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Sports PLAYOFF TIME AGAIN! Playoff time is, in the words of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities, the best of times and the worst of times—the best for pro basketball and hockey fans, but ulcer time for HBO schedule makers. In April and May, HBO viewers will see playoff action in the National Basketball Association, the American Basketball Association, the National Hockey League and possibly the World Hockey Association. Scheduling playoff games in advance is impossible and will mean replacement at times of programs listed in this entertainment guide. The printed schedule has been planned to minimize inconvenience from substitutions. Schedule changes will be announced hourly during the day on the HBO upcoming programs channel and immediately before a replacement is to be made. Pleasing sports fans is complicated by many things. Conflicts with commercial TV, and in some cases the territorial rights of local teams, must be avoided. Teams qualifying for the playoffs, pairings and home court advantages depend on regular season standings. Finally, each elimination series could end in three or four games, or go a five- or seven-game limit. Then on to the next round, and more of the same! April on Home Box Office also will offer a live heavyweight boxing card from the Nassau Coliseum on April 4, with unbeaten Duane Bobick meeting Terry Hinke and Rodney Bobick, Duane’s younger brother, facing Mac Foster. For sports history buffs, “Greatest Fights of the Century" looks at middleweight and heavyweight classics, and an exciting new series, “Greatest Sports Legends’* covers the careers of Mickey Mantle, Frank Gifford, Bob Cousy, Stan Musial, Jesse Owens, Jimmy Demaret, Eddie Arcaro, Elgin Baylor and Ollie Matson. (Some of these specials could be pre-empted by playoff games but will be seen later.) P.S. A busy summer sports schedule on HBO will be ushered in by the World Team Tennis, featuring Billie Jean King and the New York Sets, and HBO’s third summer of Professional Bowlers Association tournaments. HBO Specials TWENTY YEARS OF ROCK...THE VISUAL ARTS & TRAVEL Bring back six of the 1950s most popular rock groups for a special performance, and the result is a memorable music experience. “Twenty Years of Rock and Roll’*, on the Home Box Office network in April. The Five Satins, The Skyiiners, Brooklyn Bridge, The Coasters, The Drifters and Tony Williams and The New Platters were videotaped by HBO and Barmann’s Concerts and Productions in concert at the packed 12,000-seat Rockland County Community College arena. Each group has had at least one million-record seller, and with dozens of hits from which to select, pro-ducer-director Drew Cummings has put together a program to carry HBO viewers from the early days of rock to the midst of the current scene. Favorites include “Poison Ivy” and “Charlie Brown’’ by the Coasters, “In the Still of the Night” by The Five Satins, The Platters’ “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” and The Drifters’ “Under the Boardwalk”. Interspersed throughout the musical feast are interviews with the performers by oldies authority and show m.c. Day Cole. “Twenty Years of Rock and Roll” bows on HBO on April 13, with a repeat midnight show on April 25. A fitting tone will be set by American Graffiti, HBO’s April 5-11 premiere movie, which uses 40 rock hits of the ’50s and early ’60s to set its mood. Also making it a big month for rock devotees, “Celebration IV”, another in the continuing HBO series. features the classic rock group. Emerson, Lake and Palmer. All that’s only one part of HBO’s noteworthy special programming for April: The Artist's Eye — a series on lives, philosophy and works of the world’s great painters, sculptors and architects begins April 10 with internationally-known sculptor Jacques Lipchitz, follows with Renaissance master Giotto. Continuing host is artist, critic and TV personality Russell Connor. Venture — is “travel” with a difference premiering on April 12. Each week, a different locale abroad will be explored — not in travelogue form, but light and lively looks at sights, sounds and lifestyles. Venture focuses first on Scandinavia.

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HBO Guide June 1975 - Page section : 003

