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Montgomery Clift: His Place in the Sun Battered women... millions of women are physically abused each year and law enforcement agencies can’t seem to stop it. Narrated and directed by award winner Lee Grant, this shattering documentary explores the cycle of domestic brutality and frustration— with interviews with both victims and offenders—that perpetuates this silent wave of crime. 1:00. HBO Sept.13,18,21,24,29 p 12 Playing the Nutroll: Robert Townsend & His Partners in Crime 11/ Townsend redefines “electrifying” in this high-voltage blend of comedy, music and finger-in-the-socket lunacy. Complete with a new episode of the soap spoof, “The Bold, the Black and the Beautiful,’ ’ and some of the funniest stand-up you ’II ever see, this is one of the slickest, sassiest comedy capers of the season! (AL.AH) 1:00. HBO Sept.16,19,22,27 po mom PUfORmycn 13 ■ The Roseanne Barr Show HBO Sept.2,6,12,17 ■ Tales From the Crypt HBO Sept.6,15 ■ The Twelfth Annual Young Comedians Show HBO Sept.19,30 ■ HBO Showcase: Tidy Endings HBO Sept.1,6,19,25,30 How to Raise a Drug-Free Child HBO Sept.3,14,18.22,28 Comic Relief®lll Highlights-Part II HBO Sept.15,23 COMIC RELIEF is a registered trademark of Gary Thison. Cinemax Sessions: The Neville Brothers “Tell It Like It Is MAX Sept.9

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AUGUST 26-31 SAT AUG 26 SUN AUG 27 MON AUG 28 7:00 om THE RIVER RAT p 20 7:00 am COMING ATTRACTIONS p 22 8:00 am NADINE p. 21 8:30 CADDYSHACX II p. 4 7:30 PAOOINGTON GOES 7:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN p. 7 10:30 NADINE p. 21 TO SCHOOL p 7 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA 12:00 TAILSPIN BEHIND THE 8:00 BABAR “The W Volume" p. 6 KOREAN AIRLINER Between Friends p 6 9:00 THE BRIDE p. 21 TRAGEDY p 12 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA 11:00 PROPHECY p. 20 1:30 pm THE MAN WHO BROKE The UV Volume' p6 1:00 pm OVERBOARD p. 7 1.000 CHAINS p. 21 9:00 DIRTY DANCING p 14 3:00 JERRY SEINFELD - 3:30 •BATTERIES NOT 11:00 THE CHEAP DETECTIVE p 21 STAND-UP CONFIDENTIAL p. 5 INCLUOED p. 6 12:30 pm NATURE WATCH “Creatures 4:00 ENCYCLOPEDIA BROWN 5:15 WHO'S THAT GIRL p 21 of the Polar Ice" p. 7 BOY DETECTIVE p. 7 7:00 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 1:00 6H0UUESII p. 4 5:00 THE RIVER RAT p. 20 9:00 Saturday Night Movio 2:30 HBO SEPTEMBER 6:30 MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 CADDYSHACX II p. 4 COMING ATTRACHONS p 22 8:00 BABAR "School Days' p 6 11:00 THE EDGE 3:00 A SOLDIER S STORY p. 4 5:30 NATURE WATCH Block Pudding' p. 19 5:00 SWEET DREAMS p 20 ~A Master of Disguise 11:30 THE UNHOLY p. 11 7:00 DIRTY DANCING p. 14 Tho Octopus" p 7 1:15 om TAILSPIN; BEHIND THE 9:00 Sunday Nlgtil Movie 9:00 OVERBOARD p. 7 KOREAN AIRLINER CLEAN AND SOBER p. 17 11:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p 8 TRAGEDY p 12 11:05 VIETNAM WAR STORY 11:30 BORN IN EAST LA p 22 2:45 COMIC RELIEF III THE LAST DAYS p. 18 1:00 om MIDNIGHT RUN p. 3 HIGHLIGHTS-PARTI p. 22 12:35 am PROMISED LAND p. 15 3:10 BRIGHT LIGHTS. 4:45 THE BELIEVERS p. 22 2:20 DRACULA'S WIOOW p 21 BiGcmr p 4 3:50 WHITE OF THE EYE p. 4 5:00 WORLD GONE WILD p. 22 TUE AUG 29 WED AUG 30 rHU AUG 31 6:35 om SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p 19 8:00 om CADOYSHACK II p. 4 8:30 am MEATBALLS PART II p. 21 8:30 TALES OF LITTLE WOMEN 8:00 BABAR School Days p 6 8:00 YOU DON T HAVE TO DC p. 5 "Nice Wort 11 You 8:30 NATURE WATCH 8:30 SEABERT leopard Can Golf (;23) "The Octopus" p. 7 Smugglers' ( 23) 9:00 TAILSPIN BEHIND THE 9:00 SWEET DREAMS p. 20 9:00 NADINE p. 21 KOREAN AIRLINER 11:00 WHO'S THAT GIRL p 21 10:30 THE MAN WHO BROKE TRAGEDY p 12 12:45 pm THE CHEAP DETECTIVE p. 21 1.000 CHAINS p. 21 10:30 UNCENSORED CHANNELS p. 22 2:30 GHOUUESII p. 4 12:30 pm DEFENSE OF THE REALM p. 21 11:00 