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5 FRIDAY 6 SATURDAY 7 SUNDAY 8 MONDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial News 9:00 The Phantom Treehouse (NR)27 9:00 Give My Regards To Broad 6:00 KWHY Financial News 2:00 KWHY Programming 11:00 Stranger Than Paradise (R )30 Street (PG)2S 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Paris, Texas (R)29 1:00 Excalibur (PG)33 11:00 All Of Me (PG)22 3:00 Choose Me (R)30 5:30 The Karate Kid (PG )27 3:30 American Flyers (PG-13)30 1:00 Tina Turner In Concert (NR )24 4:45 Firstborn (PG-13)30 8:00 The Legend Of Billie 5:30 The Emerald Forest (R)33 2:00 Breakin' (PG)2b 6:30 Flying Down To Rio (NR)25 Jean (PG-13)32 8:00 OPENING NIGHT/Rambo (R)32 4:00 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ 8:00 Whoopi Goldberg (NR)24 10:00 LIGHTS OUT/The Evil That 10:00 Thief Of Hearts (R)29 The Fantastic Adventures Of 9:00 CRITICS' PIX/Paris, Texas (R)*2 Men Do (R)33 11:45 Adult Theater/ Unico (NR)27 11:30 Adult Theater/Jack N Jill, 11:30 Adult Theater/ Rising Star (AO )38 6:00 Xanadu (PG)25 Part 11 (AO)38 Matinee Idol (AO)38 1:00 Heartbreakers (R)29 8:00 OPENING NIGHT/Pee-Wee's Big 1:00 Choose Me (R)30 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/Rambo (R)32 Adventure (PG )23 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/The Karate 9:30 All Of Me (PG)22 Kid (PG)27 11:00 Breakin' (PG)26 13 SATURDAY 14 SUNDAY 15 MONDAY 16 TUESDAY 9:00 The Fantastic Adventures 9:00 The Phantom Treehouse (NR)*27 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 KWHY Financial News Of Unico (NR)27 11:00 Country (PG)29 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 KWHY Programming 10:30 Top Hat (NR)25 1:00 American Flyers (PG-13)30 3:00 Ninja III (R)*33 3:00 Fright Night (R)34 12:00 Breakin’ (PG)26 3:00 The Legend Of Billie 5:00 Give My Regards To Broad 4:45 Falling In Love (PG-13)30 2:00 Firstborn (PG-13)*30 Jean (PG-13)32 Street (PG)25 6:30 The Fantastic Adventures Of 3:45 The Karate Kid (PG)27 5:00 East Of Eden (NR)28 7:00 Tina Turner In Concert (NR)24 Unico (NR)*27 6:00 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (PG)23 7:00 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ 8:00 CRITICS' PIX/Flesh & 8:00 FILM FESTIVAL/Pee-Wee's Big 8:00 OPENING NIGHT/ ■fF.T.T.: The Snow Queen (NR)27 Blood (R)33 Adventure (PG)23 Fright Night (R)34 8:00 OPENING NIGHT/ 10:15 The Emerald Forest (R)33 9:30 Whoopi Goldberg (NR )24 10:00 Friday The 13th Part V (R)35 American Flyers (PG-13)30 12:15 Adult Theater/Letters Of 10:30 Richard Pryor — Live In 11:45 Adult Theater/ 10:00 Grandview, U.S.A. (R)29 Love (AO)38 Concert (NR)24 Matinee Idol (AO)38 12:00 Adult Theater/An Unnatural 1:15 Falling In Love (PG-13)30 Act (AO)38 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ 1:30 Exterminator 2 (R)33 Breakin' (PG)26 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/A11 Of Me (PG)*22 21 SUNDAY 22 MONDAY 23 TUESDAY 24 WEDNESDAY 9:00 Talk To Me (NR)29 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 KWHY Financial News 10:30 Choose Me (R)30 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 KWHY Programming 12:15 The Karate Kid (PG)27 3:00 fF.T.T.: The Snow Queen (NR)27 3:00 Rambo (R)32 3:00 Whoopi Goldberg (NR)24 2:30 Missing In Action (R)32 4:00 Top Hat (NR)25 5:00 The Body Snatcher (NR)34 4:00 The Thalian Space Wars (NR)28 4:15 WEEKEND FAMILY THEATER/ 6:00 Swing Time (NR)25 7:00 Tina Turner In Concert (NR)*24 5:45 The Karate Kid (PG)*27 The Thalian Space Wars (NR)28 8:00 Falling In Love (PG-13)30 8:00 FILM FESTIVAL/ 8:00 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ 6:00 Supergirl (PG)27 10:00 CRITICS’PIX/ Finders Keepers (R)23 Sweet Dreams (PG-13)25 8:00 OPENING NIGHT/Follow That Heartbreakers (R)*29 10:00 Teen Wolf (PG)24 10:00 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ Bird (G)26 11:45 Adult Theater/Peepholes (AO)38 11:45 Adult Theater/Slip Into Frances (R)29 9:30 The Karate Kid (PG)27 Silk (AO)38 12:30 Adult Theater/ 1:00 Thief Of Hearts (R)*29 Coming Together (AO)38 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/Friday The 1:30 Splatter University (R )*34 13th Part V (R)35 3:00 VCR PIAYHOUSE/ Fright Night (R)34 29 MONDAY 30 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 3:00 Frances (R)29 3:00 5:30 Citizen Kane (NR)31 5:00 8:00 CRITICS' PIX/The 4th 6:50 Man (NR)31 10:00 Body Double (R)31 9:00 12:00 Adult Theater/Slip Into Silk (AO)38 11:00 