HBO SPECIALS WoyousJfftcH O/jusffpotUe In any case, an interesting HBO program premiering June 8 is “Freehand Sketching”, a basic but comprehensive telecourse conducted by Bruce McIntyre, for 12 years a chief animator with Walt Disney Studios. Half-hour segments will be seen on Sunday and Wednesday afternoons throughout the summer and fall. A pad and pencil are the necessary materials to follow along, but also available is a 75-page lesson-by-lesson workbook developed by McIntyre and the Coast Community College District (Los Angeles), producer of the telecourse. Use the coupon on this page to order the workbook. Also in June, HBO’s continuing series, “The Artist’s Eye”, will present a special with host Russell Connor in Europe. Out of the Garret—For small fry who wonder if HBO’s Martha ever leaves her attic, it happens in June. An accomplished equestrienne, comely Ms. Lewis will team with sportscaster Spencer Ross to describe the posh Devon Horse Show on June 7 and the rough-and-ready Cowtown Rodeo June 21 and 29. In between, she’ll be hosting an hour-long program June 11 to introduce a group of animated versions of classic fairy tales. As for Martha’s Attic, two young guests, Philip Farber and Paul Bennett, will show Martha and her viewers a seven-foot python, giant bullfrog and other pets on “Herp-tiles”, a program about reptiles and amphibians. Other kid fare: Professor Moffett’s Science Workshop ... more cliff hanger “Journey to the Beginning of Time” episodes ... and “The Last Rhino” from Children’s Film Foundation. Please cut along dotted fine HOME BOX OFFICE INC. Time & Life Bldg./Rockefeller Center/New York, N.Y.10020 Q Please send me a copy of :Q Please send me a copy of "The Animix Zoo” free of "Freehand Sketching" at publisher's charge. wholesale cost. (I enclose a check or money order for $3.95 for each copy.) MY NAME ADDRESS CITY STATE un< Gttnjes, Summer “Style Things are looking up for those two exciting newcomers to the New York and HBO sports scene, Catfish Hunter of the Yankees and Billie Jean King of the World Team Tennis entry, the Sets. After a slow start, Catfish is earning his $3.5 million stipend for joining the Yanks. Billie Jean didn’t waste time on a slow beginning. As this month's Guide went to press, Billie Jean had sparked the Sets to five straight team wins without defeat. The Sets will be seen three times and the Yankees four times on HBO in June. Horsin’ Around—HBO takes a look in June at two distinctly different varieties of horsemanship. On June 7, finals of the Devon Horse Show, creme de la creme of society equine competitions, will be seen in a two-and-a-half hour special from Philadelphia’s Main Line. On June 21 and 29, the network’s cameras shift to the Cowtown Rodeo at Woods-town, N.J., for competition in bare back and saddle bronc riding, Brahma bull riding, calf roping and steer wrestling. Something old as well as something new will be a part of the June sports schedule as HBO picks up for the third straight year the summer tournament circuit of the Professional Bowlers Association. Finals of the $50,000 Portland, Ore., Open will be seen June 24 as the first of eight Tuesday night bowling shows.

HBO Guide June 1975 - Page section : 001

YOUR MONTHLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE HOME BOX OFFICE MOVIES: The Odessa File • Rabbi'Jacob Animal Farm • Nana SPORTS: Baseball • Tennis • Bowling Rodeo • Devon Horse Show Art' Carney ■Best Actor HARRY AND •• TONTO”

HBO Guide June 1975 - Page section : 002

JUNE 1975 6-16 Schedules & Reviews Movie Premieres and Features The Odessa File... June 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 22 Open Season ... June 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 21 The Legend of Amuluk... June 8, 14, 25 Mr. Majestyk... June 8, 9, 10, Animal Farm ... June 9, 24, 28 Trail of the Wild... June 15, 17, 20,28 The Mad Adventures of 'Rabbi' Jacob... June 15,16,17,18,20 Harry and Tonto... June 15, 16, 17, 19, 20, 21 The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder. .. June 15, 24 Thieves Like Us... June 14,17, 23 The White Dawn... June 22, 23, 24, 25, 27 Sports Beat Major League Baseball... June 13, 18, 25, 26 World Team Tennis... June 11, 14, 15 Devon Horse Show... June 7 Cowtown Rodeo... June 21, 29 All-Star Wrestling... June 16 Professional Bowling... June 24 World Series of Tennis... Greatest Fights Special Presentations Nana, Parts IV and V... June 3, 10 Freehand Sketching... The Artist's Eye... Venture Professor Moffett’s Science Workshop Martha's Attic... Animated Classics * Something Special... D. W. Griffith's Film Shorts Coming in July At Long Last Love... Hearts and Minds... Report to The Commissioner... Other current films, uncut and uninterrupted 2 UlFRONr For a long time, television viewers thought of Art Carney mainly as Jackie Gleason’s “second banana” —the meek and somewhat bemused sewer worker who made a perfect foil for Gleason’s bluster and bombast Carney always was an actor, not a comic, however. Man and role finally came together in Harry and Tonto, a film about a 72-year-old wanderer and his pet cat. This Spring, his peers gave Carney their highest accolade, the Motion Picture Academy’s Oscar as Best Actor of 1974. Harry and Tonto, premiering June 15, is a standout in the month's Home Box Office schedule. Bitter, tender, sad and funny in turn, the film is laden with insights—as well as salty language and occasional actions to match, which gained it an “R” rating. Animallegory—June is a rewarding month for Home Box Office movie buffs who may have thought basketball and hockey playoffs would never end. Worthy of special notice is Animal Farm, the first truly adult cartoon when produced 20 years ago. A team of 100 artists worked for three years to make the film, and more than 300,000 color drawings were used in the final print. True to George Orwell’s 1946 political fable, the film remains fresh and meaningful today—an unusual motion picture experience conveying different levels of meaning to all ages. Matinee Time—Beginning July 4, Home Box Office will present additional motion picture programming every Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. and Friday afternoon at 1 p.m. Premiere of the “HBO Friday Matinee” series on July 4 will be Peter Bogdanovich's 1930s-type musical, At Long Last Love, starring Burt Reynolds, Cybill Shepherd and Madeline Kahn and featuring 16 Cole Porter songs. Movie Quiz—How's your movie memory? Watch next month’s Entertainment Guide for details of a unique HBO contest, combining a chance at exciting prizes with a test of film wisdom.

