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Highlights for November More highlights... COVERT ACTION David Janssen in an international spy adventure with plenty of action. See page 9. THE PASSAGE High-action drama of WWII era. Anthony Quinn, James Mason and Patricia Neal. See page 11. INSIDE THE NFL Great action on the gridiron as HBO Sports Programs recap pro game highlights. See page 5. BASEBALL FROM JAPAN Exclusive coverage of two historic All-Star Baseball games: AL vs. NL and USA vs. Japan. See page 12. TOMMY Ann-Margret in an exciting, moving and tuneful film based on The Who’s rock opera. See page 13. THE MAGIC OF LASSIE Family adventure with the world’s most famous collie and an all-star cast. See page IS. AGATHA Dustin Hoffman and Vanessa Redgrave in a mystery-romance of mid-’20s England. See page 22. ... and still more HOLLYWOOD Keep a roving eye on the stars and happenings backstage in HBO’s new video tabloid. See page 17. UNCLE JOE SHANNON Burt Young as a once-famous jazz musician who has seen better days. Seepage 17. SLOW DANCING IN THE BIG CITY Struggling young ballerina falls in love. See page 19. ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE Ellen Burstyn in her Oscar performance. See page 21. Home Box Office, Standing Room Only, HBO, SRO, On Location are trademarks and service-marks of Home Box Office, Inc. ASHANTI Omar Sharif and Michael Caine head an all-star cast in a story set in the Sahara. See page 6. BARRY MANILOW Standing Room Only presents the smash performance from Barry’s U.S. concert tour. See page 8. LAST EMBRACE Roy Scheider in a suspense-love story in the Alfred Hitchcock tradition. See page 5. The HBO Guide is published monthly by Home Box Office Inc. N.J. Nicholas, Jr., President Sean McCarthy, Treasurer Carolyn K. McCandless, Secretary INVASION OP THE BODY SNATCHERS Pod people arrive from space and ©1979 Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved, human beings vanish! See page 14. 2 4TH ANNUAL YOUNG COMEDIANS SHOW Victor Borge brings you the best of the comics on the rise. See page 18. WHODUNIT The Greatest Unsolved Mysteries —and the clues with which you play sleuth. See page 20. LEGEND OF THE GREAT NORTHWEST Warm, picturesque, exciting story of a man and his dog. See page 21. MAGIC Anthony Hopkins, Ann-Margret and Fats, a ventriloquist’s dummy, in a scary thriller. See page 19. POCKET MONEY Paul Newman and Lee Marvin in a really offbeat contemporary Western. Seepage 15. HBO welcomes letters from subscribers. Please mall to Ms. Ann Brooks, HBO Customer Relations Oept, Time & Life Building, Rockefeller Center, New York, N.Y. 10020 HBO reserves the right to make a schedule change or program substitution without notice. 3 ICE CASTLES Laughter and tears as a gifted skater, on her way to stardom, encounters tragedy. See page 7. THE ENFORCER Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry) and his .44 magnum take on vicious terrorists. See page 11. TIMEWAS... Dick Cavett hosts HBO’s exclusive new six-part series highlighting the decades 1920-1970. Seepage 10.

