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HBO Guide March 1978 - Page section : 012

{ hbp sounPTRdgT) BOXING’S 6BUIIEST CHAMPIONS Pound for pound, punch for punch who really were the best fighters in history? Look in on Boxing’s Greatest Champions and decide for yourself. Starting March 9 watch six of the best fight cards you’ve ever seen—the world champs from 1897 to 1978. See heavyweights like Louis, Marciano and Ali. Catch the middleweights from the savage Micky Walker to classic stylist Sugar Ray Robinson. Then watch Benny Leonard, Roberto Duran and other welter and lightweight champions knock down 50 years of opposition. Boxing’s best at their best—all on HBO. Using yonr HBO Program Guide Home Box Office reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. The daily schedule is divided into weekends and weekdays. Movies and specials premiere on weekends. After the time, title and a few words about a movie, you’ll find in parentheses the original Motion Picture Association of America theatre rating (PG—Parental Guidance suggested) and the running time (1:36—one 22 hour, 36 minutes.) A page number then refers you to a brief description of that special or movie; the MPAA rating is repeated. HBO adds, in italics, information relative to the rating (Violence, Nudity.) In bold type, all play dates for this particular month are given. Programs premiering late in the month, repeat next month. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please address all mail to: Pamela B. Brady, HBO Customer Relations Manager, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. Photo credits- Cover: Douglas Kirkland/Contact Back cover: Sheedy & Long/SI “Gripping, Spine-Tingling and Terrific!" -REX REED in the NY. Daily News APRIL 1-5 MARLON BRANDO "THE NIGHTCOMERS SATURDAY 1 2:00 SHOUT AT DEVIL p. 19 4:30 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS The Middleweights. p.2l 5:30 VICTOR BORGE p. 14 7:00 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 Premiere (R-1:31) 8:30 THE NIGHTCOMERS Premiere (R-\ :35) 10:30 THE SENTINEL p. 18 12:00 ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (R-l :31) SUNDAY 2 1:30 THE LATE SHOW Lily Tomlin (PG-1:30) 3:00 ANNIE HALL p.6 5:00 VIRGINIA SLIMS CHAMPIONSHIPS Women’s tennis finals 7:00 THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU Premiere. Burt Lancaster (PG-1:38) 9:00 ROCKY p. I 3 11:00 CUCKOO’S NEST p. 11 MONDAY 3 5:00 BORN LOSERS p. 19 7:00 THE CAR p.21 9:00 MAN ON THE ROOF (Dubbed-R-1:50)p.20 11:00 FINAL CHAPTER WALKING TALL p. 15 TUESDAY 4 4:30 SHOUT AT DEVIL p. 19 7:00 NEIL SEDAKA Standing Room Only 8:30 SHOUT AT THE DEVIL (PG-2:08) p. 19 11:00 HEDDA p. 12 WEDNESDAY 5 5:30 VICTOR BORGE p. 14 7:00 THE NIGHTCOMERS Marlon Brando (R-1:35) 9:00 STUNTS p. 14 10:30 THE SENTINEL p. 18 23

HBO Guide April 1978 - Page section : 012

SOUnDTRdCK Top Entertainment Specials Exclusively on HBO! In this issue, you’ll find a first for the HBO program guide: an original illustration by the famed Broadway caricaturist, Hirschfeld. This heralds Double Bananas—starring the country’s foremost comedy teams in an original HBO Standing Room Only production. The drawing underscores our pride in consistently bringing you the very best entertainment. In addition to a fantastic showcase of SRO headliners, we bring you fabulous 22 On Location productions. This exclusive HBO series features the country’s foremost comedians appearing in your home exactly as they do in cabarets and night clubs. SRO and On Location are two good reasons to value your HBO service. Our convenient multiple scheduling is still another. Unlike commercial television, HBO schedules both specials and movies at various playing times and on various dates—to fit into your particular viewing preferences. So: plan your viewing. Don’t miss a Standing Room Only or On Location. Remember, each exciting program has been produced exclusively for you, our HBO audience. Home Box Office reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please address all mail to: Pamela B. Brady, HBO Customer Relations Manager, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020. 6:00 BAD NEWS BEARS Baseball fun (PG-1:42) p. 12 8:00 EAT MY DUST Premiere. Ron Howard (Happy Days) stars (PG-1:30) 9:30 THE PREMONITION p. 19 11:30 DAY OF ANIMALS p. 17 1:15 EAT MY DUST (PG-1:30) 23 May 1-5 Monday 1 6.-00 HARLAN COUNfY, USA Oscar winner (PG-1:43) p. 14 8:00 NEW YORK, NEW YORK p.8 10:30 A SEPARATE PEACE Classic novel (PG-1:45) p. 17 12:30 SPECIAL DELIVERY Fast and funny (PG-1:39) p.21 Tuesday 2 6:00 THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU p.5 8:00 BAD NEWS BEARS Walter Matthau (PG-1:42) p. 12 10:00 DOUBLE BANANAS Top comedy teams, p. 16 11:30 DAY OF THE ANIMALS Animals attack (PG-1:37) p. 17 Wednesday 3 6:00 A SEPARATE PEACE Friendship is the focal point (PG-1:45) p. 17 800 A STAR IS BORN Barbra Streisand (R-2:20) 10:30 PULP Detective spoof (PG-1:36) p.21 12:30 PUMPING IRON p 13 6:00 SPECIAL DELIVERY Bo Svenson (PG-1:39) p.21 8:00 DOUBLE BANANAS Bob and Ray on SRO. p. 16 9:30 SLAPSHOT Director George Roy (The Sting) Hill (R-2:02) p.20 11:30 PROVIDENCE Dirk Bogarde (R-1:44) p. 18 RON HOWARD pops Me dutch and M/s tkewortd lAfVHjr dust!