12:45 3:00 30 TUESDAY Fight Night At The Forum FILM FESTIVAL/Follow Th Bird (G)26 Adult Theater/All-Americi In Heat (AO)38 That Obscure Object Of Desire (R)30 VCR PLAYHOUSE/Follow Bird (G)26 PLEASE NOTE: Starting time of program following a sports event is approximate. Review page number follows film title. RATING CODE G = General Audience PG = Parental Guidance Suggested PG-13 = Recommended 13 Years Or Over R = Recommended 17 Years Or Over NR = Not Rated AO = Adults Only fF.T.T. - Faerie Tale Theatre * = Final Showing ATTENTION SUBSCRIBERS: Don't forget to change your subscriber code on Tuesday, September 9, second Tuesday of the month. For your new code, please see your bill statement. 19

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COMEDY Real Genius All Of Me Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin pull out all the comic stops as a bored lawyer and a spoiled heiress who undergo a major identity crisis when — thanks to a mystic mix-up — they wind up sharing the same body. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:33 Director: Carl Reiner. Starring: Steve Martin, Lily Tomlin, Victoria Tennant. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 E l Likable Val Kilmer (Top Gun) heads the antics in this kooky tale pitting a madcap group of scientific geniuses against their maniacal mentor (William Atherton) who, it turns out, has plans to sell the lethal laser weapon they've been working on to the CIA. The laughs abound as the precocious prodigies use all the scientific hocus-pocus they can muster to foil the sinister plot. Some mature humor. 1985, PG, 1:56. Director: Martha Coolidge. Starring: Val Kilmer, Gabe Jarret, Michelle Meyrink, William Atherton. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 * WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 □ TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 * Opening Night Oh, God! You Devil q When unsuccessful songwriter Ted Wass moans that he’d sell his soul for a hit, up pops Satan himself (George Bums) to close the deal. When Wass falls behind in his payments, however, God (Bums, again) steps in to play “Beat the Devil. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:36. Director: Paul Bogart. Starring: George Bums, Ted Wass. Julie Lloyd. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 t Maxie Maxie is an old-fashioned romantic fantasy in the best sense of the word. Based on the book by Jack Finney, the story follows the exploits of a lackluster secretary (Glenn Close), whose life is drastically altered when she becomes possessed by Maxie, a spirited spook who was once an aspiring actress living in the jazz age. The trouble begins when Close’s husband (Mandy Patin-kin) is charmed into taking Maxie to Hollywood in an attempt to rekindle the movie career cut short by her untimely demise. Some mature themes. 1985, PG, 1:38. Director: Paul Aaron. Starring: Glenn Close, Mandy Patinkin, Ruth Gordon. Barnard Hughes. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 * MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 0 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 ** * Double Exposure ** Opening Night Real Genius Garbo Talks Ron Silver stars in this poignantly funny film about a timid New York accountant who risks everything in his quest to fulfill his mother's (Anne Bancroft) dying wish — to met the elusive Greta Garbo. Profanity, some mature themes. 1984, PG13, 1:42. Director: Sidney Lumet. Starring: Anne Bancroft, Ron Silver. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 * MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 f * Double Exposure The Four Seasons The trials and rewards of adult friendships are the themes of Alan Alda’s humorous and loving portrait of three couples on vacation together who must somehow adjust to each other’s quirky habits. Some mature themes. 1980, PG. 1:49-Director: Alan Alda. Starring: Alan Alda, Carol Burnett. Len Cariou. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 * t * By Request City Heat q. Clint Eastwood and Burt Reynolds star as feuding flatfoots in this slapstick cop farce that finds Eastwood as a hard-nosed cop and Reynolds as a smartmouthed detective who nearly crack heads when they join forces to crack a murder case. Some violence. 1984, PG, 1:37. Director. Richard Benjamin. Starring: Clint Eastwood, Burt Reynolds, Rip Tom. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 DD FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 t 22