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HE0 Soundtrack-_____ v ____________ It all adds up to entertainment. You get a chance to see more movies in a month than most people do in a year. That’s one big advantage of having HBO. And almost all are movies never shown on television before. A few may be movies you might have missed when we showed them some months earlier. HBO is much more than movies, however. You get the bonus of exclusive sports, specials and original HBO programs—like this month’s All-Star Baseball from Japan and the incomparable Young Comedians special with Victor Borge. 6:30 MYSTERIES OF THE GODS Investigating UFO sightings (G-l:32) p.20 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Action highlights—great performances and key errors. p.S 9:00 WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE George Segal as a fast-food magnate (PG-1:52) p. 16 11:00 INSIDE THE NFL See earlier listing. 12:00 SPARROW Amateur detective on the trail of a murderer (1:26) p.22 4 In sum, HBO offers you a tremendous entertainment package. This month. Every month. It’s really a lot like going out to a theater, a nightclub or a sports arena for your entertainment. Because with HBO, everything is unedited and uninterrupted by commercials. Besides, HBO programs play several different times, on different days—unlike commercial television, which gives you one chance at a time to see a show. You even get a chance to preview a program person- 600 TOKYO GYMNASTICS USA’s superb Rhonda Schwandt and others. Only play date this month p.9 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8KX) LAST EMBRACE A student is caught in intrigue involving her threatened lover (R-1:43) p.5 10KX) FEDORA From Tom Tryon’s best-seller, Crowned Heads (PG-1:54) p.17 12:00 WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN Tuesday Weld (R-2:05) ally, so that you can decide if you want others in your family to see a movie or a special. And if you really like a show, you can enjoy it again. (The majority of our subscribers do this every month.) Yes, HBO offers program variety to appeal to many different tastes: adventure, romance, Westerns, science fiction, documentaries, comedies, musicals and on and on and on! Movies. Sports. Specials. They all add up to HBO. And HBO adds up to entertainment. Here’s another opportunity to eiyoy the first installment of HBO’s new series about the screen world! Our “camera eye” roves the Hollywood scene, catches Cher’s lavish disco roller skating party and Steve Martin hosting an offbeat bash. Host David Sheehan’s tour includes a comedy party at the Improvisation. Nov. 3,6,12 Thursday November 1 Friday November 2 Last Embrace Roy Scheider It begins with an ancient warning; it ends at the edge of Niagara Falls. And there’s murder in between! Roy Scheider {Jaws) and Janet Margolin (Woody Allen’s second wife in Annie Hall) star in this contemporary romantic thriller. While he tries to get to the bottom of a mysterious threat on his life, she becomes more and more involved in his puzzle. Adult relationships, nudity, violence. (R-l:43) Nov. 2,5,11,20,28 Ulnh lfplnritv Ben ^azzara stars 38 a Vietnam jungle veteran in a grip-Vliy II vvlUGliy pjng tale of kidnapping, murder and treachery. Some profanity, physical violence. (PG-1:46) Nov. 3,5,11 Inside the NFL Take a glimpse at the week’s highlights and lowlights, the bombs as well as the bomb-outs, the runners who made it to daylight and those who had the daylights knocked out of them. Catch this weekly look at football’s top pros—and exciting flashbacks such as Gale Sayers’ six-touchdown game or George Blanda’s seven game-winning field goals. Nov. 1,2; 8,9; 15,16,17; 22,23; 29,30 5 James fiaKe/SL

