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COMEDY Teen Wolf As a shy, awkward teenager who can't seem to score a point for his high school basketball team or reach first base with the school bombshell, Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) has more than his share of teen angst. Unbeknownst to Scott, however, his troubles have just begun: It seems his father has neglected to tell him about one small family quirk — an idio-syncracy Scott soon discovers when he starts sprouting claws and howling at the moon. But Scott's a cool dude, and he uses his new image to his advantage — the girls can t resist his raw animal charm, and his new-found physical strength turns the former athletic washout into an all-star hero. Some mature humor. 1985, PG, 133 Director: Rod Daniel. Starring: Michael J. Fox, James Hampton, Susan Ursitti. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 * TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 E FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 * Opening Night The Party Animal Pondo Sinatra (Matthew Causey) desperately wants to find a woman, and aiding Pondo in his quest is his college roommate, Studley (Tim Carhart), whose misguided expertise leads them on a series of riotous adventures. Things really take a turn for the bizarre, however, when Pondo resorts to love potions that induce weird side effects in his dates. Nudity, profanity, mature humor. 1984, R, 1:18. Director: David Beaird. Starring: Mattheu' Causey, Tim Carhart, Suzanne Ashley. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 * THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 * Lights Out The Wild Life Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson (Howard The Duck) and Christopher Penn drum up plenty of teen havoc as rambunctious high schoolers out to squeeze every last drop of fun from their summer break in this fast-paced vehicle that more than lives up to its name. Brief nudity, mature humor. 1984, R, 1:36. Director: Art Linson. Starring: Eric Stoltz, Lea Thompson, Rick Moranis. Whoopi Goldberg Direct From Broadway Whoopi Goldberg Direct From Broadway When newcomer Whoopi Goldberg was cast in the lead role in Steven Spielberg’s The Color Purple, those who had seen her live act already knew that the comedienne-actress was destined for greatness. Alone on stage, Goldberg creates a full range of serio-comic characters — three-dimensional personalities who reveal a lot about human nature in their quirky stories. Goldberg exhibits extraordinary scope, transforming from a male New York ghetto dweller to a bright-eyed 14-year-old California surfer girl without missing a beat. This woman could do justice to any role. Profanity, mature humor. 1986, Not Rated, 1:00. Director: Thomas Schlamme. Starring: Whoopi Goldberg. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 E TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 Richard Pryor — Live In Concert Richard Pryor is at his raunchy, uncensored best as he pokes fun at all his favorite topics — race, sex, machismo and even death — in this inspired concert film. Profanity, mature humor. 1979, Not Rated, 1:19. Director. Jeff Margolis. Starring. Richard Pryor. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 [3 t Tina Turner In Concert: Private Dancer The inimitable Tina Turner’s high-voltage Private Dancer act is captured on film in this 1985 concert filmed at London's NBC stadium. Highlights include duets with rockers Bryan Adams and David Bowie. General audiences. 1985, Not Rated, 1:00. Director: David Mallet. Starring: Tim Turner, Bryan Adams, David Bowie. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 t Hall And Oates: The Liberty Concert Hitmakers Daryl Hall and John Oates send sparks flying as they perform all their biggest hits in this explosive July 4 extravaganza. General audiences. 1985, Not Rated, 1:00. Director: Jim Yukich. Starring: Daryl Hall, John Oates. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 + Rock And Roll: The Early Days If you’ve rocked around the clock but wished you could turn it back to see how it all started, tune in this show that dutifully explores rock’s earliest days via rare and memorable film footage. General audiences. 1984, B&W, Not Rated, 1:00. Directors: Patrick Montgo mery, Pamela Page. Starring: Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 f FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 * SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 t * Lights Out Teen Wolf

