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PREMIERES AND FEATURES The Night Porter The much talked about Night Porter comes to HBO this month. Directed by Italian Liliana Cavani and produced by Joseph E. Levine, The Night Porter has raised its share of eyebrows with its frank and often bizarre portrayal of a sadomasochistic relationship between an ex-concentration-camp guard (Dirk Bogarde) and a former camp inmate (Charlotte Rampling). Working as a night porter in a Viennese hotel, Bogarde is part of a group of Nazi war criminals facing the prospect of detection in 1957. To prepare themselves, the Nazis conduct mock trials and interrogations. Bogarde is about to face his mock trial when a witness and former lover appears in Vienna to relive those sexually perverse camp days. Rampling’s reunion with Bogarde is sexual fantasy come true, even though it flies in the face of his co-conspirators’ desire to remove all witnesses to their past. Altogether this film study of Nazism justifies the tag its promoters attached to it: Last Tango in Vienna. Macon County Line Max Baer—producer, co-writer and star of Macon County Line—plays a redneck Southern sheriff who dislikes strangers. A trio, two brothers played by Alan and Jesse Vint, and a fetching hitchhiker, stop over in Macon County but are ordered to leave by sundown. The trio’s car breaks down near Baer’s home and they must stay the night. Sheriff Baer is gone but his wife isn’t, and cat burglary turns into murder when two locals rob Baer. When he returns, he finds his wife dead and the trio’s car parked near by. One plus one leads to trio, resulting in a vengeful rampage. Macon County Line is a penetrating glimpse into a past not so far lost. Happy New Y ear Some six years and nearly as many films later, Claude LeLouch has returned to the theme he began in A Man and a Woman, and in doing so, produced the masterpiece of his short career and one of the best films of the year, Happy New Year. Beginning with the actual conclusion of A Man and a Woman, Happy New Year explores the same theme of romantic love between male and female. But in place of the young race-car driver and the young fashion model, Happy New Year concentrates on a middle-aged couple—a shopkeeper and a paroled criminal. With rare beauty and marked sensitivity, LeLouch traces the love affair from its casual beginning to its misguided end. Goosebumps and wet eyes, Happy New Year is the kind of love story everyone lives once. The Wild Party The Wild Party, starring Raquel Welch and James Coco, takes a loose look at one of the scandals in Hollywood’s nefarious past—the Fatty Arbuckle case. Guided by former underground director James Ivory, The Wild Party promotes character before plot, giving a perceptive and not unsympathetic look at an infamous character. Tried twice and acquitted both times, Fatty Arbuckle lost fame and fortune when the scandal surrounding the mysterious death of his mistress lingered on long after his acquittals. 22 October 29-31 Wednesday-Friday Wednesday 1:30 Bank Shot (PG) George C. Scotl as a mastermind who decides that he'll steal the whole bank. 3:00 Give’Em Hell, Harry James Whitmores nationally acclaimed stage portrayal of Harry Truman. 5:00 Sailing Special Round Britain Race. Sixty-seven of world's fastest yachts vie in sailing's premiere open-sea competition. 5:30 The Dove (PG) Joseph Bottom's round the world sail leads to adventure and love. 7:30 NHI. Hockey St. Louis Blues vs. N Y. Rangers, live from Mudison Square Garden. 10:00 Airport '75 (PG) A midnii collision threatens an all-star passenger roster; Charleston Heston comes lo I he rescue 12:00 The Night Porter (R) Circumstances allow Charlotte Rampling and I >u k Bogarde to relieve a bizarre relationship Thursday 1:30 Prisoner ut Second Avenue (PG) Jack I emmon loses his ad agency job, wife Aiiih llancrof! gels one of her own. mid both learn lo cope in the Big Apple 3:30 The Terrorists (PG) Sean Connery is back in action as a Norwegian security chief in an international buttle of wits. 5:30 Martini’s Attic 'T he Lion's I lead 6:00 Hopalong Cassidy Trail Dust 7:30 NBA Basketball K.C.-Omaha Kings vs. N.Y Knicks. live from Madison Square Garden 10:00 Moonrunners (PG) The moonshine business is tough and Jim Mitchum fights to keep his clan working. 