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Ashanti Michael Caine Omar Sharif William Holden An adventure drama with roots in the shocking revelation that slave trading still exists in our modem world. Michael Caine, a World Health Organization doctor searching the Sahara for his kidnapped wife, co-stars with Rex Harrison, Omar Sharif, William Holden and Peter Ustinov. Vogue cover girl Beverly Johnson makes her film debut as the victim of Arab slave traders. Nudity, profanity, violence. (R-l :57) Nov. 3,7,12,18,23 Saturday November 3 Sunday November 4 3:30 CALIFORNIA SUITE From Neil Simon’s Broadway smash (PG-1:43) p.8 5:30 HIGH VELOCITY Ben Gazzara (PG-1:46) p.5 7:30 HOLLYWOOD First in HBO’s exciting new series. p.4 Tonight's Highlight: 800 ASHANTI Michael Caine chases slave traders for the woman he loves (R-l:57) p.6 10:00 STRANGER IN THE HOUSE Keir Dullea (R-l :39) p.9 11:45 HIGH VELOCITY Paul Winfield (PG-1:46) p.5 2:00 WHITE LIGHTNING Burt Reynolds (PG-1:41) Only play date this month 4KX) IF EVER I SEE YOU AGAIN Warm romance (PG-1:45) Only play date this month 6:00 WHITE LIGHTNING Way out stunts (PG-1:41) Only play date this month Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 ICE CASTLES Robby Benson (PG-1:49) p.7 10:00 BILLY CRYSTAL p.7 1100 PHANTASM p. 13 12:30 HARDCORE George C. Scott (R-1:46) Only play date this month m 6 Ice Castles Robby Benson The dazzling, exciting icerink world is the background for this moving film. Lynn-Holly Johnson, lovely “Ice Capades” star, is the young Midwesterner on her way to Olympic dreams when tragedy strikes. Robby Benson co-stars as her hometown boyfriend and med-school dropout with sights on a pro hockey career. “Perfectly realized... combines a touching love story with the excitement of Olympic competition” (Variety) Adult language. (PG-1:49) Nov. 4,8,12,16,21,25 Matilda Elliott Gould \ A fun movie about a theatrical agent and the kangaroo [ who hops into his life. Ma-tilda, a male ’roo, is the lead-i ing contender for the ' world’s heavyweight boxing title. Elliott Gould is his manager; Robert Mitchum, . the sports editor who de-| cides to use Matilda to con-l found the underworld’s i influence in boxing. A hap-I py comedy for the entire 1 family. (G-1:43) Nov. 6,15 On Location: Billy Crystal Meet today’s fastest-rising young stand-up comic. It’s Billy Crystal, star of Soap, with a free-flowing stream of monologues, sketches and funny improvisations. You’ll roar as Billy delivers his very own brand of inventive, upbeat, highly personal humor. You met Robin Williams, Steve Martin and George Carlin on HBO. Now Billy Crystal joins the ranks. Nov. 4,8,13,16

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A perfect cast in a perfect comedy: Jane Fonda and Alan California Suite Alda, Maggie Smith and Michael Caine, Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby, Walter Matthau and Elaine May check in. Mildly racy situations and language. (PG-1:43) Nov. 3,7 Monday November 5 6:00 HIGH VELOCITY Rescue operation in a tropical jungle (PG-1:46) p.5 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 COVERT ACTION David Janssen, CIA agent turned author—and target (1:37) p.9 10:00 LAST EMBRACE Christopher Walken (Oscar for The Deer Hunter) (R-1:43) p.5 11:45 RICHARD PRYOR Pure Pryor, impurely adult entertainment. p.21 Tuesday November 6 5:30 HOLLYWOOD Inside story of what’s happening in Hollywood, p.4 6:00 MATILDA Elliott Gould (G-l:43)p.7 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 BARRY MANILOW SRO. Concert performance, p.8 10:00 WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE Jacqueline Bisset (The Greek Tycoon) (PG-1:52) p. 16 12:00 STRANGER IN THE HOUSE Margot Kidder (R-l :39) p.9 Wednesday November 7 6:00 CALIFORNIA SUITE Neil Simon’s sharp, hilarious comedy (PG-1:43) p.8 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 GREASED LIGHTNING True story of war vet who became first black stock-car champ (PG-1:35) p.9 10KK) ASHANTI Peter Ustinov as an Arabian slave trader (R-l:57) p.6 12:00 WHO’LL STOP THE RAIN Nick Nolte (R-2:05) Greased Lightning Covert Action David Janssen Running bootleg moonshine or burning up the tracks as the first black stock-car racing champ—Wendell Scott lived for speed. Richard