HBO Guide May 1978 - Page section : 002

Th® H80 Guido is put*shed moAWy by Home Box 0»co. inc. N J. Nchotos. Jr.. Prosdone. Scan McCarthy. Wa*xguide to find out about the shows below plus the rest of this month's programs. WJk COUSIN, COUSINE A merry extra-marital affair. It is very French and very delightful. Premieres May 6 A BRIDGE TOO FAR The incrcd i blc talc of the largest airborne assault in history. Michael Caine stars. Premieres May 7 HAROLD AND MAUDE Ruth Gordon in an outrageous love story—hilarious and genuinely touching. Premieres May 20 MARATHON MAN Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman in a stunning, suspenseful thriller. Premieres May 28 3 THE WHITE BUFFALO Charles Bronson as Wild Bill Hick-ok in the western version of Moby Dick. Premieres May 13 DAVID BRENNER RETURNS An On Location favorite in a brand new H BO show. Premieres May 26 KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS A battle for survival against millions of spiders. Premieres May 27 THE STEAGLE What is a Steagle? Only Richard Benjamin knows for sure. Tunc in. Premieres May 27 EATMYDUSTI The craziest driver in town steals the fastest car and tears up the country. Premieres May 5 RACE FOR YOUR LIFE, CHARLIE BROWN! Good grief! The Peanuts crew takes to the woods. Premieres May 12 ALL THE WAY BOYS Terence Hill and Bud Spencer take to the air—and fly off the handle. Premieres May 20 HOLLYWOOD SALUTES NEIL SIMON Catch the star-studded tribute of the year! Premieres May 14 WORLD TEAM TENNIS Chris Evert and Hie Nastase start off H BO*s exclusive coverage of the V/TT. Starts May 18 THE LAST TYCOON Robert Mitchum and Robert De-Niro in this tale of Hollywood in its heyday. Premieres May 19 BOXING’S GREATEST CHAMPIONS The best of all divisions: the experts vote. Starts May 11 USA/JAPAN GYMNASTICS Men's and women's competition in two parts. Stans May 14 KING KONG The greatest monster of them all in the greatest comeback in movie history! Premieres May 21 FRATERNITY ROW Campus life of the 'SOs with the but-toncd-down. bottled-up generation. Premieres May 13