12:00 Mean Streets (R) A gi ipping presentation of the intrigues ol New York's Little Italy. Martin Si <»i i esc directs. Friday 1:30 Airport’75 (PG) Karen Black takes the controls while Charlton Heston tries to save a crippled 747. 3:30 The Front Page (PG) Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau co-star in the classic tale of two newsmen who will do anything for a scoop. 5:30 Professor Moffett Genetics 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#23) 6:00 Animated Classics Tiny Oxen: Woodcutter's Wish. 7:00 Happy New Year(PG) Claude LeLouch s film of love that begins where his A Man and A Woman left off. 9:00 Capone (R) Ben Gazzara is Scarface A1 in this candid story of crime in Chicago of the 1920s. 11:00 The Yakuza (R) Robert

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Two generations of actors are on HBO this month as Robert Mitchum and son Jim star in movie premieres. The Moonrunners is one of those well-made films that often can go unnoticed. But a romp like Moonrunners, one of several new titles in the current genre of bootlegging, car-hustling and other heists, deserves the attention of all who appreciate this kind of entertainment. The film is fun for everyone familiar with that great American institution—moonshining. The plot involves a heated contest for the “White Lightning” production in the Carolinas. The rivalry explodes when the moonshine baron decides to oust an independent, but poor, clan. Family patriarch Jesse, played superbly by Arthur Hunnicutt, is too old for such goings-on so the chore falls on goof-off cousins Grady (Jim Mitchum) and Lee (Kiel Martin). They are even less prepared for the battle of wits than Jesse. When the local crime syndicate and federal agents claim their share, the cousins abandon dreams of “chasin’ cars and racin’ women,” with results that are pure Americana. Country-rock star Waylon Jennings narrates with his rich voice and foot-stomping music. Jim Mitchum, a dead ringer for his father even under a mustache, acts with a quiet explosiveness. The elder Mitchum is featured on HBO this month in The Yakuza. Mitchum plays an ex-private eye called to Japan to pay a war debt to former army buddy Brian Keith. Keith is a munitions smuggler whose daughter has been kidnapped by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. To save her, Mitchum penetrates the Japanese underworld, only to find it unlike anything in the U.S. Sired by film critic and historian Paul Schrader, and directed by Sydney Pollack, The Yakuza blends two movie traditions—the back-lot thrillers of the Forties and the Japanese movies of the mid-Sixties that followed the Samurai films. The Yakuza melds East and West with style and grace. GP The Mitchums: Dad, son star in Yakuza and Moonrunners 16 October 17-20 Friday-Monday Friday 1:30 Man on a Swing (PG) ESP and murder don't mix or do they? Joel Grey is clairvoyant, Cliff Robertson is suspicious. 3:30 Soldier Blue (PG) Candice Bergen stars in a graphic story of an Indian massacre. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Liogs, Tiogs and Bearogs. 6:00 Professor Moffett Communications. 6:25 Journey to Beginning of Time (#21) 6:30 Animated Classics Tiny Oxen; Woodcutter's Wish. 7:30 SPYS (PG) CIA men Donald Sutherland and Elliott Gould bumble their way around Europe. 9:00 Capone (R) An unglamorous portrayal of the life and death of the lord of crime, starring Ben Gazzara. 11:00 Harry and Tonto (R) Art Carney and cat hit the road, meet Ellen Burstyn, new friends, an Oscar. Saturday 1:30 Venture Age of Invention. 2:00 Black Windmill (PG) Diamond theft involves undercover agent Michael Caine personally as son becomes bait. 4:00 Brother of The Wind (G) Wolf cubs and a lonely man find happiness in the Canadian Rockies. 5:30 Children’s Special Follow the North Star. 6:30 Land That Time Forgot (PG) Edgar Rice Burroughs' tale comes to screen as submarine crashes into prehistoric world. 8:00 NBA/ABA Basketball N.Y. Nets vs. N.Y. Knicks, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:15 The Front Page (PG) Fast-paced remake of American classic stars Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau. 11:45 Badlands (PG) Two young people drift through Midwest of 1930s. Sunday 1:30 Land That Time Forgot (PG) Special elfects highlight this adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' novel. 