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LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY T ele-Go-Roiirii ROBERT STACK . . . car buff Dbert Stack, star of “The Nan\c of the Game,” is a fa-natic\ about his classic 1962 Mercedes 300 SL sports car. “The motor is so clean,” says wife Rosemary, “that he won’t lW a mechanic with dirty fingernails work on it. Doug Me C1 u r e, star of NBC’s “The Men from Shiloh” series \ (formerly “The Virginian”), minis he’s probably the telephone company’s best customer\in Encino. “I talk almost daiW to my little daughter who Mves in Hawaii,f says Doug, “and you ought to see our phone bill. Art Flemingj'host of “Jeop-10 ardy,” captained the football and water pom. teams while a student at Cftrn^l University. When Red Skelton joins the NBC lineup for the 1970-71 season with his half-hour “Red Skelton Show,” it will mark his return to Peacock Alley after a 17-year absence. The comedian had his own hour show on NBC during the 1951-52 and 1952-53 seasons. Nearly 175,000 people have taken the guided tour of NBC’s Studios in Burbank, Calif., since the tours began nearly three years ago. Last year alone, about 75,000 people took it. (<^7 & \James Drury, star of the ad\entnre series “The Virginian^ reveals that in the 24 episode^! he appeared in duri the 1969-70 season he did not shoot one man. Gerald Gordon, who plays Dr. Nick Bellini on NBC’s “Thk Doctors,” will step I > hind We footlights to produce a newXplay, “Ritual,” schcd-uled/fo\- off-Broadway in the Fa]) Michael' Parks has signed with D&k Clark Productions to host p ojie-hour music-vari- Uif Tele-Go-Round ravelin’”, Fall production, location sites in-; Nash-Zoolog-Blue Ridge a VISTA Vol-Travelin’ ” stars in “Arnie,” a new comedy series starring Herschel Bernar-di in the title role of a blue-collar worker who suddenly is promoted to the executive suite, will have its premiere Saturday, Sept. 19 on CBS. Sue Ann Langdon, attractive and versatile actress, and Roger Bowen, who won critical praise for his performance in the Cannes festival prize-winning “M-A-S-H” also star in the series. Warr/n, new regular V’s “Mission: 'pre-recorded her longs for the se-ctress’ “cover” in nightclub enter-ier own singing sed in all seg- sr- V The behind-the-scenes story > of “Bracken’s World,” which is the behind-the-scenes story of a Hollywood studio, makes an interesting script: Linda Lesley CB star ble Impo Th nes. Mission tamer and ill be Harrison, one of the young beauties in the series, married Richard Zanuck, head of 20th Century Fox, and another, Laraine Stephens, more recently married 20th executive David Gerber. LINDA HARRISON . . ‘Bracken’s World’

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CHET HUNTLEY: Saying Hello to New By Bill Pollock Almost ayearhaspastsincethe original announcement that Chet Huntley, one half of television’s most familiar newscasting teams would resign from the National Broadcasting Company. “It had to come to an end sometime,” Huntley says. "Actually I've stayed longer than 1 had intended. But now there’s no panic about it. Of primary concern after his departure is a $15 million Montana resort project he has been developing. He said his Montana development consists of 15,000 acres of land in-Gallatin River Valley, 45 miles north of West Yellowstone. It would be, said the Montana-born Huntley, a year round sports resort. Such a resort has been “a dream for more than five years. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. “Of course there were other considerations—I still had some projects I was interested in completing in the broadcasting field." Huntley’s final project and his fare-thee-well to television will take place Thursday evening at 7:30 on Channel 4. It is a documentary on migrant workers titled simply The M igrant Worker and he will appear as the on-screen narrator. ® los Angeles Herald The man who has teported on v '.