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 002

HOCUS POCUS, CROSS OF IRON THE AMAZING ITS MAGIC! Breathtaking realism on the Rus- DOBERMANS An all-new sequel to the HBO Mag- sian front during World War II. Trained dogs fight crime in action- ic Show. Premieres June 11 Premieres June 16 packed film. Premieres June 17 THE FOOD OF THE GODS Doomed civilization fights ecology gone berserk! Premieres June 24 ONE ON ONE Robby Benson is a winner, a smalltown boy who makes it big in life and love. Premieres June 25 WIMBLEDON! Nine days of the world’s greatest tennis. Half-hour shows of the day’ highlights. Starts June 26 SMALL CHANGE A wise, funny film of children at home, at play, in school—and growing up. Premieres June 3 CHAMPIONSHIP GYMNASTICS Exclusive HBO coverage on two separate programs. Starts June 11 FREDDIE PRINZE AND FRIENDS A special HBO On Location encore. Premieres June 23 GRAND THEFT AUTO A car chase to end all car chases as young lovers flee town and family. Premieres June 9 BOBBIE JOE AND THE OUTLAW What starts out as a joy ride doesn’t end that way! Premieres June 17 AIRPORT’77 Art treasures, hijackers and a fabulous all-star cast in this all-new air adventure. Premieres June 18 ORCA Hunter becomes the hunted as a killer whale rampages to revenge his mate. Premieres June 4 WORLD TEAM TENNIS HBO covers the Apples, the Oranges, the Nets and the Strings. The Gaters, too. Starts June 1 THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE Suspense drama! Premieres June 2 WHERE’S POPPA Side-splitting lunacy in a really offbeat comedy from director Carl Reiner. Premieres June 10 ROSELAND The loving and the lonely meet at the world’s most famous ballroom. Premieres June 3 ROAD TO SAUNA Mimsy Farmer, Robert Walker, Jr. and superstar Rita Hayworth in a sultry shocker. Premieres June 10 2 The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President; Sean McCarthy, Treasurer; Peter Sheppe, Secretary. ©1978 Home Box Office. Inc. All rights reserved. 3

HBO Guide June 1978 - Page section : 012

An HBO Holiday Weekend Premierei How HBO Works How programs are scheduled is something we try to explain frequently in order to help you get maximum enjoyment out of your Home Box Office subscription. Movies and specials premiere on weekends —Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For viewing convenience, they are then shown again at different times on four or five occasions during the next four weeks. When shows premiere in the latter part of the month, their opening runs are carried over into the early part of the next month. In addition, we encore several of the most popular movies or specials from previous months. The schedule, which is divided into two segments—weekends and weekdays—includes page numbers. These refer to the location in the guide where you can find out more about the programs. Home Box Office reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please address all mail to: Susan Devon, HBO Customer Relations Manager, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 Front cover: Gilbert Lesser Back cover photos: Walter looss Jr./SI America at tIie Movies NarratecI by CIharIton Heston John Wiyne • Charlie Chaplin Woody Allen • Jack Nicholson Marlon Brando • Judy Garland Katharine Hepburn • James Dean Clark Gable • Dustin Hoffman James Stewart • Jon Voight Henry Fonda • Elizabeth Taylor Humphrey Bogart • Rod Steiger Spencer Tracy • Marx Brothers Orson Welles • W.C. Fields Paul Newman • Gregory Peck George C. Scott • Gary Cooper 22 Jacqueline Bisset Coming in July Between the Lines July T to 5 Saturday, July 1 2:00 AIRPORT 77 p. 14 4:00 ONE ON ONE p. 19 6:00 AIRPORT 77 p. 14 8:00 BETWEEN THE LINES Premiere. (R-1:41) 10:00 DEATH RACE 2000 Premiere. (R-l:37) 12:00 BETWEEN THE LINES Sunday, July 2 2:30 THE AMAZING DOBERMANS p. 15 4:30 FOOD OF THE GODS (PG-1:28) p. 19 6:00 THE AMAZING DOBERMANS p. 15 8:00 AMERICA AT THE MOVIES Premiere. (G-l:56) 10:00 HOCUS POCUS IT’S MAGIC! p. 11 11:30 BOBBIE JOE & THE OUTLAW p. 16 1:00 FREDDIE PRINZE p. 18 Monday, July 3 3:30 GRAND THEFT AUTO (PG-1:29) p.10 5:00 ONE ON ONE p. 19 7:00 WIMBLEDON (tape) 9:00 TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN p.20 10:30 LENNY p.21 12:30 ONE ON ONE p. 19 Tuesday, July 4 3:30 DRIVE-IN (PG-1:36) 5:30 FOOD OF GODS p. 19 7:00 AMERICA AT THE MOVIES (G-l:56) 9:00 WIMBLEDON (tape) 11:30 CROSS OF IRON p. 15 Wednesday, July 5 5:00 AIRPORT 77 p. 14 7:00 WIMBLEDON p.21 9:00 BETWEEN THE LINES (R-l :41) 11:00 DEATH RACE (R-1:37)