HBO Guide August 1975 - Page section : 001

HOME BOX OFFICE FROM TIME/LIFE Prisoner of Second Avenue Brannigan Chariots of the Gods? Sports and Specials A AUGUST 1975 ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE Dustin Hoffman “Lenny”

HBO Guide August 1975 - Page section : 005

Win a Fabulous, Weeklong Vacation forTwo at C&N661 Bav/LITTLE DIX BAY in the Glorious Virgin Islands Anyone who enters HBO’s Movie Memory Contest Can Win! We’ll fly the Grand Prize Winner to the best of all possible weeks...in the best of all possible settings: Rockresorts’ two jewel-like havens in the Virgin Islands, Caneel Bay/Little Dix Bay. They’re famous for their sports facilities...famous for their sun-drenched beauty... and so romantic by moonlight that we’ll pay the freight for two. All expenses, all week long! Time’s awasting. Start Right Now! Check this Program Guide for Clue times. We’ll be showing them frequently until August 15th. Once you’ve named the movies in our clues, fill out the entry form at right and mail it before August 22. You could be the lucky winner of a glorious vacation you’ll remember your whole life long. 32 Second Prize Winners Will Walk Off with These Handsome Panasonic Portable TV’s ‘ ‘Take it to the summer cottage or out on the patio. Move it from room to room at will. It’s an easy-to-tote 19 pounds . . . with a wonderfully clear and dependable picture on a 12 " screen. Now you’ll have TV entertainment wherever you want it. . . and you’ll never again have to quarrel over which one program the family will watch. HERE’S HOW TO PLAY “MOVIE MEMORY’’—AND WIN 1. Look for this symbol in the margins of this ProgramGuide. It marks the times we’ll be showing MOVIE MEMORY CLUES. Each clue is a scene from a movie you ^ can see on HBO. There are two clues to each movie; six W movies in all. And we’ll show all clues several times ▼ through August 15th. 2. When you know the names of the movies, list them on the entry blank below. Then mail the form to us before August 22. 3. Every entry which correctly identifies all six movies qualifies for the prize drawings. The names of the 32 Second Prizewinners will be drawn on four successive nights— eight winners to each drawing. On the fifth night, we’ll draw the name of the Grand Prize Winner. You’ll want to watch the drawings, but all winners will also be notified by mail. 4. Winners of Second Prizes will have their entries returned to the pool before the final drawing— so that they, too, can qualify as a First Prize winner (if you’re that lucky, you deserve it). 5. This contest is limited to residents of States in which HBO service is provided. Contestants must be over the age of 21 and not employed by or affiliated with Home BoxOfficelnc., Time Incorporated or any of their subsidiaries or advertising agencies or carrier cable systems affiliated with Home Box Office, I nc. 6. No substitution may be made for prizes. Awards must be claimed within the time specified in the notification or the prize will be forfeited. 7. No individual may submit more than one entry. Duplicate entries will be rejected. Use the form which appears below to enter (a duplicate form may be obtained from your local cable office, if necessary). 8. This contest is void where prohibited or restricted by law. No purchase is necessary to enter. 0 This is your entry blank... and maybe your ticket to a prize Mail before August 22,1975 to: Movie Memory Game Home Box Office Time Life Bldg., Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 Here are my answers to the MOVIE MEMORY CLUES. The names of the movies from which the scenes are taken are: (please print) |:------------------------------------------: ' 3._______________________________________6____________________________ My entry constitutes your authority to use my name, likeness or other pertinent data in connection with the contest in the event that I win a prize. I warrant and represent that I am over the age of 21. My Name______________________________________________________________________________ Address_______________________________________________________________________________ City--------------------------State________________________________Zip________________