-rything from key elections, riots, and space walks and who, with his partner David Brinkley, has won every major television award, including six Emmy Awards chose to do the program as his last because the subject matter is one in which he is profoundly interested. Migrant workers are still living in substandard housing and are being treated in many places worse than many slaves were treated in the 19th century, according to the veteran newsman. Ten years ago CBS presented a similar show examining the conditions of poverty, disease and sevitude under which migrant workers were forced to live in the United States. Some short film clips from the early show, reported by the late Edward R. Murrow will be used for contrast on the NBC program. The one-hour report will attempt to show that the plight of the migrant worker remains virtually the same today. Although obvious remedies for improving living and working conditions and raising health standards were evident a decade ago, few of these remedies have been carried out. Insight into this particular blight on the American way of life is sup- Examiner TV WEEKLY Horizons plied by award winning producer-director Martin Carr. In spite of Huntley’s apparent sober personality he is precisely the right man for the reporting job on The Migrant Worker. Says David Brinkley of Huntley, “H e cares. He feels a sense of involvement in the news. Sometimes you can see he’s personally affronted by the news. There is another man in the body of Huntley however. His NBC news office in New York’s bustling Rockefeller Center was much smaller than you would expect for a man of his professional stature. There was an old roll top desk which had belonged to his father who had been a telegra-pherfor the Northern Pacific Railroad. On the wall hung an I862an-cient Winchester rifle and paintings by Montana’s cowboy artist Charley Russell. All have been moved to his new home. And although he gets excited by debates over ecology, the farmer, the migrant and talks occasionally about running for Congress, there were those other curious moments of silence when he would clench his pipe in his teeth, talk of his boyhood in Chet Huntley talks with Montana and look out the window migrant workers in his towards the horizon. Thursday NBC special. Los Angeles HerolaUExaminer TV WEEKLY 9

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I.OS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY 7 The Brady Bunch (30 min.) Rerun. Abbe Lane guest-stars as a glamorous cosmetics executive who becomes the strange woman in Mike Brady’s life. 28 Cineposium (30 min.) "The Slender Thread 34 Lucecita (30 min.) C 40 Lucha Libre (60 min.) 52 It’s A Small World (30 min.) 8:30 2 Hogan's Heroes (30 min.) C Repeat. Hogan plans to decoy German bomber flights away from London, but the venture falters when his man Carter has a memory lapse. 4 Name of the Game (90 min.) C Rerun. Robert Stack stars with Richard Kil-ey, Brenda Scott, Anne Francis and ALL THE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES YOU NEED NO CREDIT PROBLEM CT3i Nationally Known Makes Furniture, Appliances, TV, Hi-Fi Stereo and Complete Home Fur- nishings. . NO FINANCE COMPANIES . NO BANKS TO DEAL WITH • NO PREVIOUS CREDIT • NO CO SIGNERS 36 ROYAL OUTFITTERS 123 E. VERNON AO.3-6275 Burt Brinckerhoof in "The Garden.” Dan Farrell (Stack) tries to prove that a successful psychiatrist is a fraud, despite the fact that his wealthy clients swear by him. 5 Thi Zane Grey Theatre. (30 min Rerun. 7 The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (30 min.) C Repeat. Jonathan is a dud when he tries out for shortstop on the Schooner Bay Little League team. 11 The David Frost Show (90 min.) C 13 The Real Tom Kennedy Show (60 min.) C 28 The Musical Muse (30 min.) C 34 Los Beverly de Peravillo (30 min.) 52 Outdoor Sportsman (30 min.) 9 P.M. 2 Movie “Having a Wild Weekend (1965). The Dave Clark Five, Barbara Ferris. A group of young ath- ioo.ooo^y doctors HAVEiC ^ STOPPED AHIi. SMOKING >■ C|GARETTES "Thai's peanuts compared to the number that has stopped making house calls." letes, living together in a converted chapel in the slums of London, make their living doing stunts for TV commercials. 5 The Baron (60 min.) C 7 Here Come The P-ides (60 min.) C Repeat. Jennifer West returns as mountain girl Holly Huston, big winner in a crap game. 28 The David Susskind Show (2 hrs.) C 34 Hoy (30 min.) 40 Natacha (60 min.) 52 Flight 52 (30 min.) 9:30 9 News: Baxter Ward (30 min.) C 13 News: Bill Johns (30 min.) C 34 Noches Tapatias (30 min.) 52 Passport 52 (30 min.) 10 P.M. 4 Bracken’s World (60 min.) C Real Indians kidnap starlet Paulette Douglas in an attempt to force Kevin Grant to alter Apache history in a movie. 