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SEPTEMBER CALENDAR 12 To 15 New Movies Introduced Each Week! 1 MONDAY 2 TUESDAY 3 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 3:00 The Evil That Men Do (R)33 3:00 Paris, Texas (R)29 3:00 4:45 The Phantom Treehouse (NR)27 6:00 Breakin' (PG)26 4:45 6:15 The Fantastic Adventures 8:00 FILM FESTIVAL/ Of Unico (NR)27 American Flyers (PG-13)30 6:30 8:00 CRITICS' PIX/Stranger Than 10:00 Firstborn (PG-13)30 8:00 Paradise (R)30 11:45 Adult Theater/Letters Of 9:30 All Of Me (PG)22 Love (AO)38 10:00 11:00 Adult Theater/An Unnatural 1:00 Flying Down To Rio (NR)25 Act (AO)38 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ 12:15 American Flyers (PG-13)30 1:30 3:00 3 WEDNESDAY 4 THURSDAY KWHY Financial New 6:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 The Old Gun (R)« 3:00 The Fantastic Adventures 4:30 Of Unico (NR)2’ 6:30 The Phantom Treehouse (NR)27 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ 8:00 The Emerald Forest (R)33 10:00 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ 11:30 Excalibur (PG)33 Adult Theater/Jack N Jill, 1:00 Part II (AO)38 3:00 Ninja III (R)33 VCR PLAYHOUSE/The Emerald Forest (R)3S KWHY Financial News KWHY Programming Stranger Than Paradise (R)30 Firstborn (PG-13 )i0 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/ Flying Down To Rio (NR)25 BY REQUEST/Xanadu (PC.)25 Breakin' (PG)26 Adult Theater/An Unnatural Act (AO)38 All Of Me (PG)22 VCR PLAYHOUSE/Xanadu (PC.)2' 9 TUESDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 DECODER CODE CHANGE 3:00 3:00 Stranger Than Paradise (R)30 4:30 4:30 Swing Time (NR)25 6:00 6:15 Top Hat (NR)25 8:00 The Karate Kid (PG)27 8:00 10:30 FILM FESTIVAL/The Legend Of Billie Jean (PG-13)32 10:00 12:15 Adult Theater/ Matinee Idol (AO)38 12:00 1:30 The Evil That Men Do (R )33 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/The Legend Of 1:15 Billie Jean (PG-13)32 3:00 10 WEDNESDAY KWHY Financial News KVtHY Programming All Of Me (PG)22 Xanadu (PG)*25 Give My Regards To Broad Street (PG)25 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ Choose Me (R)30 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ American Flyers (PG-13)30 Adult Theater/Letters Of Love (AO )38 Hearthreakers (R)29 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ Choose Me (R)30 11 THURSDAY 12 FRIDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial News 6:00 KWHY Financial News 2:00 KWHY Programming 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Thief Of Hearts (R)29 3:00 The Old Gun (R)*29 5:00 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/ 4:45 The Phantom Treehouse (NR)2 Swing Time (NR)25 6:00 The Emerald Forest (R)33 6:50 SPORTS/Boxing 8:00 Rambo (R )32 Fight Night At The Forum 10:00 LIGHTS OUT/ 9:00 BY REQUEST/Excalibur (PG)33 Exterminator 2 (R)33 11:15 Adult Theater/ 12:00 Adult Theater/Peepholes (AO)38 Rising Star (AO )38 1:15 Stranger Than Paradise (R)50 12:30 Tina Turner In Concert (NR)29 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ 1:30 Richard Pryor — Live WTi(x>pi Goldberg (NR)24 In Concert (NR)24 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ Excalibur (PG)33 17 WEDNESDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial News 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Finders Keepers (R)23 4:30 Country (PG)29 6:30 Breakin' (PG)*2t 8:00 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/ Supergirl (PG)27 10:00 DOUBLE EXPOSURE/The Legend Of Billie Jean (PG-13)52 11:30 Adult Theater/ Rising Star (AO )38 1:00 The Evil That Men Do (R)*33 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ Country (PG)29 18 THURSDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial New 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Richard Pryor — Live In Concert (NR)24 4:15 American Flyers (PG-13)30 6:00 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/East Of Eden (NR)28 8:00 BY REQUEST/Missing In Action (R)32 10:00 Rambo (R)32 11:45 Adult Theater/Jack N Jill, Part 11 (AO)38 1:00 Friday The 13th Part V (R)35 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/East Of Eden (NR)28 19 FRIDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial News 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Flesh & Blood (R)33 5:15 +F.T.T.: The Snow Queen (NR)27 6:15 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (PG)23 