Pryor is memorable as Scott; Beau Bridges, Pam Grier co-star. Adult language. (PG-1:35) Nov. 7,11,17,23 David Janssen is the weary agent who turns author and exposes the CIA. Amid international intrigue and murder, he meets an old girl friend, ravishingly beautiful Corinne Clery (Moonraker). Some nudity, profanity. (1:37) Nov. 5,9,13,22,24 Tokyo Gymnastics—Part 2. America’s Rhonda Schwandt GvHIHaStICS ^ue^s two young Russian girls on the balance beam and in " free exercise while Soviet men, in three events, try to avenge their 1976 defeat by the Japanese. Nov. 2 Stranger in the House There’s a psychotic killer in the attic of the sorority house as four girls spend a terrifying Christmas holiday on campus. Is the murderer someone they know? Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, John Saxon and Olivia Hussey head the cast. A skin-crawling climax! In the tradition of Psycho. Adult language, physical violence. (R-l:39) Nov. 3,6,16 9 Thursday November 8 6:00 FEDORA f Old-fashioned romance story 1 (PG-1:54) p.17 y 1 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Last week’s action—plus a look at “CB Football.” p.5 9:00 ICE CASTLES Sensitive, romantic drama of the skater’s world (PG-1:49) p.7 11:00 INSIDE THE NFL b See earlier listing. 12:00 BILLY CRYSTAL [ On Location. An exciting eve- f ning of comedy with the “King 1 of Kink.” p.7

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TIie Twenties Step back in time with the debut of HBO’s nostalgic, entertaining and enlightening six-part series highlighting the decades 1920-1970. This exclusive retrospective contains rare, original newsreel and movie clips —some never seen before on TV. Host Dick Cavett moves in and out of time with an innovative film technique, revisiting the 1920s—a time of speakeasies, jazz, flappers and ballyhoo. Bigger, brasher and bolder equalled better, and the Time Was.. .the ’20s. Nov. 11,15, 19,21,24,27,30 Friday Saturday Sunday November 9 November 10 November 11 5:30 MYSTERIES OF THE GODS Are we children of ancient spacemen? (G-l:32) p.20 7:OO INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show. p.S Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 THE PASSAGE American family flees Nazis (R-l:38)p.ll 10:00 COVERT ACTION Tense, thrilling espionage adventure (1:37) p.9 11:45 WHO IS KM.UNG THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE Robert Morley (PG-1:52) p.16 10 2:30 BARRY MANILOW SRO. Includes all his greatest hits, p.8 4:30 SPARROW Veteran actress Lillian Gish (1:26) p.22 6:00 FEDORA William Holden and Marthe Keller co-star (PG-1:54) p. 17 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 THE ENFORCER Dirty Harry cleans up San Francisco (R-l:35) p.l 1 10:00 BARRY MANILOW “I Write the Songs.” p.8 12:00 PHANTASM In the tradition of Curse of the Cat People (R-1:29) p.13 2:30 GREASED LIGHTNING Car race action (PG-1:35) p.9 4:30 MYSTERIES OF THE GODS Narrated by William Shatner (G-l:32) p.20 6:00 HIGH VELOCITY Ben Gazzara (PG-1:46) p.5 Tonight's Highlight: 8K>0 TIME WAS... Tl»’20s First of a six-part retrospective spanning six decades, p. 10 9:00 GREASED LIGHTNING Beau Bridges (PG-1:35) p.9 11:00 RICHARD PRYOR Shocking, hilarious, p.21 12:00 LAST EMBRACE Romantic thriller (R-l :43) p.S The Passage Anthony Quinn James Mason Malcolm McDowell Nazis on the trail of an American scientist and his family through the awesome Pyrenees in this beautifully photographed action drama. James Mason is the hunted man Malcolm McDowell’s SS troops want badly. Anthony Quinn plays a Basque shepherd who tries to help the family. Patricia Neal is Mason’s wife; Paul Clemens and Kay Lenz, their children. Strong physical violence, rape scene. (R-1:38) Nov. 9,13,17,25,29 The Enforcer Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry’s back—facing San Francisco terrorists who hold the city at their mercy. The one and only Clint Eastwood is once again Harry, with slam-bang style and a trusty .44 magnum. Beautiful Tyne Daly is appealing as Harry’s new lady partner. “Lethal excitement.. .the entertainment level is wildly explosive.” (New York Post) Violence, adult language, briefnudity. (R-1:35) Nov. 10,14,19,27 11

