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HBO Guide August 1979 - Page section : 002

BLUE COLLAR Richard Pryor in an entertaining yet disturbing film about auto union corruption. See page 16. LEGENDS: HUMPHREY BOGART The legendary Bogey and his on and off-screen life. See page 18. DIRTY HARRY Clint Eastwood as San Francisco’s toughest, the cop who always gets “the dirty jobs.” See page 17. THE GOODBYE GIRL Neil Simon’s happy love story which won an Academy Award for Richard Dreyfuss. See page 8. UPCLOSE Gregory Peck, Carol Burnett, Robert Redford are David Sheehan’s interview guests. See page 14. RABBIT TEST Joan Rivers’ hilarious tale of a teacher who becomes the world’s first pregnant male. See page 9. More highlights... DOG DAY AFTERNOON Nobody could dream up this incredible bank robbery because it’s true! Seepage 19. AAU BOXING Great amateur boxing as the Inter-City Tournament goes into the semi-finals. See page 15. THE MANITOU Startling special effects as evil doesn’t die, but waits to be re-born. See page 21. MURDER BY DEATH Laughs are the motives behind this whodunit with great detectives searching for clues. See page 11. ELMER A blind boy and an old dog, lost in the wilderness, beat the odds and the elements. See page 7. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N .J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary 2 MARTIN MULL On Location presents comedian Martin Mull in his first all-out TV special. See page 20. THE BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING Those Little Leaguers are one year older and funny as ever. See page 5. MUSIC THEN AND NOW Standing Room Only presents singers of the^BOs in “then and now” performances. Seepage 17. THE CHEAP DETECTIVE Crazy but loving takeoff of Maltese Falcon and the old private eye classic films. See page 13. SPORTSCENE Host Joe Namath looks at jogging, the NBA playoffs, fashion and lots more. See page 6. THE LATE GREAT PLANET EARTH Provocative documentary from Hal Lindsey’s bestseller. See page 12. GO TELL THE SPARTANS The moment of truth for a small band of Americans in the early days of Vietnam. See page 21. NCAA GYMNASTICS Kurt Thomas and other collegians vie in Regional Championships around the country. See page 18. Highlights for April ... and still more CIRCUS Tom Bosley (Happy Days) narrates this special of the circus, its history and its people. See page 13. SCALPEL Psychological thriller with plastic surgery, murder and deception cleverly combined. See page 19. THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA Romance and suspense starring Kris Kristofferson. See page 15. RACE FOR THE PENNANT PREVIEW Sparky Anderson and Ralph Houk look at Baseball ’79. See page 10. THE GREAT BRAIN Jimmy Osmond of the famous family: half hero, half con artist, all heart. See page 9. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. 3

HBO Guide August 1979 - Page section : 003

Goin’ Coconuts In their first feature film, TV’s Donny and Marie Osmond run into big trouble with the Hawaiian underworld. Great songs and comedy in breezy tropical locales. Mild language. (PG-1:33) Apr. 1,4,9 Hie Hollywood Clowns Here’s an HBO special guaranteed to keep you laughing from start to finish. All your top Hollywood laughmakers—past and present—including Chaplin, the Marx Brothers and Red Skelton. Apr. 1,6,10,12,14 yt._ P|| j liiluiuiL Tf>11fh big-city cops have their own way of relieving the 1116 UllOII UUj9 tensions and frustrations of their harrowing jobs. Charles Dumingand Burt Young co-star. Raunchy language, some nudity, adult situations. (R-l:59) Apr. 2,5,11,21 The Other Side of the Mountain Part 2 Marilyn Hassett re-creates her role as Jill Kinmont, paralyzed skier, in this poignant sequel. The true story of a woman who finds love and success despite excruciating circumstances. Timothy Bottoms is the shy trucker ■with enough love to carry them both. “Handled in | a sincere and uncompromised way.” (Houston Post) Some profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:45) Apr. 1,5 Sunday April 1 3:00 REVENGE OF THE PINK PANTHER Dyan Cannon (PG-I:39) p.5 5:00 GOIN’COCONUTS Donny Osmond (PG-1:33) p.4 6:30 WINNING SEASON Fresh young cast (PG-1:32) p.7 8:00 BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING Little League fun (PG-1:37) p.5 10KX) HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS p.4 11:00 HOCUS POCUS, irs MAGIC! Hosted by Dick Cavett. 12:30 OTHER SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN PART 2 True love story (PG-1:45) p.4 The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training All new! That ornery passel of pint-sized ballplayers are at bat again, getting the baseball season off to a wacky start. They wend their way by van from California • i to Texas for “the big game in the Houston Astrodome. Heart-warming father-I son relationship between William Devane (From Here to Eternity) and Jackie Earle Haley, repeating his role as Kelly. “Bad News is good news.” (N.Y. Daily News) Profanity. (PG-1:37) Apr. 1,5,10,13,16,18,21 Madame Rosa Simone Signoret is brilliant in this indelible Academy Award winning movie (Best Foreign Film, 1977). As an aging prostitute-tumed-fos-ter mother to illegitimate children of the Paris demimonde, she forms a touching relationship with one of her charges, a young Arab boy. Sensitive, moving, engrossing entertainment! Adult situations, language. (R-l:45) Apr.2 5 Revenge of the Pink Panther Peter Sellers is back again as the inimitable Inspector Clouseau in the fifth and funniest of the Panther series. Hilarious gags and exciting chases as the bumbling sleuth goes after an international drug ring in almost every conceivable disguise. Lovely Dyan Cannon is his seductive accomplice. Beautiful score by Henry Mancini. Mild language. (PG-1:39) Apr. 1,3,7