5 News: Tom Reddin (60 min.) C 7 Love, American Style (60 min.) C 9 Philbin’s People (60 min.) C Regis Philbin hosts. 11 News: George Putnam (60 min.) C 13 Burke's Law (60 min.) Rerun. 34 Tres Vidas Distintas (30 min.) 40 Movie in Spanish (2 hrs.) 10:30 2 News: Jerry Dunphy (30 min.) C 5 One Step Beyond (30 min.) Rerun. 4 News: Tom Brokaw (30 min.) C 7 News: Bill Bonds (30 min.) C 9 Call of the West (30 min.) C 11 Movie "The Late George Apley" (1947). Ronald Colman, Peggy Cummins. Interplay of staid Boston families. 13 He Said, She Said (30 min.) C 28 The Forsyte Saga (60 min.) C 34 Esta Noche A Las Once (30 min.) 11:30 2 The Merv Griffin Show (90 min.) C 4 The Tonight Show (90 min.) C 5 Movie “Silver Lode" 1954). John ne, Dan Duryea, Lizabeth Scott. 7 The Dick Cavett Show (90 min.) C 9 Movie "The Unearthly Stranger (1964). Philip Stone, John Neville Scientist discovers wife is from an other planet. 13 Movie "The Paris Express" (1953). Claude Rains. Marta Toren. Woman flees killer on the express. 1 A.M. 4 News (10 min.) C 7 News (5 min.) C 13 Movie "Girl of the Night” (1960). Anne Francis, Lloyd Nolan. 2 A.M. 11 All Night Movies: "The Curse of the Doll People" (1949). “Down to the Sea in Ships" (1949). "Dear Murderer" (1947). Vent-Air lenses have no frames to slip or slide. They're virtually unbreakable while worn. They have four air vents for better circulation of the eye's natural moisture and air so necessary for proper wear And best of all. they don't "hide” your eyes. Hrs.: 9AM to 6 PM daily incl, Sat. CALL TODAY DU 9-2161 DR. M. KATAOKA O.D. 4055 Wilshire Bl„ Suite 318 Los Angeles, Calif. 90005 Please send me your free illustrated booklet, at no obliigation NAME ________________________ ADDRESS I CITY ! PHONE STATE FACTS you should know about SfEING WITHOUT GLASSES

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LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY ■BTYTTra||H^ Dec.'U 29 P 4 Sanford and Son (30 min.) C Rerun. Simple job of moving a piano out of a man’s apartment becomes an adventure with Fred and Lamont. 5 John Wooden Show (30 min.) C 7 The Brady Bunch (30 min.) C Rerun. Greg starts feuding with Marcia when she dates his rival at school. 11 Peach Bowl Classic (3 hrs.) C North Carolina State vs. Univ. of West Virginia with Jack Drees calling the action. 13 Perry Mason (60 min.) Rerun. 22 Hermanos Coraje (60 min.) C 28 Apart from the Crowd (30 min.) C Exploration of renewed interest in handicraft and home industries. 34 Ernesto Alonso Presenta (60 min.) C 40 Novela (60 min.) 52 Movie "Bureau of Missing Persons” (1933) Bette Davis, Pat O’Brien Police officer, helping lady find her husband, falls in love with her. 8:30 P.M. 4 Hollywood Squares (30 min.) C Host: Peter Marshall 5 UCLA Basketball (2 hrs. 30 min.) C Tape delay of the Bruins at the Sugar Bowl Classic. Dick Enberg reports. 7 The Partridge Family (30 min.) C Sentimental Shirley is disappointed when the children eagerly accept the tentative suggestion that they move to a larger house. 28 Citywatchers (30 min.) C “Union Resc :e Mission 50 Times and Tempos (30 min.) C Host Gerald Schroeder interviews musician Shelly Manne. 9 P.M. 2 Movie "Hook, Line and Sinker” (1969) C Jsrry Lewis, Peter Lawford. Struggling young insurance agent is 48 faced with a strange dilemma. 4 Performance 160 min.) C Mort Sahl hosts this nwsical special with young people from various Southern California campuses performing. 7 Room 222 (30 min.) C Rerun. Series of thefts at Whitman become more puzzling when a student purposely lets himself be caught. 22 Nino (60 min.) 28 Masterpiece Theater: "The Moonstone" (60 min.) C Rerun. Assaults, accusations and kidnappings complicate the hunt for Rachel’s missing diamond. 30 Religious Programming (Continuous until 10 p.m.) C 34 La Cosquilla (60 min.) C 40 Dramatic Serial (60 min.) 50 Firing Line: William F. Buckley Jr. (60 min.) C "Abortion Laws: Pro and Con 9:30 P.M. 7 The Odd Couple (30 min.) C Rerun Felix faces the loss of a lucrative account as a result of a feud between Howard Cosell and Oscar. 9 News: John Fullmer (30 min.) C 10 P.M. 4 Cinco Vidas (60 min.) C Profile of five people who live in the barrio in East Los Angeles. Ruby Cruz hosts. 7 Love, American Style (60 min.) C Rerun. Richard Deacon, Cass Elliott and Shecky Greene star. 9 Thriller (60 min.) Rerun. 