3:00 The Poseidon Adventure An all-star cast heads for the surface as their cruise ship takes a belly dive. 5:00 In Concert Mozart's Coronation Mass Mozarteum Orchestra. Salzburg choir. 5:30 Martha’s Attic What Happened Then 6:00 Professor Moffett Optics 6:25 Journey to Beginning of Time (#22) 6:30 Children’s Special The Emperor's Nightingale. 7:30 NHL Hockey Vancouver Canucks vs. N.Y. Rangers, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 Scarecrow (R) A1 Pacino and Gene Hackman drift east across America. 12:00 Land That Time Forgot (PG) Doug McClure trades civilization for a spear in Burroughs' story. Monday 1:30 Happy New Year (PG) Vittorio DeSica’s beautiful story of love and tenderness. 3:30 The Front Page (PG) Billy Wilder's new look at the Ben Hecht classic features Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. 5:30 Martha’s Attic What Happened Then 6:00 Animated Classics Tiny Oxen; Woodcutter's Wish 6:30 Land That Time Forgot (PG) Edgar Rice Burroughs' tale of an undersea world of ages past. 8:00 Boxing Live from Madison Square Garden. 9:30 Soldier Blue (PG) Candice Bergen stars in a graphic story of an Indian massacre. 11:30 Night Porter (R) Circumstances allow Charlotte Rampling and Dirk Bogarde to relive a bizarre relationship. 17

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From Off-Broadway to HBO, Pretzels is salted with laughs WWVWW.WWWWWWWQQWWWWWWWW Music and Lyrics by..........................................John Forster Written by..............................Jane Curtin, Fred Grandy, Judy Kahan Performed by......................................Jane Curtin, John Forster, Timothy Jerome, Judy Kahan Directed for the stage by...............................Patricia Carmichael Directed for television by .................Jerry Weissman and David Roth Props by......................................Stuart Wurtzel and Mary Burns Costumesby ................................................Clifford Capone Produced for the stage by.....................Burry Fredrik and Walter Boxer Produced for television by....................Home Box Office and WGBH-TV Pretzels is a delightful four-character ties with his memorized spiel on art and revue moving from Off-Broadway to film or the snobbish cosmetician out to Home Box Office in October. Filled with convince a customer that beauty is all skits of wry irony and verve, Pretzels, that matters. as New Yorker critic Brendan Gill put Jane Curtin handles any role with it. is “the welcome opportunity to laugh ease whether she is portraying a har- out loud.” ried mother taking her daughter shop- The topics covered by this sardonic ping or an unemployed actress who troupe range from unemployment to a doesn’t understand a word of English high school class reunion. Cleverly con- but speaks it perfectly. Timothy Jerome ceived, the sketches include a house- moves with style, changing from a Je- wife who implores her husband to join sus freak seeing high school pals for her in singing and dancing away their the first time in a decade to a lurching cares. As Clive Barnes of the New York and leering Village bum without a Times noted, John Forster’s lyrics are missed step. New York critic John Si- “witty and original.” mon reported that Judy Kahan has “that But there is far more in this spright- true, inspired madness” pouting for her ly show than just songs about situa- mother to buy her a new dress or de- tions. The determined characters so daring that she’s not going to cook and deftly played are among the revue’s host dinners anymore for friends of her most beguiling points, be they the pre- husband’s whom she doesn’t even tentious young Greenwich Villager who know. It’s a fine cast and 12 beguiling tries to pick up women at cocktail par- skits and it’s exclusively on HBO. SM 8 October 1-4 Wednesday—Saturday Wednesday 1:30 Brother of the Wind (G) Four wolf pups and the Canadian mountaineer who raises them. 3:30 Prisoner of Second Avenue (PG) Jack Lemmon loses mind after losing ad job. Anne Bancroft comes to his rescue. 5:00 HBO Sports Highlights 5:30 Freehand Sketching Elements of Art 6:00 Bank Shot (PG) George C. Scott decides that if he's going to rob the bank, he might as well take the building. 