8:00 Sweet Dreams (PG-13)25 10:00 LIGHTS OUT/Best Revenge (R )33 11:30 Adult Theater/Slip Into Silk (AO)38 1:00 Splatter University (R I39 3:00 VCR PUYHOUSE/Pee Wee s Big Adventure (PG)23 20 SATURDAY 9:00 Give My Regards To Broad Street (PG)25 11:00 Country (PG)29 1:00 Finders Keepers (R)23 2:45 City Heat (PG)22 4:30 Grandview, U.S.A. (R)29 6:15 The Legend Of Billie Jean (PG-13)32 8:00 OPENING NIGHT/The Emerald Forest (R)33 10:00 Country (PG)29 12:00 Adult Theater/ Coming Together (AO)38 1:00 Bolero (R)30 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ City Heat (PG)22 25 THURSDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial New 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Grandview, U.S.A. (R)*29 4:45 Talk To Me (NR)29 6:15 CLASSICS PLAYHOUSE/ Top Hat (NR)25 8:00 BY REQUEST/Give My Regards To Broad Street (PG)*25 10:00 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (PG)23 11:45 Adult Theater/ Matinee Idol (AO)38 1:00 Bolero (R)*30 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/ Top Hat (NR)25 18 26 FRIDAY 6:00 KWHY Financial New 2:00 KWHY Programming 3:00 Citizen Kane (NR)31 5:00 fF.T.T.: Hansel And Gretel (NR)27 6:00 Follow That Bird (G)26 8:00 City Heat (PG)22 10:00 LIGHTS OUT/Hollywood Hot Tubs (R)23 11:45 Adult Theater/All-American Girls In Heat (AO)38 1:00 Friday The 13th Part V (R)*35 3:00 VCR PLAYHOUSE/Richard Pryor Live In Concert (NR)*24 27 SATURDAY 9:00 The Body Snatcher (NR)34 11:00 Teen Wolf (PG)24 1:00 Supergirl (PG)27 3:00 Rock And Roll: The Early Days (NR)24 4:00 East Of Eden (NR)28 6:00 Maxie

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MUSICAL «pr / s* ' ■.. a y p*. 1 -tr "X Classics Playhouse wheeling hooter who decides quit dancing and marry his hometown sweetheart — ui: fate throws him into the arm of a spunky dance instructres (Ginger Rogers). Songwriter Willie Nelson is Doc Jenkins, a sly country music star saddled with a contract that benefits his shady partner — and no one else. But Doc finds a way to beat the system when he gives his chart-climbing hits to his pal Blackie Buck (Kris Kristof-ferson) to record. Mature themes. 1984. R, 1:34. Director: Alan Rudolph. Starring: Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Lesley Ann Warren. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 f Flying Down To Rio Romantic Rio de Janeiro is the setting of this snappy tale teaming Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers together for the very first time. The plot is simple: Two men fall for the same girl while an energetic cast dishes out a rousing array of musical numbers — including a dizzying dance on the wings of a plane. M General audiences. 1933. B&W, Not Rated, 1:29. Director: Thornton Freeland. Starring: Fred Astaire, Ginger ftog&s, Dolores Sweet Dreams Jessica Lange garnered a well-deserved Oscar nomination for her fiery portrayal of spunky country singer Patsy Cline in Sweet Dreams. Following Cline’s career from her early days as a small-time singer in a local night club through her spit-and-tangle romance with her charming, no-account second husband Charlie Dick (deftly played by Ed Harris) to the eventful trip to Nashville that skyrocketed Cline to fame, this is a poignant, gutsy and honest account of an unsurpassable talent who met an untimely death. Mature themes. 1985, PG-13, 1:55. Director: Karel Reisz. Starring: Jessica Lange, Ed Harris, Ann Wedgeworth. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 * SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 ** THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 □ MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 * Double Exposm Opening Nighi : Sweet Dreams Top Hat Dancer Fred Astaire pursues socialite Ginger Rogers clear across Europe in this lively musical from the dynamic dance duo. Happily for moviegoers, it takes a lot of dancing Cheek To Cheek before the aloof Rogers succumbs. General audiences. 1935, B&W, Not Rated, 1:38. Director: Mark Sandrich. Starring: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 * 13 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 f TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 * Classics Pla yhouse ng Time Fred Astaire is as dapper as ever as Lucky Garnett, a free theart — until into the arms ce instructress General audiences. 