11 News: Jones & Forter (60 min.) C 22 Secuestro en el Cielo (60 min.) 28 Soul! (60 min.) C Nikki Giovanni and the New York City Community Chorus in a program of poetry and music. 34 Lucia Sombra (60 min.) 40 Spanish Movie (2 hrs.) 52 Kingdom of the Sea (30 min.) C 10:30 P.M. 5 News: George Putnam (30 min.) C 52 Outdoor Sportsman (30 min.) C 11 P.M. 2 News: Jerry Dunphy (30 min.) C 4 News: Tom Brokaw (30 min.) C 5 One Step Beyond (30 min.) 7 News: Schubeck & Morris (30 min.) C 9 Movie "Dressed to Kill” (1945) Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce. Music boxes contain a code giving the whereabouts of currency plates stolen from the Bank of England. 11 Truth or Consequences (30 min.) C Host: Bob Barker. 13 News: Hugh Williams (30 min.) C 22 Garner Ted Armstrong (30 min.) C 28 Janaki (15 min.) C 34 News (15 min.) C 11:15 P.M. 34 Movie "Reventa De Esclavas" Sylvia Pinal, Tony Aguilar. 11:30 P.M. 2 Movie "Murder at the Gallop" Margaret Rutherford, Robert Morley. 4 The Tonight Show (90 min.) C 5 Movie "The Passionate Thief (1962) Ben Gazzara, Anna Magnani. Petty thief is thwarted in an attempt on New Year’s Eve. 7 Dick Cavett Show (90 min.) C 11 To Tell the Truth (30 min.) C Rerun. 13 True Adventure (30 min.) C Rerun. 22 Chuck Johnson's Nitebeat (30 min.) 12 MIDNIGHT 11 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (30 min.) Rerun. 12:30 A.M. 9 Movie “The Old Dark House (1963) C Tom Poston, Robert Mor-- ley. Car dealer delivers new car to a spooky, secluded mansion. 11 Movie "Sharad of Atlantis” (1966) Crash Corrigan. 13 Country Music Time (30 min.) C 1 ij 4 News (20 min.) C 7 News (20 min.) C 1:30 A.M. 2 News (10 min.) C 1:45 A.M. 5 Movie “I Mot Him in Paris” (1937) Robert Young, Claudett Colbert. Female fashion designer meets two Paris authors and stays with them in the Swiss Alps. 2 A.M. 11 All-Night Movies: “Beast from the Haunted Cave’’ (1959) "I Cover the Waterfront" (1933) “Back from the Dead” (1957) HOME DELIVERY 7aB-'ISi2 LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT P.O. BOX 2416, TERMINAL ANNEX. LOS ANGELES. CALIF., 90051 Please start delivery of the daily and Sunday Herald-Examiner to my home at the 'ate of $3 00 per month and continue until further notice. ADDRESS-CITY_____ ZIP .CODE. 49

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LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY 4 Rowan and Martin's Laugh-ln (60 min.) C Rerun. William Conrad guests with cameo appearances by Bob Crane, Nanette Fabrsy, Henry Mancini and Alexis Smith. 11 Hogan's Heroes (30 min.) C Rerun. 22 Hermanos Coraje (60 min.) C 28 The Sleeping Beauty (90 min.) C Rudolph Nureyev and the National Ballet of Canada in Tchaikovsky’s ballet featuring new choreography by Nureyev, who dances the leading role of Prince Florimund. Veronica Tennant is Princess Aurora. 34 Spanish Movie "Nacha Regules” Zully Moreno, Arturo de Cordova. 40 Cuestion De Segundos (10 min.) C 52 Movie “Cain and Mabel” (1936) Clark Gable, Marion Davies. A musical comedy star tangles with a boxing champ over a publicity stunt. 8:10 P.M. 40 Novela (50 min.) 8:30 P.M. 11 The Merv Griffin Show (90 min.) C 13 Church In the Home (60 min.) C 9 P.M. 2 Here’s Lucy (30 min.) C Rerun. Lucy gets a ticket for “reckless driving” in her wheelchair and also winds up being sued when she accidently collides with an out-of-work country singer. 4 Movie “The Railway Children” (1971) C. Jenny Agutter, Dinah Sheridan, Bernard Cribbins. An adventure story detailing the exploits of three children living near a railway line in turn-of-the-century England. 7 The Rookies (60 min.) C The police unknowingly aid a murderer pretending to be a runaway’s father. 22 Nino (60 min.) 30 Religious Programming (Continuous until 12 midnight) C 24 40 Cuestion de Segundos (10 min.) 9:10 P.M. 40 Novela (50 min.) 9:30 P.M. 2 Doris Day Show (30 min.) C Rerun. In order to solve a pressing economic problem, Doris gets a job as an all-night radio personality— without telling anyone. 5 Rollin' (30 min.) C 9 News: John Fullmer (30 min.) C 13 News: Hugh Williams (30 nun.) C 28 Thirty Minutes with . . . Elizabeth Drew (30 min.) C 9:45 P.M. 22 Su Comedia Favorita (1 hr., 15 min.) 10 P.M. 2 New Bill Cosby Show (60 min.) C Rerun. Guest: Ray Charles. 