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HOME BOX OFFICE SEPTEMBER 1986 YuTRI Inside the NFL Tenth Season! A ’60s Reunion with Bill Graham A Night at the On Location: Rodney Dangerfield Spinks Title Fight Jessica Lange Sweet ^ Dreams , Kevin Kline Silverado

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HBO FAMILY SHOWCASE! ■BACK-TO-HIGH SCHOOL MONTH SPECIAL KICK-OFF WEEK! SEPTEMBER 1-5 The Alfred G. Graebner Memorial High School Handbook of Rules and Regulations A girl goes through high school by the book. :45. Sept. 1 The Great Love Experiment A school experiment offers valuable lessons in friendship. :46. Sept. 2 A Very Delicate Matter A teen copes with the problems of having a social disease. :46. Sept. 3 It’s No Crush, I’m in Love A young girl falls fora new teacher. :46. Sept. 4 My Father, My Rival A boy vies with his dad for a woman. :50. Sept. 5 Catch the early FRAGGLE ROCK episodes. A different one every weekday morning! See schedule. FRAGGLE ROCK is a trademark of Henson Associates, Inc. Ups & Downs Two seniors at prep school are bent on breaking all the rules before they leave. Comedy/drama based on true stories. 1:38. Sept. 7,11,15,24,30 R.W. “R.W." stands for "Real World," which is just what a bright 12-year-old is having trouble facing in this poignant, funny drama. :25. September 9,15,24,30 No Big Deal A teacher asks her students to help a "delinquent" make a new start. Kevin Dillon stars. 1:27. Sept. 3,8,12,23,27 A Step Too Slow Sensitive drama of a basketball player who forms an unexpected friendship with a former Vietnamese “boat person.” :29. Sept. 10,12,16,22,25 The Exchange Student Two cultures clash when an Indian exchange student resists the attempts of her hostess to change her into a typical American teen. :44. September 1,5,9,18 The Almost Royal Family A teenager suddenly finds herself with royal responsibilities just like her British idol, Princess Diana. :46. September 2,10,22,26 Clay Feet Popular high school senior Mike Cahill tries to cheat on a midterm math exam. A winning drama for teenagers and parents. :28. Sept. 10,18,23 HBO Family Playhouse In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzie Woodle WOO! Emmy award-winning composer/performer Tim Noah dreamed up this colorful musical fantasy. :55. Sept. 4,9, 12,17,29September 2,8,11,17,26 SATURDAY, SEPT. 13 6:00 am GHOSTBUSTERS (PG-1:45) (CC) 8:00 PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE (PG)p.12(CC) 10:00 GIVE MY REGARDS TO BROAD ST. (PG) p.17 ft 12:00 THE LAST DRAGON (PG-13) p.22 (CC) ft 2:00 pm AMERICAN FLYERS (PG-13) p.18 (CC)ffe TUESDAY, SEPT. 16 7:00 am A STEP TOO SLOW p 10 7:30 FRAGGLE ROCK ‘The Finger of Light” (:25) (CC) ft 8:00 COUNTRY (PG) p.20 ft 10:00 DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSAN (PG-13) p.22 (CC) 12:00 ELECTRIC DREAMS (PG) p.22 ft 2:00 pm TURK 182 (PG-13) p.4(CC)HBO SHOWCASE'86 p 6 12:00 EVIL/MEN DO (R) p.9 (CC) 1:35 am POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE (R) p.22 3:40 TERROR/AISLES (R) p 20 5:05 THE COLD ROOM p 8 (CC) SUNDAY, SEPT. 14 6:15 am BREWSTER’S MILLIONS (PG-1:41) (CC)ft 8:00 FRAGGLE ROCK ( 25) (CC)O 8:30 PRIME RISK (PG-13; 1:38) 10:30 BABY (PG-1:28)ft 12:00 NOT NEC. THE NEWS p.40 12:30 pm FLETCH (PG-1 38) (CC) ft 2:30 LIZA IN LONDON (1:27) 4:00 SESAME STREET® PRESENTS: FOLLOW THAT BIRD (G-1 28) (CC)ift) 5:30 FRAGGLE ROCK (:25)(CC) ft 6:00 BREWSTER'S MILLIONS (PG-1:41) (CC) ft 8:00 SWEET DREAMS (PG-13) p.12(CC) ft 10:00 MASK (PG-13; 2:00) (CC) 12:05 am TRAINING CAMP “Quarterbacks” p.9 12:40 ROBERT KLEIN (1:00) ft 1:40 APOLOGY (1:38) (CC) ft 3:25 ACT OF VENGEANCE (1:36) (CC)ft 5:05 ST. ELMO’S FIRE (R-1:48) (CC) ft 11

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BEHIND THE SCREEN Part of a continuing series of self-contained articles tracing the ever-eventful evolution of moviemaking. asting is everything.” So Milos Forman, last year's Best Director recipient (or Amadeus, has said of one of the more complex, and certainly most visable activities in the filmmaking process. And Forman knows what he’s talking about: His movie won Best Picture and both lead actors received Best Actor nominations, one winning. More important for those who saw the film, however, the image of actor Tom Hulce’s giddy, giggling Mozart will always come to mind at the mention of the great composer. And any film lover who's convinced no one but Bogie could ever be Rick, no one but Bette Davis be Baby Jane, or anyone but Judy Garland be Dorothy should heartily agree that creative casting is the key to a lasting impression. The casting process is one of the most historically complex. In the silent era, the “look” was everything. Physical presence took precedence since a speaking voice was superfluous, and acting