FIDDLER ON THE ROOF p 20 4:00 A FRIEND IN DEED p. 7 2:00 CHISUM p 20 2:00 pm COWING ATTRACTIONS p 22 4:30 SARAH T - PORTRAIT OF 4:00 FROM THE EARTH 2:30 SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC p. 20 TO THE MOON p 7 FOR PEACE p. 22 8:15 CADOYSHACK 1 p. 4 5:00 PROPHECY p. 20 4:00 WHEN WE FIRST MET p 6 8:00 THE BELIEVERS p. 22 7:00 HBO SEPTEMBER 5:00 SHORT CIRCUIT 2 p. 19 10:00 THE EDGE COMING ATTRACTIONS p. 22 7:00 WINNERS TAKE ALL p 21 'Piolosslanal Man' p. 19 7:30 MEATBALLS PART II p 21 9:00 TAILSPIN BOUND THE 10:30 TALES FROM THE CRYPT 9:00 CLEAN AND SOBER p. 17 KOREAN AIRLINER Loter Come Hock 11:05 BEST SEILER p 18 TRAGEDY p. 12 to Me- ( 30) 12:40 am TAILSPIN BEHIND THE 10:30 THE EDGE 11:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 KOREAN AIRLINER Block Ptiddng ' p. 19 11:30 VIETNAM WAR STORY: TRAGEDY p. 12 11:00 ir$ ALIVE 111 p. 22 THE LAST DAYS p. 18 2:10 THE KIDS IN THE HALL Q. 8 12:35 om MEATBALLS III p. 21 1:00 am THE UNHOLY p II 2:40 SHARKY S MACHINE p 21 2:10 THE FOURTH PROTOCOL p 22 2:45 PROMISED LAND p 15 4:40 UP SERVICE p 22 4:15 HEAVEN HELP US p21 4:30 BODY HEAT p. 5 16 3E/4P CLEAN SOBER AND MICHAEL KEATON KATHY BAKER Comedian Michael Keaton (Beeilejuiee) reveals astonishing depth as a dramatic actor In this critically-acclaimed story of drug addiction and redemption. Keaton is "... mos1 deserving of applause, for his gutty performance" (Hollywood Reporter) as Daryl Poynter, a hotshot real-estate agent who embezzles money to feed his cocaine habit. To escape his problems. Poynter checks Into a rehab center and begins a searing, painful journey of recovery and self-discovery. With Morgan Freeman (Lean on Me), fAS.AL) R-2:04, Aug.27,31 g O P M ill nsui Bill WARNING: D IE! IN 6 PRESENTS MAY BE HAZARDOUS 10 YOUR HEALTH ■ Are liquid diets safe ■ Are diet pills dangerous ■ What are the best and worst diets ■ The truth about diet foods. ■ How overweight are you 9 What diet remedies are too good to be true? 1 August 8,11,13,17,19.23 p :3d 17

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World Gone Wild An acllorvpacked sci-fi drama with Bruce Dorn and Michael Pare. (AL.N.GV) R-1:30 Aug. p And Then You Die Montreal's underworld is the unusual setting for this gritty, brutal action-filled gangster drama. (AS.AL.GVJ R-1:36. August 5,10,18,22 Fear Powerhouse action and nail-biting suspense pack a big wallop In this hard-hitting hostage drama with a twist. (AL.GV) R-1:32. Aufl.1,4,13,16 Red Nights A naive actor arrives in Hollywood and falls in with the wrong crowd. Score by Tangerine Dream. (ALV.N) R-1:29. August Party Camp The nerdy Squirrels face off against the jocks of the Falcons. turning Camp Chipmunk Into a nuthouse! (AL.NJ R-1:37 Aug.9.15.20,25 22 It's Alive III: Island of tha Alive A witty horror yarn about killer babies. (AS.AL.GV) R-1:30. Aug.7.16,24,29 O Superman IV: Tha Quasi for Peace America's favorite super hero fakes to the skies to battle a super villain. (ALV) PG-1.30. Aug.5,9,13,17,21,29 p n I Bette Midler’s Mon do Bsyondo Meet the brassiest host in TV variety show history. 1*00. Aug.2,6,11 QO Comic Relief* III Hlghllghts-Part I Enjoy some of the funniest moments from the March 1989 benefit for Amerioa's homeless. 1:55. Aug.4,26 p O COMC WIIEF li i rtglMMd nd«Mik «l Owy Thlion. Remember When: The Birds and tha Bees A look at how America's attitudes toward love and sex reflect the changes in our culture. :58. Aug.3.16.21 Uncensored Channels II: TV Around tha World With George Plimpton Clips from variety shows, music videos, game shows. :28. Aug.4,10,14,17,29 The Holcroft Covenant Taut thriller based on Robert Ludlum's best-seller./>U.K/yyR-1:52. Aug.3.8,14 The Fourth Protocol A British spy catcher fakes on his Russian counterpart. (AIMA/JR-1:59. Aug.7,13,29pO Up Service An HBO Original Movie An ambitious young newsman vs. a fading old pro. 1:07. Aug.18,31 