HBO Guide September 1975 - Page section : 003

HBO SPECIKLS BIRTHDAY TIME IN THE -HATTIES It has been a full year since HBO’s children’s program, “Martha’s Attic”, first began capturing the attention of young viewers. So, naturally, since everyone loves birthday parties, Martha Lewis Lambert is going to be throwing one in her Attic during the first week in September on HBO. “Martha’s Attic” is produced by HBO especially for the four-to eight-year-old children’s group. The series has been acclaimed as the only series of its kind produced in the cable industry and approved by critical bodies such as Action for Children’s Television. Most important of all, HBO’s monthly Trendex surveys have shown a steady gain in viewership, until now it is indicated that over 80 per cent of younger children in subscriber families are “Attic” fans. New Directions—This month HBO begins an interesting relationship with Independent Cinema Artists and Producers, a new, not-for-profit film distribution company. The agreement with I.C.A. P. will bring HBO viewers works of young, yet-to-be-recognized or often-overlooked artists, who will be receiving their first television exposure on HBO’s “Something Special” and “Reflections on America” series of short films. More Hopalong—Hopalong Cassidy hits the dusty trail again in a September story that sounds like today’s or tomorrow’s headlines. Hoppy defies the Panhandle Cattlemen’s Association, which is withholding its stock from sales to starving Northern city dwellers, in order to drive up meat prices. Rounding up the cattle of more willing ranchers, Hoppy conducts a long drive to market with the aide of sidekick Gabby Hayes and 1930s cowboy singer Jimmy Ellison. Amidst gunfights and stampedes, Jimmy finds time to croon “Take Me Back to those Wide Open Spaces” and other songs. Brief notes—September is the last chance to learn to draw with Bruce McIntyre, and this month’s episodes review all of the techniques previously discussed . . . More for kids: “Follow the North Star’ ’, a story about the Civil War’s Underground Railroad: another animated classic, “Beauty and the Beast”, and Professor Moffett exploring the mystery of magnetism . . . “Reflections on America” this month ranges in subject matter from Paul Bunyan to Nick Manning’s examination of village government in Vermont. To spotlight these short features, the program listings section of this Guide will carry a special symbol, -fa ENCORE SPOTUGHfS THE STING set out to swindle big-time racketeer. Winner of 7 Academy Awards, including Best Picture of 1973. Fast-paced comic action as con men (Robert Redford, Paul Newman) ' PG (129 min.) September 6 Ryan O'Neal and daughter Tatum (in Academy Award winning role) give extraordinary performances as unlikely con artists during Depression. Director Bogdanovich effectively recreates 1930s reality. PG (102 min.) Sept. 14, 26 s ■ Engrossing dramatization of undercover cop Frank Ser- 9 pico’s fight to expose corruption within N.Y.C. Police De- I partment. Led to formation of Knapp Commission in 1971 ■ and revelations of rampant bribery and graft. A1 Pacino I nominated for Academy Award as Serpico. R (129 mi- nutes) Sept. 7, 29 High school buddies have last fling before two (Richard Dreyfuss, Ronny Howard) set off for college. Youthful film maker George Lucas recollects how September 1, 21

HBO Guide September 1975 - Page section : 001

HOME BOX OFFICE FROM TIME/LIFE • “Airport 1975 • “The Gambler • World Football League • Major League Baseball SEPTEMBER 1975 HOME ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE

HBO Guide January 1975 - Page section : 008

January 27, Monday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic "Ice and Snow" 6:00 Ski 75 "Highlands Fling ft “Dream of Wild Horses" 6:30 ENCORE PERFORMANCE “Badlands Martin Sheen, Warren Oates (PG) ft “Why Man Creates 8:30 Boxing Live From Madison Square Garden 10:15 "The Great Gatsby" (PG) January 28, Tuesday PM 5:30 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "The Optimists" Peter Sellers, Donna Mullane (G) | ☆ "Gallery" N.Y. Knicks vs. Atlanta Hawks Live From Madison Square Garden 9:30 "The Great Gatsby" (PG) January 29, Wednesday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic "Just One Me 6:00 FAMILY SPECIAL "Tatters The Orphan Lion 7:00 "The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad" (G) 8:45 HBO Presents ... 9:00 "The Last Detail" (R) VV "Dream of Wild Horses" w "American Time Capsule" 11:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "The Way Wo Were" Barbra Streisand. Robert Redford (PG) January 30, Thursday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic “If It Happened To You" 6:00 Adventure Special "The Free Life" 7:05 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "The Seven-Ups" Tony LoBianco, Roy Scheider (PG) ft "Self-Service" 9:00 SNEAK PREVIEW (R) ft “Gallery-11 :00 “The Last American Hero" (PG) January 31, Friday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic "Ice And Snow" 6:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "Sounder" Cicely Tyson, Paul Winfield (G) 7:45 HBO Presents . .. 8:00 TRACK AND FIELD SPECIAL The Millrose Games Live From Madison Square Garden 11:00 "Sounder" (G) 14 FebRtARy PrevIews February 1, Saturday PM 1:30 N.B.A. BASKETBALL N.Y. Knicks vs. Houston Rockets Live From Madison Square Garden 3:30 MOVIE PREMIERE "Zandy's Bride Gene Hackman. Liv Ullman (PG) ft "Why Man Creates" 5:55 Adventure Special "The Free Lile" 7:00 "Zandy's Bride" (PG) ft "American Time Capsule" 9:00 MOVIE PREMIERE "Chinatown" Jack Nicholson. Faye Dunaway (R) ft "Blake" 11:30 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "Enter The Dragon" Bruce Lee. John Saxon (R) February 2, Sunday PM 1:30 Parsley. Sage, Jani & Love With Lee van Cleef 2:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "The Terminal Man" George Segal. Joan Hackett (PG) 3:45 HBO Presents ... 4:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "Man Of La Mancha" Peter O'Toole. Sophia Loren (PG) ft "Blake" 6:30 Martha's Attic "Fantasmic Puppets" 7:00 "Zandy’s Bride” (PG) ft "More" 9:00 “Chinatown" (R) .a, "Dream of Wild Horses "Mr. Rossi Goes Camping" 11:30 "Zandy's Bride" (PG) February 3, Monday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic "Fantasmic Puppets" 6:00 Ski '75 "Winter Heat" 6:30 "Zandy's Bride (PG) ft "American Time Capsule" 8:30 Boxing Live From Madison Square Garden 10:15 "Chinatown” (R) February 4, Tuesday PM 5:30 "Zandy’s Bride (PG) ft "Basketball Jones" 7:30 N.B.A. BASKETBALL N.Y. Knicks vs. Los Angeles Lakers Live From Madison Square Garden 9:30 "Chinatown" (R) ft “Breath 11:45 "Zandy's Bride" (PG) February 5. Wednesday PM 5:30 "Zandy's Bride Gene Hackman. Liv Ullman (PG) 7:30 ENCORE PERFORMANCE “The Emigrants" Liv Ullman. Max von Sydow (PG) 10:00 "Chinatown" (R) February 6, Thursday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic "Fantasmic Puppets' 6:00 Parsley, Sage. Jani & Love With Lee van Cleef 6:30 Ski '75 "Highlands Fling" ☆ "Mr. Rossi Buys a Car" "Why Man Creates" 7:30 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "The Legend Of Hell House" Roddy McDowall. Pamela Franklin (PG) ft "Self-Service" 9:15 "Chinatown" (R) 11:30 "Zandy's Bride" (PG) February 7, Friday PM 5:30 Martha's Attic 'What's Your Pet?" 6:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "Conrack" Jon Voight. Paul Winfield (PG) ft "Mr. Rossi at the Beach" 8:00 A.B.A. BASKETBALL N.Y. Nets vs. Memphis Sounds Live From Nassau Coliseum 10:00 "Chinatown" (R)

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