7:30 NHL Hockey Boston Bruins vs. N.Y. Rangers, live from Madison Square Garden. 10:00 Airport’75 (PG) Midair collision leaves Karen Black in charge of damaged 747. Charlton Heston must fly to her aid. 12:00 Brannigan (PG) John Wayne in London proves that he always gets his man. Thursday 1:30 Airport’75 (PG) An all-star cast is up in the air when a crash interrupts their flight. Charlton Heston, Karen Black star. 3:30 A Brief Vacation (PG) Vittorio DeSica's last and perhaps best film is the sensitive portrayal of a work-ing-class wife. 5:30 Martha’s Attic Who Needs to be Needed 6:00 Brother of the Wind (G) A lonely mountain man finds friendship in four wolf pups. 7:30 The Spike’s Gang (PG) Careful writing and clean directing in this story of Lee Marvin and three runaway youths in the West. 9:15 Airport’75 (PG) Charlton Heston saves Gloria Swanson, Sid Caesar. Helen Reddy and Myrna Loy from a crippled 747. 11:05 The Legend of John Henry 11:15 The Street Fighter (R) Kung Fu goes the limit in this action thriller with Sonny Chiba. Friday 1:30 The Girl from Petrovka (PG) Cold War comedy with Goldie Hawn as Russian free spirit and Hal Holbrook as the U.S. newsman she entangles. 3:30 Man on a Swing (PG) Joel Grey is a clairvoyant who isn't revealing all he knows. Cliff Robertson is suspicious of Grey and ESP. 5:00 HBO Sports Highlights 5:30 Professor Moffett Money 5:55 Journey to Beginning of Time (#19) 6:00 The Stepford Wives (PG) Suburban husbands create perfect mates but Katherine Ross and Paula Prentiss want liberation. 8:00 ABA Basketball N.Y. Nets vs. Denver Nuggets, live from Springfield. Mass. 10:15 Lenny (R) Dustin Hoffman stars in contemporary tale of classic American comedian, directed by Bob Fosse. 12:15 The Dove (PG) Love and adventure unite in round the world sail by Joseph Bottoms. Saturday 1:30 Venture A trip to Poland. 2:00 Soldier Blue (PG) Senseless Indian massacre graphically shown as white men again wear black hats. Candice Bergen stars. 4:00 Huckleberry F'inn (G) Paul Winfield stars in musical version of Mark Twain's classic. 6:00 Animated

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A OCTOBER 1-5 October 1, Wednesday PM 1:30 “Brother of the Wind” (G) 3:00 “Prisoner of Second Avenue Jack Lemmon Anne Bancroft (PG) 5:00 HBO Sports Highlights 5:30 Freehand Sketching Elements of Art” 6:00 “Cops and Robbers” Cliff Gorman (PG) 7:30 N.H.L. PRE-SEASON HOCKEY Boston Bruins vs. N.Y. Rangers Live From Madison Square Garden 10:00 “Airport 1975” (PG) 12:00 “Brannigan” John Wayne (PG) October 2, Thursday PM 1:30 “Airport 1975” (PG) 3:30 “A Brief Vacation” Florinda Bolkan (PG) 5:30 Martha’s Attic 'Who Needs to be Needed” 6:00 “Brother of the Wind” (G) 7:30 “The Spike’s Gang” Lee Marvin (PG) 9:15 “Airport 1975” (PG) •fa The Legend of John Henry 11:15 “The Street Fighter” Sonny Chiba (R) October 3, Friday PM 1:30 “The Girl From Petrovka” (PG) 3:30 “Man on a Swing” Cliff Robertson (PG) 5:00 HBO Sports Highlights 5:30 Professor Moffett: "Money ^ Journey to the Beginning of Time-#19 6:00 “The Stepford Wives” (PG) 8:00 A.B.A. PRE-SEASON BASKETBALL N.Y. Nets vs. Denver Nuggets Live From Springfield, Mass. 10:15 “Lenny” Dustin Hoffman (flj) 12:15 “The Dove” Joseph Bottoms (PG) October 4, Saturday PM 1:30 Venture —“ Poland" 2:00 “Stavisky” (Dubbed in English) Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer (PG) 4:00 “Huckleberry Finn” Harvey Korman (G) 6:00 ANIMATED CLASSICS “Beauty and the Beast 7:00 “At Long Last Love” (G) "pX “Legend of John Henry 9:00 MOVIE PREMIERE “The Yakuza” Robert Mitchum (R) 11:00 “The White Dawn” Timothy Bottoms (PG) October 5, Sunday PM 1:30 “Nickel Ride” Jason Miller (PG) 3:30 “The Optimists” Peter Sellers, (G) 5:30 Martha’s Attic “Liogs, Tiogs and Bearogs” 6:00 Professor Moffett: “Painting and Sculpture” ^ Journey to the Beginning of Time -#20 6:30 “Born to Buck” (G) 8:00 N.H.L. PRE-SEASON HOCKEY N.Y. Rangers vs. N.Y. Islanders Live From Nassau Coliseum 10:30 Venture “Song of Britain" 11:00 “The Yakuza” (R) Coming in October.. “...fine fun in rich, interesting period setting.” New York Magazine FRONTPAGE Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, as managing editor and star reporter of The Chicago Examiner, will do anything for a story during those roaring (and corrupt) ’20’s. Directed by Billy Wilder. Universal (PG) 105 minutes