po The Believers Suspenseful drama of devil worship and human sacrifice in N.Y.C(AL.GV.NJR-1:54 Aug.1.6.26,30 p m Why DM Johnny Kill?: America Undercover A compelling look at (Our ’’kids next door" who made headlines as teenage murderers. :58. Aug.1.6.10 p Born In East L. A. This funfeststarsCheech Marin in a goofy Mexican mix*up. (ASALV)R-1:24. Aug.8,12,18.23,28 p Time Files When You’re Alive HBO Showcase True drama of love and tragedy. (AL) 1:30. August 4.7.12,16,18 p HBO September Coming Attractions What's coming up on HBO? This show highlights the movies and specials you won't want to miss. :30. Aug.25,27,29,31 i ft I Crocodile" DundeeM Crossing Oelancey §;#f1JWING It HBO VWRLD SWGE Dlona Rost ” Workln' Overtime' TheHalst

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HBO Guide June 1989 - Page section : 002

Movies Page 4 Arthur 2 (CC) 1^1 21 Better Off Dead... (CC) 4 Big Top Pee-wee (CC) 19 Burglar (CC) 22 Crystal Heart 22 Cyclone 22 Death Before Dishonor 22 Deliverance 21 Dragnet (CC) Hel 21 The Drifter 5 Fatal Beauty (CC) He 19 Friday the 13th Part V 22 Fright Night (CC) 18 Hammerhead Jones 21 He's My Girl 18 The Hidden 21 High Tide (CC) 22 The Hitcher (CC) 19 Housekeeping (CC) 7 It Takes Two (CC) 22 Kiss Me Goodbye (CC) 7 La Bamba (CC) Us 11 Like Father Like Son (CC) 21 Long Gone (CC) 7 Made in USA 19 Midnight Crossing 5 Moving (CC) 15 No Way Out (CC) 22 The Offspring 5 Paramedics 4 Pee-wee's Adventure (CC) 4 Police Academy 4 (CC) 4 Police Academy 5 lip 12 The Presidio (CC) lie 22 Real Men (CC) 22 Reform School Girls 22 The Retaliator 8 Serpent and Rainbow (CC) 22 Sister Sister 19 Soul Man (CC) 22 The Stepfather (CC) 21 Summer Camp Nightmare 22 Sunset 22 Swing Shift (CC) 19 Terminal Entry 22 Terms of Endearment (CC) 21 Third Degree Burn (CC) 17 Traveling Man (CC) 5 The Underachievers 18 Walker 18 Water 13 Willow (CC) [MI Original Programs 21 Carly in Concert 22 HBO Coming Attractions 4 The Kids in the Hall (CC) 8 Martin Short 7 Mel Gibson's Video Diary 21 The Montreal Comedy Festival (CC) 5 Neil Diamond 5 Not Necessarily the News 3 Tales From the Crypt (CC) 22 Verdict: Wrong Man (CC) Sports 19 Golden Age of Sport 18 Wimbledon'89 (CC) Daytime on HBO 21 Alien From L.A. 20 All the President's Men 20 Fast Forward (CC) 20 The Guns of Navarone He 20 Little Gloria 20 The Natural (CC) del 20 One of Our Own 20 Skin Game He 20 Turk 182! (CC) 21 Winning Family 6 HBO Family Shows 7 Nature Watch (CC) Limited Plays* Above the Law (CC) A Hel-6/11 Baby Boom (CC) A (13-6/11 Beetlejuice (CC) A 1^1—6/11 Big Bad Mama 11-6/4,8,13,17 Bill Maher (CC) A-6/28 Blake Clark (CC) A-6/7 Bob Nelson (CC) A-6/11 Broadcast News (CC) A-6/11 Deadly Illusion A-6/1,6,9 Drug-Free Child (CC)—6/11 Encyclopedia Brown (CC) A-6/18 Glory! Glory! (CC) A Pt. 1-6/28; Pt. 2-6/29 June Attractions A-6/1,4,6,9 Kevin Poliak (CC) A-6/14 The Magic Circus A-6/11 Rita Rudner (CC) A-6/21 Robert Townsend III (CC) A-6/4 Sting in Tokyo A-6/11 A Time of Destiny A-6/2,8 Vice Versa (CC) A-6/11 * In some coses limited ploys ore described in lost month's guide. (CC)indicotes programs that ore closed-coptioned. A indicates programs in stereo, where available Ifspl Indicates programs in Spanish, where available; indican programos en espaflol, donde fuesen dlsponibles. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Consumer Affairs, 1100 Avenue of the Americas. New Vbrk, New Ybrk 10036. This program guide Is available by paid subscription. For an order blonk, write to HBO Consumer Affairs. Send no money at this time: The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Vbrk, New York 10036. E. Thayer Bigelow, President. Jeffrey L Bewkes, Senior V.P., Finonce; John S. Redpoth, Jr., Secretary. © 1989 Home Box O/lice, Inc. All rights reserved h r NEW * I WEEKLY SERIES igm Murder, madness and mayhem —ancTltWS^w the | fun parti Strong cQritent. I