1936, B&W, Not Rated, 1:43. Director: George Stevens. Starring: Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 * MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 iUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 f Classics Playhouse 0= VCR Playhouse f=Final Showing Give My Regards To Broad Street Ex-Beatle Paul McCartney headlines this all-for-fun musical fantasy following 24 hours in the imagination of a gregarious singer/composer who dreams that the master tape for his new album has been stolen. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:49-Director: Peter Webb. Starring: Paul McCartney, Bryan Broun, Ringo Starr. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 * t * By Request Xanadu In Greek mythology, a Muse is a goddess said to inspire artists. Here, she comes to Earth in the form of Olivia Newton-John to help artist Michael Beck realize his dream of opening a rock palace in this fun-filled musical fantasy. General audiences. 1980, PG, 1:37. Director: Robert Greenwald. Starring: Olivia Newton -John, Michael Beck, Gene Kelly, The Tubes. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 * 13 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 f * By Request 25

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ADVENTURE * “One Man Against How Many? No one actually sat through Rambo with a pocket calculator and announced an official body count, but People magazine came close. Not counting the "anonymous hordes killed in the movie’s 70-plus explosions," here's the breakdown on the number of deaths caused by our hero's arsenal of weapons: knife — 5, strangulation — 2 (plus a snake), bow and arrow — 1-4. firearms — 15, explosion — 3. burning — 3, helicopter — 2. That totals out at 44, or an average of 1 kill every 2.1 minutes in the 93-minute film. Rambo: First Blood Part 11 Picking up right where First Blood left off, John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is in jail for having wiped out half the police force of a small Oregon town. But his buddy Col. Troutman (Richard Crenna) is promising a presidential pardon if the ex-Green Beret will travel back to Vietnam to prove there are no more POWs left there. Upon arrival, however, Rambo finds a slew of prisoners and tries to singlehandedly bring them back. And when the U.S. government refuses support, the fuse is lit for explosive action — Rambo style. Graphic violence, profanity. 1985, R, 1:33■ Director: George Cosmatos. Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, Julia Nickson. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 * 111 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 ** * Opening Night ** Double Exposure 0- VCR Playhouse t=Final Showing The Legend Of Billie Jean Missing In Action Martial-arts fans will revel in this rough-and-tumble actioner that finds hero Chuck Norris kicking and chopping his way through Southeast Asia as an ex-POW on a no-holds-barred rescue mission in Vietnam. Graphic violence, profanity. 1984, R, 1:42. Director: Joseph Zito. Starring: Chuck Norris, M. Emmet Walsh. THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 * SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 El t * By Request Victory Sylvester Stallone plays a World War 11 POW who — needless to say — has plans to escape in this sporting war drama that finds him trying to join the camp soccer team being organized by former soccer pro Michael Caine. His plan: to hightail it during halftime. Some mature themes. 1981, PG, 1:50. Director: John Huston. Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, Pele. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 * El SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 ** f * By Request ** Double Exposure The Legend Of Billie Jean Helen Slater (Supergirl's fairhaired beauty) shears her golden tresses a la Joan of Arc in this eloquently filmed action tale. Slater stars as Billie Jean, a small town Texas teenager who, along with her brother and some girlfriends, is on the run from the law for shooting a slimy citizen in self-defense. The kids swear they were in the right, and they soon become folk heroes as they take their stand against injustice. Some violence, some mature themes. 1985, PG-13, 137. Director: Matthew Robbins. Starring: Helen Slater, Keith Gordon, Peter Coyote, Dean Stockwell. FRIDAY, SEPTMEBER 5 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 * CD SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 ** SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 * Film Festival ** Double Exposure The Perils Of Gwendoline This campy send-up of comicbook inspired action-adventures stars sexy Tawny Kitaen as the virtuous heroine Gwendoline, who combs 1930s Asia in search of her missing father — an enterprise that leads to more than a few cliff-hanging narrow escapes. Nudity, some violence, mature themes. 1985, R, 1:29. Director: Just Jaeckin. Starring: Tawny Kitaen, Zabou, Brent Huff. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 f 32