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Monday November 12 Tiiesday November 13 Wednesday November 14 5:30 WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE A funny dish! (PG-1:52) p.16 7:30 HOLLYWOOD Goings-on about town, p.4 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 TOMMY The Who’s world-acclaimed rock opera (PG-1:50) p.13 10:00 ICE CASTLES Tom Skerritt (PG-1:49) p.7 12:00 HOLLYWOOD Stars, starlets, happenings, p.4 12:30 ASHANTI Michael Caine (R-1:5 7) p.6 12 6:00 HARPER VALLEY PTA Barbara Eden takes on PTA prudes (PG-1:42) p.21 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 HOMEBODIES Funny story of six old folks who stop at nothing to keep their home (PG-l:44)p.l3 10:00 THE PASSAGE James Mason (R-l:38) p.l 1 11:45 BILLY CRYSTAL You know him as “Jodie Dallas” of Soap, p.7 12:45 COVERT ACTION Nifty spy chase (1:37) p.9 5:30 BARRY MANILOW Standing Room Only. A true superstar—in concert, p.8 Tonight’s Highlight: 7:30 ALL-STAR BASEBALL American League vs. National League, from Japan—an HBO exclusive! p. 12 10&0 THE ENFORCER Bold, cold, solid gold Clint Eastwood (R-l:35) p.l 1 11:45 FEDORA Michael York plays himself (PG-l:54)p.l7 American League vs. National League HBO brings you exclusive coverage of two historic games from Jagan between Major League all-star teams. The three latest players with 3,000 hits will be there—Carl Yastrzemski on the AL club, Lou Brock and Pete Rose on the NL squad. Nov. 14,15 USA vs. Japan Can the Japanese challenge American supremacy in baseball? Will their hurlers smoke the ball past U.S. hitters like Steve Garvey? Will Saduhara Oh (with some 80 homers over Hank Aaron’s 755) whiff or whack? Watch HBO and find out! Nov. 20,23 / All-Star Baseball IfM Tommy Ann-Margret An exciting marriage of film and rock as The Who’s famous musical odyssey becomes an overwhelming blend of visual and audio effects. Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Jack Nicholson, Roger Daltrey and The Who! Adult situations, language. (PG-1:50) Nov. 12,16,20,24 Homebodies Thursday November 15 1 jiflt i| 6:00 MATILDA Robert Mitchum (G-l :43) p.7 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL mmM Len Dawson, Nick Buoniconti n R analyze last week. p.S 11 f 9:00 TIME WAS... The’20s T I I Host Dick Cavett. p. 10 *1 1 10*X> RICHARD PRYOR •1 f Hilarious highlights of his re- l I cent 22-city record-breaking i tour.p.21 j 11:00 ALL-STAR BASEBALL American League vs. National League with two Japanese stars on each squad, p. 12 Grisly humor and suspense aplenty as six elderly tenants turn to sabotage and murder when faced with eviction from their lifelong homes. A bizarre, funny, heartwarming tale of “just plain folks” who fight the system in order to preserve their own way of life. Violence. (PG-1:36) Nov. 13,17,22,25 Phantasm Zombies, dwarfs, sirens and malicious spiders populate this chiller! The Momingside Mortuary is the forbidding setting for this original blend of science fiction and horror. Death lurks at every corner in many a fiendish form, while the dearly departed become the most lively corpses in town. Thoroughly scary! Nudity, profanity and graphic violence. (R-1:29) Nov. 4,10,20 13

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Invasion of the Body Snatcheis Donald Sutherland Man has wondered about visitors from space since the dawn of history. In this bold, terrifying movie, microorganisms arrive from other worlds to transform the very nature of mankind. A thriller with superb special effects, a glittery remake of a sci-fi classic. Donald Sutherland, Brooke Adams and Leonard Nimoy. “May be the best movie of its kind ever made” (TbeNewYorkei) Violence, brief nudity. (PG-1:55) Nov. 18,22,26 Friday November 16 5:00 ICE CASTLES Vocals by Melissa Manchester (PG-l:49)p.7 