Parental discretion aOvisedi DIG THAT CAT... HE’S REAL GONE Nine lives aren’t enough for a bum w&'tlles” for a living! :30. June 10 THE MAN WHO WAS DEMH An unemployed executioner goes freelance! ;30. June 10 AND ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE... Santa disrupts a “perfect" murder. :30 .June 10 ...ONLY SIN DEEP A beautiful prostitute pays a high price for going straight. :30. June 14,16,19 LOVER COME HACK TO ME A honeymoon is cut short— literally! :30. June 21,23,26 COLLECTION COMPLETED A wronged wife sews up a terrible revenge. :30. June 28,30 J SPECIAL PREMIERE SATURDAY JUNE 10 a Three horrifying episodes back-to-back! Plus an extra late-hight Friday showing. 3

HBO Guide November 1989 - Page section : 002

TiT' n r Movies Page 13 The Accused (CC) Hel 22 Apprentice to Murder 15 Beetlejuice (CC) [Ml 22 Big Shots (CC) 22 Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo 11 Broadcast News (CC) 5 Brubaker 21 Cherry 2000 (CC) 22 Cross My Heart 22 Cry Freedom (CC) 7 A Cry in the Dark (CC) 4 Dead Solid Perfect (CC) 17 Everybody's All-American (CC)[ISp1 22 The Expendables 4 Freeway (CC) 5 Hollywood Shuffle 4 Iron Eagle II 21 Jack's Back (CC) 5 Killer Klowns From/Space 22 The Killing Time 21 Last Rites (CC) del 4 Living Daylights (CC) Us 6 Madame Sousatzka (CC) 22 Munchies 22 Murder One 6 Native Son (CC) 22 Nowhere to Hide (CC) 22 The Pick-up Artist (CC) 14 Platoon (CC)Ha 6 Police Academy 5 He 22 Prison (CC) 22 Private Investigations 3 Punchline (CC) diH 22 RAD (CC) 12 Red King, White Knight (CC) 22 Rent-a-Cop (CC) 22 Retribution 22 Silent Assassins 7 Slamdance (CC) 7 Vice Versa (CC) Daytime on HBO 20 Chapter Two 20 French Lesson (CC) 20 Happy New Year 20 Hotshot 20 I Want to Live (CC) 20 The Man From Snowy River (CC) Hel 20 Outlaw Josey Wales del 20 Rainbow Brite (CC) 20 Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress 20 Thief Who Came to Dinner 20 The Towering Inferno (CC) 20 Voyage/Sinbad (CC) Original Programs 4 Andrew "Dice" Clay (CC) 7 The Christmas Wife (CC) 4 Crack U.S.A. (CC) 6 Dear America (CC) 7 1st & Ten: Do It Again (CC) 22 JFK: In His Own Words (CC) 17 The Kids in the Hall (CC) 8 Montreal International Comedy Festival 1989 (CC) 7 Punchline Party (CC) 22 Remember When 21 Reno: In Rage and Rehab in New York City (CC) 22 Smoking (CC) He 6 Suzi's Story (CC) 5 Vietnam War Story (CC) 22 Warning: Medicine (CC) Sports 5 Boxing Doubleheader: Tyson vs. Ruddock Chdvez vs. Copies He 6 Inside the NFL Family 18 HBO Family Shows Limited Plays* And God Created Woman A-11/3,6,11 Billy Crystal (CC) A-11/2,7,10 Clara's Heart (CC) A-ll/5,10 Common Threads (CC)—11/5 18 Again! (CC)—11/3,18 Feds (CC) A-ll/2,4,7 The Heavenly Kid A-11/5,11,16,20,24,28 Hellbound: Hellraiser II A-ll/4,9 The Howling III A-ll/2 License to Drive A-ll/6 Memories of Me (CC) A-ll/1,9 Not-So-Great Moments in Sports: Take III (CC)—11/4,8,14 Off Limits (CC) A—11/8,13,21,25 Perfect Witness (CC) A-11/5,8,14,16,20 A Return to Salem's Lot (CC)-11/6,17,25 Running on Empty (CC)-11/4,8,13,17 ’ In most cases limited plays ora described in last month's guide (CC) indicates programs that are ciosed-captioned. indicates programs in stereo, where available |£sp| Indlcan progromos en espanol, donde fuesen disponibies; indicotes programs in Spanish, where available Photo Credits: Page 17— The Kids In the Hall: Nigel Dickson. Page 20-The Towering Intern: Fietds/Sygma. Page 23-Dennis Miller. Mike Fuller. HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Witte to: HBO Consumer Affairs. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Vbrk, New Vbrk 10036. This program guide is available by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Consumer Affairs. Send no money at this time The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Offlcei Inc. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Vbrk, New York 10036. E. Thayer Bigelow, President; Jeffrey L Bewkes, Senior V.P, Finance; John S. Redpoth, Jr., Secretary. © 1989 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved. TOM HANKS SALLY HOD 7 PREMIERES / WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 1 Didja hear the one about the two big stars who r play struggling stand-up comics? Tom Hanks is a manic ex-med - student who's really killing them at a Manhattan comedy club, but Sally Field is just plain dying onstage. Sally keeps trying, learning the ropes from _ Tom—but is he more than a friend? With John Goodman (Roseanne). (AL) R-1:58. Nov.1,4,9,14,19,24,29 pnUI! 3

HBO Guide December 1989 - Page section : 002

Movies 17 Accidental Tourist (CC) He 7 Against All Odds (CC) He) 12 Age-Old Friends (CC) 3 Alien Nation (CC) 6 Beetlejuice (CC) [US 6 Big (CC) 6 Biloxi Blues (CC) 22 Blue Movies 22 Border Heat 22 A Breed Apart 22 Cellar Dweller 22 Clan of the Cave Bear (CC) 7 Clue (CC) 7 Cocoon: The Return (CC) 13 Coming to America (CC) lie] 6 Crocodile Dundee II (CC) 10 Daffy Duck (CC) 4 Dangerous Love 6 Die Hard (CC) 18 Distant Thunder (CC) 18 Enemy Territory 18 The Experts 22 Friday the 13th Part V 18 Full Moon in Blue Water (CC) 22 Going in Style 4 Going Undercover 8 The Great Outdoors (CC) 22 Hiding Out (CC) 4 High Spirits (CC) 22 House of Games 22 Housekeeping (CC) 22 Innerspace (CC) 1^1 22 The Invisible Kid 22 Lady Beware 18 Leonard Part 6 (CC) 22 Less Than Zero (CC) 18 Micki & Maude (CC) He 8 Midnight Run (CC) lie 22 'Nam Angels 5 Rikky and Pete (CC) 5 Serpent and Rainbow (CC) 22 The Sicilian (CC) 22 Songwriter (CC) 7 The Terminator (CC) 14 Watchers 22 Weeds (CC) 8 Willow (CC) He] Daytime on HBO 19 Blue Skies Again 19 The Boy in the Plastic Bubble 19 Chipmunk Adventure (CC) 19 Follow That Bird (CC) 19 Hope and Glory (CC) 19 Illegally Yours (CC) 19 Little Gloria...Happy at Last 19 The Nutcracker 19 ShamusHie 19 The 3 Worlds of Gulliver He 19 Two Mules for Sister Sara 19 What's Up, Doc? del Family 20 HBO Family Shows Sports 5 HBO Boxing's Greatest Hits (CC) He! 4 Inside the NFL Original Programs 5 Buy Me That! (CC) 5 Confessions/Cop (CC) 4 Entertainment'89 5 1st & Ten: Do It Again (CC) 8 The Kids in the Hall (CC) 18 New Year's Eve Comedy (CC) 22 Remember When 4 Rodney Dangerfield (CC) 8 The 13th Annual Young Comedians Show (CC) 22 Uncensored Channels I Limited Plays* Big Bad Mama 11-12/2,8,12,14 Bob Nelson (CC) rw—12/16,31 Cherry 2000 (CC) A-12/4,9 The Christmas Wife (CC) A-12/5,13,16,25 Crack U.S.A. (CC)-12/3 Double Exposure-12/15 Everybody's All-American (CC) A HD—12/2,6 Human Rights Now Tour -12/10 Jack's Back (CC)—12/3,11 Joy Behar (CC) A-12/17 Judy Tenuta (CC) A-12/1 Last Rites (CC) A l&el—12/5,9,18 Native Son (CC)-12/5,8 Red King, White Knight (CC) A—12/3,7,11,15,19 ’ In most cases limited plays are described in last month's guide (CC) Indicates programs that ore ciosed-capttoned. A indicates programs in stereo, where ovolloble |£spl indican programas en espaflol, donde luesen disponibles, indicates programs In Spanish, where available. Photo Credits: Cover (& P.S)-Dennls Millar: Mike Fuller. Page U-Yours to Keep: © Bob Gruen 1989 n Selected programs closed-captioned by ” the National Captioning Institute Registered service mark of the National Captioning Institute Used with permission. Special decoder needed. Oscar and Academy Award are registered trademarks and service marks of the Acodemy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. HBO reserves the right to moke a schedule change or program substitution without notice Service reception ond billing inquiries can be handled only by your local coble company or HBO offlliote Home Box Officct HBO and On location are trademarks and service marks of Home Box Offica Inc HBO welcomes subscriber comments on HBO programming and scheduling. Write to: HBO Consumer Affairs, 