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Compromising Positions g Susan Sarandon finds the amorous advances of her lascivious dentist a real turn-off. Not so for some of Sarandon’s friends, however, as she soon discovers when the doctor is murdered and a host of weeping females turn up at the funeral. Whodunit? As a frustrated ex-reporter-tumed-housewife, that’s what Sarandon's determined to find out as she launches a comically revealing investigation that places her high on the list of potential murder victims. Profanity, mature themes. 1985, R, 1:38. Director: Frank Perry. Starring: Susan Sarandon, Raul Julia, Edward Herrmann, Judith Ivey. MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 * TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 E SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 * Opening Night Ghostbustersq Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis display raw comic nerve as an unorthodox trio of parapsychologists who go into the unlikely business of ghost-busting in this truly hair-raising comedy. Some mature humor. 1984, PG, 1:47. Director: Ivan Reitman. Starring: Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Sigourney Weaver, Rick Moranis. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 * 0 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 * Double Exposure Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure g If this bubbly, birthday party of a movie fails to put a smile on your face, then you were the kind of kid who reveled in kicking sand in the faces of wimps. Comedian Paul Reubens is Pee-Wee Herman, the most whimsically endearing character to come along in years. Sporting painstakingly combed hair and a perky bow tie, Pee-Wee is one of a kind — and so’s the shiny custom bicycle that mysteriously disappears, setting the stage for this zany, madcap adventure surrounding Pee-Wee’s all-out effort to get it back. Some mature humor. 1985, PG, 1:32. Director: Tim Burton. Starring: Pee-Wee Herman, Elizabeth Daly, Mark Holton. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 * SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 ** FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 □ THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 * Opening Night ** Film Festival Compromising Positions Finders Keepers A transcontinental train ride turns into madcap comedy when a young con on the lam (Michael O'Keefe) poses as the chaperone of an unescorted coffin allegedly containing a dead war hero. Unbeknownst to him, however, the coffin really contains $5 million in cash — and the chase is on when he finds out. Profanity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:36. Director: Richard Lester. Starring: Michael O’Keefe, Beverly DAngelo, Louis Gossett Jr. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 " SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 f * Film Festival Hollywood Hot Tubs Teen prankster Shawn Wright (Paul Gunning) is in hot water for altering the letters on the infamous “Hollywood’’ sign. So, to pacify his parents and his parole officer, Shawn agrees to get a job — a proposition that leaves him cold. After his first day on the job with a hot tub repair company, however, Shawn has no trouble getting steamed up about his new occupation. Nudity, mature humor. 1984, R, 1.43-Director: Chuck Vincent. Starring: Paul Gunning, Donna McDaniel, Michael Andrew, Remy O’Neill. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 * WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 * Lights Out 13= VCR Playhouse t=Final Showing

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The Evil That Men Do Steely-eyed Charles Bronson is on the prowl again — this time as a professional hit man lured out of retirement to avenge the murder of an old friend at the hands of an evil killer known as “The Doctor. Graphic violence, profanity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:30. Director: J. Lee Thompson. Starring: Charles Bronson, Joseph Maher, Theresa Saldana. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 * TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 f * Lights Out Exterminator 2 Robert Ginty is back as the Exterminator, a one-man vigilante force who uses his flame-throwing blowtorch to incinerate New York City’s undesirables. Nudity, graphic violence, profanity. 1984, R, 1:30. Directors: Mark Buntzman, William Sachs. Starring: Robert Ginty, Mario Van Peebles. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 * TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 t * Lights Out The Emerald Forest Best Revenge This riveting suspense thriller stars John Heard as a smalltime gambler forced into a big-bucks deal. His best friend is in trouble with his girlfriend’s estranged brother, a conniving hood who trades favors with Heard: His pal goes free if Heard picks up $4 million worth of hashish in Spain — a plan that backfires from the word go. Violence, mature themes. 1983, R, 1:31 Director: John Trent. Starring: John Heard, Levon Helm, Alberta Watson. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 * THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 * Lights Out The Little Drummer Girl The Emerald Forest BestW' This hauntingly beautiful tale based on a true story tells of a father's (Powers Boothe) 10-year-long search for his only son (Charley Boorman, son of director John Boorman ), a fairhaired youth abducted at the age of five by an elusive South American tribe known as the Invisible People. Laced with action and adventure, the real focus here is the nurturing and love the young boy receives from his gentle captors — making it a bittersweet reunion when the boy’s real father finally tracks him down. Nudity, violence, profanity. 1985, R, 1:54. Director: John Boorman. Starring: Powers Boothe, Meg Foster, Charley Boorman. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 * 0 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 ** * Double Exposure ** Opening Night Diane Keaton stars in this fast-paced political thriller as Charlie, an American actress who, despite a spate of terrorist bombings, is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause — a sentiment that ultimately entangles her in a complex web of intrigue. Violence, profity, mature themes. 1984, R, 2:10. Director: George Roy Hill. Starring: Diane Keaton, Klaus Kinski, Yorgo Voyagis. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 f Ninja III: The Domination Slashing hands and flying feet dominate the action as a deceased ninja assassin (David Chung) takes possession of a comely young woman (Lucinda Dickey) — leading her on a fantastic killing spree. Nudity, profanity, violence. 1984, R, 1:33 Director: Sam Firstenberg. Starring: Lucinda Dickey, Sho Kosugi. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 t This medieval epic, which took over a decade of planning, is Dutch director Paul Ver-hoeven’s (The 4th Man) first English language effort — an elaborate and violently explicit look at 16th-century Spain. Fellow Dutchman Rutger Hauer stars as the self-appointed leader of a band of filthy thieves who kidnap a virtuous young princess (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and then find themselves at war with the aristocratic family of her betrothed. Nudity, graphic violence, mature therms. 1985, R, 2:06. Director: Paul Verhoeven. Starring: Rutger Hauer. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Burlinson. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 * FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 * Critics'Pix Excalibur Magic thrives in Excalibur; John Boorman’s exquisite film version of the Knights of the Round Table legend. Filmed in Ireland, this lush sword-and-sorcery saga follows King Arthur from his rise to power to his tragic fall. Violence, mature themes. 1981, PG, 2:18. Director: John Boorman. Starring: Nigel Terry, Helen Mirren, Nicol Williamson. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 * SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 ** ED t * Double Exposure ** By Request “Knight Flighf Flesh & Blood

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Heartbreakers Offering the male perspective of a contemporary romantic entanglement, Heartbreakers follow the exploits of Arthur (Peter Coyote) and Eli (Nick Mancuso), two best friends who manage to maintain their friendship despite their opposing ideals. Mature themes. 1984, R, 1:39■ Director: Bobby Roth. Starring: Peter Coyote, Nick Mancuso, Kathryn Harrold. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 * f * Critics' Pix Talk To Me The old adage “it’s not what you say but how you say it’’ takes on new meaning in this sensitive and often humorous portrait of four people from diverse lifestyles who share one thing in common: they stutter. Some mature themes. 1982, Not Rated, 1:31. Director: Julius Potocsny. Starring: Michael Murphy, Louise Fletcher. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 f The Old Gun Recently named the best French film of the '70s, The Old Gun stars Philippe Noiret as a doctor during World War II who seeks a bloody revenge when his wife (Romy Schneider ) and child are ruthlessly murdered. Violence, mature themes. 1976, R, 1:45. Director: Robert Enrica. Starring: Philippe Noiret, Romy Schneider. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 f The Coca-Cola Kid Oscar-nominee Eric Roberts (Runaway Train) stars in this amusing Australian film following the unique experiences of a hotshot Coca-Coca executive sent Down Under to boost overseas sales. Bubbling with enthusiasm at first, this spit-and-polish whiz kid nearly fizzes out when he meets the competition — a stubborn land baron who refuses to sell out to the “pause that refreshes. Brief nudity, mature themes. 1985, R, 1:34. Director: Dusan Makavejev. Starring: Eric Roberts, Greta Scacchi, Bill Kerr. MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 * SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 0 * Critics 'Pix The Razor’s Edge In his dramatic debut, Bill Murray lends his flip charms to the role of the soul-searching Larry Darrell in this lush remake of the W. Somerset Maugham classic about a successful businessman who drops out of society after a narrow brush with death. Mature themes. 1984, PG-13, 2:18. Director: John Byrum. Starring: Bill Murray, Theresa Russell, Catherine Hicks. MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 * SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 t * Double Exposure The Coca-Cola Kid Thief Of Hearts Thief Of Hearts is a slick romantic thriller that blends steamy sensuality and eerie suspense. Steven Bauer stars as a handsome thief who turns a routine burglary into a seductive cat-and-mouse game when he steals the diaries of a vulnerable married woman. Nudity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:40. Director: Douglas Day Stewart. Starring: Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, John Getz. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 t Grandview, U.SA. It looks like the sleepy town of Grandview is in for a storm when a local developer threatens to build a country club on the site of a rundown demolition derby owned and operated by a spirited young divorcee (Jamie Lee Curtis). Nudity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:37. Director: Randal Kleiser. Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, C. Thomas Howell, Patrick Swayze. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 t “Play It Again, Sam Paris, Texas Sensitive scripting by actor/playwright Sam Shepard and a superb performance by Harry Dean Stanton combine to create a bittersweet tale of misplaced identity and severed family ties. Mature themes. 1984. R, 2:25- Director: Wim Werulers. Starring: Harry Dean Stanton, Nastassja Kinski. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 * t * Critics ' Pix Frances Jessica Lange is Frances Farmer and Sam Shepard is her lifelong confidant in this gripping account of the Hollywood starlet's tumultous life and tragic fall. Violence, mature themes. 1982, R, 2:18. Director. Graeme Clifford. Starring: Jessica Lange, Sam Shepard. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 * MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 ** t * Double Exposure ** By Request Country The real-life crisis facing today’s American farmers is the biting focus of Country. Sam Shepard and Jessica Lange acquit themselves admirably as a humble farm couple threatened by foreclosure. Mature themes. 1984. PG, 1:50. Director: Richard Pearce. Starring: Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange, Wilford Brimley. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 El SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 f 29

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Friday The 13th PartV — A New Beginning is it really Jason behind the hockey mask? That’s the question everyone's asking in this fifth of the Friday The 13th series as the dreaded hacker pays a return visit to the traumatized teen who allegedly stiffed him in the last installment. Graphic violence, nudity. 1985, R, 133-Director: Danny Steinmann. Starring: John Shepherd, Shaver Ross, Melanie Kinnaman. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 d FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 f Night Of The Living Dead The zombie movie to beat all, Night Of The Living Dead delivers one shockwave after another as innocent victims holed up in a remote farmhouse battle hordes of flesh-eating corpses on a binge. Graphic violence, mature themes. 1968, B&W, R, 1:36. Director: George A Romero. Starring: Duane Jones, Judith O’Dea, Keith Wayne. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 * TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 df * Lights Out Return Of The Living Dead Director/writer Dan O'Bannon's hip spoof of the 1968 cult favorite Night Of The Living Dead is alternately horrific and hilarious as a motley crew of corpses rise to the occasion with a host of undeadly deeds. Graphic violence, mature themes. 1985, R, 1:30. Director: Dan OBannon. Starring: Clu Gulager, James Karen, Don Calf a, Beverly Randolph. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 El TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 * * Lights Out Dead & Buried From the creators of Alien comes Dead & Buried, a gory chiller starring James Farentino as a baffled New England sheriff trying to solve a bizarre series of murders in which the corpses keep coming back to life. Graphic violence, mature themes. 1981, R, 1:32. Director: Gary A Sherman. Starring: James Farentino, Jack Albertson, Melody Anderson. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 * SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 * Lights Out Sci-Fi: Past, Present & Future The Bride Favorite popster Sting and Flashdance mover Jennifer Beals star in this lush remake of the classic Bride Of Frankenstein. The film opens with the unveiling of Frankenstein's (Sting) latest work: a bride for his original creation, a hulking monster known as Viktor. When Viktor meets his intended, however, it’s horror at first sight — until Baron von Frankenstein steps in to calm her pre-wedding jitters. Violence, mature themes. 1985, PG-13, 1:59- Director: Franc Roddam. Starring: Sting, Jennifer Beals, Clancy Brown, David Rappoport. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 * FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 ** SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 CO * Opening Night ** Film Festival Altered States William Hurt (The Kiss Of The Spider Woman) stars in this unnerving chiller as a contemporary scientist whose quest to rediscover the dawn of man via an isolation tank and potent drugs leads to dangerous physical and mental changes. Nudity, mature themes. 1980, R, 1:43-Director: Ken Russell. Starring: William Hurt, Blair Brown, Charles Haid. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 * 13 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 ** f * By Request ** Film Festival Duneg Fine direction from David Lynch illuminates this futuristic tale of a young messiah (Kyle MacLachlan) who goes head-to-head against hideous boil-pocked villains and monolithic worms in order to save his planet from certain destruction. Graphic violence, mature themes. 1984, PG-13, 2:20. Dire tor: David Lynch. Starring: Jurgen Prochnow, Kyle MacLachlan, Linda Hunt, Sting. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 El FRTOAY, OCTOBER 10 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 * f * By Request El= VCR Playhouse t=Final Showing 35