HBO Guide July 1978 - Page section : 002

Highlights for July The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N-J. Nicholas, Jr., President; Sean McCarthy. Treasurer; Peter Sheppe, Secretary. , ' ©1978 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. BEiwccra me lines This comedy romance for all the young in heart features bright new faces. Starts July 1 THE DEEP Jacqueline Bisset and Nick Nolte discover treasure and terror beneath the sea. Starts July 9 BASEBALL: HALFWAY TO THE WORLD SERIES The oustanding plays and players of the season so far. Starts July 13 Half-hour recaps of the day’s highlights featuring the world’s greatest tennis stars. Starts July 3 ON LOCATION: REDD FOXX Your face may be red when you hear what he says! Starts July 14 GREASED LIGHTNING Richard Pryor faces trials and tribulations to become a stock car racing champ. Starts July 7 EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC Terrifying sequel to one of Hollywood’s sensations. Starts July 16 POCO... LITTLE DOG LOST Big adventure for a little dog in a film for all the family. Starts July 8 BOXING: SUGAR RAY LEONARD Welterweight Sugar Ray takes on Dick Eckland in Boston. July 18 THE THIEF WHO CAME TO DINNER Ryan O’Neal is a cat burglar; Jackie Bisset is in trouble. Starts July 8 HOUSE BY THE LAKE Hippie hooligans threaten lovely liberated model Brenda Vaccaro. Starts July 22 GREAT TEXAS DYNAMITE CHASE Two beauties will steal your heart and rob your bank! Starts July 22 ROCK'N'ROLL REUNION Starring the people who made the sounds of the ’50s. Starts July 23 H i i nc mv v ILJ A star-spangled round-up of Hollywood’s best. 92 scenes from 83 great films. Starts July 2 EMBRYO Rock Hudson stars with Barbara Carrera in the first cloning movie on TV. Starts July 21 WHAT’S UP, DOC Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal pile laugh on laugh in an all-out, wacky farce Starts July 28 LET IT BE The Beatles, world’s most famous quartet, playing and singing, relaxing, rapping. Starts July 29 ROLLERCOASTER Amusement park thrills and chills become reality in a cat-and-mouse suspenser. Starts July 30

HBO Guide August 1978 - Page section : 002

mart Highlights \ for August BURLESQUE GYMNASTICS CANNONBALL Arte Johnson and Will B. Able Bag- An hour-long special starring ath- All speed, all action, stunt-studded gy Pants & Co. star on Standing letes of the U.S. and 15 nations. racing film with David Carradine. Room Only. Page 18. Starts Aug. 27 Page 9. Starts Aug. 13 Page 11. Starts Aug. 12. BOBBY DEERFIELD THE TOWERING INFERNO A! Pacino teams with lovely Marthe One by one, avenues of escape dis- Keller in a haunting international appear as flames envelop the proud love story. Page 11. Starts Aug. 13 skyscraper. Page 17. Starts Aug. 9 More highlights... PATTON George C. Scott is memorable as the generals’ general in an Academy Award performance. Truly a great war film. Page 7. Starts Aug. 5 WORLD TEAM TENNIS See the top tennis players in the world as HBO continues its great coverage right into the playoffs. Page 5. Starts Aug. 3 INSIDE THE NFL A look back at the ’77 gridiron action and a preview of’78 kick off HBO's second season of action highlights. Page 21. Aug. 31 MANDINGO Temperature zooms to very hot on a slave breeding plantation in pre-Civil War Louisiana. With James Mason. Page 7. Starts Aug. 5 THE LAST REMAKE OF BEAU GESTE Unbridled madness with Marty Feldman. Page 10. Starts Aug. 11 MocARTHUR The most controversial hero of our time, he fought and won wars, defied Presidents. Page 6. Starts A ug. 6 JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR ISLANDS IN THE STREAM The international multi-media phe- Ernest Hemingway’s last novel nomenon with non-stop music in 28 brought to the screen. George C. scenes. Page 21. Starts Aug. 26 Scott. Page 19. Starts Aug. 25 RACE FOR THE PENNANT Exciting new series following who’s in first! Page 8. Starts Aug. 8 CHEVY CHASE AND FRIENDS Some of our best new young comedians join Chevy in a very funny show. Page 15. Starts Aug. 18 OUTLAW BLUES Peter Fonda, Susan St. James in a comic chase with a country-western score. Page 4. Starts Aug. 4 CRY FOR ME BILLY For Billy and his Indian girl, there was nothing romantic about the Old West. Page 19. Starts Aug. 26 ... and still more THE HARRAD EXPERIMENT Love is a college credit course on this unorthodox campus in an involving film based on the bestseller. Page 14. Starts Aug. 19 HARRAD SUMMER In this sequel, vacationing Harrad students attempt to put into practice what they learned in school. Page 14. Starts Aug. 19 ROCK ’N’ ROLL REUNION Here it is: just the way you remember it, starring the people who made the sounds of the ’50s. Great performers! Page 17. Starts Aug. 2 NASTY HABITS An outrageous comedy with a great cast of clowns spoofing Watergate. Can you discover who is who Page 12. Starts Aug. 12 YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE The Oscar-winning song you’ll always remember in a film you won’t forget. Page 15. Starts Aug. 20 2 The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President; Sean McCarthy, Treasurer; Peter Sheppe, Secretary. ©1978 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. 3