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New Ybrk, New Ybrk 10036. This program guide is ovolloble by paid subscription. For an order blank, write to HBO Consumer Affairs. Send no money at this time The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office^ Inc. 1100 Avenue of the Americas, New \brk. New Vbrk 10036. E. Thayer Bigelow, President; Jeffrey L. Bewkes, Senior V.P., Finonce; John S. Redpoth, Jr., Secretory. © 1989 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved PREMIERES * FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 Cops ’n’ robbers gets a sci-fi twist in this riveting action drama. A race of extraterrestrial humanoids has settled in Los Angeles — and one of them has killed cop James Caan's partner. Teamed with L.A.'s first alien policeman (Mandy Patinkin). the two detectives begin an explosive search to catch the murderer. With Terence Stamp (WallStreet). (AL.GV) R-1:30. Dec.1,9,12,17,25,28 p O Rre onhbO

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SAT DEC 16 7:00 am BABAR AND FATHER CHRISTMAS p. 20 7:30 ZIGGY'S GIFT p. 21 8:00 BIG p. 6 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 11:00 HBO BOXING'S GREATEST HITS p. 5 12:00 WHAT'S UP, DOC? p. 19 1:30 pm THE CHRISTMAS WIFE 0:13) 2:45 CLUE p. 7 4:30 BEETLEJUICE p. 6 6:00 BIG p. 6 8:00 Saturday Night Movie AGE-OLD FRIENDS p. 12 9:30 BOB NELSON (:28) 10:00 FRIDAY THE 13TH-PART V A NEW BEGINNING p. 22 11:30 COMING TO AMERICA p. 13 1:30 am NAM ANGELS p. 22 3:05 THE SICILIAN p. 22 5:05 BEETLEJUICE p. 6 MON DEC 18 7:05 am CLAY FEET p. 21 7:30 LITTLE WOMEN "Jo Shares Her Fortune (:23) 8:00 THE EXPERTS p. 18 9:30 REMEMBER WHEN: GO, TEAM, GO! p. 22 10:30 LITTLE GLORIA. HAPPY AT LAST p. 19 2:00 pm HOPE AND GLORY p. 19 4:00 YOURS TO KEEP p. 21 5:30 ENTERTAINMENT '89: THE YEAR IN REVIEW p. 4 6:00 THE GREAT OUTDOORS p. 6 7:30 BABAR "Monkey Business'' p. 20 8:00 THE EXPERTS p. 18 9:30 DISTANT THUNDER p. 18 11:30 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 12:00 WATCHERS p. 14 1:30 am RIKKY AND PETE p. 5 3:15 BLUE MOVIES p. 22 4:45 LAST RITES (R-1:43) TUE DEC 19 6:30 am ZIGGY'S GIFT p. 21 7:00 THE SNOWMAN p. 20 7:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA ’ The 0 Volume" (:26) 8:00 SHAMUS p. 19 10:00 COCOON: THE RETURN p. 7 12:00 ILLEGALLY YOURS p. 19 2:00 pm AGE-OLD FRIENDS p. 12 3:30 BUY ME THAU A KIDS' SURVIVAL GUIDE TO TV ADVERTISING p. 5 4:00 THE SNOWMAN p. 20 4:30 3 WORLDS OF GULLIVER p. 19 6:15 CLUE p. 7 8:00 COCOON: THE RETURN p. 7 10:00 AGE-OLD FRIENDS p. 12 11:30 RED KING, WHITE KNIGHT (1:46) 1:20 am 1ST & TEN: DO IT AGAIN "Gunn and Bullette" p. 5 1:50 ENEMY TERRITORY p. 18 3:25 TO BE ANNOUNCED 5:00 WEEDS p. 22 WED DEC 20 7:00 am THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' CHRISTMAS TREE p. 20 7:30 NATURE WATCH "Chipmunk Family" (:24) 8:00 INNERSPACE p. 22 10:00 FOLLOW THAT BIRD p. 19 11:30 WILLOW p. 6 2:00 pm HOUSEKEEPING p. 22 4:00 THE BERENSTAIN BEARS' CHRISTMAS TREE p. 20 4:30 A CHRISTMAS CAROL p. 20 6:00 THE INVISIBLE KID p. 22 8:00 INNERSPACE p. 22 10:00 1ST & TEN: DO IT AGAIN "Heaven Help Me" p. 5 10:30 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 11:00 RODNEY DANGERFIELD "Opening Night at Rodney's Place" p. 4 12:30 am THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW p. 5 2:10 AGAINST ALL ODDS p. 7 4:15 CELLAR DWELLER p. 22 5:35 WATCHERS p. 14 Watcher* COREY HAIM A wily teen befriends a genetically-enhanced pup who's got a hideous monster and a brutal government agent on his tail. (AL,GV) R-1:27. Dec.8,12,18,20,23,28 SUN DEC 17 6:45 am A CHRISTMAS CAROL p. 20 8:00 BABAR "La Tour de Celesteville" p. 20 8:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA "The N Volume" (:28) 9:00 "CROCODILE’ DUNDEE II p. 6 11:00 LEONARD PART 6 p. 18 12:30 pm BUY ME THAT! p. 5 1:00 GOING UNDERCOVER p. 4 2:30 THE INVISIBLE KID p. 22 4:30 HIDING OUT p. 22 6:30 DAFFY DUCK'S