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Re-Animator Re-Animator won kudos from the critics for its cleverly conceived juxtaposition of gory bloodletting and satirical wit. When a renowned life-after-death scientist dies, his young protege (Jeffrey Combs) enters medical school in order to further his experiments with a re-animation serum that instantly revives the dead. But this seemingly sane scientist hasn’t given much thought to the consequences of his actions — and his crazy corpses awaken with a thirst for violence. Graphic violence, nudity, mature themes. 1985, Not Rated, 1:29■ Director. Stuart Gordon. Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Barbara Crampton. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 * E FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 * Film Festival Silver Bullet Q Things get off to a hair-raising start in this grisly Stephen King scarer that finds innocent townsfolk under attack by a werewolf. It's bad enough that young Jane (Megan Follows ) has to waste her youth looking out for her crippled kid brother Marty (Corey Haim); now she has to be on the lookout for the fanged nemesis that’s been devouring their friends and neighbors. Though confined to a wheelchair, however, Marty's not about to take things sitting down. Violence, mature themes. 1985, R, 1:35. Director: Daniel Attias. Starring: Gary Busey, Corey Haim, Megan Follows. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 (D TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 * WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 * Opening Night Fright Night Fright Night q Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) is a seemingly normal teenager who enjoys spying on the neighbors — a harmless diversion until his peeping reveals that the affable guy next door (Chris Sarandon) is in fact a dyed-in-the-wool vampire. What’s a guy to do? Run to the only person who won't think you're crying wolf: the host of a late-night horror show (Roddy McDowall). Violence, profanity. 1985, R, 1:47. Direc tor: Tom Holland. Starring: Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Roddy McDowall, Amanda Bearse. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 * TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 0 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 * Opening Night Terror In The Aisles If fright is your forte, this slick compilation of clips from moviedom's most chilling moments dishes out terror with a capital “T. Graphic violence, brief nudity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:23■ Director: Andrew Kuehn. Hosted by: Nancy Allen, Donald Pleasence. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 d t Hollywood Ghost Stories The real-life paranormal incidents behind such films as Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror are examined in this fascinating documentary that uses interviews and film clips to flush out the ghosts and goblins allegedly lurking in attics and imaginations everywhere. Violence, mature themes. 1985. Not Rated, 1:15. Director: James Forsher. Hosted by: John Carradine. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 Ghoulies When Jonathan (Peter Laipis) and Rebecca (Lisa Pelikan) decide to fix up and move into his family’s rundown estate, domestic bliss seems a home improvement away — until Jonathan discovers an abandoned basement ritual chamber and unwittingly conjures up some “ghoulish” house pets. But as Jonathan delves deeper into the house’s past, he becomes obsessed with its history of black magic, and unleashes a few too many skeletons from its closets. Graphic violence. 1985, PG-13, 1:24. Director: Luca Bercovici. Starring: Peter Laipis, Lisa Pelikan, Jack Nance. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 Cl FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 Silver Bullet Splatter University The new sociology professor at a New York Catholic school finds ample subject matter right on campus when the body count of her students starts diminishing at a rapid rate. And wouldn’t you know she got the job because her predecessor didn’t survive the previous semester. Graphic violence. 1984, R, 1:18. Director. Richard W. Haines. Starring: Francine Forbes, Dick Biel, Ric Randig. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 f Masters of horror Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi star in this ghoulish tale of an unscrupulous doctor who resorts to murder when the supply of corpses needed for his ghastly experiments runs out. Some mature themes. 1945, B&W, Not Rated, 1:18. Director. Robert Wise. Starring: Boris Karloff, Beta Lugosi, Henry Daniell. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 * SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 * Classics Playhouse The Body Snatcher

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