HBO Guide September 1978 - Page section : 002

SORCERER Four outlaws, thrown together by fate, risk the only thing they have left to lose. Seepage 16. THE APPLE DUMPLING GANG Walt Disney full-length family fea-ture, a comedy caper set in the Old West. See page 12. GEORGE ALI/SPINKS: ROAD TO THE SUPERDOME A preview of the coming fight traces their careers to now. See page 11. SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT Bun Reynolds and Jackie Gleason in one of the biggest film hits of recent years. Seepage 8. SILVER STfcEAk On Location brings back this very Gene Wilder in a comedy-mystery funny, highly original comedian in aboard a train speeding from Los a brand new show. See page 9. Angeles to Chicago. Seepage 4. Highlights for TOM AND TINA Together for the the first time; high-energy performers Tom Jones and Tina Turner on SRO. See page 17. MARCH OR DIE AMERICAN GRAFFm Gene Hackman in a beleaguered The classic about youth of the ’60s French Foreign Legion outpost of —now with additional scenes not the Sahara desert. See Page 13. in its first release. SeepageS. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office. Inc. N.J. Nicholas. Jr.. President: Sean McCarthy Treasurer: Peter Steppe. Secretary September THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE A convicted killer, “invited” to escape. becomes the focus of a bizarre plot. Gene Hackman. See page 13 HANDLE WITH CARE CB radio tangles the lives of some very likable folks in a small California town. See page 9. ... and still more NEIL DIAMOND HBO brings you another look at this international superstar’s very special performance. Sec page 20. WORLD TEAM TENNIS As the season reaches a climax, HBO brings you this championship round. Seepage 13. WALT DISNEY CARTOONS One of the great Disney animated short subjects will precede each showing of The Apple Dumpling Gang. Seepage 12. INTERMISSIONS This month HBO begins a brand new series of intermission programs all about making movies and specials, about travel and personalities. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location ore trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. 3 A PIECE OF THE ACTION Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby do it again—a caper full of fun and excitement. Seepage 17. More highlights.. THE HIDING PLACE In the tradition of Holocaust, a Dutch family valiantly defies the Nazis to save Jewish friends and neighbors. See page 5. TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARA Gunslinger Clint Eastwood teams with "nun” Shirley MacLaine. An action-adventure. Seepage 10. RUBY Piper Laurie stars as Ruby—who runs a movie drive-in where there’s plenty of off-screen horror, too. A supernatural thriller. Seepage 18. I NEVER PROMISED YOU A ROSE GARDEN Condemned to a psychiatric hospital, a troubled girt comes to terms with her demons. See page 21. A SPECIAL DAY Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastro-ianni—two special stars on a very special day. Seepage 14. "SEPTEMBER 30,1955" Richard Thomas as a sensitive teenager affected by the death of idol James Dean. See page 21. © 1978Home Box Office. Inc. AH rights reserved.