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MUSICAL Blame It On The Night Director Gene Taft and Rolling Stone Mick Jagger collaborated on this tuneful tale of a fast-living rock star (Nick Mancuso) united for the first time with his now motherless 13-year-old son (Byron Thames). Some mature themes. 1984, PG-13, 1:25. Director: Gene Taft. Starring: Nick Mancuso, Byron Thames, Billy Preston. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 f Bring On The Girls When an eligible young bachelor (Eddie Bracken) inherits a large sum of money, he hurries to the nearest Navy recruiter in order to escape the gold-digging females beating down his door in this breezy Hollywood musical. General audiences. 1945, Not Rated, 1:31. Director: Sydney Lanfield. Starring: Eddie Bracken, Veronica Lake, Sonny Tufts. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 * f * Classics Playhouse Crossover Dreams Cuban musician Rudy Velloz (composer Ruben Blades in his film debut) wants to shed his salsa beat and get into the heart of rock and roll. And when an American record producer expresses an interest, Rudy sings a happy tune — while dumping his loving girlfriend and his longtime partner. Rudy's arrogant attitude changes, however, when his music fails to find a following. Highlighted by a rousing musical score, this film is a Latin delight. Some mature themes. 1985, Not Rated, 1.26. Director: Leon Ichaso. Starring: Ruben Blades, Shawn Elliot, Elizabeth Pena. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 * * Critics'Pix Breakin If you’ve ever watched a breakdancer in action, you already know that this is action enough to sustain anyone’s attention for 94 minutes. Most of Breakin ’ is dedicated to this cause, backed by a likable cast, colorful scenery and a moral lesson to boot. Follow That Bird q Taken from his Muppet friends by a presumptuous social worker and forced to roost with a flock of birds named the Dodos, Sesame Street's favorite feathered friend, Big Bird, sets off for home in this musical family delight. Meanwhile, the Muppets have formed search parties, and needless to say, this well-meaning but misguided menagerie manages to get themselves caught up in chaos wherever they go — meeting up with Chevy Chase, John Candy, Sandra Bernhard, Waylon Jennings and Paul Bartel along the way. General audiences. 1985, G, 1:29. Director: Ken Kwapis. Starring: Big Bird, The Muppets, Chevy Chase, John Candy. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 ** 0 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 *** * Opening Night ** Film Festival *** Double Exposure Dreamchild Dreamchild begins with the factual journey of Victorian Englishwoman Alice Liddell Hargreaves — the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland — to America in Follow That Bird 1932 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the author’s birth. It then blossoms into a sentimental fantasy in which the aging dowager (superbly played by Coral Browne) is haunted by ghosts from her past — including Carroll's Mad Hatter and the March Hare (charmingly fleshed out by Jim Henson's Creature Shop). Some mature themes. 1985, PG, 1:34. Director: Gavin Millar. Starring: Ian Holme, Coral Browne, Amelia Shankley. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 * TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 * Critics' Pix The Great Muppet Caper The magnificent Muppets are at it again in this madcap comedy caper that finds Kermit, Miss Piggy and the gang hot on the trail of a cagey diamond thief (Charles Grodin). General audiences. 1981, G, 1:35. Director: Jim Henson. Starring: The Muppets, Diana Rigg, Charles Grodin. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 * El SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 ** * Weekend Family Theater ** Double Exposure Dreamchild 26 General audiences. 1984, PG, 1:34. Director: Joel Silberg. Starring: Lucinda Dickey, Adolfo "Shabba Doo” Quinones, Michael Boogaloo Shrimp " Chambers. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 (D WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 f Crossover Drew*