5 News: George Putnam (30 min.) C 7 Department S (60 min.) C Accidental death can be ruled out when an Interpol agent is found drowned and Jason King is the next potential victim. 9 Crime Fighters (60 min.) C Host: Jack Rourke. Guests Police Chief Ed Davis, City Attorney Roger Arnebergh and Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty. 11 News: Jones & Fortner (60 min.) C 13 Bill Cosby Show (30 min.) C Rerun. 22 Secuestro en el Cielo (60 min.) 28 Roads to Freedom (45 min.) C It is Sept., 1938, and Hitler is threatening Czechoslovakia. In France, reservists are being called up, and Mathieu has a brief holiday before he must report. Meanwhile, marriage to Marcelle has become the ultimate torture for Daniel. 34 Lucia Somtara (60 min.) 40 Variedad (60 min.) 52 Kingdom of the Sea (30 min.) C 10:30 P.M. 5 Talk Back (30 min.) C 23 Petticoat Junction (30 min.) C 34 La Satanica (30 min.) 52 Outdoor Sportsman (30 min.) C 10:45 P.M. 28 Janaki (15 min.) C 11 P.M. 2 News: Jerry Dunphy (30 min.) C 4 News: Tom Brokaw (30 min.) C 5 One Step Beyond (30 min.) Rerun. 7 News: Schubeck & Morris (30 min.) C 9 Movie “Court Jester” (1956) C. Danny Kaye, Glynis Johns, Basil Rathbone, Angela Lansbury. 13 Movie “Trio” (1951). Jean Simmons, Michael Rennie, Nigel Patrick, James Hayter, Anne Crawford. 22 Garner Ted Armstrong (30 min.) C 34 News (15 minj C 11:15 P.M. 34 Roller Derby (90 min.) C 11:30 P.M. 2 Movie “The Next Voice You Hear James Whitmore, Nancy Davis. 4 The Tonight Show (90 min.) C Joey Bishop is substitute host. 5 Movie “Welcome Stranger” (1947). Caulfield. Bing Crosby, Barry Fitzgerald, Joan 7 Movie “Ski Party” Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Deborah Walley, Yvonne Craig, Robert Q. Lewis. 11 To Tell the Truth (30 min.) C Rerun. 12 MIDNIGHT 11 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (30 min.) Rerun. 12:30 A.M. 11 Movie “Tom, Oick and Harry” (1941). Burgess Meredith, Ginger Rogers. A girl must choose between three suiters sihe loves equally. 13 Country Music Time (30 mm.) C 1 A.M. 4 News (20 ntta.) C 1:30 A.M. 7 News (20 minj C 1:35 A M. 2 Movie “Hock Island Trail” (1949). 3 A.M. 2 Movie “The Ringer” (1950). 4:30 A.M. 2 News (5 min.) C CALL MR. EXPERT NOW DIRECT OR COLLECT 655-6152 ... or the / area office f nearest you m South Bay 320-4938 Santa Monica 393-5611 S.F. Valley 780-4051 Burtank-Pasadena 240-9199 Covina-Alhambra 442-4311 Wtiittier-Downey 868-4535 Orange County 714- 530-6871 Roman a-Ontarlo 629-2818 • No Obligation DON'T PAINT PACIFICOTt FOR CHRISTMAS PACIFICOTE ... a superior exterior coating for your home Thicker than paint—15 year guarantee: no chipping, peeling. COMPLETE PACIFICOTE PACKAGE INCLUDES • Patching • Trenching • Sandblasting • Waterproofing : Tnm"pamt!np FINANCING AVAILABLE SHOWROOM OPEN DAILY 407 N. La Cienega BlJ 10 TO 5, SUNDAY n-s Los Angeto 25 LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY

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MORTON MOSS TV Editor Inside Bill Cosby there’s a little kid screaming to get out and often making it. The way the little kid makes it is in those funny and human monologues in which Cosby seems to project a total recall of the emotional tone of a boy’s childhood experience. Tomorrow is a day dedicated to Santa Claus, and not without bearing on little kids. Bill, on The New Bill Cosby Show, will do his part in helping to celebrate the rites of the white-whiskered gentleman, 10 to 11 p.m., via CBS. For various reasons, a few of which will be touched upon, Cosby has wondered whether The New Bill Cosby Show will survive long enough to be an old Bill Cosby show. The season’s first half ratings weren’t precisely an urge to handsprings and cartwheels by Cosby and George Schlater, ex of Laugh-In, the show’s producer. The executive suite at CBS has been impatiently awaiting the termination of ABC’s Monday night pro football. It outflanked Cosby in a vast stretch of the country east of here, starting at 9 p.m. Here, he suffered no conflict with football teeing up its telecast at 6 in the evening. ABC has completed its pro grid campaign even if the National Football League hasn’t. The Nielsens will be pored over from week to week now for evidence of an affirmative change. “I have a thought,” Cosby said. “Bill Cosby a while ago was fresh and new and exciting to the public. I was a black person and I got into I Spy and specials and