HBO Guide November 1978 - Page section : 002

Highlights ELTON JOHN FAREWELL CONCERT Rock-superstar claims this concert at Wembley his last! Seepage 10. CROSSED SWORDS All-star cast dazzles in this dashing movie from the makers of The Three Musketeers. See page 11. More highlights... Get some top notch analysis by Len Special Agent 007 is back—in the Dawson of each previous week- biggest, best James Bond adventure end’s pro action. See page 21. to date. See page 11. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary THE CASSANDRA CROSSING A thousand people board a European express train for a trip through terror. All-star cast. See page 21. TAKE A HARD RIDE An honest cowboy and a cheerfully dishonest gambler face danger in the wilderness. See page 5. GYMNASTICS U.S. ACROSPORT TEAM TRIALS A new kind of sport with tumbling, jumping, trampolines! Seepage 17. OLD YELLER Walt Disney’s heartwarming tale of farm family on the Texas frontier and the faithful range dog who protects them. See page 7. Pat and Debby Boone and the biggest names in music from the Minnesota State Fair. See page IS. Michigan State battles the USSR national team; then North Carolina vs. Northwestern. See page 13. THE BETSY Harold Robbins’ chronicle of a famous Detroit dynasty: cars, sex, money, power. See page 6. for November JULIA The exciting drama of two women whose friendship became a matter of life and death. See page 19. KING GOES TO QUEENS Native New Yorker and rapid-fire wit Alan King On Location at Queens College. Seepage 18. ANOTHER MAN, ANOTHER CHANCE Claude Lelouch’s romance of the Old West. See page 15. THE MEDUSA TOUCH Lee Remick joins Richard Burton in a supernatural thriller laced with murder. See page 14. THE SEA GYPSIES Shipwrecked family group lives a great adventure on an uninhabited Alaskan isle. See page 7. ... and still more BOXING See sensational Welterweight Sugar Ray Leonard slug it out with Ber-nie Prado. See page 4. PONY EXPRESS RIDER Action, young love, betrayal and revenge as a young Texan trails his father’s killer. See page 20. SHAMPOO Warren Beatty, Julie Christie and Goldie Hawn in the hit comedy, an artful blend of bedroom farce and social commentary. Seepage 16. THE TRAIN ROBBERS Hard riding John Wayne in a spectacularly beautiful Western action-adventure film. With Ann-Margret in an off-beat role. 5eepage 12. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. ©1978 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. HIGH-BALLIN Peter Fonda breaks up a vicious gang of hijackers harassing trucker buddy Jerry Reed. See page 19. UPCLOSE David Sheehan interviews Henry and Jane Fonda, Alan Alda and Bette Midler. See page 8. 3

HBO Guide December 1978 - Page section : 002

Highlights More highlights... SKATEBOARD Love, laughter, good guys, bad guys —and America’s greatest skateboarders. See page S. THUNDER AND LIGHTNING Funny, raunchy action comedy of moonshiners tearing up the Florida highways. See page 9. INSIDE THE NFL BARRY LYNDON See the great plays and get top Ryan O’Neal and Marisa Berenson notch analysis of each previous in a stunningly beautiful historical weekend’s pro action. See page 15. romance. See page 13. UPCLOSE Interviews with Burt Reynolds, Marlon Brando, Faye Dunaway, Barbra Streisand. See page 6. THE PACK Hair-raising action and suspense as a band of killer dogs attack remote islanders. See page 4. KENNY & CO. A warm, happy, funny yet realistic story of kids growing up and facing the adult world. See page 7. THE CHRISTMAS THAT ALMOST WASN'T An animated holiday fairy tale with live characters. See page 12. A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC Elizabeth Taylor in a turn-of-the-century musical masquerade based on the Broadway hit. See page 15. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office, Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary SEMI-TOUGH Football stars Burt Reynolds and Kris Kristofferson pursue worldly Jill Clayburgh. See page 9. WHICH WAY IS UP Not one Richard Pryor but three —and he’s a scream in all three roles. See page 16. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS One of the screen’s monumental achievements: DeMille’s Biblical masterpiece. Seepage 14. for December ... and still more EMMET OTTER’S JUG-BAND CHRISTMAS Fifty brand new Muppets star in a great holiday special. See page 13. COMA A doctor’s life is threatened as she investigates a diabolical hospital plot. See page 5. THE TURNING POINT Envy, hatred, friendship, triumph and love in ballet’s backstage world. A great movie! See page 17. COLLEGE BASKETBALL USC at Duke, Kansas at USC, Rainbow Classic from Hawaii, San Diego State at USF. See page 22. ACROSS 110TH STREET Harlem street gang double-crosses both the police and the Mob. Anthony Quinn. See page 7. CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK Eastside, westside, all around the town, SRO captures the holiday spirit. See page 10. THE LAST HARD MEN Living by the West’s old rules and driven by revenge, two enemies duel to death. See page 21. THE AMAZING MR. BLUNDEN A brother and sister travel back in time—a clever ghost story in the Dickens tradition. See page IS. THE SMALL ONE HBO’s exclusive presentation of the newest animated featurette from Walt Disney. See page 17. CONVOY Ali MacGraw’s back and Kris Kris-tofferson’s got her as the big rigs roll the highways. See page 21. Home Box Office, HBO, Standing Room Only, On Location are trademarks and servicemarks of Home Box Office, Inc. ©1978 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved. DAMNATION ALLEY Five people survive a nuclear holocaust to make their way in a nightmare world. See page 20. EQUUS Richard Burton as a sensitive, disenchanted psychiatrist. From the big Broadway hit. See page 5.

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