experience was deemed unnecessary by many directors and producers who liked to mold amateurs in their own images. With the advent of sound, however, many of these "strong, silent types” proved to be audio wimps, and stars like Buster Keaton who depended on physical humor found themselves without a job. Ironically, pure physical types like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger seem to be reverting back to (and cashing in on) the old “presence” theory. With few words, their Rockys, Rambos, Conans, Cobras and Commandos are tailor-made to the physical specifications of both men and rely little on verbal acting technique. In addition, actors of their caliber now control their own productions. Back in the heyday of Hollywood, however, studios took control, developing the infamous “star system.” Primarily during the '30s and '40s, in-house casting departments became a sort of basic training for studio contract players. Many of these attractive hopefuls looked good on film, but were often blank slates in the acting arena. Thus they were schooled, groomed, fed, pampered and eventually promoted by their respective studios, who usually garnered some genuine, full-blown superstars in return. But, as in so many other areas of filmmaking, the shakeout came with the advent of television — and the subsequent demise of the studio star system. With fewer features being made on an annual basis, casting departments as such became too expensive, and players were no longer given long-term contracts. Suddenly, prior acting experience became a necessity — and our current mode of casting came into effect: picture-and-resume, cold readings, lengthy personal interviews and often videotape samples are required before the coveted "callback” comes into play. Today's casting agents are the royalty of the casting process. It is their job to locate, test, recommend and often even negotiate contracts with the actors who will play the speaking roles in a film — and the greats among them, Lynn Stalmaster and the late Joyce Selznick to name just two, are courted and remunerated not unlike the stars they guide. Casting agents don't as yet have an Academy Award category to honor their labors, although they did receive an honorable mention more than a decade ago when director George Roy Hill publicly thanked casting agent Marion Dougherty and her associates from the Oscar podium when he accepted his award for The Sting. Casting agents do, however, receive a higher standing in a film’s credit roll than they ever have before, often being mentioned right in the opening lines. And well they should, because their challenge is staggering. The Screen Actors Guild currently registers more than 43,000 actors — out of whom only a handful are bankable. But bankability and a high profile can sometimes work against an actor, as evidenced by the recent bad-mouthing of the Brat Pack. (Many critics have been cruel to these kids of late, claiming that the only reason they work is because their parents have pull.) Thus, the casting agent’s genius is often best demonstrated in the lesser roles of a picture — creating stars out of supporting actors. Consider William Hickey's delectable don in Prizzi's Honor, a small but meaty role that landed him an Oscar nomination and garnered him a lot of media attention. Looking back, you may remember an unknown Meryl Streep delivering a breathtakingly understated performance in The Deer Hunter, only to follow up with an award-winning role in Kramer vs. Kramer. And you may recall a cherubic Tom Cruise as the hostile cadet in Taps, the part that paved the way to his superstardom in Risky Business. All it takes is casting the right actor in the right part at the right time. All it takes is casting the right actor in the right part at the right time. Casting is a science of marrying personality, talent and image to the writer's words and director’s vision. But it remains probably the least predictable

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Letters Of Love Comely Bridgette Monet takes over as "Dear Candy,” the sensuous new editor of a lonely hearts column whose tempting tidbits immediately increase circulation. (1984, Adults Only, ■58). TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 15 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 Talk Dirty To Me, Part IV A seductive mermaid proves there are many more fish in the sea when she invites her sisters ashore for a sensuous romp with some lusty landlubbers. (1986, Adults Only, 1:21). FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 2002:A Sex Odyssey For 19-year-old Trent (Tom Byron) time is of the essence — so he uses his father's shiny new time machine to win the sexual favors of a comely coed. (1985, Adults