HBO Guide August 1979 - Page section : 006

The Wild Geese Richard Burton, Roger Moore and Richard Harris in an old fashioned action-packed adventure of pre-sent-day mercenaries. Their mission: the dangerous rescue of a kidnapped African leader. Lots of excitement, fast escapes and shoot-outs! Profanity, war violence. (R-2:15) Apr. 3,7,9,12 Baseball opens its 103rd season of play with questions galore. Can Rod Carew and Pete Rose bring the Angels and Phillies pennants? Will Luis Tiant and Tommy John pitch the Yankees to a third straight World Series Championship? HBO Sports provides some clues as Sparky Anderson and Ralph Houk offer expert analysis of the new season and review highlights of’78. Apr. 9,14,17 An arresting drama of two courageous women and their poignant, enduring friendship. Vanessa Redgrave won an Oscar in the title role. Jane Fonda gives an equally strong performance. Mild Violence. (PG-1:56) Apr. 8,14,17,30 Tuesday April 10 Wednesday April 11 5:30 GOIN’ COCONUTS Donny Osmond (PG-l :33) p.4 7:00 RACE FOR THE PENNANT PREVIEW Ralph Houk and Sparky Anderson analyze Baseball ’79. p.lO 8:00 RABBIT TEST Billy Crystal (PG-l:26)p.9 9:30 MEAN DOG BLUES George Kennedy (R-1:48) p. 11 11:30 THE WILD GEESE Derring-do (R-2:15) p. 10 12:45 RACE FOR THE PENNANT PREVIEW A look at ’79 season, p. 10 5:00 THE HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS Jokes, laughs, fun. p.4 6:00 ACES HIGH John Gielgud (PG-1:54) p. 15 8:00 MURDER BY DEATH Peter Falk (PG-1:34) p. 11 10:00 SPORTSCENE Sports fun and fashions, p.6 11:00 BAD NEWS BEARS IN BREAKING TRAINING It’s “that season” again (PG-1:37) p.5 12:45 THE GREAT TEXAS DYNAMITE CHASE High-speed fun (R-l:20) p. 14 6:30 THE GREAT BRAIN Shades of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn (G-l :30) p.9 8:00 ISLANDS IN THE STREAM George C. Scott in Hemingway story (PG-1:44) p.7 10:00 AAU BOXING San Diego at Los Angeles (tape) p. 15 11:30 THE CHOIRBOYS Louis Gossett, Jr., Tim Mcln-tire, Chuck Sacci in police story (R-1:59) p.4 10 Hollywood Salutes Neil Simon A one-of-a-kind, red carpet roll-out! Neil Simon, author of America’s funniest plays and movies, is the guest of honor for this star-studded gala tribute. Raquel Welch, Henry Winkler, Ann-Margret, Paul Williams and Jack Klugman are just a few of the show biz greats you’ll meet in this fun-filled, entertaining event. (1:19) Apr. 12,15,17,23 Yet another Neil Simon gem! Eccentric millionaire Truman Capote invites the world’s greatest detectives for dinner—and a murder. Among those looking for clues are Peter Falk and Peter Sellers. With Alec Guinness and Nancy Walker. Adult humor. (PG-1:34) Apr. 10,13,15,18,26 Murder by Death Mean Dog Dlues George Kennedy stars as the tough overseer of a prison farm who keeps his men in line with the help of a vicious guard dog. Gregg Henry is a young country-western musician who lands there on a bum rap. A tense and powerful drama with a gripping final chase sequence! Kay Lenz co-stars. Strong language, brutality, brief nudity. (R-l :48) Apr. 4,7,9,19,22 11 7:00 THE HOLLYWOOD CLOWNS Stan and Ollie and more, p.4 8:00 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON All-star tribute (1:19) p. 11 9:30 THE GOODBYE GIRL Oscar winner (PG-1:50) p.8 11:30 RABBIT TEST George Gobel as good oF country boy who made it to the White House (PG-1:26) p.9 IKK) THE WILD GEESE Richard Burton (R-2:15) p. 10

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