. Barbara Harris is his wife; Meryl Streep (Oscar for Kramer vs. Kramer), the other woman in his life. “A winner” {N. Y. Post) Adult situations, profanity. (R-1:47) August 31 riday Saturday ugust 2 9 August 3 5:30 CRIMEBUSTERS Pair of Robin Hood rogues (PG-1:55) p.10 7:30 SKY SPORTS SPECTACULAR p. 19 8:00 CABARET Liza Minnelli, an American in ’30s Berlin (PG-1:58) p.21 10:00 THE GREATEST SCANDALS OF THE CENTURY Expose of infamous events, p. 18 11:00 THE MAIN EVENT Battling lovers (PG-1:50) p. 12 1:00 BREAKING POINT Bo Svenson (R-1:28) p.6 2:30 HBO Late Night: PHANTASM (R-1:29) 20 3:30 TRUE GRIT “Duke” Wayne faces four outlaws (G-2:08) p. 17 6:00 FOUL PLAY Off beat comedy (PG-1:56) p.15 8:00 WILD HORSE HANK Persevering college girl tries to save wild horses (1:31) p.21 9:30 NORMA RAE Beau Bridges (PG-1:54) p.8 11:30 TRUE GRIT Robert Duvall (G-2:08) p. 17 1:45 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER p. 15 2:15 HBO Late Night: YOUNG COMEDIANS SHOW Victor Borge hosts. (1:26) 2:00 WHO’S KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS Robert Morley (PG-1:52) p. 19 4:00 HAIR (PG-2:01) p.5 6:00 AIRPORT (G-1:47) p. 17 8:00 SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN Political drama (R-1:47) p.20 10:00 WHO’S KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS? Delectable! (PG-1:52) p. 19 12:00 SUNBURN Acapulco mystery (PG-1:41) p.5 1:45 Candid CANDID CAMERA p. 13 2:15 HBO Late Night: GEORGE SEGAL'S BEST BETS (1:00) Winner of eight Academy Awards, this brilliant tale of forlorn love has the rise of Nazism in ’30s Germany as background. Liza Minnelli delivers a classic performance as the singer-dancer in love with both Michael York and Helmut Griem. Director Bob Fosse (All That Jazz) cleverly combines musical numbers with drama. Two of the Oscars: Liza (Best Actress) and Joel Grey as “Emcee.” Violence, adult situations, langauge. (PG-1:58) August 29 Cabaret Liza Minnelli Joel Grey S Wild Horse Hank Linda Blair Richard Crenna Here’s a courageous young woman who loves the wild —and will go to great lengths to preserve it. Linda Blair has her best role since her Oscar-nominee peformance in The Exorcist. As strong-willed Hank, she tries to save a herd of wild horses from some money-minded businessmen. Richard Crenna plays her dad. An HBO world television premiere! Some profanity. (1:31) August 30 21

HBO Guide August 1980 - Page section : 006

f Meet and fall in love with some wonderful, colorful characters in this delightful Home Box Office special. You’ll be I introduced to a woman who thinks she can fly and a man who has a cockatoo to answer his phone. Learn how to give a really different birthday party or send a special greeting by tap dancing! Share a meal with a chef who will cook up your favorite food—and fantasy—for a mere $5000. It’s j all Crazy & Wonderful—and you’ll never look at people the same way again. August 4,8,12,17,20 | Monday August 11 6:00 HAIR John Savage (PG-2:01) p.5 8:00 AMERICATHON ! Wacky comedy of life in bankrupt USA in 1998 (PG-1:24) p. 11 9:30 PAPER MOON Ryan and Tatum O’Neal co-star (PG-1:42) p. 11 11:15 THEACE Robert Duvall tries to mold his son in his image (PG-1:56) p. 17 1:15 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS The Light Heavyweights, p. 14 Tuesday August 12 6:00 HARRY BLACKSTONE His entire magic act. p.6 7:00 CRAZY & WONDERFUL Incredible people, p. 10 7:30 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Recap of baseball’s week, p.7 8:00 DEATH ON THE NILE Bette Davis (PG-2:20) p.7 10:30 THE LADY IN RED Robert Conrad (R-1:29) p.7 12:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 12:30 DEFIANCE Urban drama (PG-1:43) p.4 Crimebusters They’re supposed to be on the side of law and order but there’s enough deviltry in them to cause a ton of disorder. Terence Hill and Bud Spencer are two car-crashing, womanizing, rough-housing rookie cops in a wild action-comedy. Although their hearts really aren’t in the work, they still can’t stand any sort of injustice. Roar at this slapstick tale as they bully their way to nabbing some Florida mobsters. Violence, profanity. (PG-1:55) August 14,17,23,26,29 Wednesday August 13 5:30 SUNBURN Art Carney (PG-1:41) p.5 7:30 SUMMER SPORTS SPECIAL Part 2. Festival of outdoor sports, p. 11 8:30 THE VILLAIN Kirk Douglas (PG-1:29) p.9 10:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT p.7 10:30 BEST OF On Location p.9 12:00 SHIRLEY MacLAINE Revue magnif ique! p. 17 1:00 THE GLOVE Rosie Grier (R-1:28) p.7 10 Summer Sports Special Part 2. This festival of warm weather sports is a cool delight for the entire family. Some 600 men and women splash away at the Seventeen Swim Meet of Champions, including such Olympic-class swimmers as world-record holder Brian Goodell. A poolful of world-class divers compete in the Can-Am-Mex meet, while some snappy NYC roller skaters will dazzle you with their disco skating. August 13,15,17 Paper Moon Ryan O’Neal Tatum O’Neal A crafty con artist selling Bibles in ’30s Kansas finds himself outwitted by a precocious orphan. Ryan O’Neal and young Tatum stay just one step ahead of the law in this bittersweet comedy expertly directed by Peter (What’s Up Doc?) Bogdanovich. Madeline Kahn is touchingly funny as a fading carny dancer who has eyes on Ryan. Profanity, adult situations. (B/W-PG-1:42) August 3,7,11 Thursday August 14 6:00 DEFIANCE Jan Michael Vincent vs. young punks (PG-1:43) p.4 8:00 NORMA RAE Humor and warmth amidst union clash. Oscar winner Sally Field stars (PG-1:54)p.8 10:00 CRIMEBUSTERS Comic caper with rookie Miami policemen on the chase (PG-1:55) p. 10 12:00 BREAKING POINT Judo master goes beyond the law. Bo Svenson and Robert Culp star (R-1:28) p.6 Americathon Harvey Korman John Ritter A loony preview of life in 1998! A dollar-drained U.S. is threatened by an Arab-ls-raeli takeover and an American Indian collecting a $400 billion lOU.To save the nation, President John Ritter and media expert Peter Rie-gert decide to stage a telethon, with Harvey Korman as emcee. Suggestive gestures, profanity. (PG-1:24) August 11,16,19,22,27