QUACKBUSTERS p. 10 8:00 Sunday Night Movie "CROCODILE" DUNDEE II p. 6 10:00 1ST & TEN: DO IT AGAIN "Gunn and Bullette" p. 5 10:30 JOY BEHAR (:28) 11:00 AUEN NATION p. 3 12:35 am LADY BEWARE p. 22 2:25 THE 13TH ANNUAL YOUNG COMEDIANS SHOW p. 8 3:25 TO BE ANNOUNCED 5:30 FULL MOON/WATER p. 18 14 3E/4P DECEMBER 21-26 HBO Prime Time...The Best Time on TV THU DEC 21 FRI DEC 22 SAT DEC 23 7:05 am THE TROLLS AND THE 6:00 am NEVER SAY GOODBYE p. 21 7:10 am THE SURVIVAL SERIES p. 21 CHRISTMAS EXPRESS p. 20 7:00 BABAR AND CHRISTMAS p. 20 8:00 HIGH SPIRITS p. 4 7:30 8ABAR "Monkey 7:30 ADVENTURES OF TOM SAWYER 10:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 Business" p. 20 "All Washed Up" (:24) 11:00 BLUE SKIES AGAIN p. 19 8:00 BEETLEJUICE p. 6 8:00 BOY/PLASTIC BUBBLE p. 19 12:30 pm YOURS TO KEEP p. 21 9:30 THE EXPERTS p. 18 10:00 MICKI& MAUDE p. 18 2:00 INNERSPACE p. 22 11:00 WHAT'S UP, DOC? p. 19 12:00 ENTERTAINMENT'89 p. 4 4:00 BUY ME THAT! A KIDS' 12:30 pm GOING UNDERCOVER p. 4 12:30 sm SHAMUS p. 19 SURVIVAL GUIDE TO 2:00 "CROCODILE" DUNDEE II p. 6 2:15 GOING IN STYLE p. 22 TV ADVERTISING p. 5 4:00 EMMET OTTER'S JUG-BAND 4:00 BABAR p. 20 4:30 TWO MULES FOR CHRISTMAS p. 20 4:30 BABAR AND FATHER SISTER SARA p. 19 5:00 DAFFY DUCK'S CHRISTMAS p. 20 6:15 HIDING OUT p. 22 QUACKBUSTERS p. 10 5:00 THE BOY IN THE 8:00 Saturday Night Movie 6:30 BEETLEJUICE p. 6 PLASTIC BUBBLE p. 19 HIGH SPIRITS p. 4 8:00 DANGEROUS LOVE p. 4 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 10:00 WATCHERS p. 14 9:30 GOING UNDERCOVER p. 4 8:00 Double Feature Friday 11:30 BLUE MOVIES p. 22 11:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 DIEHARD p.6 1:00 am THE SERPENT AND 12:05 am FULL MOON IN 10:15 ENEMY TERRITORY p. 18 THE RAINBOW p. 5 BLUE WATER p. 18 12:00 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 2:40 THE CLAN OF 1:45 THE KIDS IN THE HALL p. 8 12:30 am 1ST & TEN: DO IT AGAIN p. 5 THE CAVE BEAR p. 22 2:15 LADY BEWARE p. 22 1:00 COMING TO AMERICA p. 13 4:20 DANGEROUS LOVE p. 4 4:05 RIKKY AND PETE p. 5 3:00 INSIDE THE NFL p. 4 5:55 UNCENSORED CHANNELS 1: 4:00 NAM ANGELS p. 22 TV AROUND THE WORLD WITH 5:35 SONGWRITER p. 22 GEORGE PLIMPTON p. 22 SUN DEC 24 CHRISTMAS DAY TUE DEC 26 6:30 am CHIPMUNK ADVENTURE p. 19 6:15 am A CHRISTMAS CAROL p. 20 6:00 am DAFFY DUCK p. 10 8:00 BABAR "Monkey 7:30 LITTLE WOMEN "It's 7:30 ENCYCLOPEDIA Business'' p. 20 Downright Upright

HBO Guide October 1989 - Page section : 017

murder of his wife. Robert Loggia co-stars. (AL,V,BN) R-1:49. MAX Oct. 15,23,31 p O James Stewart’s Wonderful Life A look at the distinguished life and career of one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. :27. MAX Oct. 10,18 Jane Eyre Joan Fontaine and Orson Welles star in the haunting 1944 screen version of Charlotte Bronte’s romantic classic. With Elizabeth Taylor. BA/V; 1:36. MAX Oct. 5,20 Jim Henson’s Ghost of Faffner Hall A brand-new MUPPET™ series about the joys of making music! See page 15. :30. HBO Oct. 2,9,16,23,30 p O Judge Reinhold and Demi Moore in The New Home Owner’s Guide to Happiness Cinemax Comedy Experiment When barking dogs shatter their new suburban bliss, an upscale couple find wacky ways to hush the puppies. :29. MAX Oct. 15 p O Kansas Drama with Matt Dillon, Andrew McCarthy. See page 6. (AS,AL, MV) R-1:50. HBO Oct. 2,11,17,22 p O The Keys of the Kingdom Gregory Peck stars in this inspirational 1944 drama about a 19th-century Catholic priest. B/W; 2:17. MAX Oct. 3,9 The Kids in the Hall Comedy! See page 11. (AL.AH) :30. HBO Oct. 2,4,5; 6,9,11,12; 20,23,25,26; 27,30 p O King Kong Jeff Bridges plays an adventurer in this spectacular remake of the 1933 classic. With Jessica Lange, Charles Grodin. (AS.AL.MV) PG-2:14. MAX Oct. 15,18,23 ft King Solomon’s Mines Deborah Kerr and Stewart Granger search for a fabled diamond mine in this 1950 adventure. 