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HOME BOX OFFICE FROM TIME/LIFE HIGHLIGHrS Movie Premieres and Features Nickel Ride . . . Sept. 1, 3 The Gambler . . . Sept. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 30 Henry VIII and his Six Wives . . . Sept. 3, 13 — The Terrorists . . . Sept. 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 _ The Street Fighter . . . Sept. 6, 9, 18 —- Hopalong Cassidy . . . Sept. 6, 13, 19, 26 — Stavisky . . . Sept. 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 — Rancho Deluxe . . . Sept. 13, 14, 16, 18 __ Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore . . . Sept. 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 ___- Brother of the Wind . . . Sept. 27, 29, 30 Airport 1975 . . . Sept. 29, 30, Oct. 1, 2 F 3 4 5 6-16 INDEX Up Front HBO Specials Encore Spotlights Schedules & Reviews . . Sept. 13, 20, 27 . . Sept. 10, 17, 24 Sept. 5, 12 Sports Beat World Football League Major League Baseball . Professional Bowling . . Boxing . . . Sept. 8, 22 All-Star Wrestling . . . Sept. 2 N.H.L. Pre-Season Hockey . . . Sept. 23, 29 World Series of Tennis . . . Sept. 4 Sports Special: “Joe Frazier Story” . . . Sept. 15 Special Presentations Reflections On America Children’s Specials . . . Sept. 8, 18, 25 Animated Classics . . . Freehand Sketching . . . Martha’s Attic . . . Venture . . . Professor Moffett . . . The Artist’s Eye Coming in October “The Front Page” with Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau . .^-‘The Yakuza” starring Robert Mitchum . . . A.B.A.-N.B.A. Basketball . . . N.H.L. Hockey ©1975 Home Box Office, Inc. QfW *"I *) 'iGlJ I ^I' L e^y yp b R/ZttrA'V iFRONr History frequently has been made by Home Box Office since it began nearly three years ago. The most significant event to date, however, is scheduled to occur on Sept. 30 when HBO’s first domestic satellite pay TV program goes winging to Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach, Fla., subscribers. An earth station to receive the satellite programming now is being installed, with Federal Communications Commission approval, by UA-Columbia Cablevision, operator of the Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach cable TV systems. The satellite-transmitted programs will in months ahead be picked up by other earth stations throughout the United States. ,'V1L Early, early show—Beginning in October, HBO plans to advance its starting time to 1:30 p.m. daily. This means over 80 hours a week of programming, more than double the number of hours offered when HBO began it all. Passing the Puck—Hamlet’s observation that “the time is out of joint” was made with something other than sports in mind. In the world of games these days, however, it is the seasons that seem out of joint. HBO viewers have been seeing football—World Football League—since early July, and those traditional winter standbys, hockey and basketball, will be sharing the early autumnal scene. The New York Islanders-Pittsburgh Penguins pre-seasoner in the National Hockey League will be on HBO Sept. 23, and the American Basketball Association tuneup between the Denver Nuggets and New York Nets follows on Oct. 3. That game introduces Denver’s prize rookies, Marvin Webster and David Thompson, to the Nets’ Julius (Dr. J) Irving and will originate from the cradle of basketball, Springfield, Mass., where Dr. Naismith started it all with his peach baskets. Monday night boxing from Madison Square Garden returns to HBO with Don Dunphy and former heavyweight champ Floyd Patterson back at the Felt Forum ringside on Sept. 8 and 22. During the six-day span, Sept. 22-27, HBO sports fans will have a chance to see four different major sports—boxing, hockey, baseball and football. 3 Satellite aside, the Home Box Office network has grown to more than 160,000 subscriber homes in the four North Eastern states already served, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. HBO’s studios and control center in Manhattan are being enlarged, and all HBO subscribers should benefit from broader and more flexible programming as the network attains nationwide dimensions.