records. Everything THE LATEST EDITION OF BILL COSBY was good. Some of it was the curiosity about me because I a black. The winning of Emmy awards I attribute partly to that. “I don’t mean that in a cynical way. What I mean is that it was a vote of confidence. And, then, I began to do the thing I always wanted to do. It was to give a statement of myself as a human being, in addition to offering myself as an entertainer. I didn’t want the white viewer to accept me as a black entertainer and not think of the other blacks and that no problem existed in America because: look at me. Cosby believes that, as more and more he took stands, he turned people off and they turned him off. As he analyzes it, they watched him for laughs and, when the percentage of laughs to homily diminished, their devotion started to ease off. 4 Los Angeles Herald-Examiner TV WEEKLY If Bill isn’t sure if The New Bill Cosby Show will grow old, there was, nonetheless, an old Bill Cosby show. That was called, reasonably enough, The Bill Cosby Show. NBC provided the platform — for one season. “I’m proud of my school teaching series,” said Cosby, who played Kincaid, a high school coach. “What I tried for were moralistic values and ideas. I’m proud of Kincaid, though he wasn’t popular. The public was disappointed. “I didn’t want a laugh track. I asked why I should have one. ‘So people should know when something is supposed to be funny, and laugh’ they told me. I refused. I told them, ‘let people laugh when they think it’s funny and not laugh when they don’t.’ Still, Cosby won’t argue with the effectiveness of the laugh track. He put it facetiously. He couldn’t see any possible reason but a laugh track as explanation why certain shows stayed on television. His point seemed to be that, if the shows are lousy, at least the laugh tracks aren’t. We detest laugh tracks. They’re an insulting, manipulative device, using people as laboratory material for pic-ture-tube Dr. Frankensteins. They belong in the category of the applause signs they flash to the studio audience at certain shows, programming them like inanimate matter to express mechanical joy. Cosby said, “One thing that proved to me that the excitement wasn’t there for me anymore was the reaction to the television movie I did. The ratings of To All My Friends at Sea were that low. It was a story that revolved «y 5 Los Aitgeles Herald-Examiner TV WEEKLY I

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mrnrrrrm *-)ec- ■liUtn.iM 28 * Prextender” and Petula offers “What Love Is About. 7 The Mod Squad (60 min.) C Rerun. Bobby Sherman guests as a youth who joins a motorcycle gang and plots to steal the payroll at his father’s construction job as a joke, but the gang has other ideas. 11 Hogan's Heroes (30 min.) C Rerun. 13 Olympic Boxing (2 hrs.) C Jim Healy hosts a look at 13 fighters who met their match in the ring. 22 Hermanos Coraje (60 min.) 28 The Advocates (60 min.) C "Should the use of the National Parks be drastically reduced? 34 Spanish Movie “El Extrano Del Pelo Largo" 40 Novela (60 min.) 50 Focus Orange County (30 min.) C 52 Movie “Black Legion" (1937). Humphrey Bogart, Ann Sheridan. Embittered machinist joins anti-foreigners. 8:30 P.M. 11 The Merv Griffin Show (90 min.) C 50 Special of the Week: “Awake and Sing" (2 hrs.) C Walter Matthau stars in Clifford Odets’ play about love triumphant over Depression-caused insecurity. 9 P.M. 2 “J.T." (60 min.) C Rerun. Jane Wagner's poignant Peabody Award-winning drama which focuses on a little black boy hovering between delinquency and responsibility in a city ghetto. Kevin Hooks plays the title role of the shy youngster. The story takes place at Christmas time in Harlem and was filmed on location in that section of New York City. 4 Ironside (60 min.) C Rerun. Chief Ironside takes a course in professional dog training when previously efficient guard dogs fail to attack jewel robbers on the premis- es they are supposed to be protect- 7 Life, Health and the American Woman (60 min.) C Rerun. Patricia Neal is hostess for a special broadcast which focuses on preventative medicine for the American woman. 22 Nino (60 min.) 28 International Performance (60 min.) 30 Religious Programming (Continuous until 10 p.m.) C 40 NoveLa (60 min.) 9:30 PM. 5 Rams Action (30 min.) C Tom Kelly hosts filmed highlights of Rams football. 