HBO Guide August 1980 - Page section : 009

The Ace Star Robert Duvall is excellent as a maverick Marine pilot who fights as much on the ground as he did in the air. Profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:56) August 2,7,11,17 Standing Room Only: Linda Ronstadt In Conceit Here’s Linda Ronstadt, today’s queen of rock ’n’ roll, in her first major TV special —a complete performance from her 1980 concert tour. Linda can sing them all —rock, country-western, pop. Hear favorites from her seven platinum records in a row—a feat unmatched by any other female vocalist. “Mad Love,” “It’s So tasy,'’ “Just One Look,” “Blue Bayou,” “Back in the USA,” “You’re No Good” and more. | An unsurpassed musical experience! August 24,28 5:30 DEFIANCE Street toughs (PG-1:43) p.4 7:30 SPORTS AROUND THE WORLD Australian surf lifesaving. p. 14 8:00 TRUE GRIT First appearance of “Rooster Cogburn” (G-2:08) p. 17 10:15 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER p. 15 11:00 NORMA RAE A woman’s battle with a union (PG-1:54) p.8 1:00 AMERICATHON Harvey Korman (PG-1:24) p. 11 2:30 HBO Late Night: GEORGE SEGAL’S BEST BETS (1:00) 2:00 CRIMEBUSTERS Bud Spencer (PG-1:55) p.10 4:00 SUNBURN Charles Grodin (PG-1:41) p.5 6:00 WHO’S KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS? Robert Morley (PG-1:52) p.19 8:00 AIRPORT A severe blizzard and more in a night of crises (G-1:47) p. 17 10:00 Candid CANDID CAMERA p.13 10:30 HAIR Great dancing (PG-2:01) p.5 12:30 SUNBURN Art Carney (PG-1:41) p.5 2:15 HBO Late Night: BABY DOLL (1:54) 2:00 THE VILLAIN Western spoof (PG-1:29) p.9 3:30 GOLDFINGER Ft. Knox robbery (PG-1:48) p.13 5:30 HBO SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SEPTEMBER p. 15 6:00 FOUL PLAY Chevy Chase (PG-1:56) p. 15 8:00 LINDA RONSTADT IN CONCERT Superstar performance, p. 16 9:30 GOLDFINGER 007 vs. Oddjob (PG-1:48) p. 13 11:30 BEST OF On Location, p.9 1:00 THE BIXBY BOYS Western fun (PG-1:27) p. 15 Lido de Paris starring Shirley MacLaine Dazzling! Shirley hosts a spectacular revue from the world’s sexiest nightclub. Special guest: Tom Jones. Plus the Lido’s famous variety acts. Ooh, la, la! Some nudity. August 1,5,9,13 Burt Lancaster Dean Martin Jacqueline Bisset An all-star cast help make this original Airport one of the most popular films of all time. Helen Hayes won her second Oscar and the picture received nine other nominations. Among those living a night of crises: Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin, Jacqueline Bisset. “Highest rating!” (N. Y. Daily News) Adult situations, profanity. (G-1:47) August 23,27,31 True Grit John Wayne This roughshod, cantankerous U.S. marshal who shoots first and asks questions later won the Academy Award for John Wayne. His “Rooster Cogburn,” a one-eyed whiskey-gulping rascal, is just the man a 14-year-old needs to hunt her father’s killer. Persevering young Kim Darby proves more than a match for the Duke. Glen Campbell is a spur-jangling Texas Ranger. Family fare. (G-2:08) August 22,26,30 17

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