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January'75 This MONTHS hiqhliqkrs ON Home Box Office INDEX ;t9hJi9h,s.............................2 Up Front ............................ Film Reviews.........................4- Encore Performances.................. Daily Schedules....................9-15 Premiere Movies Blazing Saddles . . . Jan. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 The Terminal Man . . . Jan. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. . . Jan. 8.9.10,11. 12.13,14. 29 The Last Detail . . . Jan. 8, 9, 10. 11, 12, 13, 14, 29 Uptown Saturday Night. . . Jan.15,16,17.18,19.20,21 The Great Gatsby . . Jan. 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 Movie Specials Enter the Dragon . . . Jan. 18, 20. 24 The Last American Hero . . . Jan. 25, 30 Encore Performances For titles and playing dates, see Page 8 SNEAK PREVIEW . .. JAN. 30 Sports Beat National Hockey League . . . Jan. 1, 5, 11, 14, 23, 26 National Basketball Association . . . Jan. 2,4,16,21,25,28 American Basketball Association . . . Jan. 8, 17, 24 ECAC College Hockey Tournament . . . Jan. 3, 5 Boxing . . . Jan. 6, 13, 20, 27 Millrose Track Meet. . . Jan. 31 Additional Programs Something Special . . . Award-winning film shorts Martha’s Attic . . . Fun for Children Skiing and Adventure Specials . . . Symphony and Country-Western Music . . . Parsley. Sage, Jani and Love . . . Guide to Wine . . . The Consumer Experience Coming in February The Sting . . . Sleeper. . . Chinatown . . . Zandy’s Bride . . . Other current films, uncut and uninterrupted . . . Sports and specials 2 CO h- CO Up Front Do You Agree? The most popular Home Box Office motion picture feature of all time, according to a recent Trendex phone survey. isSerpico. with The Way We Were a close second. The engrossing true story of an undercover cop struggling to expose corruption in the New York City Police Department, first presented on HBO in October, was viewed by 83 per cent of the more than 200 subscribers interviewed in the mid-November survey and rated “one of the best” by over 80 per cent of those. Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford in The Way We Were had a cumulative audience of 80 per cent. Big Sports Month—The New York Islanders of the National Hockey League join the HBO sports beat in January with Nassau Coliseum games against the Atlanta Flames on Jan. 11 and St. Louis Blues on the 14th. The Milwaukee Bucks, frequent network visitors,are spotlighted against the Golden State Warriors in a National Basketball Association game Jan. 16. For track and field fans, the indoor season begins with Madison Square Garden’s annual big one. the Millrose Games, on the 31st, and hockey buffs may get a kick out of comparing the pros’ brand of play with collegiate prospects in the Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference tourney Jan. 3 and 5. And now SOMETHING SPECIAL —Can a film only five minutes long win an Oscar? Indeed it can, and millions of Americans viewing the Academy Award festivities hear listings of the best short subjects. But there’s seldom a chance to see these minimasterpieces, or those winning international honors in Cannes, Berlin, Milan or Moscow. This month, HBO begins a series of these short award winning works under the title “Something Special”. You’ll find them among our regular nightly program listings, and for your convenience each one is designated by a special logotype: Included in January: “Why Man Creates", winner of 35 awards for graphics designer Saul Blass: “Blake”, filmmaker Bill Mason’s beautiful tribute to bush pilot Blake James; “Dream of Wild horses”, a French award winner; “Gallery”, art history of the world compressed into over 8,000 images in six minutes, and a whole group of “Mr. Rossi” shorts by Italian humorist Bruno Bozzetto—delightfully funny. HBO also pays tribute to the ski season in January with a series on “Ski —75" patterned on last year’s popula/ network features, and anyone who appreciates adventure (who doesn’t?) will find "Free Life”, the chronicle of a balloon voyage, a real treat. 3