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DRAMA Stranger Than Paradise Stick with this film, it's a rare gem. Shot entirely in black and white on a shoestring budget, its documentary style makes the audience feel like it’s peering into someone’s private life: namely, the shiftless existence of an insecure yet arrogant con man named Willie, whose lackluster lifestyle is soon altered when his spunky cousin Eva arrives fresh off the boat from Hungary to pay him a visit. Eva's no-nonsense perspective provides a sharp contrast to Willie’s irresponsible ways, and it isn't long before even he realizes there’s more to life than horseraces and TV dinners. Profanity, some mature themes. 1984, B&W, R, 1:29. Director. Jim Jarmusch. Starring: John Lurie, Eszter Balint, Richard Edson. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 * THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 * Critics'Pix Stranger Than Paradise Firstborn Firstborn begins as a simple look at the effects of divorce on an upper middle-class family, then takes an abrupt U-turn to become a shocking thriller as an ill-tempered drifter (Peter Weller ) moves in on the vulnerable divorcee (Teri Garr) and her family. Violence, mature themes. 1984, PG-13, 1:40. Director: Michael Apted. Starring: Teri Garr, Peter Weller, Christopher CoUet. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 t That Obscure Object Of Desire Master filmmaker Luis Bunuel blends insightful comedy with piercing drama in this witty, erotic tale of a distinguished, middle-aged gentleman’s (Fernando Rey) obsession with a beautiful but manipulative young woman. Nudity, mature themes. 1977, Subtitled, R, 1:43. Director: Luis Bunuel. Starring: Fernando Rey, Carole Bouquet, Angela Molina. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 * t * Critics Pix Choose Me Lesley Ann Warren, Genevieve Bujold and Keith Carradine are first-rate as an eccentric trio caught in a humorous tangle of ambition, personal pain and uncompromising romance played out against the steamy backdrop of a red-light district bar. Brief nudity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:47. Director: Alan Rudolph. Starring: Lesley Ann Warren, Keith Carradine, Rae Dawn Chong. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 * ID SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 f * Double Exposure Bolero Bo Derek knows wherein her talents lie, and she exploits them to the fullest in Bolero, the sensuous and steamy tale of a young Englishwoman’s quest to lose her virginity. Nudity, sexual situations. 1984, R, 1:45. Director: John Derek. Starring: Bo Derek, George Kennedy, Andrea Occhipinti. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 f Falling In Love Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro highlight this contemporary melodrama about two New York train commuters who find themselves slipping into an affair that neither of them really wants. Mature themes. 1984, PG-13, 1:47. Director: Ulu Grosbard. Starring: Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Harvey Keitel. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 f American Flyers q Outstanding aerial footage of an international bike race held in the Rocky Mountains highlights this heartwarming tale of two brothers who learn the hard way that winning means not giving up on the things — and the people — that mean the most. David (David Grant) is an underachiever living at home with his widowed mother, Marcus (Kevin Costner) is a successful doctor living out of state, and about the only thing they have in common is their love for bike racing. When Marcus enters himself and David in a much ballyhooed race, however, David’s competitive jealousies painfully give way to brotherly love. Mature themes. 1985, PG-13, 1 -53-Director: John Badham. Starring: Kevin Costner, David Grant, Rae Dawn Chong, Alexandra Paul. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2*0] SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 ** SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 *** THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 * Film Festival ** Double Exposure *** Opening Night

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