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE Her dramatic return to the screen (G-l:39)p.l5 10:00 TOMMY Tina Turner (PG-1:50) p. 13 12:00 BILLY CRYSTAL One more comedy first from HBO. p.7 IKK) STRANGER IN THE HOUSE John Saxon (R-l:39) p.9 Saturday November 17 3:00 GREASED LIGHTNING Richard Pryor (PG-1:35) p.9 5:00 WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE Delectable! (PG-l:52) p. 16 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show, p.5 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 POCKET MONEY Fable of a cowpoke and his con-man pal (PG-1:42) p. 15 10:00 HOMEBODIES Scary fun (PG-1:44) p. 13 11:45 THE PASSAGE Anthony Quinn (R-l:38) p. 11 Sunday November 18 2:00 FEDORA Marthe Keller {Bobby Deerfield) (PG-1:54) p.17 4:00 HARPER VALLEY PTA Nanette Fabray (PG-1:42) p.21 6:00 FEDORA Henry Fonda presents her with an Oscar(PG-1:54) p. 17 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS Pods from space terrorize mankind (PG-1:55) p. 14 10KK) THE WILD GEESE Richard Burton (R-2:14) p. 16 12:15 ASHANTI William Holden as a mercenary ’copter pilot (R-1:57) p.6 14 The Magic of Lassie James Stewart America’s favorite collie returns to the screen in her first adventure feature in 26 years! And what a cast she brings with her: James Stewart, Mickey Rooney, Alice Faye and Pemell Roberts. Michael Sharrett is her young owner who loses his dog to a wealthy man claiming prior ownership. Twelve beautiful, lilting songs, including an Academy Award nominee sung by Debby Boone. “Endearing entertainment” (LA. Times) Family fare. (G-l:39) Nov. 16,19,22,27 Pocket Money Paul Newman Lee Marvin Two not-too-bright South-westerners buy horses for a rodeo crook in this contemporary Western filled with offbeat comedy twists. Paul Newman plays a hard-luck cowboy blindly trusting everyone; con man Lee Marvin is his easygoing sidekick. Carole King sings the title song. “Very appealing {N.Y. Times) Adult relationships, language. (PG-1:42) Nov. 17,21,26,29 IS

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Monday * November 19 SiOO HOMEBODIES Strange folks into some very strange things (PG-1:44) p.13 700 TIME WAS... The ’20s Innovative technique blending old and new footage, p. 10 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 HOLLYWOOD Hollywood news you can’t get anywhere else. p. 17 8:30 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE A boy and his dog (G-l:39) p.lS 10:30 BARRY MANILOW One of show biz’ best, p.8 12:30 THE ENFORCER Bradford Dillman (R-1:35) p. 11 16 Hiesday November 20 5:30 TOMMY Thirty songs and musical sequences. Jack Nicholson and Roger Daltrey (PG-1:50) p. 13 Tonight's Highlight; 7:30 ALL-STAR BASEBALL USA all-stars vs. Japan all-stars. An HBO exclusive! p. 12 10:00 LAST EMBRACE Roy Scheider as an espionage agent (R-l:43)p.5 11:45 PHANTASM Better see it with a friend! (R-l:29)p.l3 Wednesday November 21 6:00 WHO IS KILLING THE GREAT CHEFS OF EUROPE The fun bubbles over! (PG-l:52)p.l6 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 UNCLE JOE SHANNON A man with a tragic past, a boy with no future (PG-1:48) p. 17 1000 TIME WAS... Tho '20s Unique, sophisticated documentary. p. 10 11:00 POCKET MONEY Paul Newman (PG-1:42) p.15 12:45 ICE CASTLES Robby Benson (PG-1:49) p.7 The Wild Geese Richard Burton is a hard-drinking soldier of fortune in this action-packed adventure. Tough mercenaries take on the dangerous rescue of a kidnapped African leader. Richard Harris is a widowed idealist; Roger Moore, a playboy; Stewart Granger, the man who hires them. Profanity, war violence. (R-2:l 5) Nov. 18,30 Famous dessert chef Jacqueline Bisset is in mortal danger in this well-spiced mys-tery-comedy. Ex-husband, fast-food king George Segal is out to protect her. Then there’s delightful Robert Morley as a gourmet of full girth. Flavorful food, locales. Bon appetit! Profanity, adult situations. (PG-1:52) Nov. 1,6,9,12,17,21 Uncle Joe Shannon The next best thing to being in Hollywood is HBO’s timely, topical, exclusive