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SEI ^PRIL1975 IgS? HIGHLIGHTS Playoff Tim© 4 Specials 5 Schedules and Reviews 6-16 Movie Premieres American Graffiti... April 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 26 Buster and Billie ... April 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11 The RA Expeditions... April 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 The Taking of Pelham One Two Three... April 12, 13,15, 16, 17, 18, 27 The Girl from Petrovka ... April 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Thunderbolt and Lightfoot... April 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 Movie Specials The Midnight Man . .. April 17, 22, 26 Newman’s Law... April 21, 25, 27 For other movie titles and dates see Page 14,15, SNEAK PREVIEW.. . April 29 Sports Beat National Basketball Assoaation ... April 2 (Pro basketball and hockey playoffs occasionally will replace listed programs) Heavyweight Boxing ... April 4 Wrestling . . . April 14 Greatest Fights of the Century ... April 8, 15, 22, 29 Greatest Sports Legends ... April 6,9, 11, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25, 28, 30 Other Features The Artist’s Eye ... April 10, 13, 19, 24, 27 Venture ... Page 12, 19, 24, 26, 27 Twenty Years of Rock and Roll... April 13, 25 Celebration! Children’s Programs % Something Special... Award-winning shorts Coming in May Freebie and the Bean... Rafferty and the Gold Dust Twins... The Black Windmill. .. Other current films, uncut and uninterrupted World Team Tennis with Billie Jean King Up Front When the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presents its 47th annual Oscars on national television April 8. films seen on Home Box Office in recent months will be prominent nominees. Chinatown, a February HBO attraction, was nominated in 11 categories, including best picture. It will be competing in that classification ‘with The Conversation (premiered on HBO in October). Among other Chinatown citations are Jack Nicholson for best actor and Faye Dunaway for best actress. Diahann Carroll also is a best actress nominee for Claudine, which will be encored on April 3 and 8. Jeff Bridges of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, which premieres this month, is a candidate for best supporting actor. Valentina Cortese (Day for Night) and Madeline Kahn (Blazing Saddles) were singled out for supporting actress performances. Both these films will be encored during the current month. Among the men who put the films together—producers, directors and screen writers — Francis Ford Coppola (The Conversation), Roman Polanski (Chinatown), Robert Towne (Chinatown) and Francois Truffaut (Day for Night) all will be anxiously awaiting the Oscar envelope openings. Other films in the Oscar running and to be seen again this month are The Great Gatsby (costumes, mu- sical score) and Daisy Miller (costumes) Ordeal by Fire — The HBO studio and control center is within the area affected by the New York Telephone Company's disastrous Feb. 27 fire. Portions of picture and sound feeds to HBO viewers were put out of action, but the network didn’t miss a performance, thanks to hard work and improvisation by HBO technical and engineering personnel. Bob and Ray Special — Anyone who has snickered, chortled or guffawed at Wally Ballou, Fred Falvy, Mary Backstage, the Bert and Harry beer commercials and other figments of the offbeat imaginations of comics Bob Elliott and Ray Goulding will be pleased to hear Bob and Ray will do an original 60-minute special on HBO next month. Watch for “Bob and Ray: The One and Only” in May.

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Encore Performances A Touch of Class—Sophisticated comedy in which Glenda Jackson won Academy Award co-starring with George Segal. PG (105 minutes) Jan. 1, 18 Magnum Force -Further adventures of Clint Eastwood as “Dirty Harry". R (144 minutes) Jan. 2 Daisy Miller—Cybill Shepherd. Cloris Leachman in adaptation of Henry James novel. G (91 minutes) Jan. 4. 24 The Seven Ups—Crime sizzler. Roy Scheider. Tony LoBianco as unorthodox detectives. PG (103 minutes) Jan. 4. 30 S' P Y'S —CIA spoof with Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland as screwball agents. PG (90 minutes) Jan. 5, 19 Sounder —Poignant story of sharecroppers during Depression. Academy Award nomination. Cicely Tyson. Paul Winfield. Kevin Hooks. G (105 minutes) Jan. 6. 31 Across 110th Street—Mobsters against Harlem street gang, and both against police. Anthony Quinn. Yaphet Kotto. R (102 minutes) Jan. 9 Badlands—Based on tme story oj teenagers on murder spree. Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek as cold, psychotic pair. PG (95 minutes) Jan. 7, 21. 