Only, 1:19) SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 Matinee Idol Sparks fly when two pom superstars (John Leslie, Jesie St. James) who are actually lovers pose as arch rivals to spice up their humdrum careers. (1985, Adults Only, 1:12). FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 MONDAY, OCTOBER 27 Working Girls Life's a ball for the hardworking girls (and male hooker Jamie Gillis) in this hot compilation of sensuous encounters. (1986, Adults Only, 1:20) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 Girls Of The Night The Watergate scandal pales in comparison to the titillating action of this erotic encounter set in high-powered Washington, D.C. (1985, Adults Only, 1:22). FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 MONDAY, OCTOBER 13 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 Peepholes Voyeuristic janitor Howard has a peephole to every apartment in the building — but he gets more than an eyeful when he witnesses a deadly drug bust. (1982, Adults Only, 1:22). FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 Rising Star Gorgeous Kimberly Carson stars in this erotic expose as a manipulative adult film star whose passion for success is matched only by her sensual hunger. (1985, Adults Only, 1:22) SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 All-American Girls In Heat Sorority sweethearts unearth a tropical pleasure chest when they set sail aboard a luxurious yacht. (1984, Adults Only, 1:24). FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 Jack N Jill, Part II There's no place like home: That's the conclusion of a blissfully wedded couple whose sexual thirst leads them on a racy adventure. (1984, Adults Only, 1:13). WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 Slip Into Silk Kelly Nichols stars as Silk, the alluring hostess of a late-night radio talk show who seduces listeners with her sultry voice. (1985, Adults Only, 1:08). FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 An Unnatural Act “Supernatural'' might be a better word for this kinky adult film involving the spirited sex life of a passionate ghost (John Leslie). (1984, Adults Only, 1:20). MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 1 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 An Unnatural Act, Part II A randy ladies' man (John Leslie) really gets into the spirit when a sexy lady's soul (Nina Hartley) inhabits his body during the heat of passion. (1986, Adults Only, 1:20). WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31 Coming Together An unhappily married woman decides to make a splash on the singles scene once she witnesses her best friend’s hot tub high jinks with a hunky stranger. (1984, Adults Only, .58). SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 38

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MYSTERY Creator Peter O'Toole is at his quirky best in this serio-comic tale of a university scientist who enlists the aid of a gullible student (Vincent Spano) to assist in bringing his dead wife back to life via an intricate cloning process. Complicating matters is a touching love affair between young Spano and a beautiful coed (Virginia Madsen), and the romantic notions of the feisty young woman (Mariel Hemingway) O'Toole has recruited as a guinea pig for his experiments. Nudity, profanity, mature themes. 1985, R, 1:49. Director: Ivan Passer. Starring: Peter O'Toole, Vincent Spano, Mariel Hemingway, Virginia Madsen, David Ogden Stiers. Directed by Dutch mastermind Paul Verhoeven, The 4th Man is a savvy, sexy and deliciously shocking thriller rich in symbolism and clever plot twists. Jeroen Krabbe plays a raffish gay writer bored with life. Tedium soon gives ray to paranoia, however, when he tangles with a seductive, thrice-widowed heiress (Renee Soutendijk). Nudity, graphic violence, mature themes. 1984, Subtitled, Not Rated, 1:44. Director: Paul Verhoeven. Starring: Jeroen Krabbe, Renee Soutendijk, Thom Hoffman. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 * THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 * Critics' Pix Orson Welles’ renowned tale of one man’s rise to enormous wealth and power and his subsequent fall emerges as a cinematically rich and emotionally intricate tapestry that still retains its impact almost 50 years after its release. Some mature themes. 1941, B&W, Not Rated, 2:02. Director: Orson Welles. Starring: Orson Welles, Joseph Cotten, Ruth Warrick. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 E THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 * * Classics Playhouse Jagged Edge Citizen Kane SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 * WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 22 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 ** THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 El * Opening Night ** Film Festival Creator 0= VCR Playhouse t=Final Showing Jagged Edge A saw-toothed hunting knife is the sinister weapon behind the calculated and cold-blooded murder of a wealthy heiress in this cool suspense thriller loosely based on Hitchcock’s The Paradine Case. Jeff Bridges stars as the grief-stricken young husband accused of killing his wife; Glenn Close is the ultra-ethical lawyer whose determination to prove Bridges innocent gets them romantically involved. The D.A. (Peter Coyote) is determined to get Bridges convicted, however, and the ensuing courtroom battle puts both the criminal and the judicial system on trial. Profanity, mature themes. 1986, R, 1:48. Director: Richard Marquand. Starring: Jeff Bridges, Glenn Close, Peter Coyote, Robert Loggia. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 * 13 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 7 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 ** THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 * Double Exposure ** Opening Night The Magnificent Ambersons The late, great Orson Welles produced and directed this splendid classic about a wealthy, tum-of-the-century Midwestern family whose unwillingness to change with the times leads to heartache. General audiences. 1942, B&W, Not Rated, 1:31. Director: Orson Welles. Starring: Joseph Cotten, Delores Costello, Tim Holt, Anne Baxter, Agnes Moorehead. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 23 * * Classics Playhouse Body Double When voyeur Craig Wasson's nightly viewing of his svelte neighbor’s erotic dance before an open window is rudely interrupted by a psycho with an electric drill, it’s more than deja vu when he sees a pom queen doing the very same dance on an adult movie channel. Graphic violence, nudity, mature themes. 1984, R, 1:55. Director: Brian De Palma. Starring: Craig Wasson, Deborah Shelton, Melanie Griffith. MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 Cl SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 t The Paradine Case Master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock directed this taut courtroom drama about an impressionable young lawyer (Gregory Peck) caught up in a potentially lethal love affair with the beautiful murder suspect (Alida Valli) he's been hired to defend. Some mature themes. 1948, B&W, Not Rated, 1:56. Director. Alfred Hitchcock. Starring: Gregory Peck, Alida Valli, Charles Laughton. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 * SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29 * Classics Playhouse 31

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SPECIAL SELECT GROUP ADVANCE OFFER THE KICK-OFF CONCERT OF THE NEW MUSIC LA FESTIVAL LA artists interacting with contemporary music in a totally new and innovative approach to Stravinsky’s L’Histoire Du Soldat and a new work commissioned for this festival. ONE OF THESE POETS READING FROM NEW WORKS Robert Bly, MacDonald Carey, Denise Levertov, Audre Lord, W.S. Merwin, Marge Piercy, James Ragan, Alice Walker SAVE 45% on this special Eighth Festival of Premieres subscription now. CALL 213 955-9960 and identify yourself as a member of The Select Group. See you at the LATC! FREE OFFER! SEE AND HEAR JULIO IGLESIAS LIVE AND IN PERSON! Just be watching SelecTV at 7:45 PM on Saturday, September 6 and Sunday, September 7 and learn how to win — just by calling in — one of 200 pairs of tickets to Julio’s September 27 and September 28 concerts at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. Have a wonderful musical evening on us! Los Angeles Theatre Center 514 South Spring Street 8th Festival of Premieres Save 45% on prime seats with this special advance subscription offer — not yet available to the public. January through March, 1987, you’ll enjoy ten exciting weeks of new theatre, music, dance and poetry. Poetry Readings start 9/15/86. THREE WORLD PREMIERE PLAYS PLUS Happy End by Bertold Brecht, with music by Kurt Weill. THE DIRTY DOZEN BRASS BAND New Orleans Mardi Gras funk. PASSAGE Music and dance celebrating African culture. An exclusive for Select Group members only. 10% discount on all brands of blank video tape at any Leo’s Stereo store. This is 10% off Leo’s already low tape prices, and In addition to any advertised discounts. Just show your Select Group Membership card for 10% discount on top name brand video tapes. Also, show your Select Group card and Leo’s, the leading video and audio electronics retailer, will open a $1500 line of credit for purchase of TVs, VCRs or stereos (subject to credit approval). Buying a new car? Call Lois Sapadin at (213) 827-4400 about great fleet discount prices on all makes and models.