9 News: John Fullmer (30 min.) C 10 P.M. 2 To Be Announced. 4 The Dean Martin Show (60 min.) C Dean’s guests are Ernest Borgnine, O.C. Smith and the Golddiggers. 5 News: George Putnam (30 min.) C 7 Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law (60 min.) C Rerun. Owen Marshall’s friend, Dr. Clayton Kerr is a suspect in the death of a millionaire’s financial secretary who opposed a generous gift to a hospital. Lew Ayres, Percy Rodrigues, Pat Harrington and Mike Farrell are guest stars. 9 Thriller (60 min.) Rerun. 11 News: Jones I Fortner (60 min.) C 13 News: Hugh Williams <30 min.) C 22 Secuestro En el Cttlo (60 min.) 28 World Press (30 min.) C 34 Lucia Sombra (60 min.) 40 Wrestling (60 min.) 52 Kingdom of the Sea (30 min.) C 10:30 P.M. 5 Talk Back (30 min.) C 13 Petticoat Junction (30 min.) C Rerun. 28 June Wayne (30 min.) C Author Barbaralee Diamonstein and Miss Wayne discuss corporate and government support for the arts and the "cultural explosion. 52 Outdoor Sportsman (30 min.) C 11 P.M. 2 News: Jerry Dunptiy (30 min.) C 4 News: Tom BrokaW (30 min.) C 5 One Step Beyond (30 min.) Rerun. 7 News: Schubeck & Morris (30 min.) C 9 Movie "In the French Style" (1963). Jean Seberg, Stanley Baker, Addison Powell. Love affairs of an Ame ican female artist in Paris. 11 Truth or Consequences (30 min.) C 13 Movie "Mobs, Inc.” Los Angeles Police work with crimes involving confidence men, racketeers, etc. Based on the TV series "Racket Squad. 22 Garner Ted Armstrong (30 min.) C 28 Janaki (15 min.) C 34 News (15 min.) C 11:15 P.M. 34 Spanish Movie “Un Extrano en la Escalera 11:30 P.M. 2 Movie "Doctor Faustus” (1968). Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton. Film version of Christopher Marlowe's literary classic, the story of a scholar who sells his soul to the devil. 4 The Tonight Show (90 min.) C 5 Movie “Hands Across the Table” (1935). Carole Lombard, Fred MacMurray. 7 Dick Cavett Show (90 min.) C 11 To Tell The Truth (30 min.) C 28 Janaki (IS min.) C 12 MIDNIGHT 11 Alfred Hitchcock Presents (30 min.) 12:30 A.M. Toughest Man in Arizona" Vaughn Monroe, Joan Les- 11 Movie (1951). lie. 13 Country Music Time (30 min.) C 1 A.M. 4 News (20 min.) C 7 News (20 min.) C 1:35 A.M. 2 News (5 min.) C 2 A.M. All-Nigfit Movies: “Showdown at Boot Hill” (1958). "Tampico" (1944). "Slattery’s Hurricane” (1948). 11 ** BUILDERS, SERVING L.A. AREA 30 YEARS CALL NOW 655-6152 DIRECT OR COLLECT Covina/Alhambra 442-4311 South Bay 320-4938 Pomona/Onl 629-2818 Santa Monica/ 393-5611 / S F. Valley 997-7872 39 Burbank/Pasadena 240-9799 Whittier/Downey 868-4535 Orange County 714-530-6871 Inglewood 751-1385 Remodel or Add a BEDROOM We DESIGN it, BUILD it, GUARANTEE it! CALL m I MR. EXPERT NOW • ROOM ADDITIONS • BATHS • KITCHENS • REMODELING • EXTERIOR COATINGS SHOWROOM OPEN DAILY I0TO5, SUNDAY 11-5 401 NORTH LA CIENEGA BLVD., LOS ANGELES 43

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LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY 34 El Carruaje (60 min.) C 40 Cine del Domingo (2 hrs.) C 52 David Susskind Show (2 hrs.) 8:30 P.M. 2 Sandy Duncan Show 130 min.) C Bank error results in Sandy suddenly becoming $10,000 richer at the expense of a local politician named Sanford Stockton. 4 Mystery Movie “McCloud” C Eddie Albert and Roddy McDowall guest. McCloud gets a partner—a woman—while working on a national car-theft ring. 13 Movie "Gulliver’s Travels" (1939). Animated cartoon about the 17th century traveler. 9 P.M. 2 Dick Van Dyke Show (30 min.) C It looks like a blue Christmas Eve for the Prestons when Dick is jailed in a little desert town because he doesn’t have the money to pay a traffic fine. 5 Hour of Power Christmas Special (60 min.) C Robert Schuller and Norma Zimmer star. 7 Movie "Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies" C Tony Curtis, Sunsan Hampshire, Terry-Thomas, Gert Frobe, Eric Sykes. Slapstick comedy in the silent film tradition provides the vehicle for this film about a brash young American who gambles his half of an auto factory on winning the Monte Cairo Rally during the 20s. 22 Samurai Revolution (60 min.) C 28 Masterpiece Theatre: “The Moonstone” (60 min.) C Assaults, accusations and kidnappings; the revelation of a will, the , end of an engagement, and a visit to the mysterious Shivering Sands. 