1:43. MAX Oct. 3,6,10,21 Ladyhawke Michelle Pfeiffer and Rutger Hauer play ill-fated lovers in this medieval fantasy. (AL,V) PG-13; 2:01. MAX Oct. 7,12,16,22,24 p O The Last Emperor Acclaimed drama about Pu Yi, the last emperor of Imperial China. (AL,V,BN) PG-13; 2:42. MAX Oct. 2,24 pilg The Last Temptation of Christ Cinemax New Wave Film Controversial drama. See page 18. (AL,V,N) R-2:43. MAX Oct. 2,5,10,18,23 O The Law vs. Billy the Kid Billy the Kid falls in love and comes up against a jealous man in this 1954 Western. (AS,MV) 1:12. MAX Oct. 22,24,30 The Legends of Rock ’n’ Roll Cinemax Sessions With James Brown, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Fats Domino, B.B. King, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. :59. MAX Oct. 8,17,28 ft License to Drive Teen comedy with Corey Haim. See page 7. (AS,AL) PG-13; 1:26. HBO Oct. 14,18,22,27,31 O Lifeboat Hitchcock classic. See page 16.B/W; 1:37. MAX Oct. 19,24,29 p Lights! Action! Africa! The Survival Series Nature documentary. See page 15. :49. HBO Oct. 2,15,19,24,28 Little Miss Perfect HBO Family Playhouse Family drama. See page 15. :45. HBO Oct. 2,10,18,21,24 A Little Romance Romantic comedy with Laurence Olivier. See page 13. (AL) PG-1:50. HBO Oct. 8,12,18 Living Free The heartwarming, true saga of Elsa, the Born Free lioness, continues as her three orphaned cubs must learn to face the wild o,i their own. G-1:31. MAX Oct. 13,17,22 The Long Riders In this beautifully filmed Western, real-life brothers play legendary outlaw brothers of the Old West. David, Keith and Robert Carra-dine are the Younger boys; Stacy and James Keach play Frank and Jesse James. Dennis Quaid and Randy Quaid also star. (AS,AL,GV) R-1:39. MAX Oct. 2,5,17,25 The Lost Boys “A hip, comic twist on classic vampire stories... timely, sardonic and shrewd” (The New York Times). With Dianne Wiest, Corey Haim and Kiefer Sutherland. (AL,V) R-1:37. HBO Oct. 8,16,19,27 p O The Louie Anderson Show On Location One of the country’s fastest-rising young comedians offers a lighthearted look at the humorous side of life. :55. HBO Oct. 4,10,27,30 p rt Love Child Railroaded into a Florida prison for armed robbery, a tough teen (Amy Madigan) fights for the rights of her unborn child. A compelling true story, co-starring Beau Bridges and Mackenzie Phillips. (AL,N) R-1:37. MAX Oct. 5,18,29 Ironweed Louie Anderson Last Temptation of Christ Kansas Jim Henson’s Ghost of Faffner Hall 33

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ORIGINAL PERI A man is torn between love for his family and his desire for justice when he takes a stand against crime. Aidan Quinn plays an average guy who, with others, witnesses a brutal organized crime murder. He becomes the only witness willing to testify, but in doing so, he endangers the lives of his wife, his son—and himself. Brian Dennehy plays the high-powered attorney who will do anything—including putting his witness in jail—to assure getting his testimony. (AL,V) 1:43. HBO Oct. 28,31 go HBO/Cinemax Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc., 1100 Avenue of the Americas, N.Y., N.Y. 10036. E. Thayer Bigelow. President; Jeffrey L. Bewkes. Sr. V.P., Finance; John S. Redpath. Jr., Secretary. 1989 HOME BOX OFFICE, INC. All rights reserved. SIGOURNEY WEAVER THE BEST ^ MOVIES!, The Adventure of Dian Fossey Here it is—the five-time Oscar" -nominated 1988 film o( the woman who gave her life for the animals she loved. Sigourney Weaver (nominated for Best Actress) stars as Dian Fossey, who fights to save African mountain gorillas from extinction at the hands of poachers. Passionate and fiercely independent, Fossey lives dangerously with the gorillas in their own rugged world, becoming both their friend and protector. Bryan Brown (F/X) co-stars. (AS,AL,V) PG-13; 2:09. HBO Oct. 1,4,7,10,16,19 p« iM IN TH

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