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FAMILY DRAMA The Thalian Space Wars In the year 2999, man has expanded his domain to include territories throughout the universe. There is peace in our galaxy — but now an evil solar system is trying to impose on our space in this energetic puppet feature. General audiences. 1980, Not Rated, 1:36. Director: Louis Elman. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 * WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 * Weekend Family Theater Old Enough Credit for this admirable production goes to young filmmakers Dina and Marisa Silver, who wrote, produced and directed this sensitive coming-of-age film charting the life-altering experiences of a disparate pair of adolescent girls (Sarah Boyd, Rainbow Harvest) in a changing New York neighborhood. Warriors Of The Wind The forces of good and evil come into play in this futuristic animated adventure about a virtuous young princess’s valiant efforts to rescue the peaceful Valley of the Wind — the last remaining haven for harmony and beauty. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:35. Director: Hayao Miyazaki. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 MONDAY, OCTOBER 6 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 * SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 21 * Weekend Family Theater Hambone & Hillle The real showstopper in this all-star family film is Hambone, a precocious pooch who undertakes a perilous journey to locate his loving owner (Lillian Gish) when the two are accidentally separated on a crosscountry trek. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:29-Director: Roy Watts. Starring: Lillian Gish, O.J. Simpson, Timothy Bottoms, Candy Clark. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24 SUNDAY, OCTOBER 26 * f * Weekend Family Theater Fact or faith? That's the question posited when a young nun gives birth to a baby she claims didn’t exist. Meg Tilly gives an incredible performance as Agnes, a withdrawn, angelic nun who never wavers from her belief that she had not conceived — even though the newborn was found strangled in her room minutes after delivery. As the tough-as-nails psychiatrist sent to find the facts, Jane Fonda is immediately taken by Agnes’s childlike innocence — a situation used to the advantage of Agnes's protective Mother Superior (Anne Bancroft) in this fine and powerful story that gives miracles a good argument. Mature themes. 1985, PG13, 1:39. Director: Norman Jewison. Starring: Anne Bancroft, Jane Fonda, Meg Tilly. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 * THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 ** 0 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28 * Opening Night ** Double Exposure G]= VCR Playhouse t=Final Showing This passionate film version of John Steinbeck's acclaimed novel marks the stunning screen debut of James Dean. Dean plays Cal, a rebellious California teenager circa 1913 whose inability to get along with his overbearing father (Raymond Massey) leads to a shocking discovery. Some mature themes. 1955, Not Rated, 1:55. Director: Elia Kazan. Starring: James Dean, Jo Van Fleet, Raymond Massey, Julie Harris. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 * CD SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1 * Classics Playhouse Places In The Heart Sally Field won an Academy Award for her heartfelt portrait of a Texas farm wife who's faced with the loss of her farm and her family when her husband is tragically killed. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:52. Director: Robert Benton. Starring: Sally Field, John Malkovich, Danny Glover, Ed Harris. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 CD WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 15 MONDAY, OCTOBER 20 t Agnes Of God Agnes Of God East Of Eden SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30 f Old Enough Heidi Perky Jennifer Edwards stars in this family classic as Heidi, a lovable orphan who goes to live with her reclusive grandfather high in the Swiss Alps. General audiences. 1968, Not Rated, 1:50. Director: Delbert Mann. Starring: Jennifer Edwards, Sir Michael Redgrave. Some mature themes. 1984, PG, 1:32. Director: Marisa Silver. Starring: Sarah Boyd, Rainbow Harvest, Danny Aiello. SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11 TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14 +

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