27 The Way We Were—Barbra Streisand was Academy Award nominee as political activist jeopardizing marriage to Robert Redford. PG (110 minutes) Jan. 10, 29 Jeremy—Robby Benson, Glynnis O'Connor in throes of first love. PG (90 minutes) Jan. 11 Paper Moon— ftyan and Tatum O’Neal in nostalgic tale of 1930s, for which she won Oscar. PG (102 minutes) Jan. 12 The Last of Sheila—Murder puzzler with Riviera cruise background starring James Cobum, Raquel Welch. PG (120 minutes) Jan. 12 Mame—Lucille Ball dominates lavish screen version of famous musical. Beatrice Arthur grand as acid-tongued friend. PG (132 minutes) Jan. 15 Westworld—Would you believe Yul Brynner as berserk robot? Richard Benjamin, James Brolin also star in Michael Crichton's science fiction film. PG (98 minutes) Jan. 17 The Heartbreak Kid—Much-acclaimed comedy about self-centered bridegroom who strays from honeymoon suite. Charles Grodin. Cybill Shepherd. Eddie Albert. PG (105 minutes) Jan. 18 Night Watch—Elizabeth Taylor and Laurence Harvey in psychological mystery. Suspense and surprise climax. PG (99 minutes) Jan. 19 The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing—Adventure and romance in Old West. Sarah Miles. Burt Reynolds, George Hamilton. PG (114 minutes) Jan. 19 Blume in Love—George Segal, Susan Anspach, Kris Kristofferson in comedy about marital triangle. Set in Venice. R (120 minutes) Jan. 19 Cinderella Liberty—Unconventional love story of hustler and sailor on leave. James Caan. Marsha Mason. R (117 minutes) Jan. 21 The Optimists—Peter Sellers as Piccadilly street entertainer. G (110 minutes) Jan. 22, 28 Man on a Swing—Sinister clairvoyant volunteers to help solve crime he may have committed. Cliff Robertson. Joel Gray. PG (108 minutes) Jan. 26 8 Schedule January 1, Wednesday PM NEW YEAR S DAY 1:30 Martha's Attic "Someone Special" 2:00 MOVIE PREMIERE "The Terminal Man-' George Segal. Joan Hackett (PG) 3:45 HBO Presents ... 4:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "A Touch of Class" George Segal. Glenda Jackson (PG) 5:45 HBO Presents 6:00 FAMILY SPECIAL "Tatters" The Orphan Lion 7:00 Beethoven's 8th Symphony In F Major Vienna Philharmonic 7:30 N.H.L. HOCKEY N.Y. Rangers vs. Chicago Black Hawks Live From Madison Square Garden 10:00 MOVIE PREMIERE "Blazing Saddles" Mel Brooks. Cleavon Little (R) ☆ “Self-Service 11:45 "The Terminal Man" (PG) January 2, Thursday PM 5:30 "The Terminal Man" (PG) 7:15 HBO Presents ... 7:30 N.B.A. BASKETBALL N.Y. Knicks vs. Phoenix Suns Live From Madison Square Garden 9:30 HBO Presents ... 9:45 “Blazing Saddles" (R) TV "Mr. Rossi Goes Camping" 11:30 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "Magnum Force" Clint Eastwood. Hal Holbrook (R) January 3, Friday PM 5:30 Martha’s Attic “Someone Special" 6:00 Parsley. Sage, Jani & Love With Selma Diamond 6:30 “The Terminal Man" (PG) 8:15 HBO Presents ... 8:30 E.C.A.C. COLLEGE HOCKEY Opening Round Live From Madison Square Garden 11:00 "Blazing Saddles" (R) January 4, Saturday PM 1:30 Guide To Wine "Serving Wine" 2:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "Daisy Miller" Cybill Shepherd. Cloris Leachman (G) 3:30 Consumer Experience "Getting More For Your Dollar" 4:00 "The Terminal Man" (PG) 5:45 HBO Presents ... 6:00 ENCORE PERFORMANCE "The Seven-Ups" Tony LoBianco. Roy Scheider (PG) 'CX "One-Eyed Men Are Kings 8:00 N.B.A. BASKETBALL N.Y. Knicks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers Live From Madison Square Garden 10:00 "Blazing Saddles" (R) "Mr. Rossi Buys a Car 11:45 "The Terminal Man" (PG) ABOUT THE RATINGS (G) General audience ail ages admitted (PG) Parental guidance suggested, an ages admitted. For its subscriber's information. Home Box Office (R) Restricted, chldren under 17 not admitted to >ndicatos Motion Picture Association of Amenca thcatro unloss accompanied by parent ratings on a« films or adult guardian

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... over 20 other movies THE GREAT GATSBY • BLAZING SADDLES • GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD LIVE SPORTS—The Millrose Games • Basketball • Hockey • Boxing and “Something Special" YOUR MONTHLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE

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YOUR MONTHLY ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE BASKETBALL AND HOCKEY PLAYOFFS Pelham One Two Three • Thunderbolt and Lightfoot of Roclfoand Roll •^Venture”

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