video tabloid. Go with David Sheehan to meet, among others, Wonderwoman Lynda Carter; Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly on the set of Xanadu; and keep “company” with Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt. Nov. 19,23,27,29 2:00 INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS Alien terror (PG-1:55) p. 14 4:00 HOMEBODIES Strange folks (PG-1:44) p.13 6:00 THE MAGIC OF LASSIE James Stewart (G-l:39) pl5 Tonight's Highlight: 8:00 INSIDE THE NFL Last week’s highlights p.5 9:00 INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS Leonard Nimoy (PG-1:55) p. 14 11:00 INSIDE THE NFL p.5 12:00 COVERT ACTION Arthur Kennedy (1:37) p.9 A man with a turbulent past and a 10-year-old boy with a bleak future win against heavy odds..Burt Young {Rocky) stars as the down-and-out trumpeter with his-share of tragedy. He and talented young Doug McKeon are about as improbable a pair as you’ll ever meet on the screen. Adult language. (PG-1:48) Nov. 21,25 Fedora William Holden A romantic drama about a former Hollywood star living mysteriously as a recluse on a Greek island. Her onetime lover, William Holden, tries to lure the strange Fedora out of retirement—and to learn her secret. Marthe Keller, Jose Ferrer, Michael York and Hildegard Knef co-star. Brief nudity, some profanity. (PG-1:54) Nov. 2,8,10,14,18

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On Location: Victor Borge Hosts Friday November 23 4:30 ALL-STAR BASEBALL USA vs. Japan, p. 12 7:00 INSIDE THE NFL Repeat of Thursday show. p.S Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 YOUNG COMEDIANS SHOW Victor Borge hosts HBO’s Fourth Annual showcase of today’s comedy talent, p. 18 9:30 HOLLYWOOD HBO’s video tabloid, p. 17 104)0 ASHANTI Michael Caine (R-l :57) p.6 12:00 GREASED LIGHTNING Richard Pryor (PG-1:35) p.9 Saturday November 24 3:00 HARPER VALLEY PTA Barbara Eden (PG-1:42) p.21 5:00 TOMMY Roger Daltrey (PG-1:50) p. 13 7:00 TIME WAS... The '20* The way it used to be. p.10 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 SLOW DANCING IN THE BIG CITY Young ballerina falls for big-city columnist (PG-1:51) p.19 10:00 HARPER VALLEY PTA Based on the popular hit song (PG-l:42)p;21 11:45 COVERT ACTION Spy chase (1:37) p.9 HBO’s Fourth Annual Ybung Comedians Show Get ready to meet the comedy stars of tomorrow —which just may be next week or next month. Just as HBO’s prior Young Comedians Shows introduced you to Robin Williams and Andy Kaufman, we now bring you an exclusive evening of laughter with today’s funniest comics-on-the-rise. The incomparable Victor Borge is your host to present the unpredictable, zany, upbeat young comedians of the ’80s. Nov. 23,27 Sunday November 25 2ri)0 ICE CASTLES “Ice Capades” star Lynn-Holly Johnson (PG-1:49) p.7 4:00 BARRY MANILOW The popular singer, songwriter and superstar, p.8 6:00 HOMEBODIES Funny spooker (PG-1:44) p. 13 Tonight’s Highlight: 8:00 MAGIC A ventriloquist, his dummy and a lovely woman (R-1:46) p. 19 10:00 UNCLE JOE SHANNON Touching drama (PG-1:48) p. 17 12:00 THE PASSAGE Anthony Quinn (R-l:38) p.l 1 18 MAGIC Anthony Hopkins Ann-Margret A strange and terrifying love story of a magician-ventril-oquist and a beautiful woman caught in a bizarre web of circumstances. Anthony Hopkins is the performer with a split personality; Ann-Margret, a woman on the threshold of a different love. Then there’s Fats, Hopkins’ eerie dummy with a mind of his own. “One of the best thrillers in recent years.. .•***” (Chicago Tribune) Profanity, brief nudity, violence. (R-l:46) Nov. 25,29 Slow Dancing in the Big City Paul Sorvlno Tender love story of a young ballerina and a big-city newsman. Paul Sorvino and Anne Ditchbum co-star. The cameras focus in on a New York newsroom and the dance world. Directed by John G. Avildsen with music by Bill Conti (both famed for Rocky). “Uplifting romantic movie” (Boxoffice magazine) Mild profanity. (PG-1:51) Nov. 24,28 19

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