34 Navidad en Hollywood (60 min.) 9:30 P.M. 2 Mannix (60 min.) C 8 Wealthy businessman arrives home to find his wife murdered and his best friend running from the scene. 9 News: Larry Burrell (30 min.) C 30 Religious Programming (Continuous until 11 p.m.) C 10 P.M. 4 Night Gallery (30 minJ C Wnen his invalid wife dies, a man is given a cat for company—terrifying company. Leonard Nimoy, Lorraine Gary and Kathryn Hays guest. 5 News: Garton & Arnold (30 min.) C 9 Hour of Power (60 min.) C Tonight's special features evangelist Robert Schuller speaking on the topic "Become a Thinker . . . Now! 11 News: Mayo & Chu Lin (60 minJ C 13 Through the Eyes of a Child (30 min.) C Story of a float and its participation in the 1971 Rose Parade. 22 Weekly News Highlights (15 min.) C 28 Firing Line: William F. Buckley (60 min.) C 34 Y Ahora Silvia (60 min.) C 40 Tempo Italiano (30 min.) C 52 The Saviour (90 min.) C Special depicting the events surround the birth of Christ. 10:15 P.M. 22 Festivals in Japan (30 min.) C 10:30 P.M. 2 The Living Christmas Tree (30 min.) C Holiday special featuring the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys. 4 News (30 min.) C 5 Garner Ted Armstrong (30 min.) C Rerun. 13 News: Ed Bartylak (30 min.) C 11 P.M. 2 News: Clete Roberts (15 min.) C 4 Christmas Eve Special (30 min.) C Christmas musical service featuring the choirs of the First Congregational Church of Pasadena and the Pasadena Presbyterian Church. 9 Movie “My Friend Flicka" (1943). Roddy McDowall, Rita Johnson. Story of a sensitive boy and his horse. 11 Movie "A Christmas Carol” (1938). Reginald Owen, Gene Lockart. 13 Kathryn Kuhlman (30 min.) C 28 Janaki (15 min.) C 34 Pandorama (30 min.) 11:15 P.M. 2 News: Dan Rather (15 min.) C 11:30 P.M. 2 Let the Desert Be Joyful (30 min.) C Tucson Boy’s Chorus sings around the classic 17th-century Spanish mission, San Xavier Oel Bac. 4 T« Be Announced 7 News (15 min.) C 13 Movie “Red Shoes” (1948) Moira Shearer, Anton Walbrook. Lovely ballerina has bitter struggle. 34 Estrellas Musicales (30 min.) 11:45 P.M. 7 News: Bill Beutel (15 min.) C 12 MIDNIGHT 2 Candelight Service (30 m *) C From Bruton Parish Church in Wil-liamsburgh, Va. 4 Christmas Eve Midnight Mass (60 min.) C From St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. 5 Christmas Eve Midnight Mass (60 min.) C From St. Basil’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles. 7 Movie “Say One for Me” (1959) C. Bing Crosby, Debbie Reynolds. Song-filled story of a priest in New York’s theatrical section who tries to protect a showgirl from the advances of a producer. 34 Santa Misa de Noche Buena (90 min.) Rerun. 1:00 A.M. 2 Colonial Williamsburg Carols (15 min.) C 1:30 A.M. 13 Movie “Passport To Pimlico" (1949). Stan'ey Holloway. SERVING L.A. AREA 30 YEARS CALL NOW 655-6152 DIRECT OR COLLECT Covina/Alhambra 442-4311 South Bay 320-4938 Pomona/Ont. 629-2818 Santa Monica^ 393-5611 S. F Valley 997-7872 Burbank/Pasadena 240-9799 Whittier/Downey 868-4535 Orange County 714-530-8871 Inglewood 751-1385 Remodel or ADD-A-ROOM We DESIGN it, BUILD it, GUARANTEE it! ROOM ADDITIONS BATHS KITCHENS REMODELING • EXTERIOR COATINGS SHOWROOM OPEN DAILY IOTO 5. SUNDAY 11-5 401 NORTH LA CIENEGA BLVD., LOS ANGELES 19 LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY

TV Weekly LA December 1972 - Page section : 018

LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER TV WEEKLY mm————Mg Dec. 9 The Lone Ranger (30 min.) 11 The New Zoo Revue (30 min.) C 13 Rocky and His Friends (30 min.) C 28 Lively Arts (30 min.) C 30 Religious Programming (Continuous until 10 p.m.) C 34 La Comunidad Al Dia (25 min.) C 3:25 P.M. 34 San Joaquin Valley Report (5 min.) 3:30 P.M 2 It’s Your Bet (30 min.) C 4 The Mike Douglas Show (90 min.) C Co-host: Eddie Arnold 5 Ozzie and Harriet (30 min.) 7 One Life to Live (30 min.) C 9 The Banana Splits (60 min.) C 11 Quick Draw McGraw (30 min.) C 13 Bozo’s Big Top (30 min.) C 28 History of Art 1A (30 min.) C 34 Spanish Movie “Marco Antonio Y Cleopatra 3:45 P.M. 22 Una Aventura Espartola (15 min.) 4 P.M. 2 Little Women (30 min.) C Children's series based on the beloved stories of Louisa May Alcott. 5 The Rifleman (30 min.) 7 Love, American Style (30 min.) C 11 Bugs and His Buddies HO min.) C 13 Linus the Lionhearted (30 min.) C 22 El Am

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